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truth be told

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Hawks has never really spared much thought to his soulmate. Statistically speaking, he is unlikely to ever meet them, and in the rare event that he does, he is even less likely to realise they are his soulmate at all. 

Not that he never lies or anything — too many secrets have been entrusted to him for that — but he doesn’t make a habit of going around spouting lies like some of the more desperate soulmate-seeking idiots out there do.

Finding his soulmate is simply not something Hawks ever thinks about. He’s not sure if he even cares. 

That is, until he strolls into his meeting with the villain Dabi and casually drawls, “I’m here to join the League of Villains.”

At least, that’s what he tries to say. What actually comes out of his mouth is: “I’m here to infiltrate the League of Villains.”

He can’t really blame Dabi for staring at him after that. He’d stare at himself, too, if he had the option. 

Ten whole seconds pass in silence. For lack of alternative, Hawks settles for staring at Dabi. 

“That’s… bold of you,” Dabi eventually responds, sounding thoroughly unimpressed, if a little surprised. “I’m Todoroki Touya.”

Hawks is ninety-nine-point-nine-nine percent sure that wasn’t what Dabi — Todoroki?! — had intended to say. Not in the least because the man’s face drains of colour faster than Sonic can say ‘hedgehog,’ leaving him a strange combination of white and lavender.

Hawks is also one hundred percent sure that Dabiroki is his soulmate.

What follows is, predictably, more staring. 

“Well,” Hawks finally drawls, breaking what has to be an entire minute of silence. “This mission just got a whole lot more complicated.”

Dabi’s stare turns into something closer to a scowl at that, apparently displeased by the mention of his mission.

“I don’t suppose there’s any chance I can get you on board for my infiltration?” Hawks hedges, because he apparently has a death-by-fire wish.

“Fuck no,” Dabi growls. He actually seems insulted.

Hawks awkwardly shifts his weight from side to side. None of his training prepared him for this scenario. 

“Any chance you’ll join us for real?” Dabi tries in return. He almost looks hopeful. Almost.

Hawks raises an eyebrow. Is Dabi actually expecting the number two hero to become a villain just because his soulmate asked nicely? “Are you insane?”

“Yes,” Dabi responds without missing a beat. “Definitely.”

Hawks blinks. “Um…” Well, alright. At least he’s honest about it. “Good to know.”

Another long silence passes. Hawks is pretty sure he’s never had a conversation featuring this much silence before. Then again, he’s not often — or ever — at a loss for words.

“So, um… coffee, then?” he suggests at last. “If I’m not joining the League, and you’re not joining the heroes… would you like to meet up for coffee instead?”

It seems like a fair compromise, all things considered.

Dabi’s radiant blue eyes trail up and down Hawks’ form calculatingly. “Alright,” he says slowly. “You free tomorrow?”

Hawks digs his phone out of his pocket and thumbs through his calendar. Technically, he has hero work scheduled, but he’s confident he can ditch for an hour or two without anyone getting too mad at him. “Does two in the afternoon work for you?” he asks, glancing up at Dabi.

Dabi also procures a phone from somewhere inside his jacket and taps away at it for a moment. He frowns at the screen. “How about two thirty?” he asks, glancing back at Hawks.

“That works,” Hawks says with a shrug, entering the appointment into his private calendar. He pockets his phone again. “It’s a date,” he declares with a grin, feeling strangely pleased despite the fact that his undercover mission has gone up in smoke.

Dabi actually blushes. It’s the best sight Hawks has ever laid his eyes on. 

“I’ll text you the address,” Dabi says, ducking his head over his phone in a painfully unsubtle attempt to hide his face. It seems to work for him, because his blush has mostly dissipated when he looks back up. “I know a place we can go that won’t make a big deal out of, um, us.” He gestures vaguely between them in a gesture that Hawks understands to mean something along the lines of ‘stapled purple skin and bright red wings.’

“I can’t wait,” Hawks says. He means it, too. He’s never been on a real date before. “See you tomorrow, then!”

He turns on his heels and happily trots out of the abandoned warehouse. Before he flies away, however, he turns back around and peers inside through the door opening. “By the way, what name do you prefer? Dabi? Todoroki? Dabiroki? …Touya?” 

Even from several meters away, Hawks can see a dozen emotions flicker across Dabi’s face in rapid succession. Patiently, he waits them out.

“Touya,” Dabi responds after a long silence. His voice is soft. Softer than Hawks has ever heard it. Not that he’s heard Dabi speak all that much, so far, but he hopes to hear more of it in the future. He has a nice voice. “You can call me Touya.”

“Cool,” Hawks says, sloppily saluting him for no other reason than that it feels like a fun thing to do. He shoots Dabi a bright smile. “Call me Keigo, then.”

With that said, Hawks waves Touya goodbye, spins around, and flies away. 

He’s going to have to disappoint the Commission, but for the first time in his life, he can’t find it within himself to care. After all, he has a date to plan for.