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To Dallas With Love

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Tyler's never been oblivious to the things being said about him.

Tyler : Not Mature Enough For The NHL

Seguin... Hockey player or Party animal?

Another Night Out With #19...

And don't even get him started on all the photots manipulating into being incriminating. Don't get him wrong, Tyler knew that being drafted into the NHL meant that he'd be scrutinized by pretty much everyone. But how did that mean that something as mundane as have drinks with a few of the guys be spun into some outrageous drunken sex scandal? The world he lives in is a messed up one.

Honestly, none of this stuff would've really bothered the center if it hadn't started affecting his hockey. His teammates stopped taking him quite as seriously, going from a potential top forward to another clueless rookie. People started shouting nasty things to him on the ice, started hitting him to injure. Even his parent's view of him became downgraded and that hurt the most. No matter what he thought he'd always have the love and support of his fellow hockey playing parents. But he was wrong. The only person whose ever completly stood by him is his sister Cassidy, but even sometimes her faith is shaky.

It always hurts to know you're basically facing diversity. If only he could tell everyone why he wasn't some stupid kid who gets insanely drunk and sleeps with dozens of girls. If only he could be himself, be up front with everyone. Damn the homophobic world he lives in.

Tyler sighs as he strips his sweaty workout clothes off and steps into a steaming shower.And when he got out the water had turned frezing, his appendages pruny. He didn't want to walk into TD tomorrow for what could possibly be the last time. He doesn't want to be thrown into free agency. He's terrified of the unknown because there's always a possiblity of no one wanting him, no one beliving that he's good enough.

He doesn't get any sleep that night.


It hadn't gone as badly as he envisioned. He went into TD a nervous wreck, fretting over his future, and left with a job offer. In Dallas. It wasn't the most convenient of places, but the center hardly found it in himself to care. Somebody was interested. In him. That's all he was really thinking about.

Apparently someone from the organization paid for the plane ticket, so all Tyler had to do was pack. It took longer than it should have, emptying out his apartment. He was never really the best at covering up his emotions, so it's possible that he shed a tear or two looking at the impersonal look of the room. It was like he never even lived there... but he'd never admit it. He was just glad that they booked him the earliest flight possible.

And he shut the door without ever looking back.


Because of a "small" delay, (whoever classified an hour and a half as small is full of shit) Tyler finally boarded the plane that would take him to his new home. It was thrilling as well as terrifying.

The last thing that ran through his mind before takeoff was how desperate he was for thisto be a new beginning.