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Playing with Fire

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It’s the new season trailer: and presenter Nick Uhas is going for it, full tilt, with the voiceover.

“I want to welcome you to season 3 of Blown Away.  [Image of roaring fire, and molten glass pulled out of kilns.] …And also, to an incredible group of contestants who are gonna… guess what… blow YOU away!”

[Visual of Nathan Ford, sweating as he swivels a glass-coated steel rod to twist and shape his creation.  He's swathed in a leather apron, with his goggles slung around his neck.]

“These are people who’ve overcome personal tragedy…"

[Visual of Eliot Spencer, moodily examining a delicate blown glass lamp, smashed into pieces.]

“…have fought their demons…”

[Visual of Sophie Devereaux, stripped down to a scorch-marked vest, shoulder muscles trembling as she lowers a heavy piece into the kiln.]

“…honed their skills…”

[Visual of Alec Hardison, smirking as he applies streaks of molten glass to a work barely out of the fire, pressing the rod to impress tiny cut segments of glass in a pattern that expresses barely comprehensible mastery.]

“…and studied to become masters in their field."

[Visual of Parker.  And she moves out of shot so fast, it leaves the viewer questioning if they really saw her press down -- hard -- upon the delicate protuberance attached to a rival’s work, snapping it off decisively.]

“They’re not all conventional practitioners of the art.  We’ve got rebels… iconoclasts… bad girls… wild boys… We’ve got dreaming poets, and crazy cowboys."

[Visual of Jim Sterling, glaring at someone who got to the kiln before him, hands on hips.]

“And we may just have the odd buttoned-up formally-schooled pedagogue, so watch out, you wild ones!"

[Pans out to a shot of the whole workshop: everywhere is fire, and glass, sweat, heat, moving bodies and smoke, sound and urgency and passion.  And most of all, vivid, astonishing color, everywhere you look.]

“You know what we’ve got here?  We’ve got a really fascinating bunch of individuals, who could maybe form one amazing team. And we’ll introduce you to ’em, one by one, on the opening episode of this season of Blown Away!

[Nick comes into shot: and wipes a delicate trickle of sweat from his forehead, followed by a fetching grin.]