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Tine smiled wide as he looked at his card's balance. He just received his allowance for this month and he is very relieved. He is not going to go hungry or homeless this month, and most of all he could continue his subscription to his favorite content creator. 


He stumble upon ShineBright12's account eight months ago by accident, and since then he has been a big fan. He willingly spent $30.00 a month for his subscription, that amount is no small thing for a Thai student like him, but it's ok, as long as he could see the goddess that has been the topic of his dreams for months. 


His heart has not been the same ever since Pear had rejected him, but he has been steadily getting better because of her. According to her profile, she is twenty years old and currently a uni student. That's pretty much the only information written there. 


However from just the way she talks to him whenever they chat, he can tell that she's really nice. She sucks at spelling though... that normally would turn him off but he was surprised that it didn't. 


He just finished verifying his account information when his phone was taken against his will.


"Oi Ohm! What the hell?" He asked as he dashed to get his phone back. "Oi!" He shouted as Ohm unlocked his screen, revealing the thumbnail for ShineBright12's new video upload. She was wearing a pair of white stockings that has a small bright pink bow attached to it. It was connected to a baby pink garther belt. She was also wearing a pair of black mary janes.


"Tine... Of all the camgirls on OnlyFans... Why did you choose this one? This chick is not worth your money." Ohm said as he held on to Tine's phone, which shows the stocking-clad thighs of the said CamGirl. Tine frowned at him.


"Yeah, she's asking for $30.00 a month for thigh pics? I bet she have those on her instagram." Phuak added, Tine narrowed his eyes at him.


"Oi, stop talking shit about Tine's dream girl! I think she also has panty shots there somewhere." Fong said, iliciting an exhausted sigh from Tine. 


"Don't you guys see how perfect she is?!" Tine exclaimed, "her thighs are flawlessly fair, it looks like milk! Also her legs go on for miles!"


"So you fell in love with a pair of long fair legs?" Phuak said, making Tine facepalm.


"Just give me back my phone please! I wanna watch the new video." Tine whined. Ohm just shook his head as he returned the phone. Then just as he took it a DM notification appeared, he smiled as he read the greeting that the CamGirl goddess sent. It was just a simple greeting that goes along the way of "Hi TineT21 thank you for continuing your subscription, I hope you enjoy the new content! 😽" But it made Tine feel special. 


"She sent you a DM?" Ohm said as he saw the message. "She usually ask for tips before she responds to messages! How do you get DM'd messages for free?!" Ohm was shocked and annoyed. 


"Wait..." Tine said. "You're subscribed to her too?" He asked, brows raised. 


"Almost everyone are." Ohm replied. "There is a rumor that she goes to our Uni. So people automatically subscribed, the three of us shared an account." He explained, pointing a himself, Phuak and Fong. "I tried DM-ing her once but she asked for a $3.00 tip before she replied." He stated.


"That is almost a hundred baht... That could get me  five bad meals from shitty restaurants." Phuak said.  


"Three meals from that stall in the cafeteria that actually sells real food." Fong corrected.


"So... Yeah we paid for the three dollar tip, and she just sent us a "Hello, thank you or the tip" and a quick answer to our question that goes along the lines of a simple "yes" nothing more." Ohm explained. "since then we refrained from tipping."


"That is the worst 30 baht I spent on anything." Phuak said. 


"A lot of people speculate that she could be Fahsai from the faculty of Communication Arts, because she has long legs." Ohm said. 


"Some say it's Lemon from the faculty of Engineering, because she was in desperate need for money in the last couple of months, and she was also rumored to have a sugar daddy last year." Phuak said.


"But  majority of students subscribed to her speculate that she's from the faculty of political science, because she accidentally posted a pic that has her notes in the back ground." Tine did remember that one, it was a beautiful pic. "She deleted it immediately but someone already took a screenshot."


"Hey stop gossiping about women. Have some shame." Fong chastised the two, they both had the decency to look sheepishly at Fong. "Don't judge people for the things they do to survive." 


Tine smiled at his friend. He did find the discussion uncomfortable to listen to. If his favorite OnlyFans creator doesn't want her identity known, then he respects her decision. 


Then his phone beeped again, with a notification. It was a DM.


"Open for $2.😘" It says. Tine was a little hesitant to spend more money, but he did anyways. He clicked "send $2" and he almost dropped his phone when the content loaded. It was a video of the goddess' full buttocks clad in pink lace panties, she was holding a butt plug that was glistening with lube in one hand and she was finger fucking her ass with her other hand, the video didn't have any audio, but Tine found himself imagining the squelching sound that the act could generate. He crossed his legs in a futile attempt to hide his growing erection. He was also pretty sure that he was as red as a tomato. 


"Oh she sent a DM..." Ohm said as his phone pinged. "WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK? OPEN FOR TWO HUNDRED DOLLARS?" He shouted.


"Isn't that a little excessive?" Fong commented. 


When Tine turned his attention back to his phone the video was over, there was an option to download the video by adding another dollar. He didn't hesitate to click "yes".