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I'll steal your heart.

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Atsushi was wandering around in the empty streets of Yokohama after the headmaster kicked him without any explanation just his hurtful words “You are better dying in a ditch somewhere”. He was tired and hungry, don't even thinking where he was going.
With each step he felt more and more weak, finally his legs gave up and he fell on the ground, slowly losing himself in thoughts, was he going to die there? Was there nothing he could do? Was all this suffering just for him to die of starvation?
Thinking about this, he realized something. He did not want to die, he refused to just let himself die like this, not without trying everything he could to live.
He got up from the ground in a jump, stumbling a bit before straightening his back, using all his force to focus and think on what to do, then it came to his mind, the easiest quickest option was to steal someone and use that money to buy some food.
As much as he didn’t want to, he didn’t have a choice, it was stealing or dying. He waited for the right person to come, determined to do it, a few people passed but with his strength right now he couldn’t take down things like a motorcycle or the military police.
He was so focused in the people passing that when he saw a pair of legs floating upside down in the river next to him, he didn’t move at all just kept looking for the next person that came across.
And there he was, the perfect victim, a man in a suit walking while angrily shouting and insulting at his phone with presumably one of his employees.
Atsushi started to walk to the man, he couldn’t just ask him for his wallet nor he could try and fight him, so he used what he learned in the orphanage, he started walking a little bit fast and as quiet as he could, he lightly bumped the side of the man sliding his hand in his side pocket, getting out a wallet,and luckily the man was too angry to notice him. He then slowed his walking letting the man get ahead of him and going back to his spot next to the river after he stopped seeing him in the distance.
He opened the wallet and counted all the money inside, it was enough to eat a few plates of chazuke so he didn’t die and for a meal for the next two days.
Walking in the restaurant close to where he was, he found a man with blond hair screaming at a wet brown-haired man for “disrupting the mission with his stupidity”. He seated a few tables away from them and noticed the same pair of legs he saw in the river. “Well at least he is safe”-he thought before ordering.