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Be the Strange Girl


Be the Strange Guy

Your name is ERIDAN AMPORA and you are VERY MYSTERIOUS.

You are currently NOT QUITE DEAD and you have been that way for QUITE SOME TIME.

Once, before you found yourself in your CURRENT STATE OF BEING, you had a NUMBER OF INTERESTS, one of which was RECENT HISTORY.

Oddly enough, this led you to making A FEW FRIENDS, which, in turn, got you INVOLVED IN GLOBAL AFFAIRS. This was, as it happened, EXACTLY WHERE YOU WANTED TO BE.

Until THE EVENT, that is.

Now you don’t want much of anything, you just DO AS THE VOICES TELL YOU.

Your trolltag is causalAnomaly and y0ur vv0ice tends t0 s0und vvery depressin

What will you do?

Eridan: Do Something Odd

You are always doing something odd, even if that odd thing is nothing other than existing.

To be fair, though, you are doing something especially odd right now.

The reveal of what that odd thing is, however, will have to wait a little while, because someone apparently wants to talk to you for reasons that are already obvious to you. You suppose you’ll indulge in the conversation for her sake, though.

If you had a choice, that is.

Eridan: Answer

-- adventureArchaeologist [AA] began trolling causalAnomaly [CA] --

AA: 3ridan?
AA: pl33s3 t3ll m3 your3 th3r3
AA: som3thing has gon3 v3ry wrong

CA: n0 there hasnt
AA: actually two things hav3
AA: what?
AA: i hav3nt 3v3n told you what thos3 things ar3 y3t!

CA: y0u d0nt havve t0
AA: pl33s3 stop that?
AA: i n33d to t3ll you a f3w things

CA: wwhy
CA: y0u ww0nt tell me anythin neww

AA: y3s
AA: w3ll
AA: mayb3 th3 purpos3 of this conv3rsation isnt to giv3 you n3w information

CA: 0kay
CA: wwhats wwr0ng

AA: i think w3 might hav3 miss3d som3thing
AA: i w3nt to visit th3 ruins again
AA: and th3yv3 b33n vandalis3d!
AA: a hug3 chunck of it is missing
AA: i think th3r3s som3thing som3on3 do3snt want us to know about
AA: what if this gam3 do3st do what w3 think it do3s?

CA: yes
CA: that wwas a c0nfirmati0n meant t0 urge y0u t0 c0ntinue y0ur hyp0thetical scenari0

AA: w3d b3 d3stroying th3 world for nothing!
CA: n0
CA: wwe ww0uld be destr0yin the ww0rld and 0ur species f0r n0thin
CA: but that is n0t true
CA: wwe are n0t wwr0ng

AA: how do you know that?
AA: no wait
AA: dont 3v3n answ3r that
AA: i alr3ady know what your3 going to say and itll only b3 r33lly frustrating to m3

CA: wwhat wwas the 0ther thin
AA: what?
CA: y0u said there wwere tww0 thins that wwere wwr0ng
CA: wwhat wwas the 0ther thin

AA: oh
AA: um...
AA: gamz33 talk3d to m3
AA: and h3
AA: h3 misund3rstood som3thing i told him
AA: and
AA: w3ll
AA: h3 did som3thing t3rribl3

CA: wwhat did he d0
AA: h3 hurt f3f3ri
AA: r33lly badly
AA: and its my fault and im so sorry
AA: 3ridan?
AA: :((
AA: ar3 you still th3r3?

CA: i am here
CA: i am 0kay
CA: i kneww that ww0uld happen
CA: it wwas supp0sed t0 happen
CA: evverythin is as it sh0uld be

AA: pl33s3 dont say that
AA: i mad3 a t3rribl3 mistak3
AA: and i r3fus3 to liv3 in a r3ality wh3r3 i was suppos3d to mak3 it

CA: y0u wwere th0ugh
CA: it wwas imp0rtant

AA: for what?
CA: that d0esnt matter
AA: y3s it do3s!
AA: you know it do3s!
AA: f3f3ri do3snt d3s3rv3 to g3t hurt any mor3
AA: for any r33son
AA: so i r33lly hop3 its at l33st a good on3
AA: w3ll?

CA: i d0nt kn0ww
CA: they didnt tell me

AA: th3n ask th3m!
CA: i am n0t in a p0siti0n t0 ask questi0ns
AA: X((
AA: that is such hoofb33stshit!
AA: this should b3 th3 on3 qu3stion you should ask!
AA: why did f3f3ri hav3 to g3t hurt?

CA: i th0ught y0u ww0uld be glad y0u arent actually t0 blame
AA: but i am to blam3!
AA: i dont b3l33v3 in your pr3d3stination nons3ns3

CA: then wwhy are y0u angry at me
AA: b3caus3 you
AA: …
AA: im sorry 3ridan
AA: your3 right
AA: its unfair to blam3 you for this
AA: i just r33lly n33d to talk to som3on3 and your3 th3 only on3 that i thought could und3rstand

CA: im n0t
CA: i d0nt mean that i d0nt understand
CA: i mean that there is s0me0ne else
CA: and hes better suited t0 c0mf0rtin y0u
CA: i guess

AA: do you m33n tavros?
CA: yes
CA: him

AA: i suppos3
AA: i dont r33lly want to both3r him with this
AA: i dont know how much h3 alr3ady knows and i dont want to worry him
AA: and h3 alr3ady has his hands full with gamz33
AA: im sorry for g3tting mad at you
AA: i know you cant h3lp it
AA: mayb3 you can giv3 m3 som3 advic3 on what to do inst3ad

CA: wwhat wwere y0u plannin
AA: i was going to go back to th3 ruins to find out what happ3n3d
CA: 0kay
CA: y0u sh0uld g0 d0 that

AA: why?
CA: y0u wwill d0 s0methin vvery imp0rtant
CA: i cant tell y0u wwhat
CA: because y0u wwill n0t g0 if i d0

AA: that sounds slightly worrying
AA: and by slightly i m33n v3ry
AA: but it also sounds v3ry 3xciting
AA: will i b3 alright?

CA: yes
AA: :))
CA: evverythin wwill be fine
AA: what ar3 you doing?
CA: im preparin
CA: i still havve s0me ww0rk t0 d0
CA: just like evvery0ne else

AA: i gu3ss ill l33v3 you to that th3n
AA: good luck 3ridan

CA: 0kay

-- adventureArchaeologist [AA] ceased trolling causalAnomaly [CA] --

Eridan: Continue

You do, in fact, have work to do. For one thing, you need to actually be present at your hive for all of this to start. Unfortunately, Equius is not an idiot, and he has the place under guard. Not for you, of course, because not even he knows that you are not, in fact, deceased.

Instead, he reasoned (and you can say this with absolute certainty, given some of the things they told you) your hive could still function as a haven for the other rebels. He could have destroyed it, but you know he didn’t. There are a lot of things he didn’t do, which means you have to do some other things instead.

One of those things includes the murder of the guards. They cannot come with you and they will perish regardless, so you may as well get them out of the way.

It seems like your secret is becoming ridiculously well-known, though, since you have another unwelcome conversationalist contacting you.

Eridan: Answer Strange Girl

Even you do not know what her deal is. Even they don’t know what her deal is.

You think that might worry them a little.

-- gloweringColorist [GC] began trolling causalAnomaly [CA] --

GC: H#llO M1sT#r d$Rk cH#rrY
GC: ! th!Nk tH$t d$Rk cH#rrY
GC: !s 4 V#ry F!tt!Ng t$St3 FOr yOU
GC: b3C$us# Of hOW myST3r!Ous YOu 4R#
GC: d4RK 3qU$ls MYst#R1oUS 4nD Th4T !s 4 F$ct TH4t !S trU#
GC: yoU DonT H4v# To pR#t3ND
GC: th$T yoU $r3 ST1lL D34D
GC: B3c$Us3
GC: YOu c$Nt fOOl m#
GC: >:]

CA: wwhat d0 y0u wwant
GC: H3 l!V3s!
GC: TH1s !S so !Ncr#DulOUs

CA: y0u mean incredible
GC: 1 KNow #X4cTLy
GC: wH$t 1 M#4nT

CA: but it makes n0 sense
CA: actually y0u talkin t0 me makes n0 sense

GC: >:?
GC: Why WOulDNt 1 B# t4LK1nG To yOU?

CA: because y0ure supp0sed t0 think im dead
GC: buT ! knOW yoUR3 nOT
GC: so WHy wOUld ! Pr3T#nd

CA: wwhat d0 y0u wwant
GC: >:[
GC: ! JusT W4nT#d tO T4lK
GC: B3c$Us3 TH4t !S
GC: wh$T p3OPl3 DO
GC: 4nD W3 4R# boTH st!Ll p#Opl#
GC: K1nD Of

CA: h0ww d0 y0u kn0ww about me
CA: y0u arent supp0sed t0 kn0ww ab0ut me

GC: tH$t w!Ll h$V3 tO St4Y
GC: My l!Ttl# S3cR#t
GC: bUT 1 kNOw 4 LOt oF Th1NGs
GC: 4BOut #V3rYTh1NG
GC: l1K#
GC: TH3y $R3 wROng $Nd tH#y dONt kNOw 1T Y3t

CA: wwh0 are they
GC: YOu kNOw wHO th#Y 4r#!
GC: Th3Y $r3 YOur SOurC#s
GC: tH# on#S yoU S3rV#
GC: m1NDl3SSly
GC: m!Ndl#SslY
GC: M!ndL#ssLY
GC: 4nD Th3Y $r3 WRonG
GC: >:]

CA: they are n0t
GC: Y3s TH3y $R3
GC: tH#y 4R# wrONg wROng WRonG WroNG
GC: 1 sORt oF S4nG Th4T $nd !T w4S V3rY FunNY

CA: they are n0t wwr0ng
CA: they just d0nt tell me evverythin

GC: 1s TH4t DOubT ! sm#Ll?
CA: n0
GC: liar
GC: 1 KNow TH4t B#c4US3
GC: 1 $Lso H$v3 $ SouRC3

CA: and y0ure n0t g0in t0 tell me wwh0 it is
GC: 4ND 1m NOt
GC: oH

CA: i kn0ww h0ww this game ww0rks
GC: >:P
GC: $nyW$y
GC: 1 TH1nK You N#3d TO 4sK Mor# Qu3ST1oNS

CA: like i havve been d0in just n0ww
GC: y3S!
GC: OnlY To p#Opl# Who W!ll $Nsw#R
GC: 1 tH!nk YOu w!Ll f!Nd 1T
GC: V3rY #nl!Ght#N1nG

CA: wwhy
GC: Ok4Y So 4PP4r#NtlY
GC: You $R3 nOT sm$Rt 3NOugH
GC: To uND3rST4nD Th1S

CA: insultin me is n0t d0in y0u any fav0rs
GC: ! 4m NOt 1NSulT!ng YOu
GC: 1 $M st$T1nG F4cTS
GC: 4nD OnlY F4cTS th$T 4r# Tru#

CA: s0 its a fact that im stupid
GC: Y3s
GC: >:]
GC: BUt 1 W!ll #Xpl$!n
GC: b#C4uS#
GC: 1 l!K3 yOU

CA: thanks
GC: yoU DonT KnoW #v3RYth!Ng
CA: i kn0ww
GC: 4ND yoU DonT KnoW $s mUCh
GC: 4S You TH1nK You DO

CA: thats really useful inf0rmati0n
GC: juST k3#P 1t !N m1ND
GC: 1t W!ll B# v3RY us#FulL L4t#R

CA: anythin else
GC: no TH4tS !t
GC: >:]

CA: bye
GC: gOOdbY# m1ST3r D$rk CH3rRY

-- gloweringColorist [GC] ceased trolling causalAnomaly [CA] --

Eridan: Go Home

You sigh and put the strange girl out of your mind. You still have an important job to do.

You float on towards your hive, carrying a giant frog head along.

It’ll be a while, and we have someone else to meet.

Be the Strange Girl

Your name is TEREZI PYROPE and you are KIND OF WEIRD.

Oh my God do you LOVE COLORS! You love colors SO MUCH, even more than you love SOUNDS and SMELLS.

You have a RATHER UNIQUE APPRECIATION for these senses, mainly due to your UNHEALTHY HABIT of CONSUMING SOPOR SLIME. This may or may not have CROSSED SOME WIRES in your think pan and, as a result, you have developed an extreme case of SYNESTHESIA.

You like DRAWING and SHARING YOUR MASTERPIECES. You are pretty sure you are starting a new ART MOVEMENT, although it’s kind of unfortunate you’re probably the ONLY ONE that can APPRECIATE IT.

Your hive is A BIT OF A MESS, although you don’t mind, because it SMELLS/LOOKS/SOUNDS DELICIOUS and your lusus never bothers you about it, mostly because he is NEVER AROUND.

He might have had a word or two with you about who you’re CONSORTING WITH, though, but you don’t mind. He’s a very funny guy and you like talking to him, even if he’s SOMEWHAT CREEPY.

Your other hobby happens to be FUCKING WITH PEOPLE, and others often have trouble telling whether YOU’RE SERIOUS OR NOT. That’s okay though, you have trouble with that, too.

Your trolltag is gloweringColorist and you talk in a way th$T 1s K!nd OF 4lL Ov3R Th3 PL4c#


Terezi: Describe Respiteblock

You’re not really sure whether that’s a good idea. There is a lot of stuff lying around. All the stuff, really, and we wouldn’t be able to appreciate the polysensory descriptions you would use anyway. Your respiteblock is the best respiteblock there is, there is just no contest.

Despite everything else, you can still smell the ocean outside, though, and you know today your lusus will pay you a visit. It will be his last visit ever, because after tonight, his role will change a little bit. The old goat will finally have to be around.

You know all of this, because he told you.

The ‘he’ you just meant was not the ‘he’ you were referring to in the previous paragraph, just to be clear.

In fact, this ‘he’ is contacting you now, just like he said he would. He’s really punctual.

Terezi: Answer

So today is finally the day you set everything in motion.
GC: H3lLO m1ST3r JOllY J4wBR34K#r
Of course nobody has done anything to change your mind.
GC: nOP3
GC: >:]
GC: 3V#ryTH1nG !s sT!ll GO1nG
GC: #x4CTly $S 1t SHouLD

Your undying loyalty continues to warm my heart.
If I had one, that is.

GC: yoU $r3 SO w3!Rd
From your perspective, yes.
Although I generally don’t let my opinion of myself be influenced by lesser beings.
Quaint as they may be.

GC: 1 DOnt M!nd
GC: B#1nG W31RD 1sNT 4 b$D th!Ng

You really needn’t reassure me of anything, my dear.
It’s not as if your particular value judgements have any meaning at any rate.

GC: th#Y h4V# m3$N1nG To m#

The word ‘quaint’ comes to mind yet again.
GC: Qu4!Nt
GC: >:?

That’s nothing you need to concern yourself with.
You do still have an important job to do.

GC: y3S
GC: ThoUGh 1 DOnt TH1nK
GC: #v3RYon# KnoWS 4bOUt tH# g4M# y3T

The important players do.
Everyone else will fulfill their role in due time, my dearest.
You really needn’t worry yourself with such petty concerns.
Simply make sure you enjoy yourself.

GC: >:o
GC: ! g3T To 3NJoy MYs3LF?
GC: 1 tHOugHT th!S g4M# w4S
GC: S3r!Ous BUs1N#ss

It is.
But the two are certainly not mutually exclusive.
As long as you remember which takes priority, that is.

GC: ! W1lL
I know.
You are a very special young lady.

GC: >:]
I will be watching your progress with interest, of course.
And adjust your course, should it be necessary.

GC: W1lL !t b#?
That is not a question you should be asking me.
Perhaps you can answer it yourself?

GC: Ok4Y
GC: ! doNT th!Nk 1T W1lL B3

I will, however, give you some additional advice now.
Do keep an eye on her.

GC: wHO $R3 yOU t4LK1nG $boUT?
You know exactly who I am talking about.
GC: do !?
GC: Oh
GC: h#R
GC: 1 dONt l!K3 h#R v3RY muCH
GC: sh# Sc4R#s mY Fr1#Nds

All the more reason to follow my advice, don’t you think?
It wouldn’t do to have her ruin someone quite as delightful as you.

GC: ! W1lL Sl3#P w1TH on# #y3 $Nd oN# #4r oP#n
GC: >:]

I would expect nothing less from you, my dear.
I will leave you to your work.

GC: oK$y
GC: gOOdbY# m1ST3r JOllY J4wBR34K#r

Terezi: Get to Work

There is plenty of time for that! He’s just being overly dramatic, as usual. Especially with the whole white text thing. He likes to annoy people by making them highlight his text to be able to read it, but you don’t mind.

That’s because you don’t have to, you can read his text just fine. You don’t think he knows that, because he’s never dropped a hint about it to you. There aren’t many things he doesn’t know, and you’re really proud that you have one of those things.

You also have another thing he doesn’t know about, and you don’t think he’ll like it if he ever does find out, so you will keep it a secret.

Be ‘Him’

You can’t possibly be him, since he is quite occupied with being himself.

You’re not yet important enough to have him talk to you, either, but he leaves you with the vague hope that someday, that might change.