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"If you stand for nothing, what will you fall for?"

You've asked me this question so many times, my dear brother, and I still fail to understand what it means. What you mean by that.
We only live once, and you can bet that I'm not gonna waste my time showing up at your useless meetings. You will never see me bothering strangers to collect signatures for a petition that is not going to change shit, or marching down the streets shouting at people that don't give a fuck about me and the message that I am supposed to deliver.

I've got no interest in making a world a better place, I leave that to you.
It might be because I'm white, cis - definitely not straight, though: too boring and predictable, plus it - and I've grown up in one of the wealthiest family in Florence but I don't see the point in getting involved into politics. Too much talk, not enough action.
Now, if we were considering getting off our high horses and start punching some sense into people... That would be music to my ears. Not because I believe in a particular cause or anything, but just because it's fun.

Yeah, that's right. Having fun, that's what I stand for. Why isn't it enough, for you? Don't you realize, that you're doing the same thing that we've always resented out father for? Don't you remember, how exhausting it was to live the life that HE chose for you... and always fail at being who HE wanted you to be, not matter how hard you tried
Stop having any expectations when it comes to me, Lorenzo, I'm so tired of letting you down.
Just stop. Please.