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Our Secret Moments

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And if I may just take your breath away

I don't mind if there's not much to say

Sometimes the silence guides a mind

To move to a place so far away

The goosebumps start to raise

The minute that my left hand meets your waist

And then I watch your face

Put my finger on your tongue

'Cause you love the taste, yeah

These hearts adore

Everyone the other beats hardest for

Inside this place is warm

Outside it starts to pour

(Tobin - “Sweater Weather” by The Neighbourhood)


There’s not one inch of your skin, I’m not crazy for

But if one’s left untouched, give me some time to explore

Draw me a map on my skin, lead me to your treasure

There must be gold in your chest, holding the secret of pleasure

My hands know their way around, in these once foreign lands

I've learned the native tongue, and speak your body language

Baby you taste so rich, a strong currency

And when I taste your lips

You’ve got my body moving and dancing along

One drop has my heart pounding to the beat of your drum

Breathe your song in my ear, and dance with your hips

As I grip to your waist and feel the heat of your lips

Oh baby girl set the pace, I won't fall behind

Your hair, my hands interlaced, keeping me on this ride

(Christen - “Body Language” by Miki Ratsula)



“Tails never fails,” Christen grinned as she, Tobin, and Crystal walked back over to their bench from the coin toss. 

“I’s a fifty-fifty chance,” Tobin snorted, still not believing in the superstitions that seemed to run rampant on UCLA’s team. 

“You’re just butt hurt because you lost the coin toss on Friday with heads,” Crystal observed, high-fiving Christen and letting out an amused chuckle. 

“I liked it better when you sided with me,” Tobin groaned. 

Christen laughed and picked up the pace, starting to jog back over to the bench. She led Tobin and Crystal to the team huddle, joining them halfway through Foudy’s final pre-game speech. 

“Pressy,” Kelley hissed from Christen’s left. 

Christen’s brow furrowed. She moved around Tobin, skirting her hand across Tobin’s lower back as she did. She stepped up next to Kelley and leaned close.

“What’s up, Kel?”

“Your ex-girlfriend,” Kelley snorted, her voice low and her eyes on Tobin’s profile. 

“Who?” Christen replied, her brow furrowing even further.

“Fuck if I remember her name,” Kelley groaned. “Not Tobin.”

“She’s here again?” Christen whispered, her eyes lifting to the stands behind Kelley, scanning the crowd for Kate. She spotted her talking to a few members of the men’s soccer team and felt confusion swirl around inside of her. 

“Someone’s trying to get back in your pants,” Kelley smirked, glancing toward Coach Foudy to pretend to pay attention. 

“Technically- no, I’m not talking about this with you. She’s probably just enjoying all of the athletic fixtures around campus, including ours,” Christen replied, turning to face Coach Foudy.

“Since one of those fixtures is your ass, I’ll agree,” Kelley laughed. 

Christen coughed slightly to cover the choked noise of surprise she let out. She elbowed Kelley gently before moving back to Tobin’s side, dropping a hand on Tobin’s shoulder as she tuned back into Foudy’s speech.

“Crash the box, score the messy goals, not just the pretty ones, and keep up the clean sheet ladies!” Foudy commanded, clapping and smiling at her team as she put her hand in the middle of the huddle. “Bruins on three. One, two, three-”

“BRUINS!” the UCLA team cheered loudly. 

“Your ass looks great, Pressy,” Kelley smirked, slapping Christen’s butt as she ran past. 

“Can it, Kel,” Christen shot back, shoving Kelley’s arm.

“She’s not wrong,” Tobin whispered, stepping toward the field to follow the rest of her teammates onto their half of the field. 

Christen blushed at Tobin’s words and then grabbed Tobin’s hand, pulling her to a stop. 

“Where do you think you’re going?” Christen teased, taking a step away from Tobin and putting her arms out at her sides.

Tobin smiled at her girlfriend’s request, taking the spot next to her and holding her hand for a very short planting session. “You okay?”

“Yeah, let’s go beat Santa Clara,” Christen grinned, clapping her hands together and jogging out onto the field, Tobin following by her side.

“How many goals do you want?” Tobin smirked. 

“One apiece should suffice,” Christen teased, stopping at her spot in the center circle, joining Sam for the kickoff. “But feel free to get generous.”

Tobin shot her a thumbs up and found her spot in the lineup. 

Christen winked at Tobin one last time and then stepped up to the ball, waiting for the referee to kick off the game.

“A hat trick, baby? Really? That’s just showing off,” Christen grinned, leaning in to kiss Tobin. She pressed Tobin against the wall of the lounge with her hips, her hands cupping Tobin’s cheeks, and her mouth setting a hot, dangerous pace. 

She’d dragged Tobin into the lounge under the guise of getting chocolate milk as the rest of their teammates filtered out of the locker room, and had let herself be as unprofessional as she wanted to be. In Christen’s defense, how was she supposed to stay professional and not kiss her girlfriend after such a spectacular night? After Tobin scored her first hat trick as Bruin?

It took Tobin a second to catch up to Christen. She met her pace for a few kisses, running her own tongue along Christen’s lips and letting her hands wander before she moved her hands to Christen’s hips and pushed her back a little. 

“What happened to the rule-enforcing captain?” Tobin husked, catching her breath. 

“She’s on break,” Christen smirked, leaning back in, pressing her lips against the side of Tobin’s neck. She kissed across the hot, salty skin, her hands finding purchase on Tobin’s hips. 

Tobin let out a soft sigh, her fingers gripping Christen’s back and pulling her closer. Her fingers twisted in Christen’s jersey, tugging her even closer so that their legs were pressed together. 

“Not that I-” Tobin gulped. “Not that I don’t love this…”

Christen stilled, letting out a long breath against the side of Tobin’s neck. She squeezed Tobin’s hips gently and leaned back, feeling the fire beneath her skin subside for a moment.

“What’s going on?” Tobin asked, tilting her head slightly and staring into Christen’s eyes. 

Christen sighed, pushing the palms of her hands against her hair. “This is the fourth game she’s come to, and I hate that everyone keeps pointing it out to me. That’s not why I kissed you, obviously. I did that to celebrate your hat trick. But I...I think the reminder of her has me feeling a bit possessive,” she said with a shrug, leaning back against the table and dropping her hands to the edge of it.

Tobin stepped forward and kissed Christen’s lips softly. “You can be possessive. That’s okay,” she hummed. “Maybe we can finish this at home?” 

Christen nodded with a small smile. “Look at you with the good idea.”

“I’m sorry she’s stressing you out,” Tobin said, pushing a few baby hairs away from Christen’s forehead. 

Christen tilted her head to the side, her face drawn in thought. “She’s not, not really. I’m just confused more than anything. But enough about that, I want to hear more about finishing this at home,” Christen replied, her smile turning into a smirk.

“She’s probably just aware of what an amazing person you are,” Tobin shrugged, trying to play it cool, as if Kate’s presence didn’t also bother her a tiny bit. She wasn’t a fan of Kate, mainly because she’d been so jealous when Christen had dated her during their sophomore year. She didn’t like thinking about anyone else with Christen. 

“That doesn’t sound like finishing this at home,” Christen teased, grabbing a hold of the front of Tobin’s jersey and giving it a small tug.

“We can get some dinner, watch a movie, and continue what we started here halfway through the movie so that we’ll have to rewatch the movie,” Tobin offered, squeezing Christen’s hips. 

Christen giggled at the offer. “Another good idea. Let’s go,” she hummed.

Tobin grabbed two cartons of chocolate milk, just in case anyone saw them leave the lounge. Plus, she really wanted one. She followed behind Christen to the door, admiring what Kelley had already pointed out today. 


Tobin rested her right arm over the back of the couch, letting her fingers graze along Christen’s shoulder. She couldn’t help but look at Christen, even though Megan was talking. Christen’s smile was soft, and her eyes were crinkling, and Tobin was completely distracted. It didn’t hurt that they’d taken a very steamy shower together less than an hour ago. 

“It’s gotta be a girl!” Megan announced, throwing her hands up in the air, almost like she couldn’t fathom it not being about a girl.

“Totally a girl. She was humming Celine Dion yesterday,” Crystal laughed. 

“Kelley Maureen O’Hara was humming?” Christen clarified, snuggling back into Tobin and tracing her fingertips across Tobin’s knee.

“She’s been with someone since August,” Tobin mumbled, not taking her eyes off of Christen. She’d just figured that everyone else already knew that information. 

Christen turned to look at Tobin curiously. “How do you know that? Last one in gets the info?” she teased, arching a brow.

Tobin laughed, finally looking around the room at Crystal and Megan’s equally confused faces. “I brought you breakfast in bed on the morning of our anniversary, and Kelley opened the door for me and then told me to enjoy the anniversary and the off-day.”

“Wait, no sex jokes?” Megan clarified, her mouth turned down in a perplexed frown.

“She didn’t even steal a pancake, and it was like a stack of ten,” Tobin answered. 

“Damn, she’s got it bad ,” Crystal said, her smile betraying how happy she was for her friend.

“Her mood’s been incredibly great. She hasn’t pranked me in weeks,” Tobin sighed. 

“Does anybody know who it is?” Christen wondered, looking around the room.

“My money’s on that girl she did that project with for Economics,” Megan offered. 

“Or what about the girl in her Business course?” Crystal threw out.

“Nope,” Tobin shook her head.

“Oh, please. Do let us in on the secret, baby. Since you clearly know or have a very good guess,” Christen smirked, squeezing Tobin’s knee gently.

“I’d bet my favorite pair of sneakers that it’s the T.A. in her Intro to Statistics class,” Tobin hummed, leaning back into the couch. “Literally, Chris can have my sneakers if I’m wrong.”

“That’s a cop-out. You two share a closet!” Megan laughed. 

Christen grinned at Tobin. “If you’re right, I think I’d like your Chicago...Bulls...Fire...J1s?” Christen sounded out, knowing she was desperately off the mark. She didn’t know much when it came to sneakers or brands but she did know that her wild guess would make Tobin smile.

“Baby,” Tobin whispered, her heart melting at just how adorably little Christen knew about sneakers. She couldn’t hold back the goofy laugh that left her lips at Christen’s adorable smile and the teasing glint in her eyes. 

“This is gonna get gross. House meeting adjourned!” Megan called out, slapping the couch and hopping to her feet.

“We need to do recon and figure out who Kelley’s sneaking off to see,” Crystal said, standing up to follow Megan out of the room. 

“Tobs and I will be on recon. I’ve got sneakers on the line, now,” Christen replied with a smile, nodding at her two roommates as they walked out of the living room. 

“You’re really cute,” Tobin mumbled. 

Christen turned back to look at Tobin, her smile softening as she looked at her girlfriend. “Wait 'til you see me in stealth mode trying to figure out who Kel’s girlfriend is,” she replied, waggling her eyebrows.

“I don’t think I’m wrong. Kelley’s definitely the type to sleep with the TA,” Tobin snorted. 

“She went to the library to ‘study’ an hour ago. Guess there’s only one way to find out…” Christen trailed off with a smirk.

“Can we do more than just spy on this stakeout?” Tobin asked, quirking an eyebrow. 

“Obviously,” Christen winked.

Christen peeked her head around the corner of a bookcase, looking around the Philosophy section. The books were all covered in a fine film of dust and there were no students around anywhere. 

With a sigh, she turned back around to look at Tobin and found Tobin with her eyes firmly stuck on her ass. 

“Really? We’re on a mission here!” Christen whispered, smacking Tobin’s arm lightly to get her attention.

“You said we could multitask,” Tobin pouted. 

“What was that field trip we took in the Science section if not multitasking?” Christen replied with a smirk.

“You gave me one kiss and bought me a bag of Lays from the vending machine...and then you ate the Lays,” Tobin sighed, leaning against the bookshelf. 

Christen stepped into Tobin’s space, ghosting her lips across her cheek and over to her ear. 

“How about I make it up to you?” Christen whispered, running her hand up Tobin’s side. The floor was empty and they’d been looking everywhere for Kelley, with no success. So, Christen thought they deserved a break.

“Right now?” Tobin asked, looking over her shoulder to check that they were alone. 

“There is literally no one here but us and the dust bunnies. This floor is empty ,” Christen chuckled at the slight alarm in Tobin’s voice, leaning back to look into her girlfriend’s eyes.

Tobin didn’t have to be told twice. She pulled Christen by her belt loops, connecting their lips quickly. She felt like she’d been waiting all day to kiss her like she just couldn’t get enough. Tobin ran her hands over Christen’s hips and along her back, letting her hands wander a little bit more than they normally would in public since this part of the library was deserted. She brushed her tongue against Christen’s bottom lip and gripped her hips with both of her hands, turning them slightly so that Christen’s back was against the bookshelf. 

Christen moaned when her back hit the bookshelf, a moan that was quickly swallowed by Tobin’s mouth. Christen buried her hands in Tobin’s hair and let herself be pulled down the river of desire. She tugged Tobin closer so that Tobin was pressed tightly against her, relishing in the simmering want beneath Tobin’s touches. 

Tobin moved her lips down to Christen’s jaw, nipping and sucking gently. She pressed her body even closer to Christen’s, her right leg slotting between Christen’s. 

“Jesus, baby,” Christen gasped, her eyes squeezing shut, loving the way her body was already responding to Tobin, beyond enjoying the waves of pleasure already rolling through her.

Tobin couldn’t stop herself from smirking. She loved when she heard Christen. She loved knowing she could make Christen feel the way she did. Tobin pushed her leg a little more firmly between Christen’s and moved her lips to her throat, finding the one spot that always made Christen moan. She sucked gently before pressing her tongue against the skin there, tasting Christen’s skin. 

Christen felt the moan Tobin wanted from her rising up within her, moments from leaving her lips...but then she heard the elevator ding. Her eyes shot open at the sound and she tried to control her noisy, stuttered breathing.

Tobin’s pulse was racing so loudly in her ears that she didn’t hear the elevator. She didn’t hear anything but Christen’s breathing, and she wasn’t about to stop making Christen feel good. 

Hearing hushed voices and footsteps, Christen paled. “Shit, code red, code red!” she hissed, pushing Tobin away from herself and ushering Tobin behind a rolling cart of library books.

“Ugh, I hate stakeouts,” Tobin huffed, sitting on the tile floor and pushing the heel of her hands against her eyes. 

Christen cracked a smile as she peeked above the books lining the top of the cart. She reached out to rub Tobin’s back soothingly as she looked around waiting for whoever had come to this floor. Her jaw nearly hit the floor when she caught sight of who it was.

“Baby,” Christen whispered, patting Tobin on the back so she’d look.

“What?” Tobin said, not whispering as much as Christen had. 

“She look like a T.A. to you?” Christen grinned, looking down at Tobin and angling her head at the tables near the end of the row.

Tobin sat up a little and looked at the table where Kelley was now sitting with another brunette. 

“She is a T.A.,” Tobin nodded. “Her name’s Mia. We have an art history class together.”

“Damn...I really wanted those Chicago Bulls Fire J1’s,” Christen teased, knocking her shoulder into Tobin’s, her eyes taking in the way Kelley smiled at Mia, the way her smile lit up her whole face.

“She’s in love,” Tobin hummed. 

“Wow, Kel’s all grown up. It’s sort of sweet,” Christen murmured, feeling her chest warm at the sight of one of her closest friends so happy.

“So, you want to completely fuck with her, since she interrupted our almost first time together?” Tobin asked, raising her eyebrows. 

Christen’s smile grew. “Hell yes!”


Tobin ran across the field to wrap her arms around Christen before the rest of the team reached her. 

“That was beautiful,” Tobin mumbled. 

Christen smiled into the sweaty skin of Tobin’s neck, her arms wrapped tightly around Tobin’s waist.

“Not as beautiful as the assist,” Christen hummed.

“YAAAAS compliments all around!” Megan cheered, throwing herself into the hug. 

“I LOVE YOU GUYS!” Mal shrieked, jumping on top of everyone and joining the hug as well.

“Fuck yes, Pressy!” Kelley yelled, wrapping her arms around the group. 

“Yo, is that a hickey?” Tobin asked since she was closest to Kelley, her eyes almost directly next to Kelley’s neck. 

“A HICKEY?!” Megan repeated, way too loud since they were all still hugging.

“We’re talking about this after the game,” Christen laughed. 

As they all separated from the hug, Christen lingered next to Tobin, running her hand across her arm. 

“What’s up?” Tobin asked. “Is she here or something?” 

Christen sighed and nodded. “I’m sorry, baby.”

“I could just completely make out with you right here and send her on her way. It might distract the other team too,” Tobin teased. 

“I’ll pitch that to Foudy if we ever need a new diversion tactic,” Christen replied with a small smile. “I just can’t wait to hold you after the game.”

“Let’s try for one more goal and call it a day then, okay?” Tobin winked. 

“Deal,” Christen nodded, hoping the rest of the game would pass quickly as Tobin seemed confident that it would. 

They were able to score two more goals before the referee blew his whistle, signaling the end of the game. They added another win to the pile and continued their unbeaten streak. Christen had now scored in every single game, and Tobin had assisted in every game as well, scoring in more than half. They were off to a stellar start to their senior season.

“You can ask her yourself,” the woman in front of Tobin said, looking down at her daughter, who must have been around six or seven years old. The little girl stood slightly behind her mom, obviously feeling shy about asking for an autograph. 

“Do you want me to sign something?” Tobin offered, tilting her head a little bit to meet the little girl’s eyes. 

She nodded softly, handing Tobin a soccer ball. 

“You’re her favorite player. We’ve been coming to the games for a few years, and she said you’re the one she wants to be like,” the mom said, making Tobin’s heart absolutely melt. 

“That’s very sweet. I’d love to see you play sometime. What’s your name?” Tobin grinned, signing the ball. 

“Riley. I play for the Dolphins,” the little girl murmured from behind her mom’s leg. 

“That’s so cool. Is that a club team?” Tobin asked, her voice soft but enthusiastic. She peeked down the autograph line, noticing that the line was pretty short now. She didn’t think she’d be terribly missed if she slipped away. “You want to pass the ball with me for a little bit?” Tobin asked, gesturing to the field. 

Riley nodded quickly, following Tobin to the field. Tobin snagged one of the team’s soccer balls and passed it softly to Riley, knowing that she would have gotten a kick out of this if someone she’d idolized as a kid had kicked a soccer ball around with her.  

Christen felt her heart race in her chest as she watched the interaction between Tobin and the little girl. She was sitting a few seats down, next to Mal, and was definitely ignoring the rest of the autograph line, but she didn’t care. She was busy watching her incredible, giving, thoughtful girlfriend completely make this little girl’s night. She grinned as Tobin passed the soccer ball back and forth with the little girl.

“Can I trouble you for an autograph?”

Christen was so distracted by the love in her heart, by the way her heart was absolutely melting at the sight of Tobin passing a soccer ball around with this girl, that she didn’t recognize the voice immediately. She distractedly turned around, a large smile on her face, and looked up at the person waiting for her autograph. Her smile faltered when she realized who was standing there.

“Uh...hi,” Christen said, her fingers tightening around the sharpie in her hand.

“Hey,” Kate smiled. “It’s been a while.”

“Almost two years,” Christen nodded, fighting off the awkward feeling creeping up in her chest. They were both adults and they could handle this like adults. They’d given it a shot, it hadn’t worked out, and it didn’t have to be weird now. Christen could totally be an adult about this.

“Yeah, I did a semester abroad,” Kate nodded. 

“Barcelona or Sydney? I can’t remember which one you said you wanted to go to,” Christen replied, trying to relax into her chair.

“Amsterdam actually,” Kate laughed. “But Barcelona was the other one I was interested in.”

“Right. Very cool,” Christen said with a small smile. 

“You played great out there,” Kate said, trying to avoid any awkward silences. She was aware that Christen’s roommates were staring at her from further down the table. 

“Thanks, I’m lucky my team makes me look so great. They’re the real heroes out there,” Christen shrugged, not wanting to take the compliment.

“Still humble, I see,” Kate grinned, making Megan scoff from two seats down. 

Christen shot a warning look at Megan and then looked back up at Kate. “So you wanted an autograph or something, right?”

“Oh, yeah,” Kate said, handing Christen one of the team posters. “It was a good excuse to actually say hey.”

“You could have just said hey, no need for things to be weirder than they kind of already are,” Christen chuckled weakly, taking the poster and signing it quickly.

“I’ll remember that next time,” Kate smiled. “It’s great to see you.”

“Same here. Have a good night,” Christen replied, capping her sharpie.

“You too. I’ll see you around campus,” Kate smirked, taking the poster from Christen and leaving, not asking any of the other players to sign the poster. 

Christen blew out a long breath and dropped her forehead to the table. 

“That was friendly, ” Megan laughed. 

“Who was that?” Mal asked. “I didn’t like her energy.”

“That’s Christen’s ex-girlfriend, Little Mal,” Megan teased. 

“Not my ex,” Christen corrected tiredly, completely thrown off by the conversation she’d just had and the fact that Kate had been coming to their games. But maybe there was an innocent reason. Maybe Kate just wanted to be friends now that she was back from her time abroad. Christen could understand that and she hoped that was all that it was. She was done being confused and letting it affect things with Tobin. Kate had never mattered to her in the way Tobin did, so there was no point in letting her sudden and persistent reappearance affect them.

“You dated for a month and made out in your car. She’s an ex,” Megan argued. 

“I hate that,” Mal cringed, sticking her tongue out in disgust. “You and Tobin are way cuter.”

At the mention of Tobin, Christen lifted her head up and looked back out at the field. She caught sight of Tobin still out there, now juggling on her own. She felt any tension or weirdness seep out of her at the carefree way Tobin was kicking the ball around, at the smile on her face.

“I’ll be back, guys,” Christen said quietly, getting up from her chair and making her way to the field to join Tobin under the lights.

Tobin kicked the ball up to Christen when she approached. Christen chuckled and trapped it with her foot, juggling the ball a few times and sending it back to Tobin.

“My passing buddy had a bedtime,” Tobin shrugged. 

“That was adorable to watch,” Christen grinned.

“It was cuter than the autograph you just signed. You know, your body language is pretty easy to read, even from here,” Tobin hummed. 

Christen sighed, receiving the ball back from Tobin. She juggled it a few times before she let it drop to the grass. She stepped closer to Tobin, her foot on top of the ball, her hands itching to reach out and take a hold of Tobin’s hands.

“Was it that obvious?” Christen asked.

“I may have looked her up on Instagram to know what she looks like,” Tobin admitted. 

Christen cracked a smile. “She just wanted an autograph.”

“Mhm,” Tobin nodded. “That’s why she bought a poster with the entire team on it and only got you to sign it.”

Christen felt her brow arch slightly at the somewhat sarcastic bite to Tobin’s words. 

“So what if she did, it doesn’t matter to me. I don’t care that she did that and you shouldn’t either,” Christen replied, reaching out to catch Tobin’s wrist between her fingers.

Tobin blew out a short breath, wishing she had the ball at her feet again and could distract herself. “It doesn’t matter,” Tobin nodded. “I don’t care.”

“Good, because you don’t need to,” Christen assured, squeezing Tobin’s wrist.

“I don’t,” Tobin repeated. “Can we get dinner soon?” 

Christen laughed and nodded. “Our parents want to take us out for Thai, at least that’s what I think my mom was talking about earlier.”

“Sweet,” Tobin practically groaned, intertwining her fingers with Christen’s and leading her back toward the locker room, hoping she could get the image of Kate smiling at Christen out of her head.


“What about this crop top? Better? Worse?” Christen asked, tugging the maroon crop top down a bit and holding her arms out at her sides.

“Hmmm...maybe you should try the other one on again,” Tobin said, eyeing her girlfriend’s bare skin and the thin bralette she was wearing underneath the crop top. 

Christen took the suggestion seriously and pulled the maroon one over her head. She tossed it onto the bed and grabbed the gray one from the closet again. She slipped it on over her head and pulled it down, fixing her hair as she faced Tobin. 

“This one?” she asked.

“Oooooh wait,” Tobin feigned deep thought. “Maybe I need to see the other one on again…”

Christen’s hands fell to the hem of the crop top and then she caught sight of the slight smirk on Tobin’s face. Her eyes narrowed playfully. 

“You’re just saying that to get me to take my top off again aren’t you?”

“Is it working?” Tobin smirked. 

Christen rolled her eyes and kept the gray crop top on. She walked over to where Tobin was sitting on the edge of the bed and stepped between her legs.

“The gray looks great, baby. It’s one of my favorites,” Tobin sighed. 

“Good, because it’s staying on,” Christen replied, bending down to press a quick kiss to Tobin’s lips.

“Until...tonight?” Tobin asked. 

“Until I’m no longer irritated with your little ‘Wait, try the other one!’ charade,” Christen quipped, tapping Tobin’s nose with her finger, her smile telling Tobin that she was joking.

Tobin smiled, kissing Christen’s stomach through the fabric of the shirt. “You look beautiful.”

Christen melted, her hand rising to tangle in the hair at the nape of Tobin’s neck. “Thank you. Keep that up and you’ll get me out of this crop top sooner rather than later,” she hummed teasingly. 

“Noted,” Tobin nodded. “I should probably change now, though,” Tobin sighed, looking down at her boxers and a ratty t-shirt. 

Christen chuckled and backed up, pulling Tobin to her feet. She kissed Tobin’s cheek quickly and then took a seat on the edge of the bed. 

“My turn to give fashion advice,” Christen grinned.

“Oh?” Tobin laughed. “Should I wear this white t-shirt or this white t-shirt?” 

Christen pursed her lips and tilted her head, looking past Tobin and the two identical shirts she held in her hands. She eyed the clothes hanging up in the closet and felt a smile tug at her lips. 

“That one,” Christen said, pointing at a hanger on her side of the closet.

Tobin turned around, hanging her white shirts in the closet. “Which one? You literally have a clothing store in here,” Tobin teased. 

“Fifth from the right,” Christen instructed, getting a little thrill out of the fact that Tobin might be wearing something of hers out tonight.

Tobin pulled it from the closet, eyeing the dark green, silk, tank top. The straps were thin, and the neckline was plunging to say the least. 

“Yup,” Christen said, popping the ‘p’.

“You’re gonna take this off tonight?” Tobin asked, swallowing whatever reservations she had about the top. 

“Efficiently and speedily,” Christen husked, her eyes darkening as her eyes watched Tobin start to change.

In one quick motion, Tobin pulled her t-shirt off, revealing the black bra she’d changed into after their victorious game against Oregon tonight. She pulled the tank top over her head, letting the smooth fabric slip over her skin. 

“I think your 23 hat would go great with that too,” Christen observed, wetting her lips subconsciously.

“Seriously?” Tobin laughed, taking the hat out of the closet and placing it on her head. “Whatever you want, Chris.” She reached into her closet and grabbed a pair of dark, ripped jeans. “These are fine?” 

Christen could only nod, leaning back on her hands as she took in the sight of Tobin in her top, wearing a hat with her number on it. She never considered herself the possessive or territorial type, despite her small outburst at Fifth and a Friend last season. But tonight she was feeling it. She wanted every athlete, every student at this party to know Tobin was hers.

Once Tobin had the jeans on, she pulled on a black leather jacket, knowing that Christen would steal it by the end of the night. It was a habit that Christen was developing, but Tobin didn’t mind at all. 

“You look beautiful,” Christen hummed, a small smile gracing her lips.

“It’s the boobs, isn’t it?” Tobin teased, pointing at the neckline of the shirt. 

Christen shrugged, but the blush on her cheeks gave her away. “They’re basically my Kryptonite.”

“Your car or mine?” Tobin asked. 

“Let’s Uber, that way we can get a little tipsy and dirty dance,” Christen winked, getting to her feet.

Tobin’s stomach tightened at the thought. She loved dancing with Christen, and getting a little tipsy on top of that sounded like the perfect way to celebrate their undefeated streak. 

Tobin slid past a group of girls from the swim team, Christen’s drink in one hand and her own in the other. The music was blaring, the lights were dim, and Tobin honestly had no idea whose house they were in. She recognized a few faces, including her teammates and the girl Christen had yelled at during Fifth and a Friend, but it was nearly too loud to really talk to anyone. 

She spotted Christen exactly where she’d left her, now wearing her leather jacket and talking to Megan in the corner of the living room. Without Sue, Megan was sort of third-wheeling, bouncing between Christen and Crystal, and Tobin suddenly felt a little bad that she hadn’t grabbed Megan a drink too. The line was way too long to wait all over again though...and it was Megan. Megan enjoyed torturing Tobin, so Tobin figured sending her to wait in the line would keep things even. 

“Vodka cran,” Tobin offered, handing the drink to Christen. 

“Thank you, baby,” Christen grinned, taking a sip and looping her free arm around Tobin’s waist.

“What did you get me, baby?” Megan asked, reaching out for the other drink. 

“Cute,” Tobin laughed, pulling her drink away from Megan’s hand. 

“Think you could look for some snacks while you’re gone?” Christen teased, winking at Megan.

“I can’t wait to graduate,” Megan groaned, stalking toward the kitchen. 

“I can,” Christen sighed, taking a longer sip of her vodka cran. 

“Me too. We have a National Championship title to defend,” Tobin hummed, kissing Christen’s cheek. 

Christen caught sight of Mal and Sam approaching and instantly knew there was trouble afoot. 

“Our kid looks a little too excited, doesn’t she?” Christen murmured, squeezing Tobin’s hip and nodding in the direction of their incoming teammates.

“She certainly does,” Tobin nodded. “She looks like she wants to challenge the goal I set for this party.”

“Which is?” Christen whispered.

“To not throw up like last year,” Tobin sighed, sipping her screwdriver. 

Christen chuckled and pressed a kiss to Tobin’s temple right as Mal and Sam arrived. 

“BEER PONG TOURNEY!” Sam cheered.

“We can’t do it without you, moms!” Mal grinned.

“Well shit,” Tobin grumbled. 

“Use your elbow, Mal!” Tobin yelled, watching as Mal set up to toss the ping pong ball. 

“She actually needs to use her wrist,” Christen whispered into Tobin’s ear, leaning her chin on Tobin’s shoulder

“I mean wrist!” Tobin slurred just a little. “Use that!”

Christen laughed and pressed a kiss to the spot behind Tobin’s ear. She knew they were both pleasantly buzzed at this point, but definitely a safe distance from the neighborhood of drunk puking. 

“Win this game for me?” Christen whispered, her arm tightening around Tobin’s waist.

“And then I can take you home?” Tobin asked. 

“Mhm,” Christen agreed. “But first, I gotta pee.”

“I’ll hurry,” Tobin said, kissing Christen quickly before she reached for one of the ping pong balls. 

Christen shot Tobin one last smile before she moved into the throng of people outside, headed for the door leading inside so she could find the bathroom.

“Yes, Mal!” Tobin yelled, high-fiving Mal and watching as Megan drank another solo cup of beer. 

“Four more and we’re moving on to the next round!” Mal cheered. 

The cheering didn’t last long, though. Megan’s aim seemed to get better with each beer that she tossed back, and Sam’s height seemed to be an advantage that neither Tobin nor Mal had. After Megan sunk two shots and Sam sunk another three, Tobin was slightly more tipsy and definitely bummed that she’d lost. On the bright side, she was now free to go home with Christen instead of playing any more rounds and actually getting drunk. First, she’d have to find Christen, though, since her girlfriend hadn’t returned to the pong table outside. 

“Where’s Chris?” Tobin asked, leaning close to Crystal. 

Crystal shrugged and gestured inside, toward the kitchen. “I saw her leave the bathroom a few minutes ago and go in there, probably in search of snacks.”

“Thanks,” Tobin laughed, loving that Christen often had the same kind of one-track mind that she did when it came to food. 

Tobin climbed up the back porch steps and stepped into the house, turning left down the hallway toward the kitchen. The speakers had been moved outside since most of the party guests were in the backyard, and the kitchen was exceptionally quiet, compared to how it had been at the beginning of the party. It allowed Tobin to very clearly hear the voices of the two people still in the kitchen, and it made her steps falter.  

“No way! Nobody’s got better fries than In-N-Out, not even this Dutch place you speak of,” Christen said, her voice light.

“It’s not just one Dutch place,” a voice replied with a laugh. “It’s literally every Dutch place. Something about their fries is just way better. I think they’re crispier.”

Tobin’s brow furrowed, wondering who Christen could possibly be talking to and then Christen inadvertently gave her the answer.

“I’ll take your word for it, Kate!” Christen chuckled.

Tobin’s stomach clenched and bile rose into the back of her throat. Kate was here and talking to Christen, and Tobin didn’t like that. She didn’t like that one bit.

“I’d get you some if I could and prove my point,” Kate teased. 

“I’ll stick with these pretzels,” Christen replied. “But thanks.”

“You and your pretzels,” Kate sighed. “Remember when you got so nervous about one of your exams, and all you could stomach was pretzels?” 

“Oh God, that’s right. I totally forgot about that,” Christen groaned.

“I think I must have bought you three full-sized bags that week,” Kate giggled. 

Tobin flinched, not loving that the two of them had any memories that they shared, actually hating that Kate had been able to be there for Christen when she’d been so far away. 

In general, Tobin prided herself on not letting the past bother her, on not letting jealousy overtake her, but she didn’t like the way Kate’s voice lilted slightly when she teased Christen, and she didn’t like that Kate could make Christen laugh, not when that was something Tobin loved to do herself. Sure, the laugh was different. It was slightly tense and a little too high-pitched to be genuine, but still. 

She kind of felt like a creeper, standing beside the wall and not entering the kitchen, but she also couldn’t manage to move her feet. She didn’t want to awkwardly come into the room. 

“I should probably head back outside. I left my-” Christen started to say, only to be interrupted by Kate.

“I wanted to ask you something, actually.”

“Okay…” Christen trailed off.

“I’m not a huge soccer fan,” Kate admitted. “I’ve come to a ton of your games this season, just kind of hoping to build up the courage to talk to you again.”


“I know things didn’t work out with us two years ago, but we’ve both changed, and we’re different people. I just really think we should give it another shot…”

Tobin’s feet magically unglued themselves from the floor. She’d never understood exactly what people meant with the phrase “green with envy,” but she suddenly felt like she had an idea. Her buzz was gone. She was completely sober, completely serious, and more than a little annoyed. Christen had been trying to stop Kate, and Kate had plowed right through. She’d already been making Christen uncomfortable by showing up to games and asking for her autograph, and honestly, Tobin just kind of wanted to pull a Fifth and a Friend and yell to the entire party that Christen was her girlfriend and everyone else could just back off. 

“I don’t,” Christen replied, her voice kind but stern. “I have someone now, someone I love a lot and care about more than anything. And I hope you find someone too...but that someone’s not me.”

Tobin made her way around the kitchen island, knocking over a few solo cups as she cut around the counter, but she couldn’t care less. 

“There you are,” Tobin said, placing a hand on Christen’s back. 

Christen smiled softly over at Tobin. “Hi,” she whispered, winking just a bit, completely oblivious to the envy swirling around in Tobin’s eyes. She looked back at Kate and shrugged a bit. 

“It was nice to see you, Kate,” Christen said, her words holding a finality to them.

“You too, Christen,” Kate nodded, awkwardly backing away from the couple. As quickly as Tobin had appeared in the kitchen, Kate disappeared, making her way through the house and toward the backyard. 

With Kate gone, Christen turned back to Tobin and dropped her forehead onto Tobin’s shoulder. 

“All I wanted was pretzels and instead, I got ghosts of exes past,” Christen grumbled, a joking lilt in her voice.

Tobin didn’t respond. She stepped away from Christen, putting a few inches of space between them. 

Christen’s brow furrowed at the sudden distance. She looked into Tobin’s eyes, feeling confusion bloom in her chest. Tobin wrapped her hand around one of Christen’s hands, pulling her out of the kitchen and toward the roped-off stairs. 


“Yeah?” Tobin said over her shoulder, moving the rope and leading Christen upstairs. 

“Where are we- I don’t think we’re allowed to be up here,” Christen said, allowing Tobin to pull her but still unsure about what exactly was happening here.

Tobin peeked into the first few doors until she found an empty bathroom. She pulled Christen inside behind her, locking the door once they were both inside. 

“Tobs-” Christen tried to ask again, but she wasn’t given the chance.

Tobin tossed her hat on the bathroom counter and pressed her lips against Christen’s, her kiss messy and heated and longing. She let her tongue and lips and teeth say what she was thinking. She let them say that she wanted Christen, that Christen was hers, that she was Christen’s, that no one else was invited. Tobin moved her hands around Christen’s hips, grazing her fingers along Christen’s ribs slowly. She wanted to be patient. She wanted to tease, to hear Christen moan her name, but she couldn’t. Tobin wanted Christen, and she wanted her now. She wanted to erase any memory of Kate. She wanted to be between Christen’s legs, feeling Christen clench around her. 

So instead of taking things torturously slow, Tobin slipped her hands over Christen’s hips, along her back and then down, over her ass, until she gripped Christen’s upper thighs. She lifted Christen onto the counter, stepping between her legs to be closer. 

“Fuck,” Christen gasped out, hooking her ankles around Tobin’s back. 

Initially, Christen hadn’t known exactly what to make of things. But then Tobin had flicked the lock and looked at her with fire in her eyes, and Christen understood. Christen understood that Tobin must have heard some part of her conversation with Kate. Christen understood that even if she’d denied it, Tobin was jealous. Christen understood that jealous Tobin needed it like this, hot and desperate and fast. She understood because she needed it too. 

Christen snaked her hands beneath Tobin’s borrowed tank top and raked her nails down Tobin’s stomach, feeling her abs clench under her touch. She smirked into the kiss as she tried to take control, as she tried to reach up and enjoy the feeling of the small bit of lace on Tobin’s bra. But Tobin had other plans.

Tobin pulled Christen’s hands out from under the tank top, finally breaking the kiss. “My turn,” Tobin mumbled, placing Christen’s hands on the edge of the counter and leaning forward to place another kiss against Christen’s lips before she moved down to Christen’s neck. Tobin didn’t hold back, sucking on Christen’s pulse point, scraping her teeth along Christen’s skin, and brushing her tongue over each mark. Her hands trailed up and down Christen’s thighs, moving closer and closer to where her legs met, where Christen was wanting her to touch. 

Christen let her head roll to the side, giving Tobin more room to work as a throaty moan left her lips. She reached up to tangle her fingers in Tobin’s hair, tightening her grip with every bite Tobin left against her skin.

Tobin worked her hands up to Christen’s waist. She pulled Christen toward the edge of the counter, pressing one last kiss to Christen’s throat before moving back to admire the marks she’d just left. With a smirk, Tobin pulled Christen off the counter’s edge, her eyes moving hungrily up and down Christen’s body. She trailed her fingers across Christen’s hips, along the waistband of her jeans. It wasn’t until her fingers stopped at the button of Christen’s jeans that Tobin paused, looking at Christen to get a nod. 

Christen breathed deeply, letting her tongue dart out to wet her lips. She took in the wild and hungry look in Tobin’s eyes, the blown pupils and flushed cheeks. What struck her most, what sent a flash of heat straight to her core, was the desire written across Tobin’s features. It was the same desire Christen could feel clouding her mind.

With a small smile, Christen wrapped her fingers around Tobin’s wrist and pushed Tobin’s hand back to the button of her jeans, giving Tobin the green light she was looking for.

In one swift motion, Tobin unbuttoned Christen’s jeans and slipped them down her legs. Tobin kneeled down, placing a few kisses to the inside of Christen’s thighs, to her quads, to her knees. From her position on the floor, Tobin reached up and curled her fingers around the waistband of Christen’s underwear, sliding it down slowly, her eyes trained on Christen’s face and the way her mouth had fallen open and her eyes were screwed shut. 

Tobin reached up for Christen’s hands, placing them on the edge of the counter again, knowing that Christen would need to hold onto it. She stayed kneeling on the floor, wrapping her hands around Christen’s calves. Without hesitation, Tobin leaned forward, running her tongue along Christen. When she tasted her, Tobin let out a long groan, her hands gripping even tighter to Christen. 

Christen threw her head back at the feeling of Tobin’s tongue pressed against her, moving one hand from the counter to the back of Tobin’s head.

Tobin moved her tongue in long, slow strokes, enjoying how Christen’s hips jerked forward with each swipe of her tongue. There was nothing sexier than knowing that she could make Christen’s body tremble with her touch. Tobin listened to the noises that were escaping Christen’s lips, finding the spot that elicited the loudest reaction. She moved her tongue in teasing circles around that spot, listening as Christen shuddered and whined above her, Tobin’s name slipping from her lips. 

“I love when you say my name,” Tobin mumbled, staring up at Christen, her tongue still moving against her. 

Christen let out a strangled whimper at the longing, at the control, at the confidence in Tobin’s voice. It wasn’t often like this, with Tobin taking and pushing and wanting, carrying her toward the edge with strong strokes and almost brutal kisses. But Christen loved times like these. For as much as she adored being in control, she cherished when Tobin decided to dominate. 

“Tobs, please just- please ,” Christen begged, her chest heaving, her eyes fluttering open so she could look down and meet Tobin’s heated gaze. 

Tobin placed her tongue exactly where Christen wanted her, matching each of Christen’s movements with a few flicks of her tongue. She held onto Christen’s hips, pinning her to the counter, as Christen’s legs started to shake. Tobin changed the rhythm of her tongue, tasting her with surer, faster movements, and that was exactly what took Christen right to the edge. 

“Come for me,” Tobin mumbled against Christen. 

With a reckless, keening whine, and without breaking eye contact with Tobin, Christen tumbled over the edge. Her legs trembled and her heart hammered erratically in her chest as wave after wave after wave of pleasure rolled through her.

Tobin continued to slowly run her tongue along Christen, tasting her and sinking into the warmth between her legs. 

Christen’s hips jumped when Tobin found a particularly sensitive spot and her hand tightened in Tobin’s hair. 

“If you keep doing that-” Christen started to say, her words breathless and choked out. 

“Yes?” Tobin prompted, tasting Christen on her tongue. 

Christen tugged on the back of Tobin’s head. “Not now. Up here. Come up here,” Christen panted.

Tobin stood up, wiping her lips with her hand and sinking into Christen’s body. “So, fun fact,” Tobin whispered, pressing a kiss to Christen’s swollen lips. “I do, in fact, get jealous.”

“I can tell,” Christen hummed in reply, chasing Tobin’s lips and kissing her hard.

“And I want to take you home right now and take my time with you,” Tobin added. 

Christen nodded again, her lips meeting Tobin’s once more. Her tongue darted between Tobin’s lips, and she tasted herself on Tobin’s tongue, causing her to let out a little moan.

 “I don't even want to think about anyone else with you,” Tobin husked. 

“Don’t think it, baby,” Christen whispered, pulling Tobin tighter against her. “I’m yours, remember? Only yours.”

“Mine,” Tobin mumbled, pressing a kiss to Christen’s lips. She slowly moved out of Christen’s arms and bent down, slipping Christen’s underwear and jeans back up her legs and buttoning the jeans closed. “And I’m yours.”

“Every day, everywhere, even in random house bathrooms,” Christen replied with a blissed-out smile.

“Yeah...whose house even is this?” Tobin laughed. 

Christen waited only long enough for them to step through the front door before she was pulling Tobin to her. She pressed her lips against the side of Tobin’s throat, sucking gently as she backed Tobin up against the entryway wall.

“Jealous you is very hot and that Uber ride was too long,” Christen mumbled into Tobin’s skin, gripping tightly onto Tobin’s hips and letting her thumbs trace beneath the hem of the borrowed tank top.

“I’ll remember that,” Tobin husked, her mind already clouding with desire, not that it had actually de-clouded after their moment in the bathroom.

Christen pulled Tobin off the wall and backed them up through the hallway, her lips marking the side of Tobin’s neck. She trusted the path leading them toward the couch in the living room to be clear, knowing her roommates were all still at the party across campus, and that Kelley was out for the night. After relinquishing control in the bathroom, Christen was very ready to take it back and to take it back now . She couldn’t wait for upstairs, not when there was a perfectly suitable couch right there and the door was locked. 

Tobin let Christen lead the way, loving when Christen was in charge just as much as she’d enjoyed taking control at the party. Tobin stepped back with each of Christen’s steps, her breath speeding up with each kiss. 

Christen could feel the desperation behind Tobin’s grasping hands, looking for purchase on her waist and her back and her hair and all she could do was smile. If Tobin was desperate now, just wait. 

Removing her lips from Tobin’s neck, Christen leaned back and saw that they’d made it to the couch, the cushion close enough for Tobin to sit down on. With a smirk, Christen pushed gently, but with some force, against Tobin’s shoulders, sending her falling onto the couch cushion. Christen grinned down at her girlfriend, her tongue darting out to wet her lips as she ran through everything she wanted to do, every sound she wanted to wrench from Tobin’s lips, every torturous moment she wanted to enjoy. She quickly shed Tobin’s leather jacket and tossed it onto the coffee table, her eyes never leaving Tobin’s. 

Heat flooded Tobin’s body at the way Christen was looking down at her. Only one cognizant thought passed through Tobin’s mind, and that was that she wanted Christen, needed Christen, on top of her. She reached out, trying to grasp anything that she could, Christen’s hips, her belt loops, her hands, her legs. 

Christen tsked and grabbed onto Tobin’s wrist. She lifted Tobin’s hand to her mouth and pressed a kiss to her palm before dropping it back down to Tobin’s side. 

“You can touch when I say you can,” Christen husked, her eyes sparkling at the way she could see her words register with Tobin. She saw the flush creep further up Tobin’s neck, saw her pupils further dilate, saw her jaw tighten and then loosen as if she were submitting to the torture Christen was surely about to put her through.

Christen dropped her knees on either side of Tobin’s hips, sinking down into Tobin’s lap. She placed her hands on the sides of Tobin’s face, her touch gentle despite the heat and desire filling the air around them. 

“Remember the kitchen last year? Remember the rules ?” Christen whispered, nuzzling her nose along Tobin’s.

Tobin couldn’t forget that. She’d never be able to forget how Christen had held her hands against the fridge and teased her. Tobin was certain, in this moment, that Christen could make her come with just her words, and she had no idea how she was going to survive the teasing that was sure to come her way, judging by the glint in Christen’s eyes. 

“Yes,” Tobin choked out, placing her hands on the couch instead of on Christen’s thighs. 

“Good. Same rules apply, until I decide they don’t,” Christen smirked, leaning back to look into Tobin’s eyes, feeling a small thrill run through her at the want swirling around within them.

“So bossy,” Tobin mumbled, squeezing her legs together. 

“You love it,” Christen replied, running her thumbs along the hard line of Tobin’s jaw. 

“Baby,” Tobin nearly moaned, feeling Christen press into her lap a little more. 

Baby ,” Christen whispered teasingly, rolling her hips just a bit. 

“I don’t know-” Tobin gulped, her back arching off of the couch. “How long I’ll-”

“How long you’ll what ?” Christen hummed, knowing exactly what Tobin was talking about but wanting to hear Tobin say it.  

“Last,” Tobin whined, gripping the couch in order to refrain from moving Christen’s hips against her. 

“You’ll last as long as I want you to,” Christen replied, her tone dripping with desire, her hands falling to Tobin’s sides, her lips ghosting across Tobin’s right cheek, toward her ear. She kept her touches light, her pace slow. She was going to take her time and enjoy this. She was going to remind Tobin with every kiss and taste that she was Tobin’s, that nothing would ever change that. She was just going to have some fun with the reminder. “You’ll come when I say you can.”

Tobin groaned, rocking her hips up against Christen’s. She knew Christen typically liked control in bed, but she’d never seen Christen this dominant, and it was making Tobin’s legs tremble already. 

“Okay?” Christen whispered, softening for just a moment as she breathed the word into Tobin’s ear, as her hands stilled on Tobin’s sides.

Tobin nodded, swallowing thickly and huffing out a soft, “Yes.”

Christen grinned and took Tobin’s earlobe between her teeth, pulling on it softly as she raked her nails down Tobin’s sides, over the tank top.


Christen moved her lips back to Tobin’s as her hands slid beneath the hem of the tank top, quickly finding Tobin’s breasts. She kissed Tobin hard, a brutal, bruising pace that matched the fire Tobin had behind her lips earlier in the evening. As she ground down into Tobin, she palmed Tobin’s breasts over her bra, already feeling the hard nipples through the fabric. 

“Off,” Tobin begged. “Please.”

“No,” Christen hummed against Tobin’s lips. She wasn’t going to be rushed, she wasn’t going to give into the whispered ‘please’ like she usually did. So, instead, she snaked her hands under the band of the bra and cupped Tobin’s bare breasts. She teased and toyed with Tobin’s nipples as her teeth and tongue teased and toyed with Tobin’s lips.

Tobin let out a keening whine, her hips bucking up automatically with Christen’s touch. She knew she wouldn’t last long with Christen teasing her like this. She knew that she was already sensitive to each of Christen’s touches. She could feel how wet she was getting, how wet she’d been since she’d led Christen into the bathroom at the party. 

When she felt Tobin try to press up into her for the third time, trying to find some release in the promise of pressure from her hips, Christen removed her hands from Tobin’s chest, pulling them out from under the tank top. She got up quickly, surprising herself with how stable she felt on her feet, despite the hazy desire settling over her. 

Christen knelt between Tobin’s legs, her hands gripping Tobin’s hips tightly and tugging her closer to the edge of the couch cushion. She lifted her eyes to meet Tobin’s, arching a brow, silently asking if she could continue, if she could take them where she was desperate to.

“Chris,” Tobin groaned, lifting her hips a little, wanting Christen to take the jeans off and get on with it, to put her out of her misery. 

But Christen wasn’t there yet. She instead dropped her mouth to the plunging neckline of the tank top and kissed down the valley between Tobin’s breasts, down the front of the tank top. She ran her palms up and down the top of Tobin’s thighs, feeling the heat of her skin through the jeans she still wore, the jeans Christen was going to divest her of shortly. But first, Christen used a hand to lift the tank top up. She kissed and licked and nipped at Tobin’s stomach, at her hip bones that peeked out above the waistband of the jeans. 

The breathy, choked, broken gasps and moans that left Tobin’s lips were music to her ears and only served to fuel her fire. She abandoned Tobin’s stomach, letting the tank top fall. She used her hands to push Tobin’s legs further apart, dropping her lips to the front of Tobin’s jeans and placing a kiss there, a kiss of promise that she’d deliver on soon.

“I-” Tobin husked, her hands lifting to touch Christen before she remembered Christen’s teasing. “I’m dripping,” Tobin whispered, her voice cracking and her legs tightening around Christen. 

Christen leaned back, dodging Tobin’s hands. She looked up at the blissed-out look on Tobin’s face, at the way her chest was heaving. Christen had never seen a sight more beautiful. 

“Do you want me to do something about that?” Christen husked, placing her palms on Tobin’s thighs. 

“Please,” Tobin begged, just wanting any tiny amount of friction that Christen could offer. 

Christen slowly trailed her fingertips up Tobin’s right thigh, her fingers drifting to the button of Tobin’s jeans. She toyed with it, her eyes never falling from Tobin’s. 

“I’ll think about it,” Christen smirked, flicking the button of Tobin’s jeans and then tugging the zipper down slowly. She grabbed ahold of the waistband of Tobin’s jeans and tugged them off of her legs, throwing them somewhere behind her. 

Now that she had Tobin in just a pair of light gray boyshorts, the evidence of her desire clear on them, Christen moved her lips to Tobin’s left knee. She started her slow trek up Tobin’s leg, her tongue and her lips doing the work of further building Tobin up, of further driving her absolutely mad.

“I really love you,” Christen whispered into Tobin’s skin, her hands holding Tobin’s hips in place. 

“Really?” Tobin chuckled. “Because you’re killing me.”

Christen smiled, angling her head to look up at Tobin, already finding those brown eyes locked on her. 

“I know,” Christen smirked, turning her attention to Tobin’s right leg now, starting at her knee and working her way up Tobin’s thigh. She nipped at the inside of Tobin’s thigh, sucking hard and knowing she’d leave a small mark in her wake. She then kissed across the fabric of Tobin’s boyshorts and felt her resolve crumble when she heard Tobin’s whimpering grow louder.

“You can touch now,” Christen hummed with a smile, kissing down the front of the boyshorts, licking at the wet spot she found there.

Tobin’s hands tangled in Christen’s hair without hesitation, holding her where she needed her most. She wanted to get the boyshorts off. She wanted Christen to pull them off and finally push her over the edge that she’d been teetering on since getting back to the house. 

Christen did just that. She quickly removed the last bit of fabric between her and her destination and settled back between Tobin’s legs. But even if she’d given Tobin permission to touch...she still hadn’t given her permission to do much else. She kept her tongue light and teasing, not adding nearly enough pressure to do anything more than drive Tobin even madder than she already had. 

“Christen. Press.” Tobin growled, clenching her teeth and gripping Christen a little harder. 

“Mhm,” Christen hummed against Tobin’s center, feeling Tobin’s hips jump at the sensation.

“I need you to fuck me,” Tobin panted, rolling her hips toward Christen’s lips. “Now.”

Christen removed her tongue and her lips from where Tobin wanted her. “Ask me nicely,” she replied with a smirk, leaning her head against Tobin’s thigh and looking up at her nearly undone girlfriend. Payback was going to be a bitch, but she was so ready for it. This was worth it. This view was worth it.

A choked groan left Tobin’s lips. “I can just do it myself,” Tobin sighed, narrowing her eyes at Christen’s teasing look. 

“Ask me nicely,” Christen repeated, knowing full well Tobin preferred her tongue and her touch to anything Tobin could do herself.

Tobin blew out a long breath, feeling the wetness between her legs grow. “Please, baby.”

“Please what?”

“Please make me come?” Tobin moaned, her hips twitching against the couch. 

Christen grinned. She finally got what she wanted, and now so would Tobin. Christen dove back in, not restraining herself any longer as she drove Tobin closer to the edge with just a few swipes of her tongue. It was embarrassingly quick, after so much build-up. It couldn’t have been more than twenty seconds, no more than a handful of flicks and sucks and tastes, before Tobin was completely falling apart, a guttural moan wrenched from her lips. 

Tobin didn’t think she’d come that hard before. Her chest was heaving, her heart was hammering, her legs were shaking. All she wanted to do was carry Christen up the stairs and continue this for the rest of the night, once she recovered. 

“You’re amazing,” Tobin husked, reaching to pull Christen up toward her. 

Christen hesitated, grabbing Tobin’s boyshorts from the floor. They were still downstairs after all, and anyone could come home at any minute. It would probably be best if Tobin was somewhat covered.

Christen slid the boyshorts up Tobin’s still quivering legs, letting Tobin pull them the rest of the way. Only once they were back on did Christen let Tobin pull her into her lap.  

She dropped down into Tobin’s lap once more, her arms falling to Tobin’s shoulders. At the sated, spent, sinfully beautiful look on Tobin’s face, Christen felt her cheeks flush. She wasn’t entirely sure where all of that had come from. But she wasn’t about to complain when she’d been able to make Tobin look like that. 

“You’re amazing-er,” Christen whispered.

“I love you so much,” Tobin mumbled, finally managing to catch her breath.  

Christen grinned, her eyes crinkling as she ran her hands over Tobin’s head, pushing her hair behind her ears. 

“And I love you so much,” Christen replied.

“And I’m going to tease you so much as soon as we get upstairs,” Tobin smirked. 

Christen’s eyes darkened at the promise hanging from Tobin’s words. “Oh, I’m counting on it.”

Tobin stood up from the couch, her arms holding tightly to Christen’s legs and keeping her in her arms. She managed to lean down and grab her jeans from the coffee table that Christen had haphazardly tossed them onto. 

Christen chuckled at the stumbling way Tobin grabbed the jeans and walked them toward the stairs. She did her best to help, so she linked her ankles at the small of Tobin’s back and wrapped her arms tightly around Tobin’s neck. 

Tobin moved as quickly as she could up the stairs, eager to get to their room and get Christen fully undressed before anyone else came home. On the second to last step, Tobin faltered, nearly missing the top step when she heard laughter coming from the opposite end of the hallway. She tightened her grip on Christen, keeping her in her arms, despite the stumble. 

“Babe,” Tobin hissed, her eyes widening. 

Christen whipped her head around, her eyes narrowing in the direction of Kelley’s closed bedroom door.

“No fucking way,” Christen whispered, turning back to look down at Tobin with a glint of amusement in her eyes. “They’re here ?”

“They’re totally having sex,” Tobin mumbled, listening to the rhythmic squeaking coming from the room.

“Ugh, my ears. I’ll never be able to un-hear that,” Christen grumbled, burying her face in Tobin’s neck.  

Tobin hurried down the hall toward their room, relieved that they couldn’t hear Kelley when their bedroom door was closed. She placed Christen on the bed and tossed her jeans into their shared hamper. 

Christen felt a giggle slip from her lips and she put a hand over her mouth, trying and failing to stifle her laughter. 

“What?” Tobin asked, a lopsided grin creeping onto her face at Christen’s adorable giggle. 

“I just can’t-” Christen giggled again, shaking her head at Tobin. “I was like between your legs downstairs and they were up here the whole time. What are the odds?”

“I wasn’t quiet either,” Tobin added, covering her face with her hand. 

“I’m aware,” Christen replied, rising from the bed and wrapping her arms around Tobin’s waist. She kissed Tobin’s hand that covered her face sweetly. “But they clearly were undeterred. So we’re probably safe.”

Tobin moved her hand and smirked at Christen, pressing a soft kiss onto Christen’s nose. 

“Hey, Chris?” Tobin sighed. 

“Yes?” Christen replied, tilting her head to the side as a small smile tugged at her lips.

“I have a really bad headache. Do you think Kelley has Aspirin?” 

Christen’s brow furrowed for a second, trying to understand the quick change in topic. 

“Maybe you could get me some when you ask her if you can get your toothbrush from her room?” Tobin added, her smile growing even more. 

Christen’s eyes brightened and a laugh escaped from her lips. “You’re saying we interrupt the interrupter?”

Tobin nodded, “I think it’s what she deserves. She interrupted our almost first time together.”

“Totally deserves it. Brilliant idea, baby,” Christen agreed, kissing Tobin quickly and skipping over to the door. “God, this is going to feel so good. Vindication!”

Tobin grabbed a pair of sweats from the dresser and pulled them on, following Christen to the door. 

Christen paused in front of Kelley’s door, cringing at the...lively noises coming from behind the closed door. She bit her tongue to keep from laughing. 

Tobin wasn’t quite as hesitant. She reached around Christen and banged her fist against the door as hard as she could. 

Christen hid her laugh in Tobin’s shoulder, her arm wrapping around Tobin’s waist.

“I thought your roommates were out for the night,” Mia said, her voice muffled from behind the door. 

“Fucking, fuckity, fucker,” Kelley grumbled. The sounds of a squeaking mattress and someone hitting the floor could be heard.

Tobin banged on the door again, preparing her face with a smile for when Kelley opened the door. 

Kelley wrenched the door open, clad only in boxers and a sports bra, an angry sort of fire burning in her usually friendly eyes.

“Christen needs her toothbrush,” Tobin said, her cheeks aching with a huge smile. 

“And Tobs here is dying for some Aspirin,” Christen added, doing a bit better than Tobin at hiding her smile.

“Fuck you both,” Kelley spat. “You suck.”

“Cute boxers,” Tobin smirked, looking down at the boxers covered with flamingos. 

“Thanks,” Kelley grumbled, keeping the door tight to her body so Tobin and Christen couldn’t see into the room.

“Well, we won’t keep you. We just wanted to set the universe back in balance and whatnot,” Christen grinned. 

“I feel really good about this. Maybe we can officially meet the girl soon, though?” Tobin asked. 

“I’d meet you now but I’m definitely a little naked!” Mia yelled from behind Kelley, earning chuckles from Tobin and Christen.

“Just make sure to use protection, Kel. And don’t be too loud,” Tobin winked, wrapping her arms around Christen. 

“I won’t be speaking to either of you for 36 hours,” Kelley replied, slamming the bedroom door forcefully.

“Ah, vindication,” Christen repeated, turning to grin over at Tobin.

“It only took nine months,” Tobin laughed, leading Christen back down the hall. 

Tobin led Christen back down the hall to their bedroom, a smile stuck on her face from how much they’d teased Kelley. Revenge felt sweet, almost sweet enough to clear her head of a few questions that had been swirling through her mind for the past few weeks, probably longer if she were being honest with herself. 

“Hey, whoa, worry wrinkle alert! What happened?” Christen asked, her eyes narrowed a bit at the far-off look in Tobin’s eyes and the clear wrinkle between her brows.

“No worry wrinkle,” Tobin grinned, pushing the door to their bedroom open.

“The wrinkle doesn’t lie,” Christen replied, poking her pointer finger between Tobin’s brows gently.

“It’s not a worry wrinkle. It’s just a thought wrinkle,” Tobin sighed, dropping down onto the bed. 

“And what are you thinking about?” Christen asked, moving to stand between Tobin’s legs, her hands cradling Tobin’s face.

“Something that isn’t my business,” Tobin sighed. 

“Is it about Kel?” Christen wondered, cocking her head to the side.

“Ew gross, no,” Tobin grimaced, leaning back on her elbows and looking up at Christen. She hooked her ankles around the back of Christen’s calves, just wanting to feel close to her. 

“Is it about...Pinoe?” Christen tried again, desperately hoping Tobin would throw her a bone at some point and just start talking.

“Why would I think about her?” Tobin smirked, kind of loving that Christen was trying to guess and guessing very poorly. 

“ it about food?” Christen asked, a hopeful smile on her face that she’d finally found the right thing.

Tobin sighed, falling onto her back and covering her face with her arm. There was no way that Christen was going to magically read her mind about this, but she didn’t want to have to say it out loud, at least not with Christen looking at her. 

“Oh boy, okay not food-related,” Christen sighed, leaning over Tobin and propping herself up with her hands on either side of Tobin’s head. “You could just put us both out of our misery and tell me?”

Tobin covered her face with both of her hands, taking a deep, steadying breath. “It’s about you…” Tobin mumbled through her hands. 

“I love when you think about me,” Christen teased lightly, hoping to take away some of Tobin’s worries about whatever it was that was going on.

“Maybe not this time,” Tobin grumbled. 

“Huh,” Christen replied, so far past confused. She had no idea why Tobin thinking about her would be a bad thing, or would be something she didn’t love.

“It’s about you...and her ,” Tobin muttered, hating the way the sentence sounded in her mouth. She’d never been this jealous before, not that Christen speaking to Kate upset her. She could speak to whoever she wanted to, and Tobin had complete faith in Christen. She trusted her with her heart, and she trusted her not to hurt her. That being said, she couldn’t help that the green monster seemed intent on making her wonder about what all Christen had done with Kate, how much of her Christen that Kate had seen.

Christen felt understanding wash over her. She gently pried Tobin’s hands away from her face and looked deeply into her favorite pair of brown eyes. 

“I see, baby. What do you want to know? I won’t hide anything from you, but just remember that what I feel for you, I never felt anything like that for her. I was only with her to try and ignore the love I had for you then,” Christen murmured quietly, infusing every word with reassurance. 

Tobin felt silly and maybe a little immature. She felt ridiculous asking Christen anything, especially since she knew Christen loved her more than anyone else. She’d said as much, many many times. 

“You can ask me anything, baby, so long as I get to hold you when all the questions are over,” Christen hummed, leaning down to kiss Tobin’s forehead.

Tobin bit her bottom lip thinking about what she was actually going to ask, now that the opportunity had arisen. 

“You went out with her for a month,” Tobin mumbled. 

“Ish, yeah. A month-ish,” Christen corrected, wondering where Tobin was going to take this.

“A month is a while,” Tobin commented, glancing around the room, anywhere but directly at Christen. 

“It’s just four weeks,” Christen whispered, reading the insecurity in Tobin’s eyes. She leaned down to kiss Tobin gently. “A month is a blip on the radar of forever.”

“I don’t know…the first month of us together was a pretty big four weeks,” Tobin continued, not particularly wanting to ask the real question she’d been thinking about and feeling gross about any time she accidentally pictured it. 

“For you and me, yeah. Every month is big and important when it’s us. That doesn’t mean the month that...she and I dated is anywhere near as important or big,” Christen replied gently.

Tobin took a deep breath. There was no way that Christen was going to answer it without being asked point-blank. 

“You didn’t…?” Tobin grimaced at the start of the question. 

Christen looked down at Tobin curiously, trying to read the unspoken words in her eyes, on her face. And then she did. Christen finally put two and two together and figured out exactly what Tobin was so hung up about. 

“Oh baby, no . We didn’t sleep together! God no, we didn’t even get close! I couldn’t- I wouldn’t have done that to her, Not when you had my heart already,” Christen assured running her fingertips across Tobin’s cheeks.

“Not that I’d judge you if you did,” Tobin blurted out. 

Christen cracked a smile. “I know that. But we didn’t, I promise.”

“Did she…?” Tobin started. “Ummm...see your…Nope, I don’t want to know that,” Tobin huffed, shaking her head and pulling Christen closer. 

Christen chuckled into Tobin’s hair, letting Tobin hold her close. “My boobs? Are you getting territorial, baby?”

“Puh-lease,” Tobin hummed. “No way. Of course not.”

“She didn’t see them,” Christen whispered, smirking at the feigned nonchalance in Tobin’s voice. She maneuvered down a bit so she could press her lips to Tobin’s neck. She pressed a kiss to the flushed skin she found there.

“Thank goodness,” Tobin sighed. “Can I have a turn now? I need to repay you for what you just did to me on the couch.”

Christen’s smirk grew as she leaned back and got on the bed, straddling Tobin’s waist. She reached down to the hem of her crop top and pulled it over her head. She tossed it somewhere behind her and then slowly bent down. She nuzzled Tobin’s nose with her own, her lower lip pulled between her teeth. 

“Repay away,” Christen husked, hovering over Tobin, waiting for her to make the first move. 

“What was that you said, again? No touching until I say you can?” Tobin teased, flipping Christen over so that she could be on top.