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The Problem

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Daryl Dixon has a problem. It came out of nowhere and has blonde hair, blue eyes, and legs too long for someone that short. He wasn't even supposed to be at Rick's that day, just a quick stop Rick swore to grab something he forgot. So that's how he ended up standing in the doorway of Rick's house watching Judith's babysitter on her knees looking for a toy Judy threw with her perfect ass swaying in the air. Once she found it, she had popped up and turned around to face them and he was fucked. Certifiably fucked. Fucked so hard he doesn't even remember what it was like to be less than completely fucked.

He wonders if he can get Rick charged with attempted murder because having him walk into his house and seeing that girl almost killed him on the spot.

Probably not, he thinks. That's too bad because he's pretty certain he gets Carl and Judy if something happens to Rick and then she can be his babysitter. Which can't be a healthy train of thought. Suddenly he wonders if she babysits pets too? If she does, he swears he's going to the shelter for a dog immediately.

He stands there waiting for them to quit talking so he can leave because if he doesn't leave soon he is going to die. He knows it. He is just waiting for the inevitable when she walks up to him and sticks her incredibly delicate hand out at him, ready to shake his hand telling him her name is Beth Greene and it's nice to meet one of Rick's friends. He doesn't want to touch her (lie) because he thinks it might actually kill him and then she would be arrested for murder and she's far too pretty for prison, but he shakes her hand anyway and grunts out what sounded like his name. He's at least 60% sure it was his name anyway.

When they're back in the car (finally) Rick thinks it's hilarious. Daryl disagrees. It is not hilarious. It is dangerous and now he's been ruined for all other women by a girl who he only knows two things about; she's fucking beautiful and her name. That's just great. Rick gets a punch to the arm for uttering the words 'Love at first sight' and suddenly Daryl is considering attempting to murder Rick so he can go to jail and avoid his new problem altogether.

Avoiding her was probably the best idea, girls like her don't go for guys like him and his eyes don't need a reminder of what she looks like, he has his brain for that. Probably nightly. Fuck. He's so fucked he's going to walk crooked the next day.

Rick takes great pleasure in telling him all about her, how she's a farm girl (of fucking course she is), she's going to school while working and babysitting, she sings in the choir at her daddy's church on Sundays (naturally) if he felt like finding Jesus, and she performs at a bar downtown on weekends if he felt like doing something different on a Friday night. By the end of all of it, Daryl hates Rick and no longer thinks attempted murder is a bad idea. He may even be able to get away with it. He'll just show her picture to the jury and explain the situation and he's sure they'll absolve him of all wrong doing.

He'll just call that Plan B.


His avoidance plan falls to shit early on. She seems to always be at Ricks. And he runs into her at the grocery store. Wearing workout clothes. He is convinced in that moment that yoga pants were invented to destroy the hearts of men. The day he sees her in Ricks backyard in a bikini playing with Judy in the baby pool is the day he knows there is a heaven. And hell. He thinks he hates her in that moment. Standing there in a red bikini, wet, looking so innocent that even the color white looks tainted next to her and she's smiling at him. Smiling like she has no idea what she does to him.

The worst part is she's nice. If she were some sort of nut job he could look and not want to touch because he's had his fair share of ten kinds of crazy women and no thanks. But she's not crazy. She's sweet and good natured. She was raised right in every way he was raised wrong and even though he wants to touch her, he doesn't want to taint her. Even if she is a frequent star in his fantasies, writhing and groaning underneath him. Bouncing and screaming on top of him. Wet and plastered against him in the shower. On all fours in the bed of his truck. Stretched out and waiting for him across the leather seat of his motorcycle. Bent over the edge of his couch. Perched on the kitchen counter with her legs wrapped around him. But he hasn't put too much thought into it.

He does, in fact, run into her in a bar. And it's actually by chance because he was dragged out by a couple of co-workers at the shop he works at and he hates them, her, and himself when he sees her. Her hair is down and falling across her shoulders, she's got some sort of lacy see through shirt on and he can see hints of a pale pink bra and her jeans are so tight he's half convinced she was born with them because that's the only way she could have gotten them on. She smiles at him, of course, and tells him she hopes he will stay for the show since she's singing in just a little while. As she walks away he thinks his brain has short circuited watching her and her perfect ass and long legs disappear into the crowd.

By the time she's done singing he's thinking about his face buried between her thighs and wishing he could lick the dimples on her back, because they look like they need to be licked and he would be more than happy to offer himself for the job when she finds him again. She still smiling at him when she asks if he can take her home because her sister left with her fiancee and she didn't have her own car and he wants to say no. He's not going to, but he wants to. Thank god he has his truck otherwise she'd have to put her hands on him and he's not sure he could survive that right now. Not that he can survive any better having her in the truck with all the images of her straddling him in the cab running through his brain.

She smells fucking wonderful. His whole truck is going to smell like her and he wants that smell all over his skin. She suggests they stop for ice cream cones and he wants to kill himself right there. He's starting to think she knows what she does to him. In fact, as they sit there eating their cones, he's sure of it. Especially when she crawls over the bench seat and kisses him sweetly on the lips saying how she's wanted to do that for weeks. If he could move he would, but he can't. He's thinking about how her lips are the earthly equivalent to a religious experience when she kisses him again and he breaks. He's got her face in his hands pulling her over to sit on his lap while running his hands down and over her ass as she moans into his mouth. He only wishes he had been creative enough to add ice cream cones into the truck fantasy because it made it so much better.

He quickly finds out she is not innocent. There's a chance she's pure evil as she whispers in his ear about going back to his place. He doesn't remember driving there, but they got there safely and that's a plus. They're wrapped around each other before they even get in the front door and he hopes the nosy old lady next door who is always trying to set him up with her daughter sees them so she can finally leave him alone. He's got his hands in her shirt, pulling it off over her head and she's tugging at his shirt as they make their way to his bedroom, leaving a trail of clothes. He tosses her onto his bed in just her bra and those damn jeans and as he pulls them off and her little pink panties that match her little pink bra become visible he growls at her and she smiles at him as she stands up and turns around to unfasten her bra and he can't help himself as he kisses a trail down her spine and finally, finally gets to lick those goddamn back dimples that haunt him.

She's moaning and as he stands and turns her around he catches sight of her pretty pink nipples he can't help but run his thumbs over them, feeling them harden as she sighs with a look of bliss on her face. He lays her back on the bed climbing over her kissing her throat, her pulse points, her collarbones, the soft skin of her breasts while running his tongue over those nipples that he's already decided are by far the best nipples he's ever seen anywhere, down her rib cage, down her stomach and into her navel and he smiles into her skin when she squirms a bit from his scruff tickling her.

He hooks his fingers into the waistband of her panties, pulling them slowly over her smooth legs and if he wasn't sure before, he is now, there is heaven on earth and she's now laying naked on his bed, smiling at him. He kisses his way up from her ankles to her calves to the inside of her thighs worshiping both legs the way he has thought about for weeks before he moves to her center and lets his tongue slide against her slit making her hips jump off the bed as she hums in pleasure. He has to hold her hips down while he circles her clit with his tongue, flicking and sucking and swirling. She tastes so good and his face is soaked and he's sure that if he died right now he would go with a smile on his face. When he slides a finger in her heat and feels how tight she is, he groans in anticipation. She's bucking against his face and once he adds a finger and slides them back and forth, she reaches her peak and comes with a scream he definitely hopes that nosy old bat hears.

She's got her hands in his hair pulling him up her body and she's grasping for his belt, trying to get it undone and he's staring at her in wonder because if he wakes up tomorrow and this was all a dream, it would have been the best dream of his life. He helps her get his pants off and she's pulling him back down on top of her kissing him and running her hands over his arms telling him to please, please just fuck her now. He groans into her neck and pushes himself further between her thighs and he can feel her wetness on his rapidly becoming too hard for comfort dick and each time he rubs against her, her breath hitches and he's going to come all over her thighs like a teenager if he doesn't stop soon so he gets back up to grab a condom and once it's on, he's pushing into her with a moaned out fuck because it's the best thing he's ever felt and she's moaning his name into his skin as he slides in and out.

He can't remember his own name at this point so it's good she keeps repeating it because he is lost in this girl. He is thrusting faster and faster and her hips are meeting each movement and she's got her nails in his skin and her legs wrapped around him and they are both covered in a sheen of sweat when he flips her over to ride him for awhile. She's glorious on top of him like he knew she would be, all golden haired and lithe body bouncing and when she leans back and places her hands above his knees he thinks he's just got tickets to the best show on earth as he watches her sliding up and down him, rotating her hips every so often. Once one of her delicate little hands travels down to her rub at her clit he has to change position because with the show she's giving him, he's not going to last. He flips over on her hands and knees and they both hiss when he slides back into her, all the way to the hilt. He's got his hands on her hips as he pistons into her heat staring at the perfection that is her entire back. Her spine, the dimples, her ass, it's all amazing. She's moaning louder and he can feel her tighten around him as she comes again with a cry and as her legs go weak he flips her back to her back so he can look into her eyes as he comes.

He's back between her thighs with his head buried into her neck sucking lightly as she is lightly biting his collarbone and he can feel himself getting close as he ups his pace and pulls his head up to look at her. Her blue eyes are staring back at him while she is biting her lower lip holding on tight to him and he can't take it anymore and he comes with a loud FUCK cried out into her hair and his weight falls on top of her, sated.

In the morning light he wakes up and doesn't remember falling asleep. He doesn't know how they got under the blankets. He doesn't care either. As he looks over to the beautiful woman laying in his arms, hair a wild mess and slightly smeared make up he can't help but think that she is by far the best problem he has ever had.