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Pro Gamer? More like Pro Babysitter

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Sunday, February 23, 2020

Yoo Joonghyuk opens his heavy eyes. He sits up and unconciously massages his temples. 

He takes a quick glance at the clock, and sees that it's six in the morning. It means that he has slept for only an hour since the last time he was awake.

He looks into his side and sees a crying baby who wakes him up. He must admit, last night was the most teribble night of his life.

Well, of course it's not like he doesn't expect this. But reality is often worse than expectation.

It can be described like this: the baby cries - he bottle-feeds the baby - he burps the baby - the baby spits up - he cleans him - the baby poops - he cleans him again - he lulls him to sleep - repeat.

Now he is suffering from a headache due to sleep deprivation. Perfect. He must drink an aspirin later.


It's one in the afternoon when he is ready to go.

After telling Mia to do-not-open-the-door-for-strangers, he opens the front door and sees Han Sooyoung is raising her hand, two seconds away from pressing the doorbell.

She grins and kindly takes over the bag that Yoo Joonghyuk puts in his shoulder.

"You look like shit."

"Shut up."

Her grin's only getting wider. "Is he asleep?" She takes a peek at the baby inside a bundle of blanket in Yoo Joonghyuk's arms.


"Hm. I don't really notice it before, but he's really pale."

Her words make Yoo Joonghyuk realizes that he never takes a good look at the baby.

Kim Dokja. Black eyes, black hair and pale skin. He has that fat pads in his cheeks like every baby has. Sweet, pretty little baby.


It needs only half an hour to arrive at the police station.


Lee Hyunsung turns his head to them and stares with wide eyes. Although he seems surprised, he can manage a smile.

"Han Sooyoung-ssi, Yoo Joonghyuk-ssi." He nods at them. 

Then he says, "It's a surprise to see you here. And evenmore, I don't know that you're marrie--"

"Whoah, stop right there! No, Hyunsung-ssi, we are not married. I would rather die than marry Yoo Joonghyuk."

"I should be the one who says that." 

Han Sooyoung ignores Yoo Joonghyuk. 

Lee Hyunsung opens his mouth--

"And no, he's not our child." 

--he closes it immediately.

She continues to rambling, "Besides, of course if I ever marry someone, I will invite you to the wedding, Hyunsung-ssi!" 

Han Sooyoung put her arm around his neck in a friendly manner, but due to their height difference, she is more likely to strangle him than embrace him.

"Anywaayy, we have something to report."

Lee Hyunsung quickly puts his professional face. "Of course. Please tell me."

Yoo Joonghyuk starts telling how he found the baby and what the note had said. 

After he writes down some details, and asks a few question, Lee Hyunsung says,

"I understand, Joonghyuk-ssi. We will investigate this soon and will let you know once we find the parents."

Yoo Joonghyuk nods. "Thank you."

"As for the baby... To take care of him or to put him in orphanage, it's up to you."

"I will be his caretaker for now."

Lee Hyunsung smiles. "Alright then."

Then they take their leave.


"Han Sooyoung."

"What is it?"

"If his parents threw him away, most likely they don't want to get him back, right?"

"Yeah, maybe. Why?"

"Do you think... I need to look for adoptive parents for him?"

"Why do you need to look for them if you can be one?"

"...I'm not sure if I can. I mean, I can handle this for now, but I can't guarantee that I can for further."

"Wait, what's with this insecurity? Are you saying that you're not sure that you can be a parent for him?"

"...I didn't say that I'm insecure."

"So why? You have been taken care of Mia since she was small. Plus her friends, if I need to remind you."

"But I have zero experience with a baby. It's basically the same thing with having your own child."

"So? I don't see any problem. You can always learn for it."

"...Maybe. But if he can get parents, why not? Two are better than one."

"...Not really. One parent will suffice as long as your child is happy with it." 

Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Yoo Joonghyuk has a new routine now. And just like the majority of newmoms, he is incredibly tired.

He has too much to do and too little time.

Thankfully, being considerate as usual (it's a first requirement to become Yoo Joonghyuk's friend, because he's too tsundere to ask for something), sometimes Han Sooyoung offers to babysit Kim Dokja so he can take some rest.

Unfortunately, despite being sleep-deprived, Yoo Joonghyuk can't rest yet before he makes sure that the clothes have been arranged neatly in the wardrobe, the dishes have been washed, the children are not starving, and the house is clean enough.

Oh, and don't forget about his job too!

Speaking of job, Yoo Joonghyuk remembers that tonight he has a live streaming.


It's eight in the evening. After making sure that Mia already goes to bed, he prepares for the streaming.

In a quiet bedroom, only the sound of keyboard and mouse clicking are heard. Yoo Joonghyuk's eyebrows furrow in concentration. Focus on playing the game, and occasionally, read the live chat.

He wears a headphone, his face-cam and mic are on. Although he rarely speaks during the live streaming.

[maritimeadmiral: master, you look tired]

[maritimeadmiral: are you sleeping well?]

[abyssaldragon: you look like shit]

[judgeoffire: the shit version of him still look better than you, stupid dragon]

[abyssaldragon: how dare you!!]

[thegreatsage: hahahahah]

Yoo Joonghyuk suppresses a yawn into his shoulder and squeezes his eyes shut for a moment before opens them again, revealing the red and teary eyes.

[monarchofabyss: captain, do you even sleep?]

[judgeoffire: do you get insomnia?]

[moonlightprincess: you can end the stream early if you're not feeling well, joonghyuk-ssi]

[architectoffalseend: yeah, you have died 22 times]

[architectoffalseend: that's a new record]

Yoo Joonghyuk internally groans in irritation. The ping sounds and the bright light of his monitor... It's irritating.

"I'm fine. Stop worrying." He whispers. Hoping that his voice is low enough to not wake Kim Dokja.

Then he scowls when he reads certain messages.

"Shut up, Han Sooyoung."

[architectoffalseend: !!!]

[architectoffalseend: why i get scolded for stating a fact]

[abyssaldragon: why are you whispering]

[thegreatsage: he gets irritated easily today]

[judgeoffire: everyone will do the same thing if they are sleep-deprived!]

[maritimeadmiral: that's right!]

"I'm not--," Yoo Joonghyuk freezes. His words are interupted by a crying voice. 

'Aw, shit.' He thinks.

"A moment."

Then he leaves his seat.

[monarchofabyss: is it just me or is it really a baby's voice?]

[judgeoffire: !!!!]

[judgeoffire: it's a baby!!]

[judgeoffire: whose baby is it??]

[maritimeadmiral: is it master's child??]

[maritimeadmiral: i don't know that he has a wife!]

[abyssaldragon: or girlfriend]

[thegreatsage: i think he's not that type of a person]

Ten minutes later, Yoo Joonghyuk appears on the camera.

"Sorry for the interuption." He continues to play as if the interuption is never happened.

He has learned his lesson. He won't speak a word until the stream ends.

Getting ignored, the live chat is running wild.

[maritimeadmiral: master??]

[maritimeadmiral: are you not going to explain?]

[monarchofabyss: captain, is it your baby??]

[judgeoffire: whose baby is it]

[abyssaldragon: who's the mother]

[judgeoffire: please please please tell us]

[moonlightprincess: congratulation, joonghyuk-ssi]

[thegreatsage: wow this is surprising]

[moonlightprincess: i don't know that you're a father now]

Yoo Joonghyuk is remains silent. Although his mouth is kind of itchy as he wants to yell 'nooo, he is not my fucking child!'.

But the risk is too big. He doesn't want to wake Kim Dokja again.

That's why the stream today ends with a scandalious rumour.

[architectoffalseend: yoo joonghyuk]

[architectoffalseend: you're doomed]

Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately?), Yoo Joonghyuk doesn't realize it.

Wednesday, February 26, 2020

The doorbell rings right after Yoo Joonghyuk have given Kim Dokja a morning bath.

'What now.' He ignores the doorbell and takes his sweet time to dry him, slip on a new diaper, and dress him.

After he swaddles him in a warm blanket, he embraces him in his arms.

Satisfied, Yoo Joonghyuk observes the baby in his arms, and because he thinks that just looking isn't enough, he nuzzles Kim Dokja's cheek and takes a deep breath.

'Hmm, never know that baby can smell so addicting.'

Yoo Joonghyuk stares at the baby one more time, and the baby is staring back.

Kim Dokja blinks sleepily and after lets out a big yawn ('how cute', Yoo Joonghyuk thinks), he closes his eyes and drives to sleep.

Due to the overloaded cuteness, Yoo Joonghyuk can't help but kisses him in cheek.

Unfortunately, his sweet time is interupted by a sound of doorbell rings once again.

So, after puts Kim Dokja in his bed and makes sure his security, he walks into the front door.

The doorbell rings again. This time it sounds more impatient.

'Tsk, so noisy. It will wake Kim Dokja up. I should get rid of it.' Yoo Joonghyuk thinks exasperatedly.

Yoo Joonghyuk opens the door and immediately sees a scowling visage of his manager, Bihyung.

"Bihyung." Yoo Joonghyuk greets him, and without waiting an answer, he reaches out to the doorbell and pulls it off the wall.

Bihyung gapes and stares at him incredulously.

"What?" Yoo Joonghyuk innocently asks.

Bihyung collects his jaw drop and says, "Is that your method to say that I'm not allowed to come here ever again?"

Yoo Joonghyuk frowns. "What are you talking about?" He looks genuinely confused. "Come in, or do you prefer to stand there all day?"

Bihyung deeply inhales. Calm down, there are a lot of benefits of working with Yoo Joonghyuk, he just has to endure his high level of bastardry.

"So do you mind to explain what is the meaning of this?" Bihyung says with the emphasize in word 'this', after they both sits in the couch.

"Explain this."

"Don't tell me you don't know."

"No? I don't know."

Second deep inhale. "Last night, when you was streaming..."

"Oh, right." Yoo Joonghyuk interupts him, looks like he gets an epiphany. "I have a baby with me."

Bihyung is nearly died from asphyxiation. Because, what the hell, Joonghyuk?

"He's not my child, this is only temporary until..." Yoo Joonghyuk tells the story once again.

He asks Bihyung to make an official announcement that he will reduce the frequency of his live streaming due to his new duty.

"I can only stream every Saturday afternoon from now on." 'While Han Sooyoung is babysitting Kim Dokja and the children.'

"...Alright." Bihyung sighs. "So, where is the baby?"

"In my bedroom."

"Can I see it?"

"Sure. But if you wake him up..." Yoo Joonghyuk makes a throat-slitting gesture.

"No, I won't!"

Bihyung enters the bedroom quietly and sees the baby is sleeping peacefully.

'Oh, it's a boy.'

Then he sneaks out of the bedroom.

"Are you done? Then go away, my to-do list is waiting." 

"Tsk, damn this bastard." Bihyung mutters. 'Why do I work for him again?' "Then I'll be taking my leave. Don't worry, I will get rid of this rumour for you. In exchange, just raise my paid, will you?"

"What rumour?"

"Oh, don't think too much about it." Bihyung pats Yoo Joonghyuk's shoulder. "I will get rid of it in no time!"

Yoo Joonghyuk frowns. He doesn't care about such thing actually.

After Bihyung has left, Yoo Joonghyuk walks to his washing machine. His laundry is waiting.


But, apparently, the combination of domestic works and having a newborn baby is too much for Yoo Joonghyuk to handle it alone.

After a month has passed, Yoo Joonghyuk decides that he can't do this anymore.