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“I still don’t get it!” Trina whines for the umpteenth time. “How did you meet Drake Parker? And why does he want you to open up for him? I mean, it’s only fair he gets to see what he’s missing out on before he picks you!”

Tori groans. “And I knew you’d say something like that.”

“So we showed him a video of you singing,” Andre continues.

“And he said that if you came anywhere near him, you wouldn’t even get tickets to the show,” Jade finishes, gleefully malicious.

“And besides,” Tori goes on, “we’re more of an opening act for the opening act.”

“Sort of,” Beck argues. “Technically they’re both headliners.”

Tori shrugs. “Fair.”

“Wait! Who else is performing?!”

Andre shrugs nonchalantly. “Italian popstar. Isabella something.”

Trina’s jaw drops. “The one who used to perform with that Paolo guy?”

Beck snaps and shoots a finger gun at her. “That’s the one. She’s actually super cool.”

“Oh?” Jade glares. “If she’s so chill, why don’t you date her?”

“Oh, come off it, Jade,” Tori scoffs. “You liked her too.”

“You all met her?” Trina screeches. “How? The concert is like a month away.”

“She’s my sister-in-law,” Cat answers without looking up from her phone.

Trina freezes. “Do you have more than one brother?”

Cat nods. “Yeah, I have two.”

Trina slumps onto the couch. “Oh, good! Can you imagine a popstar like her being married to someone who got shot by a clown on a bus?”

“No,” Cat shakes her head. “That’s the one she’s married to. My other brother Alex is a jerk. No one would marry him. Daddy says they let him spend too much time with Mom’s mom when we were growing up, so now all he cares about is money.”

Trina gapes. “What the- I… whatever. Tori, you have to let me meet him. He’ll totally ask me to open if he saw me perform live!”

Tori lifts her hands in Trina’s direction, physically trying to ward off the verbal assault. “Trina, if you don’t stop whining, I will let Jade burn your tickets in front of you.”

Jade, to the surprise of absolutely no one, flicks a lighter on.

Trina squeaks and slaps her hands over her mouth.


“Natalie!” Cat launches herself off the stage and sprints toward the blonde at the back of the empty theater.

Natalie catches her easily and lets the happily chattering redhead drag her back to the stage.

Cat waves everyone over excitedly. “Guys! Come meet my sister-in-law Natalie!”

Jade lifts an eyebrow. “She looks like Lizzie McGuire.”

Natalie smiles. “We get that a lot.”

Jade’s eyebrow goes higher.

Natalie shrugs. “There was this whole thing when we were teenagers. But anyway, Drake asked me to check you guys out. He seems to think you’d make a great opening act for our local summer lineup.”


“Thank you, Hollywood!” Tori throws both arms in the air to a chorus of cheers. “We’re from Hollywood Arts, and we’ve loved performing for you tonight!”

Beck picks it up. “And now, it is our genuine pleasure to introduce the next act.”

Andre steps up next. “All the way from Rome.”

Cat bounces up next. “Isabella!”