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The Road to Hell is Paved with Good Intentions.

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It has been a year and a half since the Cullen’s left. 788,923 minutes since Edward left Bella on the forest floor after telling her she was worthless. Nothing. Just a human. Nothing special. A distraction he had gotten bored of and then (his family having already left without a word,) followed his family to Denali, Alaska where their cousins resided. He had decided after Jame’s attack that Bella didn’t belong in their world despite his love for her and left soon after her cast was removed.


It has been eight months, 350,400 minutes since Isabella Swan was taken from her home while her father was at work. Not only was a home invasion in the small town of forks big news but an abduction was even bigger. The lock on the door was broken, there was obvious signs of a struggle (a chair knocked over in the kitchen, broken glass, the living room table was knocked over and there were even spots of blood leading from the kitchen to the front door before they disappear) and aside from Isabella herself, nothing was missing. It became clear quite quickly that whoever had taken the 16 year old girl hadn’t done so in a “robbery gone wrong” situation.


It was premeditated. At first they assumed they would be calling Chief Swan for a ransom. Silly considering he didn’t exactly make big bucks as Chief of Police but he waited anxiously by the phone each day. He would do whatever it took to get his only daughter back. They had kept it in house for the first two months, determined that whoever took her couldn’t have made it far without anyone noticing and the entire town plus Seattle PD and even the local “gang” of La Push out looking.


After that and many arguments with his ex wife who was positive their daughter was dead and wanted her body to bury (he wouldn’t give up that easily) Charlie had reached out to some of FBI contacts. Andrew Green was an old high school buddy of his, they had kept in touch over the years and he owed Charlie a favor. Not that he would collect, he had met Isabella when she was five and was devastated to hear what happened to the young girl who was so shy that she ran away giggling the minute he had said hello. (She had also tripped over her own feet before making it a few steps)


He was pretty high up in the FBI and used his own connections to put out a nation wide alert for the young brunette. Soon it seemed she was everywhere, fliers were hung around forks with words “HAVE YOU SEEN THIS GIRL?” the most recent picture that Renee had of Bella (taken only a few days before she left for Forks) and both Charlie Swan and Billy Blacks numbers in case Charlie was out searching and missed the call.


Between Charlie and Andrew they each had their fair share of contacts and because Police stick together, (mess with one of them or their family, and you mess with all of them,) many had volunteered to help search even in their off time.


TV coverage played on news stations, broadcasting an amber alert for sixteen year old Isabella Swan…and now? It has been six months. 252,974 minutes since the Cullen’s and Denali’s (on a rare day that Edward was with his family,) had found out about the missing brunette.




Kate had been playing her video game all morning and Edward would be arriving soon so Tanya had forced her to shut it off. They would have be spending some much needed time as a family to try to cheer up their still hurting cousins. It was very clear for the Denali’s to see that while Edward believed he was doing the right thing for the human, every single one of the vampires in the family were hurting because of it, including himself. He had been adamant she wasn’t meant for their world and that she would move on and live a long happy human life this way.


When he finally arrived he looked terrible. He clearly wasn’t feeding as often as he should have, his skin had a translucent look to it and even his eyes were sunken in. While this Isabella may not have been his True Mate, she was his chosen mate and he was taking the absence hard. They all were. They had all settled down, the only two unmated vampires in the room (Kate and Edward) sitting on the lone love seat while the others tried not to appear too affectionate. While Kate was used to waiting, and it didn’t hurt her as much as it once did to see happy mates surrounding them, they knew it was a slap in the face for the young Edward.


Emmett was absently flipping through channels to find something they could all either watch or listen too when they saw it. Chief Swan on the national news and almost automatically the Cullens all stiffened. The Denali’s glancing at them curiously,


“It’s…” Emmett had hesitated unsure if saying her name would be appropriate right now,


her  father,” Rosalie had finished for him with a comforting hand on his leg.


The Denalis glanced uneasily at each other before focusing on the TV,


Good Evening, My name Is Charlie Swan and I am from the town of Forks Washington. It has been two months, since my daughter sixteen year old Isabella Swan,” they saw all the Cullens flinch at her name, “ has been missing.”  There was an extremely tense silence as all the vampires in the room were suddenly hyper focused on the TV, “ While I was at work my house was broken into, nothing was stolen but my beautiful little girl was taken from me. I’m asking for your help. Her picture is in the bottom left hand corner of the screen. If you see her, please do not hesitate to call any of the numbers located on the bottom of the screen or contact your local authorities immediately. If you took her and are watching this, please bring my little girl back safely. I don’t know what it is you wanted or hoped to gain by taking her, but I am begging you. As a father, she’s my only daughter.” He had started to choke up, and they watched as he wiped a tear from his eye. “ If somehow you’re seeing this Bella, I won’t stop looking until I find you,”


With that he walked off the screen very clearly crying the whole way. The TV was shut off although no one could have told you who had done it. No one moved, no one so much as breathed as the Denali’s waited for the Cullen's to process the situation.


“No,” It was choked shocked gasp from a drowning man that broke the silence. “No,”


“Alice?” Carlisle asked his daughter with pain filled eyes, she was sobbing in Jasper’s shoulder but already knew what he would ask. Everyone waited on baited breathe while Alice searched the future, when she came out of her daze, she dropped to her knees.


“I don’t see anything, it’s black.” She whimpered out, Jasper got down beside his wife and pushed love and reassurance into her to ease the pain and guilt she felt.


“Enough Emmett,” Edward suddenly snapped staring his brother down,


“I’m right,” Emmett stated suddenly, black eyes not moving from Edwards own,


“Boys?” Esme asked, looking between the two of them,


“Emmett blames me.” Edward spoke between gritted teeth before he gasped, “You all blame me?”


“We didn’t -” Jasper started but was cut off,


“I can hear your thoughts remember?” Edward sneered at them,


“If we hadn’t of left -” Emmett started to practically yell at his brother before Esme cut them off surprising the room


“That’s enough! Blame won’t help us or Bella.” She snapped at them in the tone only a mother can use and both looked sufficiently chastised.


“What do we do?” Rosalie asked, looking between Carlisle and Tanya, the two coven leaders. Carlisle sat up straight and took a deep breath,


“The Denali's do not have to be apart of this but we will return to Forks. We will help look for her, we have better senses and abilities between the seven of us -”


“Fourteen,” Tanya interrupted, “Of course we’re involved, you’re family.” She stated passionately, and each Denali nodded their head in agreement. The Cullen's shot them grateful looks,


“Okay between the fourteen of us we can look, see, smell and hear things the humans can not. We leave as soon as possible and we find my daughter,” Esme told the room and once again surprise was the biggest emotion. She hardly ever spoke up as Coven leader and she hardly even gave commands but they all knew what had happened to her when she had lost her human child once. It shouldn’t have been so surprising she didn’t wish to lose her human child again even if this one was not biological.


End Flashback.


Upon returning to forks the Cullen’s and the Denali’s discovered the pack they had assumed had died out was now starting back up. The prominent members being Sam Uley, Seth Clearwater, Leah Clearwater, Jacob Black, and Paul Lahote. There was a lot of arguing in the beginning but eventually a sort of truce took hold, both sets of supernatural species agreeing it was in their best interest to try to get along at least until they found the human they were all searching for.


It has been a year and a half since the Cullen’s left. Eight months since Isabella Swan was abducted and six months since the Cullen’s (and their cousins) came back to search for. It has been one minute. Sixty seconds since Kate Denali found her. Bleeding in front of the sign welcoming you to forks. One minute since her golden eyes met those of chocolate brown. One minute since she realized what or rather who she had been missing in her thousand years of life. One minute since she found her true mate.