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What's Love Got To Do With It?

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Major Sheppard left his quarters to head down to the lab where he’d been helping Dr. McKay with turning on Ancient technology that SGC had found. Before he’d gone very far, Lt. Ford hailed him.

“What can I do for you, Lieutenant?” John asked.

“Colonel Sumner requests that you attend his office at your earliest convenience, sir,” Ford told him.

John translated that into the order it clearly was – “Get your ass to the Colonel’s office, now.” He nodded and asked, “Someone gonna tell McKay?” He knew how antsy the guy got if John was even so much as a minute late.

“Yes, sir, that’s my next stop,” Ford told him.

John grimaced. “Good luck with that, Lieutenant,” he said, turning at the intersection to head towards the elevator that would take him down to where Sumner had a temporary office.

Ford just laughed, irrepressible as ever, giving John a jaunty wave in lieu of a salute as he went in the other direction.

John couldn’t resist a small sigh as he got into the elevator at the end of the corridor, hitting the button to go down several levels. He wondered what the Colonel was going to pick fault with this time.

Reaching the office, John rapped on the door, which was half-open. Sumner was on the phone, but still waved him in to the office. John stood to attention in front of the desk, but didn’t salute. He’d learned early on that things were fairly informal at SGC and saluting was quite rare, even in the presence of generals like O’Neill and Landry.

Sumner finished his conversation and replaced the phone, then just sat there, studying John for a few minutes. It made him want to fidget, but he forced himself still, keeping at attention while Sumner scrutinized him.

“At ease, Major,” Sumner finally said and John allowed himself to relax into parade rest, hands behind his back, as he waited for Sumner to enlighten him as to what he wanted.

“I’ve decided, Major, that if you’re going to be under my command, in an unknown situation, in another galaxy, that it would be in order for you to participate in a trust exercise with myself and some of my Marines.”

“Yes, sir,” John replied, not knowing what Sumner might have in mind, but understanding he had no choice but to agree. Like the request that he attend the office, this was actually an order and John had to acknowledge that it made sense for him to prove himself to the Marines and Sumner.

“We’ll begin at 1400 hours today, at this address,” Sumner held out a piece of paper to him and John took it and looked down at the directions on there. He’d never been to Colorado Springs and had no idea what the place was, or where he was going.

“Yes, sir,” John said again, knowing there was nothing else to say.

“Dismissed, Major,” Sumner told him and John came to attention again, before turning and leaving the office.


When John reached the address later that day, he was surprised to find that Sumner had directed him to a private residence, rather than a gym or training ground, as he’d expected.

A security gate opened at his approach, the camera above clearly monitored remotely from the house, so John drove through and followed an immaculate drive through neat flowerbeds, to stop outside a large house. It was impressive, but didn’t intimidate him; he’d actually grown up in a place twice the size.

As John got out of the car provided by the motor pool at SGC, the front door opened and Sumner stood waiting. He was dressed casually, in jeans and a shirt, but still looked smart and every inch the military man he was. John felt awkward, because he was still dressed in BDUs, not having known what to expect from the afternoon.

“Come in, Major,” Sumner told him, as John climbed the steps to the front door. John followed him inside, not saying anything for the moment, preferring to scope things out first.

Sumner led him through the house to the kitchen and down a set of stairs to the basement. There were a dozen men scattered around the room that John found himself in. He saw Lt. Ford straight away, alongside another man he recognized from seeing him around the base. There were a couple of other faces familiar to him, but John hadn’t been at SGC long and his time had mostly been spent in the labs with McKay, so he hadn’t really had a chance to get to know anyone else that was going on the mission. It was the main reason why he thought that whatever Sumner had planned was a good idea – Ford was the only other officer going on the mission, out of the twenty-five Marines that would be in the group of soldiers that had been selected for Atlantis.

“Men, this is Major Sheppard,” Sumner announced to the room at large.

A chorus of “Sir” greeted him and John lifted a hand to them. Sumner didn’t stop, though. He led John across the room to a door set in the far wall. As John crossed the threshold, he stuttered to a halt just inside. This wasn’t what he had been expecting at all.

A large bed, made up neatly with dark blue covers, dominated the room. Off to one side was a door that was ajar, showing John what looked like a bathroom. Just beside it was what looked like a doctor’s examination table, seeming totally incongruous alongside the bed. Finishing off the room were two large closets, set into the wall behind the table.

Sumner was waiting patiently, allowing John to look his fill of the room and make up his own mind. His mind was racing, thinking that really there was only one conclusion he could draw from the situation. John took a deep breath in through his nose, closing his eyes as memories flooded him and his cock twitched in his pants. It seemed Sumner had access to John’s full, uncensored file. Knowing that there was no way he could back out of this situation gracefully, without losing any chance of credibility with both Sumner and the Marines in the other room, John surrendered and took a step forward, making it clear he was accepting whatever Sumner had planned for him.

John had to admit, he didn’t really have a problem with Sumner’s plan. While it was true that when he’d done stuff with Mitch and Dex, it had been because they were a team, almost family, their deaths hadn’t stopped him from getting involved with other guys since. He was so well trained, that if he wasn’t with someone, even casually, he missed it. He was a pet and he had long since accepted all that that meant.

He nodded to Sumner and stripped out of his uniform, folding each piece of clothing before passing it to Sumner. Sumner took the pile of clothing to one of the closets and putting it in a drawer. John’s boots were put away as well and he stood waiting, hands curled loosely at his sides, wondering about his dog tags, which he still wore.

“Take off the tags as well,” Sumner said as he came back to John, holding out a hand. John passed them over and Sumner tucked them into his jeans pocket, before gesturing John towards the large table. “We need to get you clean first, Major,” Sumner told him. “We’ll forgo condoms, because of the SGC health checks, but I still want you to have an enema first. No needs you down with an infection this close to the start of the mission.”

“Yes, sir,” John agreed, settling on his back on the large table.

Sumner unhooked leg extensions at the bottom of the table, locking them into place. Then he fastened each of John’s ankles into the attached stirrups, leaving his legs spread and his ass exposed. John couldn’t help the shiver that went through him at the vulnerable position it put him in.

Sumner chuckled at John. “I knew you’d be an eager little bitch,” he said, affection in his tone. It was the most human he’d sounded so far and John felt himself relax further at the warm expression on Sumner’s face. “Don’t worry, Major, I’m going to restrain you properly.” John squirmed in anticipation at that, making Sumner laugh again, even though he casually smacked John’s hip and told him off. That made John gasp and his cock get fully hard in response.

Sumner grinned at John’s reaction, as he went round the table and methodically fastened further restraints in place. He secured John’s wrists, biceps, chest, hips and thighs with soft leather bindings, so that by the time he was done, John couldn’t move more than a few millimeters in any direction. John moaned in pleasure, cock leaking pre-come on to his belly, leaving him eager for release.

“Nearly done, John,” Sumner told him. He moved to the head of the table and picked up a final length of leather. “This one’s for you neck,” he told John. “You’ll need to stay still or risk bruising your throat, which will make Beckett kick my ass, so behave, understand?”

John licked his lips, swallowing against a dry throat. It was almost like wearing a collar and the thought made John quiver in anticipation. He hadn’t worn a collar since leaving home and he wasn’t sure how he might react.

“I think I might come, sir,” John said, voice rough and hoarse, needing to be honest with his commanding officer.

“Thank you for your honesty, Major,” Sumner told him. “If you do come, it’ll be the only time you do today, because I’ll put you in a chastity device afterwards.”

“Yes, sir,” John got out the words in a strangled tone. Sumner was really pressing his buttons with that bit of information.

Sumner fastened the neck restraint in place and the sound of the buckle, so close to him, seemed especially loud. John couldn’t help it, he bucked upwards in the restraints and came, moaning as his cock spurted across his belly in long pulses. He shook in his bonds, eyes closed, as he gave himself over to the pleasure.

When John came back to himself, Sumner was wiping his stomach clean with a cool cloth and John murmured a thank you to him.

“Feeling better, Major?” Sumner asked, a fond look that John was familiar with from previous commanding officers on his face.

“Yes sir,” John said, face heating a little as he realized that he’d been so out of it that Sumner had started the enema without John noticing. The feeling of the tube in his ass and water flowing into him was another sensation that John had experienced many times before and he stayed relaxed in the restraints as Sumner moved the cloth down to clean John’s groin.

“Now you’re back with me, I’m going to put the chastity device in place,” Sumner told him.

“Yes sir,” John repeated obediently, knowing there was nothing he could do but lie there and take whatever Sumner dished out. He was grateful that Sumner seemed inclined to make this a positive experience for John and that suggested some familiarity with pets in his past, which John was relieved to know. Other people hadn’t been like that and it had made for some unpleasant experiences.

Sumner moved away and came back, then John felt cool hands lifting his cock and the plastic of the chastity device being put into place on his cock and balls, before being locked into position. He felt himself relax into the table beneath even further, now that his control was no longer being tested. He didn’t have to worry about anything, just enjoy what was done to him and let himself react. The way he was secured meant he couldn’t do wrong or displease Colonel Sumner and that was a relief to John.

Sumner’s hand on his belly drew John’s attention back to him and he re-focused to see the Colonel looking at him intently. “How are you feeling, Major?” he asked, rubbing lightly over John’s stomach.

John moaned a little at that, enjoying the feel of Sumner’s hand on him. “G-good, sir,” he said.

“A little high?” Sumner asked dryly and John had to agree. He was in that headspace that made him drift on a pleasant buzz of arousal, even if he couldn’t get hard. “Any cramps?”

“No, sir,” John told him. He was starting to feel full from the water inside him and Sumner pressed down, making John moan at the sensation, but he was so used to being filled like this, that there was no pain.

“Alright, Major,” Sumner said. “Once the water’s finished, I want you to hold it for ten minutes.”

“Yes, sir,” John agreed. He closed his eyes once more, drifting in a haze of low-level arousal, vaguely aware of the sounds of Colonel Sumner moving around the room.

Then he felt Sumner beside him again and the gentle tug of the enema nozzle being removed. He automatically clamped his ass down on the emptiness, knowing that he had to hold the water. A pressure against his hole made him relax enough for what was obviously a plug to slide inside. John moaned and writhed a little at the feeling; the plug was a lot larger than the nozzle had been and it stretched him open. Sumner teased him with it for a minute or two, pulling it back, before pushing it in again, twisting it and pressing against John’s prostate.

John groaned, twitching in his bonds, not able to get hard because of the plastic encasing his cock, but feeling his blood pulse through him at the sensation of the plug in his ass. Sumner’s other hand landed on John’s belly again, pressing down firmly, making him moan harder and writhe as much as he could with the restraints holding him in place.

It went on for several minutes, then both hands withdrew, the plug buried deeply inside him. John panted for breath, body sheened with sweat, turned on beyond belief, even though he was still soft in the device.

A touch to his hair made John open his eyes. Sumner was leaning over in his eye-line. “Major?” he said and John realized he must have been calling to him for a little while.

“S-sir,” he stuttered out, body still humming with pleasure, barely able to think through the roar of blood in his ears.

“Just a few more minutes,” Sumner told him and John blinked in acquiescence, unable to do more, slumping into the leather holding him down as he slowly got his breathing under control again. “You’re doing very well,” Sumner told him. “Rest now, while I go check on the Marines.”

“Yes, sir,” John murmured, aware that he had been saying little else for however long Sumner had had him restrained here. It was what Sumner wanted, though, John knew: John under his total control, obedient to his whim as a good pet should be. And that knowledge was enough to make him go limp once more, giving himself over to the headspace that Sumner was cultivating in him.

Sumner’s touch on his shoulder roused John some time later and he blinked open his eyes to see the Colonel looking down at him with a fond expression. “Time to get up,” he told John, hand going to the buckle of the neck restraint.

John breathed out slowly, taking stock of how he felt. He was feeling a lot calmer, but ready to relieve the pressure from the water in his guts. He lay quietly as Sumner undid all the restraints, rubbing briskly at John’s body as he undid him, making sure his blood was flowing and that he wasn’t cramped from being in one position for a prolonged period of time.

As Sumner lifted John’s legs down, he massaged both thighs in turn, then helped John to a sitting position. John groaned as that shifted the plug in his ass, pressing it hard against his prostate. Sumner grinned at him, probably aware that if John’s cock were free, it would be rock hard and dripping. John shifted off the table and onto his feet, accepting Sumner’s hand on his elbow to steady him, before following the Colonel over to the bathroom.

“Use the toilet, then take a shower,” Sumner said briskly. “You have ten minutes, Major.”

“Yes sir,” John responded automatically as he went into the room, which was barely big enough for the facilities it contained. There was no way a second person could fit in there, so Sumner left him alone to carry out his instructions.

John used the toilet first, grimacing a little as he tugged the plug free of his ass, dropping it into the tiny sink. Once he was done, he stepped into the shower, washing quickly, well practiced with military efficiency and speed in getting clean. The towels were soft and luxurious when he got back out of the cubicle, but John resisted the temptation to linger. He dried himself off thoroughly, though, before rubbing his hair dry. There was no mirror in the little room, so he just ran his fingers through it, hoping Sumner didn’t decide he ought to have it cut.

When he got out of the bathroom, John found Sumner waiting for him over by the bed. “Leave the towels and plug in there,” Sumner told him.

John nodded and dropped the towels on the toilet seat, before going over to Sumner. “Eight minutes, Major, well done,” Sumner said, the praise warming John as he settled into a casual parade rest stance in front of the Colonel, hands behind his back.

Sumner glanced him over briefly, then nodded at the bed. “On your back, Major,” he told John, “In the middle.”

John did as he was told, settling into position. He noticed that restraints had been added to the bed frame while he had been otherwise occupied. That was expected, with what he guessed was going to happen to him now.

“I’m going to tie your arms first, then fasten your legs up and back,” Sumner told him, reaching for the first chain. “Spread your arms out to the side for me.”

John stretched his arms out, watching Sumner fasten the first leather cuff, before circling the bed to attach the second. Then he picked up a wide leather belt and John lifted his torso so that Sumner could fasten it around his waist.

“Lift and bend your legs for me,” Sumner said, so John did, spreading them as wide as he could. Sumner fastened each leg to the waist belt at the knee, then attached chains that went to the headboard, so that John’s legs were held in place, exposing his ass again, ensuring easy access to his hole.

Sumner stood back and studied John, making him squirm a little under the close scrutiny, aware of how he must look like this. “Good,” Sumner finally said. “You’re ready. I’m going to fetch the men in just a minute, Major, but I want to warn you first, they’re all going to take a turn at your ass. You won’t be let down until everyone is finished, so that means that if you’re experiencing any sort of muscle pain or cramp, you must let me know immediately. Understand?”

He spoke firmly, but kindly and John nodded in response. “Yes, sir,” John told him, “I understand.”
“Very well then,” Sumner said and he went over to the door, to let the Marines in. John took a couple of deep breaths to relax, as he watched them file in one by one, crossing over to the bed, where they stood in a loose group, gazing at John where he lay spread out on the bed.

“Alright, Ford, you’re up first,” Sumner said, gesturing to the Lieutenant.

John lifted his head and watched the young man approach the bed. Ford smiled at John, as he quickly stripped out of his clothes before climbing up between John’s legs. John smiled back, before letting his head fall back onto the pillow below it.

“Ready, sir?” Ford asked, one hand resting on a thigh, as he rubbed fingers across John’s hole.

John grunted. He hadn’t been prepped beyond the plug he’d worn for the enema, but he figured that Sumner was well aware of that fact and wanted things that way.

“Just go slow, Lieutenant,” John said, blowing out a deep breath and forcing himself to relax.

“Yes, sir,” Ford told him and John felt the pressure of his cock against his hole. Then Ford was sliding in, making John grunt again, as he felt his ass stretch around the burn of penetration. It had been a while and a plug just wasn’t the same as a cock.

To distract himself, John raised his head to look at Ford, who had a frown of concentration on his face, watching where he was sliding inch by inch into John’s ass. Ford caught John’s glance and grimaced a smile at him.

“So, how did you get to be first?” John asked casually, concentrating on relaxing his muscles.

Ford snorted a surprised laugh at that, then slid in a few more inches, making John moan and arch his back. After a beat, Ford answered the question. “We drew lots, sir,” he told John, pushing forward again.

This time, John groaned, wishing he could move, wanting nothing more than to shove his hips down into the pressure and heat of Ford’s cock stretching him open. “Move, Ford,” he rasped, back lifting from the bed again, straining against his bonds.

“Yes, sir,” Ford replied breathlessly, shoving forward hard, making John moan again. When he stilled, John knew he was all the way inside, feeling the press of Ford’s pelvis against him.

Ford paused for a while, allowing John to adjust, then began to pull slowly out again, quickly setting up a rhythm of slow withdrawals, followed by hard thrusts back in. He began to grunt with the effort, hands gripping John’s thighs with a bruising intensity. John closed his eyes and concentrated on doing the little he could to make it good for Ford, clenching on the inward strokes and rocking his hips the small amount the restraints allowed him to, encouraging Ford’s efforts.

John drifted again into that hazy place, where arousal thrummed through his body, but the plastic on his cock stopped him from getting hard. He gave himself over to the pleasure of being taken and used, reveling in the noises of sex and the low voiced encouragement of the other men in the room.

Ford was hitting John’s prostate, making him moan and arch, the intensity of the feelings making John wish he could get hard, knowing he could come easily from getting fucked like this. Then Ford shoved in deep one last time, before freezing and coming with a choked-off moan, cock pulsing for what seemed like an eternity inside of John.

Finally he pulled back, cock popping free of John’s ass with a wet-sounding noise, making John moan a little at the emptiness. Ford leaned over and kissed John’s forehead before moving away. “Thank you, sir,” he said softly, gone before John could form a response.

A young guy that John didn’t recognize quickly replaced Ford. “Lance Corporal Williams, sir,” he told John as he got into position.

“Lance Corporal,” John acknowledged with a brief nod, staying relaxed as he felt the blunt pressure against his hole once more. Williams lacked any of Ford’s finesse, shoving in hard in one thrust, making John grunt and be glad for the restraints keeping him in place.

John closed his eyes and tried to let himself go, wanting to enjoy this as much as possible. But it wasn’t as easy with Williams as it had been with Ford. Williams was obviously inexperienced, not just from the way he’d pushed into John initially, but in the way he went after his orgasm, seemingly oblivious to John. Even though he couldn’t get hard, John still wanted to get something out of what was happening, but there was no way he could with Williams.

The inexperience actually helped though, because Williams was coming in what anyone else would know was an embarrassingly short amount of time, grunting out a string of words as he pressed in deep and let his load go. He pulled out quickly and John looked up to see red slashes across his cheekbones, either anger or that embarrassment, as he withdrew from John and scrambled off the bed.

John didn’t get a chance to be concerned, though, as Williams was quickly replaced with another man, this one older and clearly more experienced. He just grinned at John, not bothering to introduce himself, as he took position and slid in smoothly. John was able to relax once more and lose himself in what was happening, feeling the pleasure of having his ass pounded and his prostate teased once more.

He set the pattern for the next few guys, all in their early thirties, John judged and all clearly well practiced in fucking someone up the ass in a way that made it pleasurable for both of them, even if one of the guys couldn’t get off on what was being done to him.

John was soon awash in a sea of sensation, getting lost in his memories of similar experiences from the past. He was jolted back to the present with a sharp pinch to his nipple and a voice calling his name.

“Major Sheppard, are you with me?” the voice demanded.

John opened his eyes, staring blearily at a face he vaguely recognized as Sergeant-somebody from the security division. “Sergeant,” he managed to slur.

“Yes, sir,” the man responded thankfully. “Sergeant Bates. Are you tracking now, sir?”

“Huh?” John responded, no doubt proving he wasn’t really with it, if the guy’s face was anything to go by.

“I need to do a health check, sir,” Sergeant Bates told him. As he spoke, he pressed a straw to John’s lips and when he sucked at it, John found it was water. He sipped eagerly, groaning when Bates drew back. “You can have more in a minute, sir, I just need to check you over,” Bates reminded him.

John grunted assent, feeling Bates run quick, impersonal hands over John’s limbs, no doubt checking for muscle strains or cramps, as well as assessing his circulation. Then he turned away and John could hear him speaking to someone, Sumner, he supposed, in the background.

John was feeling a little more with it now and became aware of the general achiness of his body and how sore his ass felt. He also knew that he could easily take more, though probably not in this position.

“Alright, Major, we’re going to move you,” Sumner said, suddenly in John’s face, startling him somewhat.

“Yes sir,” John agreed, lying passively as Sumner unhooked his legs, then unfastened them and his arms, helped by Bates. He sipped gratefully at the water bottle when Bates presented the straw once more, while Sumner rubbed his arms and legs.

Then John was being urged to move, shifting so that he was lying face down on the bed, pillows under his hips to lift them up. His legs were spread and he felt cuffs being fastened to his ankles, followed by the clink of chains. His arms were next and he was left spread-eagled on the bed, secured to the corners of the bed. He had his head turned to the side, resting on a pillow, ass propped up and easily accessible once more.

“Alright, Major?” Sumner asked.

“Yes sir,” John agreed, so Sumner nodded and withdrew. John heard someone climb onto the bed behind him, shivering a little in the knowledge that he wouldn’t be able to see who was fucking him any more. That was even more freeing than being restrained and made to take it, allowing John to fly.

The rest of the session passed in a blur for John, he lost track of the men who came and went behind him, each one filling him and fucking him hard and deep and fast. He was drowning in the pleasure of being used, taken and ridden like the bitch he knew himself to be, loving the chance to relive past memories while aroused but unable to come.

John was roused from his haze again some time later by a sharp blow to his ass. He grunted and bucked upwards, jolted into awareness by the sudden pain.

“Welcome back, Major,” Sumner told him with heavy irony.

“Sir,” John slurred, looking up at the Colonel.

“You took all of that beautifully, Major,” Sumner said. “I knew you could. We’re nearly finished for tonight, but before we do, you’re going to show the men just how good a little bitch you are, fucked loose like this.”

John groaned at the words, wondering what Sumner had planned for him, loving the hint of possessiveness that Sumner was displaying. Clearly the Colonel had decided to take ownership of John for the moment and John was happy with the idea of belonging to someone once more.

Sumner drew his attention with another blow to ass. “Listen to me, bitch,” he growled and John blinked at him. “You’re going to take my fist now, Major,” Sumner said, “Show us all what a good pet can do.”

“Yes sir,” John agreed, arousal and excitement flooding his body at the thought of it. Sumner had big hands and it would feel incredible having him shove one into John’s well-used ass.

Sumner moved away, getting onto the bed behind John, one hand landing heavily on John’s ass, rubbing at the marks left from his smacks. John groaned, trying in vain to spread his legs wider, pushing up into the touch. He felt Sumner rub both hands across his cheeks, then one stayed in place, while the other withdrew.

Then two fingers were pushing in easily, sliding in and rubbing his prostate briefly, before withdrawing again, to be replaced by three just as quickly and easily. John groaned, enjoying the teasing touch, even though he wanted to be filled properly once more.

Sumner didn’t keep him waiting, though, pushing in all four fingers, going more slowly this time, but still slipping in without much trouble, thanks to the thorough stretching all the fucking had resulted in. John took a deep breath as he felt Sumner’s thumb rubbing against the outside of his hole. As he breathed out, Sumner pressed inside, not stopping as he pushed his whole hand into John.

John groaned as he felt Sumner slide in deep, not stopping until the muscles of John’s ass clenched around his wrist. Sumner’s free hand rubbed the base of John’s spine, encouraging him to keep breathing, then it slipped around to rest on his belly.

“Hold still,” Sumner instructed and John froze, wondering what was coming next. Intense pressure on his prostate made John cry out, wanting more than anything to be able to come, but still restrained by the chastity device. The pressure continued for what seemed like forever, until John convulsed under Sumner’s touch, coming without even getting hard. John floated away on a sea of bliss, world going black, then white as he experienced a strong prostate orgasm, blown away by the sensations Sumner created in his body.

When John came back to himself, he was free of the restraints and his body was being wiped clean with a warm cloth. He hummed a little in appreciation, surprised to see Sumner was the one tending to him.

“Welcome back, Major,” the Colonel told him.

“Thank you, sir,” John murmured, voice still hoarse from what he’d experienced. He felt loose and relaxed, sated even though he hadn’t gotten hard. He flexed his body a little, knowing that once the glow wore off he’d be sore, particularly his ass.

“Just relax, pet, I’ll take care of you,” Sumner’s words surprised John even more than finding him cleaning up had. He blinked up at the Colonel, knowing that his expression probably told Sumner what he was thinking. “You’re my responsibility, John,” Sumner said kindly. “That means I deal with everything for you.”

“Yes sir,” John said, warmed by the knowledge of belonging and having someone take charge of him, which he hadn’t had in such a long time.

Sumner turned away to the nightstand and put aside the cloth, turning back with a glass of water and some pills in hand. “Just some Tylenol, to help with the soreness,” he told John. “And I have some gel for your ass.”

John took the pills and swallowed them down gratefully, drinking all the water once he realized how thirsty he was. Then he obediently rolled on to his stomach again, as Sumner took back the empty glass, spreading his legs once more.

Sumner patted him gently. “Very good, pet,” he said approvingly and John felt himself glow at the praise, as well as the term of endearment. He lay quietly while Sumner used a couple of fingers to check his ass, then push the cool gel into him, trying not to hiss at the feeling.

“Alright, pet,” Sumner said, “Roll onto your side for me again.” John obediently turned over once more, happy to let Sumner take charge and do whatever he wanted.

That turned out to be clearly expensive leather cuffs buckled to his wrists and clipped together with a short length of chain. Then a longer chain was clipped to that one and Sumner fastened it to the headboard. John was held in place, but had freedom of movement.

“One more thing, then you can sleep,” Sumner told him and John nodded agreement, feeling lethargy starting to weigh him down.

This time, when Sumner reappeared, John almost balked at what he was holding. He froze in place, not sure how he felt about the sight of the catheter. It meant total surrender to Sumner, which was something John craved with a fierce desire. But that total surrender meant John had no control at all, even over his basic bodily functions and he wasn’t sure how he felt about that.

To his credit, Sumner just stood there, looking at John, waiting for his response. Finally, with a gasp, John nodded acquiescence, relaxing into the bed once more.

“Good,” Sumner told him. “I’ll take good care of you, pet.” He removed the chastity device John was wearing and put it on the nightstand. “I’ve got something different for you to wear overnight,” he told John.

It turned out to be a stainless steel chastity device, attached to a butt plug, which looked huge, but slid into John’s well-used ass easily. Sumner twisted it a few times once it was in him, making John gasp as his prostate was teased and his cock twitched.

“Ah, ah, none of that,” Sumner admonished sternly, squeezing John’s balls hard to kill the nascent erection. John gasped, but didn’t argue, knowing he needed to be soft for the chastity device to go on and the catheter to be inserted.

Sumner worked quickly and efficiently, hands deft and obviously experienced as he slid the new chastity device in to place on John’s cock, closing the lock with a little snick that made John shiver.

John watched as Sumner lubed the end of the catheter tube, then closed his eyes, breathing deeply to try and stay relaxed. It wouldn’t hurt going in, but it wasn’t an experience John enjoyed either.

“That’s it, pet,” Sumner soothed, one hand gently rubbing John’s belly for a second. Then he was holding John’s cock in one hand and the tube was sliding into it, making John bite his lip as he fought not to jerk or moan. He bore it as patiently as he could, until the tube was all the way in and Sumner withdrew.

John opened his eyes once Sumner was done, looking down to see the tube in place, snaking across the bed to disappear off the side, leading to the collection bag.

“You’ve done very well, pet,” Sumner told him, stroking John’s hair briefly. “I’m very pleased with how you’ve taken everything today. You can sleep now and I’ll be back to tend to you in the morning.” He paused to point to a button on the nightstand. “If you have any problems during the night, just press that button and I’ll be with you within a couple of minutes,” he told John.

“Thank you, sir,” John said softly, relieved by the news of the panic button. He’d been worried about being left here alone, restrained like this. But he should have realized Sumner would have prepared for any eventuality. Curling up as best he could with his wrists cuffed and chained, he closed his eyes and allowed sleep to creep up on him, not hearing Sumner clear away the last of the items from the nightstand or leave the room.


A week later, John was on his way back to the SGC with Colonel Sumner. He was wearing a new collar, offered by Sumner, in order to cement John's place on the expedition. He had also been fucked by all the Marines going to Atlantis. It had been a very good week from John's point of view.

Once back under Cheyenne Mountain, Lt. Ford had been waiting to pass on instructions from General O'Neill. The two of them were to report to him in the conference room on Level Twelve. John was a little confused, knowing the General had an office next to the conference room overlooking the 'Gate room. However, he obediently followed behind Sumner, as he led the way from the elevator down the corridor and into a large, gray room which was as bare and utilitarian as most of the facility seemed to be.

When they entered the conference room, O'Neill was sat at the head of a large oval table. Sumner walked up to him and saluted precisely, John followed behind and repeated the action, before sinking to his knees beside the chair that Sumner stood behind.

O'Neill saluted casually, then nodded at Sumner, who sat at the table. John watched without looking up, as Sumner withdrew a USB stick from his pocket and passed it to O'Neill.

"So how'd he do?" O'Neill asked, playing with the USB drive, but making no move to plug it into the laptop in front of him.
"About as well I expected, Sir," Sumner replied.

John could see O'Neill raise an eyebrow at that.

"He was a complete slut," Sumner admitted. "Took everything without complaint, was in fact eager for more."

O'Neill grinned at that. "I expected nothing less of the Major," he told Sumner, then plugged the USB drive into the laptop. "Dismissed, Colonel."

Sumner rose to his feet and left the room. John hadn't received a specific order, so stayed put, wondering what was going on. When a large screen suddenly slid into place at the end of the room, he couldn't help a flinch.

O'Neill ignored him for a minute, fiddling with the laptop, until a burst of noise came from the screen and then he turned to John. "Get over here, Sheppard," he said with a flick of his fingers.

John hadn't been told how to move, but went with his instincts and crawled over to O'Neill, who pushed his chair back and pointed, indicating that John should get between his legs. John bit back a moan, watching O'Neill open his pants and reveal his cock. He licked his lips, eager for a taste of the General.

"Get me nice and hard, Sheppard, while I see how well you took Marshall's Marines. Then I'm going to have my turn at that tight little ass of yours."

John was surprised at that; Sumner had never indicated that he was filming what happened in his basement. O'Neill obviously picked up on it and gave him a grin. "Didn't know that, did you?" he asked.

"No sir," John said.

"Don't worry, it won't end up in circulation or on the internet. This drive is the only copy that exists," O'Neill told him.

John had no choice but to believe that. He moved into position and obediently opened his mouth, when O'Neill landed a heavy hand on his head and pressed downwards. O'Neill's cock was thick and even half-hard it was a generous mouthful for John.

O'Neill made no effort to control John's movements on his cock, just got a good grip in his hair and let John work him at his own pace. John was pleased, wanting to show O'Neill how good he could be. He put his best efforts into working O'Neill's cock with lips, tongue and the occasional scrape of teeth, noting every reaction and adding it to his actions.

Eventually, O'Neill gave a hard tug to John, making him release the hard, slick flesh with a whine. "Enough," O'Neill said sharply, tugging John's hair again. "I'm going to fuck you now, Sheppard, so strip for me."

John got to his feet and quickly undressed, folding his clothes neatly and piling them on the chair Sumner had used. He tucked his boots underneath. When he looked up, O'Neill was watching him, rather than the action on the screen. He had one hand on his cock, stroking lazily. "Nice marks," he commented, "Now get over here."

John couldn't help flushing a little at the reference to the cane marks that had been left on his ass by Sumner. It had been one of the best parts of the week for him, particularly as he had been allowed to experience it without the chastity device Sumner had kept him in a lot of the time. He had come from the beating, something he hadn't done for a long time and it had made the caning even better for John.

Standing in front of O'Neill, John waited for further instructions.

"Turn around," O'Neill told him, "And bend over the table."

John got into position, spreading his legs and pushing his ass back, making O'Neill chuckle. "Eager little slut, aren't you?" he said, pressing down on one of the marks as he did so. John couldn't help the moan that slipped out at that.

O'Neill laughed again, then landed a hard slap on John's ass, which resulted in another moan. O'Neill slapped him a few more times, then tugged out the plug John was wearing, replacing it immediately with his cock in one hard, fast thrust.

John cried out at the suddenness of the move, barely having time to register the emptiness before he was filled once more. O'Neill made an approving sound, then slapped John a few more times, keeping his cock buried deeply in John's ass.

John pressed his hands more firmly against the table, locking his legs to ensure he kept position.

"Good boy," O'Neil said, scratching over a welt as he pulled back slightly, then pushed forward once more. "Make all the noise you want, no one will interrupt us."

John let out a groan at that, allowing himself to relax into the penetration, feeling O'Neill slide a little deeper into him. He heard another sound of approval from behind, then O'Neill started to work himself in and out of John's ass at a slow, steady pace.

John lost himself in the fucking, aware of nothing but the cock filling him over and over again, making noises of pleasure as O'Neill owned his ass. He was enjoying the endless stamina that O'Neill apparently possessed, the thrusting continuing relentlessly.

Then it stopped, making John cry out, O'Neill buried deeply in him. "We're not done yet," O'Neill told him roughly and John realized O'Neill was still hard. "I need to move, my knees aren't as young as the rest of me."

John managed a breathless, "Yes sir," at that.

"Move with me," O'Neill ordered, maintaining a bruising grip on John's hips.

John straightened up, clenching his ass tightly to ensure O'Neill's cock stayed buried in him. They shuffled backwards somewhat awkwardly, then O'Neill was lowering them back into his chair, John in his lap. O'Neill grunted, relaxing his grip and John groaned as he felt O'Neill's cock shift inside him, somehow even more deeply inside him than before.

"Now you can do the work," O'Neill told him, sounding a little breathless too.

"Yes sir," John agreed, gripping the chair arms and flexing his thighs, to lift himself up and then lowering down on O'Neill's cock once more. He grunted at the sensations, feeling the hard length inside him stroke over his prostate. It was the perfect angle for John and he knew he could keep this up for a while, even without any restraints on his cock.

"Good work, Major," O'Neill said, hands moving over John to tease at his chest, pinching his nipples, then going lower to grip his cock and balls.

John moaned at that. Maybe he wouldn't last as long as he thought, with O'Neill touching him in that way. He forced himself to keep riding the thick cock filling his ass, rising up and then sinking down once more, suddenly aware of the sounds of the video still playing on the screen in front of them.

"Look up, Sheppard," O'Neill told him and John forced himself to gaze at the screen, where he could see a scene from the last week displayed in full color.

John groaned, seeing himself splayed face down, secured on the bed, with Sumner behind him, working his fist into John's ass. It was weird seeing himself like that, but also hotter than hell, remembering how good it felt to be stretched and filled by Sumner. It was another of the times he'd been allowed to come and he'd passed out afterwards, destroyed by the feeling of Sumner's knuckles on his prostate, pressing down perfectly.

"Yeah, you like that don't you, slut?" O'Neill murmured, hot breath on John's ear, as he squeezed John's balls and twisted a nipple hard.

"Sir," John moaned, lost in a haze of pleasure as he forced himself to keep moving, rising and falling in O'Neill's lap.

"That's it, slut, ride me," O'Neill said, keeping up his teasing touches.

John moaned again, not sure he could carry on much longer. He began to clench his ass around O'Neill's cock, hoping to bring the other man to the edge, so that he would be allowed to come too.

O'Neill began to make encouraging noises, hands gripping John's hips once more, helping him to move as John felt himself start to tire. "Just a little more, Sheppard," O'Neill told him.

Just as John felt as though this would never be over, pleasure starting to ride the edge of pain, O'Neill slammed himself up into John fast, letting out a moan as he finally came. John cried out, not able to wait for permission as he came hard as well, his cock pulsing over his stomach and John slumped in O'Neill's lap.

John fought for breath, feeling O'Neill's chest heaving behind him, lethargy creeping over him from the force of his orgasm.

"You'll be punished for that," O'Neill said hoarsely and John groaned, knowing he should care, but not really able to right now.

He felt O'Neill's cock slip from his ass and then he was being pushed to the floor, lying where he fell, still too wrecked to move. He heard the video go silent and then their heavy breathing was the only sound that remained in the room, gradually returning to normal. John stayed curled up on the floor, drifting in a haze, worn out and sated from the long, hard fuck.

"Alright, Sheppard, get up," O'Neill's voice broke through John's mental fog and he groaned as he came back to himself, various aches making themselves known as he struggled to his knees.

O'Neill threw a damp cloth and towel at him. "Clean up," he ordered brusquely. "Sumner will be here shortly."

John did as he was told, then remained on his knees, head bowed, as he waited for what came next. His punishment, he guessed, flushing as he remembered coming without permission. He hadn't done that since he was a teenager, in training at the military academy.

A short time later, there was a brisk knock at the door, then it opened and booted feet entered.

"Sir," John heard Sumner say from behind him.

"At ease," O'Neill told him, as John stayed stiff, nervous and anxious about what was going to happen.

"Is there a problem?" Sumner asked.

"You could say that," O'Neill's tone was wry and John's stomach lurched, feeling sick now as he awaited his fate. "The Major here came without permission."

John heard Sumner's intake of breath and grunt of displeasure at that. "I'm very sorry sir, I really thought he knew better than that."

O'Neill snorted. "Well, he is Air Force," he said sarcastically.

"Yes sir," Sumner said, tone perfectly correct and bland, though John could imagine the sneer he was holding back. He wondered if Sumner would take his collar back and his stomach churned again in dread. "How do you want to deal with this?"

"I'm going to use my belt on him," O'Neill said matter of factly. "I need you to restrain his cock. No good trying to punish a masochist without one."

"Yes sir," Sumner said smartly and John heard him come up behind him. He clenched his hands on this thighs, determined to behave correctly and not give either man further reason to complain or throw him out of here. He had a feeling it could end his career this time, if he messed up any more.

"Stand," Sumner ordered John and he got to feet in a move as smooth and graceful as he could manage, clasping his hands behind him in parade rest, despite his continuing nakedness.

Sumner's hands were cool as he fastened the chastity device in place, finishing with the padlock he hadn't used at his house. John saw him hand the key to O'Neill, then move away, out of John's sight.

"Over the table," O'Neill ordered and John hurried to obey, forcing his mind away from visions of being there just a short time ago, for the amazing fuck. "I'm going to beat you until I feel better about you, Major, understand?" O'Neill told him.

"Yes sir," John agreed, repressing a shiver as he wondered what state he would be in when O'Neill was done.

Then he had no more time to think, as he heard a movement in the air and then what could only be O'Neill's belt landing on his ass. John couldn't help it, he yelled, the blow stinging and hard, totally different than anything else he had experienced. The pain was sharp and there was no chance that John was going to enjoy this, like he had being caned just a few days ago.

O'Neill was merciless in his beating, hitting John hard and fast all across his back, ass and thighs. He was careful to avoid the danger areas, such as John's kidneys, but he didn't spare him otherwise, working John over like the expert he clearly was.

John hadn't been told to keep quiet, for which he was very grateful. He yelled, sobbed and moaned, as each blow fell. He did manage to stay still, though, which he knew was probably only a small point in his favor.

Finally, though, John realized that O'Neill had stopped. No further strikes landed on him and John felt limp and drained where he lay against the table. He was drifting again, waiting to be told what to do, unable to move by himself.

"Alright, Major," a quiet voice told him, "Let's get you up."

John staggered as he tried to stand, strong hands grabbing him and keeping him upright. A robe was belted around him and he moaned a little as he felt the material rough against his red-hot throbbing skin. Then the hands were guiding him away, stumbling as he moved along, eyes barely open to watch the floor as he walked.

He followed where he was led, until the robe was removed again and he was urged to lie down, soft material underneath him, as he settled on his stomach. He heard loud voices for a moment, then a stinging in his arm and he fell into darkness between one second and the next.


John knelt beside Sumner, who was sat at his desk working. They had been in Atlantis for a month and it had been a crazy time, right from the beginning. John's time was split between working in the labs with Dr. McKay and his team, acting as a light switch for all the Ancient technology and serving Sumner, like he was now. He would kneel naked in Sumner's office, waiting to be told to suck Sumner or bend over to get fucked. Sometimes, he would service someone else, usually one of the Marines, as a reward.

But Sumner had come to realize that having John kneeling there, doing nothing, wasn't a productive use of his time. He also knew that John was eager for the opportunity to go off-world to explore and try and develop new allies, for food and supplies as many of the other personnel were. Therefore, they'd had a frank discussion and Sumner had then called a meeting with Dr. McKay, who was due to arrive any minute.

The sound of the door chime heralded the arrival of the subject of John's thoughts and Sumner called out," "Enter."

The door slid aside and John watched Dr. McKay bustle into the room, a tablet computer in his hands. He was talking straight away, not giving Sumner a chance to speak, sitting in the chair in front of Sumner's desk, apparently oblivious to John's naked presence next to the desk.

"Doctor," Sumner tried, but McKay continued to babble on, something about power usage, John thought.

"Doctor McKay!" Sumner barked, using his command voice. John felt himself straightening even more in automatic reaction to that tone.

"And of course... Oh. What? Huh?" McKay finally ground to a halt, looking confused as he caught sight of John kneeling next to Sumner.

"Thank you, Doctor," Sumner said, dry amusement coloring his tone. "I called you here to discuss the disposition of Major Sheppard and yourself."

"Not power distribution?" McKay asked, clearly puzzled. "And why is the Major naked?"

John could clearly see Sumner's smirk and ducked his head to hide his own amusement. "Not power distribution," Sumner confirmed. "I take it you're familiar with the use of military submissives?"

McKay's snort made it clear what he thought of that question. John had already heard it a million times in the lab, when McKay was questioning someone's intelligence and worthiness to remain in his space.

"Right," Sumner said drily.

"Is this where Sheppard hangs out when he tells me he can't stay in the lab any longer?" McKay's tone was incredulous. "We're in the City of the Ancients and you have him, what, giving random grunts blow jobs?"

John could hear the way McKay had capitalized the name of the city as he spoke. He also knew that McKay's rant would only serve to piss off Sumner.

"I was under the impression you had worked with the American military a number of years," Sumner said, tone pure ice.

John gave up all pretense that he wasn't watching this power struggle go on. "Yes, yes," McKay said, snapping his fingers, the way he always did when he was impatient.

"Then I'm sure you do actually know how the submissive scheme works," Sumner resumed. "Or is something you consider below your intellect?"

"Oh, I'm well aware," McKay told him, loftily. "It's frankly a waste of military manpower, as you've clearly demonstrated, having the Major in such a role, when he actually has half a brain in his head, not to mention the strength of his gene."

John had to choke back surprised laughter at that, turning it into a cough, face going red as the others turned to look at him. He bowed his head, shoulders hunching, anticipating a blow from Sumner. It wasn't forthcoming, though and after a moment, John risked a glance upwards through his lashes.

Sumner and McKay were staring at each other, all alpha dogs, trying to psych each other out. John was fascinated, wondering which one of them would break first.

"Yes, well," McKay coughed. "You were saying, Colonel?"

Sumner grinned, taking the victory and explained his plan. "I want you to take on responsibility for Major Sheppard," he said. "I've come to realize that keeping the Major confined here isn't the best use of his talents and training as a member of the USAF. Therefore, I propose that you take ownership of him, so that he can spend more time with you in the lab. In addition, I want the two of you to form an off-world team, along with two more expedition members."

John had to look up at the silence that followed Sumner's speech. McKay sat there looking like a stunned bunny, eyes and mouth equally wide in shock at what he'd heard.

"McKay!" Sumner said impatiently.

McKay visibly shook it off and looked at Sumner. He clearly swallowed back several things he wanted to say, before finally speaking. "Very well," he said, formally. "I accept your offer."

Sumner looked pleased. "Good," was all he said, giving a quick nod. "Major, come here," he told John.

John put his head down and crawled to kneel between Sumner's legs, the Colonel's chair pushed back to give him room. Sumner reached down and unbuckled John's collar, pausing to tousle John's hair as he pulled it free. John swallowed hard, already missing the warm weight of the leather at his throat.

John took the collar from Sumner and started to back up. McKay's voice stopped him.

"Wait," he said imperiously and John paused, head down. "Before you come to me, I think you should thank the Colonel for his protection and your service with him. Use your mouth."

John was startled and looked up to Sumner for permission. Sumner gave him a small smile and nod of agreement, so John shuffled forward again, putting his collar on his thigh, as he reached out to open Sumner's BDUs. The fabric was already starting to tent with the bulge of Sumner's hardening cock.

John licked his lips eagerly, familiar with the weight and taste of Sumner's cock in his mouth. He could admit to himself a sense of disappointment that this would be the last time he got to suck Sumner, unless McKay were to permit it at some future point.

Sumner's hand was heavy on John's head, weaving into his hair in the way he always did. John opened his mouth and sucked him in, putting his hands behind his back, giving control over to Sumner. The Colonel immediately began to fuck John's mouth, using fast hard thrusts as John concentrated on breathing and relaxing his throat.

John was aware of not just Sumner's heavy breathing above him, but sounds from behind that had to be from McKay, who was clearly something of a voyeur. John decided to give him a show, let him see exactly what he was getting, taking on ownership of John. He closed his eyes and focused exclusively on the cock using him so perfectly. On the next stroke in, he swallowed, feeling Sumner's dick slide even more deeply into his throat, leaving his nose pressed up against Sumner's groin, pubic hair prickling his nose.

Sumner grunted at that, hand tightening even further on John's hair, keeping him frozen in place. Sumner's other hand traced John's throat for a second, before coming up to grip his head as well. John forced himself to stay relaxed, knowing what was coming. Sure enough, Sumner slammed in and out half a dozen times, fast and hard, until he was holding John's head in place, cock pulsing come straight down his throat.

When he was done, Sumner pushed John away, leaving him gasping for breath, chest heaving. John's cock was throbbing in the gates of hell he wore and he felt used. It was fantastic.

"Get over here," McKay's voice grated out behind John, making him jump slightly.

Picking up the collar from the floor, John took it between his teeth, then moved around from behind Sumner's desk. He crawled across the office toward McKay, who was leaning back in his chair, flushed and clearly aroused.

John crawled between his spread legs, waiting for instructions. "God," McKay choked out, hand coming down to rub himself through his pants. John licked his lips at the sight, just as eager to see and taste McKay as he had been to suck Sumner.

McKay took the collar from John's mouth and John bent his head forward, hopefully, baring his neck to the other man. McKay didn't keep him hanging, buckling the collar back on with quick, competent movements. John was looking forward to finding out what it was like having those hands on him, doling out pain or pleasure.

"Come on then," McKay told him impatiently, undoing his pants.

John whined eagerly, taking in the sight of McKay's cock, red and drooling pre-come already. It was thick and long, bigger than Sumner and was going to be a wonderful pain in John's mouth or ass.

"Mouth this time," McKay said, tugging John forward by the hair. John opened wide, working on relaxing his jaw, as McKay pushed John down onto his cock.

Seeing Sumner use John had clearly gotten him close, because McKay had barely thrust in half a dozen times, before he was dragging John back off his cock. John couldn't help the whine of displeasure at that, earning himself a smack to the face.

He looked up startled, to see McKay gripping his cock tightly. "Close your eyes," he ordered. John immediately complied, realizing what McKay meant to do. He opened his mouth eagerly and was rewarded seconds later by McKay grunting loudly and warm splatters of come hitting him, some landing on his tongue, while the rest striped his face. He knew some got in his hair, while it also dripped off his chin onto his chest and John moaned, loving how owned he felt in that moment.

McKay hummed in pleasure and satisfaction above him and John straightened, presenting as best he could, so that McKay could see the come he'd left on John, as well as the collar he'd put in place.

"Yeah, that's a good look for you," McKay said, clearly happy and John preened a little at that.

John heard both McKay and Sumner laughing a little, but he didn't care. Even if he hadn't got to come, he felt fantastic and was eager to find out what McKay was like as an owner.

John moved back a little, so that he was kneeling beside McKay's chair, knowing that Sumner had a few last details to cover with his new owner.

"I've arranged to have Sheppard's belongings packed up and brought to your quarters," Sumner told McKay, starting the conversation. "Feel free to take the rest of the day to get settled into your new arrangement. Tomorrow, I expect the two of you to start working out who will be on your team. Major Sheppard will also set up a training regime for you, in preparation for your work off-world. You've got a week for that, then I want you to be ready for your first mission."

"Yeah, how's that going to work, exactly?" McKay asked, gesturing at John, who guessed what he meant.

"Off-world, Major Sheppard will be in charge," Sumner told him smoothly. "He has the experience and training for that role, despite his present circumstances. We can't afford not to have all our assets working to the best of their ability to secure our place here in Pegasus and that includes both of you."

"Very well," McKay agreed. "If there's nothing else, I'll take the Major back to our quarters to get his things unpacked, while I make sure that Zelenka can manage the simulations I have running until tomorrow."

"Dismissed," Sumner nodded, turning back to the paperwork on his desk. Then he looked up and opened a drawer. "One last thing," he said and John watched him hold out his leash to McKay.

McKay took it, frowning a little. "Doesn't he have any clothes here?" he asked.

Sumner shook his head. "This is the military tower, there's never been a need," he explained briefly. "Obviously, now he's yours, it's up to you when and how you have him clothed, outside of the labs."

McKay nodded and clipped the leash in place. "Come along then, Major," he told John. "And, no, I don't mean crawl," he added.

"Yes, sir," John said, smoothly rising to his feet and waiting for McKay to lead the way. He was looking forward to finding out what McKay was like as an owner, both in and out of the labs.