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My Brightest Star

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Hermione was sitting nervously on the bed, her hair still damp from the shower and her hands awkwardly rubbing against the jeans she’d put on. Why she had chosen to get dressed again, knowing she’d be naked very soon was beyond her. The shower in the bathroom suddenly stopped running and Hermione gulped. Despite being convinced about the brilliance of her plan, the witch was nervous.

If Narcissa found it odd that Hermione was fully dressed, the woman didn’t remark on it and Hermione was grateful for it. She was simply dressed in her bathrobe and had twisted her hair in a quick braid, but to Hermione she looked stunning. The witch walked over to the brunette and lifted her chin with her fingers.


Hermione nodded, ‘a little.’

‘Have you slept with a woman before?’

This time Hermione shook her head, silently berating herself for her lack of eloquence. She usually had a way with words but now she didn’t seem capable of uttering a single sentence. But again Narcissa simply smiled a reassuring smile.

‘We’ll take it slow then. And if you’re uncomfortable, you tell me, okay?’

Hermione frowned, ‘really?’

‘Of course! It’s not because you agreed to sleep with me, that you shouldn’t enjoy yourself? And if at any point you decide you don’t want to go through with it, we’ll stop.’

Hermione looked flabbergasted and Narcissa shook her head, ‘honestly darling, what kind of partners have you bedded before? You’re meant to enjoy sex!’

‘But you’re suffering from your hormones! What if we stop after I’ve gotten you all riled up?’

Narcissa’s expression turned serious, ‘Hermione, if you want to stop, we’ll stop and I’ll find some other way to deal with my hormones. Do you understand?’

Hermione nodded and Narcissa sighed, ‘besides this isn’t just about me. I believe you needed a way to relieve tensions as well?’

At this Hermione laughed and Narcissa relaxed again, ‘I’m sorry, I guess my experiences haven’t been very great.’

‘Don’t apologize darling, I’m glad we had this conversation. Now, are there things you don’t want to do?’

The brunette fidgeted with her hands, ‘this may sound silly…’

‘I’m sure it won’t.’

‘I’d prefer not to kiss if that’s all right with you? I’ve always thought it to be much more intimate than sex and well… since it’s a business agreement.’

Narcissa snorted at the term Hermione chose to describe their deal but nodded her consent, ‘very well. Shall we?’

The blonde witch gently pushed Hermione on her back and straddled her hips. She noticed how the Gryffindor sucked in her breath and stiffened underneath her. Narcissa lowered herself until her lips were against Hermione’s ear and she whispered.


The moment Narcissa felt Hermione’s lungs fill with air she got to work. Her hands trailed up and down the witch’s body, softly almost like a caress while her teeth and lips nibbled and sucked on every piece of skin she encountered. Slowly Narcissa undressed Hermione by pulling her T-shirt over her head and vanishing the skinny jeans with wandless magic. Narcissa was speechless at the beauty she uncovered and tried to show it by worshipping Hermione’s skin. Within minutes the young witch was a hot mess underneath her but she halted the blonde.

‘Can I go first?’

Narcissa immediately stopped moving and glanced at Hermione, ‘if you’re sure…’

‘Yes, I don’t think I’ll be able to function if you continue like this. I want to fulfil my end of the deal first.’

With a smirk that made Hermione’s knickers dampen on the spot Narcissa slithered off Hermione and laid herself on her back. Hermione moved so she hovered above the blonde and tried to ignore how much she regretted her decision not to kiss when she saw Narcissa lick her lips. The older witch seemed to notice Hermione didn’t really know where to start so she tilted her head and offered her throat to the younger woman.

Completely in awe, Hermione trailed her fingers across a collarbone before undoing the knot in Narcissa’s bathrobe. Right before sinking her teeth in one of the tendons, Hermione whispered.

‘Will you guide me?’

‘Darling, I’m at a point where everything you do will be absolutely divine,’ Narcissa sighed but after seeing Hermione’s insecurity she quickly added, ‘but I’ll help you when necessary.’

That seemed to reassure the Gryffindor witch who immediately got to work seemingly intending to lick every inch of Narcissa’s body. The blonde’s hands were in Hermione’s hair immediately, gently tugging on it while her hips involuntarily arched up in search for friction. But Hermione was too distracted by Narcissa’s breasts to descend further south. The moment she closed her lips around a pert nipple, the older woman moaned.

Despite never having slept with a woman before, Hermione found she immediately felt familiar with the body that was writhing underneath her. She tried whatever she liked herself on Narcissa and took her cues from the woman’s responses. The brunette couldn’t help but notice how easily their bodies moved together, how in sync their noises of pleasure were and how desperate she was for more.

Nipping her way down from Narcissa slightly protruding stomach to the patch of damp curls between her legs, Hermione felt the anticipation in the blonde growing. Her belly wasn’t in the way just yet, but very soon it would be harder to dive between her thighs in this position. Hermione shook her head. There wasn’t going to be a next time she scolded herself before a desperate please pulled her from her musings. She looked up to Narcissa who looked flushed and dishevelled but also blissfully content.

‘Darling if you want to stop, stop. But otherwise… fuck me.’

Hermione closed her eyes and licked Narcissa’s pussy from entrance to clit trying to ignore how every fibre of her being screamed in pleasure. With every noise she pulled from Narcissa, Hermione came closer and closer to the realization that she was ruined forever. For who could satisfy her after she’d had a taste of heaven?

Feeling Hermione scooting closer, Narcissa spread her legs wider while every synapse of her brain stopped functioning. She usually was in control in the bedroom, always telling her partners what she liked and how she liked it, but Hermione managed to touch all the right buttons and caress all the right strings. She felt like a harp being played with fervour and she gladly sang her tunes.

By the time Hermione slid two fingers in Narcissa’s sopping wet pussy, the woman was close to her peak. Hermione could tell she was fighting her orgasm and sped up her pace even more. The room was filled with the sounds of flesh against flesh and moans of pleasure from both women while the scent of their arousal mingled with that of sweat.

They kept moving together, Narcissa meeting Hermione’s thrusts with her hips so the brunette could hit that spot inside of her. Just when Narcissa managed to scramble a few functioning braincells together and realized she was pulling Hermione’s hair rather roughly she tumbled over the edge. Her toes curled as every muscle in her body went taut and she tried not to suffocated Hermione with her thighs while the Gryffindor witch kept licking.

Eventually Hermione came up for air, panting heavily and it took Narcissa all of her self-restraint to not lick her own arousal of the brunette’s lips. But they’d agreed not to kiss, despite her desiring it above all else right now. Trying to distract herself from how beautiful Hermione looked, Narcissa attempted to reverse positions but noticed how Hermione’s initial nerves resurfaced. So instead she opted to pull Hermione up and slid her thigh between the younger witch’s legs.

Hermione gasped when the muscular thigh touched her slick panties. Narcissa, still trying to catch her breath, placed both her hands on Hermione’s hips and indicated to the brunette that she should start moving. A soft moan of pleasure escaped Hermione’s lips and Narcissa couldn’t help but feel a bit smug when she felt the younger woman relax again.

By the time Hermione’s thighs were trembling and she was no longer self-conscious, Narcissa flipped them around making sure her belly didn’t collide with any limbs. Hermione arched her back before willingly lifting her hips so Narcissa could help her shimmy out of her knickers. Next to go was Hermione’s bra revealing two small but firm breasts slightly spotted with freckles Narcissa immediately found endearing.

The Slytherin flicked her tongue at the young witch’s nipple and watched her shudder in pleasure underneath her. Narcissa smirked and repeated her actions before sucking on both nipples until they were hard and stiff. She saw Hermione fist the sheets out of the corner of her eye and softly patted her on the nose so she’d open her eyes.

‘Scoot towards the end of the bed, darling. I’m not comfortable lying on my stomach anymore.’

Numb with lust Hermione immediately obliged, not entirely believing that none other than Narcissa Black lowered herself onto her knees for her while gripping Hermione’s thighs and pulling her even closer. The blonde’s hot breath on Hermione’s centre made the Gryffindor whimper and Narcissa decided to torture the witch no more. She flattened her tongue against her clit and relished in the sounds her actions emitted from Hermione.

When she felt Hermione starting to wriggle away from her tongue, Narcissa had her suspicions confirmed. She didn’t think Hermione had ever managed to reach an orgasm before. At least not by the actions of someone else… Narcissa squeezed her eyes shut in an attempt to chase the image of Hermione pleasuring herself from her mind and vowed to give the Gryffindor an earth shattering orgasm. She was nothing if not a little bit smug about her bedskills.

The blonde followed Hermione back onto the bed and settled herself directly behind the younger witch on their sides. Narcissa gently nudged Hermione’s legs apart and nuzzled her nose in the bushy brown locks close to Hermione’s ear. She started teasing around the witch’s entrance with her fingers while whispering words of encouragement.

‘That’s it. Don’t focus on it too much, try to relax.’

Hermione’s pants turned into one long moan the moment she felt two slender fingers slip inside her. While her other hand toyed with Hermione’s breast, Narcissa started to move, slowly at first but the Slytherin quickly fastened her pace. Narcissa never stopped talking to Hermione, encouraging her to chase her orgasm instead of trying to run away from it.

Despite Hermione’s earlier struggles, it didn’t take her long to climax. Her entire body convulsed and her inner walls contracted strongly around Narcissa’s fingers while a soft squeak escaped her lips. The moment the brunette melted in Narcissa’s embrace, the older witch knew she was lost. Suddenly she desired nothing more than to hear that squeak again and make sure that Hermione felt loved. Silently cursing their deal not to kiss, Narcissa opted to stroke the brunette’s hair instead while extracting her fingers from Hermione’s pussy.

They lay like that in a comfortable silence while listening to each other’s heartbeats. After a while, Hermione slowly turned around. Narcissa smirked when she noticed that the Gryffindor had finally caught her breath and propped herself up on her elbow, ‘would you care for another round? I’m afraid my hormones have been raging inside my body for so long that one orgasm simply won’t cut it.’


Hermione stared at the ceiling while listening to the irregular breathing of the sleeping witch next to her. Sometime after their third round, Narcissa had blissfully fallen asleep as her body had finally been released from all the sexual tensions. The Gryffindor, lacking her usual courage, didn’t dare to glance aside afraid that the sight of a peacefully slumbering Narcissa would be her final undoing.

Realization had hit her hard. Realization that this had been a mistake. Hermione gulped, desperate to not let the panic get a hold of her but the walls seems to close in on her nevertheless. She needed fresh air! As slowly and as carefully as possible, Hermione disentangled herself from the sheets and covered Narcissa’s naked body so she wouldn't go cold. She took the bathrobe Narcissa had been wearing earlier and slipped out of the room, closing the door behind her while hoping that she could also escape the whirlwind of emotions that currently wreaked havoc in her mind.

The cool breeze of the summer’s evening helped Hermione calm her breathing. She was padding barefoot through the gardens of Malfoy Manor, careful not to rouse the peacocks. Hermione bit her fist in order to muffle her frustrated screams. Blinded by her own desires, she had given her heart away to a woman who did not want it. You fool, she thought, you bloody fool!


Narcissa woke up the next morning and scolded herself when she realized she was disappointed to find the other half of the bed empty and cold. It was a one-time thing. A business agreement! Of course Hermione wouldn’t still be in the bed with her. The blonde shook her head at her own thoughts and stretched her limbs until she felt that satisfying pop.

She sauntered over to her vanity and sat herself down in front of the big mirror. Her blue eyes trailed across her naked body and Narcissa smiled when she saw the many marks Hermione had left on her pale skin. With both hands on her slightly protruding stomach, the youngest Black sister reminisced about last night trying to remember the exact path Hermione’s mouth had taken.

Narcissa sighed as she suddenly felt lonelier than ever in her big manor. Because last night had made one thing very clear… she could get used to finding Hermione in her bed every morning, but unfortunately that would never happen again. Narcissa turned away from her mirror because she no longer could stand the sight of the fool in front of her. Madame Black, political strategist and calculated conversationalist, had just given her heart away to a witch who did not want it. And by doing so, she had surrendered all control and she hated it.


If Andy noticed the tension in the room, she simply chose not to comment on it as she checked how her sister’s pregnancy developed. Narcissa’s blood pressure was still on point and her diagnostics showed no abnormalities. Andy nodded approvingly.

‘Seems like everything is progressing smoothly.’

‘Wonderful,’ Narcissa muttered desperately trying to catch Hermione’s gaze but the brunette seemed determined to avoid looking at her.

Andy noticed as well because she smirked, ‘I’ve noticed how you haven’t missed a single appointment yet, Hermione. You’re doing better than most fathers I’ve encountered during my days as a Mediwitch.’

‘Andy, don’t,’ Narcissa replied noticing how Hermione paled at the comment.

Her sister rolled her eyes, ‘honestly you two should just fuck and be done with it,’ she snarked before packing her bag and leaving the room in search of snacks.

‘Hermione,’ Narcissa pleaded before the Gryffindor witch could follow Andy, ‘ignore her. She doesn’t need to know what happened between us. It was a business agreement after all, right?’

Hermione slowly nodded, ‘a deal between friends. Assuming that we are still friends?’

‘Of course,’ Narcissa smiled, but her expression turned sad the moment Hermione left the room.

Just friends.