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in a captive

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It was a rare, slow night in Mondstadt. There were only a few patrons in Angel’s Share and Diluc Ragvnindr was about to tend the bar when the wooden door of tavern opened. He glanced up as familiar lilt of voice belonged to a certain traveler reached his ears.

Ah, there she was—along with her floating companion.

The Pyro user opened his mouth to speak a greeting but found himself tongue-tied instead when Lumine’s pretty lips curved into prettier smile as those golden orbs rest on his figure. Followed closely by Paimon, the traveler walked toward him and then seated herself across the bar.

Archons, she was so beautiful.

Thankfully, by that time Diluc managed to find his words back and greeted them accordingly.

"Good evening, Diluc. May I borrow your hands for a minute?" Lumine asked out of nowhere, still smiling.

He blinked at the odd request. From the corner of his vision, the little elf seemed confused too. He eyed the girl, trying to read what she was planning right now but found nothing suspicious on her expression. She was still patiently waiting for his reply.

Furrowing his brows, Diluc finally relented and wordlessly held out his gloveless hands, all the while wondering what she was going to do. In the next second, her much smaller hands took his own then she proceeded to put them on her cheeks.

His brain might short-circuited for a while there, though he did notice just how cold her cheeks were. Vaguely he heard choking sound coming from the patrons in the tavern. Diluc himself was speechless.

Lumine, oblivious to the reaction she garnered, sighed in happiness. Paimon was slapping her small hands on her face, torn between exasperation and amusement at the scene.

"Your hands are so warm, just like how I expected them to be," the traveler began to speak, eyelids fluttered close and nuzzled his palms gently.

Poor Diluc almost had heart attack. Did she even realized what she do to him?

"Thank you, Diluc. The weather is so cold today."