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Our Secret Moments

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When you smile, yeah I notice

For a while when show me

Your heart, your heart

And know it feels right


I knew that someday you'd be mine

Found love, the right one

The kind of that I really want

That night, I felt free

I know what you mean to me

You mean love, love, love

(Tobin - “Found Love” by We The Lion)


It's a little bit clearer now

I love you like the sun came out, oh

We're waking up, we're waking up slow

It's like I never had a doubt

I love you like the sun came out

We're waking up, we're waking up

Like I told ya

Don't look backwards

'Cause now I see you here

Nothing else matters

Like I told ya

Don't look backwards

'Cause now I see you here

I'm going back on the things that I know

All my nights taste like gold

Yeah, when I'm with you it's like everything glows

(Christen - “Waking Up Slow” by Gabrielle Aplin)



“Hey, what’re you doing here?” Tobin asked, dropping her backpack onto the floor. 

Christen looked up in surprise, not having expected her girlfriend to show up outside of Coach Foudy’s office, especially not at this time of day. She was almost certain Tobin had a studio class in the afternoons, and she was even more certain that Tobin hadn’t mentioned anything about a meeting with Foudy.

“What are you doing here? Don’t you have class?” Christen asked with a confused little smile.

“My professor let me leave early. Foudy emailed me this morning about meeting with her,” Tobin explained, still not sure why both of them were outside Foudy’s office either. 

“That’s weird, I’m meeting with her too...” Christen trailed off, trying to figure out what could possibly have-

“Oh my god, she knows,” Christen choked out, gripping Tobin’s arm in a vice-like grip. The panic in her voice was clear, but it was even clearer on her face.

“What?” Tobin asked, searching her brain for what Foudy could possibly know that was bad. “She knows what?”

“That we’re-” Christen looked around and then lowered her voice, “ together . She could know about so much...oh shitballs, what if she knows about what we did in the locker room?” Christen hissed, trying to keep her heart rate from elevating.

“First of all, she’s totally known that we’ve been together since August,” Tobin laughed. “Foudy’s observant. Why do you think she never rooms us together on trips?”

That gave Christen pause. It was a little odd that they’d never been roomed together, and she guessed it made sense that if Foudy knew about them, she wouldn’t put them together. But still.

“Secondly, how could she possibly know about that glorious time in the locker room two days ago?” Tobin smirked, hoping to make Christen smile.

Christen’s cheeks flamed at the reminder of the joint shower they’d taken and the lack of showering they’d done in it. “I-well, I don’t know! Maybe there’s like a secret, hidden video camera?”

“That sounds illegal,” Tobin whispered and sent a wink toward Christen. 

“Baby, I’m serious. She could be cutting us. Or like...enforcing a ‘no dating teammates’ rule,” Christen mumbled, actively having to remove her hand from Tobin’s arm, lest Foudy came out of the office and saw them together.

“Oh? And would you be following that rule?” Tobin smirked, crossing her arms and cocking her head at Christen. 

Christen rolled her eyes. “You are irritatingly calm right now,” she replied quietly, crossing her own arms, mirroring Tobin.

“I just think we shouldn’t worry until there’s something to worry about,” Tobin said, trying and failing to calm her adorable, panicking girlfriend down. 

“Press, Heath, come in here,” Foudy called out, sticking her head out of the office and then going back in just as quickly.

“Deep breaths, babe,” Tobin mumbled as she picked up her backpack and walked to the door. 

“I’m panicking, deep breaths or not,” Christen sighed, following Tobin with her own backpack slung over her shoulder and a large pit in her stomach. 

“Hey, Coach!” Tobin said when she walked into the office. If Christen was going to panic, Tobin was bound and determined to carry the conversation. 

“Heath, how was your break?” Foudy replied with an easy smile.

“It was great,” Tobin grinned. “I saw my sisters and their families.”

Christen couldn’t stop bouncing her legs up and down, trying to force deep breaths in and out, but finding the effort unsuccessful as she sat there listening to Coach Foudy and Tobin talk. 

“Press and I kicked the ball around some too,” Tobin added, with a small smile. 

Christen whipped her head up, looking between Tobin and Coach Foudy, praying that the blush in her cheeks wasn’t noticeable. 

“Oh, yup. Kicked balls. We did that,” Christen added with a nod.

“We’re really working on that flawless connection you talked about last season,” Tobin smirked, knowing that Christen was going to kill her after they left the office. 

Christen tensed, moving her foot to kick Tobin’s shin, her action hidden by the desk Foudy sat behind. She couldn’t believe the nerve of Tobin to act so nonchalantly right now. She couldn’t believe that Tobin was sitting there, cool as a cucumber, talking about their “flawless connection” like they hadn’t been testing out just how flawless it was this morning when Tobin was knuckles deep inside of her.

“That’s great! I’m glad you two are getting along,” Foudy said, hardly looking up from her computer. 

Christen cleared her throat, praying that her voice wouldn’t crack and that the flush threatening to creep up her neck would remain at bay.

“So, Coach, what did you want to talk to us about?” Christen asked, her fingers tapping nervously against her thighs.

“You both know it’s spring now, so the seniors are officially finished playing for us. I spent my holiday going over our players and thinking about who would make the best captain, now that Long is graduating. I think you two would be great for the job,” Foudy finished, looking between Christen and Tobin with an expectant smile. 

Christen straightened up at Foudy’s words, feeling her chest swell. She had wanted this, the ability to lead and the recognition from her teammates and her coaches. She just couldn’t believe it was actually happening. She was getting the chance to lead her teammates next season, right alongside her incredibly talented girlfriend. She was so happy, she barely noticed Tobin’s less-than-excited reaction.

Tobin snorted at the suggestion from their coach, unable to take the suggestion seriously. “I don’t really think I’m the one for the job. Christen is a great choice, though. The team will be great under her leadership,” Tobin nodded, prepared to pick up her backpack and leave. She was hovering above her chair, ready to run. 

“Ass in seat, Heath. I chose you both for very specific reasons and I’d like you both to be my captains,” Coach Foudy replied sternly, her voice leaving no room for argument.

“Um, we appreciate this, Coach. We’re both very honored,” Christen replied, unsure why Tobin seemed ready to bolt, why she seemed so uncomfortable. How could Tobin not see how exciting this opportunity was for the both of them? She looked over at Tobin, her brow furrowed in confusion.

Tobin shrugged and sat back down, moving her eyes away from Christen. “Of course Christen thought this was a good idea,” she thought to herself. With a deep sigh, Tobin pushed her feet far in front of her chair and stretched her legs. 

“Have you ever had co-captains?” Tobin asked. She didn’t really like the idea of being a leader. She liked being a part of the group. She liked helping the freshmen but not because it was her job. She wasn’t the kind of person who was good at telling younger players what to do, and Tobin was bracing herself for possibly disappointing Christen with this new role. 

“We haven’t, but I figure there’s no time like the present when I’ve got two of the nation's best forwards and leaders on my team,” Foudy replied, looking at Tobin curiously. “Remember about opportunity knocking? You gotta answer the door.”

“Yeah, I remember,” Tobin choked out, wishing she’d just stayed in her studio art class. 

“Well, this is us answering! This is an incredible opportunity, thank you for thinking of us,” Christen said, smiling at Foudy, her concern about Tobin’s reaction growing by the second.

“It’ll be great!” Foudy clapped her hands together. 

“Super-duper,” Tobin nodded, putting a smile on her face. “Thanks for thinking of us,” Tobin mumbled, repeating Christen’s words. 

“What was that?” Christen asked, keeping her voice low as she walked next to Tobin out of the Athletics Building and toward the parking lot. As soon as they stepped outside, she laced her fingers with Tobin’s, giving her hand a small squeeze, still confused about whatever had just happened up there and wanting Tobin to know she was here for her.

“What was what?” Tobin asked, shoving her free hand into her pocket and moving her other to swing their clasped hands between them. 

“Baby, Foudy just gave us the opportunity of a lifetime up there and you’re acting like she’s punishing us,” Christen replied.

“You’ll be a great captain. It’s the opportunity of a lifetime for you . I’ve never wanted to be a captain,” Tobin shrugged. 

“Why? You’re a natural leader,” Christen said, reaching into her pocket to grab her car keys as she pulled Tobin toward her Subaru.

“It’s just not my thing. I prefer to be part of the group. Plus, other people deserve it more than I do. I’ve only been here for a semester. I haven’t put in the time,” Tobin said, opening the driver’s side door for Christen to get in the car.  

Christen kissed the worry wrinkle between Tobin’s brows and then slid into the car. “Time doesn’t matter. You’ve put your heart and soul into this team since you showed up, and Foudy knows that. We all do. Now, let’s go home and we can talk about this some more,” Christen smiled, gesturing at the passenger’s side with a tilt of her head.

Tobin mirrored Christen’s grin and jogged around the car. She and Christen had been spending more nights together since winter break and driving to campus together in the mornings. This morning, Tobin had convinced Christen to grab bagels on the way, the start to a perfect day. Now, it felt like the day had taken a turn, though. Ever since Foudy seemed hellbent on making Tobin do something she didn’t feel qualified for. 

Christen noticed the tension in Tobin’s shoulders as Tobin slid into the passenger’s seat next to her. So, she reached across the console and took Tobin’s hand in hers, her eyes on the road as she drove out of the parking lot. 

“There are people on this team who’ve been here the whole time, and they don’t care half as much as you do. You deserve this,” Christen said gently.

“Pinoe would be a good captain or Crystal,” Tobin hummed, chewing on the inside of her cheek. 

“Yeah, they would be. But Pinoe’s too rambunctious and Crystal might be graduating this semester to go pro early. That’s up in the air right now. So they’re not the right choices, and Foudy knows that,” Christen replied.

“Oh, good for her,” Tobin nodded, her mind focused on Crystal’s success for a moment. “Okay, I get that, but why didn’t she just ask you? Why throw me in the mix?”

Christen whipped into off-campus housing, parking her car in the driveway of her townhouse. She unbuckled her seatbelt and pivoted in her seat, making sure Tobin was looking at her before she replied.

“Why do you think Foudy asked me to be captain?” Christen asked, hoping Tobin would indulge her and help her make the point she was desperate to, hoping Tobin would understand once she was done.

“You’re an amazing player and leader. You coach the younger players already. You’re super supportive and organized and patient,” Tobin began, going through a list in her head of all of Christen’s amazing qualities. “You’re an obvious choice. I just don’t know why she wants me to get in your way,” Tobin said matter-of-factly.

“If I’m the obvious choice, then you must know why you are too. For all those things that I do, I don’t do a lot of other things,” Christen reasoned, reaching out to run her fingers along the inside of Tobin’s arm, hating the insecurity and the uncertainty she could see on Tobin’s face. 

“I don’t spend my off-days taking the freshmen to the fields to do skills sessions. I don’t offer to tutor the underclassmen or help them in study hall with their math or their French. I don’t buy the team pizza after a hard fitness session. I don’t unconsciously elevate the level of training or the energy during games with my composure and my play. You do all those things, and so much more.” 

Tobin sighed, unable to stop herself from smiling at her girlfriend’s excessive compliments. “I get it. You’re very sweet.”

“I’m just trying to get you to see that everything you do makes you beyond worthy of being a captain. That our strengths as leaders perfectly complement one another. That together? We can lead this team back to the finals and to another NCAA Championship,” Christen assured, feeling her chest lighten at the smile on Tobin’s face. 

Tobin looked much calmer, much more at ease now, and Christen was beyond thankful. She didn’t want Tobin to worry about this, especially when to everyone else, it was a no-brainer. Tobin wasn’t just one of the best players on the team, she was the best leader.

“You give really good motivational speeches. That’s another captain quality,” Tobin laughed, already feeling some of the worry lift off her shoulders. If she had to be a captain, at least she got to do it with Christen. 

“So do you, so your captain quality list is growing too,” Christen replied with a small smile.

“Your directions could use some work though,” Tobin teased. “My house is down there unless you want me to walk,” Tobin pointed down the street. 

Christen blushed. “I, uh- well I know you stayed over last night but I was wondering if you wanted to again? I know we’re supposed to alternate but-”

“Someone likes me,” Tobin sing-songed, opening her car door to get out. 

“I more than like you,” Christen grinned, waiting in the driver’s seat because she knew Tobin would race around the front of her car, comically try to slide across the hood, fail, then make it to her door to open it for her.

“I swear I’m going to dent the hood one of these days, and your dad is going to ask how it happened,” Tobin huffed, blowing a strand of hair out of her face. 

“And I’ll tell him it was you,” Christen replied with a wink, taking Tobin’s offered hand and letting Tobin pull her from the car. Tobin pouted slightly at her words. 

“Aw my poor baby,” Christen teased, leaning forward to kiss the pout on Tobin’s lips. “Having to deal with the hypothetical consequences of your actions.”

“I could always tell Cody about that time you snuck into the guest room,” Tobin hummed. “That would probably keep you from telling on me.”

“Sorry, did you want to sleep over?” Christen deadpanned, her smile taking the sting out of her words.

Tobin let out a loud laugh, wrapping her arms around Christen and walking to the front porch. They made their way into the house, which was empty thanks to Kelley, Megan, and Crystal all having an afternoon class.

“You want to have a movie night?” Tobin asked, leading Christen up the stairs to her bedroom. 

“Considering it’s syllabus week and there’s no homework, most definitely,” Christen replied.

“Good thing I left my good sweatpants here,” Tobin smiled, glancing up at her painting on the wall and feeling a small flutter in her chest. 

“You left a lot more than that. You’ve basically got an entire wardrobe over here,” Christen hummed, noticing the smile on Tobin’s face as she looked at the painting. Christen kissed Tobin’s cheek softly and then untangled their fingers, leaving Tobin’s side in favor of dropping her backpack next to her desk and rummaging around for some lounge clothes.

“Yeah, sorry. I’ll take stuff back at some point,” Tobin shrugged, dropping her backpack onto the floor near Christen’s desk. 

“Don’t bother, you use it when you stay over anyways,” Christen replied absentmindedly, pulling out some sweats for herself.

“So, are we going to make a habit of breaking the sleepover rule?” Tobin asked, pulling her sweatpants out of the small pile of clothes she’d left at Christen’s. Christen had kindly washed the clothes and put them into a laundry basket that now lived against the wall near the door.  

Christen grinned and crossed the room, tossing her sweats on the bed and wrapping her arms around Tobin’s middle.

“Basically every rule is broken now so...we might need new ones,” she replied, pressing a kiss to the side of Tobin’s neck. “And I think the first new rule should be...that I get to help you change.”

Tobin smirked, tossing her sweats on the bed with Christen’s. “Oh? You want to help me put sweats on?” 

Christen nodded, her smirk mirroring Tobin’s. “Yeah...later, though. Much later. Nobody will be home until six.”

“That sounds suggestive,” Tobin whispered, her heart already beating a little quicker at Christen’s words. 

“It was meant to,” Christen whispered back, nuzzling her nose along the back of Tobin’s neck.


Tobin opened the fridge for the third time, her stomach rumbling but her eyes finding nothing really that enticing. 

“Dude, it doesn’t restock itself,” Ashlyn laughed from where she was perched on the kitchen counter. 

“It should,” Tobin sighed, grabbing an apple from the counter and taking a bite. It wasn’t what she’d really been looking for, but it would do. 

Ashlyn was halfway through a piece of cold, leftover pizza. Her legs were swinging back and forth of the counter, and a bit of pizza sauce was smudged on her face. 

“So how is it?” Ashlyn asked, breaking the silence. 

“How is what?” Tobin mumbled through another bite of her apple. 

“The sex. You’ve totally been glowing since winter break, and as much as I wish I could forget it, I’ve totally heard you and Christen doing something in your room…” Ashlyn prompted. 

“Uh…” Tobin blushed. “It’s great.”

“So you did the deed? Did you use the techniques I suggested?” Ashlyn asked. 

“Yep,” Tobin nodded, not wanting to dive into any detail. 

“And she liked them?” Ashlyn garbled through a mouthful of pizza. 

“Yep,” Tobin said, her mind remembering exactly how Christen had reacted to a few of the tongue techniques Ashlyn had sent Tobin links and videos on. 

“Sweet,” Ashlyn sighed, slipping off the counter and making her way to the couch to finish watching a reality TV show. 

Tobin made her way out of the kitchen and headed upstairs to sort through some of her clothes, trying to cool the blush on her cheeks, and trying to pull her thoughts away from Christen and everything they’d done together. She was only able to manage that for a few minutes before Allie kicked her bedroom door open, her hands on her hips. 

“You traitor!” Allie grumbled, her eyes narrowing at Tobin. “You told Ash about your sex with C.P. before me?!” 

“Oh my god, Harry,” Tobin groaned. “It isn’t a big deal. Ashlyn asked, and I told her that it was- is great. Now you’re caught up.”

“Did you go down on her?” Allie asked. 

“You don’t need that much detail,” Tobin huffed. 

“Topless Christen’s really hot, right?” Allie grinned. 

Tobin rolled her eyes at her best friend. “Yes, she is.”

“You totally went down on her. I can see it in your eyes,” Allie laughed. 

Tobin didn’t respond. She was certain that the look on her face and the flush rising on her neck was answer enough. 

“There’s just this look a girl gets after she’s been between another girl’s legs, it’s like a glow ,” Allie smirked, loving the fact that she could tease Tobin about this.

“And how would you know? You’re the straightest person I know,” Tobin sighed. 

Allie shrugged. “It’s a gift to recognize the glow , and I’ve got it. Like, let me tell you, two days ago I ran into Kelley and-”

“Don’t finish that sentence. I don’t want to know anything about Kelley glowing,” Tobin winced. 

“Your loss, she never skimps on the details,” Allie sighed, finally noticing that Tobin was rushing around her room. There were tons of t-shirts piled on top of Tobin’s bed, and Tobin was still digging through the top drawer of her dresser, throwing clothes into separate piles. “What the hell are you doing?” Allie asked curiously.

“Spring cleaning,” Tobin smiled, tossing one of her favorite shirts onto the bed. 

“You’re getting rid of all that? But what else would you wear if not for soccer t-shirts?” Allie teased, jumping on top of Tobin’s desk and swinging her legs back and forth.

“Just the pile on the right,” Tobin pointed to the slightly larger pile at the foot of the bed. “Those don’t spark as much joy.”

“Okay...but what’s with the need for spring cleaning? Did you and C.P. start Marie Kondo’s show or something?”

Tobin felt her cheeks blush a little. She opened the next drawer to sort through her sweatpants and decide what could go. “I’m just making some room.”

Allie looked between the blush in Tobin’s cheeks, the empty drawers, and the piles of clothes, and then it all clicked. A large grin spread across her face.

“Harry, you dog. You’re giving C.P. a drawer aren’t you?” 

“If she wants it,” Tobin mumbled. “We decided to alternate weeks at each other’s places, and Chris’s week staying over here starts today.”

“So you cleared out space for her? That is the sweetest shit I’ve ever heard,” Allie cooed, holding a hand over her heart. 

“Okay, that’s enough,” Tobin murmured, pulling out an old pair of sweats that had a few too many holes and tossing them into the give-away pile. 

“No wait I’m not done! A drawer in each other’s rooms, a forever place in each other’s hearts. Put that shit on a Hallmark card, am I right?” Allie replied. 

“I mean, I don’t have a drawer at her place, but sure that’s the idea,” Tobin nodded, rolling her eyes a little at Allie’s words. 

“It starts with a drawer, it ends with a wedding dress,” Allie sighed, still sinking into the sappiness of the moment so she could tease Tobin a little.

“Harry,” Tobin grumbled, tossing another pair of ratty sweatpants at Allie. 

“To some, it may be a drawer, but to you, it is a declaration of love, a promise of forever!”

“Just don’t say anything to her when she comes over, please,” Tobin asked, realizing that she would never get Allie to stop teasing her. 

Allie grinned. “I won’t, I’m just giving you shit. You know I’m happy for you, and I always wanted the chance to live with C.P. and now I finally get to every other week!”

“Why? You’ve already seen her boobs,” Tobin teased. 

“Yes, but there’s more chance to see them again if she stays here,” Allie winked, jumping off the desk. 

“Goodbye, Harry,” Tobin groaned. She needed to put the give-away clothes into a trash bag and drive it to a donation center before Christen came over. 

“Bye, drawer-giver!” Allie called out, leaving Tobin to her spring cleaning. 

Christen looked around the table, noting the smirks and smiles on her roommates' faces. She rolled her eyes and sat back in her chair, arms crossing over her chest. 

“All right, what do you want to know?” Christen asked, her face flushing as she waited for Megan, Kelley, and Crystal to bombard her with questions. 

The three of them shared a quick look and then started shouting over each other, trying to be the first one to ask a question. 

“How was she?! She looks like she’d be good!” Kelley asked with a suggestive wink. 

“Was it everything you wanted it to be?” Crystal wondered, propping her face up on her hands and grinning at Christen.

“Where the hell did my whipped cream go?!” Megan asked, a mischievous glint in her eyes that told Christen that Megan knew exactly where that whipped cream had gone.

Christen ducked her head and pushed a hand through her hair, feeling her cheeks grow hotter with every knowing look and question from her roommates. 

“It was...perfect and magical,” Christen whispered, a smile tugging at her lips as she looked up at her roommates. 

“Boring! Give us the dirt,” Megan teased, winking at Christen. 

“Hey, perfect and magical are important,” Crystal defended. “But...we want more than that, Christen!” Crystal added with a chuckle.

Christen placed her elbows on the table and dropped her chin to her hands. She let her mind travel back to her birthday weekend, to everything she and Tobin had done in this house, in this very room. 

“Guys, it was good . Better than good, it was fucking fantastic. Tobs is just-” Christen stopped, narrowing her eyes at her friends for a moment. “This stays here, right?”

Megan gave her a thumbs up and Crystal nodded.

“Ugh, fine I won’t share the kinky details of your sex life with the whole team,” Kelley grumbled, sitting back in her chair and crossing her arms over her chest. 

Christen laughed and then continued. “It was everything I could have wanted it to be and more. She’s- I mean, that was the best sex I’ve ever had and it just keeps getting better .”

Megan smirked. “Holy shit, Pressy you snagged yourself a Sex Goddess!”

“I want a Sex Goddess,” Kelley pouted.

Crystal ignored Megan and Kelley and caught Christen’s eye. “The best ever? That’s high praise,” Crystal said with a beaming smile, loving how happy Christen was.

Christen pulled her lower lip between her teeth and nodded. “Yeah and just when I think she can’t do any better or pull out any more surprises…”

“Gross, I don’t need to hear more,” Megan stuck her tongue out and got up from the table. 

“Speak for yourself!” Kelley replied, nodding at Christen to keep going. “What would you say is her...most skilled position?”

Christen choked on air and furiously shook her head. She was fine with telling her best friends that she and Tobin had finally made love, that it was glorious and wonderful and everything she wanted it to be. Hell, she was even fine with them knowing Tobin Heath was incredible in bed. But she drew the line here.

“Absolutely not, she’s not just my Sex Goddess, she’s our teammate,” Christen replied, still shaking her head. She got to her feet and smoothed out her clothes. “This convo stays in the roommate vault, okay?”

“Okay!” Megan and Kelley replied at the same time, both of them plopping down in front of the TV to watch Sue’s basketball game.

“I’m really happy everything worked out,” Crystal grinned, walking with Christen back upstairs. “And I’m very happy your girlfriend is not just a good person but is good in bed too.”

Christen blushed and smiled at Crystal, stopping outside of her door. “Thanks, Crys. And thanks for helping her out too, with the house keys and everything.”

Crystal waved Christen off, backing up toward her own room. “Don’t mention it. Better get a move on though, it’s almost six.”

Christen looked down at her watch and panicked, realizing she had less than fifteen minutes to finish packing up her duffel bag for her week-long stay over at Tobin’s place. 

Christen made it with a minute to spare. She fiddled with the stem of the Gerbera daisy, her duffel bag slung over her shoulder. She knocked on the townhouse door again and stepped back, waiting for Tobin to answer it.

Tobin ran down the stairs, her bare feet thudding against each step. She wrenched open the door a little too enthusiastically, judging by the way Christen jumped a little. 

“Hey,” Tobin smiled. 

“Right back atcha,” Christen grinned, holding out the flower. “Happy five months, Tobs.”

Tobin reached out and took the flower, her smile growing even more. “It’s my favorite. Thank you,” Tobin hummed, her cheeks aching with how much she’d been smiling since seeing Christen at the front door. 

“I know, but they are not easy to find! They were sold out everywhere, but one shop had one lying around in the back and gave it to me for free since it’s a little banged up. Which makes this seem way less romantic...forget what I just said,” Christen said, wrinkling her nose and regretting opening her mouth.

“You’re the sweetest, and I love it,” Tobin said, pulling Christen into the house and kissing her on the cheek. 

Christen rolled her eyes affectionately and slung her arm around Tobin’s hips. “I way over-packed for this and I’ll definitely have to go back to my place to drop off laundry like halfway through the week-”

“We have a washer here and I’ll have things to wash too,” Tobin said, not sure why Christen was worried about laundry. But then again, Christen was a planner.

“Oh, you want to do laundry together? How domestic,” Christen teased.

“I’d love to do laundry with you,” Tobin smirked. “Let me get water,” Tobin added, walking to the kitchen and getting one of the thin vases that Allie had collected with each of the bouquets Bati had sent over the years. She filled it with water for her daisy and carried it back to the front door. “All set.”

Christen smiled, grabbing onto Tobin’s hand and following Tobin to the stairs. “So are you as sore as I am?”

“From that thing we did last night?” Tobin asked, her eyebrows shooting up at Christen’s question. 

Christen flushed and lightly smacked Tobin’s shoulder. “No! From our six a.m. lift this morning. I hate squats more than life, and that’s like all we did. I haven’t been able to feel my legs all day.”

“Yeah, this is the first time I’ve come downstairs in a few hours,” Tobin laughed. 

Christen groaned as they climbed the last step. “I always forget how brutal the first week of spring is. Then I’m cruelly reminded every single year.”

“I’ll be happy when I’m back in shape and everything stops hurting,” Tobin sighed, pushing her bedroom door open and placing the flower on top of her dresser. 

“I think the team’s really doing well, though. Must be our outstanding tutelage,” Christen grinned, throwing her duffel at the foot of Tobin’s bed.

Tobin eyed the bag on the ground, feeling slightly antsy about mentioning the now empty drawer. 

“What’d my duffel do?” Christen teased, noting the hard stare Tobin was giving it.

“Nothing,” Tobin shrugged, dropping down on her bed. 

Christen walked over and stood between Tobin’s legs. She poked her finger against the wrinkle that had appeared between Tobin’s eyebrows, a silent request to talk and explain the wrinkle. She smiled sweetly down at Tobin and waited.

“Okay, fine. You know how we said we wouldn’t do gifts for month anniversaries except for six months?” Tobin prompted. “Which you kind of ignored, since you got the flower,” Tobin added, a teasing lilt to her voice. 

“We did say that, but nothing beats the smile you get on your face when I surprise you,” Christen hummed, pushing some of Tobin’s hair behind her ear.

“Cute, but...would you be mad if I maybe did something, even though it’s completely optional and definitely not a gift?” Tobin asked. 

Christen narrowed her eyes playfully. “So you give me grief for the flower and you broke the rule too?” she teased.

“It’s in the drawer,” Tobin nodded at the dresser. 

Christen pressed a quick kiss to Tobin’s forehead and then backed away toward the dresser. “Which one?” Christen asked over her shoulder.

“The second from the top,” Tobin answered, trying to be as nonchalant as possible, trying not to let any nerves slip out in her voice. 

Christen smiled at Tobin and then turned to the dresser. She opened the drawer and felt her brow furrow. 

“You sure it’s this one?” Christen asked, feeling around inside the empty drawer, seeing if she was maybe missing something.

“Mhm,” Tobin nodded, unable to stop the smile that was slipping onto her face. It was kind of adorable how confused Christen seemed when looking at the empty drawer. 

“But this- it’s empty?” Christen said, turning around to fix Tobin with a curious look. “Is this like a metaphor? There’s nothing in the drawer because you got me nothing?”

Tobin shook her head, finding this attempt at figuring out the gift absolutely adorable. “We said we wouldn’t get each other anything. I didn’t get anything, but I did give some things away,” she replied, leaning back on her elbows and cocking her head to the side.

“Can you spell it out for me, baby? I only got one cup of coffee today,” Christen said, beyond curious as to what this supposed gift was and how giving things away was part of that.

“We’re spending weeks at each other’s places now, which I love. Sleeping without you is torture, and I don’t want to do that anymore. I just want to make it easier and convenient. So...that’s yours,” Tobin said, pointing at the drawer. 

Christen blinked, taking a moment more to process what Tobin was saying. She looked between the empty drawer and Tobin’s shy smile and then it clicked. There wasn’t anything in the drawer, no gift or flower or token of Tobin’s love. The gift was the drawer. Tobin was giving her space in her room and was opening up another part of her life to Christen.  

“Baby, you’re giving me a drawer?” Christen asked, her tone full of awe, her eyes shining with love and unshed tears.

“If you’d like to have it. I mean...I gave away some old stuff to clear it, so it’ll just sit empty if you don’t use it. I’m sure I could put something in it if you don’t want it, though-” Tobin hurried to offer, not wanting Christen to think this was too serious or things were moving quickly. 

Christen cocked her head to the side, a small smile tugging at her lips. “Why do you always do that?” she wondered softly, interrupting Tobin’s endearing rambling, making her way away from the dresser, and back over to Tobin.

“-and I could always store paint supplies in it instead- wait, do what?” Tobin cut herself off.

Christen nudged Tobin’s knee so that she’d open her legs. Once Tobin did, Christen stepped between them and held out her hands so she could pull Tobin up into a sitting position on the edge of the bed.

“Whenever you do something for me, something impossibly sweet and very generous and absolutely lovely, you always give me a million outs. You let me off the hook before I even get the chance to respond,” Christen hummed, holding Tobin’s face in her hands, her touch as gentle as her words.

Tobin hadn’t thought about doing that before. She hadn’t really thought about why she rambled, about why she got so nervous when she planned surprises or took next steps. But, looking back on these moments, she could see what Christen meant. She could see how she gave Christen a way out of nearly every scenario. 

“I don’t know,” Tobin shrugged. 

“Why don’t we try to figure it out then, my love?” Christen said, leaning down to press her lips against Tobin’s forehead.

“Or we could just kiss and watch a movie,” Tobin said, hoping that Christen would surrender to her cute pout. 

“Let’s earn the downtime by doing the work first,” Christen replied, shaking her head at the adorable look on Tobin’s face. She ran her thumb across Tobin’s pout and smiled.

“Okay,” Tobin let out a soft groan, smiling to let Christen know that she didn’t actually mind talking things out with her. 

“Take it away, baby. Let’s unpack this,” Christen said, sighing a bit at the feeling of Tobin’s hands sliding into her back pockets, finally reaching out to touch her.

Tobin leaned her forehead against Christen’s stomach, not wanting to unpack anything. She didn’t want to say the thought that had immediately slipped into her mind when Christen asked her about giving her outs. She didn’t want to make Christen feel guilty or think about the past, and she certainly didn’t want to waste time on anything other than being happy with the girl in front of her. 

Christen’s hands moved to the back of Tobin’s head, scratching at her scalp softly while she waited for Tobin to start talking.

“I don’t know what you want me to say,” Tobin mumbled against the fabric of Christen’s shirt. “That’s bullshit. You know exactly what she wants. She just wants the truth.” 

Tobin wasn’t sure why opening up was so incredibly hard, why being open and honest about insecurities sometimes seemed impossible, even if it was with Christen, even after all this time. It no longer took her weeks to work up the courage to tell Christen things. Now, she could get out any worries within the same day or couple of days, but it was still hard.  

“All right, come on,” Christen said, squeezing the back of Tobin’s neck and stepping away.

“Where?” Tobin asked, missing the contact immediately. Christen’s only answer was a small smile.

Christen could feel her arms getting a little tired, but she didn’t let go. She had made herself a promise five months ago, in that hotel room in San Diego, that she would never let go of Tobin. There was no way she was going to do it now.

They stood together in the shower, the once-scalding water now a comfortable temperature since it had been over twenty minutes. 

Christen could still feel a bit of tension in Tobin’s frame, could still feel a bit of hesitation. Even if they’d been standing like this, tightly embraced under the shower’s stream, for a good while, Tobin still seemed like she wasn’t ready to talk. So, Christen did what she did best. She talked.

“I have a few theories, in case you’re curious,” Christen hummed, breaking the long silence, running her hands across Tobin’s bare back, feeling Tobin’s breath ghosting across the side of her neck. 

Tobin couldn’t stop the smile that spread across her lips and pressed further into Christen’s shoulder. “Would you like to share?” Tobin mumbled, squeezing Christen tighter. 

“Definitely, I’ve just been waiting you out, trying to see if you were more stubborn than me. Which you always end up being. So, it’s time for me to share and see if we can’t get this thing rolling,” Christen said with a smile of her own, trying to keep her voice light.

“I’m sorry I’m stubborn,” Tobin nearly laughed. 

“I love that you’re stubborn,” Christen replied easily.

“And I don’t mean to give you an out every time,” Tobin added, finally feeling relaxed, wrapped in Christen’s arms. 

Christen nodded, noting the deep breath Tobin just took and the loosening of her muscles, the seeping tension from her frame. “I know you don’t, baby. I don’t think you do it on purpose.”

“And you have theories about this?” Tobin prompted. 

“Oh, lots of them. I love a good theory,” Christen replied with a slightly teasing tone. “Initially, I just thought you were so taken with me that you couldn’t stop your mouth from going a mile a minute.”

Tobin let out a soft chuckle, squeezing Christen closer. “That’s not false. I am very taken with you, and sometimes I do ramble because you’re so beautiful and amazing and sexy.”

Christen felt a slight blush heat her cheeks, but she didn’t let Tobin’s sweet words derail her. “Oh, I know, but that’s not the reason behind this rambling. I figured that out pretty quickly. So, my first theory? Debunked. Do you want to know the rest? Or are you ready to talk?”

“What’s the second?” Tobin mumbled, still rolling the truth around in her brain, still searching for the right words to whisper against Christen’s neck and hope that Christen didn’t fully hear. 

Christen pressed a kiss to Tobin’s temple, accepting Tobin’s request for more time. 

“My second theory was that you didn’t actually ever want to offer the things you did - the painting, sex, being girlfriends, I love you’s, the drawer. Which was also quickly debunked, for obvious reasons,” Christen hummed.

“That’s a ridiculous theory,” Tobin said, leaning back to actually look at Christen’s face. 

“A girl is allowed at least one ridiculous theory,” Christen replied with a soft smile, thankful that Tobin had leaned out of the embrace for a moment, that she was finally looking at her.

“Yeah, but that’s just…” Tobin released a puff of air and rolled her eyes, not even finding the right word for how wrong that theory was. 

Christen felt her eyebrow arch, wondering if she’d gently coaxed Tobin far enough for her to feel ready to be open and honest. At the sign of a glint of determination in her favorite pair of brown eyes, she had a feeling she had done just that.

Tobin set her forehead back down against Christen’s shoulder. “I don’t mean to give you an out, but I don’t want to scare you with anything I offer or want,” Tobin mumbled, her voice quiet, nearly blending into the sound of the shower water hitting the floor. 

She’d been so incredibly happy with Christen that she hadn’t really realized that she was still a little insecure about losing her, that she was waiting for the other shoe to drop, that she was waiting for Christen to walk away. Logically, Tobin knew that wouldn’t happen, but logic couldn’t always silence the insecurities at the back of someone’s head. 

Christen felt her heart clench in her chest at Tobin’s words. She subconsciously tightened her arms around Tobin’s shoulders, just wanting to be closer to her. 

“I meant what I said in San Diego. I’m not scared anymore; I haven’t been. I have never been happier than I am now, than I have been the last five months. But I’m sorry that you still think you’ll scare me away,” Christen whispered, feeling a guilt she hadn’t felt in months resurface.

Christen wondered if she’d ever be able to make up for running scared the first time, if she’d ever be able to heal the wound she’d inflicted. She thought she had been, she thought that with every moment since San Diego, with each instant and hour and second of love, that she’d been able to make up for it.

“I know that you meant what you said,” Tobin said, louder now that she could hear the way Christen’s voice had constricted a little. “I know you aren’t scared, and I know that you feel the exact same way I do. I can see it in everything that you do. I don’t think you’re going to run. You show me that every single day. Logically, I know all of that to be true.”

“But sometimes you can’t remember the truth?” Christen asked.

“Sometimes it’s hard to believe I got that lucky,” Tobin whispered. “Sometimes I worry that I’m going to mess up because the other shoe has to drop at some point, right?”

Christen pulled back, leaning down to meet Tobin’s gaze. “There is no other shoe, Tobs. I’m in this with you. I’m here and I love you.”

Tobin felt a long sigh escape her lips and her worries melt away. “In that case, I gave away a ton of t-shirts and emptied a drawer, and I really want you to put your stuff in it,” she said. “Also I love you too, obviously.”

Christen felt the ghost of a smile tug at her lips. “This is a good look on you,” she mumbled, running her hands up and down Tobin’s back.

“What? Soaking wet hair?” Tobin laughed, lifting up a strand of her own hair that was dark and dripping with water from the shower. 

Christen shook her head, her smile growing. “Asking for what you want. Being unapologetic about it. That’s the only way this will continue to work, is if we continue to be honest with each other.” 

“Apparently all you have to do is undress me and put me in the shower and I spill the truth,” Tobin sighed, kissing Christen’s shoulder softly. 

“I don’t know what it is, but you always tell me what’s going on in that gorgeous head of yours whenever I get you in here, and don’t let go,” Christen replied, feeling a weight lift off of her now that they’d talked this through, now that they’d overcome another potential small speed bump. “We can do this anytime you need, Tobs.”

“Can we finish every truth-telling and sharing session with shower sex?” Tobin asked, feeling calmer than she had all shower. 

Christen giggled, her eyes crinkling in delight at the goofy smile back on Tobin’s face, at the light back in her eyes. 

“Absolutely!” Christen replied.

Tobin smirked, beginning to trail her mouth down Christen’s body. She stopped once she was kneeling in front of Christen. 

“You said you like it when I’m unapologetic about what I want, right?” Tobin asked. 

Christen wet her lips and threaded her fingers in Tobin’s wet hair, heat pooling low in her stomach at the way Tobin was looking up at her.

“Unapologetic you is very sexy,” Christen nodded, her voice breathy and full of want. 

“Then, I need to tell you something,” Tobin said and rested her chin on one of Christen’s thighs, her eyes focused on Christen’s. 

Christen felt her eyebrow quirk. “What’s that, baby?”

“I always want you to have at least a drawer, wherever I live,” Tobin whispered before she let her lips return to work. 

Christen arched her back against the shower wall, her head tilted back as stuttered breaths left her lips. “Keep doing that, and you can have two drawers wherever I live,” Christen husked.


Tobin handed her credit card to the front desk employee, holding Christen’s hand with her other hand. She was using a large amount of the money she’d saved from mowing lawns over the summer but judging by the lobby of the hotel, she was certain that it was money well spent. There was complimentary wine on a table near the dining room and pastries at another table. A large chandelier hung in the center of the lobby, and the hotel itself was ideally located near the Greek Theater. 

“Here are your keys,” the hotel employee said, handing Tobin her card and the keys. “Enjoy your stay, Ms. Heath.”

“Wow, so fancy,” Christen whispered to Tobin as they walked toward the elevator, Tobin pulling her wheeling suitcase behind them.

“I know,” Tobin gasped. “I just got last-named, and it wasn’t by Foudy.” 

“What is the world coming to?” Christen teased.

Tobin entered the elevator and pressed the button for the 12th floor. “I have no idea, Ms. Press.”

Christen scrunched up her nose at the sound of Tobin calling her that. “Yeah, don’t do that again.”

“You don’t want me to call you that tonight?” Tobin asked, lifting her eyebrows suggestively. 

Christen’s cheeks filled with a pretty pink blush. “Preferably not, but I could be persuaded otherwise.”

“I’ll keep that in mind,” Tobin smirked, leading Christen off of the elevator and down the hall to their room. She swiped the key and pushed the door open for Christen to enter first. 

Ashlyn had flown to Orlando for the weekend to check out the team and visit Ali for Valentine’s Day, and Allie had asked for the house since Bati was visiting. Originally, Tobin had decided to just stay at Christen’s, but as soon as Christen had informed her that Megan and Sue had called the house for the weekend, Tobin knew she had to plan something big. It was Christen’s favorite holiday after Christmas, and Tobin was prepared to make a big deal out of the entire weekend, especially since they’d both been displaced from their houses.

She’d told Christen that she’d gotten a hotel room in the city and had some plans for the weekend, not letting Christen in on all of the secrets. However, she didn’t want the hotel to feel plain, to feel like it wasn’t theirs, like Tobin hadn’t put thought into the weekend and personalized it somewhat. So, she’d called a florist and the hotel and arranged for a large vase of dahlias to be put in the room. They were sitting on the bedside table, within sight of the open hotel room door. If everything had gone to plan, there were also two crème brûlées in the hotel room fridge. She wasn’t planning on taking Christen out to dinner on Valentine’s Day night since fixed-price menus in the city were insane, and Christen tended to prefer staying home, so she’d done her research and made sure that a few restaurants that sounded like Christen’s kind of food would deliver to the hotel that night. She had everything all planned out, she just hoped Christen would like it.

Christen felt her stomach flutter and her heart melt at the sight before her. Of course, this wasn’t going to just be a normal run-of-the-mill hotel room. Not on Valentine’s Day weekend, and not when Tobin Heath was involved. This place was nice, beyond nice, and even still, Tobin had gone the extra mile to make her favorite holiday even more special. 

“Baby, this is…” Christen trailed off, uncharacteristically at a loss for words.

“Okay?” Tobin filled in, knowing that Christen had been a little frustrated with their friends for taking over the houses. 

Christen turned to face Tobin, shaking her head slightly at just how incredible her girlfriend was. 

“It’s perfect. Thank you,” Christen beamed, leaning forward to place her lips against Tobin’s, showing her how much this meant to her with the love and the passion behind her kiss.

Tobin didn’t pull her lips away from Christen’s when she pushed on Christen’s hips, urging her to step back into the room so that Tobin could shut the door behind them. 

Christen felt her back hit the wall as the door swung closed, their bags abandoned somewhere on the floor. She wrapped one arm around Tobin’s waist, her other hand rising to grip onto the side of Tobin’s neck. She’d only meant to kiss Tobin in a show of gratitude, in a sweet gesture of thanks, but then the kiss had changed in an instant and Christen wasn’t complaining. How could she complain when Tobin was kissing her like this, touching her like this?

Tobin hadn’t realized how much she missed kissing Christen during their drive to the hotel. Now, she felt like she couldn’t get enough, like her hands needed to touch every inch of Christen. She immediately opened her mouth when Christen brushed her tongue along Tobin’s bottom lip, sucking gently on Christen’s tongue and moving her hands along Christen’s hips. She hadn’t necessarily planned on entering the hotel room and jumping Christen’s bones immediately, but she’d never stop it if that was what organically happened. 

A broken moan left Christen’s lips as Tobin’s hips pressed her further into the wall. Tobin leaned down and began to kiss Christen’s neck, focusing on the spots she knew would make Christen tremble, letting her tongue taste and her teeth scrape against the smooth skin. She pushed her hands up under Christen’s shirt and brushed her fingers along Christen’s stomach, feeling Christen’s abs clench with each touch. 

“There’s a bathtub,” Tobin mumbled against Christen’s jaw. She smirked, knowing that the green-eyed girl against the wall had talked about wanting to make love in a bathtub, something she’d never done. 

Christen’s eyes shot open at the whispered reveal of information. She used her grip on Tobin’s hair to pull Tobin’s lips from her neck, to force Tobin’s eyes to meet her own. 

“Can we try it out now?” Christen rasped, a small thrill running through her.

“Sure,” Tobin laughed, loving how excited Christen seemed. “Do you want to order dinner first?” 

“Yeah," Christen replied. "Delivery always takes forever anyway.”

Christen had never felt more content than she did right now. She had Tobin against her chest, a litany of bubbles around them on the surface of the bathwater, and soft music was playing from Tobin’s phone on the counter. 

Christen pressed a line of kisses up the side of Tobin’s neck. “This is the nicest hotel I’ve ever been in,” she whispered.

“Me too,” Tobin hummed, moving her head to the side to give Christen more room to work. 

“Thank you for bringing us here,” Christen continued, letting her fingertips trail up Tobin’s thighs, across her hips and up to her stomach. She kept her touches painstakingly slow, wanting to draw this out, wanting to make it last.

“Happy Valentine’s Day,” Tobin sighed, her eyes fluttering shut with each touch and each word that Christen whispered. 

“Happy Valentine’s Day, baby. I- I have a confession to make,” Christen hummed, raking her nails gently across Tobin’s stomach, feeling the muscles beneath her touch jump.

“What’s that?” Tobin mumbled, unable to keep her body from shivering at the torturously slow way Christen was touching her. 

“One of the first dreams I ever had about you? We were like this, together.”

That was enough to make Tobin’s eyes open. It was enough to make Tobin turn around slightly to get a better look at her girlfriend. She knew Christen had dreamed about her; they’d both admitted as much. She wasn’t sure what the dreams were about, and she never really thought about asking, although she wouldn’t lie and say she hadn’t been curious. 

“The bathtub or Valentine’s Day?” Tobin asked, an eyebrow lifting and her smile growing on her face. 

“The bathtub. The hopeless romantic in me who would have imagined Valentine’s Day was out of the office I think,” Christen teased.

Tobin laughed, smiling at Christen’s confession. “Oh, and when did you have this dream?”

Christen’s cheeks flamed, knowing exactly when she’d had this dream, but not exactly wanting to go right out there and admit it. Even if Tobin was hers, even if they were together now, even if they were soulmates and very much in love, it was kind of embarrassing.

“Uh, early on,” Christen replied with a shy smile, her hand settling on Tobin’s thigh, her eyes falling from Tobin’s.

“Baby, I dreamed about you right after the preseason game,” Tobin reminded. She could see that Christen felt somewhat embarrassed about telling Tobin. She could see Christen’s blush and the way Christen was looking around the bathroom and not at Tobin. “Not only that, but I think you know how I feel about you and what I like doing with you,” Tobin whispered, gesturing between their naked bodies.  

“I know all that,” Christen blushed, her eyes finding their way back to Tobin’s. “But it’s one thing to do them with you now, and a whole other thing to have dreamt about them the night after seeing you for the first time. We played soccer in your dream, we were not playing soccer in mine.”

Tobin’s mouth dropped open. She hadn’t thought Christen had dreamed about her that early, and definitely not that kind of dream. She couldn’t help that it made heat move through her body, that it made her heart thrum faster in her chest, that it made her want Christen that much more. She couldn’t help but think about Christen wanting her like that from the beginning. Christen had wanted her when they were “just friends,” sure, but she’d also wanted her when they were complete strangers. 

“Wow,” Tobin breathed out, searching for words that were appropriate when the horny part of her brain simply wanted to ask if Christen had gotten herself off to her Instagram pictures after finding her on the app that weekend. She was trying to shake that thought from her mind, trying to be sweet and romantic, but it was hard to do that when Christen was sitting in front of her in a bathtub talking about sexy dreams. 

Christen felt every last, lingering bit of embarrassment leave her when she saw Tobin’s eyes darken, when she saw Tobin’s tongue dart out to wet her lips. Christen could see that the admission wasn’t anything more than added fuel to the fire that existed between them. She swallowed thickly, feeling her skin prickle.

“Do you want to hear about it?” Christen found herself asking, her voice a husky whisper.

Tobin had never nodded that fast in her life. “Yes please,” she said. 

Christen smirked a little, reaching out to pull Tobin back against her chest, making sure Tobin was settled comfortably between her legs, making sure her hands were free so that she could do more than about the dream.

“Once upon a time…” Christen started with a smile on her lips, her hands settled low on Tobin’s hips.

“Cute,” Tobin laughed. 

Christen slowly began to trace patterns across Tobin’s hips with her fingertips, her lips ghosting along the shell of Tobin’s ear. “So...I don’t know how we had gotten here, why we were in the bathtub, but neither of us was really complaining.”

“I would never complain,” Tobin interjected, brushing her fingers along Christen’s legs. 

“For a moment, it was sweet. I was holding you just like this, with you against my chest, and we were happy just to sit in the stillness,” Christen continued, moving her lips down the side of Tobin’s neck, her fingertips moving from Tobin’s hips, down over the tops of her thighs, and then back up again.

“But then it changed. It was quick; I don’t think either of us really saw it coming. One minute we were cuddling, the next your head was on my shoulder, and I was kissing you desperately,” Christen hummed, licking and sucking at the juncture of Tobin’s neck and her shoulder, leaving a small purple bruise in her wake.

Tobin let her head fall back just as Christen had described, sinking into Christen’s lips and touch. 

“Yeah, just like that, baby,” Christen murmured, her lips sliding up the side of Tobin’s neck, over her jaw, and then finding Tobin’s lips. She kissed Tobin just like she had in the dream, hot and wanting and a little sloppy. It was so much better than the dream, and she hadn’t even gotten to the best part yet. 

Christen wrenched her lips from Tobin’s and let her fingers skirt dangerously high on the insides of Tobin’s thighs, smirking slightly at the breathy moan Tobin exhaled into the space between them. 

“We kissed and kissed and kissed, and with every single one, I got a little braver,” Christen began again, her lips returning to Tobin’s neck, whispering the dream, the memory, into her skin. “I got brave enough to touch you.”

Christen ran her fingers up Tobin’s stomach, her palms quickly covering Tobin’s breasts and squeezing softly. She felt Tobin arch off her chest slightly with the contact and heard a raspy moan fill the air. 

“When I touched you, it was like I couldn’t get enough. I couldn’t stop touching you, I couldn’t stop doing whatever it took to make you breathe my name, to make you moan and whimper.”

Christen gently pinched Tobin’s hardened nipples between her thumbs and pointer fingers, trying to replicate exactly what she’d done in the dream. She had paid such good attention to Tobin’s breasts in her subconscious state, and she planned on doing the same thing now. 

“None of the sounds I imagined you making come close to reality. There’s nothing in the world like hearing you whine, like hearing you choke out my name when I touch you. The dream doesn’t compare,” Christen mumbled, kissing across Tobin’s shoulder and then back to her neck.

Tobin’s entire body felt like it was seconds away from combusting. She felt like she was a second away from begging Christen to stop going so slowly, like she was about to pull Christen’s hand down her body and put it where she needed her between her legs; screw hearing the rest of the dream. 

“And then you got impatient, like I’m sure you are now because your brows are furrowed,” Christen observed with a smirk.

Tobin let out a soft whimper, nodding her head against Christen’s shoulder. 

“You grabbed my hand and pulled it down. You put it between your legs,” Christen whispered, trailing her lips along the hard line of Tobin’s jaw, up her cheek, then stopping at her temple.

“Thank god dream me was thinking,” Tobin choked out, pulling Christen’s hand away from her breast and moving it down to where she needed her. 

“But I’m stubborn, even in dreamland,” Christen replied, gently pulling her hand out of Tobin’s.

“Baby,” Tobin groaned, her hand hitting the water softly. 

“I’m almost finished,” Christen said quietly, her hands falling to rest on the tops of Tobin’s thighs. “Will you let me finish, baby?”

Tobin nodded but bit her bottom lip to hold back any noises of frustration that she’d likely make.  

“Good,” Christen hummed, pressing a quick kiss to Tobin’s temple before starting to move her hands again. She gently pulled Tobin’s legs further apart, trailing her fingertips up the inside of her thighs. “Once I took control back from you, I realized I couldn’t keep teasing you, couldn’t keep working you up with no end in sight. If I did, that would be cruel.”

“Dream you is right,” Tobin husked. 

Christen smiled against Tobin’s skin. “She is, which is why I decided not to torture you any longer.”

Christen kept her left hand on Tobin’s thigh and let her right hand drift higher, her fingers moments away from where Tobin wanted her, from where Christen wanted to be. 

“I’ll never forget what it felt like to touch you for the first time, to feel how much you wanted me, to feel how much I had turned you on,” Christen murmured, dragging a finger slowly through Tobin, feeling Tobin’s hips jump and twitch. “And the dream can’t compare to reality there either. But let's just say that in the dream, you were really, really turned on,” Christen added at a whisper.

“I am,” Tobin breathed out, her jaw clenching tightly. 

“I know,” Christen husked, deciding to end Tobin’s torture now, just like she had in the dream. She finally touched Tobin fully, with intent and purpose. “Feeling you come apart, hearing my name slip from your lips as you hit your peak, even before I’d spoken to you, even before I’d gotten to know you, is something I’ll never be able to forget. And now maybe you won’t either.”

Tobin felt like she was blacking out, her mind completely spinning and her body convulsing without her own control. All she could think about were Christen’s fingers between her legs and the way they were moving exactly how she needed them to. She couldn’t dictate the sounds that escaped from her lips. She couldn’t stop her mouth from forming all the words that fell from her tongue, Christen’s name the one most uttered. Her back arched, her hands gripped Christen’s legs, and her toes curled and pushed against the edge of the tub. When she finally toppled over the edge, when Christen’s fingers and whispered words finally enough to push her over, Tobin fell back against Christen’s chest, ragged breaths slipping from her lungs. 

Christen felt an awestruck smile tug at her lips. There was nothing like watching Tobin Heath completely come apart, completely unravel and shatter because of something she’d done.  

“That was way better than my dream,” Christen whispered, her lips ghosting across Tobin’s cheek, her hands falling to Tobin’s still-twitching hips.

Tobin let out another short breath and released her fingers from where they gripped Christen’s legs. “I can’t believe you wanted to have sex with me after only seeing me one time,” Tobin smirked, her body still extremely sensitive to Christen’s touch, even the innocent ones. 

Christen buried her face in Tobin’s neck, her cheeks burning. “Yeah…that surprised the hell out of me too. But even then I knew there was something there, and my subconscious just had a lot of fun playing with that.”

“I told you that I had a sex dream before Orlando,” Tobin hummed, her eyes just starting to flutter open after being so tightly closed. 

“Mhm, you did,” Christen whispered against Tobin’s neck.

“It was on the plane,” Tobin mumbled, remembering how embarrassed she was when she woke up between ARod and Lauren. 

“We were? Or you had the dream on a plane?” Christen wondered, loving both options and just curious as to which one was true.

“I had the dream on the plane,” Tobin grumbled. “On the plane with all my teammates, heading to play you in the tournament.”

Christen hummed, pressing an open-mouthed kiss to Tobin’s neck. “How unfortunate for you. You should really time those dreams better.”

“Oh, yeah. I’ll tell my subconscious that,” Tobin sighed, rolling her eyes. She was finally in control of her own body again, and more than anything, she wanted to touch Christen and make her feel good. “I got us something,” Tobin said, slipping out of Christen’s grasp and out of the bathtub. 

“Where are you going?” Christen sighed, hating the absence of Tobin’s weight on her, but not hating the view.

“Five seconds,” Tobin said, grabbing a towel and stepping out of the bathroom. 

“Five seconds too many,” Christen grumbled, sulking down in the bathtub. She used her foot to turn on the hot water, wanting to heat it back up a bit.

Tobin checked her phone to see that their delivery hadn’t even been picked up from the restaurant yet, probably due to the large number of people ordering takeout on Valentine’s Day. She didn’t mind, happy to have time to pleasure Christen before dinner. 

“See five seconds,” Tobin said when she returned to the bathroom holding a bottle of sparkling rosé. 

Christen smiled, turning off the hot water. “That looks yummy, where’d you keep that? Your duffel bag?”

“The fridge. Apparently, you can make special requests at hotels this fancy,” Tobin hummed. 

“She thinks of everything,” Christen replied, sitting up in the bath, letting her hands skim across the water’s surface.

Tobin poured some into a glass for Christen, handing her the glass before pouring her own. She dropped the towel on her way to the tub, this time slipping in behind her girlfriend. She clinked her glass against Christen’s and sealed the gesture with a quick kiss.

Christen sighed at the feeling of Tobin pressed against her and took a sip of the rosé, the bubbles dancing across her tongue. She turned around to shoot Tobin a smile. “You really are something, did you know that?” she asked, awe dripping from her words.

“Because I supply alcohol?” Tobin teased. 

“Because you love me better than anyone ever could,” Christen replied sweetly.

“I do love you,” Tobin nodded. “And I want to make sure that you never doubt that.”

Christen tilted her head to the side. “I never could,” she said quietly.

Tobin smiled. “Can I touch you now?” she asked, trying her best to say exactly what she wanted without hesitation or embarrassment. 

Christen let out a stumbling breath, feeling fire flicker inside her at Tobin’s words. She quickly set her glass on the side of the tub and turned around to face Tobin, placing her knees on either side of Tobin’s legs. She draped her arms on Tobin’s shoulders, her hands skimming along the edge of the tub. She sank into Tobin’s lap with a delighted smile.

“You can touch me anytime you want to, baby,” Christen hummed.

She didn’t need to tell Tobin twice. Tobin reached out to put her glass next to Christen’s hardly taking her eyes off the woman on top of her. She wrapped her arms around Christen’s waist and pulled her even closer so that Christen was pressed against her. 

She kissed Christen with as much passion as she ever had, the kiss somewhat sloppy and quick. Her hands wandered up and down Christen’s legs, along her back, over her ribs. Tobin sucked gently on Christen’s bottom lip, trailing down Christen’s neck to her collar bones and eventually to the swell of her breasts. She traced her tongue around Christen’s nipples, waiting for Christen’s hand to tangle in her hair and push her to where Christen wanted her most. 

Christen would never get enough of this, of the way this felt, of the way it felt to be absolutely cherished and adored by Tobin. She sank further down into Tobin’s lap, her hand finding purchase on the back of Tobin’s head, her fingers tangling in the messy bun Tobin wore. She felt a whimper escape her lips as Tobin’s mouth worked wonders, as Tobin’s hands gripped her with such power, such confidence.

Tobin smirked, finally taking one of Christen’s nipples between her teeth and tugging gently. She ran her tongue over that same nipple a few times before switching to the other side. Unlike Christen, Tobin was not quite patient enough to tease at this moment. She knew she was on a timer, the delivery on her phone ticking down the minutes until they’d be interrupted. Tobin slid her hand between their two bodies and up Christen’s leg, running her fingers along Christen’s inner thighs before sliding a finger where Christen needed her. She was surprised by just how warm and needy Christen felt, even in a bathtub full of water. 

Tobin kept her mouth moving, leaving soft kisses along Christen’s collarbones and scraping her teeth on Christen’s neck. After a particularly loud moan from Christen, Tobin slid two fingers inside, using her free hand to help move Christen’s hips to a steady rhythm. 

Christen felt a strangled gasp leave her lips. She rocked down into Tobin’s hand, the motion causing the water to slosh out of the bathtub and onto the floor, but neither of them cared. All Christen could do was follow the blazing trail Tobin was taking her down, one hand tangled in Tobin’s hair and the other gripping tightly to the edge of the bathtub...

Tobin froze when her phone rang in the other room. Her fingers stayed where they were, but her hand on Christen’s hip slowed, stopping Christen’s hips mid-movement. 

Christen whined, not understanding why they were stopping. “What?” she asked, her eyes fluttering open to look down at Tobin.

“Baby, that’s probably dinner,” Tobin husked. 

“Fuck dinner,” Christen replied, her voice hoarse and dripping with desire.

“They might leave if I don’t go get it from the lobby,” Tobin said, unsure of what to do since she’d never been in this situation before. 

“Then you better work fast because you’re not leaving without finishing what you started,” Christen whispered, leaning down to reconnect their lips in a bruising kiss.

Tobin wasn’t about to say no to Christen, not when she was looking like that and kissing like that and moving her hips like that. She ignored the phone, rocking Christen’s hips again and curling her fingers. She pressed her lips hard against Christen’s and then moved them down to settle low on Christen’s neck, sucking until a purple mark appeared. 

When the phone rang again, Tobin didn’t fully pause, but she did slow down, she did pull her face away from Christen’s neck. 

“They might leave,” Tobin cringed. 

Christen growled, her grip tightening in Tobin’s hair. “Seriously?” she rasped, unable to comprehend how getting their take out from the lobby was the forefront thought in Tobin’s mind right now.

“Nope,” Tobin smirked. “I’ll get it later.” 

Tobin only curled her fingers a few more times, moving Christen’s hips faster and kissing up her neck before Christen started to tremble. 

“Come for me, baby,” Tobin whispered, nibbling on Christen’s earlobe. 

Those whispered words sent a shock down Christen’s spine and had a keening whine leaving her lips as she tumbled over the edge. She dropped her forehead to Tobin’s shoulder and breathed deeply, feeling wave after wave of pleasure roll through her, feeling her hips quiver and her body twitch.

Tobin pushed away her worry about her rating on UberEats, choosing instead to hold Christen’s body as close as possible, feeling every inch of skin that was pressed against her own. 

“Think they’ll leave without dropping the food off?” Christen husked, still trying to catch her breath.

Tobin laughed and then kissed Christen’s shoulder, unable to keep the smile off her face. “I think that if I have four stars on UberEats tomorrow instead of five, I’ll know why.” 


Tobin closed the door as quietly as she possibly could, carrying the trays of food that room service had just dropped off. She placed the trays on the desk near the bed before turning around to admire the girl she’d left in bed mere minutes ago. Tobin pulled the sheets back, slipping into bed next to Christen and nuzzling closer to her. She placed a soft kiss on Christen’s neck, right on the mark she’d left the night before in the bathtub. 

“Mmm, you’re not naked anymore,” Christen grumbled sleepily, burrowing back into Tobin’s arms.

“I didn’t think you wanted the room service guy to see me naked,” Tobin teased. 

“Definitely not,” Christen agreed, forcing her tired eyes open. She rolled a little so that she could look at Tobin, a smile stretching across her face. “Good mornin’ baby,'' Christen murmured, letting out a small yawn.

“Good morning. Someone’s sleepy,” Tobin hummed, brushing her fingers along Christen’s face and pushing her curls behind her ear. 

Christen nodded and tucked her head under Tobin’s chin. “Super sleepy.”

“Would coffee and a huge breakfast make you feel less sleepy?” Tobin asked, rubbing her hand up and down Christen’s bare back. 

“Coffee?” Christen replied excitedly, pulling away from Tobin and looking more awake than she had all morning.

Tobin laughed, sliding back out of bed and picking up the trays she’d been carrying. She placed them at the foot of the bed and poured Christen a cup of coffee. 

Christen smiled at the sweetness of the gesture. She sat up and positioned her back against the headboard, stretching her arms overhead as a small sigh left her lips.

Tobin couldn’t keep her mouth from falling open a little, her arm semi-outstretched with the cup of coffee. It seemed that no matter how many times she saw Christen, how many times she saw all of Christen, she never got used to it. She always felt like she needed to pause and admire. 

“Babe, these aren’t new and you’re gonna spill my coffee,” Christen said with an easy smile, gesturing at her chest and then cocking her head to the side in amusement at Tobin getting distracted by the fact that she was topless.

“They don’t need to be new to stop traffic,” Tobin sighed, handing the coffee over. 

“Noted,” Christen grinned, taking a small sip of coffee and groaning as she felt the first bits of caffeine hit her system. “Thank you, my love. For the coffee, and the breakfast.”

“Of course,” Tobin nodded, still glancing at the sight of a very topless Christen in bed. She cleared her throat and then turned her attention to breakfast. “I didn’t know if you’d want sweet or savory this morning, so I got both, and whichever you don’t want, I’ll eat,” Tobin said, looking down at the collection of pastries she’d ordered and the continental breakfast platter. 

“Or we could just share?” Christen asked, setting her coffee on the bedside table and patting the bed beside her so Tobin would come back and join her.

“She’s beautiful, she’s brilliant, she’s sexy. Folks, she’s got it all,” Tobin mused, crawling back into bed. 

Christen shook her head, a small blush filling her cheeks. She was pretty sure that Tobin was going to make her blush like that for the rest of her life.

They shared bites of both breakfasts, talking a little, especially after Christen finished her cup of coffee. It wasn’t until the trays were nearly empty and the coffee pot had been tipped upside down to get the last bit into Christen’s cup that Tobin decided to tell Christen about her Valentine’s Day plans. 

“So…” Tobin started, pushing the trays away. 

“I love when you start your sentences like that,” Christen teased, pivoting in the bed to face Tobin, her hand falling to Tobin’s shin.

“Do you want to know what we’re doing today?” Tobin asked, smirking at Christen’s sassiness. 

Christen’s eyes lit up. “More bathtub sex?” she asked with a wink.

“Yes,” Tobin nodded, a smile appearing on her face. “That’s definitely on the agenda.” 

“I assume there’s more, though?”

Tobin reached down to pull her duffel bag closer to the bed. She pulled out the Valentine’s Day card she’d picked out for Christen and handed it to her. 

Christen took the card, leaning forward to kiss Tobin quickly before settling back down on the bed to open the card. She gently opened it, taking the card from the envelope and setting the envelope aside. She looked down at the front of the card and snorted. It was a picture of a takeout box and a fortune cookie.

“I love eating out with you,” Christen read, looking up at Tobin with a smirk on her lips.

“Mhm,” Tobin nodded, a huge smile on her face. “In every meaning.”

Shaking her head a bit, Christen flipped open the card and read the message aloud. 

“Happy Valentine’s Day, baby. A year ago, I could only dream about spending this holiday with you when our friends tricked us into having a Facetime movie date. I could only imagine what it would be like to be yours and to call you mine. It’s infinitely better than I ever imagined. Thank you for loving me the way that you do. I can’t wait for every single holiday and moment that I’ll get to share with you. I love you, always.”

Christen blew out a shaky breath and looked up at Tobin, feeling her eyes fill with unshed tears.

“I knew you’d go sappy, even if you bought a funny card,” Christen said, chuckling weakly as she wiped at the lone tear that escaped her eye. “I love you, always, too.”

After getting a smile in return, Christen looked back down at the card and noticed the folded-up piece of paper. She quickly grabbed it and unfolded it. Her mouth flopped open in complete and utter surprise when she realized exactly what she was holding.

“Are you- are you serious, Tobs?” Christen asked, her eyes wide.

“I really like watching you sing all the words to ‘One Week,’ so really it’s kind of a selfish gift,” Tobin shrugged. 

“We’re going to see the Barenaked Ladies?!” Christen replied, her stomach fluttering. 

“Unless I got the wrong tickets,” Tobin teased. 

Christen momentarily forgot about the tickets and surged forward, knocking Tobin back with the force of her kiss.

“Oh my god, this is amazing!” Christen mumbled against Tobin’s lips, her words coming out between kisses. “You are the best and I’m so excited! When is it? Is it soon? Are we sitting close?” 

“You saw the band’s name and stopped reading the ticket, didn’t you?” Tobin laughed. “It’s tonight, and we’re sitting pretty close. I don’t know if they’ll sweat on us, but they’ll probably be able to see you singing every word.”

Christen squealed and then kissed Tobin again, all of her excitement and energy behind it. “I love you, I love you, I love you!”

“I love you too, baby,” Tobin hummed, pressing her lips against Christen’s. Tobin was entirely too pleased with herself and Christen’s reaction to her gift, her smile hindering her ability to kiss somewhat. 

After a few more moments, of attempts at kisses that didn’t really work since they were both smiling too much, Christen pulled back. She hovered above Tobin and felt her excitement dim just a bit. Tobin had done all of this, and she’d gone the dorky gift route.

“How is a girl supposed to compete with concert tickets?” Christen pouted.

“It isn’t a competition. Plus, this is an experience. It’s for both of us,” Tobin said before kissing Christen’s forehead. 

Christen shrugged. “I know...but still, I feel a little bad that my gift is so normal? Like this is my favorite holiday, which means I should be-”

“Babe,” Tobin interrupted, looking at Christen and hoping to dislodge any insecurities. “Last night was everything I wanted for Valentine’s Day.”

Christen ran her fingers along Tobin’s forehead, pushing her baby hairs away from her face.

“Well, just know I’m gonna go all out next week for our six-month anniversary. You deserve this too, the surprises and the romantic gestures. I told you a while ago that I wanted to give you an epic romance, so expect epic next week,” Christen hummed, a small smile on her lips.

“You always give me epic,” Tobin smirked. “But I will respect that you’re in charge of our six-month plans and go along for the ride.”

“Perfect. I also got you a little something for Valentine’s Day. It’s in my suitcase, want me to grab it?” Christen asked, hating the thought of having to get off of Tobin’s chest.

“Sure,” Tobin nodded. “Whenever you want me to open it.”

“If I get up to get it now, you can watch me walk around naked?” Christen murmured, nuzzling her nose along Tobin’s.

“I need it now,” Tobin laughed, squeezing Christen’s hips softly. 

Christen giggled and kissed Tobin quickly. She then hopped up and walked across the room toward her rolling suitcase. She grabbed the small, wrapped package and the card from inside and kicked the suitcase shut.

“Woooow,” Tobin groaned from her spot on the bed. “Let me just freeze this moment really quickly.” Tobin looked at Christen, trying to commit the moment to memory, the image of her naked girlfriend holding her gift and rolling her eyes. 

Christen affectionately shook her head at Tobin’s words and walked back over to the bed. She couldn’t help the small thrill that ran through her at the sight of the sparkle of want in Tobin’s eyes. 

“Here you are,” Christen hummed, handing the package to Tobin and then crawling on top of her. 

Tobin wrapped one arm around Christen’s shoulders, holding her so that Christen could rest her head on Tobin’s chest. With her free hand, Tobin ripped open the wrapping paper. 

“Hey baby, there’s a card,” Christen teased, watching as Tobin’s one-handed unwrapping job immediately stopped.

“My bad,” Tobin mumbled, pulling her hand away from the box. 

Christen picked up the envelope from the bed and held it up so she could help Tobin open it.

Tobin opened the envelope, pleased when she got it open without ripping the paper. Christen held onto the bottom of the envelope, while Tobin pulled the card out. Tobin grinned when she saw it. 

The front of the card had a print on the front of it, two girls with their arms around each other. She could tell it was supposed to be them. Christen had probably had the card customized. One of the girls, clearly Tobin, was a brunette wearing a backward snapback with the number 23 on it, a plain white t-shirt, and black jeans. The other, Christen, had dark, curly hair and was dressed in a gray crop top and light blue jeans. In the print, Tobin had her arm around Christen's waist, and Christen was pointing up, at the sketch of the starry sky above them. The message: “Together is my favorite place to be,” was printed along the top of the card.

“This is super cute,” Tobin said, nodding at the front of the card. 

“I got it personalized so that it wasn’t too generic. And then I kind of wrote a small novel on the inside,” Christen admitted, dropping a kiss to the underside of Tobin’s jaw.

“Of course you did,” Tobin teased, squeezing Christen closer. Tobin flipped open the card, not fully prepared for the amount of words Christen had fit inside the card. Christen was good with her words, better than Tobin most of the time, so Tobin prepared herself for the sweetness she was about to read, for the prickle she would most likely feel behind her eyes as soon as she read what Christen had written. She cleared her throat and began to read aloud.

“I know Valentine’s Day is just another day to you. But to me, it is the best holiday of all. I used to love it for a lot of different reasons, the most important of which was that chocolate is the main food group of the day. But I also used to love Valentine’s Day because it felt like the day where I could hope and dream of loving someone and being loved by someone, like the people in my favorite movies were. It felt like anything was possible because, for a day, the world was as caught up in love as I was. 

This year, Valentine’s Day is my favorite holiday for a different reason. It’s my favorite now because I finally have a love to celebrate. I finally have someone in my corner who makes me feel brave, who makes me feel cherished, who makes me feel like enough. I don’t have to go to bed tonight dreaming of someday. I get to live ‘someday’ with you, every single day. I don’t have to hope for forever, because I see it in your eyes and I feel it in your touch.

I love you, Tobin Heath, and I can’t wait to celebrate my favorite holiday with you every year, for a very, very long time.”

Tobin pressed her lips to Christen’s head, trying to clear her throat without making it obvious. “You won,” Tobin mumbled, her voice still wobbly. 

“A super sexy lady told me this wasn’t a competition,” Christen teased, her arms around Tobin tightening.

“So...what’s a very very long time to you?” Tobin hummed, unable to keep the question from slipping from her mouth. 

Christen swallowed thickly. She knew Tobin would ask, she knew because she’d poured over that stupid, last sentence for three whole days. 

“Sorry, I meant to write a very, very, very long time,” Christen joked.

“I see,” Tobin hummed, rubbing her hand up and down Christen’s back. “That sounds good, but maybe we could add some more verys if we feel like it later.” 

Christen hid her smile in the material of Tobin’s t-shirt. “Mhm, we could. Forever is made up of a lot of verys,” Christen mumbled.

“Wow,” Tobin whispered, kissing the top of Christen’s head again. “You used the f word.”

Christen pulled up off of Tobin’s chest, crossing her arms over Tobin’s chest and dropping her chin on her arms. She looked up at Tobin, her heart hammering in her chest now that forever wasn’t just some unspoken thing between them, it wasn’t just the taste left on their tongues or the ghosts left in the wakes of their touches. It was hanging in the air between them.

“I didn’t want to write it and potentially freak you out. I know that in the grand scheme of life, we haven’t been together all that long. I also know that we’re young. But…” Christen trailed off, blowing out a short breath, unsure how she wanted to continue this conversation.

“Are you giving me outs now?” Tobin asked, cocking her head to the side. She wasn’t afraid of forever. She wasn’t afraid of imagining a future with Christen. It was the opposite, actually. Tobin was afraid of not getting enough time, of not getting a forever with her. Christen was right. They were young, and they hadn’t been dating for a long time in the grand scheme of life. That being said, Tobin didn’t enter into this relationship thinking that it would be short-lived or brief. She had always wanted this to last. 

“I didn’t realize that’s what I was doing,” Christen blushed. “I just- I really like picturing you in my life, and not just on the field next to me winning the World Cup or something. I picture shopping for furniture together so we can fill up our first apartment. I picture disagreeing about how to fold laundry or load the dishwasher. I picture lots of stuff like that, and all of those things sound like forever to me. I just didn’t know if you were thinking that too,” she finished quietly, her eyes dancing between Tobin’s.

“Those things do sound like forever,” Tobin nodded, her heart absolutely melting at the sweet way that Christen was talking about the future, even at the insecure way that Christen was blurting out her thoughts. “I didn’t agree to be with you under the guise or hope that it would be a short fling,” Tobin hummed, moving her fingers along Christen’s forehead. “I’ve always pictured those things with you, a future with you. I do have a serious question for you, though,” Tobin whispered, feigning seriousness. 

“Oh boy,” Christen sighed, not knowing what this serious question could be. “How serious are we talking?” she teased with a small smile, feeling her heart warm at the fact that Tobin also thought about forever, that she also wanted a future like that. Sure, they had established the love between them, the soulmates thing, the potential plans for holidays, and all of that. But it was another thing to lay in bed together on Valentine’s Day and talk about their future in a concrete way.

Tobin grinned, moving her hands to run her fingers through Christen's curls. “You said you want to disagree about laundry with me,” Tobin said.  

“Baby, you don’t separate your clothes! Whites and grays and darks and reds can’t all be washed together,” Christen chuckled.

“It was one time, and I’ve learned from my mistake,” Tobin sighed. “But my serious question is - Christen Press, do you know how to fold a fitted sheet?”

Christen’s laughter grew as she looked up at her adorable girlfriend. “Yes, I do. You think Stacy would have let me leave her house without knowing how to do that?”

“I literally just wad them,” Tobin admitted. 

Christen grimaced. “We’ll work on that.”

“Wow, you still want to be with me, even if I wrinkle all your fitted sheets?” Tobin asked, lifting her eyebrows. 

“Forever includes fitted sheets, even if folded improperly,” Christen quipped, smiling sweetly up at Tobin.

“I love you,” Tobin sighed. 

“I love you right back,” Christen hummed. “I even love you so much that I won’t hold it against you that you stopped opening my gift like five minutes ago.”

“You told me to open the card!” Tobin defended, rolling her eyes at Christen’s smirk. She reached out and continued to open the box. 

“Baaaabe!” Tobin gasped, picking up the gift. “That’s so cool! Can we do it now?”

Christen nodded, loving the delighted smile on Tobin’s face at the small, personalized puzzle Christen had gotten her for Valentine’s Day. It was a collage of pictures of them from over the years, selfies from U.S. Camp, pictures taken by their friends at UCLA, a professional shot from picture day at the start of their junior year season. 

“Those are our faces,” Tobin hummed, her eyes still scanning the pictures on the front of the puzzle. “You look so cute.”

“So do you, it was hard to just choose ten for the puzzle. I had like fifty I wanted to use,” Christen replied softly, her tone full of love.

“Getting a new puzzle can become our thing every year,” Tobin mumbled.

Christen hummed in agreement and then felt a smirk make its way onto her face. “But if we’re gonna do that right now...I have one request.”

“I’ll strip, don’t worry,” Tobin laughed, already knowing what Christen was going to ask when she looked at her eyes. 

“Need some help?” Christen asked, uncrossing her arms and sitting up, her hands falling to the hem of Tobin’s t-shirt.

“Always,” Tobin nodded, placing the puzzle next to them on the bed and lifting her arms above her head.