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Scissors of Dog Deity

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My name is Sae Michimeki. And my name is Yayoi Kanzaki. Our story is very insane, before all of this happened we were just a schoolgirls who lived by our peaceful lives. We know each other basically from the childhood, since the moment when Sae saved me from the bullies, from that moment i swore that i will protect her, i failed. Not really, no, you see, everything began from one house, when me and Yayoi got into that cursed place and couldn't leave, after a many events and choices, in the end i took decision sacrifice myself to banish evil spirit and save Yayoi. But even after that i couldn't believe that Sae just disappeared and i decided to find her, whatever it takes, just like Sae i had a rough adventure and finally i found her, i found my dear person, but this story don't have a happy end, it's more like a bittersweet ending, in the end i was fatally wounded by one insane evil spirit's follower, i believe it was Sae's brother, I despite on this i ran from spirit carrying Sae, when strength left me and i fell from exhaustion, spirit known as Yae was ready to take our lives, but suddenly, the hands of good spirits grabbed her and took with themselves away of us, unfortunately we couldn't be save, so we just said bye to each other and died in that dungeon. But it's not an end of our story yet, after this i found myself in some bright place, i found Yaoyoi instant, she still wore that fancy dress, while i still had my serafuku, we had a recollection of memories about each other, i understood feelings of Yaoyoi and wanted to talk with her. 

"Yayoi it's not a secret that you are my best friend forever, but your feelings to me, what your true feelings to me?" 'I guess you saw it too, right? So i don't have a choice, Sae from the childhood you became very dear to me, i always wanted to protect you, but not because you my best friend forever, because with time i realized something very important, Sae i love you, even if you don't feel the same i understand.' "Yayoi-chan... You know, you not only one, after such a long time, when i saw you in that dungeon after i opened my eyes, i was very happy to see, in that last moment i understood how close you to me, that's why i say, Yayoi i love you too." 'Sae-chan.' 

When we hugged each other suddenly we both shone. 

'What's happening?' "We got a second chance, our own second chance." 'How do you know?' "I just have a feeling, feeling that we'll be happy. Yayoi-chan, in our next life be my girlfriend. Heheh." 

Sae disappeared and i only shout. 

'It's not fair! I wanted to say that.' 

I began to disappear too, so in my mind i just said. 

'Wait for me Sae-chan,i will be there with you.' 

Then i disappeared. After that we both woke up in our rooms and hurried to meet each other, to make our promise true. I walked closer to Yayoi, took her for a hand and said 

"Ohayo Yayoi-chan. Will you date with me?" 

With a smile on my face i replied. 

'I will Sae-chan.' 

We just stood like this a five minutes, without a words, smiling to each other, any normal person could think that we are weird. But we don't cared about that, we just were happy to be with each other, in our minds we gave a promise , somehow we even could hear thoughts of each other, our promise is. '"Never separates'".