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Fun in the Forest

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Merlin didn’t like the idea of going on this hunting trip. This time it was just him and Arthur. No one else. How his ward, if he dare say, managed it, Merlin will never know. He was just shocked by how stupid the prince was being. Yeah Arthur had his dim moments, but never this dim!

They were done hunting for the day and had finished setting up camp as the sun finished setting. Merlin used a bit of magic to help spark the wet wood they had gathered for the fire, no way could he set the fire otherwise. Arthur was finishing placing the mats in the tent as Merlin did so.

“Merlin, is the fire started?”

“Why don't you look? You have eyes.”

“Shut up Merlin.” Merlin let out a strangled chuckle, it was always funny how the blonde told him to shut up when he didn’t have a retort. Arthur joined him by the fire mere moments later.

“You know Merlin, you didn’t have to come.”

“And let you get your head eaten? No, I’d much rather keep it where it is as much as I hate it.” They lapsed into silence for a few minutes. “So how are you doing with Guinevere?”

Arthur didn’t even have to look at his servant to see the smirk. “Would you drop that? I’ve told you I have no interest in her.”

“Then why do you always seem to be around her?” Merlin caught him, Arthur was not getting out of this conversation.

“Because there have been matters I wished to speak to her privately about.”

“What? Like your wedding?” Merlin got a slap to the back of his head for that. Worth it.

“No you idiot! My sights are set elsewhere.”

“Oh? And the lucky, or unlucky, girl is?”

Arthur was smirking now. “When did I say it was a girl?”

Merlin sputtered the water he had been drinking. Oh God, was it him? ‘No, no, no. Merlin do not get your hopes up!’

“Not completely unexpected.” Merlin replied aloud.

“Really? How so?”

“You seem to like staring at some of the knights’ rears. And do not deny it, I’ve seen you do it multiple times.”

“No you haven’t.”

“I beg to differ.”

They lapsed into silence again. Merlin was dearly hoping it was him that Arthur had his eyes on. But at the same time he was dreading the idea. It could make his decisions harder, he could be more likely to be blinded by his feelings and relationship with the only prince and make more wrong choices. Why was he always dealt the bad hand?

Arthur, on the other hand, knew perfectly well what he was going to do. Though he hadn’t realized Merlin had caught him staring, that was embarrassing. At least Merlin hadn't caught him staring at his rear. That would have been much worse. He had made sure it would just be him and Merlin for a reason, he wanted to tell Merlin where is true feelings lay, but he didn't know how. He was close, but not quite there yet.

"Merlin, you do realize there is a reason I went on a hunt with just you right?"

"Really? I thought it was just you being stupid again." He got another cuff.

"Cut it with the insults already. I'll actually put you in the stocks for a week." That was a total lie. A day at most, never more than that. Merlin gave him a look that said he didn't believe him.

Silence lapsed over again. Neither of the two bothered to break it. Instead they went to sleep on separate sides of the tent. Merlin fell asleep easily, tired of chasing Arthur around while carrying the five rodents the prince had killed. Arthur, however, was unable to. He couldn't stop thinking about how close Merlin was. How easily he could just reach over and hold Merlin close. Even more easily since he is asleep. But Arthur held himself back. Not tonight. Maybe tomorrow, but definitely before they left to return to Camelot.


The next day they went out hunting a few hours before noon. Well, Arthur was hunting, Merlin was carrying everything and picking up the kills. Sometimes Merlin wandered when Arthur would start calling him a horse because of it. Merlin managed to keep the prince close to the camp since it was only the two of them and Merlin couldn’t use a sword to save his life. By mid-evening Arthur had killed seven rodents and a deer. And since they were by a steam, Merlin sharpened the end of a long branch and began spear fishing. He did it sometimes when the others weren’t looking but he really didn’t want to eat one of the rodents his friend had killed. Within two hours the sorcerer had speared four fish and had impressed the prince. Even he couldn’t spear fish that well. Merlin brought over his catch with a proud grin on his face. He then got smaller sticks and shish-kabobed the fish each on their own, digging one end into the dirt so they could cook over the fire.

“You’re rather good at this.” Arthur commented. He didn’t want to admit it but Anyone would be impressed by his servant’s skills.

“Thanks. I used to do it a lot back in Eadlor. I also did it when we went on quests. How else did you think we got the fish?”

Arthur shrugged, “Thought it was one of the others and they went back to sleep after catching them.”

“Well I did go back to sleep.” Merlin almost continued but Arthur shushed him. The raven head kept quiet and leaned over to hand Arthur his sword that was for once not at his side. And just in time too, a group of ten bandits jumped out at the pair.

Arthur, rather obviously, had no problem dispatching most of them. Merlin managed to scramble behind a tree and take out anyone who snuck up behind Arthur while he wasn’t watching. The fight was over quickly and they threw the bodies over a nearby cliff, too tired to even think about packing up and moving camp.

Arthur didn’t see one of the bandits had stayed back so he was surprised when the man jumped out at him. His sword had been put down and there wasn’t enough time to grab it. Then Merlin jumped in the way, being sliced across the chest by the enemy’s sword. It had given Arthur time to grab his sword and kill the bandit in rage, kicking him over the cliff to finish him off. He then sheathed the sword and ran back to Merlin who was laying prone on the ground.

“Merlin! Are you alright?”

“I have a large cut across my chest, of course I am.” came the sassy reply.

“Well you must be if you can still talk like that to me. Come one, we need to get back to the tent so I can wrap that.” Arthur lifted Merlin up with one arm under his legs and the other behind his back. It was the best way to carry him with an injury like that.

Once in the tent Arthur took off Merlin’s shirt and grabbed a cloth and bucket of water they had gotten earlier. He wet the rag and started wiping the blood off the cut and cleaning it. Then he took the shirt his servant was just wearing and ripped it into strips to use as bandages. He pressed the only unripped part to Merlin’s would and used the strips to keep it tight in place. The prince then wrapped the blanket around Merlin and left the tent to pack everything up onto one of the horses. He then picker Merlin up and laid him by the fire that was still going and took down the tent and packed that onto the one horse as well. He then placed Merlin on the other and got on behind him, taking the reins of the other horse and pulling it along as they ran towards the castle.

Arthur shouted for people to move as he ran towards Gaius’s room. He pulled the horses to a stop and picked a now pale Merlin off the horse and ran the rest of the way to Gaius. The old man had heard the noise and was ready when Arthur burst through the door with his nephew. He quickly got to work, taking off the bandages and cleaning and stitching the wound up. Once he was done he remembered the bandage and realized if it hadn’t been there Merlin would have died.

“Prince Arthur, well done on the bandage. It probably saved his life.”

“I just remembered what Merlin did when one of us got hurt and did that.”

“Either way, well done my boy. I’ll send for you when he wakes.” Arthur nodded and left the room. He went to his room and collapsed on his large four poster bed with an arm thrown over his arms. Guinevere walked in and sat on the side of the bed, placing a comforting hand on his lower leg and giving it a firm shake.

“If you really know Merlin, you know he’ll pull through. He loves bothering you too much to give up. Not to mention how stubborn he naturally is.”

Arthur let out a single bark of laughter before the door was slammed open. He knew it was the other knights who had burst in. He knew they were probably going to yell at him for letting Merlin get hurt. But that wasn’t what happened. Gwen had glared at them, scaring them enough to sober their rage and ask the only question that mattered.

“What happened?” Leon asked.

Arthur told them what happened, how they were about to eat the fish Merlin caught, also making sure to mention he caught them by spear fishing, when a group of ten bandits attacked them. He said how when the last one managed to catch him off guard Merlin had jumped in front of him and taken the blow for himself. Arthur never once removed his arm from his eyes, he just laid there limply. Gwen got up and left to do her chores and left the knights to worry about Merlin. But she did remind them about how stubborn the sorcerer was before closing the door.

The next two weeks went by slowly, Merlin had woken up three days later, but he was forced to stay in bed until it healed. The cut had been fairly shallow but it had also bled a lot so he did need time to recover the blood he lost. If not for that then he wouldn’t have needed to much time to recover. The castle was quiet with Merlin on bed rest. No fights between prince and servant could be heard or the carefree and fun laughter Merlin had. Their was an atmosphere of gloom over the castle.

The amount of time Merlin spent in bed should have been a month or two but Merlin used his magic to speed up the process a bit. He hated bed rest and the constant gloom of the people of the palace. So when after two weeks Arthur was woken by Merlin, he had to have some fun with him. Merlin pulled the covers over the sleeping prince’s head and shouted ‘boo’ in his ear. Arthur woke up with a start and started struggling to get free of the blankets. Once he was and saw his servant who was busy laughing on the floor, the prince jumped out of bed and gave Merlin a good noogie after catching him in a headlock.

“Dammit Merlin! You had us worried!”

Merlin laughed, “Yeah yeah. Now stop, that hurts.”

Arthur let go but didn’t look the least bit apologetic. Merlin wasn’t sure what to do for a good five minutes because normally he had to spend those five minutes getting Arthur out of bed. That boy just was not a morning person. Ha! He would hate life out in Ealdor and not just because of the actual work that was involved. But he finally remembered to go start his chores and had them finished in record time. The ravenette had a bunch of extra energy from his two weeks of bed rest. Arthur noticed this with a raised eyebrow.

“What has you going through your chores so fast?”

“I hate being bed bound because I can’t stay still for very long. So now I have all this extra energy to get rid of.” Arthur gave him a nod and went back to eating his breakfast.

Merlin then left the room and went about his day as he normally would. Except he got his work done much faster with his extra energy. So when he had time to see the knights he went without worry that he wouldn’t be able to do one of his chores.

When he finally found them, he was thankful that they were all together. Less time spent finding them. Merlin quietly crept behind Gwaine and jumped on him.

“HA!” he yelled.

The reaction he got was great. The knight practically jumped five feet in the air and screamed in a higher pitch than they thought possible of him. Everyone laughed, including the victim himself when he saw who it was that did it to him.

“Merlin! You’re up!” Elyan shouted as he brought him in for a hug. The other each gave him one as well.

“Yeah, I finally am. Gods I hate being stuck in a bed like that.”

“We can tell by how you pranked Gwaine.” Leon laughed.

They spent the rest of the time the had free talking and telling each others stories. Merlin’s were the most fun though. Most of them weren’t made up and usually involved a humiliated princess, as Gwaine called him.

“S-so anytime Arthur can’t come up with a retort, he tells you to shut up? Wow!” Lancelot slapped his hand against Merlin’s back, gently enough that he wouldn’t hurt him but hard enough there might be a red mark there later. Most of the others were too busy rolling and laughing on the floor to say anything. Percival could hardly breathe and when he did it sounded like a dying pheasant which sent them all into even more laughter.

It was too bad that soon enough they all had to leave to go to sleep. But they decided that get togethers like this should happen more often and promised to meet like this the next week at the same time to have one. Merlin would also tell Arthur, he should be in on his humiliation after all.

Within the next week, things settled back into their normal routines. Arthur was to go on a quest with Merlin in a month to retrieve something from an outlying village. The two were ready to go within an hour and were settling down for the night quickly with no interruptions from anything. Because it is possible for the two to go on a trip and not get into any trouble.

Arthur bit his lip, he wanted to tell Merlin how he felt, especially after what had happened over two months ago. So he did. Arthur grabbed Merlin’s shirt and pulled him in for a kiss. It was rough and sloppy, but somehow it conveyed what the prince felt for his servant. He wasn’t expecting the secret sorcerer to kiss back though. Nor for the slighter male to push him down onto his back in a sudden bout of dominance.  They separated after the intense kiss, breathing hard and heavy.

“Thank the gods you feel the same. That would have gone terribly if you didn’t” Arthur huffed out.

“Well of course I do you clotpole.” Merlin started kissing Arthur again with just as much intensity as before. But this time he shoved his tongue passed the other’s lips and mapped its expanse, leaving no spot untouched by the pink muscle.

Arthur moaned into the dominating kiss, he had never thought Merlin could be like this. It’s an incredibly effective turn on for him too. He then felt the man on top of him push a hand under his shirt, feeling and rubbing the skin as it traveled up to his chest where it pinched and pulled at his nipples. Arthur broke the kiss with a gasp at one particularly harsh pull. Merlin took that opportunity to take off their shirts and use his mouth to suck on one nipple while a hand played with the other. The prince couldn’t keep the moans and whimpers down for the life of him. The burning sensation that burst into being wherever Merlin touched was too much.

When Arthur could actually open his eyes he couldn’t help but stare at a shirtless Merlin. Merlin had seen him completely undressed but he hadn’t seen his new lover even shirtless. His eyes took in how each muscle rippled and moved under the scarred skin. He traced every scar that marred the warlock’s skin and wondered how he got each one since he never got hurt when they went on any sort of outing. He looked out how muscular Merlin actually was. He seemed weak and skinny with his clothes on, but once they were off, you could see how strong he really was from his years of working the land since he was young.

Soon enough their pants were off too, Merlin’s hands tracing every contour of Arthur’s body. Arthur’s hands had joined the fray, needing something to do other than grasp blindly at the ground. The male above found the other’s cock and began rubbing it, sliding his hand up and down it and driving Arthur mad with pleasure. Arthur attempted to return the pleasure but he found himself unable to do much more than gasp and moan once more when Merlin’s talented mouth proved to have a talent for giving head. Arthur’s fingers dug into Merlin’s hair, pushing and pulling at different times, a gasp or moan always coming beforehand.  Arthur knew he wouldn’t be able to last much longer. the blue-eyed boy’s mouth and tongue were too talented.

“M-merlin! I-I’m going to... AH! Huhn!” Arthur gasped out a warning that was promptly ignored with a swish of the other’s tongue around his tip and a hard tug on his nipple. Arthur came quickly after that, his seed exploding into Merlin’s mouth who swallowed it all like a child who just got their favorite candy.

Merlin sat up and looked his lover straight in the eye while he wiped his bottom lip slowly with his thumb. “Enjoy that?”

Arthur groaned and let his head fall back at the sight. Merlin could be so seductive as hell when he wanted to be.

“Now don’t be like that,” Merlin leaned in. “We haven’t even gotten to the best part yet.”

Merlin flipped Arthur over and ran his hand between the two plump cheeks while the other hand held Arthur’s shoulder down. He even licked from the base of Arthur’s spine to the top of it and around the shell of his ear and whispered into it.

“I’m sure you’ll love this next part.”

The prince’s skin formed goosebumps and shivered at the words. If Merlin could make him feel that good without even going that far, he knew he was in for a treat now.

And he was so beyond right. Merlin licked his way back down the blonde’s spine and removed his hands from their previous perches and pulled the larger onto his knees and elbows. “Stay there.” came a command. Arthur, for once, planned on listening to it.

Merlin then replaced the hand that was between his cheek with his tongue, his hands keeping them apart for easier access. His tongue circled the tight, probably virgin, ring of muscle and teasingly slid over it a few times before plunging in without further warning. The prince’s head was thrown back with a sharp gasp and a string of words Merlin didn’t bother even paying attention to, too busy and focused on making his other half feel good.

Arthur felt three fingers pressing at his lips and he let them in, sucking on them and covering them in his saliva. Minutes later they and the criminally talented tongue pulled back. Arthur risked a peek over his shoulder and saw Merlin licking his lips with half lidded eyes and licking the same three fingers that had just been in his mouth. If Arthur wasn’t hard again already, he definitely was now. He bowed his head again when he felt one finger slowly push into him.

“Relax Arthur. Have you ever done this before?” Merlin saw him shake his head. “Then I’ll be extra careful. This will hurt at first but it gets better.”

“So you’ve done this before?”

“I have, you wouldn’t believe who it was with. But I’ll tell you that later. Right now this is about you and me, no one else.” Damn Merlin! Stop being so seductive and smooth! How does this man not have girls and boys all over him?

Arthur couldn’t continue to wonder in his head when he felt a second finger enter him and start a scissoring motion. He had tightened for a second before relaxing as much as he could without collapsing. Soon there was a third and then a fourth. The fourth seemed awkward for Merlin, he probably never used more than three. It made the only prince kind of happy he was getting special treatment even if it was only because it was his first time. And with each added finger came a new wave of stinging pain then pleasure with the scissoring motion Merlin kept up. It felt weird yet somehow oddly filling, like he had been missing something his entire life and he finally found it.

He groaned in displeasure when they were removed, missing the filling feeling. He heard the other’s amused light chuckled and told him to hurry.

“Of course sire.” Arthur wasn’t sure what made him shiver more, what was about to happen or the tone Merlin used when he said that. He quickly found he could care less when the tip of his other half’s cock started pushing its way in.

Biting his lip and ducking his head, Arthur groaned from the pain of being stretched so far. Merlin was a lot bigger than those four slim fingers. He dug his fingers into the soft dirt beneath him as the member was pushed farther and farther in.

“H-how much more?” His shoulders were drawn in in an attempt to stem some of the pain.

“Half way. Do want me to push the rest of the way quick or slow?” He began rubbing soothing circled on Arthur’s back.


“Alright, brace yourself” Arthur dug his fingers into the ground even more and relaxed his lower body as much as he could, letting all the tension take over his shoulders and arms. Merlin pulled out the slightest bit before he slammed the rest of the way in. Arthur screamed out and tensed his entire body, finally pulling a groan from Merlin.

“Gods you’re tight Arthur. Relax or I won’t be able to move.” The ravenette started rubbing more circles throughout the blonde’s entire body as he tried to help him relax. The motions helped immensely and soon the sorcerer was able to slowly move in and out of the prince to get him used to it. Pulling out to the tip before slowly pushing back in. He only started going faster when the other told him to.

“M-merlin, please. Harder, f-faster!”

“As you commend sire.”

Merlin was soon pounding in and out of Arthur mercilessly, trying different angles to find that sweet spot every person had. Once Arthur let out an especially loud moan, Merlin continued to aim for that spot, going harder and faster, losing his rhythm as he got closer to the edge.

Arthur couldn’t stop making noises again. Even when Merlin wasn’t touching anywhere else on his body, his entire being felt like it was on fire just from Merlin being inside him. He was getting close, he could feel the heat begin to pull in his stomach the longer they went.

Then, all of the sudden, Merlin slowed and rolled his hips when he was fully seated in Arthur before pulling out and repeating the process. But this time his hands and mouth explored the other male’s body, finding the sensitive spots and playing with them mercilessly like his previous rhythm. Arthur wanted him to speed up again, he was stuck in a place between cumming and losing the heat that had been pooling in the pit of his stomach. It was more torturous than anything he had felt before. But every time he told Merlin to do so, he did nothing. Until now.



“You heard me. I want you to beg for it you horny prat.”

“I do not be- AGH!” Merlin pulled harshly on one of his nipples.

“What was that?” Arthur didn’t say anything. He was a Pendragon and Pendragons did not beg. But if he opened his mouth he knew he would beg for it. So he kept it shut.

Not Merlin was going even slower and the ministrations had become softer. He couldn’t do it anymore, he had to. He was too far gone and wanted it too badly to care about his pride.

“Please Merlin! Fuck me! Fuck me hard and fast. Please!” He could hear the victorious smirk in Merlin’s voice.

“Yes sire.”

Then there were fingers at his mouth and the pace didn’t even have a build up. The fingers were shoved in and played with his tongue while he just slammed into Arthur and kept up the bruising pace. Merlin’s other hand was at his nipples, pulling and pushing them around. He bend over the submissive prince and growled words into his ear. Few of them could be made out in his hazy head, but he was sure of a few. Even more so these ones.

“Stay still and scream like a bitch. You are mine.”

The fingers left to hold his hips and Arthur screamed as he was told to. He screamed himself almost hoarse when he was given his next command. He needed one more push and he would be over the edge. Merlin gave it to him with a hard thrust and three words.

“Cum for me.”

And Arthur came, his seed once more exploding forth, but this time it coated the ground beneath the hand Merlin put there. Every muscle in his body tightened as he came hard. Merlin pulled out and Arthur collapsed. But he knew he had one thing to do before he was finished. He got back up and took Merlin’s dick into his mouth, sucking hard to make him cum. It didn’t take long and when Merlin came, Arthur swallowed all of it like Merlin had.

Merlin then showed him the hand he had caught Arthur’s seed in. Arthur looked Merlin right in the eye as he lapped it off his hand. Once it was clean, Merlin leaned down and cupped Arthur’s face in his hands, pulling him in for a tender kiss. A kiss that was the exact opposite of what they had just done. They then laid down on the blanket and pulled the other three on top of them, Merlin curling around Arthur protectively.

“I love you Arthur. I always have and I always will.”

“I love you too Merlin.” Arthur turned so his face was curled into Merlin’s chest and they both drifted to sleep as Merlin brought his arms around Arthur, pulling him as close as he could.