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Bon appétit!

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That night at KNW restaurant in New York the atmosphere in the kitchen was quite hot, their work almost fell apart because one of their saucers accidentally spilled the Béchamel sauce he had made all day spilling on the floor.

The executive chef racked his brains as fast as possible to change their main course, they didn't have time anymore because their VIP guest will be coming soon.

"Francois, you try to check into the cooler what ingredients are still left"

he ordered the junior chef to check the remaining ingredients so he could think of what dishes he could make quickly.

"Tomato and eggplant, we have some fresh tomato baskets delivered this morning"

"OK, we'll make Aubergines au gratin à la toulousaine. Francois and Robert you take all the tomatoes and eggplants, wash them clean and cut them, then lara, you take the baguettes in the bread cupboard, cut them into medium sized pieces, and you're jean ....."

The man pointed at the sous chef who had been lowering his head because he felt so bad

"straighten your head and look into my eyes, you know what you have to do right?"

The young sous chef nodded with a cheerful "yes chef!" he shouted excitedly.

The important guests finally came to coincide with the completion of the various dishes they had cooked. the waiters served the meal with Jambon Rouleaux de chèvre or ham with goat cheese as an appetizer. the guests smiled while enjoying the appetizer until they finally served their main meal. The executive chef glanced at Jean, who had been so nervous that his hands were shaking.

"Wow, when I eat it my stomach feels warm. Where is that chef? I want to meet him?"

The executive chef then walked over to the guest, "Are you satisfied with the taste of the food we serve, Mr. Governor?"

"Of course, I really believe that chef gulf kanawut will never disappoint his guests." The fat man patted the chef on the back and praised him incessantly until the whole dish was served.

The banquet was finally over, the chefs were finally able to breathe with relief their hard work was over tonight. It was almost midnight and the restaurant was closed but Gulf ordered his worker to stay in the restaurant for a while.

"As you can see, tonight you have worked very hard, I am proud of your efforts and hard work. Tonight is my last night here, I have to go to Thailand because I have something to do and it takes a long time and I have already appointed maya as executive chef to replace me here. Thank you for being together for the last few years. I hope we can meet again soon"

The looks on the faces of the restaurant workers look sad, they are not willing to let their favorite boss and executive chef leave them, even someone as strong as Francois can't help but cry

"Chef, are you sure? Why do you want to move? Is it because we often make mistakes?" jean said haltingly as he held back his tears.

gulf patted jean shoulder "no, because it has been a long time since i came back to thailand. i miss my country, and i just built my restaurant there so i go on vacation and check the state of the restaurant too"

Maya slowly came forward giving a bouquet of sunflowers to her boss "Thank you for trusting me, this is from us for you"

gulf received the flower bouquet with a big smile, his staff knew that sunflowers were his favorite flower even he decorated the restaurant with lots of sunflowers "thank you everyone, thank you and I'll be back someday"


the man dragged his suitcase out of the airport until he stopped in his tracks then took off his sunglasses and closed his eyes, taking a deep breath.

"Thailand, I'm home" he said to himself


the man got out of the taxi, after paying he then looked up at the old building in front of him. house that he had not seen in a long time, past memories had crossed his mind.

"dad, mom. Are you proud of your son now? Look at your son now returning to Thailand as a successful person, I kept my promise, right?"

he finally walked into the old house, opened the rusty iron fence and looked around the courtyard. already unkempt, lots of weeds that have risen. he sighed heavily, the heavy homework awaited him.

he inserted the key then turned the knob slowly, nervousness with his heart beating so fast that it seemed to prevent him from entering the house. with great courage and heavy breathing he slowly opened the door. the house has not changed, still like when he left it first. he opened the curtains until the dust made him cough, then he opened the window to let sunlight and outside air into the house.

he closed his nose then opened the white cloth that covered the furniture of the house one by one. slowly he walked to a glass cabinet located in the corner of the room, opened the old cupboard door then took one of the picture frames and looked at it with a sad look.

"I miss you" he said softly then returned the picture frame to its original place

"Looks like I have to start working now before sunset, gulf fighting! You choose to come back so you have to accept it" he said encouraging himself.


the alarm on his cellphone rang very loudly waking a young man who still closed his eyes, his hand reached out to turn off his cellphone alarm then he lazily got up from the bed, stretched his body muscles and slowly opened his eyes adjusting his eyelids to the morning sun

"good morning universe, are you ready for today?" and he smiled

gulf goes downstairs to the kitchen, he hasn't had time to shop for his necessities so he just makes hot tea and thinks about buying breakfast on the way. he plays the song How long by jelly rocket from his cellphone, hums and occasionally dances to the rhythm of the song while waiting for the water to boil.

"baby I think you should know that I miss you so, want you right here never ever let you go so please, please don't go" he sang very cheerfully.

until the cellphone vibrated to disturb the karaoke, he picked up the phone lazily

"What's up, Mild? Why are you calling me so early?"

"I'm just asking, are you coming to the restaurant around what time? And do you want me to pick you up?"

"no need, I'll just ride the MRT, I want to see Bangkok"

"Ahh you must have missed this country, sorry I couldn't pick you up yesterday, the restaurant was very full at lunch time"

"It's okay, I'll see you at the restaurant" he hung up the phone from the restaurant manager as well as his close friend.

he then turned off the stove, brewed his hot tea and drank it slowly. he walked into the backyard of the house. The location of the house is on the outskirts of Bangkok so the environment around the house is still quiet and looks beautiful. he really likes this home environment because it makes him comfortable and calm. he sipped his hot tea slowly and savored what lay before him.


He walked towards the MRT station with an airpod in his ears. he looked at the map in front of him studying which train lines and station he should go to. It has been a long time since he returned to Thailand and the country has changed a lot. after he knew which station he should go to, he walked into the station until someone accidentally hit him and he almost fell.

"sorry" was the only word the stranger made because he looked so rushed

gulf just snorted in annoyance, then he waited on the platform for the train that would take him to his destination. he got into the train which was quite full of passengers because this time was the same time that the employees left for the office so gulf had to stand and hold on to the poles. he took his cellphone and played the song once upon a time by jeff bernat then put the cellphone back into his bag. he hummed softly, enjoying the music. He found that songs could bring his mind at ease, He worked where he was required to act and think quickly and thoroughly so he felt that where he listened to songs was where he could calm his mind.

His eyes were fixed on the man who had hit him earlier, the man was tall and his body was big enough to make him stand out from the crowd, he was standing in front of the train door. His eyes locked onto the thick book in his hand, he repeatedly adjusted his glasses.

"nerdy? geeky? clumsy person" gulf judged the man from his appearance. he felt that the stranger was not a man who could get along with others like himself.

"Sam Yan, soon you will arrive at Sam Yan Station"

the stranger closed the book and put the book in his bag, tidying the shirt he was wearing.

"Sam Yan Station? Isn't that near Chula? Is he a PhD student there?" thought gulf "gulf you why do you even think about that man ???" he patted his own cheeks

The train stops at the Sam Yan station, and the stranger also gets out of the train, Gulf sees the man from the train window and without realizing that he will see him often


Gulf finally arrived at the restaurant he built, the restaurant had actually been around for a year but this was the first time he came to check the condition of the restaurant. When he entered the restaurant, the employees had come and done their respective duties. the clock shows 8 in the morning but the restaurant will open around 11 o'clock but gulf always applies the rules to his employees to come early to prepare everything.

the employees who saw gulf immediately stopped their work, they did not expect the restaurant owner to come. gulf smiles then tells them to get back to work. Gulf then walks to Mild who is reading some paper and knocks on the table to alert the restaurant manager that he has arrived.

"Oh my friend, how was the trip here? Is Bangkok very traffic jam today?"

"Did you forget that I took the train?"

Mild laughed then led his friend to sit on the bench "hahaha my friend you still don't change, you know I really miss you right?"

"please don't hug me, it's so embarrassing"

Mild got rid of his hands from the gulf "hah, I thought America had changed you to be softer, but not at all"

"I want to see a list of the food menu for this week"

"okay, I'll get it"

Mild walked to the cashier table and took the menu book then handed the menu book to the young chef. gulf read the menu one by one. Every week the menu at his restaurant will always change so that customers don't feel bored with the menu they serve. gulf's restaurant focuses on French specialties but his restaurant in Thailand is a little different from other restaurants, in this place French food gets a touch of Thai.

"Soon we will be celebrating our first anniversary, so I want to replace some of the menus with the menus I designed, and I will take over the executive chef here"

Mild was surprised by his best friend's words "huh? So you sure you will stay here?"

"I don't know, I'm still thinking about it"

Mild patted Gulf's shoulder "If it's because of that time, you'd better erase it and move on. You spend your time traveling the world trying to forget that right? When you call me you're going back to Thailand you know how shocked I was about that? 7 years you don't come back here!!!" Mild confirmed his last word

gulf just sighs heavily, he has long wanted to return to Thailand, to the country where he was born and grew up but the heavy feeling of bad memories that keep haunting him is like stopping his steps. only this time he tried to come back even though still with a heavy heart.

"I don't know, I just want to go back to face the past, I want everything to be okay"

"Okay friends, take times but I'm glad you're finally back. Welcome to Thailand, boss" Mild saluted

and gulf smiles but his mind rages. Is his decision to return to Thailand the right decision? he do not know only time he can rely on at this time.


gulf is wearing the chef outfit he always wears when he works, sticking a name tag on his right chest. he smiled as he saw the reflection of his face.

"chef gulf kanawut, are you ready?" he said motivating himself

gulf comes to the kitchen area and there are already several chefs who will work with him standing in line at their respective work stations. Mild introduces gulf to them. and the chefs did not expect that they would work with the chef they idolized.

"Is it true the rumor that chef once personally cooked for President Putin? cooked bear meat?" asked Ploy, a pattisier with a beaming face

gulf laughed "that's right, i once cooked for President Putin when former President Obama asked me to cook dinner for him but it's lamb not bear meat, are you crazy? I only cook food that I think is fit for consumption"

The chefs there laughed, including mild, the restaurant manager seemed to be able to breathe a sigh of relief because Gulf started to get used to his new environment.

"OK are you ready to cook?" shouted gulf

"yes chef !!" they shouted together excitedly.

today they will serve pla pao or roasted fish with local fish as the main ingredient and tomato sauce compote, for dessert khao mao tod or Fried Banana with Roasted Rice with strawberry puree.

gulf himself is going to make tom yam soup as an appetizer, it has been a long time since he cooked this thai dish so he wanted to make it a welcome meal from him for the guests to come.

Soon the restaurant will open, there are already a number of visitors queuing in front of the restaurant, especially when they hear that the restaurant owner will cook himself and they are very enthusiastic. gulf himself had a peek at the situation outside which was quite crowded, he smiled because it seemed that his arrival to Thailand was quite meaningful.

At exactly 11 o'clock the restaurant finally got a book, the visitors enjoyed the food that was provided and gulf as usual immediately came over and asked the guests about his cooking, many of them praised the food and many also praised his appearance, especially the women. it's not wrong for them because gulf has an attractive appearance, height 185, his body is quite good even though he doesn't like going to the gym he is not too fat and not too thin because he is quite controlling his diet, especially his friendly smile maybe it's his very prominent appeal.

actually gulf is quite less confident with his appearance, he is a pretty neat and stylish person but he prefers people compliment his cooking than his appearance.

The clock shows half past seven in the evening and the restaurant still looks quite crowded. tired gulf finally rested and sat at the bar table, sipping a few glasses of wine seemed to help relax his body. While drinking a glass of his favorite pinot noir, he loves to observe the expressions of the guests who are enjoying the dishes he makes, as if there is a sense of satisfaction in him if he sees customers smiling after eating his food.

until his eyes were fixed on the man sitting in the corner of the room not too far from the bar table. the man sits alone with a bowl of soup in front of him, the man is just churning out the soup with the spoon in his hand. his face was expressionless but gulf could clearly and quickly know who the man was. That guy is the same man who ran into him at the MRT station this morning, the nerdy guy who caught his eye. he watched the man who was stirring his homemade soup, his two eyes fixed on the thick book he was carrying. already 10 minutes gulf watching the man and not a spoonful of the soup into his mouth. Gulf was annoyed before Mild held his hand to prevent it.

"Maybe he's not hungry anymore" Mild said trying to calm his friend, he knew very well that Gulf doesn't like it when people throw away the food he made himself

gulf finally tried to be patient and 5 minutes walked and the man then closed his book then put some baht on the table and went straight out to the restaurant. He left without touching the food at all, irritated Gulf finally took off his apron and threw it at the mild. Mild is no longer able to prevent Gulf who has walked quickly over to the man.

gulf walked fast enough to even almost run towards the man until he finally grabbed the man's hand and stopped their steps.

"why don't you eat a bit of that food?" asked gulf to the point

the man looked at his expressionlessly then confirmed the location of his glasses "who are you? but I already paid for the food and gave a tip to the waiter"

"But you do not eat the food the same you do not appreciate people who have worked hard to cook the food"

"and who are you?"

"I'm gulf and I'm the one who cooks the soup"


oh just oh? gulf's head felt like it was boiling at the man's answer he tightened his grip but the man did not move at all "oh? try to tell me what is lacking from my cooking? I gulf kanawut and everyone tells me that my cooking is the best they have ever tasted , so tell me why don't you eat it? "

the man looked at gulf "so you don't like it when people criticize your cooking? I went there because my student told me that your restaurant is the best so I came and tried but it wasn't what I thought"

gulf snorted annoyed "you, who do you think you are?"

"It's late, tomorrow I have to work"

the man easily let go of gulf's strong hand and walked away just like that

gulf, who still couldn't believe what he had just experienced, could only snort in annoyance, this is the first time in his career that someone just doesn't eat his homemade food, he massages his dizzy head while calming his emotions until he sees a card falling on the ground and immediately took it then read the name written on the card and a grin came out of the corner of his mouth

"professor mew supassit jongcheveevat, lecturer in mechanical engineering chulalongkorn university ... just look at it i will change your mind so dare you insult a gulf kanawut"


to be continue


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Gulf is really determined by what he said, he will change the man's opinion about the food he cooks. since that incident he returned to his house to prepare a menu of food that he would cook and he even told Mild to buy ingredients for him and then delivered it to his house. he compiled a complete menu from appetizers to snacks and then pasted the scraps in the refrigerator. he stretched his muscles and then smiled.

"Just look at you annoying professor, I'll stuff your mouth with peppers if you mock my cooking again"

and he started cooking.

the clock was 3 in the morning when he finished cooking, he put the results of his food into the refrigerator then he went to sleep. His eyes seemed reluctant to close because he couldn't wait for what he would do tomorrow. but he needs to sleep even though for a while he really needs his strength because he is going to start a war tomorrow and his eyes are closed and he is carried away in a dream.


He looked back at the watch in his hand at exactly 11 noon, he looked at the bag he was carrying and with a confident smile he got off from the MRT then walked towards the Chulalongkorn University.

he had arrived at the gate of the famous campus, he was confused really very confused because the place was so wide that a security guard poked him on the back, because he was shocked he almost dropped the bag he was carrying.

"Sorry, what do you need here?" asked the security guard doubtfully

"oh I want to meet professor mew supassit jongcheveevat"

"What do you need ?"

"We're going to war, sir!"

"huh war?" The security guard scratched his head incomprehensibly at the young man beside him

gulf smiled then hit the security guard lightly "kidding sir, I just want to deliver food"

"And what is your relationship with Prof mew?"

gulf then grinned, his first plan would run smoothly "oh I'm his boyfriend, sir"

"huh boyfriend ????" the security guard shouted in surprise

gulf just smiled, the security guard who looked shocked then gave a name tag to gulf and told him the direction to the prof's office.

gulf got on the elevator while kissing the name tag on his hand, he smiled very broadly "therefore don't fight with gulf kanawut!!!" and the elevator that took him had reached the floor he was going to.

The security guard told him that the mew office was not far from the elevator but when he arrived the man was not in his office so gulf assumed that the man was still teaching so he waited not far from the office and sat down, he could not wait to launch his attack. Before long, the door to a nearby room was waiting to open. gulf observes the man who comes out of the room and he smiles when it is he who is waiting.

"Tuae aeng !!!" shouted gulf, then gulf walked to the prof and took his hand "Tuae aeng, I've been waiting for you, I cooked lunch for you"

A shocked mew tries to take off gulf's hand grip as his students start whispering and looking at him while gulf still keeps his head against his shoulder. the man then grabbed Gulf's hand and dragged him into one of the empty rooms.

gulf screamed in pain because of the man's strong grip on his wrist "Tuae Aeng why are you hurting me?" he rubbed his aching hand while pursing his lips

"Huh? Why did you come here? and Tuae aeng?"

gulf handed over the bag that had been at Mew while smiling "because Tuae Aeng doesn't like my food so I made it again and I hope this time Tuae Aeng will like it" Gulf gave the prof a spoiled wink.

"gulf! you !! what are you doing? you take revenge on me?"

"well, I will change your opinion about my cooking and btw I'm glad you remember my name" he chuckled, thinking that maybe he left behind such a memorable memory that the professor remembered his name

The professor exhaled heavily "So what made you come here? and how did you get in? This is a campus not a mall?" the man snapped a little

gulf chuckled remembering what he said to the security guard "oh I told the guard that I will deliver lunch for my boyfriend"

"and he believes?"

gulf nods then there is a distinct satisfaction in the smile he displays. the man could only massage his sore forehead thinking about the behavior of the young man in front of him.

mew then walked out of the room because he did not know what bad luck was happening to him and wanted to get out of it but Gulf swiftly caught the hand of the professor.

"tuae aeng, where are you going? I'm tired of cooking for you and you will leave me alone?" gulf pretends to be cranky while pursing his lips and his eyes are like puppy eyes.

"put the food on the table and you get out of here because I have to teach the next class" the man actually wanted to throw the chef away and immediately went away from him but he couldn't drag him like a trash sack and then just throw it out.

"okay okay tuae aeng, eat a lot and tomorrow I will come back again ... I love you, my husband" Gulf gave a wink full of flirtiness.

The lecturer shivered with horror because that strange man had just told him I love you and even called him husband ???? it seemed like he wanted to go to the temple after coming home from teaching and ask the buddha for a lucky day and turn the clock before he met that young man.


mew looked at the bag that the chef had just given him, he could only sighed heavily because when he entered the lecture room and the other lecturers teased him all out. His co-worker did not think that the genius professor already had a wife because mew preferred to close his personal affairs to meetings and he was not a person who likes to share his personal complaints with other people because according to him , he came to campus to teach only therefore the lecturers shocked by the chef's arrival.

mew opened the bag and took out everything in it, arranging the lunch box on the table. he opened the first lunch box containing gaeng keow waan or thai green curry with chicken, the second lunch box containing lo bak go or dim sum turnip cake, the third lunch box containing steaming hot rice and the last small lunch box containing Khanom chan or layers pudding. he then found a small piece of paper and read the writing.


"If you don't like my cooking anymore I don't know what else to do maybe the last way I do is kill you and cook you with spicy sauce and I'll eat you myself. so enjoy your lunch"

- chef gulf kanawut -


and without him noticing a smile emerged from his face.


gulf enters the restaurant with a smile full of happiness and satisfaction seeing his bestfriend he just shaking his head in surprise.

"So what did you just do until you smile really wide? You fell in love?" mild asked

Gulf who was shocked to hear the words mild immediately shook his head quickly "Huh? No! Are you crazy? I just did something quite fun today"

"oh something nice?" teased mild

and gulf ignore him then comes into the kitchen still with a big smile.

Mild has known Gulf since they were in elementary school so it can be said that he already knows the chef inside and out, sometimes he also knows what Gulf is thinking as well as Gulf. gulf is not the type to fall in love easily, he is someone who is more concerned with his work than his love life as opposed to Mild who is a Cassanova. he rarely sees gulf smiling broadly since what has happened to him but actually in his heart he thanks anyone who makes gulf smile widely because mild feels gulf's nature that he used to know begins to return.


The clock showed that it was almost 11 pm and the last class had passed several hours ago but mew work was still piling up quite a lot even the other lecturers had already returned home. mew stretched his whole body trying to relax his tired body, he took off his glasses then closed his eyes and massaged the bridge of his nose. his eyes felt very tired staring at the computer all day. He slowly opened his eyes and his eyes were fixed on the blue bag on top of the pile of documents.

he looked at the bag and thought that he was actually quite grateful to the man who gave him lunch because he often forgets to eat when he is busy but it was the attitude of the man that made him dislike that young man a little.

mew had finished all the food in that bag and now he is thinking about how he can return the bag and lunch box to the man ah maybe tomorrow he will stop by that place and give it to one of the employees , he just wants his day to be back to normal.

and he was wrong ........

The young chef was standing in front of the lecturer room at the same time as yesterday, with a lunch bag in his hand and not forgetting a huge smile on his face.

"So what are you doing again?" asked mew with a tone of displeasure

"I kept my promise I will come back" gulf raised his eyebrows then gave the bag he was carrying to the man in front of him.

"I beg you for the last time, this is the last time you come here. You wait here I will move your food to plates so you can carry the bag and lunch box."

gulf smiled cheerfully "so you ate it until there was no left? So how did my cooking taste ??"

the man grunted irritably "yes yes yes that's it"

"So how? Is it delicious or not?"

"Not bad ok? So you can stop coming here?"

"That's a less convincing answer, I'll stop coming if you really say that my cooking is the best" said Gulf filled with exasperation.

he thought for a few minutes to think of a plan to get rid of the man "ok ..... ok ... tomorrow you come back bring me your tom yam if i say good you will stop coming?"

gulf's face was happy again then he saluted to mew "ay ay sir, just see you tomorrow!" he said then forced Mew to take the bag he was carrying and return home.

mew shook his head seeing how stubborn the chef was, he looked at the bag the chef gave him. he patted his forehead remembering that he was going to return the previous bag but never mind he will come back one last time tomorrow? mew only hopes that tomorrow will be the last time he comes and that his quiet days will return to normal.

mew finally returned to his piling up work, it was almost the end of the semester and he was in charge of making exam questions and checking assignments especially he was also in charge of being a thesis supervisor for final semester students. mew is not a fierce lecturer, he thinks he is a disciplined person especially time disciplined and doesn't like to delay work, especially people who he thinks are troublesome for him he tries as much as possible to maybe avoid that person. He doesn't care if his students think he is a killer lecturer because for him education is the most important thing. he admitted that he was quite popular among the other lecturers because his face looked very handsome but the students did not really like the way he taught, which they thought was too detailed, they would come to his class scrambling to sit in the front just to look at his face. he never bothered about it for him the most important thing was that the students were diligent in coming to his class and learning to focus on their studies.

mew focused on writing on his computer screen, today he had to enter the exam questions on the website for the board's selection whether to use it for the exam or not.

a female lecturer suddenly stood in front of his booth "ehhh, these days there is a young man who met you, is that your brother?"

mew did not respond to the woman's words, he knew very well that that female lecturer really liked to gossip and interfere in other people's affairs so he chose to remain silent rather than having a long business later.

"Ouch khun suppasit, why are you just silent? This is the first time I've seen someone outside meet you" the woman was still trying hard to talk to the man who was typing something on his computer

the woman finally gave up and returned to her cubicle because the man was silent and did not respond to her questions and it irritated her.


the clock was 5 p.m. and mew had just finished his work. he holds his hungry stomach he just remembers that he hasn't eaten at all all day and remembered the food that the chef brought this morning. he took the food bag and took out its contents there were only 2 lunch boxes in the bag and an orange, he opened the first lunch box which was large enough to contain Beef Stroganov with mushroom sauce and salad with lemon dressing while the small lunch box contained Boudin noir aux pommes or Black pudding with apples not missed there was a paper containing a letter.

"Today I cook my favorite French cuisine, I Gulf Kanawut Traipipattanapong is the number one chef in the world if you still don't like my food I mean it - really with my previous threats and give your bones to the pigs so enjoy your lunch"

- chef gulf kanawut-

he smiled a little then pasted the letter on the wall in front of him next to the previous letter.

he ate the meat and put it in his mouth while his eyes focused on the computer screen. he smiled in every chew. the meat that goes into his mouth is really soft and easy to swallow mixed with the thick mushroom sauce but still light then he pops the lettuce in his mouth, mew really likes vegetables so he feels happy when eating salad.

mew had to admit that the man was very good at cooking, he even felt a little guilty that he didn't mean to make fun of his cooking just that he felt that something was missing in the tom yum he cooked earlier. mew is not an expert at criticizing food because he himself is not a picky person in food but when he ate that tom yum something was missing he just dont know why.

Then the phone rings, he sees a name that makes him surprised appear on his cellphone screen hesitantly he picks up the phone

"phi ... mom ... mom ......."

he immediately turned off the phone and took his bag. he seemed like he really had to go to the shrine to ask that luck be more on his side



Chapter Text

Gulf has finished shopping for the necessities he needs to make his signature tom yum, he then arranges all his ingredients on the table and goes to get his favorite apron then puts it on, he always feels that after he puts on his apron and chef clothes like the chef mode in him is activated and he will really get into his job.

he would make Tom Yum Goong Nam Sai or clear tom yum , he felt that the weather was cold right now because of the continuous rain all day long he thought maybe a bowl of tom yum with clear broth and the taste that was not too thick could melt the professor's heart.

he turned on the song from his cellphone which was connected to the small speaker above the refrigerator. The song here comes the sun by the beatles accompanying him as he prepares the ingredients for tom yum sauce such as galangal, kaffir lime leaves, garlic and lemongrass pounding it with mortar and pestle which he borrows from the restaurant. after he felt the collision was smooth then put it in a pot filled with chicken stock that he made in advance and kept it for his restaurant needs and turned on the stove on medium heat

"Here comes the sun do, do, do Here comes the sun And I say it's all right Little darling, it's been a long cold lonely winter Little darling, it seems like years since it's been here" he hums while stirring the soup

when he wanted to put the chilli mash he thought for a moment, does that guy like the spicy taste or not? He shrugged his shoulders and put half the crushed chilli into the pot then put a little water and stirred slowly until it was mixed.

he put the mushrooms, prawns, onions, tomatoes, and chicken cutlets one by one into the pan. He walked to the counter took the fish sauce and poured it on the spoon and put it in the pan then cut a few lime slices and squeezed the water into the pan, not forgetting he added a few pinch of salt and sugar.

The clock was 9 AM when he finished cooking, enough time for him to get ready and clean the kitchen. gulf is a professional chef, cleanliness is the main key in carrying out his profession. he must make sure his workspace is clean and tidy before and after he does his job. When he felt his Tom Yum was about to boil, he took the lunch box from the lower counter and put it on the table beside him, he also took the lunch box for the rice. he spooned the tom yum broth and sipped the hot tom yum, he smiled because he was always proud of his cooking then turn off the stove.

He put the tom yum and warm rice into the lunch box then put the lunch box into the food bag. he smiles proudly and gulf is sure this time his tom yum will satisfy the professor's tongue. after packing the food and clean everything he went straight up to the second floor to get ready

this is the first time in his life that he is really confused in choosing clothes, who knows what the professor did to him ? so he just stared at the rows of shirts in the cupboard in front of him. he has tried mixing and matching styles but he feels something is missing. gulf is someone who is very attentive in his fashion style, he is a famous chef who demands him to wear neat and fashionable clothes even he loves to follow the latest fashion shows every season and this fashionable man now doesn't even know what to wear.

gulf finally picked up a not-so-tight cut white shirt from Saint Laurent then put on a yellow and red striped wool knit sweater from burberry autumn runway show, paired it with a blue straight trouser from the latest givenchy season, he walked sideways to the shoe rack to pick up a pair of white sneakers from alexander mcqueen. he looked at his reflection in the mirror and smiled with satisfaction at the outfit he chose, he wanted to look formal but also look casual and it looks like his choice was right this time..

He sprays baccarat rouge 540 on the nape of his neck and both wrists, combs his hair back. He doesn't really like using hair gel because he thinks it really annoys his sense of smell when cooking and he also thinks his hair is easy to manage. after being satisfied with his appearance he finally got down then took the food bag and locked the door of his house.

the rain had been pouring down Bangkok since last night, even though the rain had stopped, he finally brought an umbrella just in case. the distance from his house to the nearest MRT station is actually not too far, gulf thinks if he will definitely settle down in bangkok maybe he will buy a car but for now it doesn't seem too important.

His phone vibrated as he was waiting for the train to come, Mild's name appeared on the screen forced to answer his friend's phone call lazily

"I told you I was going to the restaurant at dinner time and I told Fluke to replace me, so why did you call me?"

"Aww friends, I know that. It's just that someone is looking for you now"

"who? Just tell him I'm busy can't see him"

"bright .... yes that bright"

Gulf's heartbeat seemed to stop when he heard that name.


"Your mother's condition is fine, her blood pressure and sugar levels are all normal, she is just tired. Maybe a day or two of rest is enough. Please don't do too much work."

mew was relieved after hearing the explanation from the doctor, his heart had stopped when his sister called him that their mother had passed out in the kitchen.

mew immediately helped his mother to get out of bed. "I told you to stop working so that I can work especially when Jom is already working"

"Your mother doesn't like to just be quiet and watch TV at home, I need to do activities especially not too many food orders"

"So why did you pass out?" Mew wanted to scold his stubborn mother but he couldn't possibly do that he had a lot of respect for his mother.

that middle aged woman smiled then stroked her son's cheek full of tenderness "i admit i am not well but look now everything is fine, you better worry about yourself look at you how tired you are! how many days have you not come home? if your mother didn't pass out maybe you still work till morning "

mew could only stay silent while jom laughed at her brother.

"okay .. okay phi mew don't worry I will take care of our mom, especially lately my job is not too much"

Mew stroked his sister's head affectionately. "I ask you a favor, Nong jom"

After escorting his mother back home, mew decided to return to campus. he would just pick up the bag he left with the important documents he needed and then go back to his apartment. That day he had no teaching schedule, especially since his work was finished, he just wanted to sleep. For several days, his sleep schedule was interrupted by a lot of work. mew put several folders with the students' assignment reports in his bag, he would go over the assignments tomorrow and give them the grid-filled paper for the upcoming exam.

mew looked at the clock above the window, it was 5 in the afternoon but somehow he felt there was something he had forgotten. as he looked at the lunch bag on his desk he remembered something.

"Isn't that guy coming today? It's already 5 o'clock. He always comes at lunch. Did he come and then go home because I'm not on campus?" he thought, oh my god did mew start thinking about that young chef? mew just shook his head erasing his thoughts, he felt there was some possibility happening to the man and it was none of his business at least he thought that in the end the man did not bother him today.

the distance from the campus to his apartment is actually not too far, only one MRT ride for 10 minutes but today he brought his car because the weather was very rainy since this morning. The man's car stopped at a red light, looked around the road and his eyes were on a restaurant right next to the traffic light. the restaurant where he met the man, strangely the restaurant was closed there was no light from inside the restaurant.

isn't the restaurant closed till 10pm why are they closing early today? Is this even the reason that guy didn't come? his mind was completely raging at this moment.

the car behind him honked incessantly and mew realized that the light had changed to green, he slowly started the car because it was raining so hard and thought he just wanted to sleep and ignore the man.

when his car turned at an intersection not far from the restaurant he saw the man was squatting and drowning his head in his hands on the side of the road, immediately stopped his car and parked not far from him, he took an umbrella and hurriedly walked towards the man. .

"Are you crazy? What are you doing here?" mew shouted at him, and he did not respond at all. mew awaken the young man and instantly he passed out in his arms. He immediately carried the limp body into his car and put it into the passenger seat, he turned the back of his hand to his forehead. Hot, his body temperature was very hot. how long has this man been in the rain by the side of the road. mew tries to calm down and take this man with him.


Gulf slowly opens his eyes, adjusting his retina to the ambient light. his head hurt so badly he felt a wet towel on his forehead. his eyes looked around, he knew he was not in his house or mild house.

"don't move, you still have a fever, luckily I found you" he vaguely saw a man walking towards him, the man took the towel on his forehead and compressed it with a new towel.

"Who are you ?" he said slowly in a hoarse voice

"You better sleep again, your fever hasn't gone down"

Gulf limply grabbed the man's hand "don't go, I beg you"

the man finally sat back down, the back of his hand touched Gulf's cheek which was still red and compressed him again. gulf fell asleep very soundly somehow this is his most restful sleep time even though he is sick.


"The young actor Bright Vachirawit recently announced that he will be starring in a film by a famous Hollywood director, this news is very shocking to the Thai cinema world because the talented actor is predicted to conquer the world of Hollywood cinema ...."

gulf awakened by the sound of television, he opens his eyes slowly. his own head was not too dizzy anymore even he felt he slept very soundly last night. he began to try to sit down slowly and stretch his body a little to relax his stiff muscles. he exhaled slowly and looked around, he remembered very well that last night he was in his restaurant but why could he fall asleep in this strange place?

gulf walked out of the room, he was quite surprised to see a man busy cooking in the kitchen. the man stopped his activities when he saw gulf who was supporting his body against the door

"Hey, are you okay? Do you still have a fever?" the man took off his apron then walked towards gulf hurriedly helping the chef to sit on the sofa "you have to go back to sleep"

gulf shook his head slowly "if I sleep all the time my head will hurt, so why can I be in your house?"

"oh I found you on the side of the road and you fainted, I took you to my apartment because I don't know where your house is and my apartment is quite close to your restaurant"

mew was eager to ask the reason why that young man could sit by the side of the road when it was raining so hard but he knew he had no right to ask him about the matter, he was nothing for him "wait a moment there, I'm cooking jok moo (thai style of porridge) for you, it will boil soon"

gulf smiles, that professor gives him many surprises. he didn't expect that stiff man to be more than what he had been thinking all this time. While waiting for the other man's cooking, Gulf finally decided to watch television until news made his eyes almost shed tears.

"Your porridge is ready, let's eat"

gulf wipes his tears, he doesn't want him to see him cry. he then sits in the dining room not far from the kitchen and the older man places a bowl of hot porridge in front of him.

"I'm not a professional chef like you, my mother who taught me to cook so you can criticize the results of my cooking"

gulf giggled "I'm still sick so my tongue may not be functioning properly so you can rest assured I'll keep eating your cooking"

"I didn't know if it was a compliment or an insult"

gulf scooped the porridge slowly, waited until it wasn't too hot and then ate it. He is actually half lying because his tongue is still functioning properly and he has to admit that mew's cooking tastes pretty good. "tastes good and still edible"

"Thank you chef for the compliment" mew wore a forced smile then he put a medicine near gulf's bowl "don't worry, it's not poison it's a fever-reducing medicine, i also drank it for you last night"

"So you changed my clothes and gave me medicine ?"

"No one else here can do it, take it easy I didn't do anything to you"

"I know that you are a good professor, to be honest I'm starting to be interested in you"

mew widened his eyes at the chef's confession in front of him "huh? are you crazy?"

"I'm not crazy, I mean it! You are a man who is full of challenges and I like challenges. At first I thought you were just an annoying guy who knows nothing about food but seeing you devour my cooking, helping to take care of me when I was weak made my heart beat fast "

"wait ... wait ... you? are you gay?" Gosh mew was almost not even sure he would ask that of the man in front of him, he was afraid that he thought he was homophobic but that man, he just laughed

"yes I'm gay! so can a gay man have feelings for you?"

mew really didn't know what to do, he just sat there frozen. this was the first time a man had confessed to him. okay underline A MAN !! he admit that he is terrible at love, he only loves his family and work, his heart is hard enough for new people to enter and the man in front of him casually tells him, he likes him.

"You're sick right? Maybe you just ramble"

gulf burst out laughing "hahahhaa, really this is not a prank, i really have feelings for you and about being gay, yes i am gay everyone knows about it. i dont have any feelings for a woman, i said i like you not for intends to make you a gay like me, you are free to reject my feelings it depends on you so don't think too deeply "

but mew will definitely think about it too deeply ...


the atmosphere in the car really felt very awkward, not a single word was spoken from the two men in the car. mew is focused on driving while gulf is enjoying the view. mew promised gulf to take him back to the restaurant when he was going to campus.

"for a lecturer, you're rich enough" gulf finally started the conversation

"I'm not as rich as you, I'm even very surprised you have so many restaurants around the world"

"I'm not rich just like to work hard"

audi q7 finally arrived in front of gulf's restaurant, gulf took off his seat belt and turned his gaze towards mew who did not even dare to look into his eyes "what i told you this morning don't think too deeply and about the problem of tom yum, tomorrow i will deliver it to you " and gulf gets out of the car

gulf waved his hand at the car which finally headed for the city crowd. The chef smiled as if there was no burden in his heart anymore after he confessed his feelings to that man whom he had just met, his mind was chaotic beforehand but the man really warmed him up and made him feel a comfort that he had never felt before.

gulf walks into the restaurant with a face full of happiness, he has to admit that he's finally fallen in love. he did not think that he would fall in love this quickly. he had always avoided the love that came to him, but that man had easily gotten into his mind. the man brought him calm, but not the other man who was now standing in front of him ...

"What do you want? Go away! I have no more business with you!" Gulf's two eyes were like ignited by a burning fire, the happiness he had just felt burned out after the arrival of the only man he didn't want to meet.

"gulf, I beg of you, let me talk to you! I ... I'm sorry" the man kept begging him pity.

"bright .... 7 years I avoided you and now you easily apologize to me?"

the other man tries to grab gulf's hand but he manages to get rid of his hand, he is disgusted if the other man touches him.

"I .... I want to apologize to you"

"kill yourself ...."


"yes jump off the bridge just like my father did then I will forgive you" Gulf's eyes were filled with tears as he said that sentence, his chest was very painful. why can his happiness disappear so quickly?


mew finally reached campus, he continued to smile as long as he walked. The other lecturers were amazed to see that the man who never showed his emotions suddenly came with a very bright smile, they just thought that maybe that man has won the big lottery.

Mew shook his head, realizing that he couldn't possibly fall in love, let alone fall in love with a man. he actually didn't think much of his sexuality, even to fall in love was impossible for him and this was the first time like there were thousands of butterflies flying in his stomach. love cannot be thought of with logic and calculated by math, so how could he explain the feelings he was feeling right now?

a student suddenly came to his desk and submitted his thesis report to mew. mew read the thesis with a smile and the chef's face crossed his mind.

"So if my thesis is correct, sir?"

mew who realized could only stutter "oh, just live your thesis here tomorrow you can take it"

The confused student finally said ok and went outside

Oh Mew, what's wrong with you today ? Does falling in love drive you crazy ?


It was 5 p.m., and the last class he was teaching was finally over. he wanted to go home and take a shower, his body felt tired from teaching all day. when he returned to the faculty room, a dean stopped him from entering.

"Khun Supasit, you have to join us for dinner together because the Chancellor is celebrating his birthday"

"oh i'm so sorry, khun jarujit. I did not come" mew tried to politely decline the invitation

"Come on, Khun Supasit, you always refuse to be invited to eat with other lecturers, this is the Chancellor who invites you!"

mew who felt bad refused finally agreed to the dean invitation. instead of being arrogant or what, he is not a man who can socialize well with other people so he always avoids if the lecturers ask him to have dinner together but because this is the chancellor who invites him in the end like it or not he must come. he just thought it must be awkward to come to that dinner because he didn't know what to do and chat with the other lecturers.


mew just returned to his apartment at 1 am, because the lecturers kept preventing him from going home. they went from bar to bar and ended up getting drunk luckily that mew had a fairly high alcohol tolerance level so he could still drive home and he had to drive the drunken professors to their home.

he finally parked his car in the parking building, and a security guard already standing in front of his car.

"what's up khun prang?" asked mew, touching the lock button on his car

"That erhmm, there is a young man who wants to see you"

mew furrowed his brows "who?"

finally out of curiosity he followed the security guard to their room and he was surprised to see the chef was fast asleep drowning his head in his hands.

"he is sir! he said that he is your boyfriend but I am not sure then I sent him out and told him to go home instead he persisted to wait here"

Mew just smiled at him, he slowly tried to wake the man and finally the man woke up and he smiled seeing Mew who was standing next to him.

"Tuae eng, you're finally coming home! Look sir! I'm not lying if my boyfriend picks me up right?"

"Okay okay, go away" The security guard was eager to kick the man out "here you are, watch out for your bags, you miss it" The security guard gave Mew some shopping bags.

"So why are you here?" asked mew

"What floor is your apartment?"

"gulf, I asked you why are you here? It's 1 in the morning you have to go home"

"which floor ?" gulf still shies away from the question mew asked

"5th floor and answer my question"

gulf pushes the button and the elevator door closes. An impatient mew finally grabbed Gulf's hand and pushed him until the man's back was pressed against the glass, their faces so close together made the two men's hearts beat very fast.

"answer me, why are you here or I'll kiss you !"



Chapter Text

the two of them didn't know how they ended up with a kiss full of passion like this. their lips crushed each other along the empty hallway, mew finally picked up the body of the younger man, tried to take the card in his pocket, he even violently pasted the card and finally the door opened and he pushed the door close with his foot. he presses the younger man's back against the wall and strikes the man's neck until Gulf raises his head giving him more access to trace his neck, his hands playing in each strand of the man's hair.

Mew gave lustful kisses and sucks in every inch of the long neck, giving off a bluish mark until a moan of pleasure escaped the young man's lips driving him crazy. gulf who continues to groan with the sensation given by the older man to take it out by grabbing mew's hair. Gulf who was impatient tried to take off the jacket that the man was wearing and unbutton the shirt one by one as well as mew who forcibly opened the buttons of Gulf's shirt until the buttons were scattered on the floor, he didn't care and exhaled enjoying the young man's scent. .

"gulf, do you bring a condom?" mew asked the young man who was still catching his breath

gulf grabbed his back pocket and took a condoms and put it between mew's lips.

"always baby!"

mew smiled then picked up the young man and dropped him on the bed, he crawled up on top of the man again inhaling the gulf's scent and it managed to make him moans in pleasure. mew took the condom from his mouth and put the condom next to gulf and again kiss the young man's lips. Their kiss was very intense, their lips crushed and their tongues hooked together making Gulf moan between their kisses. gulf's hand grabbed the back of the older man's head pressed against his head to deepen their kiss. Mew was truly an expert at kissing making gulf seem helpless when the two lips collide.

Mew stopped their hot kiss, kissed gulf's cheek and then the eyes and his forehead seemed to adore every inch of the young man's skin. He suddenly stops what he's doing, making gulf open his eyes.

"I've never done this before," said Mew doubtfully

gulf stretched out his hand, gently stroked the older man's cheek "let me show you"

gulf vigorously got up and reversed their position. he kissed him on the lips, then kissed the cheek and his earlobe breathed into his ear, making the older man really feel an arousing sensation. gulf kissed mew's earlobe and sucked on it, mew who couldn't stand it tugged gently on gulf's hair.

gulf landed a soft kiss on the neck of the older man, played his finger touching the man's broad chest until it fell to his six pack making him swallow his saliva. He opened the man's belt and lowered his pants, mew got up and held himself with both hands to see what the young man would do to him. The young man kissed the erect cock which was still wrapped in his underwear making the older man tilt his neck and then he took off the panties as his eyes watched mew expression. his hand held the cock gently and moved his hand up and down. his eyes caught the older man's expression, and he loved the expression he made of him when he gave him such satisfaction. mew's lips parted on moan, his neck arched as he thrust his cock into gulf's grip.

"gulf ... ah ... ah ... ah ..." mew moaned

gulf slowly slid down mew's body. trailing kisses down his neck and stopping to suck on his dark nipples. he bit down erotically and drew out more sound from other man. His fulll lips nibbled down Mew's abdomen. Mew's stomach contracted againts his lips. Gulf wrapped his lips around mew's tip. he sucked hard and held mew down when his hips shot off the bed. with his left hand, he massages the balls while his right hand holds the rod as he sucks in his cock deeper. mew groaned louder as the young man's throat touched the tip of his cock. mew's face a mask of intense pleasure. he was so close then he tried to push gulf's forehead

"I'll cum, please get off"

but gulf still continues to suck the cock harder and a moan comes out as the man spits his sperm into the mouth of the young man below. gulf coughed with the amount of sperm that got into his mouth.

Mew who saw that then lifted the man's body and put him back in the bed "Are you okay? i'm sorry" he asked worriedly

gulf shook his head and he smiled, mew gave the sweetest kiss on the forehead and stroked his cheek.

"I don't want to hurt you" said mew while stroked his temple then gulf cheek

"I don't mind that, you can do it"

gulf's sweet smile made mew's heart flutter "are you sure?" asked mew once again to ensure his heart

"yes, because I know you are a gentle man"

mew smiles then he leaned down and brushed his lips againts gulf. he nibbled at his upper lips, then his tongue licked at his bottom lip asking for entry. gulf's lips pasted on a moan and he kissed mew back. their tongue dueled together as they tried to devour each other.

"I brought lube in my shopping bag" said gulf between their kiss

mew leaned down to get the lub from the shopping back, then he spread gulf's legs wide and then he squeeze the lube on his fingers. he spread the lube on the muscular wall of the young man's hole giving him a cold sensation, he slowly inserted his finger making the young man's eyes snapped and his back arched as mew pulled out then inserted his finger into the hole very slowly because he didn't want to hurt him. mew started kissing all over gulf's face, his lips pressed against gulf's forehad gently try to soothe the young man. mew then inserts 2 fingers into it, his fingers plunged in and gulf felt a twinge of pain. mew watched gulf expression carefully

"do you want me to take it out?" asked mew in a whisper as he slowly pumped his fingers in and out now.

"no, please ... ahh no ..." gulf moaned

mew finally put all three of his fingers into the hole and pushed down even further, hitting gulf's gland. gulf's hips arched and he moaned uncontrollaby

"there, ahh ... mew ... ahh" gulf moaned. mew started pumping his fingers faster hitting gulf's gland every time. mew really likes gulf's facial expression right now. mew slid his fingers out and toof off the condom. mew slid the condom down, rubbing the lube all over his cock then he grabs both of gulf legs and spreads them. he put his left hand next to gulf while the right hand held his cock which was already tense. mew lowered his body, kissed gulf softly on the lips.

"tell me if I hurt you"

gulf nods

mew positioned his cock and slowly enter the cave. he held himself inside. he leaned down to kiss gulf's lips. he bit down on his lips as he swiveled his hips. stirring his cock inside gulf.

"you're okay?" mew whispered against gulf's lips

"its okay, you can go faster" Gulf put his hands around mew's neck. his swollen lips and flushed chest aroused mew to no end. he pulled back his hips and plunged back inside punching gulf's gland

"urgh ... mew ... there ... faster ... ah" gulf screamed as he thrust his hips up to swallow mew's cock. they thrust together. gulf's legs almost up to his ears as mew rammed repeatedly inside.

their moans alternated, luckily the walls of the mew apartment are quite thick. gulf's eyes rolled to the back of his head as mew circled his hips as he thrust inside him. he gripped his cock and stroked up and down. once, twice. his toes curled and he tightened his grip on mew's shoulder with his other hand as he spurted cum between them.

mew's hips speed up as he nibbled at gulf's swolled lips. he slammed in a few more times around gulf's clenching hold and came with a groan against gulf's lips. mew continued thrusting in slowly through his orgasm. Gulf's legs looked limp and he lowered his legs when mew had reached his orgasm.

mew slid out then he discared the condom, string the condom and then throw it in the trash near the mattress. he sat on the edge of the bed looking at gulf who was trying to catch his breath.

he stroked the man's hair gently "are you okay?"

"that's something extraordinary" gulf replied with panting "can you hug me now?"

"I have to clean you after that I will hug you"

gulf smiles, and mew goes into the bathroom. soon he brought a wet towel and a pair of pajamas for the young man while he was already change to his pajamas.

"I don't even remember how we ended up like this? We haven't even said love to each other" gulf chuckled

Mew wiped the man's limp body with a wet towel then kissed his forehead gently "I like you, so we've said love to each other right?"

gulf smiled happily, he's very happy now "hug me right now !!!" gulf asks in a spoiled tone

"Patience, famous chef, after I'm done with this I will hug you tightly"


gulf rested his head on mew's chest while his hands wrapped around mew's waist. he plays with the older man's pajama button "I don't even know you that much yet, how about we start from.... ermmm" gulf thought for a moment "what about ..... color you like?"

"Because I like the sky so I like blue" mew stroked the man's hair in his arms gently "and you?"

"I like white, because I think white looks clean. What about favorite foods? You finish my cooking so I think you like all kinds of food"

"I'm not a picky person when it comes to food, my mom will scold me if there is leftover food on my plate. But I really like salads"

"Looks like I have to thank your mother for making you like all kinds of food, ah how about age?"

mew was silent for a moment, gulf raised his head to look at the man who was staring at the ceiling

"I'm old enough" said the man slowly almost whispered

"How old are you? I'm 27 years old this year, I guess maybe your age is around 30 years, you even have the title of professor"

mew laughed "almost correct your guess, today i am exactly 34 years old"

"today? what? wait ... wait ..." gulf got up and then he sat on the older man's hips "today is your birthday? why didn't you tell me?"

"but you already gave the best gift to me"

gulf smiled then lay down on top of mew's body, his ears right above the other man's chest that was beating fast "I can hear your heartbeat"

"because you make my heart beat faster"

gulf reaching the other man's hand and held it tightly "I promise to continue to make your heart beating faster, make you feel the thousands of butterflies in your stomach, make you smile widely every second, and cook delicious food for you"

mew smiled happily, it seemed like today was really his lucky day. he found someone who would be with him together " Oh and talking about food, actually I don't hate your food. You are a great chef, it's just that there is something missing in your Tom Yum, maybe because I eat Tom Yum made by my mom too often so I accidentally compare it with your cooking"

"huff.... looks like I have to meet your mom to learn how to cook tom yum to your taste"

"How about tomorrow I invite you to my house? I'll introduce my mother to you"

"hah?" a surprised gulf sat back down "that fast? you forgot that....... i'm a man ??" Gulf asked doubtfully

"So what ?" mew took the other man's hand to re-join their hands "you are the man I love, I think my mom is fine with that"

"But still...."

"take it easy ..." mew grabbed the man's back to tell him to lie back then he gently stroked his back "don't you want to learn to cook tom yum with my mom? I gave you the opportunity to meet her"

"you ...." gulf beat the guy's chest softly "if it's not about that, I'm really not ready to meet your mother, we've just been lovers for a few minutes and I'll already be seeing my future in-laws"

"hahahhaa ... go to sleep, I know you must be tired" Mew stroked the man gently so that his eyes were closed and drifted into a dream.

as for mew, he still had no idea that he would fall in love this quickly. love is unpredictable, right ?


In the morning, Gulf is busy in the kitchen, he gets up early because he really wants to make breakfast for the man who has just become his lover. he plans to make kai jew moo sap or Thai Omelette with chopped pork because mew's fridge is full of eggs, actually he came to the other man's apartment to make him tom yum according to his promise but in the end he decided to postpone it and bring his shopping to mew's mom because today they are plans to visit the house of his future in-laws.

gulf chuckled, still unfamiliar to the words of the future mother-in-law, being a man's lover still feels like a dream let alone being his husband but dream isn't just a dream, right ?.

gulf turned on the song on his cellphone and his choice was The Only One by Part Time Musicians, as usual he really likes to cook accompanied by his favorite song.

" Since you've stepped into my life
Like someone brought the vision to the blind
Every time that you smile
Like the sun that shines in the midnight sky

You are the only one
You are the only one"

He took 4 eggs from the refrigerator then broke the eggs into a bowl, beat the eggs with a fork then poured the soy sauce, fish sauce, and pork chunks that he had prepared and chopped green onions into the bowl and stirred again.

"When you stand by my side
I want to hold you tight and stop the time
Anything that makes you cry
I'm going to find the way to make your tears run dry

You are the only one
You are the only one"

then he put the teflon filled with oil and turn on the stove. he hummed happily to the song while pouring the egg into the Teflon.

"You are the only one who can rewrite my story
The only one who can rearrange my heartbeat is you
You are the only one who can remake the world I've seen
The only one who can replace my empty dream is you"

he took the spatula and turned the egg over so it didn't burn, the feeling right now was like he was flying high above the clouds. he was so happy, an unexpected joy and full of surprises that a hand was wrapped around his waist. mew rested his chin on the shoulder of the young man who was busy cooking.

"Tuae aeng, I'm cooking, you'll be splashed with hot oil"

mew rubbed his cheek against the chef's fluffy cheek and tightened his hug even more "smells good, what are you cooking?"

"Just Kai Jew, you have so many eggs in the fridge! You don't cook lately ?"

"What am I cooking for if you come every day to bring me lunch?"

gulf smiled, his cheeks began to flush red "please release your hug and let me finish my cooking"

Mew kissed gulf's neck full of tenderness, Gulf almost moans if he didn't hold it. the older man was really good at seducing him. Mew let go of his hug and walked towards the counter "I'll help you prepare the equipment, what do you want to drink?"

"tea, I always drink tea in the morning"

"You have the same habits as my mom that's why I like you"

God, gulf's cheeks are getting flushed really red, the older man is very clever in arranging sweet words

Gulf put his kai jew on a plate and put it on the table along with 2 empty plates. mew came over with a glass of hot black coffee for himself and a glass of hot jasmine tea for gulf then put the tea glass on the table.

"So where is your mother's house?" gulf spoon some hot rice to put on a mew plate.

"In Ayutthaya, 1 hour from Bangkok so you don't have to rush"

"Are you sure you will took me there? I didn't even bring a clothes"

"you can wear my clothes"

"Your clothes huh? Your size is like a bear, I'm like wearing a blanket when wearing your clothes"

mew laughed, he's a muscular man. Even though the young man was about 3 centimeters taller than him, the chef's size was very small compared to him who liked to exercise. "okay ... what if I take you to your house to change clothes? But you just take a shower here"

"Sure you only take a shower? Looks like you have other plans besides bathing" teased the younger man

mew winked "but you will love it too!"

and gulf blushed again


the stream of water from the shower drenches the two men making out under it. mew pushes gulf until the man's back is against the wall, and his hand is wandering all over gulf's naked body. mew leaned in and kissed gulf soft lips, getting soft moans from them as he touched gulf's nipple with his fingers.

"you look so beautiful like this" mew says as he sees the heat and blush rise on gulf's neck and chest. he couldn't stop himself, he licked rivulet's water from gulf's neck, kissed his way down to his collarbone, finally latching on to his nipple.

gulf cant help but moans and bit down on his bottom lips, he press mew's head to get closer while his tongue on his nub riles him up further.

"phi ahh ~ we'll be late to your mother's house"

"What do you call me?" mew cupped his boyfriend's fluffy cheeks and then kissed his pink lips over and over again

gulf furrowed his eyebrows "you're not angry if I call you phi?"

mew smiled very broadly "that's better than tuae aeng, it sounds ridiculous"

mew poured some shampoo into his hands and put it on gulf's hair

"Aren't you continuing earlier?" asked gulf

"oh do you want more? later after we get home from mom's house" and he gave that shy men a wink


the weather that day was very sunny, not too hot and the air was cool. The trip to Ayutthaya is approximately 1 hour from Bangkok. they had stopped by mew mom's favorite cake shop, gulf who insisted on buying his future mother-in-law something because he could not possibly come without anything.

The song Sunrise by Gym & Swim came over the speakers, so mew knew that his boyfriend really liked listening to songs. mew prefers to listen to classical jazz songs like frank sinatra, louis armstrong or billie holiday because it helps calm his mind while gulf likes indie / alternative song because he thinks the song sounds cheerful.

Even though Gulf has lived abroad for a long time, he is quite updated to follow the development of songs in Thailand. He really likes going to cafes drinking coffee while reading books accompanied by indie songs while mew, he really likes to work in a dim atmosphere accompanied by jazz songs. A stark contrast in the tastes of the songs but they are in the stage of getting to know each other and accepting each other's likes and weaknesses. gulf hopes that he finally manages to find someone who will be with him continuously in the future.

The white suv car finally arrived at a house, the house was not too big but had a very large yard. mew helps gulf get out of the car when the old woman comes out with a very happy face to greet her guest.

"You must be gulf right? I am Amy. Mew called earlier that he will come with someone special"

gulf gives a pretty stiff wai "sawadhee krub, I am gulf kanawut. nice to meet you"

"hahaha don't have to give me wai, I heard from mew you lived abroad long enough?"

"Yes, I live and work overseas, this is the first time I returned to Thailand."

"Mom, let's talk inside," mew interrupted them

the old woman took gulf's hand and invited him to enter the house. Ms jongcheveevat's house is not too big but looks very beautiful, old furniture that is still well maintained reminds gulf of his house.

gulf gave the gift to mew's mother, and the woman happily accepted it when mew said that they bought his mother's favorite cake.

mew's mother put a glass of tea on the table in front of gulf then sat next to her son's lover "so how long have you known each other?"

"It's only been a few weeks" answered Gulf

"a few weeks? impossible! just a few weeks have you managed to get my son's heart? you are so great!" mew's mother keeps praising gulf to make her son embarrassed "i have never seen him care about love, he is just busy pursuing a high career until I have to remind him many times that he needs someone beside him to accompany him and look now he has found that person"

gulf smiled, he bit his lower lip in a nervous "but is it okay?"

"what do you mean?"

gulf sighed heavily "I'm a man ...."

the old woman held gulf's hand "why? whoever my son's choice is not my business, as his parent I only have the right to give my blessing and pray for the best"

gulf smiles with relief, he almost cries at the woman's words. gulf hugged the woman tightly "thanks for accepting me"

the woman stroked the young man's back gently "I also have to thank you for introducing my son the meaning of love"


mew smiled when he saw his lover was standing on the terrace looking at the night view, he took the blanket then covered gulf with it and he hugged him from behind. mew kissed the nape of the young man's neck, for some reason he really liked gulf's smell, he had a distinctive smell.

gulf put his hands on the man's hands then looked up to see the stars in the night sky. gulf smiles when he sees the bright full moon "the moon is beautiful tonight"

"you are the most beautiful" mew nuzzle to gulf's neck

"stop being cheesy !!" gulf hit mew's arm slowly.

"I'm still angry, you won't let me into your house" mew pursed his lips pretending to be sulky

"I haven't fully cleaned it, didn't you say you were allergic to dust?" gulf gives an excuse, he honestly doesn't even know what to say.

"ok, ok .... but tell me when you let me in, ok?"

"humm ...."

Mew let go of his hug then turned gulf body around to face him "Thank you for coming to see my mom" Mew held his boyfriend's hands tightly

gulf smiled "quite tense but I'm glad your mother accepted me"

mew kissed the back of gulf's right hand, made the younger man's cheeks flushed "let's live happily from now on"

Gulf nods in agreement, if he can ask he just hopes that his life will be full of happiness from now on with the man in front of him.

"I have to help my mom arrange the dishes, Jom is not home yet so my mother is quite busy. Are you okay here?"

"It's okay, I like to see the view of the night sky from here"

the look on gulf's face was full of worry as he saw the man smiling happily, he felt quite guilty at mew because he couldn't tell him everything. if time gave him the chance, he would only want to erase his past and start his life over with that man.

can everything be fine from now on?

"I'm sorry, phi mew. I promise to tell you everything one day"



To Be Continue


Chapter Text

there is a lot of food served on the table as tonight they are celebrating Mew's birthday. actually gulf really wanted to help mew's mother cooking but the woman prevented him and said that gulf is her special guest and she will treat him with a special so gulf can only sit looking at the woman skillfully cooking the food. she even gave gulf a recipe for mew favorite dish.

Mew's favorite laab (thai style of salad), crispy pork belly, Kuai-tiao phat khi mao (Spicy fried wide rice noodles), Chor Muang (Royal Flower Dumplings filled with pork) and Yentafo (sour and spicy tofu soup) and even various foods coverings such as Khanom bua loi (Taro root mixed with flour into balls and served in coconut milk) and Khanom wun (made with agar).

gulf has even swallowed many times, it's not wrong if mew says his mother is very good at cooking. Mrs mew has a food catering business that is quite in demand. gulf even had to admit that he had to learn to cook more from his future in-laws.

Does it sound strange enough to call Mew's mother a future mother-in-law? It hasn't even been a week since they officially started dating, he's already imagining his future life with Mew. man can only hope and dream and he can only surrender to God if mew is his future. for some reason thinking about his future with mew made his heart ache. he recalled the promise he had made with that person. a promise not kept, a promise that to gulf is just bullshit.

“ "Why are you just silent? is my cooking bad? I am not confident enough to present my cooking in front of a famous chef” Mew's mother asked when she saw her son's boyfriend was just silent while contemplating even his eyes looked like tears

gulf shook his head while wiping his tears "no, this looks so delicious it even made me cry" gulf replied half lying, he completely not lied because the food served in front of him looked very delicious

"Oh God, I'm so embarrassed a famous chef complimented me" Mew's mother laughs shyly

“Phi gulf, mom really idolizes phi gulf! mom sticks a lot of recipe paper from magazines made by phi gulf on the fridge door and always tries it” jom change it to praise her brother’s boyfriend

"is that true? I can teach aunty a lot of recipes" said gulf happily

mew smiled proudly that his sister and mother accepted gulf with open arms and even complimented each other. he felt sure that he brought the right person to introduce to his family.

gulf tilted his head to the dark sky inhaling strong night air, mew's house is located far from the dense city and the air around is still very fresh and cold. gulf was actually very shy with Mew's mother who kept begging him to stay at their house because it was very late and because it wasn't good, gulf finally accepted the invitation. for the first time in his life he felt the warmth of a small family in his life. gulf feels lucky that she got a good man and loves him so much that even the man's family is also very accepting of their relationship. gulf only hopes that his current happiness is enough to last him a lifetime and that it lasts unlike when he was with him.

a hand stretched out around his waist and warm breaths were felt around his neck. “I have prepared pajamas for you”

gulf gave a code to the man who was hugging him to hug him tighter because right now he really needed it "I'm going to sleep with you?" he said in a seductive tone

"Of course, I won't let you sleep alone or do you want to do something hot?"

A blush started to appear on both of gulf's cheeks and he slapped the man's hand hard enough to make the man behind him chuckle. they've done more than that but the young chef is still embarrassed

mew twisted his lover's body and pushed the body a little so that gulf's back was against the iron railing then brought his face closer to the young man with a red face. he cupped the man's plump cheek and stroked it gently. The pink lips drew closer and pressed against each other, gently kissing a soft kiss instead of a hot kiss more to a very careful kiss.

gulf pushed mew's body away from him slightly then lowered his head. his face was red like a ripe tomato and mew just smiled then rubbed the man's head slowly.

"it's okay if we continue it will get more dangerous" said mew with a wink

gosh, the man managed to make his chest beat really fast. He fell in love and he was very sure of it.


He opened his eyes slowly, adjusting his eyes to the sun's rays. He felt a hand that kept holding him all night, somehow the man managed to make him smile happily in the morning. He was lucky and very lucky he thought to meet the man.

gulf turned his body to look at the man who was still sleeping and continued to hug him. she paid attention to every detail of the man's face, a perfect sculpture she thought. Curly eyelashes, sharp nose with sharp jawline.

“phi mew, wake up!” he whispered softly

the man even tightened his embrace then kissed his lips lightning "don't want to, I still want to spend time with you"

gulf smiled with the spoiled man's behavior "if you don't wake up, I will do something bad to you"

the man immediately turned his body so that the young man was right under him. he saw the man below him from head to toe making the young man started. "You challenge me?" the older man let out a smirk that made the young man gulp

gulf pushed the burly body with all his might then stood up "huh? who challenged you?” gulf said nervously and the older man laughed

"Hahaha, I really like teasing you, I think we better do it at home"

He threw a pillow at the man on the bed then left the room while mew just shook his head and thought that his lover always managed to make him in a good mood and looked cute all the time


the sun was directly overhead when they arrived at the restaurant, gulf asked mew to take him to the restaurant instead of his house because he wanted to check the raw material inventory before they opened the restaurant tonight. today a guest booked the whole place for a celebration and asked gulf to be the main chef who cooks.

even though it was still closed, gulf asked other employees to come as usual to prepare for the event. mild opened the door for gulf and mew with an awkward smile.

"What happened to you ?" asked gulf seeing his friend's unusual attitude

"Um, uhmm.. so-and-so" Mild said haltingly

"mild?" asked gulf in a firm tone

a tall man approached the three of them making gulf's eyes widen. the man came back, with a fake smile.

"Gulf, thank you for preparing for my event" said the man while holding out his hand

gulf clenched his fists tightly and mew saw the expression on gulf's face which seemed to be holding back anger. he took his lover's hand and held it gently giving a smile that indicated that he was here and gulf would be fine even though he didn't understand what relationship that man had with his lover which was definitely not a good relationship.



to be continue