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he blinks, eyes still bleary, and all he can see is yellow.

yellow like the sun that shined through their curtains, yellow like the sunflowers that sat on the kitchen table, yellow like the shine in teru's eye- reflecting like water on a cold shore- yellow and blue and oh so beautiful.

he blinks again, hears the sheets move and a soft sigh, his eyes are still crusty but he can see him so clearly,

he sees the smooth of his skin and the blush of his cheeks, barely there freckles sprinkling his face and the soft pink of his lips- open and snoring ever so softly, a disgustingly endearing puddle of drool staining the pillow.

ritsu sighs, rubs his eyes and wonders just how smitten is he that he began to think drool is cute.

and suddenly a list of everything ritsu has to do fills his head, long and exhausting and he rather stay in bed then get up and get the laundry done.

and, just as he's about to get up- his foot about to touch the cold of the floor, teru wraps his arm around his waist. he murmurs something incomprehensible and snores once again. he's just about to move his arm away when he looks at his alarm. its a weekend and it's early and his eyes are still too heavy but he has so much to do- teru snores again and ritsu stops trying to think.

he sighs and lays back down under the covers, teru snoring away happily and closes his eyes
letting the annoying sound of his snores lure him to sleep.