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A Different Sort of Bella

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I don’t own Twilight or its sagas Stephenie Meyer Dose I however own this fan fiction plot and Idea. I also own no X-Men or H20 References. 

Chapter One


Fuckward had left, he fucken left me in a forest after the Baka had broken me. It had taken weeks to heal. Jacob had helped me immensely and I had gotten over the heartbreak. Then one day I decided to go cliff diving. 

I loved the sea, my heart is part of the sea. Anyway, I decided to cliff dive. No one knew this but, I wasn’t completely human. I am a merperson, and half of my mother’s side of the family were merpeople. The other half were witches and wizards and part of the wizarding world.

My dad however is a mutant from Canada. His name is James Logan Howlett. He however doesn't remember me and I haven’t gotten the chance to help him remember his mate and children. I was the only one who could restore his memory. The spell needed was one that only I could use.

 My mother Ariella Jane Potter is his mate. Renee and Charlie aren't my true parents. I had made them believe that I was their daughter. My true name is Annabella Jane Marie Howlett.  

Ariella Jane Potter was James Fleamont Potter’s half sister She was the daughter of Jame’s parents second mate Jane Mary Davis. This made me Harry James Potter’s Cousin which was pretty cool. I didn’t care for his fame or the-boy-who-lived shit. He was my family unfortunately he didn’t know we were cousins. Moms grief from the loss of her brother and his family after the loss of her own husband that was thought dead at the time. Her grief had sent her into the salty waters to her only living family left taking me and my siblings with her. She had thought her nephew and niece were left dead that night.

   I dove into the salty water and soon my crimson tail developed and my crimson seashell bra as my clothes disappeared. The last thing that appeared was my seashell tiara. I swam in the sea for hours speaking, to the sea animals and finding seashells and other pretty things. 

When I felt it was time for me to go home I swam to a shallow dry area behind some large rocks and used my Hydro-Thermokinesis ability to dry my body and regain my legs and then walked to my red truck and slowly made my way home. Once I got home I saw a Yellow Porsche in Charlie's driveway. I wondered why she had come back into my life after months of pain. I had realized that Edward wasn’t my true mate after all shortly after thinking about it for a while but I still felt pain with them gone.                

  I walked to the door unlocking it before sighing heavily and opening the door. I walked into Charlie’s home looking around for her. Alice was here in the house somewhere I could smell her Strawberry, Lilac scent within the home. I looked in the living room then upstairs, I then looked in the kitchen and there she was. 

“Alice, what do I owe the pleasure of seeing you again just when I was starting to get better with the help of my true friends, the ones that don’t pick up and leave me on a whim.” I asked her with underlying anger hiding my pain.  

“Bella, you're alive.” She whispered looking at me “But how, how are you alive? I saw you jump off the cliffs, a..and you didn’t resurface.” she asked a blubbering mess. 

“Yes I jumped. I was cliff diving however, there are things you don’t know about me. Things that I was willing to tell your family after you had passed the tests that I had set up, and the thing is you all pretty much did except Edward that is because he showed me he didn’t care for me when he refused to change me constantly and then left me with Victoria wanting my head on a silver platter.” I whisper yelled “I’m guessing you're here to see if I really died, or because the Baka Edward got himself in trouble thinking I was dead. I will say this however I know I don’t belong to him, he’s not my mate my blood just sings to him.” I said after a moment of thought. “Mates can’t hurt each other mentally or physically and they certainly can’t  leave each other for longer than a couple a weeks.”  I said having been taught about what a mate was when I was growing up. We have a class called History of the Mythical Beasts and Supernatural Beings.This is a class that we learn about the  Mythical beasts and Supernatural Beings. We learn about the mating instincts and the pull towards your mate.

We also learned of the intense pain that mates suffer if away for too long and that the pain got worse as time went on without your mate. My pain however got better as time went on. My friends had helped me get better. My hair now had teal streaks throughout it, I now wore my leather again and my heels. I no longer felt like I should play the naїve girl. The innocent girl, the girl that was a damsel in distress. I wanted to be myself. My true age is 300 years old but I look to be only 17 or 18.

“Bella I thought you were dead, and Rosalie told Edward and he went to Italy, to Volturi to be killed. We need to stop him. He thinks you're dead.” Alice said after I told her we were not mates. I growled in frustration. 

“Why… Why does he leave me, hurting me in the process, leave me in the fucken woods, and now I have to fucken save his sorry ass, When will I ever get a break in my fucken 300 years.” I yelled angrily, realizing what I said after a minute. “Fuck I didn’t mean to say how old I was fuck.” I screamed. I sighed “Let me pack a bag real quick and then we can go.” I said running super speed up the stairs. I had already told her how old I was. I just don’t care anymore. I will make use of my abilities. I summoned my bag and then ran to my closet. I grabbed Two pairs of leather pants one red and one black, Two crop tops one red and one blue. 2 pairs of matching underwear and bra sets and two of my favorite pairs of my heeled knee length boots. 

I then grabbed some blue leather pants, a blue crop top and a black matching set of underwear and a bra and some black and red knee high heeled boots. Changing into these clothes quickly. I then threw on my boots, pulled up my teal streaked hair up and then grabbed my black leather jacket throwing it on. After I was done it had taken only a few minutes I then grabbed my bag and rushed downstairs.

Alice looked at me mouth agape, I had to giggle at that because I didn’t think I’d ever see that look on her face. I actually had a fashion sense but it wasn’t a girly furley sense, mine was leather. I think the thing that got her most was the 5 inch heal I was wearing. Since I made myself act clumsy all the time and didn’t wear heels when they were here.

“Well are we going to be leaving or are you going to continue to gawk at me. Also I really hope you didn’t buy plane tickets because I have a much faster way to get there.” I said as I shrunk my bag and put it into a pocket dimension. Yes I have magical abilities that have been passed down from mother to daughter for a very long time but also from my grandfather's side of the family on my moms side.  

  “Yes, right we have to go like now what do you mean you have a quicker way to get there then a plane.” She asked me snapping out of her transe. 

“Well it's one of my abilities, apparition. All I’ll need you to do is imagine a safe place to appear out of thin air, that is if you want to go this route it will take seconds to get there.” I replied to her seeing that I had her full attention. 

“Okay that sounds a lot quicker. How do we do this?” She asked me looking at me. 

“Like I said before, think about the safest place we can land and materialize out of thin air. Somewhere that never has a lot of people around.” I said to her, grabbing a hold of her arm so I could apparate with her. After a few minutes she nodded her head letting me know she had a place in mind. I spun on my heal and we were gone from Charlie's house.