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Equius: Search

As expected, you were unable to find Makara’s sign in the official hemo-records your ancestor carefully maintained.

Instead of wasting any more time on drudging through countless history books, you immediately went for the forbidden records, which your ancestor also conveniently left behind for you to find. You would have to thank him for that, before you killed him. It didn’t take you very long to find something useful after that.

As such, you are now reading the notes of a troll once known as Doomgaze, whose sign you did recognize, of course. The man’s life had been fairly dull, up until the point where he met the Ravisher. The Ravisher was, evidently, signless, which immediately sparked your interest. You haven’t skipped a page since you started, on the off chance that you would miss something noteworthy. It would a far less dreadful task, had Doomgaze not been such an awful writer.

You are interrupted by someone messaging you on your husktop. You sigh, mark the page and close the book. Your subordinates know better than to bother you with trivial matters, so you can safely assume this is something important.

Equius: Answer

She, specifically, is smart enough not to bother you unless it’s relevant.

-- governingAristocrat [GA] began trolling controllingTyrant [CT] --

GA: Eqvivs.
GA: There Has Been A Development.

CT: 3---E What is it maryam?
GA: There Has Been An Assavlt On The Hive Of My Matesprit.
CT: 3---E The culprit being?
GA: Need Yov Even Ask?
GA: Gamzee Makara, Natvrally.

CT: 3---E Y00 were correct.
CT: 3---E That is a development.
CT: 3---E This does l3---Eve me curios as to why y00 are telling me this and not vriska herself.

GA: To Be Honest She Was Rather Irate When She Abandoned My Hive In Qvite A Hvrry.
GA: I Am Assvming This Is Why She Has Failed To Contact Yov So Far.
GA: She Will, No Dovbt, Rectify This Error In A Moment.

CT: 3---E Vriska serket was at your hive when this event occurred.
GA: Indeed She Was.
GA: She Had Expressed An Interest In Visiting Me Tonight.
GA: Was She Not Svpposed To?

CT: 3---E That utter f001
CT: 3---E She was aware of makara’s boast and she was the one that informed me he meant it as a distraction.
CT: 3---E I had e%pected her to be wise enough to stay at her hive until we knew more.
CT: 3---E Apparently that trust was misplaced.

GA: I Sincerely Apologise.
GA: I Wovld Not Have Agreed With This Visit, Had I Known.

CT: 3---E Y00 are not to blame for this.
CT: 3---E Now tell me what happened.
CT: 3---E Do not e%clude any relevant details.

GA: Very Well.
GA: After Vriska Had Taken Her Leave For My Hive, Makara Contacted Peixes To Qvestion Her Then Cvrrent Company.
GA: Which Is To Say, He Asked If She Had Any.
GA: The Pvrpose Of His Raid Was, According To Him, To Free Her.
GA: He Was, However, Vnaware That Leijon Was Momentarily Occvpying Her Body.
GA: You Can Imagine That He Was Not Terribly Pleased With That Revelation.
GA: In The Ensving Battle He Brvtally Beat Peixes Vnconsciovs, Forcing Leijon To Vacate The Body.
GA: After This His Rampage Most Likely Tvrned Against Vriska’s Property, After Which He Left The Premises, Leaving The Object Of His Rescve Behind.
GA: Leijon Soon Contacted Vs With This Information And As Vriska Rvshed Hivewards I Thovght It Wise To Inform Yov As Well.

CT: 3---E That was a g00d thought.
CT: 3---E I take it leijon was merely lucky, rather than being aware of makara’s intentions.

GA: That Does Appear To Be The Case, Yes.
CT: 3---E How very fortunate for us, then.
CT: 3---E Vriska’s m00d has no doubt turned sour.

GA: She Was Irate To The Point Of Incoherency When She Left So Yes.
GA: Her Slave Will Most Likely Bear The Bvrden Of This Particvlar Mood.

CT: 3---E If she inflicts even more damage to her property in her anger then that is her doing.
CT: 3---E Until then i bel3---Eve the destruction so far will prove to be adequate punishment for her.
CT: 3---E Aside from the fact that i will inform her of my disappointment, of course.

GA: Natvrally.
GA: I Will Tell Her To Contact Yov When I Next Speak With Her.

CT: 3---E Very g00d.
GA: Anything Else?
CT: 3---E While y00 are here at any rate, give me a status report on vantas.
GA: He Has Been Bvsy With A New Game, Apparently, Bvt Beyond This Vncharacteristic Bvrst Of Activity He Has Not Been Doing Anything Noteworthy.
CT: 3---E Details on this game?
GA: He Refvsed To Enlighten Me On Most Aspects.
GA: Althovgh He Did Promise To Send Me A Copy.
GA: It Is A Mvltiplayer Game, Apparently.

CT: 3---E Makes one wonder who he intends to play it with.
CT: 3---E K3---Ep me informed of any and all progress on this game.
CT: 3---E And provide me with a copy once y00 have it.

GA: I See.
GA: Yov Think This Is Relevant As Well, Then?
GA: Althovgh Relevant To What Remains To Be Seen.

CT: 3---E It will no doubt cost me to discover how y00 came to this conclusion.
GA: I May Be Willing To Trade It For What Lead Yov To A Similar One.
CT: 3---E That sounds like an a%eptable e%change.
CT: 3---E Y00 will go first, however.

GA: That Is Hardly Svrprising.
GA: Vantas Seemed Oddly Svre Abovt Himself When He Claimed He Wovld Finish This Project Tonight, Despite Only Jvst Having Started It.
GA: I Fovnd It Reasonable To Assvme That He Was Not The Only One Involved In This Matter.
GA: This Svspicion Was Fvrther Corroborated By An Ominovs Message I Received Shortly Afterwards.
GA: When I Drew The Connection My Sovrce Became Flvstered, Leading Me To Conclvde That The Two Events Are Related.

CT: 3---E What was this message?
GA: Ovr Lvsii Will Die Today, According To This Prophecy.
CT: 3---E I s3---E.
CT: 3---E Thank y00.

GA: Yovr Tvrn.
CT: 3---E Y00 are no doubt aware of the rather fluctuating situation we find ourselves in.
CT: 3---E Things are changing at a rapid rate.
CT: 3---E Makara’s attack was a p3---Ek in activity.
CT: 3---E I f3---Er this game may be another.
CT: 3---E Your message is awfully similar to one i rec3---Eved.

GA: She Has Spoken To Yov Again, Then?
CT: 3---E N3---Ed i even ask what drove y00 to that conclusion?
GA: Yov Are Not The Only One Who Recognises Patterns.
GA: And I Fear My Sovrce May Be Correct.

CT: 3---E She will die s00n.
CT: 3---E An unfortunate development.
CT: 3---E Has your source s3---En fit to inform y00 of a possibility to escape.

GA: Not As Svch.
CT: 3---E Which then l3---Eds us to one conclusion.
GA: The Game.
CT: 3---E Precisely.
CT: 3---E Make sure all of us get a copy of that game.
CT: 3---E That is an order.

GA: Vnderstood.
GA: I Will Carefvlly Monitor His Progress.
GA: And Ensvre Yovr Intel On This Matter Will Be Vp To Date At All Times.

CT: 3---E Glad to h3---Er it.
CT: 3---E I bel3---Eve that concludes our formal business.

GA: So It Does.
GA: And While I Wovld Love To Continve This Conversation In A More Leisvrely Manner, I Do Have Matters To Attend To.

CT: 3---E Likewise.
CT: 3---E Do not let me k3---Ep y00, miss maryam.

-- governingAristocrat [GA] ceased trolling controllingTyrant [CT] --

Equius: Plan

This changes your priorities somewhat. If this game is, indeed, a means of escape from the Vast Glub, you need to decide who you are going to save. Maryam will save herself, obviously, but the others will be less fortunate. Pyrope may receive a copy from Vantas, but you think you will make sure this is the case anyway. Leijon definitely just earned her position and you suppose that means Serket can come too.

You will not provide Captor with a copy yourself, of course. He has far too inflated sense of self-importance already without the Emperor saving his life. Should Maryam or Leijon want to provide him with a copy, however, you see no reason to object. Everyone else, you feel, may as well drop dead, although you doubt your side is the only one with access to this game.

If Makara also has a copy, then that means you have to keep a close eye on Peixes, considering he already tried to save her once. Once he has a copy, Nitram and Megido will have one too, and you can hardly stop Vantas from saving himself, unfortunately. This would have been the perfect opportunity to get rid of him, at least.

Nevertheless, it might be best to consult with your lusus again before continuing your research. She isn’t very talkative, but her whispers almost always aid you in one way or another.

Equius: Exit

You exit your library, surrounding yourself with water once again. There is always something particularly pleasant about being in water. Part of it is the fact that you’re a seadweller, of course, but another is the fact that you are a seadweller, and they are not. There are very few who can live here permanently, and you’re still somewhat disappointed in Serket that she chose to live above sea level.

You exit your hive and approach the giant form of your lusus: Gl’bgolyb, Emissary to the Horrorterrors.

Equius: Consult

It’s time you had another chat. However, Gl’bgolyb’s words are not for those of a weak mind, and we should probably go be someone else before we hear them.

Vriska: --

You are not in the mood for being ordered around at the moment. In fact, there are very few things you are in the mood for right now.

How dare he attack your hive like that! How dare he think he could possibly get away with destroying your property like it belonged to some filthy shitblood! Okay, there’s the fact that he did get away with it. For now. But you’re going to hunt him down and blow his fucking head off no matter what Equius says. Okay, that isn’t exactly true either, but you’re not going to be happy about it when he says you can’t.

You’d sit and be angry for a lot longer, but someone has been demanding your attention for a while now.

Vriska: Answer

And of course it’s her again. What’s her deal?

-- gloweringColorist [GC] began trolling aquaticGriefer [AG] --

GC: H#llO M1sS SouR Gr4P#s
GC: 4R# yoU St1LL buSY?
GC: >:?
GC: th$T 1s OK4y
GC: ! W1lL W41T
GC: >:]
GC: > :]
GC: >:]
GC: > :]
GC: >:]
GC: H3lP ! doNT knOW wh$T my HOrnS $re DO1nG

AG: Uggggh.
GC: Th3R# yoU $r3
AG: Vhat do you vant?
AG: Sssserioussssly, vhat could you possssibly vant from me right nov?

GC: ! JusT W4nT#d tO KnoW
GC: How YOu 4R#
GC: b3C$us# ! 4m WOrr!#d

AG: That issss ssssuch bullsssshit!
AG: Tell me vhat you vant, Pyrope!
AG: Tellllllll MEEEE!

GC: >:?
GC: 1 JUst TOld YOu
GC: 1 $M coNC3rN#d
GC: fOR yoUR w3LLb3!Ng
GC: >:]

AG: Don’t even try that cutessssy crap on me.
AG: Vhat do you knov?
AG: Hov do you knov there’ssss ssssomething going on?
AG: Vhere you behind thissss?
AG: Are you vorking for Makara nov?

GC: 1 KNow $ Lot OF th!Ngs
GC: D!d yOU knOW s3P!4 1S $ geNUs oF CutTL3f!Sh?
GC: w#Ll 1T !s 4LSo 4 COloR
GC: Do yOU knOW wh$T coLOr 1T !s?

AG: Issss thissss going somevhere or are you jusssst being an idiot again?
GC: 1T !s 4 D$rk BRowN Gr4Y
AG: …

GC: i wont

GC: ! 4m NOt h!D1nG B3h!Nd 4NYth!Ng
GC: 1 JUst H$v3 $ R34LLy gOOd fR!3nD

AG: It hassss to be Makara.
AG: It can’t be anyone elsssse!
AG: I’m telling Equiussss right nov.

GC: >:?
GC: ! doNT t4LK to G$mz##
GC: do YOu tH!nk H3 woULd t#Ll 4NYon#?

AG: About hov he got hissss assss kicked by Nepeta?
AG: I don’t knov, maybe?
AG: He’ssss almosssst assss sssstupid assss you are.

GC: H3 d!D Tr1Ck yOU
GC: so ! Th1NK
GC: th$T m4K#s yOU juST 4s STup!D 4s M#
GC: >:]

AG: You’re jusssst here to rub it in, aren’t you?
GC: y3S!
GC: Th4T !s 3X$ctLY 1t
GC: YOu h$V3 d!ScoV#r3D My d#V1oUS pl$N
GC: >:]

AG: Ugggggh.
AG: Jusssst leave me alone.
AG: Thissss might ssssurprisssse you, but I really don’t vant to talk to you right nov.

GC: buT ! 4m H#r3 TO m4K# yoU F33L B3tT#r
AG: Alright Pyrope, make me feel better.
AG: Let’ssss ssssee hov good you are at thissss.
AG: Go ahead.
AG: Give me your besssst sssshot.

GC: 4R# yoU Ups#T?
AG: Vhat do you think, geniussss?
GC: yoU Sm3LL upS#t
GC: 1 TH1nK You $R3 uPS3t

GC: oH

GC: !s tH$t wH$t h$Pp3N#d?
GC: 1 $M soRRy tO H34R Th4T


GC: !s tH$t r#$llY
GC: Wh4T You W$nt?
GC: >:]


GC: >:[
GC: OK4y
GC: ! W1lL L34V# yoU B3
GC: 4ND 1 w!Ll t$Lk tO You L$t3R
GC: Wh3N You $R3 f##l1NG b3TT3r

AG: No!
AG: I don’t ever vant to talk to you again!
AG: Vhy don’t you go copulate vith vantassss ssssome more?

GC: COpuL$t3
AG: Yessss, copulate!
AG: Let’ssss not pretend for one fucking ssssecond that you’re not horribly flusssshed for him.
AG: It’ssss embarassssing to be assssociated vith you.

GC: WH4t DO3s COpuL$t3 M#4n?
GC: !T sm#Lls FUnnY

AG: Vhat?
AG: Fuck no.
AG: I am not telling you vhat that vord means, you freak.

GC: CopUL4t#
GC: CopUL4t#
GC: >:[
GC: NotH!ng CH4nG#d

AG: That’ssss vhat you get vith eight letter vordssss in your sssstupid typing quirk.
GC: cOPul$T3
GC: n#V3r M!nd
GC: COpuL$t3

AG: Ugggggh.
AG: Fuck you.
AG: Sssserioussssly, jussst fuck you.

GC: ! Th1NK th$T c4N B3
GC: 4RR4nG#d
GC: >:]

AG: God fucking damnit, I have vay more important sssshit to do than lissssten to you for another five fucking minutessss.
GC: oH
GC: s4Y H1 tO F3f#R1 fOR m3

AG: Hov about fuck no.

-- aquaticGriefer [AG] ceased trolling gloweringColorist [GC] --

Ugh. She is so awful to deal with. You can’t even tell when she’s legitimately clueless or just pretending to get on your nerves. You hate her so much.

And yes you hate her that way. Shut up.

Speaking of things you hate (although not in that way), there’s that shitblood you call a slave. That stupid little slave couldn’t even fight off one assailant, with or without help from your sister. And now your living block smells like shit, too. It’s going to take fucking weeks for her to get that smell out of your hive. She needs punishment.

Vriska: Punish

You know exactly how to do that.

You grab the rifle, his rifle, to add insult to injury, and head down to her respiteblock. You locked the door after you threw her in a little while ago.

When you open it, it takes you a little while to find her cowering in one of the corners, looking wide-eyed at the rifle you brought. You smile at her, a smile with no humor whatsoever and you take aim. She begins to beg, no longer crying because all her tears are already gone, but you ignore her.

Vriska: Fire

Tinkerbull’s charred body falls to the ground and your slave merely looks at it in shock. She doesn’t even move. You tell her she’s going to clean up the mess she made upstairs right now and she gets up, walking out of her respiteblock as if possessed, not offering any sort of resistance at all.

You smile. You’ve won this one.

Vriska: Go Upstairs

You suppose it’s time to see what kind of damage Makara did, precisely, and if he broke any of your legendary weapons. You can’t have that. You spent a lot of time and killed a lot of trolls to get all of those, and the strife specibi to go with them.

Fortunately, you take your Fluorite Octet with you wherever you go, and Ahab’s Crosshairs still worked, at least, but you’ll have to take a look at all the others to see if they still work.

Of course, this is exactly the time for people to start bothering you.

It’s your Scourge Sister. You wanted to talk to her anyway.

Vriska: Answer Sister

-- arachnophileChipper [AC] began trolling aquaticGriefer [AG] --

AC: ::::( *the cute little kitten approaches her sister carefully*
AC: ::::( *"im sorry about the mess," she says*
AC: ::::( *"are you still mad at me," she asks*

AG: Vhy the fuck vould I be mad at you?
AC: ::::( because i let gamzee get away!
AC: ::::( *oops i mean she says that*

AG: Vell, yeah, you could’ve done better, I guessss.
AG: But at leasssst you did ssssomething.
AG: Vhich issss more than I can ssssay for anyone elsssse.

AC: ::::3 really?
AC: ::::3 thank you very much vriska!
AC: ::::3 im really sorry about playing with your toys
AC: ::::3 i wont do it again i promise

AG: Yeah you vill.
AG: You ssssuck at keeping promissssessss.

AC: ::::3 yup!
AG: It’ssss okay though.
AG: I sssshould thank you for your help.
AG: Ssssoooo…

AC: ::::3 ssssoooo?
AG: I guessss you can play vith my toyssss vhen I’m gone.
AC: ::::o really?
AG: Yessss, really.
AC: ::::o thank you so much vriska!
AC: ::::o i promise i will try not to break anything!

AG: There you go vith promissssing thingssss again.
AC: ::::3 hehe
AC: ::::3 oops

AG: Jusssst sssstop talking about it before I change my mind again, got that?
AC: ::::3 of course!
AC: ::::3 are you going to talk to the emperor now?

AG: Lucky guessss.
AC: ::::3 always!
AG: Anyvay, I don’t think I have very much to vorry about.
AG: I am vay too important for him to cull me becausssse of ssssomething assss sssstupid assss thissss.

AC: ::::3 say hi to him for me!

-- arachnophileChipper [AC] ceased trolling aquaticGriefer [AG] --

You may as well stop delaying the inevitable and talk to Equius again.

You really hope he isn’t there right now.