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I Promise You This

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There's a bottle of beer and a bowl of popcorn between them, an old romcom movie playing on their TV screen. It's almost 2AM, but neither Katsuki or Izuku are planning to sleep just yet. 

Izuku was just about to take another sip of his third beer when Katsuki tells him, "Hey. Why don't we get married?" 

Izuku looks at him, bewildered. He waits for his friend to say he's just kidding. A minute passes, but it doesn't come. 

Izuku realizes that Kacchan's serious. But he couldn't speak, couldn't even make a sound. 

So Katsuki flicks him on the head. "Why the hell are you looking at me like that. It's fir taxes. Mortgage too, I guess. Shit's too expensive. When we turn 40 or whatever and we're still single, we get married. S'that good?" 

"W-woah what--Kacchan, first of all, what?" 

"You already heard me, dipshit." 

"Y-you! God I feel lightheaded." 

"Then stop fucking drinking already. Your tolerance is still shi--" 

"Kacchan, why me?" 

Katsuki pauses, looks away from Izuku. His ears look a little red, and Izuku can't tell if it's due to the beer or his sudden marriage proposal, done right in the middle of their goddamn living room floor. 

"Because you've had like, 10 failed relationships and I don't wanna die alone." 

Izuku hates him sometimes. 

"Wow, Kacchan, way to make my heart swoon. Definitely makes me wanna marry you." 

"Hey, fuck off! That was a decent proposal!" 

"Kacchan, it's 2AM and we're tipsy from beer. We're on our ratty, old pajamas and we haven't even showered yet. And for the record, I only had 3 shitty dates--" 

"I trust you more than anybody else." 

Then, Kacchan grabs a handful of popcorn, chews as if he didn't just drop a bomb on Izuku. 

Time seemed to stop for a while. This time, Izuku looks away first. He swirls the bottle of beer in his hands, and lets out a deep breath. 

Even when drunk, Izuku knows that Katsuki's never been nothing but honest. A little ridiculous sometimes, but he doesn't beat around the bush. He just didn't expect...this. From Kacchan, of all people. 

Then again, Katsuki was his childhood friend, his middle school bully, his best friend, and now his hero partner. Izuku knows him like the back of his hand. They've been in each other's spaces since they learned how to walk. 

They've been through the good and the bad, the best memories and the worst ones. They've had their fair share of disagreements, but at the end of the day, Izuku knows that they got each other's backs. 

Since that day at Jaku, it became their basic instict: to protect each other under all circumstances. 

Izuku trusts him with his life. He had been stupid to realize just now that Katsuki does, too. 

Katsuki pinches his cheek. "You're thinking way too hard about this. I'm a little offended." 

This, he knows well. Izuku knows that he really shouldn't be thinking too hard about this, because number 1, he's drunk, number 2, it's a marriage that may or may not even happen, because a lot can happen in 10 years. Kacchan could've been married to someone else before they turn 40. 

Izuku's stomach lurches at the thought, but makes himself think it's just because of the beer. 

He swats Katsuki's hand away and snorts at him. "Well, excuse me, Kacchan. But you're driving a really hard bargain." 

Katsuki puts down his beer on the table, his eyebrows furrowed. "You literally make me do house chores all the fucking time. I feed you Katsudon twice a month." 

"Only because you won't let me help you 'cause apparently I don't 'clean shit up' the way you do! Also, make katsudon that twice a week and maybe you'll have a deal." 

"Oh my god, you're an idiot." 

"But you wanna marry this idiot." 


Number 3, Izuku's brain is too foggy to process everything Kacchan is saying. How can he just say that so casually?! 

He leans back on the sofa and closes his eyes.  "For mortgage? Taxes?" 


Izuku doubts it. While he knows Katsuki doesn't lie, sometimes he feels like he's not telling him the whole truth, either. 

But he's too tired to think, anyway. He hates Katsuki for making him think. And for possibly using him in the future for mortgage. 

"You're mean, Kacchan. You're only using me for money." 

"We live in an old apartment with a literal in the hole in the wall. What fucking money are you talking about?" 

"I'll make some. I work hard, you know. I can be a good husband. S'why you wanna marry me, right?" 

Right, number 4, he doesn't have a filter when he's drunk. 

Katsuki takes away his beer bottle and flicks his forehead again. "Like I said, you think too much. I already told you why, Deku. Whatever, you don't have to say anything if you--" 

"I do." 


"I'll marry you,  Kacchan." 

No. Filter. Absolutely none. 

If Izuku could bury himself right on the sofa, he would've in a heartbeat. He doesn't know why feels embarrassed now, but maybe because Katsuki is staring right into his eyes, mildly surprised yet...fond? 

But he couldn't,  couldn't even move, because suddenly his best friend moved closer, his face merely inches away from his... 

and lightly kissed him on the cheek. 

"Tch. Nerd." Katsuki smiles. 

Izuku couldn't breathe. 

"C'mon now. Let's get to bed. You're exhausted." The blonde tells him, offering his arm to help him stand. 

Bastard, Izuku thinks. But what did he expect,  anyway? 

He lets Katsuki walk him to his bedroom though, too tired to reply. It's been a very long day, and he's seconds away from falling asleep. He lies down on his bed as soon as he enters. 

Katsuki was about to leave his room when his drunk, tired mind blurted out, "Stay?" 

Two, three seconds pass. 

"You didn't have to ask."

And in an instant, Katsuki lies down beside him. He ignores Izuku staring at him, focusing on pulling up the blanket over himself.

"Goodnight, Izuku."

Time stops, his heart flutters again. Questions linger in his mind, but that can wait. 

"Goodnight, Kacchan."

He'll figure it out.