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Never Thought You'd Open Your Arms To Me (But You Did)

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It was over, they had won with the help of almost everyone else. Tommy hadn’t expected them to come through the portal and stand up for them but they did and he couldn’t be more grateful for their help. He was tired, lazily staring out towards the rising. “Tommy?” He turned his gaze landing on the last person he thought he’d talk to today.

“H-hey Karl” He said, giving his best smile but from the sound of his voice and the heavy feeling of trying to force a smile made him assume he looked tired. He was and probably looked pathetic to the man. Karl frowned but came forward to stand in front of the bench. Tommy was a little surprised when he took his arm and pulled him up onto his feet and off the bench taking his left arm and wrapping it around his shoulders while wrapping his own arm around his lower waist.


“Come on let's get you fixed up” Karl muttered pulling him to walk with him and Tommy lazily did so, his movements sluggish and slightly painful and that was when he noticed he hadn’t taken care of any of his injuries from the fight. He breathed in heavily and tried to stand up more straight and put less of his weight on Karl but that only resulted in pain spiking up his leg. “Probably a sprained ankle” Karl muttered as he dragged Tommy towards some direction Tommy wasn’t registering. He just let Karl take him in some random direction until there was another voice in the air than just Karl’s. He looked up surprised to see them standing in front of Punz’s house.


“Can you help me with him?” Karl asked Punz who stood holding the iron doors open. Punz raised an eyebrow but nodded and allowed them inside. Karl brought him over to a bunch of chests on some walls pushing him to sit down. Punz seemed to be digging around and Tommy just slumped his body aching and beginning to realize his injuries that he hadn’t acknowledged after the fight.


He vaguely remembered being handed a potion and only realized Karl was shaking his shoulders when he looked at the man who was now kneeling in front of him with a worried expression. “I need you to drink the potion” He said and Tommy nodded in understanding uncorking the bottle and downing it slowly not wanting it to go down the wrong pipe and end up in a coughing fit. That probably would make the bruises on his chest hurt if that happened.


He handed the bottle to Karl who had his hand out waiting for him to give it to him after he finished the bottle. Karl walked off after that and Tommy leaned back feeling the effects of a healing potion take over him and the exhaustion seemed to be getting the better of him as he dozed off before falling asleep to the sound of returning footsteps.




Tommy woke up oddly warm, he rolled over in bed, cracking one eye open and coming face to face with a dark oak wall. He frowned, sitting up and rubbing at his eyes trying to fight off the leftover sleep and exhaustion that was still there. Once he stopped he looked around the room, wall to wall of dark oak with his bed being pushed into the far right corner of the room with two windows against the back wall and a desk in between them two dressers on either side of the door and a closet or bathroom he assumed in the far left corner of the room.


He stood shakily realizing he was dressed in a plain white long sleeved shirt and dark grey sweatpants, his shoulder length hair pulled back into a ponytail. He walked over to the door pulling it open and stepping into a hallway a door across from his own and two more doors to the left, to the right there was a staircase leading down. He walked down the staircase his footsteps being pretty easy to hear, he came to a stop in another hallway with two doors, he peeked through the first to his right where he found a lounge room or living room with a coffee table in the middle and two three person couches across from each other and two on person chairs across from each other.


He looked into the room on his left and found a kitchen room with an island table. Karl stood in front of a stove holding a pan over the heating coil. From the smell Tommy could tell it was soup. “Glad to see you awake,” Karl said. “It’s just a little past noon so it’s too late for breakfast” Karl said with a yawn giving away he had barely woken up maybe an hour or so before Tommy had. Tommy just hummed and moved over to sit at one of the island table stools while looking around the room.


“Where are we?” He asked, his voice oddly quiet as he slumped in his seat. He was picking at the edge of his sleeves realizing his big the shirt was on him, he was still a bit malnourished. The fact he’s always been tall and lanky didn’t help since it always looked like he was skin and bones; his malnourishment didn’t help with that either.


“This is my home, a small cottage I built in a dark oak biome surrounded by the trees to prevent it from being seen, the only way here is through nether portal it’s impossible to find without the coordinates in the overworld, I figured you’d want some piece of quiet from everything after the fight with Dream” Karl told him while taking the pot of the heating coil and setting it down on an iron pot holding that kept it from touching the counter. Karl pulled open two ceiling cabinets and pulled down two bowls before closing them then pulling open a drawer and grabbing two spoons.


Tommy watched him pour the soup and place the spoons in, then turned around and sat across from him at the island table sliding a bowl over to him. Tommy took it without much question and they sat in calm silence until after a few sips from his chicken noodle stew he got up from his seat moving over to the ender chest that was placed near the door he pulled it open and pulled out chirp and a jukebox placing it down beside the ender chest and inserting the disc.


The song began to play and Tommy walked back over to his seat the silence no longer empty and void of noise and now filled with the music coming from the jukebox. Karl didn’t seem to mind and he seemed even more relaxed than before so Tommy let it be and they continued to eat.


After finishing Karl told him he had a few things to tend to at the Smp and that he could come but he declined and asked if he could stick around here. Karl told him he was welcomed anytime and then gathered his things and left leaving him to wander the outside of the cottage. Despite being surrounded by large dark oak trees and being well hidden from view there was a lot of space and from the outside the house looked small and cozy cottage. 


There was a small wheat farm outside the house and there was a large collection of different colored flowers spread out throughout the entire small clearing that surrounded the house. There was a bench on the porch that you could sit on and see clearing from. He sat down and stared out into the clearing pulling his legs up to his chest and wrapping his arms around them and began to think back on everything.


Of all the people to help him he expected the last to be Karl who had mostly remained neutral sure he had sided with Dream during the Manburg vs Pogtopia war but that was because Sapnap, George and Dream were the people he knew most and before him Quackity and Sapnap were in a relationship. The thought that the three were dating was a little odd but not too odd, he’s head of poly relationships where there are more than two people dating each other. It's different from an open relationship.


He’s only read about them and never really seen them so seeing Quackity, Sapnap and Karl together from time to time had been a bit odd but he didn’t care what they did together as long as they were happy being with one another. He admitted he had never been the best person on the Smp and was responsible for a lot of the conflict but he had paid the price for all the trouble in the end right? He had been exiled twice and had almost died to Dream yesterday so was his pain finally over. If he was being honest he didn’t want that question to be answered.


“Tommy?” He looked up again seeing Karl come out of the house with a worried look on his face that drained away when he saw Tommy sitting on the bench. The portal to the nether was in the basement under the house, Karl had told him before he left just in case he wanted to leave. “Thought you left” He muttered walking over to sit beside him and stare out into the clearing.


They sat in silence, something they seemed to do a lot until Tommy spoke. “Can you do something for me?” He asked.


Karl looked at him in confusion but curiosity and nodded. Tommy opened his inventory and pulled out three items, two envelopes he had written before the fight with Dream for Phil and Techno and Techno’s axe of peace. He held them out to Karl. “Can you give these to Phil and Techno?” He asked.


“Sure, I’d need coordinates to his house though” Karl responded. Tommy nodded taking out a notebook in his inventory and held it out to Karl. despite what many thought of him he regularly wrote things down not for any particular purpose but he found writing somewhat soothing which was why he wrote ‘how to sex 1-3’ even if those three were only joke things he wrote. He had opened the book to a page before handing it to Karl. It was a list of locations with coordinates one of them being written as “Techno’s home” With the coordinates under it.


“Okay, I’ll guess I can do this tomorrow since it’s getting pretty late and I wanted to ask if you wanted to help make dinner” Karl said, Tommy nodded and followed the older man back inside where they began gathering everything Karl would need to make dinner for the two of them. It was oddly calming as Karl pointed Tommy in the direction of where everything was in the cabinets from pots to pans to utensils while Karl gathered potatoes in a bowl and began to peel them with a small but sharp edged knife. After Tommy set down a rather big pot on the heating coil and moved over to help Karl peel the potatoes they began to make small talk.


“You didn’t seem to do much while I was gone” Karl noted, his voice wasn’t questioning just mentioning.


Tommy shrugged as he continued to cut the potato over the garbage can. “Didn’t have much to do around here” he muttered as he set the potato in another basket for peeled ones.


“Can you grab the carrots from the pantry?” Karl asked, pointing to the door Tommy had originally thought was a back door. He walked over and opened it finding a rather large room of baskets, boxes, glass jars all stacked upon each other neatly with a some shelves that held the glass jars. He looked around until he found a basket with a tag that said ‘Carrots’ he pulled the basket out. “How many?” He yelled to Karl.


“Get me five!” Karl yelled back. Tommy picked up five and closed the basket lid and pushed it back into its original spot exiting the pantry and kicking the door closed with his foot. He walked back over to Karl who had a cutting board out on the counter and was cleaning the potatoes off and setting them in another clean bowl while also cleaning the two bowls they used to hold the potatoes before and after they were peeled. “Start cutting the potatoes for me, wash your hands before and hand me those,” Karl said, taking the carrots from him as Tommy went to wash his hands and dry them off before grabbing a bigger knife.


Living with Technoblade and having the man as his older brother and since said man had been obsessed with farming potatoes for almost a year and a few months he knew how to cut potatoes in the way Techno had taught him. Even then he learned most of his things from Wilbur and sometimes Techno but never from Phil the man to busy going on adventures and sometimes bringing Techno leaving him and Wilbur to fend for themselves and seemingly forgetting he had two other sons that were younger. Wilbur always got mad and had thought multiple times about taking them both away from that place but never did and in the end they ended up here. With Wilbur dead and wanting to be revived and Tommy spending time with someone he’d never expected.


The sound of boiling water made him lift his gaze to see Karl dumping in the cut carrots and some chilly before motioning for Tommy to put the potatoes in. He did what Karl wanted and the man moved away from him after to wash his hands Tommy following after him, once their hands were washed he watched as Karl pulled out a wooden spoon from the drawer to stir the beef stew he had told Tommy he was making. “Start cleaning those dishes will you?” Karl asked.


Tommy nodded and stood back up from his seat and grabbed the cutting board and the knife he used and grabbing the one Karl had used and putting them to into the skin, turning on the facet and making sure the water wasn’t to hot or too cold before grabbing a sponge and pouring soap into it and beginning to clean the dishes running them under the water to get the soap off. He put them on the dish rakes after to let them dry while opening the window in front of the sink to let out the warm air. “Stir this for me while I go empty my inventory really quickly” Karl said and Tommy walked over to him taking the wooden spoon and stirring it while Karl walked off.


It didn’t take long before the man came back dressed in a long sleeved shirt similar to his sweater he usually wore and white sweatpants. He took the wooden spoon from Tommy and looked into the pot. “Go sit” Karl ordered and Tommy took his seat he had earlier this noon. He noticed the sun had set outside now and it was mostly dark save for a few blue fire lanterns hung around the house and near the edge of the forest.


A bowl was set in front of him, he took the spoon offered to him by Karl with a smile on his face and the two fell into conversation with Tommy asking what Karl had to do back in the main part of the Smp.




They fell into a bit of a routine after that with Tommy staying and guarding the house and Karl leaving to do whatever he needed to do in the main Smp lands and coming back with books, flower seeds for Tommy to plant and more supplies he even got Tommy a new set of netherite armor and tools for if he ever needed to use it. They expanded the basement and filled it with books that Karl and Tommy would read either separate or together. A month into Tommy staying with Karl he asked Karl to help him with improving his writing.


He was never the best, his letters coming out looking slightly scribble and messed up so Karl agreed happy to teach him. The thought of learning something from Karl made his heart flutter and fill with warmth and he began to see Karl as a sort of guardian figure, he didn’t want to say parental because he doesn’t think Karl would want him to consider him that or be comfortable with the idea.


A week into Karl teaching him and his writing already looked a lot neater than it did the first time and while Karl was gone and Tommy did some digging round he found an ink sack, a book and a feather and crafted a book and quill and began writing sitting at his desk and staring out the window whenever he got stuck on a part of the random book he was writing. He found writing soothing still and enjoyed the time he spent writing in that book about everything that happened. He did of course change the names in the story finding comfort in the name change instead of using names he remembers.


By the time March came around the library was filled with a lot of books some still strewn around on top of chests along with an overflow of potions that Karl and him had brewed over the course of a week since Tommy had worried that Karl didn’t have enough healing potions while going out afraid he’d get attack and leave him alone. He’d never admit to being clingy now and never had before. Tommy was a little worried since he hadn’t talked to anyone besides Karl for a long time he hadn’t even seen Tubbo but he was too busy enjoying his time with Karl the thought of seeing anyone else always left his mind spending his days laughing and reading and brewing with Karl and writing when the man wasn’t around.


It was until March 8th did Karl bring anyone around to the small cottage that they both called home. “Tommy!” He stood up abruptly a grin spreading across his face as he stomped over to his door throwing it open and storming down the stairs coming face to face with Karl standing in the doorway to the kitchen leaning against its entrance way arms crossed and smiles on his face. “We have guests” Karl said and Tommy peaked into the kitchen dressed in a normal fitting burgundy long sleeved shirt with black fitting jeans and fingerless gloves, black leather knee high boots and a amethyst crystal earring on his right ear replacing the emerald one he long since forgotten in the cup he used as a pencil holder. The earring was a gift from Karl who had a matching one in the form of a ring. Tommy’s hair was also longer going a bit past his shoulder blades and Karl loved to spend his time pulling Tommy’s hair back into a french braid.


Tommy stared at Sapnap and Quackity who sat at the island table staring back at him in shock. “Wait! He’s been here the whole time Karl! you never told us!?” Sapnap yelled in shock.


“Did you guys not know I was here, with Karl?” He asked, tilting his head.


“No they didn’t, only Punz though and even then I assumed you wanted privacy” Karl said with a shrug and a frown on his face.


“Tommy!” Quackity came over to him pulling him into a hug. “You just abruptly disappeared for like two months are you insane, could have sent us a letter or something” Quackity huffed as he pulled away.

“Sorry, got caught with spending time with Da- I mean Karl” he stuttered out feeling his face heat up at his mistake. Karl just gave him a grin while Sapnap and Quackity looked in between them both.

“You two just live here together,” Sapnap said.


“Yeah, Karl’s been teaching me how to write better, and cook and he brings me books. We built a library! And he brings me new flower seeds to plant and I’ve been sketching them in my notebook” Tommy said, going off on a tangent as he pushed Quackity back to sit at the island table taking the seat next to Sapnap.


Karl just chuckled and sat across from him next to Quackity's arm coming up to wrap around the man’s shoulder and leaning against him. “Tommy calm down kid” Karl huffed a fond smile on his face as he shook his head reaching over the counter to ruffle his hair.


“Oh shut up Dad-” He cut himself of eyes wide and Karl’s smile grew ever wider. “I didn’t mean it!” He huffed turning away from Karl.


“Aw! Tommy it’s okay you can call me Dad if you want” Karl teased but with a hopeful undertone.


“Hey what about us as your fiancés do we get to be called Dad by your adopted son” Sapnap pouted although his tone was light hearted and joking.


“I feel like Sapnap and Quackity would be the really chaotic Dads but also try to be the cool Dads at the same time” Tommy said out of the blue before he fully registered Sapnap’s words. “WAIT! FIANCES?!” He said turning to Karl who had a huge grin on his face.


“That's right I forgot to tell you, I’ve talked to you about me wanting to propose to them and well you encouraged me to so I went for it using the rings we made together for them” Karl said sheepishly scratching the back of his head.


“Wait Tommy encouraged you!” Quackity said in disbelief.


“Yeah I did, I told him if he loved you two that much then go for it” Tommy shrugged with a grin on his face. “Can I be the ring bearer at the wedding?” Tommy added with a grin on his face.


“Sure kid” Sapnap huffed with a grin on his own ruffling Tommy’s hair.


“Oh you three shut up and help me make dinner, and Tommy they’ll be crashing here from now on if that's fine with you?” Karl said in question as he got up with Tommy doing the same for them to begin their usually routine.

“Of course it’s fine this isn’t my house” Tommy responded.

“Yes but you’ve lived here longer, it’s as much your house as it is mine. After all I’d want my son to be happy in his own home” Tommy couldn’t stop the flood of warmth from being referred to as ‘son’ by Karl who seemed like the last person that would call him such a thing.


“Yeah there fine” He huffed ignoring the warm feeling in his cheeks. “Sapnap help me cut potatoes, Quackity help Karl grab the utensils and set the table” Tommy said, getting a smile from Karl.




Pretty soon with Sapnap and Quackity becoming common residents in Tommy and Karl’s household they quickly became part of their daily routine of Karl leaving for the main Smp lands and sometimes Quackity or Sapnap tagging along but never both one of the them always staying behind to keep Tommy company and spend time with him.


When it was Quackity that stayed they’d spend their time running around the meadow sort of playing tag or sometimes getting into random games of fun activities of Quackity watching as Tommy sketched stuff which was something he had become quite good at even doing a sketch of all four of them in like a sort of family picture with Tommy standing in the middle of Quackity and Sapnap both having a hand on his head ruffling his hair grins on their faces and Karl to the side a fond smile on his face. He let Quackity keep the sketch and they framed it and it hangs in the hallway.


When Sapnap stayed Tommy would show him the book he wrote and let the man read over it and then listen to his complains that there's no more for him to read because Tommy stopped writing and would complain to Tommy asking when he’d write more cause it was interesting. Other times Sapnap and Tommy would talk about getting a pet which led to the 25th of March when Sapnap came back with a parrot named Clementine, their feathers being bright red.


April rolled around and Tommy never realized when he started referring to Sapnap as Pop’s and Quackity as either old man or Pa. But none of them said anything about it, they also began taking pictures. They had one of Sapnap and Tommy leaning against each other fallen asleep on the couch after reading a book together. One of Tommy and Quackity sitting side by side while Tommy sketching in the garden. Another of Tommy and Karl cooking together in the kitchen and even one of them doing the dishes. And a few pictures of all of them together smiling.


They even got them matching jewelry to the amethyst ring Karl had and the earring Tommy had. They got Sapnap an earring to and Quackity got a pin to put on his beanie he normally wore and it he wasn’t wearing the beanie he’d put the pin on the front of his shirt or jacket. Tommy did end up talking to Tubbo through their communicators and jumping into a call with his best friend where they talked about everything that went down and how some assumed Tommy left or just wanted to be alone but Tommy told him he was staying with Karl and just taking a break.


Tubbo told him how he was staying with Niki and Puffy who had taken him and were helping him. They talked about how this was good for them and that they were beginning to heal. They promised to plan meets up later and talk in person but ended the call.




“Tommy!” he shot up in bed running a hand through his hair while rubbing his eyes at the loud yell of his name. He threw the blankets off of him and bolted down the stairs almost crashing into Sapnap who quickly took him by the shoulders. “Tommy, can you go with Quackity to the Smp mainlands because Karl’s running a fever and can’t go do what he needs to do?” Sapnap said with a frown.


“Yeah just let me get ready” he said sleepily and Sapnap nodded with a smile ruffling his hair.


“Don’t keep him waiting” He said and stalked away while Tommy returned to his room to change out of his pajamas and into more presentable clothing. He didn’t know what would be casual and what wouldn’t be so he dressed in his long sleeved burgundy shirt and black pants, his high collar black vest jacket and his knee high black leather boots with black fingerless gloves that went to his elbows and his amethyst earring. He also packed a backpack before realizing he was taking a bit too long when he heard Quackity yell at him.


“Tommy! Hurry up!”


“I’m coming!” He yelled back closing his door as he stomped down the stairs to join Quackity in the basement where the nether portal was. He followed Quackity as they stepped through and stuck close to the man as they wandered through the nether he hasn’t been to the nether for the past three months and was a little wary of everything.


They get to the main Smp lands portal and step through to the other side Quackity pulling out a list of things Karl needed to do here at the Smp. He hands it to Tommy who looks it over, it’s a rather simple list of checking out the library the Smp has which not many people use so Karl just steals books he thinks Tommy will like since the place is practically overflowed with books that George, Alyssa and Callahan had collected when they first built the library at the start of the Smp before they joined.


That was pretty simple for them to do except he barely knew where it was since it was such an old building probably as old as the community house. Quackity led the way to the library which was rather huge but not easy to find considering it was underground instead of above ground like he thought it’d be. He looked around at all the books noticing how they were categorized by genre and alphabetical order. He walked over to the fantasy based books and began to look through them, shoving one’s he liked into his backpack until he had above 10 books with him and then turned back to Quackity who was waiting near the stairs leading out of the underground library.


The next thing they need to do is go to see Niki’s flower shop that she shares with Puffy to get flowers and bring them to the crater of L’manburg as a way to pay . Apparently Tubbo has also been working there with them and Karl regularly gives him updates on what he’s doing at home so Tommy’s going to enjoy giving Tubbo a special surprise. But he can’t help but feel a little worried about how he’ll react he did up and leave for like two months without an explanation to him so he must have been worried and mad, probably thought he had been kidnapped.


“TommyInnit, get your head out of the clouds” Quackity huffed nudging him in the shoulder. Tommy glared at him, despite everything he may not curse as much as he used to but that didn’t mean he’s forgotten the amount of insults he has in his vocabulary and he was going to say a few choice words to Quackity if he does that again.


He sighed heavily as he pushed open the door to Niki and Puffy’s shared flower shop the sound of a bell going off. Niki looked up from the counter and his eyes brightened. “Puffy, Tubbo!” She called to the back as she moved around the counter and pulled Tommy into a bone crushing hug that he returned. Puffy and Tubbo came out from the back room and Tubbo practically jumped the counter to get to him and pulled him into a hug just as Niki pulled away.


“Tommy!” He said.


“Tubbo!” He responded and tightened his arms around the shorter teen. They pulled away and Tommy turned to Puffy and Niki both smiling while standing side by side hands intertwined. “So you're staying with Niki and Puffy?” he said in question.


Tubbo snorted. “You're staying with Quackity, Karl and Sapnap” He retorted the smile on his face.


Tommy rolled his eyes. “I’m only here because Dad got sick and Pops had to stay with him so I had to come with Pa to do whatever errands Dad had” Tommy elaborated getting a surprised look from Tubbo while Quackity just smiled fondly beside him.

“You call them Dad, Pops and Pa” Tubbo said with a grin. “Just like how I’ve stuck to calling Niki and Puffy Mom and Ma” Tubbo added.

Tommy shrugged. “Phil wasn’t exactly the best parental figure, he made it perfectly clear he preferred Techno over the three of us” Tommy said with a shrug not feeling as hurt as he used to about Phil choosing Techno and then replacing him with Ranboo after. Tubbo frowned but nodded in understanding.


“We don’t live here at the Smp, we have a place called snowchester in a tundra that we travel back to every day” Tubbo said. “I’ll give you the coordinates so you can come and visit” Tubbo said with a grin.


“I’d love to, maybe I can bring Dad, Pops and Pa to for a snow day” He responded with a grin. “But we need to get the flowers first,” He said.


“Right!” Niki said hurriedly going into the back and the sound of shuffling things could be heard until Niki came out from the back room a bundle of different colored tulips in her arms most of the colors resembling L’manburgs flag. Tommy took the flower bundle and Niki gave him one last hug. “On the house” She said with a smile. Tommy nodded and with one last hug to Tubbo him and Quackity set out to the crater of L’manburg.


Getting there wasn’t a problem since not many people seemed to be around but he did catch a glimpse of Punz who stared for a few silent moments before walking away. Tommy just continued down the path until they got to L’manburgs crater which was now more of a lake filled with water and the giant obsidian walkway was moved but it still was different.


“Before the crater was filled in with water most of the others worked together to create a pillar in the center” Quackity said as he pointed to the small island in the middle of the lake held up by the pillar below it. “And then we created walkways” Tommy looked at the four walkways coming from all four different sides of the crater to the center island. “A gravestone for the country that was never meant to be” Quackity said with sorrow. Tommy nodded and took a step forward. Quackity following close behind him as they came to a stop in the middle island where a gravestone laid and flowers were set around it.


“Here lies L'manburg, a once great and strong country that many fought for” Tommy read out loud a frown on his face as he crouched and set the bundle of flowers down on the ground in front of the gravestone.


“Tommy?” He turned his eyes, landing on Ranboo who stood on the walkway a bundle of flowers in his arms as well. He gave Tommy a smile as he came forward dressed in clothing similar to what Phil and Techno wore; he took note of how much it didn’t hurt to see Ranboo in those clothes.


“Hey Ranboo” He said with a grin as he stood up opening his arms waiting for a hug. Ranboo came forward with quick steps and engulfed him in a hug being taller than him by a lot. Luckily though Tommy wasn’t as malnourished as he used to be thanks to his and Karl's cooking. “You look well Ranboo” He said.


“As do you too” Ranboo responded with a smile on his face that faltered slightly. “Uh? You should visit the cottage sometimes” He whispered. “Phil and Techno have been wanting to talk to you ever since Karl delivered the Axe and the letters back” Ranboo shrugged after he finished speaking. “Or you could just come to visit me, it’s been a little lonely not having someone my age around” Ranboo said.


“I’m planning a meet up with Tubbo soon, you wanna join?” He asked.


“I’d like that,” Ranboo responded.




Going to the mainlands of the Smp became the norm when June came around and they did it regularly as a family except for on the days when Tommy didn’t want to. He was healing and he’d never thought he’d have Quackity, Sapnap and Karl of all people to help him heal, but there were still a few bridges he needed to burn. He had long since let go of his past grudges against Schlatt, Dream, Techno and anyone else who’s ever wronged him and was just tired, so, so tired of fighting that all he wanted was to enjoy the comfort of home with his family.


It was a regular day of getting up and getting ready, letting Karl braid his hair before they left with Sapnap and Quackity putting a few flowers into his braid which Tommy didn’t mind. Over the course of time they’ve been living together Sapnap’s hair has also grown longer while Karl and Quackity choose to cut theirs so Sapnap now has almost shoulder length hair that he pulls back from his face with his bandana which helps a bit.


Once there all ready they set off to the mainlands of the Smp and begin their errands of going to the library finding whatever books Tommy and Karl want and then going to visit Niki, Puffy and Tubbo at the flower shop where Geroge also now works. Tommy’s heard Eret finally got around to adopting Fundy given another chance by Phil and that Dream’s been getting more visitors. Tommy has wanted to visit but hasn’t worked up the courage to do so but he will once he does have that supposed courage.


After getting the flowers and talking with Tubbo, George, Puffy and Niki for an hour they head off to L’manburgs crater to put the flowers down. As they grow closer they stop at the bottom of the stairs, Karl almost running into Tommy when he abruptly stops and moves to hide behind the three of them. Standing before them is Philza and Technoblade with Ranboo by their side dressed in similar clothing to them. Tommy peaks at them from around Sapnap's eyes, locking with Phil who looks happy to see him.


“Tommy!” He says as he walks over with Techno and Ranboo. “We’ve been meaning to talk to you” Phil says.

“So I’ve heard,” Tommy says awkwardly as he comes out from hiding behind the three men that he now calls his dads. “Ranboo told me” He muttered, rubbing his arm as he looked to the ground, kicking a rock.


“Can we talk, in private” Phil says, his gaze shifting to Sapnap, Quackity and Karl. Tommy was about to say yes but was interrupted.


“Absolutely not!” Karl says stepping up and grabbing his shoulder. He can tell Sapnap also steps up on his other side from the heavy hand on his shoulder that's far lighter than Karl's. “I won’t allow you to even be near him unsupervised by either me or my fiancés” Karl adds, probably glaring at Phil.


“Tommy’s my son-”


“You lost the right to call him your son the day you chose one over the other” Quackity cuts in. 


Phil looks like he’s about to snap back but Tommy steps in to try and deescalate the situation. “He’s right” he sighs and Phil frowns. “Dad, Pops, Pa stop” He says, turning to look at the three who frown in response. “I can handle this” he adds, turning back to face Phil who looks shocked, just as shocked as Techno and Ranboo. “Phil listen, don’t take this personal or anything but I’ve moved on. I have other people in my life, I’ve spent all this time trying to get your approval but I realized somewhere along the way that's never going to happen since your so hyper fixed on Techno”


“Tommy I’m not-”


“Don’t” He sighs, cutting Phil off. “You have Ranboo to worry about now, not just Techno and honest to god lets hope you can be a better father to him that you were to me” He can see the hurt look in Phil’s eyes and the surprised, confused and worried expressions on Techno’s and Ranboo’s faces but doesn’t acknowledge them to much. “Now we came here to do something” He stepped forward walking past them while giving Ranboo a pat on the shoulder the sound of Karl, Sapnap and Quackity following after him as he went to the middle island of the lake. He sets the bundle of flowers down like he did before.


“Let's take a picture,” Tommy says and Karl nods, pulling up a panel and stepping over to them to get them in the right positions. Him standing next to the gravestone of L’manburg with Quackity standing behind it and Sapnap to his other side and Karl standing next to Sapnap. Quackity reaches out his hands to ruffle Tommy’s hair again like he always does and just as his hand lands on Tommy’s head the picture is taken.


It’s a full body picture, capturing the gravestone of L’manburg with Tommy next to it, Quackity standing behind it, Sapnap on Tommy’s other side and Karl beside Sapnap. Things have changed, they all have. Tubbo had two moms, Fundy got adopted, Dream’s getting more visitors in the prison, Ranboo’s staying with Phil and Techno and Tommy was sort of adopted by the most three unexpected people on the server. But that was okay. Everything was going to be okay.




Tommy did end up visiting Ranboo from time to time but never acknowledged Phil or Techno who starred and watched as they talked and played in the snow sometimes going to snowchester where they talked and played with Tubbo. Sapnap, Karl and Quackity even arranged dinner at Niki and Puffy’s where he could hang out with Tubbo while they talked, sometimes inviting Ranboo. It felt odd to have parental figures they’ve never had before but they weren’t complaining. Over the span of the few months Quackity and Sapnap despite their very chaotic behavior were also tired of fighting and had mellowed out a bit but still kept their joking and chaotic personalities and did pull pranks with Tommy on Karl a majority of the time which earned all three of them a scolding by Karl even if not all three of them had a hand in it.


Despite all of this there was one more thing he needed to do before he could continue forward with the future. So here he was standing in front of his worst enemy with Karl to his side. Sam didn’t want all four of them going in so Sapnap and Quackity stayed with Sam on the other side of the lava while him and Karl came into the cell. Dream didn’t look different but he wasn’t wearing his lime green sweater and had on a plain long sleeved black shirt with plain white baggy pants and black leather boots his mask still on his face but pushed up slightly so his mouth and nose were visible.


“Dream” He said in a sort of greeting as he stared at the man he had once a long time ago called a friend, maybe even a brother, now reduced to the shell of a person sitting before him.


“Was wondering when you were going to visit, the others told me you disappeared” Dream said, lifting his arms to intertwine them behind his head. Before Dream was a book with writing across the pages neat and elegant and not too hard for Tommy to read.


“I didn’t” He muttered with a shrug. “Dad took me in and I’ve been staying with him” He said motioning to Karl who smiled at him when he looked back at Karl who stood a bit closer to the exit but not too close to the lava.


“You call Karl, Dad?” Dream noted. “When did that happen?” He questioned.


“Over the time I’ve been living with him. I call Sapnap pops and Quackity Pa, it’s a bit odd but they’ve replaced Phil in my heart” Tommy muttered, he didn’t know why he was talking to Dream like they were old friends catching up on things in each other's life they missed.


“I figured” Dream shrugged. “Phil didn’t seem like the best father and if I’m being honest I’m surprised he barely even visited you in exile” Dream sighed heavily. Tommy moved forward sitting down in front of Dream with a bit of space between them, legs crossed one over the other.


“Karl’s taught me a lot of things, he’s taught me how to write better and how to cook different things even how to weave a basket” He said, his tone getting more light as he spoke with a smile on his face as he stared at the obsidian floor. “All things Phil never taught me” He added at the end, going silent.


It didn’t last long “When you came to visit I expected you to be alone” Dream said. “And to just yell at me at how much of a bastard I am and how much I hurt you” Dream added. “You’ve changed these past few months haven’t you?” He asked.


“I have” He responded until he pulled out something he wanted to give Dream, it was just a notebook of sketches he asked Sam he could give to Dream since the man obviously hasn’t seen the outside in a while and Sam had looked through it to make sure there was nothing hidden in it. Sam had agreed to let him give it to Dream and Tommy was more than happy with that. “This is something I’ve been working on, over the time I’ve lived with Karl and then I’ve begun drawing or sketching really” Tommy said. “I honestly expected the same when I came to visit to get angry at you but at this point there's no reason and do you know why Dream?” He asked, lifting his gaze from the floor.


“Why?” Dream asked, crossing his arms over his chest.


“Because I’m tired” He responded and Dream shifted a bit of a frown on his face as he tilted his head. “I’m tired of fighting and all this conflict and if I’m being honest Dream” He sighed heavily as he placed the sketch book on the ground. “I want things to go back to the way they were before, before you became what you are now and when we used to be friends. When I used to see you as a brother” He said.


Despite not being able to see Dream’s eyes he knew they’d probably wide open if he could. He stood up walking back over to Karl who called to Sam to let the lava down. “For what it’s worth Dream, I’m-”


“Don't,” Dream said. Tommy looked back over at the man as the lava began to come down. There were tears running down his cheeks from underneath the mask. “Don’t, you shouldn’t be the one fucking apologizing Tommy! I-” he cut himself off. “I should be apologizing,” He added.


“But you don’t know how to,” Tommy said, already knowing that Dream had no words to explain how sorry he was for what he put Tommy through, there was no apology that could wash away the pain this man had caused him. “I’ll be waiting till you find the words,” Tommy said, stepping onto the stone brick platform and leaving Dream there. He felt a weight lift off his shoulders as he stepped in the area Sam, Sapnap and Quackity were, both coming over to ask if they were okay. Tommy just nodded with a smile while Karl explained to them the meeting went fine.