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The Sauna

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Kaeya sat in the hot, humid room. He could see the vague shape of a person behind the fog. The room was dark, and warm, and the hiss of water being thrown over smouldering coals was mind-numbing. Of all the surprises Kaeya expected, this was the least possible.

He stared at the man draped over the ledge, body limp, breathing heavy. Long, tangled red hair, damp and sticking to his skin, was pushed back. He could see the gorgeous man’s closed eyes as he murmured, “I’m done for the day. Get out.”

Kaeya’s mouth felt parched. He had one leg up on the seat. He sat upon a towel—with another towel covering his waist. He was naked, otherwise, and the beads of moisture that dripped from his brow made him wince.

“I said get out.”

Kaeya raised his chin, eyeing the figure in front of him. “Show’s over, huh?”

The figure lifted his head, red eyes open like two slits into hell.

“Never thought, of all the things, this is what you do when you run off from our dear manor, Diluc.”

Diluc was naked, no decency to cover his back or legs. He did, however, have a towel between him and the smouldering wood. Only to prevent burns.

Somewhere in the sauna, an attendant added more water to the coals—the hiss and rise of steam, the feeling of wet heat on the skin… 


Diluc put his hands on the ledge he was leaning over. His eyes never left Kaeya.

Kaeya smirked.

“Are you going to tell Father?” Diluc’s eyes held danger immoral. “How exactly will you explain to him how you found me, hm? One word to him, and I’ll rat you out like the—”

Kaeya laughed.

Diluc glared.

“I have no interest in telling Father anything.” Kaeya bat his eyelashes, shaking beads of moisture off of himself. “Quite the contrary. Maybe I’m a little excited to know that perfect little Master Diluc has a wild side. How many did you take? Four men? Five?”


Kaeya grinned. “I had no idea you had it in you.”

Diluc shot him a dark look. “And what are you doing here?”

“It’s my first time here.” Kaeya smiled. “Maybe.”

Diluc heaved a breath.

“I had heard you’re a regular here. Well, not by name. I heard a gorgeous boy, barely an adult, with long red hair…” Kaeya let his eyes wander over Diluc’s body. “I didn’t think it would actually be you.”

“So, what, then? You just wanted to fuck someone that looked like your dear big brother?”

Kaeya made no attempt to hide the way the tent under his towel shifted slightly. He just smiled.

Diluc pulled away from the ledge. He looked Kaeya over, and Kaeya knew Diluc was looking at him in a new light. Diluc hummed, as if considering.

“I had heard rumours of these sex saunas.” Kaeya smirked. “Care to show me how they work, big brother?”

Another hiss of steam, and fog lifted in the small section.


Diluc pushed himself off. His weary body straightened and he swept his hands back, pulling his unruly damp hair back, out of his face. “I don’t particularly like you, Kaeya. I never have. Goody two-shoes. Always sucking up to my parents.”

“Goody two-shoes?” Kaeya almost laughed. His eyes wandered Diluc’s body, seeing each naked muscle in its own glory. What a contrast, the silken smooth skin over hard, built strength. “See, I thought the same of you, dear brother.”

“Well, now you know. Your fake brother is a whore.”

Kaeya grinned. “He is quite gorgeous, though…” He could reach out now, touch Diluc, and he did. He let his hand slide up Diluc’s outer thigh. “The men outside told me you had a no-touch policy.”

“Policies are different if you’re a capricious asshole.”

“My, it’s my lucky day.”

“I also don’t do oral.”

“You lead, Master Diluc.”

“Don’t.” Diluc pressed a finger to Kaeya’s lips. “Use my name in here. Red.”

“Red, huh?” Kaeya chuckled. “Guess that makes me Blue.”

Diluc rolled his eyes. “Maybe I should say your name as loud as I can.” He dropped to his knees, hands sliding up Kaeya’s thighs over the towel. “See how much I can ruin you.”

Kaeya laughed. “We’re in the same boat now, Red.” He felt Diluc tug at the towel and he watched it slip away.

Diluc eyed Kaeya and scoffed. “So this is where you get your confidence from.”

Kaeya snickered.

Diluc grabbed Kaeya’s cock. He stroked it, slowly, rolling the skin over the head and back down. He licked his lips. Twice.

“I thought you didn’t give head.”

“I also said I was done for the day.” Diluc met his gaze. “Let’s see what else you can tease out of me.”

“Well.” Kaeya’s eyes widened. “If that’s an invitation—Ah—”

Diluc pushed the cock into his mouth, almost moaning on it as he pushed it—right into his throat.

“Fuck!” Kaeya hissed. He didn’t know where to put his hands, and was helpless to just watch. “You were s-serious about the whore thing huh?”

Diluc grabbed Kaeya’s wrist. With his free hand, Diluc pulled his long hair into a ponytail, and then brought Kaeya’s hand to hold on to it.

Kaeya grabbed the long hair, letting a finger weave into its damp softness. “Perfect son, huh? Ever the polite, ever the charming… every woman in Mondstadt sways for you, and here you are letting whoever wants use you like filth.” He thrust up into that mouth, earning a moan. Kaeya smirked. “Is that what you like, Red?”

Diluc answered by only taking more into his throat, struggling only a bit until his nose dove into the base, nuzzling the trimmed dark blue hairs.

“Fuck.” Kaeya felt his eyes roll back for a moment and he grinned. “My dear big brother. You truly are the best at everything you do, aren’t you?” He purred, “So much experience, so many must have trained you…”

Diluc sucked a tight ring as he pulled his mouth back, a wet pop as he looked up. “It’s not very polite to humiliate me then praise me, Kaeya.”

Kaeya cupped his face and used his thumb to hook Diluc’s mouth. He smiled gently. “Don’t use my name in here, Red.”

“Shut up.” Diluc smirked and pushed the cock back in his mouth.

Kaeya watched Diluc bob his mouth on the head of his cock, feeling those velvety lips run over his sensitive nerves. He twitched as he watched. “Maybe you’re acting more like a good little brother right now, hm? Should we change it?”

Diluc whipped his head back. “It’s not my fault you apparently don’t know your own fucking age.”

“Sorry, Red.” Kaeya winked. “Guess I’m shrouded in mystery, huh?”

Another hiss of steam, and fog breathed into the room.

“You’re suffocatingly insufferable.” Diluc put his hands on Kaeya’s thighs and pushed himself up.

Kaeya helped him up, letting Diluc climb into his lap. He looked down at Diluc, hard as a rock, and whistled. “You really are pretty everywhere, huh?”

Diluc whipped his hair back and glared. “Go back to humiliating me.”

“Oh, is that what you need, Red?”

“Fuck you.”

“Ah, a brat, then?”

“I said fuck you.”

Kaeya could feel Diluc’s cock against his own, and every time Diluc’s cock twitched he could feel it. The look on Diluc’s face, pure shame, was the sweetest. He grabbed them both, squeezing them together. He stroked them both, and watched Diluc twitch.

“I don’t usually let them touch me…”

“Mm.” Kaeya eyed him. “But I’m an exception, am I? You’re going to let me?”

“Hm.” Diluc snorted. “You’re going to fuck me.”

“Really? After six guys?”

“What’s one more?”

“Oh please, Red, I’m hardly that forgettable to just be one more.”

“Prove it.”

Kaeya smirked. His hand moved so he was only holding himself. Diluc adjusted for him, and Kaeya repositioned where his cock was aiming. He pushed his raw head against Diluc’s ass and he looked at him, seriously for a moment. “You good?”

Diluc smirked. “What? Scared of hurting me?”

Kaeya eyed him. “Hey now, I am pretty big.”

“Kaeya,” Diluc whispered, “Fucking wreck me.”

Kaeya scoffed a laugh. “You really are not the Diluc you pretend to be in polite company.”

“That’s polite company’s problem.”

Kaeya pushed Diluc down onto him, and his face melted in a moan. Diluc was easy to slide into, to say the least, and Kaeya had to force his eyes open to watch him slide down, taking it all.

Diluc hissed, almost whimpering. He got to the base and gasped.

“You really are a whore.” Kaeya moved his hips, pulling back and pushing up.

Diluc made a sweet noise. His own hips began moving, up and down, up and down, a desperate rhythm. “Fuck me.” He put his arms around Kaeya, moving his lips to Kaeya’s ear. “Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me—”

Kaeya matched Diluc’s rhythm, feeling their bodies move together. Here, he could feel the softness of Diluc’s skin. He could smell Diluc’s cologne—the one that had intoxicated him for years. Something of sweet plums, oranges, and rum. He couldn’t help but kiss Diluc’s neck.

Diluc gasped, shaking, but speeded up the way he rode Kaeya.

Kaeya let his hands wander, feeling up Diluc’s back, each muscle shivering at his touch.

Hiss of steam, clouds of fog.


Diluc moaned, loud, and it echoed in the sauna. He didn’t care. He was free, and he moved for pleasure alone. He grabbed his cock and stroked it, whimpering.

“Let me—”

“Fuck you!” Diluc grit his teeth.

Kaeya batted Diluc’s hand away. He grabbed Diluc’s cock, stroking it harshly.

Diluc whimpered, moving faster. “Kaeya…”

Kaeya bit his jaw, needing to taste him. He continued moving, gasping. “Do you touch yourself when they take turns on you? Or do you wait until the end?”

“I w-wait.” Diluc nuzzled Kaeya’s cheek, breathing him in. “I don’t. Like people touching me.”

“Am I an exception, again?”

“Do whatever you want with me,” Diluc begged.

Kaeya smirked. “To think, you’re a whore for everyone, but to me… you’re even more of a needy slut. What a good brother you are.”

“Fuck you!”

Kaeya couldn’t help it—he took that filthy mouth with his, kissing him deep.

Diluc moaned into the kiss, shaking, knees almost jerking. He put his hands on Kaeya’s chest and felt up those strong muscles. He broke the kiss to gasp, hissing.

Kaeya felt Diluc’s cock throb in his hand—the shots of sticky hot white on his chest made him smirk. “Little whore. Keep riding me.”

Diluc had never stopped. He leaned back, though, hands on Kaeya’s knees as he rocked his hips up and down. He stared at the ceiling, letting some of his hair fall back, whatever wasn’t clinging to his damp body.

Another hiss of steam, and fog thickened.

“Fuck.” Kaeya put his hands back on those hips, seeing Diluc’s bare body on display for him. “Good fucking whore. You let them cum inside you?”

Diluc scoffed. “I’m not an idiot.”

“I’m going to cum inside you.”

Diluc smirked. “Do it.”

Kaeya felt it overtake him. He thrust in, deep, as deep as he could go, feeling Diluc make a strained noise. Kaeya closed his eyes, smiling wide, as he hit bliss. “Ah—” He gasped. “Fuck—”

Diluc squeezed on him.

Kaeya saw stars. “Fuck!” He sank back, breathing hard.

Diluc watched him.

Kaeya opened his eyes, meeting Diluc’s eyes.

Diluc looked at the cum on Kaeya’s chest and he smiled. “You’re not the goody two-shoes I thought you were.”

“Yeah, you’re one to talk.” Kaeya laughed. “Don’t worry, definitely not telling Father.”

Diluc rolled his eyes before he slowly let them slide closed. “You were good… We should do this again.”

“Hm?” Kaeya smirked. “Before or after you take another group of guys?”

“After.” Diluc met his gaze. “I want you to finish me off, after they’ve had their fun with me.”

“Well don’t I feel special?” Kaeya chuckled. “Guess I’m your little exception.”

“Guess you are.”