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Life had been easy for Lindy Muzzarelli until her senior year of high school. Then everything changed.
She had been adopted as a newborn and her adoptive parents doted on her and gave her anything and everything she ever wanted or needed. Not that she was spoiled, quite the opposite actually. She always made good grades and stayed out of trouble. She was thankful for everything in her life. She had been into soccer, but an injury at summer soccer camp the summer after her freshman year ended any soccer dreams. Her sophomore year of high school, she became interested in politics, but a summer internship at an Ambassador’s Office quickly decided that wasn’t for her. The summer after her junior year she decided to tour colleges to see where she may want to go after high school. That summer changed her life forever.
While touring different campuses throughout California, she met him. She had never paid much attention to the boys in her high school, but there was something about him. He wasn’t as juvenile as the other boys their age. He took her to tour some of the best schools in the Los Angeles and Pasadena area pointing out the which ones had the best libraries. She in turn got him out in the sun and showed him how to have fun, even at the beach. They tried not to go to far and limit the physical side of their budding relationship to chaste kisses, hugs, and holding hands. But, like most teenagers, her last night in California they got a little carried away. It was the first time for both of them and that one moment of indiscretion she knew there would never be another for her. They both cried when he took her to the airport the next morning, but promised to write each other every day and she promised that she would be back as soon as she had a holiday. But, it would be years before they saw each other again.
Not long after she returned home, she was kicked out of her home and spent several months on the street. She tried to make it back to him, but by the time she made it to Chicago, she knew she probably would never make it that far. She decided to make a life for herself. With a little help from a woman that would become like another mother to her, she got a job and got on her feet proving to herself that she could do it.
Fifteen years later, she moved to Washington D.C. so that her daughter could finish out high school from a top rated exclusive private school, that she had earned a scholarship to. Not long after the move she ran into her adoptive Uncle and was able to at least reconnect with him and he helped her make the adjustment and get back to school herself, while she worked at his publishing company in the editing department mostly because she rarely had to actually go in to her office. They sent her files thru email for her to edit, making it easy for her to work from home and go to school.

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“Come in,” Hotch said seeing Dave Rossi standing in his doorway.
Rossi casually made his way over to one of the chairs opposite from Hotch’s desk and sat down without saying a word.
“What’s up, Dave?” Hotch questioned curious about what this little visit was about.
“Nothing much, Aaron. The director and Cruze have already ok’d it, but it’s now up to you. My niece is taking a criminology class and has asked if she could observe us on our next case. She would be paying her own expenses. Staying out of our way, just observing, taking notes that type of thing.”
“I didn’t know you had a niece.”
“My youngest sister’s daughter. They adopted her. She is now thirty three. I know it may sound a little old for a college student, but she’s had a bit of a rough several years. She’s very smart, but she had a baby at seventeen and my sister and her husband kicked her out. She has made it on her own and raised her daughter on her own. I only asked because she deserves this chance. She has worked very hard for everything she has.”
“Who will be keeping her daughter while she does this?”
“My housekeeper. Kat is a delightful girl and almost as brilliant as Reid. I’ve only gotten to know her over the last couple of months, but I think that kid could give him a run for his money. She’s going to graduate high school early too. Not as early as she’d like to, but right after her sixteenth birthday. Lindley has made her wait, she’s tried to make sure she has as close to normal a childhood as possible. Not easy when she’s so smart. Kat also shows signs of having an eidetic or photographic memory. She hasn’t been tested yet. Lindley is somewhat scared to test her. She doesn’t want everyone trying to recruit her so young.”
“I can understand and respect that. I guess, I can allow it this one time. We have never let anyone before, but since she’s your niece... She just can not in any way hinder our investigation.”
“She won’t. By the way, what’s with you today? You’ve stayed locked up in here all day and you were far away somewhere when I first came to the door.”
“This is just a hard day for me every year. It’s part of why I joined the bureau. Thirty five years ago today, my sister disappeared. She was eighteen. I’ve tried through the years to go through cold cases to see if anyone stood out that could have been her and tried to see if I could find her alive, but I’ve never found anything. It’s like she just vanished off the face of the earth.”
“That couldn’t have been easy. How old were you then?”
“Twelve. Sean was five. I just wish we could find closure. I just want to know what happened to her.”
“Were you close?”
“Yes and no. For the most part we were, she was the only one that could get my father to stop when he would get drunk and start to beat me. But there were things she kept to herself too. Part of me has always wondered what he did to her, but I don’t know if I want to know either.”
“My guess is that you probably don’t want to know. Sometimes not knowing is better than your fears being realized.”
“I know. I still want to know what happened to her after...” he stopped when he noticed Penelope Garcia stop by his door. “Yes, Garcia, can I help you?”
“Sorry to interrupt, sir, but my oldest brother just called and he’s coming here tonight. I know it’s last minute, but I was wondering if I could take at least part of the day off tomorrow, so I could spend a little time with him. He’s only going to be here for a day or two.”
“Unless a case comes up, take the whole day Garcia. It’s fine.”
“Thank you sir,” she said before turning and leaving.
“I’ve never heard her talk about her brothers.”
“She’s only mentioned them a couple of times. She has four. I think they lost touch for a while, when she became the Dark Queen. I’m glad she’s taking the time to see him.”
“Good for her. I’m going to head out. It’s getting late, and Lindley and Kat are coming over for dinner.”
“Alright. I’ll see you tomorrow.”
“Tomorrow. Have a good night, Aaron.”


“Well how did it go, Uncle Dave?” Lindley asked as they sat down for dinner.
“Aaron has agreed. I think would be best if after your dinner tomorrow night you two came and stayed here with me just in case the team gets a case in the middle of the night. Are you ready for your dinner tomorrow.”
“Yes and no.”
“Mom, after you meet your birth father, could we please try to find mine. You of all people know how important this is to me.”
“Kit Kat. I do know, and I have told you how many times, that when I feel that the time is right I will find him for you.”
“Before I’m eighteen?”
“Kat, don’t talk back to your mother. She said she will find him and she will. I will help if need be.”
Kat tucked her hair behind her ears and quietly replied, “Yes, sir,” before picking her fork back up and starting to finish her dinner.
After dinner when Kat had gone to the living room to watch tv while Lindley and Dave cleaned up the kitchen Rossi asked, “You do know who her father is?”
“I do. Uncle Dave, there has only ever been one man in my life in that capacity. I fell in love with him when I was seventeen and I know it sounds crazy, but he is all I ever wanted. But I couldn’t let him give up his dreams for me. I had no way to get in touch with him then anyway, after I was kicked out.”
“I can help you find him, if you want me too.”
“I’ll let you know if I need any help. Thanks for the offer and the opportunity to follow your team. I don’t know how I will ever be able to pay you back.”
“Don’t worry about it. To me, I’m righting a wrong done years ago. I should have done something then to help you then you could have been done with this by now.”
“It’s not your fault. I did what I had to do. It wasn’t your place to rescue me. I had to do this the way it happened. My only wish is that when I find him, he will understand why I didn’t find him and tell him.”
“If he is any kind of real man, he will be angry at first, but once he cools off he will see the big picture and understand. It won’t be easy.”
“Life never is, Uncle Dave. I better get Kat and head home. We need to get a few things packed up, if we are going to come stay here for a little while.”
“Ok. It may be quicker than you think. It never ceases to amaze me how many sicko’s there are in the world.”
“I just hope the next sicko waits until after my dinner tomorrow to show up. As scared as I am, I really want to know who my birth parents are.”
“I know, Bella. Everything will be fine. I know it will.”
“Thank you, Uncle Dave,” she said smiling before turning to head into the living room. “Alright, Kat it’s time to head out. We need to go home and pack up a few things if we are going to come back and stay here with Uncle Dave for a few days.”
“Ok mom,” Kat answered back getting up from the couch.

“Preston, it’s so good to see you again,” Penelope said answering her door.
“It’s good to see you too, sis. How have you been?” The tall dark haired gentleman said stepping through her door.
“I’ve been great. Work is good. What about you? And What has brought you here, finally?”
“The truth. I’m here to meet my first child tomorrow. I’m nervous as can be.”
“I don’t understand. Your first child?”
“You’re not much older than her. I know I’m a lot older than you. When I was eighteen I met the most perfect woman. She had run away from home after her father had one too many to drink one night and instead of beating on her brother, turned his attention to her. Anyway, I won’t go into all that, but long story short we met on the beach fell head over heals and about a year later found out she was expecting. I had never been so happy, but our life together wasn’t meant to be. She died bringing our daughter into the world. I couldn’t cope. I didn’t know what to do with a baby without her. I gave my daughter up for adoption. She has found me after all these years. I’m meeting her for dinner tomorrow night.”
“Oh my god. I had no idea.”
“You wouldn’t have. Pen, that was thirty two years ago. You were what maybe eight?”
“Five, thank you very much. Don’t make me too much older than I am. But, I see your point I wouldn’t have known much at that age. I wish I had known though.”
“I’m glad you didn’t. I wouldn’t have been able to handle the questions of a five year old then. I was a total wreck.”
“I remember you moving back home for a little while and staying in your room not ever joining us for anything. I remember mom being very worried about you.”
“I barely survived then. I don’t know how many times I contemplated taking my own life just to be with her again. I still miss her every day. I was in no condition to raise a child by myself.”
“Mom and Dad would have helped. I would have loved having a real baby around.”
“I know but it hurt too much. She looked too much like her mother. As much as it pains me to admit it, I hated her for taking Mary away from me. I told mom and dad she died with her mother. I know I shouldn’t have and you will never know how many times I have regretted the decision over the years, but I believe in the long run, it was what was best for her.”
Penelope didn’t know what to say, she just wrapped an arm around his shoulders and rested her head on a shoulder giving him what comfort she could while they both cried.

“Kit Kat, it’s time to get up. We both have class.”
“Five more minutes, mom,” grumbled pulling her comforter over her head and rolling over.
“No, now. Did you get everything packed up to go to uncle Dave’s?”
“My bags are in the living room, where you told me to leave them, last night.”
“Good then get up and get dressed, before I have to get the ice water,” Lindley warned walking back to her room to finish getting herself ready.
Knowing her mother hardly ever bluffed, Kat got out of bed and was dressed waiting on her mother at the front door, when Lindley walked out of her bedroom ready to go. They each grabbed the bags waiting by the door and headed out to start the day.

“Is your niece coming by today?” Hotch asked walking into Rossi’s office.
“Nope. She has class today. If we get a case I’ll call her and she’ll meet us at the jet. She may come in tomorrow, if that’s ok with you.”
“That’s fine with me. It would give the team a chance to meet her and get comfortable with her presence. And I would like to go over a few things with her, before she travels with us.”
“I’ll let her know tonight. She and Kat are coming to stay with me until after she goes with us on a case. She does however have a dinner “date” tonight, that she doesn’t want to miss.”
“Do you like her boyfriend?”
“Not that kind of “date”. As far as I know she hasn’t been on that kind of date, since Kat’s father. She has been trying to find her birth parents for a while. Tonight she’s supposed to be meeting her birth father.”
“That is an important “date”. I haven’t seen anything come across that warranted us leaving yet. Today should be a paperwork day. Which is good since we all have a lot to catch up on since we’ve been gone a lot lately.”
“That we have. I’ve got enough paper work to keep me busy for a week. There is never an end to how sick some people can get.
“You would think after all these years, it would at least slow down a little.”
“I don’t think that’s going to happen any time soon.”
“Me either,” Hotch said leaving the office and going to his own office.

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“Bella, Piccola. How was your day?,” Dave asked as Lindley and Kat reached his house that afternoon.
“Ok. I’ve got a test tomorrow, so I have to study this evening,” Kat said rolling her eyes.
“Well, why don’t you go on and get on that while Uncle Dave and I talk a little bit before I have to get ready to go to dinner,” Lindley said.
“Fine,” the teen said again rolling her eyes and getting up to go to the room she used when she stayed here.
“Bad day?” Dave asked.
“Not really, but the older she gets the more she wants me to find her dad and every time she asks I promise I will, but I don’t think she really believes me. I have to find him, soon. Honestly, I’m scared. What if he doesn’t remember me? What if he tries to take her away from me? I don’t think I could take it.”
“I won’t let that happen. So, do you have class tomorrow?”
“Nope. I need to work a little tomorrow.”
“But you can do that anywhere with wifi can’t you?”
“Yes. What are you getting at Uncle Dave?”
“I talked to Aaron today. He would like you to come in and meet the team tomorrow and let them get used to you being there, if you could.”
“I can. If it’s a slow ‘paperwork’ day as you call it. I can do my editing quietly in a corner of your office, if that’s ok with you.”
“It’s fine with me. Chances are, we will probably get a case, though. It is very rare that we have a whole week without one. Are you ready for your dinner tonight?”
“I think so. Can you every really be prepared for something like this? I have no idea what to expect.”
“I have no idea what to tell you on that. I do hope you get some answers to questions I know you have had for years.”
“More like my whole life. The closer to this day I come, the more I know and understand more than she realizes why Kat wants to find her dad. But I also get more afraid for both of us. What if neither of them accept us? I can handle my dad not being there. I’ve done it for years, but I don’t know if I can handle her’s rejecting her. My heart would break for her and I couldn’t bear for her heart to be broken like that.”
“If he loved you even half as much as you say you love him, how could he not want her in his life. Give him a chance.”
“I’ve never told her or anyone else for that matter this, but back then, he wasn’t sure if he would ever want to have kids of his own. He didn’t have the best childhood. His dad left him and his mom at a very young age. He never said what she had but his mom was sick. He had to take care of himself and her. He didn’t think he would want to take the chance of passing on her illness to another generation. He was always a bit paranoid that he would develop her illness himself.”
“Did you ever consider not having Kat because of his reasons?”
“No. I knew no matter what it wasn’t going to be easy, and that someday, I might have to give her up to someone that could care for her needs better than I could if something did develop. But, I loved him too much to let her go. She was all I had left of him. She is so much an extension of him. She may have my green eyes and darker hair, but every time I look at her all I see is him. It would kill me to ever have her taken away from me.”
“Maybe you should talk to the youngest member of my team. It sounds like he and her dad had a very similar childhood. His dad left him at ten with a paranoid schizophrenic mother to take care of by himself. He had to have her institutionalized when he was eighteen. He has struggled with whether or not to take the chance of passing on her disease.”
“Maybe. Right now I think I need to go get dressed for dinner,” she said before hugging him and turning to head to her room to change.

An hour later she walked into the room Kat was using freshly showered and dressed in one of her best dresses, hair done, ready to go. “Kit Kat, baby. I’m about to head out. Please be good for Uncle Dave.”
“Mom, I’m not two anymore. I’ll be fine. I really hope you have a nice dinner.”
“Thank you. I know you will be physically fine, but I’m serious. No Sass. You don’t want to be grounded while I’m gone, do you?”
“Mom, the only way you have been able to really punish me for years has been to take away my books.”
“Exactly. You don’t want me to have him lock up the library while we’re gone.”
“You wouldn’t.”
“Then do as you are told with Uncle Dave tonight. I’ll probably be late, so go on to bed at your normal time. We’ll talk about it tomorrow night or when I get back from the case, if there is one tomorrow. Love you, baby.”
“Love you too, mom.”
They hugged each other and then Lindley left. When she was gone, Kat went to the kitchen to see if Dave was fixing dinner yet.
“Hey kiddo. What would you like for dinner?”
“I don’t know. Nothing really sounds good.”
“Instead of making a mess in this clean kitchen, what would you say if we ordered a pizza?”
“Sounds about as good as anything.”
“What test do you have tomorrow? You said you were studying for a test.”
“Actually, I have three tests tomorrow. I’m not really worried about them though. They are in physics, calculus, and trig.”
Rossi’s eyes got wide and he just shook his head. “Sometimes, I forget that you are about to graduate. You’re only fifteen. You shouldn’t be taking classes that hard yet.”
“Uncle Dave, they aren’t that hard. Half the time, I finish my work before the teacher gets through explaining one problem to the rest of the class. I haven’t told mom, but last year I had myself tested through the school. I forged her name on the consent forms. Then my IQ was 180 and it was proven that my memory is borderline between being photographic and eidetic. Mom never wanted to have me tested, but I wanted to know. She’s been afraid that I would become a science experiment. I do have almost every college in the nation after me offering me academic scholarships. I am leaning towards starting my freshman year at Georgetown, since it’s close. Then eventually transferring to either MIT or Caltech for my junior and senior years and any post graduate degrees.”
“What are you going to major in?”
“I’m leaning towards forensic science, but I thought about biochemistry.”
“How far do you plan on going in school?”
“I want to eventually get a doctorate. I like the way Doctor Kathleen Riece Muzzarelli sounds. Unless, I decide to change my name once I find my dad. Sometimes, I think I might change my last name to his or add it to what I already have. I don’t know.”
“Only you can decide what to do there. Keep up your studies. You’ll get there, kiddo.”

Lindley took a deep breath and got out of her car. She walked to the restaurant and gave the hostess the name of the man she was to meet, Preston Garcia, her biological father. She was led to the back of the restaurant to a table where a dark haired gentleman in a dark blue suite stood upon her arrival. He was tall and broad shouldered and looked nothing like what Lindley had always pictured in her mind. He looked like an older Ken doll fresh off the beach, dark tan, darker hair cut short, piercing almost black eyes. He held his hand out to her and she hesitantly took it and shook. They both slowly sat across the table from each other.
“I hope you don’t mind. I thought this meeting would be a little better back here where it’s a little quieter. I can’t believe how much you look like your mother.”
“No offense intended, but I obviously don’t look anything like you.”
“No. You don’t. And none taken. Your mother was a beautiful woman.”
“I would like to know more about both of you. And, why you chose to give me up. Do you know where she is now?”
“I’ll answer any questions you have about both of us that I can. As for where she is, she died bringing you into this world. I decided to give you to someone better equipped to raise you than I was. I did it because when I lost your mother, I went to a very dark place. I wanted to keep you, but I knew it wasn’t what was best for you. I wanted you to have a life I couldn’t give you then. Your mother and I met at the beach when she was nineteen and I was eighteen. Her name was Mary. She had run away from home. She never came out and said why she left, but she alluded to an abusive home life. The day we found out about you, she was so excited and happy,” he paused when the waiter came by to take their drink order.
“What was she like?” Lindley asked trying to keep the tears at bay.
“She was an amazing woman. You are truly a mirror image of her. She was full of life and love. She loved the beach and to read. She read to you all the time. We moved in together just over a week after we met. I had a small apartment on the beach, and was going to night school, working in a surf shop. She got a job a a little drink stand a few doors down from the surf shop. After we found out about you, when she wasn’t working, I’d find her sitting on the beach on a towel in a sundress with a big floppy hat on reading out loud to you. When she fist started doing that, several of the kids playing on the beach around her would stop and sit with her while she read. It was nothing for me to find her with ten kids sitting around her listening. Eventually, she would bring a jug of lemonade and some plastic cups with her and while she read she would share her lemonade with the kids. We didn’t have much, but for us it was enough. When I lost her, I lost my everything. My parents made me move back home. They had me on suicide watch. I told them that you had died when she did. I may not have done everything the right way, but I wanted you to have everything I couldn’t give you at that time. Please tell me they were the people I wanted them to be, that they gave you everything I couldn’t.”
“They were for the most part. I grew up in New Jersey. They were Italian so there were many big family dinners with all the cousins around. They never once treated me like I wasn’t part of their family, until I was seventeen, but we’ll get to that later. I had anything and everything I could have ever wanted before I asked for it. I played soccer and was pretty good, until I went to summer camp and blew out my knee. It still gives me problems occasionally. The summer I turned sixteen I did a summer internship with an ambassador’s office. I realized then that I was not cut out for politics,” she stopped when the waiter was back to take their food order.
“I’m curious about what happened at seventeen. What did they do?”
“It really wasn’t completely their fault. I decided that I was going to take the summer before my senior year in high school, the summer I turned seventeen, to decide what I really wanted to do with myself when I graduated. I had always been pretty studious, and had never given them any reason not to trust me. So they let me go to California and spend the summer on the beach by myself, calling three times a day to check in. I looked at a lot of schools while I was there though too. Especially the libraries. I constantly had my nose in a book back then. It was in the library of one of those schools, that I met him. I know all the old cliches about summer love, but there was something about him. I eventually got him out of the library and on the beach with his books to study. We spent every possible moment together, when he didn’t have class. He was already working on his doctorate at only eighteen. That summer was perfect. Then summer ended. I went home and the feelings never changed. We wrote everyday for a few months, and then my parents found out what I had been hiding. I hadn’t told him yet in my letters either. I had wanted to go see him over Christmas break and tell him. My parents figured it out however and while my mom took me to the doctor to confirm, my dad tore my room apart and burned every reminder and letter I had from him. When my mom and I got home, I was given an ultimatum; have an abortion or get out. I left. I tried to get back to him, but by February, I was under nourished and at the end of my rope. I stumbled into a hospital in Chicago. There was a nurse there that once I was healthy enough to be discharged, took me in. She helped me find a job in the hospital. It wasn’t much but, she took me in until I was able to save up enough to get a small one room apartment. It wasn’t much, but she always made sure I had what was absolutely necessary. I don’t know what would have happened to us if it wasn’t for Fran and her girls. When Kat was born, the hospital had a daycare for it’s workers, and when Fran’s girls were out of school, they fought to get to babysit her for me. We still keep in touch with them. Kat has called Fran, Nana Ran, since she could talk.”
“I hate that they did that to you. I wish that I could have been there for you. If you need anything ever, please just ask. I am much better able to provide for you and your daughter now. I now own that little surf shop I worked in when I met your mother as well as several others up and down the California coast.”
“We are ok now. I am a junior editor for a publishing company. It’s not much, but it pays the bills. I’m going to school now on grants. We moved here for Kat to go to a better school. She has a full scholarship to one one of the top private schools in the nation here. She will be graduating in June at the top of her class. She is very smart. Her father graduated high school at twelve. He didn’t have the best experiences then. I have made sure she has had a close to a normal childhood as possible. Just after we moved here, I ran into my adoptive mom’s brother at the grocery store. Uncle Dave has been trying to make up for what they did, but I have tried to tell him he doesn’t have to. Kat is staying with him tonight while I’m here. I know she’s fifteen now, but this is a big city with a large crime population. I don’t want to leave her alone. Uncle Dave is a FBI agent.”
“My sister works for the FBI. Not in your typical agent though. She is a technical analyst.”
“I wonder if they know each other. It might be nice to get to know her eventually myself. It would be nice to actually have real family around again.”
“I can introduce you to her sometime if you’d like. I’d like to get to know you and Kat more myself. I also have three brothers, but they all live in California. Parker is my attorney. Paxton is my accountant and Powell is a cop. Our parents had a thing for P’s.”
“I see. What is your sister’s name?”
“Penelope. She was the baby of the family. She’s a little different. We all had a bit of a falling out several years ago and have only recently been able to get back in touch with her. She went through a bit of a dark phase when our parents were killed in a car accident.”
“That had to have been tough.”
“It was, but at least we were all grown. She was eighteen. I wish I could have been there for you. I wish I could have kept you. I have no excuses other than being selfish. Will you ever be able to forgive me?”
“I don’t know if there is anything to forgive. You did what you thought was right and for the first sixteen years of my life it was pretty much as perfect as it could get. No one could have predicted what happened. I wouldn’t change anything. Even the hard times.”
They continued talking and enjoyed their dinner for a few hours, eventually leaving as the restaurant was closing at around one in the morning.
Lindley made her way back to Dave’s and fell into bed instantly falling asleep.

Chapter Text

The next morning Lindley went and woke Katie up, "Wake up. Time to get ready for school. We have to leave soon. Uncle Dave is fixing breakfast."
"How did your dinner go?"
"Ok. I'll tell you all about it tomorrow night if, I'm not gone on a case yet. Don't forget your dinner with your Uncle Derek tonight, if we don't get a case today."
"What are the odds, that the woman that took you in, her son and your adoptive uncle would work together?"
"Pretty slim, but enough. Up and dressed now," Lindley said turning to go get herself finished and getting her laptop together with her purse.
By the time she was back downstairs and to the kitchen Katie was right behind her. The three of them quickly ate breakfast and then went to brush their teeth before heading out.
They loaded up in Dave's car and headed out. Dave and Lindley dropped Katie off at school. Then headed off to the BAU offices.
"Katie has her weekly dinner with Derek tonight doesn't she, if we don't have a case."
"Yes. He knows we are staying with you for a few days. He's been a big help since we moved here."
"He owns the house you are living in doesn't he?"
"Yes. He gave us a cut rate for our rent too. He wasn't going to charge us anything, but I insisted."
"He's never talked about you to the team."
"I know. Garcia knows, but I asked not to know or have you all not know about us. I wanted to protect her from what you do, at least when she was younger. Now, she's talking about going into forensic science possibly. I can't keep her from it now."
"No you can't."
"At least now I can finally meet the team."
"All but one. The Kid is doing some guest lectures today."
"The genius, you have told us a little bit about."
"Oh, well. I'll meet him sometime."
"Yes. You will. You will be shadowing the team for a case."
"We'll probably be the first one's in the office today."
"That's ok. Maybe I can get my laptop set up in a corner of your office, before everyone gets in."
The rest of the drive went fairly quickly and they got to the offices and up to Dave's office.
Before long the doors to the bullpen opened and Emily and JJ walked in. They noticed Dave in his office with someone and immediately went to "investigate".

"Emily, JJ. My niece, Lindley."
"Oh, nice to meet you. Emily Prentiss."
"Prentiss, are you related to Ambassador Prentiss?"
"Actually, she's my mother. How do you know her?"
"When I was sixteen, I did summer internship type thing through the young politician program in her office."
Emily grimaced. "Sorry about that."
"It definitely taught me that politics was not where I needed to be."
"She can do that."
"I've only met her once and I pretty much got the same vibe," JJ added. "Jennifer Jareau."
"You went to Pen State on a soccer scholarship."
"Yes. Do you follow soccer?"
"I did. The summer before I did the internship, I went to soccer camp, but blew my knee out in the semi final. The day before camp was over."
"Wait. Camp Kicks in Baja?"
"Yes. You know it?"
"Lindley Muzzarelli?"
"OMG! If you hadn't blown your knee out, we would have played each other in the final. Since you did my team walked away with the win. I was so looking forward to the challenge of playing against you."
"Oh my. That was ages ago."
"Do you play anymore?"
"No. If I barely jog, I have to brace my knee still. I've tried, but it's just not worth the pain. And if I injure it again, my doctor say's I'll probably never walk right again."
"That is definitely reason not to. I look forward to getting to know you."
"I'd like that. We just moved here, when school started and I haven't made any friends yet. Just found Uncle Dave and..."
As she stopped, Derek walked in. "There's one of my favorite sisters!" he exclaimed walking over and wrapping his arms around her in a big bear hug picking her up.
"Sisters?" JJ and Emily both questioned.
He put her back down and with one arm slung around her back, turned to smile at them. "Yep, my third, secret honorary sister."
After seeing the questioning looks from Emily and JJ, Lindley added. "I kind of went thru some stuff at seventeen and ran away from home. I ended up in the hospital in Chicago. His mom took me in and helped me get on my feet eventually. I asked when he started here, that he keep myself and my daughter quiet. She's fifteen now though and talking about going into forensic science so, it's time to come out of the closet so to speak."
"You have a fifteen year old daughter? How is that possible? We are close to the same age," JJ asked.
"As I said, I went thru some stuff at seventeen. Brought on by teen pregnancy. That's a bit of a story, for a later day."
About that time, Hotch entered the office and headed up the stairs. He glanced thru Dave's open doorway and lost his breath. He felt his heart stop. He blinked several times and quickly regained himself before all but running to his own office shutting the door behind himself. He pulled his wallet out of his pocket and pulled the old picture out staring at it. Making sure it wasn't his imagination. The young woman in Dave's office was almost identical to his lost sister.

Chapter Text

Eventually, Hotch managed to gather himself and mask his shock at how much this woman looked like his missing sister and make his way to Dave's office to introduce himself and go over a few ground rules for Lindley to follow while she shadowed the team. All of which she readily agreed to.
The rest of the day, was fairly quiet. It wasn't until everyone was starting to pack up to go home for the day that Hotch came out of his office again hollering for the team to head to the conference room. Once they were all gathered around the table, He started. "Alright, since Reid isn't here right now, we'll wait until morning to head out, but we'll meet at the jet at 7. Garcia I leave it to you to get him the case file to look over tonight."
"I can take his paper file home and he can stop by and pick it up. I'm on his way home after his final lecture this evening," Dave offered.
"I'll get it printed out in like 2 when were done."
"Great. Now lets go over what we've got," Hotch said as JJ stood and started going over what they were given so far on the case. Within the hour, everyone was heading out to try to get a good nights rest before what was looking like it would be a long difficult case in South Dakota.

Lindley and Dave headed home with Derek following behind. As soon as they got to the house Katie was waiting for them outside. Katie took off running when they got out of the car. She gave Lindley and Dave each a quick hug then ran off to Derek's truck jumping in. Derek was laughing watching Katie, but once she had closed the truck door they were off. It was Dave and Lindley's turn to laugh, watching them leave.
Then they turned and went into the house, Lindley going to her room to make sure her bags were packed for the morning. Dave went to the kitchen to start putting together some dinner.
Lindley was headed to the kitchen to see what she could do to help, when the door bell rang.
"Do you mind getting that for me? My hands are a little busy right now," Dave asked.
"No problem," she answered back going to the door.
She opened the door and the air left her lungs, her heart stopped and she was in such shock that she didn't even feel the tears as they quietly fell from her eyes. In that moment, time stopped.

Spencer had been looking towards the street, when the door opened. He turned and expecting to see Dave, but was stunned to silence when he saw her. She was the absolute last person he expected to ever see at Dave's. He had so many emotions running through himself he couldn't process anything. All he could do was stare at her.

Dave came around the corner wondering why the door was still open and he hadn't heard voices yet. Seeing Lindley and Spencer staring slack jawed at each other. All of the sudden, everything clicked. He pulled Spencer in the house and shut the door. "Why don't you two go talk in my office. I think you really need to talk."
Without a word, they both turned and followed Dave to his home office.
Right before they got to the office, Lindley turned and went to her bedroom, saying she'd be right back.
Spencer walked in and sat in a chair, running his hands over his face. He didn't know what to think or to feel. He hadn't seen her in just over sixteen years. He had wondered almost everyday, why he hadn't been worth a goodbye letter. The most unbelievable part was even after having his heart ripped to shreds back then, he was so happy that she was ok and he knew without a doubt, he still loved her just as much as he had at seventeen.
Lindley came in and shut the door behind herself. She turned and went to sit in the chair across from him wiping the tears from her eyes, not knowing where to start.
Dave left them and went back to the kitchen. He knew this was something they had to work out themselves. He just hoped that she told him about Katie, before she and Morgan got back. He didn't think Reid would be able to take that surprise if he was met with it slapping him in the face.

Meanwhile, back in the office, Lindley kept trying to figure out where to start this conversation. It was finally Spencer that broke the silence, "Why? Why didn't you even write me a letter to say goodbye? I deserved at least that much." The anger was starting to find it's way to the surface.
She looked up with a horrified expression, "I didn't want it to end."
"Then why? I deserve some kind of explanation. I loved you with everything in me. I thought you loved me too, and then all of the sudden with no explanation I never heard from you again. You said you had been sick. Part of me thought you might have died."
"I wasn't sick sick. I realized what it was about the same time my mother did. She made me go to the doctor and then they found out everything and burned almost every reminder of you. I don't have your brain. I couldn't remember your full address and you didn't have a personal phone. I ran away from home, that night. I was trying to find my way back to you."
"I only got as far as Chicago. What little money I had was stolen, and I ended up in the hospital in Chicago. A nurse took me in and helped me get healthy and back on my feet, but I had to make a life for us. I couldn't keep on running trying to find you. I did try to call Cal-tech to find you, but no one would give me an address or phone number. Eventually they told me you had transferred schools, but wouldn't tell me where."
"Wait, slow down. Us? What does that mean?"
Lindley took a piece of paper out of her back pocket. "I wasn't sick. I was pregnant," she whispered. Slowly sliding the piece of paper across the coffee table between them. It wasn't a plain piece of paper. It was a picture.
Spencer picked up the picture of a young girl that looked so much like he had at her age, but there was definitely some of Lindley in her too. He was too shocked to say anything again.
"Before I even left the doctor's office my mom had already scheduled an abortion for the next day. I couldn't let them take the only part of you I had left. So I left to find you. I got on a bus and was headed to California. I only got to Chicago, though. I fell asleep on the bus and someone stole what money I had left. I ended up on the streets for a while just trying to find food and survive. I wasn't very good at it. I ended up in the hospital and almost lost her anyway. My nurse's son tried to get my parents to come get me, but they told him I had died. So my nurse took me in. She nursed me back to full health was there when I went into labor and helped me get on my feet. She and her daughters kept our baby while I found a job and worked."
"Name. What's her name?" Spencer croaked out.
"Kathleen Reice. Most people call her Katie, Kate, KitKat, or Katiedid. She's been trying to get me to find you since she knew there was such a thing as a dad."
"Where is she?"
"The nurse that took me in, her son lives here. He grew up without a dad too. He's tried to be a sort of father figure for her. He takes her out for pizza or a burger once a week when he can. They should be back soon. Do you need time to process all of this before you come face to face with her?"
"No. I mean. I do need time to process, but I need to see her. How do you know Dave? Why are you here?"
"My adoptive parents are Dave's sister and brother-in-law. He's my uncle. I'm here, because, I am taking classes at Georgetown and have to write a paper for my criminology class. Dave has arranged for me to shadow the BAU for my paper. I think he's trying to undo years of wrongs from them. We were staying here so Katie could stay with the housekeeper while I'm shadowing the team. I think I need to tell you too, that you know Katie's Uncle D too. My nurse was Fran Morgan."
"You are the third sister?"
"You knew he had a third sister?"
"I heard Garcia talking to him about once. He was telling her why he didn't want anyone to know about her. All these years and..." he got choked up before he could finish.
"I'm sorry. Maybe if I hadn't asked him to keep us quiet.... I'll never forgive myself for that."
Spencer just wiped his hands down his face again not knowing what to say to that. He had so many emotions running through himself, he really didn't know what to feel or think.
There was a knock at the door then, before Dave cracked it open. "I don't mean to interrupt, but Derek will be here any minute."
As if on que, the doorbell rang.
Spencer stood wiping the tears from his eyes and followed Dave out with Lindley following close behind.
Dave opened the door and Derek and Katie came in laughing. Stopping when they noted the somber mood in the house. "Hey pretty boy, what's going on?"

Katie looked at Lindley, Dave and then the strange man standing between them. Then she felt it. Before anyone could say or do anything else, Katie ran the few steps and threw herself around Spencer. "Dad!"
Spencer wrapped his arms around her and buried his face in her hair sobbing with her not wanting to let her go.
Lindley couldn't have stopped her tears if she wanted to watching them.
Dave even had to wipe a few tears away.
Derek just stood there in shock, but at the same time, it all fit. He fully understood why he always reminded Derek of her and he found himself wiping away a few tears too.
Eventually, Dave broke the silence. "I called Aaron. I told him that something has come up and Spencer and Lindley might not be able to go on this case." "No. Lin needs to go. I don't have an extra room at my apartment. The arrangements have already been made. I'll stay here and during school hours work the geo profile with Garcia, but once school is out, I'll be here. It's past time we got to know each other," Spencer said looking down at Katie their arms still wrapped around each other.
"No buts. Dave's housekeeper will still be here and she can call you anytime she needs to."
"He's right mom. We'll be ok. Go."
"They are right. Anything she needs, Maria will be here and if she needs something else. You are just a phone call away."
"Yes. You need to do this for you Linny," Derek agreed.
Katie pulled away from Spencer and went to Lindley hugging her close. "Go mom. We'll have a real talk when you get home. You still have to tell me about meeting your dad. We can compare."
Lindley chuckled, pulling Katie closer hugging her tight. "Ok. We'll talk more after too," she said looking at Spencer.
He nodded back.
"Ok, now that that's settled. It's getting late. I'm going to go turn in. You are all welcome to stay here tonight."
"I'm going to head out. I do think it goes without saying that until pretty boy is ready, this stays here."
"Thank you. I do need a little time to wrap my head around it, before Garcia descends."
"That's fine. You may need to tell Aaron a little bit not necessarily everything. But..."
"I know. Just not tonight."
They nodded and Derek hugged them before leaving. Dave went upstairs to bed. And Spencer chose to take Dave up on his offer and took a room across from Lindley for the night. Katie, followed Lindley to her room and curled up with her falling asleep quickly with a smile on her face just like she used to do when she was a little girl, after such a long and eventful day. Lindley wrapped her arms around her and held her tightly falling asleep as her tears dried.

Chapter Text

The next morning, Lindley got up early, got dressed and ready to go. Right before she left the bedroom to leave and meet the team on the Jet with Dave, she leaned over Katie and brushed her hair out of her face before, kissing her forehead and trying to wake Katie up.
"Katie, baby. It's time to get up. I'm about to head out with Uncle Dave."
Katie rolled towards Lindley cracking her eyes open a little. She smiled looking up at Lindley. "Tell me it wasn't a dream. My dad is really across the hall."
"He might not be in the bedroom right this minute, but he's definitely in the house. Try to concentrate on school while you're there. Any time you need to talk to me, call."
"I will. Be careful. Love you, mom."
"Love you too, baby. Get up and get ready. I'll see you in a few days," Lindley said before leaving the room closing the door behind herself.
She went to the kitchen to find Dave and Spencer both dressed and to go.
"You ready?" Dave asked.
"Just about," she said before turning to Spencer handing him a piece of paper. "My phone number if you need anything. She has it, but..."
"Thank you. I don't even know what school she goes to."
"She goes to Episcopal."
Spencer couldn't hide his surprise, his eyebrow raising. "You can afford that?"
"She got a scholarship. It's why we moved here. There's no way, I could afford it without. That and we live in one of Derek's rent houses at a cut rent. He wouldn't let me find an apartment in our price range."
"Is there anything else I need to know, before you go?"
"She'll answer any questions you may have. She has drama after school on Tuesdays and Thursdays, if we aren't back yet."
"Does she have enough here if it does take that long?"
"If she needs anything else, she has a key to our house. She knows the address and how to get there. Please don't hesitate to call if you need anything or have any questions. Though, I'm sure she will talk your ears off and tell you everything."
Spencer half chuckled and nodded.
"Don't overthink it. If you aren't sure about what to ask her or talk to her about, just tell her that. She's been working on things to ask you since she was five."
Again he just nodded.
"Ok. We've got to go. Kid if you need to talk to anyone for you, you know my number or Morgan's. I'm sure he'll be checking in with you anyway. Don't lock it inside. Talk. We're here. This isn't an easy situation for anyone."
He nodded again before Dave and Lindley left.

Not long after Dave and Lindley left, Spencer was sipping his coffee leaning against the cabinet, when Katie walked in followed by Maria the housekeeper.
"So, what would you two like for breakfast?" Maria asked.
"Actually, I was thinking. If Katie would like to, there's an IHOP on the way. We could go out for breakfast."
A smile quickly spread across Katie's face, "I LOVE IHOP. But we don't get to go very often."
Spencer smiled back, "Well then why don't you get whatever you've got to take to school with you and we'll head out."
Katie turned and ran back down the hall grabbing her backpack and purse, then ran back to the kitchen getting there just as Spencer was taking the last sip of his coffee. He rinsed out this cup and put it in the dishwasher, then grabbed his messenger bag and they made there way to his car.
The drive IHOP was made in an awkward silence. Both of them had so many questions running through their heads, but neither knew where to start. They got to the restaurant and got seated, ordering their drinks as they sat, Spencer his coffee and Katie coffee and Orange Juice.
Spencer raised an eyebrow when she ordered coffee. "Your mother lets you drink coffee?"
"One cup on the rare occasion we do go out for breakfast. And only in the last few months. Well since I turned fifteen."
"When was that, by the way? We didn't really get to talk about that last night?"
"May fifteenth. Is your birthday October twelfth?"
"Yes. Did she tell you that?"
"No. Not really, but every year on that date she would make a special dinner and even make a cake. She would always say it was a special day, but never would say why. I always wondered."
Spencer didn't know what to think of that, and the waitress bringing their drinks and taking their orders gave him a few minutes to think.
But Katie asked her next question before he had the chance to ask his. "I know you work with Uncle D and Uncle Dave and your schedule can be a little wild, but if you're not on a case, would it be possible to actually celebrate your birthday with you this year?"
Spencer took a shaky breath and fought back tears. "Wild horses couldn't stop me, If that's what you want. I'll put in for the day off as soon as I get to the office. What would you like to do?"
"I don't know yet. It's a month away. We can decide a little closer, when you know for sure you have the day off."
"We can do whatever you want. I normally don't do much. The team always throws small parties for each of our birthdays, with Garcia planning all of them."
"What about your family, you don't do anything with them?"
"No. My dad left when I was ten. So as Derek would say, I'm going to have to wing this dad thing. I hope I don't let you down."
"Not possible. You stayed. You're here now. If you had walked away last night that would have let me down. I have mom, but I've always wondered about you. What about your mom?"
"Your grandmother is a paranoid schizophrenic. I had to have her institutionalized when I was eighteen to get her the proper care. I call and write to her but..." Spencer answered but stopped when the waitress arrived with their food.
They ate their breakfast in relative silence knowing they had limited time before she had to get to school and he had to get to the office. Once they were done and he had paid leaving a tip on the table, he took her to school.
She turned to him before she got out of the car and threw her arms around him. He hugged her back. "We can talk more this evening when you get off work can't we?"
"Of course. Your mom said you have Drama after school on Tuesday's and Thursday's it's Thursday. What time will you be through?"
"That starts next week. I get out of school at four."
"I'll be here to pick you up."
"But what about your case. Won't you have to work late?"
"No. I'm only working while you are in school today and tomorrow. If they are still working the case Saturday and Sunday, I may have to go in for a little bit. But most of this weekend is yours."
She hugged him again, before opening the door and getting out of the car. "See you after school," she said before shutting the door and running to the door, turning back to wave before going inside.
He wiped his face clean from the tears he didn't even know were falling until then and made his way to work.

He spent his day in the round table room working the geographic profile and trying to fend off questions from Penelope as to why he didn't go with the team and would be leaving early. He finally, somewhat gave in and told her he had some family things to work through that he had stay back for. It seemed to appease her for the time being, but he knew she had more questions. He told her eventually, that he would tell the team and her everything when he could, but he needed time to work through it first. She finally let it go, but he could see the questions running through her head. He knew the rest of the team had questions too, but he hoped that they would wait until he was ready to tell them before asking too many of them.
Later in the day, Derek called to check on him, "Hey pretty boy. How did your morning go?"
"It was ok. I took her out for breakfast. We talked a little."
"Good. If you need anything call man."
"I will. Is everyone asking questions?"
"JJ and Em have Hotch just gives his questioning stare when they ask. Dave and I have tried to tell them to leave it alone for now. We both told them whatever it is you will tell them when you are ready. I think they know that we know. But we're not telling them. That's your place, when you're ready."
"Thank you."
"No problem. I do need some info if you've got it for the case too."
"What do you need?" Spencer asked as they both changed the conversation to all business.

Chapter Text

Spencer left work at three thirty to pick Katie up from school. Once he got to the school, it was right as the kids were getting out for the day.
Katie practically ran to his car and got in. "So what's on the agenda for the evening?" she asked.
"Depends. How much homework do you have?"
"None. I normally get it all done before each class is out. It irritates a lot of my classmates."
He couldn't help but chuckle. "I did that too. But it didn't just irritate them, it infuriated them."
"But you were only twelve, right?"
"Yes. Thank goodness, you aren't graduating at twelve."
"No. Just barely sixteen. So only two years younger than most of the people I am graduating with."
"Better than twelve. I'll be honest, I wish you were waiting another two years."
"If my teachers in Chicago would have had their way, I would have graduated several years ago. Mom refused to let me skip grades, until high school. She said she wanted me to have as close to normal a childhood as possible."
"She was right for that. It was not easy for me as a twelve year old high school senior."
"She even refused to let me take the intelligence tests, though."
"I would have too. I wouldn't wish what I went through on anyone."
"How do you think I got into this school though?"
"I'm not sure. I hadn't really had time to think about it yet."
"I forged mom's name on the consent forms. I wanted to know."
Spencer shook his head, keeping his eyes on the road. "What were your results? If you don't mind me asking."
"I was nervous, so I think I could probably do better, if I hadn't been. But, according to that test, I have an IQ of 180 I can read fifteen thousand words a minute and my memory is on the boarder between photographic and eidetic. I got all kinds of scholarship offers once I got the results. Luckily, I got home before mom and could hide them before she got home. This is a really good school, and I can take more dual credit courses here. And we at least have Uncle D close. So I chose this one and really worked to make it happen. Mom didn't know how she would be able to afford the move."
Spencer was floored. If he had any doubt that she was really his, hearing her results dissipated them. "How did you make it happen?"
"I called uncle D and asked if he knew of any cheap apartments and look for job openings for mom. I applied to several for her. And Uncle D wouldn't let us move to a cheap apartment. He said we'd be living in worse neighborhoods than we did in Chicago. He said he would have a place available the first part of August. He didn't want us to pay him any rent, but mom insists. She got a few interviews and finally got the junior editor job. She hates it, but it's a job and it allows her to go back to school and it allowed us to be able to make this move. She wouldn't have let me come on my own."
"She's protective. That's a good thing."
"I used to think a little too protective, but eventually I learned what Uncle D does, and now Uncle Dave and you, I looked googled the BAU. I get it more now."

The rest of the drive to Rossi's was pretty quiet. They got there and went in putting their things in their rooms, before going to the kitchen, where Maria met them.
"I figured you two would like time to talk. So I have a lasagna in the oven. It's not Dave's but it should be decent enough. It should be ready in about another thirty minutes. I set a timer. If either of you need me, I'll be in the pool house."
"Thank you," Spencer said as she pulled out pot holders and put them on the counter.
"So you don't have to hunt for them," she explained.
"Thank you," Katie said going to the fridge and grabbing a coke. "Do you want one, dad?" She asked holding up her coke.
"Yes, please..." he said taking the one she held out to him, while she grabbed another. The she went and sat at the breakfast table in the corner of the room.
Spencer followed sitting across from her.
"Can I ask you something?" Katie said looking at her coke can.
"Anything," Spencer answered.
"I have a lot of questions. You may get tired of answering."
"Well, we'll just have to take turns. I have a lot of questions too."
"Let me guess about half of them are for mom."
He huffed out a slight laugh, "There are a lot for her too, yes."
"When I was little mom made up a fairy tale of sorts for me, I've always wondered if her made up story had anything to do with you. How did you meet?"
Spencer smiled for the first time in years thinking about that day. "I met you mom, in the library at Caltech. I was working on my my first doctorial thesis. I noticed her reaching for a book on the top shelf and I got up and got it down for her. She was the most beautiful girl I had ever seen."
"You were finishing your first thesis at seventeen?"
"Yes. I did graduate high school at twelve."
"I know that I just didn't realize...seventeen. And your first? How many do you have?"
"Three and three BAs."
"Wow. What were the results of your intelligence test?"
He chuckled and took a swig of his coke. "I have an IQ of 187 can read twenty thousand words a minute and have an eidetic memory. My PHD's are in Mathematics, Chemistry and Engineering. The BA's are in Psychology, Sociology and Philosophy."
"What do you want to do after you graduate?"
"I've already been accepted to Georgetown with a full academic scholarship. I've always thought I would study either biochemistry or forensic science. I've been leaning towards forensic science."
Spencer could hardly believe what she was telling him. He couldn't help but let out another huffed laugh. "I know one thing for sure. If anyone was to doubt you really being my daughter, all they would have to do is talk to you. I mean, I see a lot of myself in you just looking at you, but then, you further astound me with your intelligence and choice of majors. I'm really glad your mom has managed so well with you by herself. I wish I had been there, though."
"We weren't completely by ourselves. We had Nana, Aunt Sarah, Aunt Des and Uncle D, when he was home. I don't know where we would have been without them."

Before they knew it the timer had gone off and their dinner was ready. They sat and ate still questioning and answering each other. Several hour had passed before either of them had realized it. It was Katie's cell phone that broke them out of the little bubble they had created.
"I better answer. It's mom."
"Go on. I'll get this cleaned up. It's getting late anyway. We should get ready for bed soon. You have school and I have to work tomorrow."
Katie nodded and answered her phone, "Hey mom," she said taking her plate to the sink before walking down the hall to her room.

Spencer watched her go before getting up himself and taking the dishes to the sink. He rinsed them and put them in the dishwasher then he covered the leftovers and put them in the refrigerator. Once he had cleaned up everything he then went to his room and got himself changed and ready for bed. He was just about to head back to the living room, when his phone rang. He opened the bedroom door and answered the phone. "Hey Morgan."
"Hey kid. How's it going there?"
"Ok. I guess. We've been talking."
"That's good. You need anything?"
"I don't think so. She's talking to Lin, now."
"It's to be expected. This is a big change for both of you, but she's a fifteen year old girl. They need their moms."
"I know that, but it was actually Lin that called her. We lost track of time talking."
"Linny's been a little worried all day about her."
"Understandable. But so far we are fine."

Across the hall a similar conversation was going on.
"How's it going baby?"
"I'm fine, mom. We went to IHOP for breakfast before school. School was school and then we've been here talking. He's really brilliant mom."
Lindley laughed, "I told you he was really smart. It's where you got it from."
"I know. I just can't believe how smart he really is."
"It's getting late, you should be going to bed soon. You can stay up later tomorrow and Saturday night. But tomorrow you have school and need your rest."
"I know. When we hang up, I'll get ready for bed. I love you mom."
"I love you too, baby."
"Am I still going to be able to go back to see Nana for Thanksgiving with Uncle D?"
"I don't know yet. I'll have to see what you dad wants to do. We have a lot to work out."
"I know. Have you talked to your birth father any more?"
"He called a little while ago. I wasn't really where I could talk to him at that moment. I texted and told him I'd call him in a few days, when I get back."
"We can compare notes," Katie laughed.
Lindley laughed with her. "We can, but I think it's a little different. You get to see yours. Mine still lives on the other side of the country."
"Anyway, it's getting late. Get ready for bed and get some rest. I'll call you again tomorrow, if you don't call me first."
"Ok. See you soon. Love you mom."
"Love you too. Goodnight."

Friday went much like Thursday. Saturday Spencer and Katie spent the entire day talking getting to know each other sitting around Dave's house. For a slight change in scenery on Sunday, they spent the day with Katie in the pool and Spencer sitting either at a table watching her or sitting on the side of the pool letting his feet hang down in the pool. Each night Katie and Lindley would talk on the phone before bed time and Derek or Dave would call and check in with Spencer. It was late Sunday night, or really early Monday morning that Lindley and the team made it home. Lindley and Dave quietly made their way in the house and to their rooms falling into bed immediately falling asleep.

Chapter Text

Spencer got the call as he and Katie were leaving the driveway to take her to school. The team would have the day off and Hotch was also giving him and Garcia the day too. He went on and took Katie to school and then went back to Dave's to gather his things to go back to his apartment that evening. He was just putting his bag in his car, when Derek pulled into the driveway.
Derek got out of his truck and walked over to Spencer.
"Hey kid ride with me."
"I got a house I have to go check out. I'm thinking it'll be more than what I want to undertake, but for what they want for it, it's worth looking at."
"Why do you want me to go with you?"
"I just want to really talk to you. You've had quite a week. I just want to check in with you man. Come on. You can talk to Lin when we get back."
"Fine," Spencer said locking his car and going to get in the truck with Derek.
The drive was fairly quiet, with both of them gathering their thoughts before they really got to talk. Derek pulled into the driveway of an old house at the end of a quiet street sparsely lined with older homes. Derek was already regretting the decision to even look at it, but Spencer was intrigued with what he saw. It wasn't quite as big and didn't have the balcony across the porch at the second level, but it reminded him in a way of the house from Forest Gump. It had a short brick wall across the front as a bit a fence. On either side of the entry were big old established willow trees. It was almost as if crossing that entry was a bit of a time warp sending them back in time. It definitely needed some work though.
They got out of the truck and walked towards the front door. They walked up the front steps and Derek unlocked the double doors. They walked inside and the time warp continued.
"I don't know about this. I think this is going to me a lot more than I'm willing to do."
"We're already here, go on and finish looking at it."
"Alright let's start upstairs, if we don't fall through them," Derek said starting up the grand stair case in the middle of the entry way. They were both surprised when they were more sound than they looked. "So, pretty boy. What did you and the princess do, while we were gone?"
"We talked. She went to school and I went to work. Yesterday we talked while sitting around the pool. She swam while I just watched and talked to her."
They got to the top of the stairs, "Realtor said the master is over here," Derek said turning to the right. "So what's been going thru you mind while you talked? I know us guys don't talk about emotional stuff, but this has been a big change for you and I think you need to be able to really talk to someone. It doesn't have to be me, but I'm here. I want to make sure you are really doing ok with all of this."
"I know. I do have a therapist, I have an appointment with later this week. I'm not really sure what I feel though. Part of me is angry. Part is scared. Part is dumbstruck. And another part of me is amazed especially at how well adjusted Katie is even though she definitely has my brain."
"That she does," Derek said laughing. "Ok so this is actually a decent sized room. Needs new windows, the whole house does." Derek said still walking thru the room and down a hall way. "His and hers closets, nice sized bathroom definitely needs updating. It's ok to feel all of that you know. God only knows what I would feel."
"I know. It's a little overwhelming. But she's amazing."
"That she is. You always reminded me of her. I even thought for years that if Lin would ever let me talk about them, I would try to fix you up with her. Lin needs someone like minded and Katie could use someone that know what it's like to be so freakishly smart," Derek said as they left that room and walked to the first door across the top of the stairs. "Nice sized room. Closet is a little small, but not too small," Derek continued as he went to another door of the room. "Jack and Jill bathroom. Needs updated as bad as the other one."
"I'm not going anywhere. She has me now. Not sure what will happen with Lin. Right now, I think my main concern is Katie. Once we have both adjusted, I'll have to see how much Lin and I have changed."
"I get that. I think that's wise. But don't block her out of getting to know Katie. She's been ninety percent of Katie's support system Katie's whole life. This room mirror's the other," Derek commented as they walked thru to the other bedroom.
They left that room and went to the first room to the left of the stairs.
"I know. Katie asked if the three of us could do something for my birthday. Did you know they did something every year for my birthday?"
Derek stopped and looked at him confused. "No, what do you mean?"
"Katie said that Lin would bake a cake and they had a big dinner every year on my birthday. At least as big as they could afford. I'm not sure how to take that."
Derek continued walking, "This set of rooms and bathroom should be just like the ones we just went thru. I had no idea. If I had known, maybe I could have put the pieces together and you would have known a long time ago. These rooms just need updating like the others."
"I wouldn't just update them. And you shouldn't worry about it. What's done is done. We're just starting fresh now."
"What would you do in here?"
"Well that master across the hall, update like you were talking about except turn one of the closets into a "study room". Then turn this into the main master. The bedroom at the back of the house would be the new master bathroom. Separate shower and soaking tub between the shower and a linen closet. Double sinks, toilet hidden on the other side of the sinks. Maybe not take the whole room. Turn part of the old bedroom and the old bathroom into a large walk-in closet with a bench in the middle to sit and put your shoes on. Then add a few more windows to the front room for the actual master."
"OooooK," Derek said raising his eyebrows. "Let's go look downstairs," he added as they walked out of the last upstairs door and headed down the stairs. They got to the bottom of the stairs and he first went to the living room to the right of the front door under the original master. "Good sized room. Fireplace needs updated and brought up to code."
"Add a few more windows to the front. That one is too small for this room and put one on either side of the fireplace with seating and hidden storage in the seats under the windows. A big sectional facing the fireplace. A TV could be over the fireplace. A Christmas tree would still fit in front of the window."
Derek just looked at him with an open mouth still confused. "Ok. Let's go to the other side first."
They walked to the other side of the stairs. "Nice dinning room. What would you do in here?"
"Paint. Maybe decorative wainscoating on the bottom in a dark wood."
"Ok. Kitchen is in here. It's good to start fresh. And I hope you have a great birthday with them. Any ideas what you're going to do?"
"No. I'm letting Katie plan it all. I know it's my birthday, but all I want is to spend the day with her. It's a weekday, but I'm hoping Lin won't mind if we let her skip one day of school. Oh, this room needs a complete overhaul. I'd move the fridge to this wall," he said pointing to the wall shared with the dinning room. "Cabinets from the fridge around that wall and under that window the sink. Cabinets on the opposite wall too. Big island in the middle of the room with stools tucked under the edge for seating. A Vintage stove between the sink and the fridge. And by the window a breakfast nook."
"What colors would you use?"
"Light grey walls. Navy cabinets with natural wood doors. Copper farm house sink."
Derek just nodded. "I'm curious what the princess is going to come up with for you to do."
"Me too. What's across the back under the stairs?"
Derek started walking back out of the kitchen thru the door, at the back of the kitchen. He pulled open another door. "Walk in pantry. Needs new shelving," he closed the door and went to open the next door. "Wash room. Needs a lot of work in here too."
"Yes. Matching cabinets in an L around that wall with the washer and dryer a sink in here for soaking stains as needed. A hanging rack to dry things not able to go in the dryer. And another bench with hooks to hang hats or bags on, on that wall."
"Ok," Derek said leaving the room and opening a door directly under the stairs. "Water closet. Small but big enough for what it is. Needs updated."
"What's in that door?" Spencer asked pointing to one last door across from the back kitchen door.
"An office I think. Let's check it out," Derek said going and opening the last door. "Oh my God," he said stepping into the final room of the house.
Spencer was in awe of this last room the wall shared with the living room had floor to ceiling wall to wall custom built in bookcases and the wall around the door they had just entered did also. Across from the door was another big fireplace and across the back wall were big windows letting in a lot of natural light.
"Alright, pretty boy. Let's here it on this room."
"Restain the shelves. A big desk in front of that wall facing the back windows. Leather couch and maybe a couple chairs in front of the fireplace. Either an antique chaise lounge in front of the back window or another desk."
"Why would you need another desk? And floors all through the house. And then who are you planning on sharing this all with? It's a bit much for just you."
"I don't know on the desk, unless Katie or Lin would need one. Wood floors. And Katie at least needs somewhere to sleep when and if she ever would want to come visit me."
"And Lin?"
"It's way to early to hope, but all I ever wanted was Lindley back. I can see her in the kitchen I described. I want her in this house with me. How much are they asking for it?"
Derek told him.
"How much roughly would it take for the renovations we discussed?"
Again Derek gave him a high rough estimate. "Can you afford all that? It's a lot"
"It is. But, you all underestimate me. I know you know how much I make with the Bureau. But how much do you think I get for the articles I write, the books I have helped write. the guest lectures. And don't forget I am banned from numerous casinos. How much more would it be to add a pool in the back yard? Katie likes to swim. She needs a pool."
Derek's jaw dropped, and when he got over the shock, he gave him a price range for adding a pool.
"Can you give your realtor my bid?"
"Of course. I can't believe this you aren't even batting an eye over these prices."
"Derek, this won't even empty one of my numerous savings accounts. I want this. I just hadn't found anything I like this much before now. I know it's a lot and will take a while to get this fixed. But I can do this. I want this."
"Ok. Let's get you a house," Derek said laughing as they left locking up the house.
They left and went back to Dave's.

When they got there Dave was in the kitchen fixing lunch. "Where have you two been?"
"Just talking," Spencer answered.
Derek looked at him, but went with it knowing that Spencer probably didn't want anyone to know until it was final and he really had the house.
"Well. Lunch will be ready soon. After lunch Lin is planning on taking her and Katie's things back to their house. I'm assuming Spencer will be following so you two can talk more."
"Yes. We really need to talk."
"Well. At least you can do it on a full stomach. Why don't you two set the table."
They both went to the cabinets and pulled out the plates and silverware getting everything ready.
The four of them quietly ate lunch and then once everything had been cleared and cleaned up Spencer and Lindley left with Spencer following her to the house she and Katie rented from Derek.

"I really hope they can work things out," Dave said as he and Derek watched them leave.
"Me too, man. Me too."

Chapter Text

Spencer followed Lindley to the house she shared with Katie. He wondered about her car as they drove. It appeared to be well kept, but was older and still obviously not worth much. When they turned into a neighborhood, he couldn’t help but be thankful Derek had helped them and gave them a house to stay in. He pulled in behind her when she pulled into the driveway of a small white frame house.
Lindley got out of her car and opened the back pulling out her and Katie’s bags. “You might as well get your bag out too. I’m sure your things need to be washed too. I’ve got to get laundry started anyway I can wash yours with ours.”
He couldn’t argue with her logic so he got his bag out of the back seat of his car, before following her inside. The front of the house was open one big room all the way across. It held the living room and kitchen area. The only real eating area was a few stools at the island of the kitchen. Across the back of the room was four doors.
Lindley made her way to the far right door at the back of the kitchen.
Spencer’s curiosity got him and he followed. It was the wash room.
Lindley pulled a large zipper bag off of a shelf over the washer and dryer. She opened it and pulled Katie’s uniform skirts out of Katie’s bag throwing them inside. “Do you have anything in your bag that you normally dry clean?”
“Just my pants and a sweater, but I haven’t worn the sweater. It can wait.”
“Your pants should be able to fit in here with her skirts. This is a lot cheaper and works just as well as dry cleaning.”
“I can get them dry cleaned. It’s not a problem.”
“You’re probably going to be here late and do you have another bag ready for tomorrow, if you get a case.”
“No I don’t,” he said opening the bag and pulling out his pants, handing them to her.
She threw them in the bag and a small sheet that looked like a dryer sheet. Then she zipped the bag and tossed it into the dryer before starting it. Once that was running, she turned back to him. “I’ll let you put your under things in the washer and when your done, I’ll add what I can of ours.”
He opened his bag again and pulled everything but his dress shirts out and put them in the washer.
She then filled it with what she could, threw in detergent and started it. Then she left the bags where they sat and went to the fridge. “Do you want something to drink? I’ve got water, Soda and Orange Juice. I’ve got to go get a few groceries.”
“Water is fine.”
She pulled out two bottles of water and then went to the couch sitting on one end offering him a bottle as she went. He took the bottle and then sat on the other end of the couch.
He finally started the conversation that really needed to happen. “What do you want to happen now?”
“What exactly do you mean by that?”
“Not what you think by your tone.”
“All I want is for her to have a real relationship with her father. I don’t need anything from you. We’ve done ok so far on our own. I want her to have what I never had.”
“What do you mean?”
“I mean, the only time I ever felt truly wanted and loved was when we had big family dinners with the whole family. My grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins always made me feel welcome and loved. At home, my adoptive parents gave me anything and everything I always wanted. It really felt more like they were just fulfilling an obligation to have at least one kid. They did whatever to keep me out of their hair. I was never really happy there. The only times in my life I have ever really felt wanted or loved was that summer with you and with Fran.”
“I’m sorry. I don’t want that for her either. I do want her.”
“That’s all I want.”
“What about us?”
“I think we need to focus on her for now. This is a major change in all of our lives. I’ve also recently found my birth father. Right now my main focus is her and building the same relationship with my father that I want for her.”
“I can understand that. l never really had my dad either. I’m not sure how to do this.”
“I don’t think any of us really know what to do at first.”
“Maybe not, but you’ve got fifteen years experience now. I’ve had four days.”
“You’ve done ok so far. It just takes time.”
“And a lot of adjusting.”
“That too.”
They talked for a while longer before the dryer buzzed announcing that it was done. Lindley got up and went to the laundry room. She pulled the bag out and put in where she had been sitting. Then went back and pulled the clothes out of the washer and put them in the dryer getting it started. Then she threw Katie’s uniform shirts in the washer and grabbed her ironing board and iron taking them to the living room. “Do you have any shirts that need to go in?”
“Yes,” he answered going and pulling his shirts out and putting them in the washer.
Lindley came back and put the detergent in and grabbed several hangers as she started the washer.
When she got back to the living room she opened the bag and took out one of Katie’s skirts and started ironing it as they started talking again. When she finished a skirt she would put it on a hanger and hang it over the second door she opened. He couldn’t help but look in the door. It was definitely Katie’s room, bright colorful and a little messy.
She noticed him looking. “She’s going to have to clean that when she gets home.”
“Is it always like that?”
“Not really. I make her keep it pretty clean. But, we’ve been a little scattered getting settled in”
He nodded. “Which one is the bathroom?”
She pointed to the next door. “That one. The far left is my room.”
He nodded again and got up going to the bathroom.
When he came out she was ironing his pants. “You don’t have to do that.”
“When are you going to find the time to do it?”
“I’d probably just send them to the cleaners and have them pressed.”
“And I can do it for free, while we talk and it’s keeping me busy.”
“I can pay for her dry cleaning. Anything she needs really.”
“I thank you for that, but as far as her dry cleaning goes. I don’t see the sense in spending all that money when I can do it with this home kit that’s an eighth of the price at the grocery store.”
“If she needs anything, please let me know. You don’t have to do it alone now.”
“Thank you. I will.”
Both of their phones beeped with a message then. Spencer picked up his phone to check it. “It’s the same message to both of us. Derek wants to know if we need him to pick her up from school.”
“If he could that would be nice.”
“I’ll tell him,” he said typing out a quick ‘Yes’
They continued talking until the door opened and Katie came in.

Once Katie was home, Lindley let them talk and concentrated on the laundry and eventually fixed dinner. Once dinner was ready, the three of them sat and ate. After dinner Katie rinsed the dishes with Spencer and put them in the dishwasher.
After a few hours, Katie got up and went to take her shower and get ready for bed, leaving Lindley and Spencer to talk again. After Katie had gone to bed they continued talking until they were both yawning. “It’s getting late, I better go.”
“It is late. But I know you don’t like driving at night. Why don’t you stay here? You can take my room and I’ll sleep out here on the couch.”
“Thank you for the offer, but I can’t let you sleep on the couch. I can sleep out here.”
“No you aren’t. You are far too tall to sleep comfortably on that couch. You have to work tomorrow. I’ll be here, working on school and working from home.”
“Are you sure?”
“Yes. I can reset during the day if I need to. Go. Take a shower and take my room. I’ll get some pjs out while you are in the shower.”
“Thank you, again.”
“No problem. Thank you for sticking around.”
“I don’t want to be anywhere else,” he said before leaving the room and taking his shower, eventually going to bed only to dream of her.

The next morning, Spencer woke to bacon frying. He got up and followed the smell to the kitchen. “Morning. Sorry I don’t have coffee. But there is a Soda for some caffeine to tide you over.”
“Thank you,” he said going to grab one. “Who doesn’t have any coffee in their home?”
“We don’t. I don’t drink it and if I let her she’d never drink anything else. Another piece of you. I’ve got to go wake her up.”
“I can watch the bacon.”
She handed over the spatula and went to Katie’s room, coming back just a few minutes later and taking the spatula back. “Why don’t you go on and get dressed. This will be done by the time you are dressed.”
He left then and got dressed coming back to find Katie setting the island with plates silverware and glasses of juice. They ate in silence with Katie finishing first. She got up and put her dishes in the sink before running to the bathroom.
Spencer watched her leaving. “I can take her to school, on my way to work, so you don’t have to leave and can get to work sooner.”
“Thank you. I appreciate that. And, I know she will to.”
Katie then came out and went to her room to get her things together for school.
Spencer got up and took his dishes to the sink before going to the bathroom to finish getting ready. He came out to Lindley zipping up his go bag. “All your clothes are washed dried and ironed. I tried to fold everything so that hopefully they won’t wrinkle too much.”
“Thank you,” he said grabbing the bag and his messenger bag.
“Katie come on. It’s time to go.”
Katie came out of her room. “Please tell me you are not taking me to school like that, mom.”
Lindley and Spencer laughed. “Actually, I’m taking you to school this morning.”
“Ok. Bye mom. Love you.”
“Bye, baby. Love you too. Have a good day.”
“I will see you this afternoon,” Katie called out as she headed out the door towards Spencer’s car.
“Bye. I’ll talk to you later,” Spencer said following Katie.

Spencer took Katie to school and then made his way to work, getting there still early enough that only Hotch was in the office. He didn’t even stop at his desk before going up to Hotch’s office and knocking.
“Reid,” Hotch said looking up.
“Can I talk to you a minute?”
“Of course. Come in.”
Spencer came in and shut the door behind himself. Then went and sat across from Hotch at his desk. “I know you have questions.”
“I do, but I can wait until you are ready, if I have to.”
“You need to know.”
“Does this have anything to do with why you had to stay here for the last case and put in for the week of your birthday off.”
“You know it does.”
“How much did Rossi tell you about Lindley?”
“His sister and brother-in-law adopted her as an infant. Things were fine until she basically disappeared at seventeen. They told the family that she had gone away to finish school, but they never saw or heard from her again. At fifteen, she blew out her knee at soccer camp with JJ. At sixteen, she worked an internship at Emily’s mother’s office. At seventeen she went to look at schools in California. Shortly thereafter, is when she disappeared. He recently ran into her at the grocery store and found out what really happened. She ran away to avoid an abortion, when they found out she was pregnant. She somehow ended up living with Morgan’s mother. Morgan sees her as a third sister. Her daughter is fifteen and finishing high school on a scholarship at one of the top schools in the area. And she is now trying to go to school herself.”
“I met her in the library of Caltech when we were both seventeen. We spent every day together for the rest of that summer. Then she got on that plane and went back to New Jersey. We wrote letters for a few months, but then I never heard from her again, until I went to Rossi’s to pick up that case file. Katie is my daughter.”
“Are you sure? Have you had a DNA test?”
“I don’t need one, but I am sure,” he said pulling the picture Lindley had given him out and sliding it across the desk to Hotch. “And if that’s not enough proof. She has my brain. She was tested. Her IQ is one eighty. She can read fifteen thousand words a minute. And, her memory is borderline between eidetic and photographic.”
Hotch took the picture looking at it. “She is definitely a softer more feminine version of you with a little Lindley mixed in.”
“Talk to her for five minutes. She’s more well rounded and not as awkward, but she’s more me.”
“I cant’ wait to meet her.”
“I’m not ready to tell the girls yet. I need more time to adjust.”
“I understand that. It is a big change. If you need more time, you have it built up.”
“Thank you, but she has school. I need to time my time off when she’s out of school.”
“And your birthday?”
“She asked if she could spend it with me. I can’t tell her no. We are letting her skip one day of
school. The rest of the week, I’ll spend trying to get to know Lindley again. I would only take one day, but I know it won’t be guaranteed unless I take the whole week due to cases.”
“I see your point. Is there any other time you would like to take?”
“Her Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays would be nice.”
“I’ll get the paperwork started. Is there anything else you need to discuss?”
“I think I’ve said enough for now.”
“Ok. If you ever need to talk, I’m here.”
“I know. Rossi and Morgan said the same thing, but they are a little close to the situation.”
“True. I’m here.”
“Thank you, but for now. I have several files I need to consult on. And I need coffee. They don’t have a coffee pot.”
“Lindley and Katie?”
“Yes. Who doesn’t have a coffee pot?”
Hotch laughed. “What were you doing at their house this early?”
“We were talking rather late last night. I ended up staying there. At least I got to take Katie to school this morning.”
Hotch just looked at him raising his eyebrow.
“I didn’t stay in the same room as either of them.”
“Ok, I’m not judging. But you do need to go work on those files.”
Spencer got up and left then dropping his messenger bag at his desk on his way to the break room to get his coffee.

“Hey pretty boy. How was the rest of your day?” Derek said coming into the break room to get himself a cup of coffee too.
“Ok. We talked for a long time.”
“And what? We talked. We agreed to focus on Katie and making this adjustment for all of us as smoothly as possible.”
“And what about you and Lin?”
“For now we are focusing on Katie and taking it day by day. Eventually, we might think about there being an us, but for now Katie is our priority.”
“I get that. I gave my realtor you bid. I should hear back from her soon.”
“I can go higher if I need to. I really want that house.”
“Ok. I’ll let you know what she says.”
Spencer nodded. “We need to get to work now though.”
“Yeah. If I hear from her today, I’ll let you know,” Morgan said as they both took their cups and went to their desks.

Chapter Text

By the end of the day, Spencer wanted nothing more than to leave and go see Katie. But Derek had other plans, as soon as they all started gathering their things, Derek was at his desk. "Come on Pretty boy. You're coming with me this evening."
"Because I have something I want to talk to you about. Let's go."
Spencer rolled his eyes and followed them all out. He waited until they were in Derek's truck to ask. "Ok. What's this really about?"
"I know where you were headed, and I don't blame you. But give them one afternoon to themselves. And the realtor called. We're going to see her. Your offer was accepted. You have a few more papers to sign to really get the ball rolling."
Spencer smiled. "I really got the house."
"You got the house. It's going to be a while until it's inhabitable, but you have a house. Or you will as soon as you close."
"Thank you. I need to call and let Katie know I can't come see her this evening."
"I'll call her. You go on in and talk to the realtor," Derek said pulling out his phone as he parked in front of the realtor's office.
Spencer got out of the truck and went inside.

Derek called Lindley. "Hey sis," he started when she answered.
"Hey D. What's going on?"
"Nothing really. I know you probably wanted at least one day to really be able to check in with the princess so. I'm keeping Spencer busy this evening."
"You didn't have to do that. I could have waited until you had a case. But Thank you."
"I know you could, but if we don't get a case for a while, you need this day. I know him. He'll be around a lot. Probably more than he's at work."
"I can understand that and why. I'll get used to sleeping on the couch."
"It was late when he started to leave. Late enough that I asked him to stay. I gave him my room and slept on the couch. He's too tall to sleep on the couch."
"Ok. Did not know that. Do I need to get you a sleeper sofa? You would be more comfortable."
"No. You don't need to do anything else. You've done enough letting us stay in this house."
"Alright but if you change your mind. I'll get you whatever you need. I know it's hard to start over."
"It is, but we're ok. Just so the car doesn't break down."
"How many miles are on it now?"
"Almost two hundred thousand. I've started trying to save a little bit for another one. Just hoping it holds out a while longer."
"Again. I'll help if you need it."
"I know you will, but I need to do this as much as I can on my own."
"Ok. You know where to find me. I better go though. See you later, sis."
"See you later," she said as they hung up. She pocketed her phone, turning to Katie, "Uncle D has kidnapped your dad this evening so it's just you and me."
"Ok. I'll miss him, but we haven't really been able to talk yet."
"No we haven't. How are you feeling about all this?"
"Ok. It's a little weird, but not bad weird."
"I can understand that."
"I mean, it's always been just the two of us with Nana, Aunt Sarah, and Aunt Des when we needed them and occasionally Uncle D. But pretty much we've been a house of girls. Now, I can call Nana and my Aunts anytime, but they are hours away and Uncle D is around more. Then we find Uncle Dave and now Dad. Our support system went from entirely women to entirely men. It's completely different."
"It is, but they love us just as much. And even though he's across the country, my birth father wants to have a more active part in our lives too. He can't wait to meet you. And who knows, maybe our support system will grow and be more integrated soon. I met some of Uncle D's coworkers and they are already planning on including me in their next girls night, and my dad said that his sister lives here and even works for the FBI too. I believe we are safer here than we ever were in Chicago. Especially since all of our support system work for the FBI."
"I know. It's crazy."
"Do you have any concerns about your dad being here now?"
"I think, just that I'm going to wake up and it's all going to have been a dream. Or that he'll go on a case and not come back."
"It's not a dream. And He's not going to disappear. Now for the case thing. It's possible, but he and his whole team try to stay as safe as possible. He will do anything in his power to always make it home to you."
"What about you mom?"
"For now, we are focusing on you. Maybe eventually, we can see if we can find what we had then again, but for now it's all about you."
"But for Dad's birthday, we can have somewhat of a family day."
"What do you want to do?"
"I thought about pumpkin muffins for breakfast. Then go spend the day at Colonial Williamsburg. It's historical and seems like it would be fun."
"You discuss that with him and see what he thinks."
"Have you talked to him about Thanksgiving yet?"
"No. I wasn't sure how to bring it up yet. I will. I promise."
"It's been a little crazy lately. And we have time. Then we have to figure out Christmas."
"That's really not going to be fun to figure out. My dad wants us to go to California. Nana wants us to go to Chicago. Uncle Dave wants us here and we have to include your dad too. It's going to be a bit of a circus."
"Yeah. We've never had this much going on at the holidays."
"No, but it's nice to have more family around than we ever had before. How's school going?"
"Ok. I can't wait for drama practice to really start. Today we just went over the play we will be doing and setting the rules for tryouts."
"What are you going to be practicing?"
"Well for Christmas, we are doing a Christmas Carol. Tryouts are Thursday."
"What part are you trying out for?"
"The tryouts are really more of a reading for all parts. Then they decide who fits which role better."
"Well, whatever role you get, I'm sure you will be great in."
"I think I'll be ok, even if I don't get a big part. It might be fun to work with costumes and sets too."
"Just so you are happy with whatever you do."
"I will be. What's for supper?"
"I'm not sure. What would you like?"
"What about going old school? Grilled cheese sandwiches and chips."
"We have it. I've got to go buy groceries tomorrow."
"What about a movie while we eat?"
"What do you want to watch?"
"Well since we are going old school for food. Why not go for another old favorite, Anne of Avonlea. I watched Green Gables the other week."
"No problem. Go on and get it started and I'll get started on dinner."

While Katie and Lindley were talking, Derek started his own conversation with Spencer as soon as Spencer got back in the truck. "You spent the night with my sister last night?"
Spencer looked at him like a deer in headlights, "It's not what you're thinking!"
Derek couldn't help himself any longer and burst out laughing. "I know what it was. She told me. It was late. I know you don't like driving at night. And I know coming from close to ghetto apartments in Chicago, she wasn't comfortable with you leaving that late either. I get it."
"I offered to sleep on the couch. She wouldn't let me. All of the points she made made too much sense."
"She's pretty stubborn. She can make anything sound like too much sense. But, I'm sure in this instance she was probably right. Did you have another bag ready in your car, in case we got another case?"
"No. She offered to wash my stuff with theirs. It was again practical, but a little weird."
"I can get that too. You've barely had time to get used to her being there, and your dirty clothes were in the same washer with her dirty clothes. Normally, a person is almost completely committed to another before that happens."
"I am committed to this. It's just seems a little early in all this for that."
"I get that, but you are not committed to you and Lindley being a real thing yet. That's why it's early. Have you discussed the upcoming holidays yet?"
"No. I know we need to, but I'm a little afraid they won't want me there. It's been just the two of them for this long."
"They will want you there. I know Lin. She will not try to keep you and Katie apart unless you give her reason to. And the only thing you could do to do that would be to repeat the few months after Georgia. And I know you won't do that. You would loose more than just them."
"You know this is the first since then, I haven't felt a craving. With everything we see and do, I always feel a little twinge of a pull, but since you walked thru Dave's door, with her, not once. I can't loose them."
"You won't. What about the house?"
"We'll close in about a month. Gives me time to get the rest money transferred, and get a contractor lined up hopefully. They did go on and give me a key to the back door, so I can walk thru it with a contractor."
"The rest of the money?"
"I put a third of it down today. Since it's a cash deal the thirty days is really just a formality. My bank faxed over a guarantee for the rest of the money. It should be transferred from my Vegas bank here in about two weeks. That much takes time to clear all channels."
"Want me to be there with the contractor walk throughs just to make sure they aren't screwing you over, since I know reno costs."
"If you want to. I'll call a few tomorrow and start getting them set up."
"Just let me know when. Want a burger, before I take you back to your car or home?"
"Sure. I guess you can take me back to my car so I can drive in tomorrow. I want to go see Katie tomorrow, if we don't get a case."
"Tell you what. It's getting late, I'll take you home and pick you up in the morning."
"I guess that would work too. Thanks. But, Burgers are on me. I'm buying a house. I want to celebrate a little."
"Just a little?"
"Well, it's not completed yet and I really want to keep it secret until it's been redone and I'm ready to move."
"If that's what you want. You keeping it from Katie and Lin too."
"Yes. For now anyway."
"Ok. It's all going to work out. Eventually. It's just going to take some time."
"I know. But I'm not going anywhere. Except the new house once it's done."
Derek just laughed and drove them to Spencer's favorite diner for the promised burgers.

Chapter Text

Wednesday, as soon as Derek and Spencer walked into work, they knew something was up. Hotch and Dave were on the catwalk waiting for everyone to come in. Spencer put his messenger bag on his desk and Derek took his jacket off and put it over the back of his chair, before they both turned to Dave and Hotch. “As soon as everyone is here, we’ll meet in the conference room,” Hotch said.
Spencer and Derek looked at each other before they both went to the break room and got themselves a cup of coffee each. They came back just as JJ and Emily were getting off of the elevator and instead of going to their desks, they went strait to the conference room. Penelope was already there getting their tablets set out and Spencer’s paper file ready.
“It’s local at least,” she said as they sat down.
The rest of the team filtered in soon and they began to go over the current case.
“Ok since this is local, hopefully we can get this guy soon, but if we don’t get him today, we are going to take shifts staying late. We’re going to need rest to stay sharp and get this one. JJ, Reid and I will go home tonight by nine to get some rest. Dave, Morgan, Emily if it’s needed, you get the first late shift and we’ll switch tomorrow. For now let’s see what else we can find out. “Reid you and Dave go to the ME. JJ, Morgan our first victims family is waiting for you to interview them. Emily and I are going to the first crime scene,” Hotch said.
They all went to their assigned tasks. Spencer had called Lindley when he and Dave were on their way to the ME and asked her to stay aware of her surroundings. She didn’t fit the unsubs victim type, but he had seen too many change their type just to throw off the investigators. “How are things going?” Dave asked when Spencer got off the phone.
“I think they are ok. It’s strange, but amazing. Katie is so much more well rounded than I was at her age. I just can’t help but hate that I missed so much.”
“But you don’t have to miss anything else. You know you have more than enough time to take off. And with this job, it’s not unheard of to take an extended sabbatical for your mental health.”
“I know. I may do that next summer. I just want to see what happens first. I’m taking my birthday week off and her Thanksgiving and Christmas breaks. I don’t know what their plans are but, I’m hoping they will allow me to be included.”
“They will. Talk to Lin about it tonight, if you have a a little time without Katie to talk to Lin.”
“I will. I try to spend all the time I can with Katie, but Lin and I have only really had one day to talk. We need to talk some more, but when Katie is there, she is my main focus.”
“I get that too. Derek can continue his pizza or burger nights with her so you and Lin can have time to talk. Or she can come to my house any time. She loves my pool.”
“She does, but soon it will be too cool for the pool.”
“Unfortunately yes.”
“I’m going to make sure my pool is heated.”
“Your pool?”
Spencer huffed out a slight laugh at himself for the slip. “I’m buying a house. It will be a while before I can move into it. It has to be completely renovated. And I’m putting in a pool in the back, for her.”
“And Lin?”
“I’m not sure what will happen there yet. I told Morgan. I want the three of us together in the house, but it’s way too soon to assume that it will be possible.”
“All of you deserve the best. If that is what all of you want, it will happen. I can’t wait to see the house you bought.”
“Only you and Morgan know about it. I don’t want anyone else to know about it or anyone else to see it until, it’s finished.”
“Ok. It’s your news to tell. Just like Katie. We are not saying anything until you are ready.”
“Thank you. I told Hotch yesterday. I knew he needed to know.”
“You take whatever time you need before telling the girls. Once Garcia, especially, finds out about her it will be harder for you to find time with just them. Garcia is going to be going full on fairy godmother.”
Spencer laughed. “I just hope the new house is big enough for Garcia’s shopping sprees.”
“I don’t the house exists that can hold all of Garcia’s shopping sprees when she really gets going.”
They both laughed at that as they pulled into the ME’s parking lot. From then on the rest of the trip was all business.

Lindley waited until Katie was getting out of school to go get her groceries after her call from Spencer. They went and bought groceries and a few other essentials, then got home locking up and staying inside.
It was just past ten that night when there was a knock at their door. Katie had already gone to bed and Lindley was finishing up the last little bit of a chapter she was editing for work. She peaked out of the curtains to see if she could tell who it was by the car. As soon as she saw the old volvo in the driveway, she unlocked the door and let him in.
“You didn’t ask who was here.”
“I looked thru the curtains. I knew the car. I highly doubt there are many of those around.”
He lightly chuckled.
“Katie is asleep. But I wanted to give you something and you are welcome to stay here.”
“Thank you. We haven’t caught this person yet. I don’t really want you two here alone at night.”
“Thank you for your concern, but Derek has taught me to shoot. There is a gun hidden under the couch yet easy to get to.”
“That makes me feel slightly better. But until this person is caught, I’d like...”
“You can stay anytime you would like to. And if you can’t, Derek would or we can go to Uncle Dave’s. In an absolute emergency we could go to California to my birth father’s.”
“I’ll stay on the couch. I don’t want you out here in the open close to the door. And your windows are a higher grade glass than normal windows. Thank Derek for that. They lock better and are much harder to break.”
“Whatever puts you more at ease. And on that note. I think you need this,” she said going to her purse and pulling out a key. “I had this made for you today. So you don’t have to knock every time. I know it may seem a little early, but I’m not keeping her from you and you said yourself you don’t have room at your place. It may be a little cramped here on the couch, but you are welcome here any time you want to be here day or night.”
He was floored. It had only been a week, and he was amazed at the trust she was already putting in him after all this time. “Thank you,” he managed to get out before he couldn’t talk thru the knot in his throat.
“Are you hungry? I can heat up our leftovers for you. I made enough anyway, just in case you were able to come earlier.”
“I would like that. We haven’t really stopped to eat today.”
She nodded and turned going to the fridge. She pulled out a container and a plate and emptied the container’s contents on the plate before popping it in the microwave.
Once the microwave beeped and food was heated she pulled it out of the microwave and took it to the island handing it to him as he sat on one of the stools. She opened a drawer and pulled out a fork for him. He had gone to the fridge and pulled out a couple cans of soda. He sat one down and handed her the other. “I know it’s getting late, but since she’s asleep, can we talk for a few minutes?”
“What would you like to talk about?”
“I know you take a few classes and work from home but I was a little curious what your daily schedule is like?”
“I only have one class I go to on occasion. Even that class is mostly online. I just have to go to the actual class once a month to check in personally with my professor. It’s been a bit of a life saver. I can keep the house clean and get more done around here while working if I’m actually here and not driving between work and class.”
He nodded while he chewed to clear his mouth before his next question. “Dave brought up the holidays today. What plans do you have so far for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and my birthday? I only include my birthday because Katie said she would like to spend the day with me and I know we have agreed to let her skip the one day, I was just curious.”
“I should let her discuss her plans with you, but since you have a case and it’s going to be late nights until it’s solved. She asked if we could have a ‘family’ day at Colonial Williamsburg. I told her that was up to you and her. Our original plans for Thanksgiving were to go back to Chicago with Derek to see Fran and the girls. She wants to see her friends there again. I talked to Fran this morning after you called. She asked that we ask you to come with us, if you want to. If you would rather us stay here, I understand that and won’t fight it.”
“I’m fine with her plans for my birthday. And for Thanksgiving, as long as I get to spend it with both of you, I don’t care where we spend it. What about Halloween and Christmas?”
“Halloween we haven’t ever done much. When she was little, I would dress her up in something I made and just take her to Fran’s. Since she’s grown out of the dressing up and trick or treating stage, we’ve just popped popcorn and watched a movie. Nothing really scary, but suspenseful. Neither of us like anything scary. And she’s very logical, she finds all of the errors and points them out. As for Christmas, I’m not sure yet. My birth father wants us to go see him in California. He’s offered to pay for our plane tickets. Fran wants us in Chicago. Dave wants us here. I don’t know what to do.”
“There’s a farm that holds a pumpkin patch and maze thru Halloween. There is a haunted house on the grounds, I normally go thru it, but don’t have to. Would you like to go with me for Halloween instead of a movie. We don’t have to thru the haunted house.”
“I’ll ask her if she wants to.”
“How long does she have out of school for Christmas?”
“Two weeks and a half. She gets out early the Friday before and doesn’t go back until the fourth.”
“I could pay the airfare and hotels we do it all and go to Vegas. I would like for my mom to meet both of you.”
“I can’t ask you to do that?”
“I’m offering. You don’t have to ask.”
“How would we fit all of it in?”
“Obviously we can’t fit it all in, in one day. But over two and a half weeks we can see everyone. We could leave on the Sunday after she gets out of school and first go to California. Leave there on Tuesday evening. Go to Vegas and see my mom Wednesday and Thursday. Fly to Chicago Friday morning. We would get to Chicago by lunch and spend Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with the Morgan’s as you always have, I’m assuming. So, that will be somewhat normal. Then leave Chicago on Sunday morning getting back here to spend a few days with Dave and get some rest. We could spend a few more days in each place if you want to. If we stayed in California unitl Thursday we could go straight to Chicago for Christmas Eve and Christmas day. Then go to Vegas on Monday. My mom isn’t up to a lot of long visits so we could leave there on Wednesday and be back to spend the end of the year with Dave and ring in the New Year here.”
“I’ll think about it. And see what Katie says. I’ll have to see if any of that would be ok with my father, Fran and Dave too.”
“Ok. Don’t worry about costs. I’m paying for it all. If your father insists on paying your airfare that’s fine, but I’m paying for mine to California. But it’s getting late. We can talk more about it later, after you check with them. Go on to bed. I’ll clean up after myself and make myself comfortable on the couch.”
“Are you sure. That couch is a little short for you.”
“I’ll be fine. I’ve slept on worse. I have to be back at the office by 7 so I’ll be leaving early anyway. Go. I’ll call and check in with you tomorrow.”
“Ok. There is a pillow and blankets in the box we use as a coffee table. Goodnight.”
“Goodnight,” he said finishing his dinner and rinsing the dishes off before putting them in the dishwasher. Then he made himself as comfortable as possible on the couch, which surprisingly was more comfortable than he thought it would be. He set an alarm on his phone before finally managing to go to sleep.

He was woken slightly before his alarm went off, by a noise in the kitchen. He slowly turned and peaked over the back of the couch. Lindley was already awake and it looked like she was fixing breakfast.
“Sorry, I was trying to be a little quieter. You need something to eat before you leave,” she whispered.
“You don’t have to do this,” he said getting up.
“I know I don’t, but I don’t want to send you off on an empty stomach and then you forget to eat lunch again. How do you want your eggs?”
“Over easy please.”
“Ok. I have sausage cooking. This will be ready soon.”
“Thank you,” he said standing and making his way to the bathroom first. He came out just as she was putting the food on a plate. He sat at the island and ate before gathering his things and quietly leaving as Lindley went to start trying to get Katie up for school.

They found their unsub on Sunday finally, only to be called away for a case on Monday. The next several weeks seemed to be the busiest the team had experienced in a while, even having to leave one case within five hours of catching the unsub to find another. Spencer eventually bought himself a tablet while away, just so he could video chat with Katie in the evenings at their hotels. He couldn’t wait until his birthday week so he could spend as much time with Katie and Lindley as possible.

Chapter Text

Spencer quietly entered Lindley and Katie's house just after midnight the Monday his week off began. He was supposed to have started his week off on Friday but unsubs don't seem to care about scheduled time off. He was as quiet as possible pulling out a pillow and a blanket to sleep on the couch. He went to the bathroom and quickly changed before going to the couch and passing out.

Lindley woke up at her normal time to get Katie up and out to school. She was a little startled when she found him on the couch but should have expected it. He had called before they went to bed to say the team was about to head home.
It was her turn to try to be quiet. Being as quiet as she could, Lindley managed to get a can of Cinnamon Rolls in the oven, get sausage frying and get his coffee started before he woke up.
Katie was up and in the bathroom, when he woke up. He rubbed his eyes and looked round. "Good Morning," Lindley said as he sat up.
He turned to her, "Good Morning."
"Your coffee should be ready in just a few minutes."
"Thank you, what time is it?"
"Six Thirty."
He nodded and stood, when Katie came out of the bathroom to go back to her room to finish getting ready. When he came out of the bathroom, Lindley was just getting breakfast on the island. The three of them sat and ate their breakfast. They were finishing up when Spencer spoke up, "I can take Katie to school. I have several meetings today. And I can take her on my way to the first one. I should be done by the time school is out too so I can pick her up."
"Please, mom."
"It's fine with me. It would actually help me out a bit. I have a lot to get done today so I can take tomorrow off."
"Yes!" Katie said getting up and putting her dishes in the sink, before going back to her room to finish getting ready.
Lindley laughed, "Well if you are taking her you need to get around too. It's seven fifteen."
His eyebrows rose and he got up taking his dishes to the sink while throwing the last bite of his breakfast in his mouth. While they were finishing getting ready, Lindley cleaned up the kitchen. They were out the door and gone for the day by seven thirty.

As soon as the kitchen was cleaned up, Lindley plugged her laptop in so it would charge while she made another mess in the kitchen. When she got her cake in the oven she cleaned again and while waiting she turned her laptop on. She got the kitchen cleaned up again and was just sitting down to work on her laptop when her phone rang. Seeing that it was Desirae, she smiled and answered. "Hey lady. How's Chicago?"
"Girlfriend. We miss you! I can't have a real open girl talk conversation."
"I miss you too. I can't either. I don't think Derek would like those conversations," she said laughing.
"No he wouldn't. Not that he doesn't talk just as bad if not worse. Anyway, how are things going there? Are you and the good Doctor dating yet?"
"Things are ok, but no we are not. He's here a lot, but it's all about Katie. We only get to talk a little bit after Katie goes to bed. We want her to be comfortable before we consider anything between us."
"I get that, but I'm ready to hear some juicy stuff from you. It's always me oversharing. I'm ready for the tables to turn."
"Well you'll have to wait a while longer. We still have to really decide what we're doing for the holidays."
"Bring him here with you. We haven't seen him in years and we really want to see the two of them together. I still can't believe the nerdy doc is her dad. You could have told me Derek was her dad and I would have believed it. But, him... It's very hard to believe, remembering him the first time we met him."
"If he looked anything like he did when I met him, I get that."
"He slicked his hair down and had Buddy Holly glasses. He wore chinos, a button down and an old man jacket, complete with elbow patches. He was shy and had no clue on social cues."
"Sounds like him. When I met him at Caltech he had slicked down hair, chinos and polos all the time. But there was something about him. He's changed a lot though. The chinos and button downs fit a lot better than they used to and are a little more up to date. Much nicer jackets and sweaters. And the hair...GIRL. He quit slicking it down. Now it's soft and loose. I just want to run my fingers thru it."
"I hear a little longing in there."
"It's a little crazy. I always thought that after all this time it would be too different and that we would have changed to much, but... I fell in love with him at seventeen and even after sixteen years apart. I still love him, maybe more than I did then. And Mornings like this morning really cement that."
"Oh really, what happened this morning?"
"OMG, girl... I got up and he was asleep on the couch. When he got up..."
"Wait. He was sleeping on your couch?"
"Yes. I gave him a key. I don't want him to ever think I am restricting his access to her. He comes over any time he can. He'll come in after cases. Sometimes it's really late or in the wee hours of the morning and will crash on the couch. He's come in a few times before we went to bed and I try to make him take my bed and sleep on the couch myself. When he hasn't seen her in a few days, he stays so he can take her to school in the mornings."
"Ok. I get that. So back to this morning, what happened?"
"So like I said, he was asleep on the couch. I started getting breakfast together and tried to be as quiet as possible. He eventually woke up and oh the bedhead was hot. Then he stood up and stretched. It wasn't much, but his shirt rose up showing a little ab. Girl, he is a lot more toned than he used to be."
"I never would have thought that."
"I don't know how I'm going to get thru this week. I have a feeling he's going to be here a lot."
"Why just this week?"
"He took the week off so he can spend his birthday with Katie. You know how crazy their schedules are It's hard to take one day and be assured of having it off. So he took the whole week."
"So when is his birthday?"
"Tomorrow. He let Katie plan the whole day. We are having a family day at Colonial Williamsburg. I made him a cake for tomorrow evening. I've got it cooling now. I'll have to put it together in a little bit."
"I wish, I was there. I want cake."
"I'm going to put it in the freezer once I get it iced and put together. That way they won't be able to sneak pieces of it. I want to have it for dinner when we get home."
"Well, I better let you get back to your cake and work, even though I don't get any."
"I'll make one for Thanksgiving, if we get to come. But I do have to go. I'll call you later in the week."
"You better. I want to hear how tomorrow goes."
"I'll let you know, but I really need to get to work now."
"See you later, sis."
"Love you all. Miss you so much."
They hung up and Lindley worked for a couple hours before, taking a break and finished the cake and got it put up. Then got back to work and got lost in her work.

Spencer dropped Katie off at school and went to his first appointment. This appointment had been postponed due to cases, but it was finally here. He went got all of the papers signed and handed over final payment. He had a house. After closing on the house, he went to the hardware store and picked up some new locks for the house. He would get nicer ones later, but while it was being renovated, these would work. He spent the rest of the day meeting with three contractors going thru the house and detailing everything he wanted done. In the few minutes he had to himself between contractors, he couldn't help but imagine the day he would get to see Lindley in this house the way she had been this morning and was most mornings. She was so natural first thing in the morning it took his breath away. She would pull her hair up into a messy bun while she cooked and wore sleep shorts and a tank top with a sports bra while staying barefoot. He trying to figure out how to get to spend time with just her so they could start to work on them. Katie was adjusting well to him being in their lives and he really wanted to see if he could find what he had had with Lindley when they were seventeen. He was ready to start a new chapter in his life and this house was going to be the perfect way to start.
By the time he was finished with the last walk thru he was exhausted. He locked up and went to pick up Katie. He thought about each contractor while he drove and he had already eliminated two. He had three more scheduled for later in the week, but if he had to choose between these three there was a definite winner. One had wanted to save him some money, which he did appreciate, but he wanted to do it by cutting corners and that wasn't going to happen. Another he felt would cut corners and still charge for the highest quality. The third listened and would offer suggestions and explain why, Spencer would either agree or explain why he didn't want it done the other way and the contractor would nod and they would go on to the next thing.

As soon as Katie was in the car, they headed back to the house. They got in and startled Lindley, who was so engrossed in her work, she jumped when they came thru the door. Katie laughed, "Mom it's just us, and it's four thirty, the time we normally come home."
"I've been working. I didn't realize how late it had gotten. Did you have a good day at school?"
"A little. Since I'll be out tomorrow, they gave me tomorrow's assignments. I have to turn them in on Wednesday."
"Well, I guess you better get started, since you won't have a lot of time to work on it until late tomorrow."
"I'm about to."
"And how were your meetings?" Lindley said turning to Spencer.
"Most were good. I got a lot done anyway."
"That's good. What would you like for supper? I need to make sure I have everything and don't need to run to the store."
"We could just order a pizza later. Then no one needs to go to the store."
"I can make whatever."
"I'm sure you can, but take an evening off. Katie has homework to work on. We could sit on the porch and talk for a little bit, until we eat or your dad calls. I'll pay for it. I know you have had to, but you work so hard. You need to take a break every now and again."
"Hello pot. I'm kettle."
He laughed. "I am taking a break. I have the whole week off."
"Ok. Fine. But, I get the couch tonight."
"Only tonight. I get the couch the rest of the week when I stay."
"You actually plan on going to your apartment this week," Lindley retorted with a smirk.
"I might. But probably not. I like being here with both of you."
Lindley grabbed a couple sodas out of the fridge, and they went outside to the porch sitting in the chairs that were set up facing the street with a small table between them. "We like having you here too," she finally replied.
"It's a little crazy, but my apartment has been home and my escape from everything I see on a daily basis for the last twelve years. I moved in right before I went to the academy. But the last month. It just feels empty and lonely. I feel more home here."
"It may be a little cramped here sometimes, but we want you to feel that way here."
"Thank you, for everything."
"I'm not sure what you mean, but you're welcome."
"I mean. You could have chosen the easy way and gone thru with the abortion your mom planned. Your life would have definitely been easier. But you didn't, you have done the best you could with her. And now, you could have taken her and left again when I walked thru that door, or you could have only let me see her when it was convenient for you. You didn't do that either. You have gone above and beyond to make sure I see here whenever I can. Thank you for all of it."
"You're welcome and Thank you too."
"For what? I haven't done anything."
"But you have. You're here. You're doing everything you can to make sure she knows you're here for her too. And when she walked thru that door, you could have grabbed her and taken her away from me. You haven't done that. You could be trying still to take her away from me for keeping from you all those years. But you aren't."
"That wouldn't be fair to her. You have been her only major support system all these years. I couldn't tear her away from all she's ever known."
"Thank you for that."
"You're welcome. So do we have a time table tomorrow?"
"Not really. She requested something for breakfast, which is a surprise, so don't ask. I believe we are supposed to head out as soon as we get around after breakfast, but no set time to leave. We'll spend the day following her and doing whatever you and she decide to do. I've debated making a picnic lunch for tomorrow."
"I'm not sure how long it will take, but there are restaurants in the area. I went once when I first moved out here, but It's been years and doing it alone won't be the same as going thru it all with the two of you."
"No it won't, I'm sure. Is there anything you would like for supper tomorrow night. It's your birthday, you get to choose."
"We could stop somewhere on the way back. There's this really good Indian restaurant between there and here."
"If that's what you want. I've never had Indian before."
"I really like it."
"What kind of pizza do you and Katie like? I can call it in."
"Hold that thought. Let me get my laptop. It's easier to just order it online," she said getting up and going inside to grab it asking what kind of pizza Katie wanted while she did.
They got the pizza ordered and when it was delivered, they went inside and ate before eventually all getting ready for bed and they all went to bed falling asleep immediately.

Chapter Text

Lindley woke up early and got Katie's specially requested pumpkin muffins mixed and in the oven. Then she got his coffee pot started. Katie was up and out before the muffins were done and helped get the drinks ready and the table set for breakfast. Spencer came out of the bedroom yawning. "Something smells good," he said.
"It's fall. Pumpkin time. And mom makes the absolute best Pumpkin muffins."
"Can't wait to try them."
"You're coffee is ready."
"Thank you," he said pulling a mug out of the cabinet.
Lindley slid the sugar jar towards him. He smiled his thanks as he filled his cup. Once he had filled the cup with coffee he added his sugar and then went to the table.
Katie had stuck a candle in a muffin she had put on his plate. She reached over and lit it with the lighter they kept around for candles. "Happy Birthday, Dad. Make a wish."
Spencer laughed, "I don't need to make a wish. I have just about everything I could ever begin to wish for. But for you...," he closed his eyes took a breath and then blew out his candle.
"What did you wish for?" Katie asked.
"Kat, he can't tell you that. If he does his wish won't come true."
"Don't worry, If it comes true, you will be the first to know," he said smiling back at Katie. "For now though, we better eat this breakfast your mom made us so we can start to enjoy the day."
Within an hour, they were all dressed and ready to go. Spencer and Katie, made their way outside as Lindley went to the freezer and pulled the cake she had baked out and put it on the counter to thaw while they were gone. Then she went outside. "Since I'm parked behind you we should take my car."
"Ok, but I have to get my car out tomorrow and at least drive around the neighborhood for a bit. If I don't drive it a little bit at least every other day, It won't start."
"No problem. I have another meeting tomorrow, I can take your car, if you want me to. I know you have a lot of work to get done before you can take time off for Thanksgiving."
"I have a little over a month to get every thing done, but It would help if you want to take my car."
"It's no problem. And I know you have a month, but you also don't like to work much on weekends, so you can spend most of your time with Katie."
"Thank you."
"No problem. Thank you for today."
Lindley smiled back, "No problem. Happy Birthday."
"Thank you. We better go. I think she's going to leave without us if we don't."
"Me maybe. Not you. She's waited to long to leave you behind," Lindley said walking towards the car.
Katie quickly opened the back door and got in.
"Don't you want to ride up front with your dad?" Lindley asked opening the door.
"No. You need to sit in the front," came her answer.
Spencer and Lindley shared a slightly surprised look over the top of the car before getting in. As soon as they were all strapped in, Spencer backed out of the driveway and drove them to their destination.

They spent the entire day exploring every inch of Colonial Williamsburg Spencer and Lindley following Katie enjoying her excitement over each piece of the village soaking it all up. She would spout off facts that she had learned when she researched the village before deciding to visit. Spencer would add to her facts and they would discuss it in depth, while Lindley just stood by and watched them interact. They stopped eventually and had a quick lunch, then went on a carriage ride around the village. When they went on the carriage ride and when they ate lunch, Katie insisted that she wanted to sit across from Lindley and Spencer so she could see them better, leaving Spencer and Lindley to sit beside each other. Each time, they shared a look, but it did make it easier for them to watch her and her excitement. They took a ton of pictures. Another visitor to the village, offered to take a few pictures of the three of them together. They didn't leave to head back until around four thirty that afternoon. They stopped at the Indian restaurant he wanted for dinner.

They got back to the house and Spencer parked in the street. "Why are you parking here?" Katie asked.
"I'm going to use your mom's car tomorrow."
"Why don't you wait and let me pull the car out of the carport. I'll make the block and you can pull into the carport and I'll pull in behind you," Lindley suggested.
"If you want me to."
"I'd rather that, than you leaving your car on the street. One of the neighbors down the street stays out late and comes home drunk sometimes. He's driven up on the sidewalk before. You're car is safer in the driveway."
"Ok," he said as Lindley got out of the car and went to move her car.
By the time she got back and pulled in behind him, Spencer and Katie were already in the house. They were both standing at the island staring at the cake when she walked into the house. "What's this?" Spencer asked turning to her.
"Happy Birthday. Every Birthday needs a cake."
"What kind did you make this year, mom?"
"Chocolate on Chocolate. I hope that's ok. I should have asked what you might want," she said looking back at Spencer.
"It's amazing. The only person that has ever baked a cake just for me before was Garcia, but she bakes all the time for everyone."
"I love, mom's cakes. My favorite is her German Chocolate."
"I can't wait to try it some day, but this is perfect today. Thank you."
"Can we cut it now?" Katie asked practically bouncing.
"We'll cut it whenever your dad is ready for it."
"Now is fine. Dinner has settled on the drive back," he said just as excited as Katie.
"I should have known. She gets her sweet tooth from you," Lindley said going to the kitchen and pulling out a knife, forks and plates.
She handed him the knife and let him cut it. He made the first cut and then handed her back the knife sighting that he had no idea how to properly cut a cake. She cut them each a slice putting them on plates with a fork and they all sat and ate it.
"This is delicious. Thank you again. Don't tell Garcia but this is better than hers."
"I won't say anything."
"Me either," Katie agreed.
After they finished their cake, Katie went to finish her homework and Lindley and Spencer washed the few dishes together and made sure the cake was covered before getting a drink and going out to the porch to talk, before the got ready for bed.
"Is it just me or was she trying to subtly play matchmaker all day?"
Lindley laughed. "I noticed it too. But right now it still has to be about her. I know, so far, she's adjusting well. But..."
"I understand it. I don't know if I'm adjusted enough yet either. This has been a big change for all of us."
"It has. We're all adjusting. I hope you've had a good Birthday, even though she planned it all. You could have let us pay for it. I've put some back just for today."
"I had a wonderful Birthday, but save your money. I just wanted to spend the day with her, and you, no matter how the day was spent. Do I really spout out facts like she does? I know I do at work, when it's relevant to our cases, but do I do it away from work too?"
"Sometimes, but I find it fascinating that you both hold all of that information in your heads. I know a lot of song lyrics, but you two remember everything. It's amazing to watch the way she soaks it all in and retains it in seconds."
"It's been normal for me, but to watch it is so different."

Inside, while Katie was working on her homework, she picked up the phone. "Uncle Dave, I need some help."
"What do you need?"
"Mom and Dad need to quit focusing on me and go on a date."
"Katidid, they are worried about you. They just want to make sure, you are adjusting to this. It's a huge change for you all."
"I know that. I'm fine though. I miss you and Uncle D. We haven't see much of you in the last month."
"I know. We miss you too, but we've been giving the three of you time to bond."
"I know, but I want to see you soon."
"I'll see what I can do. But give me some time and enjoy you time with your dad."
"I am. We had a great day today for his birthday."
"I'm glad. Where is he now?"
"I'm working on my homework, so he and mom are outside talking on the porch."
"Well get your homework done and let me worry about getting them a night out together."
"Ok. See you later, Uncle Dave."
"See you later, sweetheart."

The next morning, they had leftover muffins for breakfast and then Katie and Spencer were out the door. He dropped her off at school and then headed to the house to meet with more contractors. He met with more contractors. By the end of the last meeting he had made up his mind which one he was going to go with. He locked up the house and got back in Lindley's car to head back to run a couple more errands before going to pick up Katie from school. He was almost done, when the car made a noise and stopped. He called his mechanic and was towed to the shop. He made sure he got everything of value out of the car and then got a cab and went to the their house to get his car.
"Hey just getting my car before going to pick up Katie."
"Ok. You could have taken my car."
"Umm. Not exactly. Your car is at my mechanics. It made a noise and just stopped right before I headed back here."
"Oh, my. I'm so sorry. Can we see what it's going to cost before they fix it? I don't know if I can afford any serious problems?"
"Don't worry. He's going to give me an estimate, before he actually does anything to it. But don't worry about it. It's something you need to be able to provide for Katie, so I can get it fixed."
"No. You don't have to do that."
"I know I don't, but I want to. But let's wait to get worked up until we know what is wrong with it. I've got to go pick up Katie. Would you like to go?"
"I need to finish this last little bit. Thank you for taking her and picking her up this week."
"It's not a problem. We'll be back soon."

The next morning when he took Katie to school, his mechanic called. The mechanic explained what was wrong with the car, how much it would cost to fix it and what the car was actually worth. After the call, Spencer made another stop and was gone most of the day. He called Derek and asked for help just before the team got off work. He went to pick Derek up and found Dave waiting with him. Dave followed them to Spencer's house. Dave insisted that he be shown around the house before they left. Then Dave took them where Spencer directed. Then Spencer and Morgan each drove brand new Jeep Grand Cherokee's to Katie and Lindley's house. Spencer pulled the first one into the driveway, but stopped just outside the carport. Derek parked the second in the street and Dave parked behind him. Spencer went inside and used his tie to blindfold Lindley when he brought her outside. Katie followed behind. He got her outside and slowly pulled the tie off her eyes.
"What is this, Spencer?"
"My mechanic called this morning. It's going to cost five times what your car is worth to fix it. Mine spends a lot of time with him too, so we both need more reliable vehicles if something were to happen to Katie. They are identical and paid for. Just pick one."
"Spencer, you didn't have to do this," she said getting choked up.
"I know I didn't have to, but I wanted to. We both need them."
"I didn't know what I was going to do."
"Now you don't have to wonder or worry about it. Which one do you want?"
"It doesn't matter. You said they are identical. So it doesn't really matter. Thank you. I don't know how I'll ever be able to repay you."
"You already have. You have raised Katie by yourself and she's amazing."
Dave, Derek and Katie stood by watching.
"Can we see the inside yet?" Katie finally asked.
Spencer laughed and handed Lindley the keys he had put in his pocket. She unlocked the one in the driveway and together they all went to inspect it. Eventually they pulled it into the carport and locked it up going to inspect the other one.
When they were done, it was Dave that suggested they all go out for dinner to celebrate the new vehicles. Dave ended up treating everyone to dinner before taking Derek back to his truck and discussing the plan he had started working on for Katie.
Spencer, Lindley and Katie went back to the house after dinner and they each got ready for bed Katie going to bed first. It was getting late but Spencer and Lindley enjoyed their evening talks on the porch so much that leaving the door open they went to Lindley's bedroom and talked sitting on the bed until they both fell asleep.

Chapter Text

Spencer started slowly wake up and notice things, but he wasn't fully awake or have his eyes open. He first noticed how warm he was, then the smell of Lindley's hair was a lot stronger than it normally was when he slept over. It was heavenly and he really didn't want to wake up. But the high pitched squeal had his eyes flying open.
"OMG!!! What does this mean?" Katie was squealing from the bedroom door.
Spencer looked at her then down, his eyes widening when he realized why it was so wonderful, Lindley was asleep or at least appeared to be asleep wrapped in his arms cuddled into his chest.
"It means we fell asleep talking. Nothing else. What time is it?" Lindley asked her voice muffled with sleep still.
"I have to leave for school in fifteen minutes."
"Then I suggest you get ready. And not worry about this," Lindley said finally opening her eyes and turning from him.
Katie ran back to her room to get ready and Lindley sat up looking at Spencer, "Don't freak out. We both fell asleep. This doesn't mean anything really."
He couldn't help it he was freaking a little, but he nodded, "I better throw something else on and take her to school. I'll grab some breakfast on the way. Stay here and get some more rest. I'll be back in a little bit," he said getting out of bed.

They were gone within ten minutes, but instead of staying in bed, Lindley got up made both beds, started a load of laundry and got her computer plugged in and started. Then she took inventory of the fridge and cabinets to see what she would need to go get from the grocery store later. Then she went and put on a regular t-shirt and jogging pants so she wouldn't have to change later when she did make it out of the house. Once she was done, she got his coffee pot turned on and grabbed herself a bottle of water before going to her chair by the window and settling in to start working.

After Spencer picked up breakfast and dropped Katie off, he called Derek. Katie had set his phone up so it was blue-toothed thru the new car and he didn't have to use his hands for it. It was new and crazy to him, but he really needed to talk to someone.
"Hey, pretty boy, what's going on this morning?"
"I'm freaking out. Help"
Since Derek was sitting at his desk in full view and hearing range of JJ and Emily, his response was, "Nothing much here about to go fix myself a cup of coffee." Then he got up and headed towards the break room.
"The girls are with you."
Derek got to the break room before he answered, "They were. Just really went to the break room. What happened?"
"You know it was late when we all got in last night. So Lin and I normally sit outside for a little while talking when Katie goes to bed or is doing her homework. Well it was so late last night, we ended up sitting on her bed and talking. Honestly that's all it was. We left the door open and everything."
"Ok. So. What's the big deal? It was late. Nothing happened, or did it?"
"No. Nothing really happened."
"Ok. One, what does that mean. And two, if nothing happened why are you freaking out."
"We fell asleep while talking."
"In her bed! We both fell asleep in her bed!"
"And... You are both adults and you said nothing else happened."
"Katie found us this morning. Lin told her it meant nothing, just that we fell asleep while talking."
"Well isn't that what happened?"
"Yes, but..."
"But what?"
Spencer pulled over on the side of the road and with both hands gripping the steering wheel and his eyes closed he quietly said, "What if I want it to be more?"
Derek was grinning on the other side of the phone. "Then figure out what you want it to mean and take a step."
"I just told her Tuesday evening, I wasn't sure if I was ready to take a step, but waking up like that this morning... I can't imagine never being able to do that again."
Right before Derek opened his mouth to say something back, Dave walked in and raising an eyebrow went to the coffee pot. Derek changed his train of thought and with a huge grin looking directly at Dave he said, "Look. Go on about your day like normal and as soon as I get off this evening, meet me at your apartment. I have a plan. Gotta go. See you this evening," and he hung up.
Turning to Dave, he said, "Problem solved. They get a date night and Katie can have us for a little bit tonight."
"Care to explain. And will your new girlfriend be ok with you spending a Friday night without her."
"She’s working tonight so she'll be fine with it. She knows about the princess and lets head to your office and I'll tell you everything."
They then went to Dave's office and finalized their plans, while Spencer got back on the road and went back to the house.

Spencer got back to the house and came in bringing breakfast. "Hey, I thought you were going to rest until I got back," he said finding her in her chair.
"I have a lot to get done today. So I got on up and got started. Your coffee should be ready if you want some."
"Thank you. Is there anything, I can do to help?"
"I'm good for now. Later I have to go get a few groceries."
"I can help with whatever you need. I can go get the groceries, if you want me to."
"Thank you, we'll see later."
"Ok. I've got to meet Derek later. I'll still be able to go pick up Katie, but I'll have to go after I bring her back."
"Ok. I can go get her, if you need to go earlier."
"No. I want to go get her. I like hearing how her day at school was on the way back."
Then Spencer got his tablet out and worked on a paper he was writing for one of his scientific journals while lounging on the couch.
Every now and again Lindley would take a break and swap the laundry out.
When lunchtime came around, Spencer took his break and fixed them each a ham sandwich handing her, hers while she stayed in her chair working. Around three, Lindley stopped working and got up. "Hey, I'm at a stopping point. I'm going to go on and get groceries. I should be back before you get back with Katie."
"Ok. Is there anything else I need to do before I leave to pick her up?"
"No. I think I'll get enough done this evening so that I'll have the weekend free for you and Katie. We can do something else, before you have to go back to work on Monday."
"Ok. What would you like to do?"
"I don't know. I'm sure Katie has a few ideas," she answered laughing.
He laughed back, "I'm sure she does."

Later after the groceries were put away and Katie and Lindley were watching a little tv before figuring out dinner, the door bell rang. Lindley got up to answer it.
"Good evening, Bella."
"Uncle Dave. Come on in. What are you doing here?"
"I am here to help you out and then kick you out of the house for a few hours. The princess and I have a date with your TV and a pizza later."
"You are going out tonight. Your date will be here to pick you up in about an hour. Let's find you something appropriate to wear and all dolled up for the evening."
"I don't date. No thank you."
"Not an option. You are going to go out and enjoy yourself tonight. Derek and I both approve and trust this one. You are going. Now, princess, let's go find your mom something to wear."
"YES!" she said jumping up and running to Lindley's room throwing open her closet. "How dressed up do we need to go?"
"Not too fancy. It's not black tie and it is the first date. Don't want to look too eager."
"Nice jeans and blouse or dress?" Katie said asking before pulling things out of it.
"Either would be ok, but knowing him, a dress would go more with what he will be wearing."
"Don't I have any say in this?"
"NO!" Dave and Katie both answered.
"What about this one?" Katie asked Dave pulling out a dark black wrap dress. "She's never worn it."
"That should work. Shoes?"
"Uggh. That may be the problem with anything we find."
"If you are insisting on this, look at the back. The red box."
Katie pulled out a slightly dusty red box and took the lid off. "These should be perfect.," she said pulling out a pair of leopard print wedge sandals.
"They'll do. It might be a little cool tonight for sandals, but they will look good with the dress. Hair and makeup?"
"It's my turn to dress you up mom. Sit," Katie said going to the bathroom and pulling the chair out in front of the vanity by the sink.
Lindley had figured out as soon as Dave said that he and Derek approved that It would be Spencer, so she begrudgingly sat and let Katie have her fun fixing Lindley's hair and makeup.

At Spencer's apartment, Derek was pulling things out of Spencer's closet trying to find something appropriate. "What are you doing?" Spencer asked watching.
"You are taking Lindley out tonight. Dave and I are going to have Pizza and watch a movie with Katie. We have to find you something to wear, that doesn't make you look like an old man or your going to work."
"I didn't stutter. We are helping you take a step."
"No buts. You need to finally take a step. You haven't been on a date since when, Lila, Austin. That's been a few years. Here," he said pulling out a pair of pants and a dark purple shirt. Then he pulled out a black jacket and reached for his only pair of black shoes. "Dave pulled some strings. You have a reservation at that new Italian place on 5th."
"It's not even open yet."
"Nope. But they are friends of Dave's and he's got them to make you two a special dinner on their roof. You need to stop by the florist and pick up the flowers I ordered for you, too."
"Thank you?"
"Yes. You should thank us. Now I'm going to the living room. You change. No tie," Derek said leaving the room.
Spencer looked at the clothes he had laid on the bed and shut the door behind Derek before he changed. He changed and then came out of his bedroom.
"Yes. That's it. You look great pretty boy."
"Thank you, I think."
"Yes, you should. Look, I can tell you are starting to freak a little. It's going to be ok. Katie has adjusted well. And you and Linny owe it to yourselves to see if you can find what you had again. You do everything for Katie. Do this for yourself. You deserve to know. You can only find out if you take the step and try. If it doesn't work, fine. You move forward and learn to co-parent."
"I know, I just don't know if I want to find out it's not going to work."
"I don't think that's going to be an issue. I think this is going to work. Just go enjoy a dinner and see what happens."
"I'm going. I can't believe you did this, but I'm going."
"Well you look great. And Katie and Dave are getting Linny ready. You better get going. I'm going to go on and pick up dinner for Dave, Katie and I. See you when you drop Linny back at home."
"And what if I don't just drop her off. What if I stay?"
"You better be sleeping on the couch," Derek said laughing as he left.
Spencer grabbed his keys and wallet, and took a deep breath before he left.

Chapter Text

Spencer nervously made his way to Lindley's front door. He straightened his jacket and double checked the sunflower and dark red rose bouquet he had picked up on Derek's instructions. He had to admit, it looked like her. He took a deep steadying breath before he finally knocked on the door.
The door opened and Dave grinned back at him. "Right on time."
He stepped into the living room, just as Lindley stepped out of her bedroom. She took his breath away. He had thought she was beautiful dressed down and comfortable, but dressed up for a night out, he couldn't find the words to describe how beautiful she was. Her hair was pulled up leaving only a few loose tendrils around her face. Her dress hugged her curves just right and he had never paid attention to shoes much before, but those shoes made her legs look even more amazing. In his mind it was sinful how wonderful she looked.
Lindley was having very similar thoughts about him. It wasn't his shoes though, for Lindley it was the hair combined with the nicer than normal work clothes. While he was definitely dresses up and everything fit him like a glove, tailored to fit him perfectly, his hair had been left and was just as curly and wild as ever. The only thing she could think to come close to how amazing the combination was on him was mouthwatering.
They stood on either side of the living room just staring at each other both lost in their thoughts.
Dave and Katie looked at each other grinning.
Finally Katie asked, "Are those for mom?" pointing at the flowers.
That shook Spencer out of his daze, "Um. Yes. These are for you," he said holding them out towards Lindley.
"Thank you. They are beautiful," she said stepping towards him and taking them from him.
"You're welcome, but they pale in comparison to you."
Lindley's eyes flew from the flowers to him.
"I think he's learned a few things from Derek after all," Dave said still grinning at Katie.
Katie grinned back at him, then turned back to Lindley and Spencer. "Why don't I find a vase for those mom?"
"There's a Vase in the top of the cabinet. Be good for Uncle Dave and Uncle D."
"I will mom. Have fun. You too dad."
"I guess we better go," Spencer said before giving Katie a quick hug.
Lindley took the jacket Dave held out for her and slipped it on, before Spencer opened the door and led Lindley out to the car. He followed her out and opened her door for her helping her in. Then went around and got in the car himself and drove them away.

Derek pulled up just as he saw Spencer's car turn the corner ahead of him. He got out of his truck and carried the pizza in the house. "Well, how did the send off go?" he asked.
"You should have seen them Uncle D. Neither one of them could keep their eyes off of each other."
He laughed putting the pizza on the island and pulling out plates. "How did she like the flowers?"
"She loved them. They were perfect."
"I would have went with plain roses. It was your idea to get her Sunflowers and dark roses."
"Sunflowers are her favorite and Dark roses just look better with them. Don't they?" Katie asked running a finger over one of the roses.
"They are pretty."
"She said one time that she and dad had a conversation about flowers and Sunflowers have been her favorite ever since."
"I wonder what that conversation was like," Dave said raising an eyebrow.
"She never did tell me everything. I was only about eight when I asked what her favorite flower was."
"Well, maybe some day she'll tell you. For now though what are we going to watch, while we eat this pizza?" Dave asked.
"Halloween is coming. What about Hocus Pocus?"
"Whatever you want princess. We are all yours tonight." Derek said handing her a plate.
They each grabbed a soda and a slice of pizza and went to the couch. Katie put the DVD in the player and then went to sit on the floor to watch it"

Spencer pulled up to the restaurant and turned the car off getting out and went around to open Lindley's door for her. He then led her with a hand on the small of her back to the door of the restaurant. The door was opened for them and they were led up the stairs to the roof. There were candles lit everywhere and flower petals scattered all around. A single table was set up in the middle of the area and soft music was playing.
"Your dinner will be out in a few minutes," the waiter said opening a bottle of sparkling white grape juice. "We were told neither of you drink alcohol."
"Yes. Thank you," Spencer said pulling out a chair and gesturing for Lindley to sit.
She sat and smiled at the waiter.
Spencer went to the other chair and sat picking up his glass.
She picked hers up and they took a sip together.
While they sat sipping their juice the waiter then lit a fire pit before going inside.
"So which one do you think decided to do all of this?" he asked sitting his glass down and leaning back slightly in his chair.
"No question in my mind. Katie."
"She couldn't have done all this herself."
"No. But Dave is a romantic at heart and she's had Derek wrapped around her little finger since the first time he saw her. Much like she has you. And this is the second thing she's asked me for since she could talk."
"What do you mean?"
"I mean, there are five things she has asked for since she could talk that I haven't been able to give her anything that would come close."
"What are they?"
"The first was always, just to have you in her life. The second was for the three of us to be a family."
He nodded, "and the other three?"
"Well the fifth, she's far too young for."
"What was that?"
"To find her own prince charming."
"Definitely too young for that. She won't be old enough for that until she's at least forty."
"Good luck with that. She's fifteen. My birth mother was eighteen when she first met my birth father. We were only seventeen, when... Anyway that's only two more years."
At that point the waiter was back bringing their dinner. He sat the plates in front of them, refilled their glasses and then took the covers off of their plates before leaving again.
Spencer and Lindley both took their napkins and put them in their laps before picking up their forks and taking the first bite of food.
"This is really good," Lindley said taking another bite.
"Yes it is. What were the other two?"
Lindley sat her fork down and took another sip of her juice. "The fourth, we've never had room for nor been able to have in any of our apartments. Derek would let us, but it would be pretty cramped. The three of us and a dog in the house we are in now."
"That would be a little cramped. Dogs don't tend to like me much either."
"But from what Derek has said you have broken the Reid effect with children. You just need to meet the right dog."
"Clooney and Mudgie tolerate me when they have to."
"Just keep treats in your pockets for them. They'll like you better than Derek or Dave soon enough."
He laughed, "One more what was number three."
"Number three, I am not opposed to but it's a little early to think about just yet."
"You're keeping me in suspense. What is it?"
"A Sibling."
His eyebrows rose, "You want another child?"
"Maybe someday. But like I said, it's too early to think about yet."
"Maybe we should get through tonight first?" he asked with a glint in his eyes and a grin teasing his lips.
"Definitely. That is a discussion to wait on until we know without a doubt that we can make us work."
They finished their dinner still carrying on their conversation but changing the subject to something a little lighter. Eventually the waiter came back and took their dinner dishes. "Your dessert will be out in a few more minutes."
"Thank you," they both said as the waiter left.
The music was still playing softly. Spencer stood and held his hand out. "I'm not much of a dancer, but would you care to dance with me?"
She took his hand and stood. "I'm not either, but I'd love to."
He led her away from the table and wrapped his arm around her waist pulling her to him keeping her hand in his as she wrapped an arm around his shoulders. They slowly began swaying to the light music as Shania Twain's From this Moment started playing. The looked in each others eyes through the song still gently swaying. They never knew when the waiter brought their dessert and refilled their glasses. They eventually let go of each others hand and wrapped those arms around the each other too. They were so lost in each other, it was only natural when he slowly bent his head and lightly brushes his lips across hers. It was meant to be a chaste light kiss, but just as it was all those years ago, the moment their lips met everything exploded and the rest of the world faded away. Eventually they did have to stop for air. Lindley rested her head against his chest and he kissed the top of her head, before noticing over her head that their dessert was on the table. "Our dessert has been served."
Lindley pulled away from him and turned to look at the table. "It does look good. Should we?"
He smiled back at her and with his hand back on the small of her back he led her to the table. They sat and ate the Italian cream cake slices that were waiting for them.
The waiter eventually came back to check on them. "Is there anything else I can get you?"
Spencer looked at Lindley who shook her head that she was done. "No thank you, we're fine. I guess just the check."
"It's been taken care of sir."
Lindley chuckled, "Oh, Uncle Dave"
"I should have known. Should we go?"
"Yes. I know we have the fire, but it's still a little on the cool side up here tonight."
"It is, are you cold. You can have my jacket if you need it."
"No. I'm fine. It's mainly my toes. Sandals in October is a little cold."
"Well, lets get you to the car and heat up those toes," he grinned taking the key fob out of his pocket and hitting the remote start button so by the time they got down to the car maybe it would at least be starting to warm up for her. Then he held his hand out to her again and pulled her up to lead her out.
They got to the car, he opened the door for her before going around to get in himself. He started driving back to the house, but he pulled into a parking lot before turning into the neighborhood. She turned and looked at him questioning.
"There's something I would rather do here, that at the house with an audience."
"And what might that be," she asked smiling at him already knowing the answer.
He leaned over the console and gently cradled the side of her face in his hand before once again brushing his lips across hers. He eventually pulled away resting his forehead on hers as they caught their breath.
"Are you staying tonight?"
"As much as I want to. No. I don't think I should. I'll go back to my apartment tonight, but I'll be back first thing in the morning. What would you like to do tomorrow?"
"You don't have to leave."
"I know I don't have to, but after last night and tonight. I think it would be best. I slept better than I have in years and Derek already warned me that if I stayed tonight it better be on the couch. I think for one night, I should go to my apartment."
"Alright, but just tonight. For them. I do think that we should wait, a while before anything happens in that manner, but I slept better too."
He smiled at her before gently kissing her again. When he pulled back, he asked again, "What do you want to do tomorrow? You haven't said yet."
"I know it may sound childish, but what about the zoo. I've never been able to take her myself. She's only gone on school trips. It would be a nice family day."
"The zoo it is, then," he said before kissing her one last time and then getting back on the road and taking her home.
They pulled up to the house and he parked behind Derek. He got out of the car and went around to open the door for her holding her hand as she stepped out. Then he led her to the front door and opened it for her.
Derek immediately asked as soon as they walked through the door, "What no goodnight kiss on the porch? I mean it is the first date, but a little one would have been ok."
"I don't think that's any of your business, Derek," Lindley said crossing her arms.
"Alright. Fine have it your way. I guess we should be going," he said eyeing Dave.
"Yes we should. Katie went to bed about thirty minutes ago."
"Ok. Thank you both," Lindley said giving them both a quick hug.
They headed to the door and Spencer followed. "I'll see you in the morning," he said leaning to kiss her cheek.
The three gentlemen went outside. "You not staying, pretty boy?"
"No. But we are having a family day tomorrow. I'll be back first thing in the morning."
"Well, it's late, but I really want to hear how this went later."
"Me too, kiddo."
"I'll see you on Monday at work," he said leaving them to go get in his car.
Dave and Derek followed suit and got in their vehicles and drove off.
Lindley watched out the window as they drove off and then went and showered before going to bed with a smile on her face.

Chapter Text

Spencer showed up bringing breakfast with him. Katie was just starting to stir, but Lindley was still asleep. While Katie went to wake up Lindley, Spencer got the coffee pot started.
"Mom, Dad's here," Katie said crawling into bed with Lindley.
"What time is it?"
"Almost eight."
"Ok. I'll be out in a minute," Lindley said leaning up resting on her elbows.
Katie then jumped back out of bed and went to join Spencer in the kitchen.
Spencer was getting plates down out of the cabinet. "Which juice do you want with breakfast?"
"Juice. Why can't I have coffee or soda?"
"Because you drink to much soda as it is. And you have Apple, Orange and Grape juice in the fridge that are going to go bad before they are even half way drank."
"I'd still rather have coffee or soda."
"I'm sure you would, but why don't you drink at least one full glass of juice and then I'll get you a cup of coffee."
Katie just stood staring at him. A laugh came from the other side of the room, they both turned to see Lindley leaning on the door frame of her bedroom. "He's right. We do need to actually drink the juice and not waste it. I'll have some too, before my soda."
Spencer smiled at her, "Which one would you like this morning?"
"I'll get it, but I think I want Orange juice this morning."
"I'll get it. I want to," he said pulling three glasses down from the cabinet. "Which one do you want, Katie?"
"I guess I'll go with Orange too," Katie said rolling her eyes.
Lindley lightly swatted her on the behind, not enough to actually mean anything. "Don't roll your eyes at us."
Katie jumped and turned glaring at Lindley.
"Don't give your mom the evil eye either," Spencer said smiling at Lindley.
Katie shook her head and grabbed the full glasses, Spencer was holding out to her.
Then Spencer took the third glass and grabbed a plate while Lindley grabbed the other two plates and they all went around to the island to eat.
"Better eat up for your surprise," Spencer said as he dug in.
"What surprise?"
"You'll see, but first you need to finish your breakfast and get dressed," Lindley said taking a bite of her kolache.
Once all the food had been eaten, and the dishes were rinsed and in the dishwasher, Spencer fixed himself and Katie each a cup of coffee. He handed Katie hers and then sent her to her room to get dressed. He then went and grabbed Lindley a can of soda, "You should go get around too," he said handing it to her.
She took it and checking over her shoulder to make sure Katie was in her room with the door shut, she rose up on her toes and with one hand behind his head pulled him down for a quick kiss. "I'm going. Thank you for breakfast."
"No problem," he said leaning down to give her another quick kiss before she turned and went to her room to get dressed too.
Before long they were out the door and on their way. They spent the whole day just enjoying each other's company and the animals.

Sunday morning, they got up and had breakfast and Katie asked, "Are we doing anything special today?"
"Actually, since your dad has to go back to work tomorrow and there are several things I have to do tomorrow, I thought we should stay in and rest."
"Ok. Movies and chill?"
Spencer chuckled, "Sounds good to me. What would you like to watch?"
"We have all day. Could we watch all of the Anne movies?"
"What are the Anne movies?" Spencer asked as he went to start cleaning the island off.
"Anne of Green Gables, Avonlea and the Continuing story. They were mom's favorites when she was young and partially where she got my name."
Spencer stopped and looked at Lindley, "Really."
"In a round about way."
"I've never heard of this so why not. I want to hear this story while we watch it."
As soon as the kitchen was cleaned back up, they got comfortable on the couch staying in their pajamas for the day, and got the first movie started. And Lindley explained about Anne's window person Katie, being her inspiration for their Katie's first name.
Then Spencer had to ask, "Where did you get her middle name?"
"Well, since you couldn't be there to sign her birth certificate and I couldn't give her your last name. I wanted her to still have something from you. So I landed on Reice, but instead of spelling it in the traditional R-E-E-C-E, to keep it even more you it's R-E-I-C-E. And it wouldn't sound weird if we ever did find you and she wants to change her last name to yours. I thought about her middle name being Reid, but that's a little masculine for a girl name and Kathleen Reid Reid would be really weird."
"Thank you. I never would have thought of that."
"I would like to do that sometime," Katie threw in.
"I would like to change my last name."
"You really want to do that?" Spencer asked shocked.
Lindley smiled, "I'll look into what it takes to do it."
"I can't believe you really want to do that."
"Dad, Why wouldn't I. Neither mom or I are really tied to her last name after she had to run away for me. I'm surprised mom hasn't looked into changing hers to her dad's."
"Do you want to?" Spencer asked turning to Lindley.
"I don't know. Maybe. Someday. But, I'm not rushing anything."
The rest of the first movie they watched just laughing at the funnier moments, like when Anne broke her slate over Gilbert's head or when she died her hair green. They stopped half way through the second movie for a quick sandwich lunch before getting back on the couch and finishing the second movie and starting the third. Halfway through the third Lindley got up and started dinner. When their dinner was ready they ate while they finished the last movie.
After the last movie Katie got up and went to get her shower and get ready for bed, and Lindley and Spencer went out on the back porch to talk for a little while.
"I'll take the couch tonight," Spencer eventually said.
"You said you have things to do tomorrow too."
"So. You have work tomorrow. We already spent one night in bed together without doing anything and we both know we both slept better."
"What are you saying?"
"I'm saying we quit taking turns on the couch and share the bed. I'm not saying I'm ready for anything but sleep to happen, but we both need a good nights sleep."
"If you're sure."
"I'm sure."
After they came in, they each showered and got ready for bed before sitting down and watching a little regular tv before they were falling asleep leaning against each other. Before they fell asleep on the couch, they got up and went to bed and did get another wonderful nights sleep.

Chapter Text

Monday morning dawned bright and early. Spencer, Lindley and Katie got up ate breakfast and got around all leaving the house at the same time, with Spencer giving Lindley a quick kiss as they parted going to their separate cars and heading out for the day.
Lindley went to meet with her professors, to check in and then went on to check in with her supervisor at work. Then she went and picked up a few groceries, before going back home started getting the house work started and working on her new assignments for both work and school started.

Spencer went to work and was greeted by Garcia and JJ pulling him straight up to the conference room to a chocolate cake and the rest of the team. He spent the whole morning trying to skate around the questions about what he had done his week off. He did tell them about having several personal meetings and going to Colonial Williamsburg, but left Lindley and Katie out of his answers. He wanted to tell them, but he wasn't quite ready yet. He was never more conflicted when Hotch walked thru calling them back to the conference room for a case. After their briefing, he went to the bathroom and texted Lindley letting her know he would be out of town for a few days.
*Sorry, I've got a case. I have to leave in about half an hour. I won't be able to pick up Katie this afternoon. I'll face time you both when I can later tonight.*
*Ok. Be careful.*
*I will. You too. I already miss you both.*
*We miss you too, but we'll be ok. Talk to you later this evening.*
He pocketed his phone and went to leave to head to the jet. Morgan was waiting for him outside the bathroom.
"You tell them, we're heading out?"
"Yes. Just didn't want the girls to start asking even more questions, if the saw me texting."
Derek laughed. "That they would. Especially Garcia."
"Exactly. I just want to keep this to myself a little bit longer."
"I get it. It's all in your time. Want a ride, so they don't see the new car too."
"Thanks. That would be great."

The case was long and hard and took over a week and a half to finally find the unsub and arrest him. Spencer ended up being the one to talk the unsub down and in the process everything spilled out.
"You don't know what it's like."
"I know more than you believe."
"How could you possibly know what it's like to be kept from your kids?"
"I do know. Not in exactly the same way, but I know."
Spencer looked down knowing what he had to do, "When I was seventeen, I fell in love with a beautiful girl. We had an amazing summer and then she went home. We wrote to each other for a while, but suddenly her letters stopped. I hadn't seen or heard from her until about six weeks ago. Then I learned what happened. Her family found out that she was pregnant and when they tried to force her to have an abortion, she ran away from home. She tried to get back to where I was living then, but she was seventeen pregnant and alone. She did everything she could to keep our daughter. When I ran into my ex girlfriend, I finally found out about and later that night met my daughter. I've spent most of the last six weeks getting to know my daughter and trying to slowly reconnect with my ex girlfriend. My father left my mother and I when I was ten. I never wanted to be anything like my father. They have both told me numerous times as have the few friends that know, that I am not like him, that he made the choice to leave, I had no choice."
"They're right."
"I know. It's still hard sometimes to think about everything I missed out on. So I know what you are going thru. But you can't keep taking someone else's child. Put the gun down and we can help you."
After thinking about it the unsub did finally let go of the child he had been holding and dropped the gun. Spencer slowly approached him and cuffed him before leading him out side to the local officers.
Spencer avoided the girls and when they went to ask him about his story, Derek, Rossi and Hotch stepped in. "Let him tell you in his time. Don't rush him," Derek said.
"Rushing him will only make him shut down," came from Rossi.
"And yes we know, but it's his story to tell. We won't tell you anything either," Hotch added.

When they finally got on the plane to go home, Spencer finally acknowledged the girls. "I don't want to go thru this again, so can someone get Garcia on monitors."
Derek quickly got every thing going and Garcia was on the monitors.
"I haven't seen another case go thru my systems, what's going on?"
"I have something I need to tell you all."
"Ok, 187 what's up?"
"I know you girls have been wanting to try to fix me up with Rossi's niece or Derek's sister, whichever way you choose to see her. It's not necessary. The story I told the unsub to talk him down is completely true. I met Lindley in the library at Cal-tech when we were seventeen. I spent the next six weeks showing her all the schools in the area and just spending every second I could with her. I took her to the airport when she went home. We promised to write each other and we did. Until her letters stopped. I didn't have a phone, so we couldn't call each other. My dorm supervisor would accept calls for me if there were problems with my mom, but I couldn't bother him for more than that. I know he would have been ok with it, but I couldn't abuse it. When I went to pick up the case file for the case she shadowed the team on, she answered Dave's door. That was the first I had heard or seen of her in sixteen years. Her daughter, Katie, is my daughter. I've spent every moment possible over the last six weeks getting to know Katie and Lindley again. The week I took off for my birthday, was mostly spent with them. We let Katie skip one day of school and went to Colonial Williamsburg together. It was Katie's request to be able to spend my birthday with me. I know you want to meet Katie, but I'm not ready to share her just yet. I didn't intend to tell you yet. I'm sorry I haven't told you sooner, but I needed time to adjust and get to know them. I need a little more time, please before you all get involved."
"OMG!!! Fine, I'll give you a little time, but I'll be impatiently waiting to meet girl baby genius."
"Spence, you could have told us we wouldn't have intruded."
"We can hold Garcia back for a little bit, but you know it won't be long. I give you a month, before we can't hold her back anymore, and that's with Morgan's help."
"Thank you."
"Wait until you do meet her," Derek started. "I didn't see it until I saw them standing beside each other, but she's him in a dress."
"That she is. Away from him, I thought they favored. She does have some of Lindley in her, but put her beside him... There's no way he could deny her," Dave added laughing.
"Why would I want to? I'm not my dad. I want to be there for her."
"So what about Lindley. Are you working on getting back with her or just working on the co-parenting thing?" Emily asked.
"Until the Friday of my vacation, we were just co-parenting."
"OH What happened on Friday?" Garcia asked a little too excited.
"We were set up on a date. We are working on us too, but we are still taking things slowly working our way into it."
"Well, if you're happy, I'm happy for you, Spence."
"I am. Thank you."
"OHH. I can't wait to help plan your wedding. You will let me help won't you!" Garcia was practically begging.
"Baby girl. It's a little early for that. Don't make him hyperventilate. It's only been one date two weeks ago. We've been on this case and they haven't had time to have a second date yet."
"Fine. I don't know how I'm going to keep from getting excited though."
"Which is part of why I wasn't ready to tell you yet."
"If you need help with date ideas, us girls can help you with that. Sorry, Reid, but you're not the most romantic person we know. You're more practical. I'm not saying that's a bad thing. Just that if you need help we are here."
"Thank you. But I've had years to come up with places I would like to take her. I think that's why nothing ever worked out before. I didn't want to take anyone else to places I thought about taking her."
"Wait, so Lila, Austin, Maeve and even our failed date, nothing happened with any of them. I mean I know our date failed and why and Maeve why nothing happened then, but Lila and Austin?"
"Nothing happened with Lila, the one time we went to dinner after that case, she wanted more, but I was no where near ready for what she wanted. I thought I could finally move on when I took you and ultimately Garcia to that game, but I don't think that would have worked either. Sorry, JJ, but you aren't her and we are better friends."
"None taken."
"Austin, I tried to move on again, but the one time she kissed me, I didn't feel anything. I knew it wasn't right. We agreed to just be friends. She got married last year. And Maeve. I tried again to move on, but I didn't feel a quarter of what I did for Lindley. When she died. I grieved more that I didn't feel more. She told me she loved me, but I loved her as a friend and couldn't see it going anywhere else. It's always been Lindley."
"Well. Congratulations, Reid. Though it will be hard we'll wait until you are ready to meet Katie and talk to Lindley again."
"Thank you."

The rest of the ride home was fairly quiet. As soon as Spencer made his way home to his girls, he got in the door and wrapped his arms around both of them. So glad to finally be home and not have to hide anything anymore.

Chapter Text

Saturday Spencer, Lindley and Katie spent the day resting watching movies and just generally lazing around enjoying each other's company. After Katie went to bed Spencer and Lindley stayed on the couch and watched another movie, this time choosing one of Lindley's favorites, An Officer and a Gentleman. They had a bowl of popcorn in Lindley's lap. Spencer had turned where he was half way laying on the couch legs out across the cushions. Lindley sat between his legs leaning back against his chest.
Half way thru the movie, he had to ask, "Why do you like this so much? He's being a total ass to her."
"Just wait until the end. There is a little part of most women that want the ending for themselves."
He waited and after the movie was over he got an idea. Tomorrow was Halloween and they would be going to the pumpkin patch as planned. He would have to talk to Katie and get her in on his plan for a surprise for Lindley.
They cleaned up the popcorn and put the movie away before going to bed falling asleep in each other's arms.

Sunday morning he got up and he fixed breakfast for them for a change. After breakfast, Lindley told him she would clean up and he and Katie should play chess or something since he had cooked. Then she went and got the laundry switched out. When her phone rang, she picked it up. "My dad. I'm going out back." And she went outside with her phone.
While, she was outside Spencer let Katie in on his plan. She was ecstatic and couldn't wait to help out immediately running thru what she needed to help.
Later after lunch, Spencer declared that he had an errand to run, but would be back at six to pick them up for the pumpkin patch.

At five thirty, Lindley looked at the clothes Katie had set out for her to wear. "I'm going to look sloppy if I wear this."
"No you aren't. Trust me, mom. This is what you need to wear."
"But why do I need to wear this."
"OMG, MOM trust me, just wear it."
"I still say I'm going to look sloppy. What are you wearing?"
"You'll see. Now get dressed. I need to go get dressed too."
"Fine. I'll be ready in a minute. Not like I have to do much anyway with what I'm supposed to wear."
Katie rolled her eyes and then went to her room to get dressed.
Lindley put on the jeans and t-shirt that had been put out for her. Then she grabbed the flannel shirt and her shoes and socks and went to the living room. She put on her socks and shoes. She was just finishing tying her second shoe when Katie came out of her bedroom. "Really, Katie?"
"That's your costume for tonight?"
"Dad told me about Henry dressing up as him one year and Jack dressing up as his dad. Why not? And it's all stuff I had in my closet."
"So you are your dad?"
"Imitation is the most sincere form of flattery. And I am thinking of going into forensic science so, why not be an FBI agent for Halloween?"
"He's going to love it."
"He's going to love yours too."
"I'm not even really dressed up."
"Yes you are. You'll get it when he gets here which should be any minute now."
As if on cue the doorbell rang. Katie went to the door, "Put on the other shirt now. I can't let him in until your costume is complete."
Lindley rolled her eyes and tugged the shirt on as Katie finally opened the door.
Spencer stepped inside and it finally clicked.
Lindley had to admit with his hair longer and not able to be completely controlled ever he was three times hotter than Richard Gere ever thought of being in Navy whites. And Lindley had always had a crush on Richard Gere especially in his Navy dress uniform from An Officer and a Gentleman. She couldn't help it when she started laughing and he stepped over to her she threw her arms around him and took the cap off of his head and put it on her own just like the end of the movie. He laughed with her and wrapped his arms around her picking her up and kissing her soundly.
"As great as this is that you are finally being more open about you trying to be together, we should be going."
Spencer then pulled back and turned to finally look at Katie. His jaw dropped seeing her as a female version of himself in her chucks, mismatched socks, one of her uniform skirts a purple button down shirt with a black cartigan and tie poking out the top and bottom of an FBI bullet proof vest and her new school messenger back draped across it resting on her hip.
"Oh my. I don't know what to say. Where did you get the vest?"
"Uncle Derek."
"I was honored when Henry dressed like me, but this is....Wow."
"She's right though. We should get going."
"I know. Derek is meeting us there. I hope that's ok. He wants us to meet his new girlfriend."
"I'm surprised. He must be serious about this one. I've never met any of his girlfriends."
"He doesn't stay with them long enough to let them meet anyone. I think this one is different."
"I can't wait to meet her and make sure she is good enough for Uncle D. Now lets go," Katie said going outside and heading to the car.
Spencer and Lindley looked at each other and laughed as they followed her outside to the car locking up as they went.

Thirty minutes later they pulled into the pumpkin patch parking lot. Spencer parked and got out of the car going around to open the door for Lindley. He took her hand in his and when Katie was out of the car and on his other side, he hit the button locking the car door and they headed to the entrance finding Derek and a equally beautiful woman standing with him.
"OMG, princess really?"
"What you don't like it?"
"I didn't say that. All you need is his ID badge."
"Oh yeah, just a second," she said pulling his badge out of her bag and clipping it to the strap.
"When did you get that?" Spencer asked.
"On the way over here. You had it in the back seat on your messenger bag. I grabbed it. I'll keep up with it. You'll have it back as soon as we get back in the car and head home."
"Ok, so D are you going to introduce us to your friend?"
"Sorry," he said taking his arm and placing his hand on the woman's back, "Savannah, My adopted sister Lindley, the princess Katie and my man pretty boy Dr. Spencer Reid. Guys this is Savannah Hayes."
"Nice to meet you," Lindley said holding a hand out.
"You too," Savannah said reaching out to shake Lindley's hand. "I love your costumes. That is a good movie."
"Movie?" Derek questioned.
"An Officer and a Gentleman. It's mom's favorite. You'll have to watch it to fully understand."
"What would you know, you haven't seen it. At least not all of it."
"I know, but I've seen enough. I saw the ending. You are dressed for the end of the movie."
They spent the next four hours walking through the pumpkin patch taking pictures and enjoying the company. When Spencer asked if they all wanted to go thru the haunted house only Derek and Katie wanted to go with him. "Go on. We can wait for you out here," Lindley offered.
"She's right. I see enough of the gore of those things on a daily basis. I'm fine out here. We can go get a cup of hot chocolate and wait for you."
"Are you sure?" Derek and Spencer both asked.
"We are fine. And We'll have a cup of hot chocolate waiting for you when you come out," Lindley said.
Spencer nodded and leaned over to quickly kiss Lindley before they went.
Lindley and Savannah went and got their hot chocolate as well as extras for Derek, Spencer and Katie when they were done and sat a picnic table waiting and talking.
While Spencer, Derek and Katie were in line Katie found a girl from school and started talking to her. While she was occupied, Spencer leaned over to Derek. "I've been meaning to ask you, not every week like before, but would you mind resuming your pizza/burger nights with Katie, so Lindley and I can have a date night every now and then. I am going to ask Dave if he could do it every now and then too."
"I'd love to. Would it be ok if Savannah was with us sometimes?"
"That's fine. We just need a little time to ourselves than just after Katie goes to bed."
"I get it. Is Wednesday nights fine like we used to do or do you want a weekend night or a random night?"
"Random is probably better. Some weekend nights would be nice. Like I said not every week just..."
"I get what you're saying. What about me coming to get her this Wednesday like I used to and in a couple weeks we'll change it."
"That's fine. Thank You!"
"You're welcome."
They finally went through the haunted house and made their way back to Lindley and Savannah before they all loaded up and went home for the night.

When Spencer and Lindley got back home, Katie went straight to the bathroom to get ready for bed, since Monday would be there before they knew it. After she went to bed, Lindley got ready and then Spencer. When Spencer came out of the bathroom he went to Lindley's bedroom finding her pulling the cover's back to crawl into bed. He went on the other side of the bed and crawled in with her. "I asked Derek to take Katie out for pizza again, so we can have a date night."
"Ok. She's missed him and Uncle Dave."
"He's going to come get her Wednesday night. What would you like to do?"
"I'm not sure, What do you want to do?"
"I was thinking of getting dinner and a movie. It's not much, but it would be just the two of us."
"That's fine with me. A movie here at the house though, so we don't have to worry about getting caught if we do this," she said before leaning over to kiss him.
He smiled into the kiss and deepened the kiss. It wasn't long before the kiss grew more intense and they were laying back with Spencer slightly leaning over her. When his hands started to wander under her shirt, Lindley pulled back stopping him. "Wait."
Spencer immediately stopped and pulled back sitting up trying to control his breathing. "I'm sorry," he huffed out.
"No don't think like that," she said noting his tone. "It's not that I don't want it to go further. I just don't think either of us is completely ready for that yet. And there are a couple other factors I would rather not have to consider the first time we go there again after all this time."
"Ok. What other things to consider?"
"One, I for one would rather, the first time at least, our daughter not be quite so close and she may not be asleep yet. She stays up reading a lot."
"I'm sorry, I hadn't thought of that. You're right. What else?"
"I wouldn't say anything, but we need to be open and honest with each other. On my part there hasn't been anyone else ever."
"Me either. There have been opportunities, but they weren't you. They never went past a few kisses with nothing behind them."
"Ok so we are on the same page basically. I haven't had the same opportunities, but..."
"What do you mean? You said we had to be open and honest."
"I was asked out a lot, but I never went. I was raising our daughter. I worked. What time I had off, I spent with her."
He nodded in understanding.
"The second thing since we are being open and honest is. I know you are a germaphobe. I'm sure you as well as I would rather it not be that time of the month, when it does happen."
"OH! You're... Ok. We don't have to rush anything and you're right, on both counts."
"So, we're ok."
"We're fine," he said leaning over to give her a quick kiss. "We should get some sleep though."
She kissed him back, "We should. Goodnight," she said curling into his side as they both fell asleep.

Chapter Text

Wednesday finally arrived and Spencer and Derek arrived at Lindley and Katie's house at basically the same time. Derek was in front of Spencer and thus pulled into the driveway. He got out of his truck and met Spencer at the door.
"Uh-oh pretty boy got dressed up and extra pretty this evening."
"Shut up. You knew I am taking Lindley to dinner. It's the whole reason you are here."
"You two should really quit arguing and just come inside," Katie said opening the door. "Mom is almost ready."
"What about you, princess? Are you ready?" Derek asked.
"Yeah, Just let me grab my bag," Katie said turning to go to her room.
Just as she started to come back out of her room with her backpack purse slung over her shoulder, Lindley's door opened and she stepped out with her hair pulled up in a bun with a few loose tendrils framing her face. She had a burgundy dress with a V neck and long flowing sleeves that fell down just past her knees. Spencer's breath stuck in his throat.
"Wow sis. You looked good the other night, but this... This is..."
"Thank you D. Katie, you have your key?"
"Yes, ma'am."
"Ok. If you get back before we do, go on and get ready for bed. You have school tomorrow."
"Ok. See you later," Katie said going to the door, Derek turned and followed her out.
Spencer watched them leave and then turned to Lindley, "You look amazing. You always do."
"Thank you. Should we get going too?"
"There's something I need to do first," he said walking closer to her.
"Oh, what's that?"
He got close enough and reached up to cup her face in his hand. "This," he said leaning down to brush his lips across hers.
Lindley grinned into his kiss. Before the kiss could get too heated, Spencer pulled back, "If we are going we need to go on and go." He picked up the jacket she had draped on the arm of her chair and held it open for her as she turned and slipped her arms into it. He pulled it up on her shoulders before letting go. Lindley then turned and grabbed her small dress clutch and Spencer went to the door. He held it open for her and closed up for her. They made their way to his car and he opened the door for her before going around and getting in himself.
He drove to the restaurant and they enjoyed the time to themselves. They got lost in their time alone and before they knew it their waiter was asking if they needed anything else that the kitchen was about to close. They both apologized and Spencer asked for the check. He paid and then led her outside and back to the car noticing that there were only a couple vehicles left in the parking lot. They looked at each other and giggled before getting in the car and heading back.
When they got back, Derek's truck was parked in the street leaving the driveway open for Spencer. By the time, they got out of the car, Derek was outside.
"Late enough isn't it."
"Sorry, D. We lost track of time while we were talking."
"Riiiiight, talking."
"We were, for your information, talking. We only went to dinner and then came back here."
"What did you do close down the restaurant?"
"Yes. As a matter of fact we did. I did say we lost track of time talking."
"Well, whatever you say," Derek said grinning.
Spencer and Lindley both shook their heads and rolled their eyes.
"Anyway, the princess is asleep. I'll see you at work in a few hours, pretty boy."
"See you," Spencer said back as he led Lindley to the door and Derek made his way to his truck and left.
Spencer and Lindley got inside and got ready for bed before going to bed giving each other another kiss and going to sleep.

The next two weeks Spencer and the team were gone more than they were home. He was looking so forward to having the week of Thanksgiving off to be able to spend time with Lindley and Katie. He still facetimed with them every evening, but it just wasn't the same. Lindley worked so hard while he was gone so that she wouldn't have to work any while he was off and they went to Chicago to see Fran, Sarah and Desiree.
The few days before they were supposed to leave Spencer was still away on a case, and Lindley made sure that all the clothes he had left at her and Katie's house were cleaned and ready to be packed if he would be taking them. She made sure the house was cleaned and started packing for herself and Katie.
Spencer got home on Saturday morning before they were to leave on Sunday. Since he would need to pack for a whole week, he went to his apartment first and started packing the things he would need that he didn't have at Lindley and Katie's. Then he went to check in with his Contractor who had just started on the house the week prior.
So far all they had really gotten done was getting the foundation issues fixed. They were going to start tearing out the old paneling to be able to really check the wiring and make sure that it was up to code.
After he finished, Spencer finally made his way to Lindley and Katie's. Lindley had pulled her car out of the carport and had parked in the street so he could park in the carport, since he used his car more than she did. They would use her car to go to the airport, after they picked up Derek in the morning.
He parked in the carport and then moved her car backing it into the driveway. Then he went inside with his suitcase so he could finish packing it. Lindley and Katie had their bags packed by the door.
"You're already packed?" he asked.
"For the most part. There are a few things we'll have to throw in, in the morning when we are done getting ready."
"Ok. Where's Katie?"
"She's in her room finishing up her homework before we leave. All of the clothes you had here are clean and hanging in the wash room, so they wouldn't get wrinkled in my closet."
"OK. Thank you. I do have to finish packing. I stopped at my apartment and got half packed before I came over here."
"You actually went to your apartment?" she questioned with a smile on her face going over to him and wrapping her arms around his waist looking up at him.
He put his suitcase down, and wrapped his arms around her leaning down slightly and kissed her before saying, "I did. It's been a while since I went by there. I had to check the mail too. My bills are paid, but I had a lot of junk mail. It was still clean though. My neighbor cleans it for me."
"Well, are you ready for a whole week with the Morgan family?"
"I'm not sure, but as long as we are together with Katie, I can do anything. Are you ready for me to spend a week with your second adopted family?"
"Beyond ready. I've waited sixteen years to be able to spend the holidays with you and Katie together. It can't happen soon enough for me."
"Well, I better go finish packing so that in the morning all we have to do is throw in those last minute things and go."
"You better go say hi to Katie first."
He nodded and leaned to give her another kiss before going to Katie's room and knocking on the door. "Come in," Katie called back. He slowly opened the door and leaned on the door frame waiting until she looked up. "DAD! You're home," she yelled jumping up and running to hug him.
"I'm home. I missed you, sweetheart."
"I missed you too, Dad. So did mom."
"I missed you both too. Are you almost done with your homework?"
"Almost. Just a couple things left."
"Well you get that done and I'm going to finish packing. I was thinking, how do you feel about saving the dishes tonight and getting a pizza for dinner," he said turning back to Lindley to include her in this part of the conversation.
"That's fine with me. We've got to get the trash out in the morning before we leave that should fill the last bag."
"YES!" Katie agreed.
"Ok. Back to your homework, miss Priss. And you go finish packing."
"Yes, ma'am," Spencer and Katie said in unison.

The next morning Spencer was up first and he got around and got the rest of his things thrown into his suitcase and ran out to pick up some breakfast. When he got back, Lindley and Katie were up and finishing getting around. Once they finished and the three of them quickly ate their breakfast, the girls finished packing and Spencer gathered the last of the trash together getting it out before they all loaded up their suitcases, locked up the house making sure everything was turned off and then they headed out to pickup Derek. They got to his house and got his bag loaded into the car before they all loaded up again and headed out to the airport. While Spencer drove with Lindley in the front across from him, he kept one hand on the wheel and held Lindley's hand with his other.
Derek raised his eyebrow in the back and pointedly looked at Katie with a grin.
Katie mouthed back, 'All the time.'
Derek just shook his head and kept smiling, thinking to himself 'This is going to be an interesting week.'

They got to Fran's house right at lunch, after Spencer rented a car in case they needed one. As soon as they walked thru the door, all three Morgan women met them with hugs for all.
"We're so glad you could come this year, Dr. Reid," Fran greeted him.
"Thank you for having me," he answered back.
"We wouldn't have it any other way."
"Yes, but you all better rest up this afternoon and tonight, we are stealing this one away for the day tomorrow," Desiree claimed.
"Des..." Lindley warned.
"What? You Sarah and I are stealing you. We figured, Dr. Reid and Katydid, could have a father daughter day and Derek could escort them around if he needs to. Mom can come with us if she wants to."
"No. I will agree with most of your plan, but Derek needs to stay here with me. I have a few things he can do for me around here."
"I can't wait to show dad my old school and a several other of my favorite places," Katie said lighting up at the thought of a day with him all to herself.
"Well, for right now, we need to figure out where everyone is sleeping so we can put these bags away," Derek said grinning watching Spencer's clear unease at all the women deciding everything without asking them anything.
"I've already got that figured out," Fran proclaimed. "Since Sarah and Des have their own apartments now, Katie gets Sarah's room and Lin and Spencer can share Des's room. You have your old room."
"Wait. You are letting them share a room? You would never let me share a room with my girlfriends."
"No I wouldn't, but they already have one child together and I trust them to behave more than I do you."
"What? You know I am warranted. Now go put your bags up all of you. I'll have sandwiches ready to fix when you are done."
They dispersed and went to their assigned rooms with Lindley leading Spencer to theirs. Once the door was closed behind them, Lindley turned to him, "Relax, Spence. It's going to be fine."
"They know we haven't gone there yet. Thou, I'm sure Des will be trying to push me there tomorrow. They won't say anything to you thou."
"Derek already thinks we are."
"Well, let him think," she said stepping to him and bringing her hands to the back of his neck pulling his head down to kiss him.
Their kiss quickly turned heated. When they finally pulled apart, he looked down at her first in her eyes then at her kiss swollen lips. "They're going to think you've been lying as soon as we walk back down those steps."
"No they won't. Just that we're working towards that."
"That's bad enough."
"No it's not. Everything is going to be fine. And so what if they speculate anything. Mom's right we do have Katie. And they won't say anything to you... Well Derek might, but only around the two of us. I'm the one that will have to deal with Des, especially since we are in her room."
"Oh god, Do I need to go get a hotel room?"
"No. Trust me everything is going to be fine. Now we do need to get back down there. They are probably waiting for us."
He just nodded, before giving her another quick kiss.
They spent the rest of the day just sitting around catching up and resting.

Chapter Text

Monday morning Lindley was the first of the travelers up. She made her way downstairs and to the kitchen, finding Fran already starting on breakfast.
"Good Morning, Baby."
"Good Morning, mom. What can I do to help?"
"Derek told me what brand to get, but I don't know how Spencer likes his coffee made. Could you get that started for him?"
"Sure, he is a little picky about his coffee. Katie is getting to be just as bad. I try to limit her, but she sneaks it, like I can't smell it."
"She knows you can, but she also knows how you hate to waist money, so she knows you'll let her drink it once she starts it anyway."
"I may have to start hiding it from her."
"Good luck with that. She's extremely smart."
"I know, she got that from him."
"She got a lot more than her brain from him. I wouldn't have thought of him as her father, until Derek told us. Then the smarts made sense. But when they walked thru that door together..." Fran said smiling with raised eyebrows.
Lindley laughed, "I know. He can't deny her, can he?"
"Why would I want to?" Spencer said walking into the kitchen. "Sorry. The coffee woke me."
"It's barely started," Lindley said raising her eyebrows at him.
"I smelled the fresh package opened."
She just smiled and rolled her eyes.
Fran laughed.
"Hey, what's so funny. It's too early for this," Derek said going over to Fran and kissing her cheek. "Good Morning, Ma."
"Good Morning, Baby Boy. And we were laughing at Dr. Reid smelling the coffee package just being opened. I've heard you and Lin talk about how much he likes his coffee, but that is a bit more than I expected."
"The princess is getting just as bad," Derek said grinning.
"What am I getting bad about?"
"Coffee," all four adults said turning to her.
"I can't help it. It's in my DNA. Morning, Nana."
"Morning, sweet girl."
"What time are Aunt Sarah and Aunt Des going to be here?"
"In about 30 minutes. Why don't you four go on and get dressed before they get here? I know Desiree especially is beyond ready to have a girls day with Lin. So they might get here early."
Lindley stood and handed Spencer and Katie each a cup for their coffee before heading back upstairs.
Once they had their coffee fixed Spencer and Katie followed.
Derek then fixed himself a cup and went to change too.

They had a loud breakfast and as soon as it was over everyone pitched in and did the dishes, giving Fran a break and sending her to get her list ready for Derek. Within an hour Lindley was being drug out of the house by Desiree with Sarah following behind. And Spencer and Katie were getting in his rental car for his tour of Katie's world in Chicago.

Sarah and Desiree took Lindley and they all got their hair done, got mani pedi's and then to even Sarah's surprise Desiree took Lindley to get waxed when she went to get herself waxed. "I can't believe we are doing this," Sarah complained.
"What? She doesn't get to pamper herself. I am going to pamper her today. She deserves this."
"OK. I get the hair and nails, but wax?"
"Why not? I don't ever find the time to take care of everything. I used to when I worked outside the house and had a day off during the week, but now. I work at home and spend all day everyday on my computer saving my time away from it with Katie and Spence. He paid our airline tickets. I can actually afford this for a change."
"Oh, girl, you aren't paying for this. This is on me," Desiree said. "After this we are going to find you an outfit for your date tomorrow evening."
"What date?"
"We with Mom, got planned you and Dr. Reid a night out. Mom can't wait to have Katie to herself for the evening," Sarah answered.
"You didn't have to do all of this."
"We know, but you need this. Think of it as a late birthday present."
"You helped me pack and provided dinner for my birthday. This is too much."
"That wasn't much of a birthday present. This is."
"And you know Des, she has to go overboard every now and then."
Lindley rolled her eyes smiling at her adopted sisters and as painful as the wax was sat back and enjoyed her day with them. She hadn't gotten to have a day like this in a very long time. They managed to find her a very nice little black dress for the date night and while Sarah and Lindley had taken a bathroom break, Desiree had slipped into anther store and got her a little something else for the date night. Desiree was even more excited about it than Lindley.

Katie took Spencer to all of her favorite places. And told him everything she could remember about growing up in Chicago. She showed him their old apartment building, the park she used to get to play in on good days, her old schools, her favorite pizza diner for lunch and even her favorite book store, library and museum. By the time the got back to the house just as Lindley, Sarah and Desiree were pulling up to the curb, he was exhausted, but then he had had a very busy few days. He was hoping tomorrow he could rest a little more.

At dinner that night, Derek asked what was on the agenda for Tuesday.
"Well, I have a few things I can get mixed up early to let the flavors mix and I know Lindley will need to boil her chicken, for her Dumplings. Other than that, you boys can rest. I know you just got back from a case and haven't had time to get much rest yet. Then I believe the girls have made plans for Dr. Reid and Lin tomorrow evening."
"Plans... What plans?" Spencer asked confused.
"We got you two dinner reservations. You haven't gotten to have a date night in a couple weeks, due to your case load. So we got one set up for you," Desiree answered.
Spencer smiled looking up towards Lindley, before turning back to Desiree, "Thank you. You didn't have to do that."
"Well we may not have had too, but we wanted to. Enjoy yourselves tonight."
"I don't know if I brought anything nice enough," Spencer said more to himself than anything.
"Don't worry pretty boy, We'll see what you brought and if not I'll take you to find something appropriate."

Later while, Lindley was in the kitchen with Fran boiling chicken and helping with what could be prepared early, Derek asked Desiree where they were sending Lindley and Spencer on their date and then went to help Spencer put together an outfit. They were able to put together a nice enough outfit from what he had brought and then they went to the living room. Derek watched TV and Spencer just sat quietly on the couch studying the room.
Fran took a break from the kitchen leaving Sarah, Desiree and Lindley to show Katie how to do some of the early preparations. "I thought I might find you in here. I want to show you something," she said pulling out a photo album and sitting next to Spencer.
"I know she doesn't have many if any photos from when she first came here. She couldn't afford frames for them, so I kept them for her. I've been working on making you copies of these, but I'm not quite done yet. Hopefully by Christmas I'll have most of them done. If you want any larger copies of any of these, just let me know," she said placing the album in his lap. He slowly opened the cover and his breath caught in his throat at the first picture of Lindley.
"That was about a week before Katie was born. She didn't want many pictures taken of her because you weren't here to be in them with her, but I finally managed to convince her to let me take some so that you would be able to see this if she ever found you."
The picture was one of Lindley standing sideways showing her rounded stomach even from the side he could see the sadness in her eyes. She was smiling down at her bump cradling it in her arms, but the sadness was still there behind the smile. The next page of pictures were all of Lindley holding a very freshly born Katie, Katie was still covered in birthing fluids with her eyes sqinched up her mouth wide open crying at the sudden change in her atmosphere. He couldn't have stopped the tears if he tried. The rest of the photo album covered Katie's first year. Her dressed up in a fancy party dress barely a month old while Lindley held her and blew out the candles of her eighteenth birthday cake. Katie dressed up just a few weeks later in red white and blue for July the fourth. She was dressed up again just a couple months later for no apparent reason.
Lindley went to the kitchen doorway and noticed what Spencer was looking at and went to trade places with Fran. She pointed to the picture of Katie so dressed up for no apparent reason and said, "That was for your birthday."
Spencer looked up at her, surprised. He couldn't bring himself to say anything, he turned back to the album and turned the page. This time finding pictures of Katie dressed as a little pumpkin. He smiled and laughed thru his tears at those. "Cutest little pumpkin ever," Derek commented not taking his eyes off the TV knowing that album so well.
"Definitely," Spencer said finding a little bit of his voice.
Lindley pulled her feet up underneath herself and draped an arm around his shoulders as they went through the rest of the album. Katie's first Thanksgiving, Christmas, Sleeping her way thru New Year's Eve, Valentine's day, Saint Patrick's Day, Easter, and eventually her first Birthday. When they finished that one, Lindley put it up and pulled out another one for him. This one was a little larger and went through the next two years. He went thru another one, before it was time for lunch. Since there was so much going on in the kitchen, they had sandwiches again and after Katie took her turn going thru pictures with Spencer. Eventually getting to one when she was about six that had him laughing so hard it hurt.
"Oh, no," Derek moaned. "Ma I told you to hide that one so no one would ever find it."
"Not going to happen. I have it enlarged in my bedroom. It's always been one of my favorites."
"Mine too, Nana."
"I need to hear the story behind this one, there is bound to be one."
"Lindley was working, the stomach bug had been going around Katie's school. I had the day off so I was keeping her. It was cold out, and I needed to go to the store. Derek came in for the weekend and volunteered to watch her so I could go on to the store before it got dark. I came home to that. I managed to take that picture before he realized I had made it home. She still has him wrapped around her little finger," Fran said explaining the picture of Derek and Katie having a tea party in the living room they were sitting in now, complete with feather boa's draped over their shoulders, plastic tiara's on their heads and plastic jewelry adorning their necks and fingers, both of them holding small pink plastic tea cups with their pinky fingers sticking out.
"I definitely need that one enlarged and framed," Spencer said laughing. "I have several more I want to get, but that will find a place of honor. Maybe even on my desk at work."
"OH Hell no, pretty boy."
They all laughed. But Katie got an idea, she would talk to her Nana about it after Lindley and Spencer left for the evening.

Around five that evening, Desiree and Sarah grabbed Lindley's arms and drug her upstairs. When Spencer knocked on the door to get his clothes to change and get ready for their evening, Des cracked the door open and handed him his clothes before closing the door in his face. An hour later he was in the living room waiting for Lindley to come out. He was starting to worry that she was changing her mind when Sarah and Desiree came down stairs smiling so brightly. He looked to the stairs and watched as Lindley slowly made her way down them. Her black heals making her legs look miles long. Her deep purple dress stopping mid thigh it was fitted and was only a one shoulder as amazing as she looked, he couldn't help but worry that she was going to get cold. She held a small black clutch in one hand. Her was in waves down her back pulled back slightly behind one ear with a rhinestone clip. Her makeup was perfectly done and she once again made him breathless.
"Pretty Boy, watch out. I'm watching you. She's still my sister."
"Oh hush, Derek. They're grown. They can do what they want," Fran said pulling a coat out of the entry way closet. She helped Lindley into it and kissed her cheek "Have fun you two," she said pushing them out the door.
"Where are we going?" Spencer asked.
"Oh, right. Your reservation is at the Peninsula. You better get going so you'll make it in time. Lin knows where it is," Desiree said as they got to the car.
When they drove off, Derek turned to Des, "What did you do?"
"I made them reservations," she answered innocently.
"At one of the nicest hotels in Chicago?" he exclaimed bewildered.
"We've been saving up for something like this for a while. We all pitched in," Fran defended.
"Wait you got them a room for the night. That place can be up to two thousand dollars a night!"
"We did. And we splurged for a Deluxe suite. So it was almost that much," Sarah added.
"Well, with dinner it was a little over. But they deserve it. Who knows, maybe they'll get married soon and you, big brother, will have worried about nothing."
"I would love for that to happen!" Katie exclaimed. "OOOH, they aren't too old yet, I could finally get a little brother or sister!"
Derek just looked at them all like they had lost their minds.
Fran laughed, "One thing at a time, princess."

Chapter Text

Spencer followed Lindley's directions and eventually pulled up to the valet station. The valet rushed around to the other side of the car and held the door open for Lindley. Lindley stepped out and just as Spencer made his way around the car and took her hand in his. He kept one hand in his and the other on the small of her back as she stepped up on the curb. Then she wrapped her arm in his as he handed over the keys and gave the valet his name.
The door was opened for them and when they got inside the building they were asked for their name. Spencer answered.
"Yes. Dr. Reid, this way," they were led to the restaurant and seated at a secluded round table with a very high backed bench seat for more privacy. Lindley took off her coat and the doorman asked, "Would you like me to have your coat sent to your room for you?"
"Our room?" Spencer asked.
"Yes sir. I'll have your key card sent over to you as soon as I get back to the lobby. It has already been arranged that your dinner be charged to your room, so as soon as you are ready you can go strait up, sir."
"Thank you, I'll keep my coat for now though," Lindley said smiling back.
Spencer was at a loss for words.
The doorman nodded and turned walking away.
Spencer turned to Lindley, "Did you know about this?"
"No, but I suspected. I told you Des, would be pushing me."
"We don't have to stay."
"Oh, yes we do. We may not have to do anything but sleep, but we do have to stay. Do you have any idea how much this cost them?"
"I can pay them back."
"No. We can have a night to ourselves. I think we could use a night to ourselves."
Before Spencer could say anything, a waiter appeared at their table. He sat a bucket with a chilled bottle of wine on a stand beside the table and set wine glasses on the table for them, before handing them each a menu and Spencer an envelope. The waiter popped the cork on the bottle of wine and poured them each a glass.
"Um, we don't really drink alcohol," Spencer said.
"One glass," Lindley said patting him on the arm. "Then water, please," she requested to the waiter.
The waiter nodded and took the bucket and what was left of the bottle with him.
They looked over their menus and when the waiter came back they gave their selections and while they waited, they sat curled into each other talking sharing lite kisses and laughing. When their dinner was brought they ate still wrapped in each other. Once their dinner dishes were taken away a large slice of cheesecake was set in-front of them. They took turns feeding each other bites of the cheesecake and once it was gone, He slid out of the booth and held his hand out for her. They made their way to the elevator and Spencer looked at the envelope he had been given to check their room number. They made it up to the room and once they closed the door behind themselves. Lindley gently laid her coat on a chair. They both looked around the room. Seeing the rose petals spread across the king sized bed and the floor, instantly brought color to his cheeks. Lindley noticed a bag sitting on the dresser and opened it.
"Well, it seems Des went thru our suitcases when we weren't looking. This has a change of clothes for each of us."
"I should be disturbed by that, but I'm a little relieved."
Lindley chuckled and then went to the bathroom, "She brought our toiletry bags too. So we'll at least be clean when we go home in the morning."
"That's good too. I'm a little worried about what's in that bag though," Spencer said pointing to a small black gift bag on the night stand.
"Well, I check the other two, why don't you check that one."
"I don't know if I want to," he admitted.
She chuckled again and kicked her shoes off as she made her way over to the night stand. She peaked into the bag and pulled out it's contents, a box of condoms and a bottle of lube.
"Yeah, I'm glad you opened that. It's a little weird that your 'sister' would get us all of this."
Lindley pulled the clip out of her hair, laid it on the nightstand and then went to him and wrapped her arms around his neck running her hands thru his curls. "We don't have to do anything, but we have been technically dating for a little over a month now and this is the first time we have been completely alone and it'll probably be another month before we have an opportunity to have a night without Katie again. And I am due to start my period in a few days."
"But are you really sure this is what you want, when they will know when we go back in the morning."
"Derek already thinks we are anyway," she said pulling him down so she could kiss him.
He wrapped his arms around her and deepened her kiss.
She ran her hands across his shoulders down to the lapels of his jacket. She slowly started pushing it off his shoulders. He let go of her just long enough to let it fall from his arms and throw it behind her towards where she had laid her coat. Then he wrapped his arms back around her and pulled her closer.
She then went to work on his tie and eventually pulled it from his neck throwing it over her shoulder. Then she started on the buttons of his shirt, eventually pulling the tails out of his pants and running her hands back up his chest. Eventually she starting pushing his shirt off his shoulders.
They pulled away from each other to take a breath and he pulled his shirt off and threw it in the general direction of the rest of his clothes. "This isn't really all that fair. I'm now topless and you are still fully dressed."
Lindley laughed and pulled the zipper under her arm down. She then slowly started pealing her dress down. He gasped when her matching deep purple matching strapless bra and lace panties were finally revealed. She kicked the dress back towards the rest of the clothes. "I think, it's tipped back in your favor," she said going to sit on the side of the bed.
Spencer grinned at her and kicked off his shoes while he immediately started unbuckling his belt and ridding himself of his pants, before going to sit next to her. He cupped her face in his hand and started kissing her again. They laid back on their sides facing each other. She eventually took the hand he still had on her face and guided it down to her bra. He cupped her breast in his hand and gently squeezed running his thumb over her lace covered nipple, causing her to moan into his kiss. He slipped his bottom arm under her wrapping it around her pulling her closer than either of them thought would be possible. She pushed him onto his back and laid over him throwing a leg over him.
He pulled his lips from hers and started trailing lite kisses across her jaw and down her neck, his hand finding the back clasp of her bra.
When she felt it fall open she pulled away from him and sat up on her knees over his hips. She took her bra from laying across his chest and threw it over her shoulder before leaning back down and kissing across his collar bone. She then trailed a hand down his chest and into his boxers. She had barely ran her hand down to grip him in her hand, when he pulled her hand from him. She sat back up and looked at him questioning with a glance.
"Sorry, but if you start that, this will end before it really begins," he said wrapping his arms around her as he sat up.
She smiled at him and kissed him again.
He rolled them towards the pillows himself over her. His hand made it's way down into her panties a finger slipping between her folds finding her already practically dripping for him.
It was her turn to pull his hand away. "You're going to end it early now. I've been ready for this for sixteen years, Spence. I need you now."
His eyes searched hers only finding honesty and need. They both tore the other's underwear off and Spencer pushed his socks off with his feet.
She reached for the box on the night stand hand handed him a condom. He sat up on his knees, ripped the package open and rolled it on before leaning back down and kissing her again. He was positioned at her opening when he pulled his lips from hers, "Are you sure about this?"
"I've never been more sure about anything," she said wrapping her legs around him and pulling him closer. They both moaned as he slipped in the first little bit.
He slowly kept sliding in as they maintained eye contact. When he was finally fully seated inside he leaned back down and kissed her again. He took his time starting a slow pace but even keeping it slow, neither of them lasted long before they were quaking in each others arms.
When they finally came back to themselves, Lindley reached down and pulled the condom off of him and got up going to the bathroom, he tried to not get turned on again when she pulled it off and walked naked to the bathroom. She came back and got back in bed snuggling into his side resting her head on his shoulder. He wrapped his arm around her kissing her head as he pulled her closer.
Before long they were both sound asleep.

The next morning, just as the sun was starting to grace the sky, Lindley woke up smiling and watched him sleep for a few minutes, before kissing his shoulder and running her hand down his chest and further to stroke him to hardness. He moaned in his sleep and turned his head back towards her. She reached over and grabbed another condom and rolled it over him before she sat up and straddled him sinking down over him. They both gasped in pleasure and he finally woke up.
He sat up wrapping his arms around her and buried his face in her breasts peppering kisses and licks everywhere he could reach while she ground down over him. She eventually cupped her hands on his face and brought their lips together.
When they finally came together panting out each other's names, Spencer fell back against the bed bringing her with him.
"You are amazing," he said smiling up at her.
"You're not so bad yourself, Doc."
They laughed together and shared another heated kiss.
Lindley sat up after and said, "We really need to go take a shower and head out. The longer we stay, the harder time Derek is going to give you and Des will be plying me for details. Not that I would tell her."
"I know, but forgive me for really wanting to stay in this little bubble a little while longer."
"Well, we can stay in the bubble, in the shower. Come on," she said getting out of bed and heading to the bathroom.
He followed her smiling at how comfortable she was walking naked around him.
They showered and gathered their things together after getting dressed. They were able to pack everything in the one bag and heading out.

They got back to the house just after eight, Sarah and Des were not there yet and Derek was luckily not up yet nor was Katie. Fran was in the kitchen getting breakfast ready.
When everyone was there and awake they all sat down for breakfast and thou Derek kept giving Spencer a slight evil eye and Des kept smiling like a cheshire cat at Lindley nothing was said.
Breakfast was cleared away and Katie took Spencer to show him more photo albums, Derek watch tv and the women worked on more food preparations.

Chapter Text

By the time they all went to bed Wednesday night everything that could be done ahead of time was done. Pies were made, dressing was mixed, yams and green beans were even mixed. Sarah and Desiree left shortly after seven and everyone was headed to bed by eight, especially Lindley and Fran since they would be the first up to get everything started.
Spencer held Lindley close when they laid down.
"Not tonight."
"I know. I don't really want to with Derek across the hall. He's liable to hear the least little squeak of this bed and be over here trying to kill me."
"He won't kill you. Mame you a little maybe, but he wouldn't kill you because of Katie. He knows she needs you."
"I need her too. and you."
"I need you to, Spence. But right now, I need to get some sleep five am will come early."
"Go to sleep. I won't be far behind you," he said kissing her forehead.
Lindley smiled and snuggled into him further smiling as she closed her eyes.

When Lindley's alarm on her phone went off, she quickly silenced it and got on up making sure not to wake Spencer. She went downstairs and got the oven started. Fran came in just as Lindley reached for the pan they were going to cook the turkey in.
"Thank you, sweetheart. You could have slept a little longer if you wanted to."
"No. You shouldn't have to get everything started by yourself."
"Well, Thank you."
Fran pulled out a cookie sheet first and opened a couple cans of cinnamon rolls and threw them in while they got the turkey in the pan and seasoned. When the cinnamon rolls were done, Fran pulled them out of the oven and Lindley put the turkey in. They each pulled out frying pans and Lindley started on bacon and sausage while Fran iced the cinnamon rolls and scrambled a large bowl of eggs. In between flipping the bacon and sausage, Lindley got the coffee pot started. It didn't take long for Spencer to be following the smell of his coffee. He fixed his cup and then turned asking if there was anything he could help with. Fran just pulled plates down and handed them to him. "You can set the table please."
He took a swig of his coffee and then set it down on the counter and took the plates and went to get the table set for breakfast. While he sat the plates out, Fran pulled out silver wear and napkins. Spencer came back got another sip of his coffee and then grabbed what was laid out and went to sit it out as well. By the time the table was set, and breakfast was ready, Derek and Katie were awake and downstairs and Sarah and Desiree were walking thru the door.
They all sat down and ate before cleaning up from breakfast. As soon as everything was cleaned up Fran sent Derek and Spencer to get the artificial tree and boxes of decorations down from the attic, while all of the women set in to start final preparations and get everything cooked for lunch.
They sat down just after one to enjoy days worth of cooking. It was way too much food for them, but they wouldn't have to cook again other than breakfast until Saturday at least. They talked laughed and thoroughly enjoyed finally having everyone together at the same table. About an hour after everything had been covered but left out for later, Katie turned on a Christmas movie and Derek and Spencer set the tree up and got it ready to be decorated. The afternoon was spent decorating the house for Christmas still just being together.
That night since they were all up so early, they all were tired and went to bed early again.

Friday they all sat around watching Christmas movies and getting some rest before the travelers had to get packed back up to head back in the morning.
Saturday morning there was a knock on Spencer and Lindley's door, before it was cracked open. Katie stuck her head in and whispered, "Psst. Mom."
Lindley turned towards the door and cracked an eye open. "What?" she whispered back.
"Did you pack any... you know?" she whispered not wanting to wake Spencer or let him know why she was waking her mom.
"Yea. Just a sec," Lindley said getting out of bed and going to her suitcase. She opened it and dug in the bottom before handing Katie a double handful of pads. "Put some of them in your purse. Once we head out I won't be able to get to them again."
"K. Thanks," Katie said closing the door back as she left.
Lindley crawled back into bed and as she did, Spencer started to stir.
"What time is it?"
"Almost four."
"Why are you up?"
"Katie needed something."
He was instantly up sitting up. "Is she ok? What's wrong?"
"Nothing is wrong. Go back to sleep."
"She's waking you up at four in the morning. Something is wrong."
"She just forgot to pack something she needs."
"Why are you being cagey? What's wrong?"
"Seriously Spence. Nothing is wrong."
"Then what is going on?"
"OMG, Spence, it's a female thing. Not something she really wants her dad to know about."
He looked at her trying to figure out what she could possibly be talking about. Since it was so early, and even thou he was awake, he wasn't completely fully awake yet, it took a few seconds before it hit, "Oh! She got her..."
"Yes. Again not exactly something us girls want our dad's to know about."
"Sorry for pushing. I know she's old enough, I just hadn't really thought about it. I don't think I really want to."
"Then put it out of your mind and go back to sleep. Since I'm up now, I'm going to go to the bathroom myself. I'll be back in a minute," she said grabbing one out of her purse just in case on her way.
He laid back down staring at the ceiling. He was just getting used to having a daughter in the first place and though he knew she was old enough, to have confirmation that she was in some cultures already a woman, was unsettling.
He was still staring at the ceiling when Lindley came back empty handed. She got back into bed and curled into his side. "You too?" he asked.
"Sorry, but yep. Barely, but yes."
"So do I need to make sure the freezer is stocked with Ice cream, when we get home."
Lindley laughed, "No, just bring us chocolate, heating pads, and pain medicine."
"I think I can handle that," he said wrapping his arms around her and pulling her close kissing her before really trying to push the thoughts running threw his mind aside and getting a little more sleep.

Several hours later, they were all getting dressed and packing up what little needed to be packed before they went down for breakfast.
They all sat and ate a quiet breakfast together, before Lindley and Katie went back upstairs to make sure they had everything packed. "Kat, go change the sheets on your bed real quick, so Nana won't have to when we leave. When you get done take your sheets down to the laundry room."
"Ok," Katie agreed going into her room.
Lindley went to the room she and Spencer shared and did the same. Spencer came looking for her as she started putting fresh sheets on the bed.
"What are you doing?"
"Changing the sheets. Fran is going to change them when we leave. I'm just doing it for her. She shouldn't have to pick up after us."
"Ok. Need some help," he said going further into the room.
"Sure. Grab that side. As soon as this is done and the old sheets are in the laundry room, we'll be ready to go."
They got it done and Spencer grabbed both of their bags while, Lindley grabbed her purse and the dirty sheets, before they headed downstairs.
When Fran noticed both Lindley and Katie carrying sheets to the laundry room, she said, "You didn't have to do that. I could have done it later."
"We know, but now you don't have to, Nana."
"Well Thank you."
"You're welcome."
Lindley and Katie both hugged her. "Oh, I wish my extra girls, didn't have to go back."
"We'll be back around Christmas, won't we mom?"
"We are planning on it."
"You better be coming with them Dr. Reid."
"I am planning on it. Thank you for having me."
"Oh, Doc. You're family for real now. You're always welcome here," Fran said going and wrapping him in a hug too.
He smiled back at her, "Thank you."
"No problem, just try to get Derek to come with you too."
They all chuckled.
"Hey, what's so funny?"
"Just mom telling Spence to make sure to bring you home with us when we come back to visit too."
"Ma, I come visit as often as I can."
"I know, but I'd still like to see you more."
"Alright, I'll try," he said hugging her. "But now, we've got to get back. Love you, Ma."
"I love you too, baby boy. I love all of you," she said turning back to Lindley, Katie and Spencer.
They all hugged her again before Derek and Spencer went to load the car and then they were on the road headed back.

They got home just after lunch and before they dropped Derek off at his house, they stopped and had lunch. After they dropped Derek off they made their way home. When they got in the house, Katie dropped her bag in the floor and flopped down on the couch.
"No, ma'am. Go empty your suitcase and bring your dirty clothes to the washroom," Lindley said going straight to her room.
Katie rolled her eyes and huffed.
"Listen to your mom. Then you can rest," he said following Lindley.
Katie got up and did as she was told and then as soon as it as all put away, she flopped down on her bed and took a nap.
While Katie was napping, Spencer and Lindley got the laundry started and Spencer asked, "When do you want to put up a tree here?"
"We've got to get one first. She's allergic to cedar, so we've always had a fake one. Most of the time it was a tiny table top one, since we didn't have room for a full sized one."
"We can go find one tomorrow and whatever other decorations we need."
"I don't know if I can afford all of that at once."
"You don't have to. I'm paying for it. This is our first family Christmas. I want to do it right. I didn't have a tree at all growing up. I want this all for me just as much as I want it for you and Katie."
She wrapped her arms around him and kissed him before smiling up at him, "Well then we better get some rest this afternoon, if we are going shopping tomorrow. And I'm sure as soon as we get back, she'll want to at least get the tree up and decorated."
"Let's go watch a movie on the couch. This will take about an hour to cycle thru."
"Let's go."
They went to the couch and curled up together and started a movie, it had barely gotten thru the first thirty minutes when they were both sound asleep.

Chapter Text

Sunday, right after breakfast they got dressed and spent most of the day out shopping for decorations. By five Sunday afternoon, they couldn't fit another thing in the car. They had, had to lay the larger section of the back seat down for more room, but leave enough for Katie to sit and even then Katie and Lindley had bags around their feet. As Lindley had predicted, as soon as they got the car unloaded, Katie wanted to put the tree up. And Spencer agreed starting to open the box. Lindley moved her chair and side table over just a little bit to be able to put the tree in front of the front window. As soon as the tree was standing and they made sure the lights worked, Lindley started fluffing the limbs out and getting it ready to be decorated. While she did this, Katie and Spencer opened bags and started decorating the rest of the house with their purchases, putting stocking hangers on the electric fireplace mantle and getting the new stockings hung. Then they went outside and wrapped lights around the railings and attached bows to the railings. After they ate a lite dinner, they decorated the tree and got all the trash out before getting ready for bed. While Spencer was showering, Lindley repacked his go bag so it would be ready just in case, since he had to go back to work in the morning. Then she went to bed and waited for him. He came out and climbed into bed with her.
"I got your go bag repacked for you."
"Thank you. You didn't have to do that."
"I know, but you haven't had a chance to yet and what if you get a case in the morning?"
"I was going to get up early in the morning and do it, but since I don't have to now..."
"Now what?" she asked sliding down to lay down, grinning at him.
He grinned back as he leaned over and kissed her.
"You know, Spence, just because we can't finish this, there are other things we can do."
"What are you suggesting?" he asked grinning as he trailed kisses down her jaw to her neck.
She pushed him back and sat up pulling her top off, "I am suggesting anything above the waist," she said sliding back down.
He pulled his own shirt off and then wrapped his arms around her kissing her again. When he pulled away to start kissing down her jaw to her neck again, he whispered, "I like how you think,"
She giggled and then started trailing her own kisses everywhere her lips could reach and her hands started up his sides and across his back for her fingers to dig into his shoulders.
His hand found her waist and slowly made its way up as his lips made their way down her neck across her collar bone. As his hand found her breast palming it gently his lips found the other. He licked, nipped, gently pinched, pulled and sucked on her nipples as her hands found his and she teased his matching his movements. She bit her lips to stay as quiet as possible and he moaned as he continued his assault. It didn't take long before they were both trying to keep their moans muffled as they both managed to find release even though they had stuck to their agreement to keep things above their waists. It took them both by surprise.
When they found their breath, they both laughed. "I had no idea that could happen quite like that," Spencer said looking down at her.
"I didn't either, not for sure anyway."
He leaned down and kissed her again smiling.
She eventually pushed him away. "I think that's enough for one night. You might want to go change your pants before you go to sleep and I definitely need to go to the bathroom," she said getting out of bed.
"Yeah, I need to change. I guess I should go throw these in the washing machine."
"I'll come start a load before I go back to bed."
After he had changed and she had gone and started a load of laundry they both fell asleep wrapped in each other with smiles on their faces.

Monday morning Lindley got up and got some lil' smokies wrapped in croissant dough and in the oven before swapping out the laundry while Spencer and Katie got up and got ready for work and school. They quickly ate and then Spencer and Katie were out the door, leaving Lindley to finish all the laundry from their trip and get back to her work and school too.

Spencer went to work and went to talk to Rossi. He knocked on the door before just walking in.
"Come in, kid. Do you need something?"
"Well, actually I had something I wanted to ask you," he said sitting in a chair opposite Dave at the desk.
"What is it?"
"I would do it at my apartment, but it's too small and Lin's house isn't that much bigger."
"What would you like to do at my house?"
"I think it's been long too long. Everyone has been great at giving me, Lindley and Katie time, but I know they are beyond ready to meet Katie especially."
"So let me guess, you want to have a team dinner to introduce them to the team as your girlfriend, and daughter."
"I need to. I could find somewhere else if I need to."
"No. We haven't had a team dinner in a while. It would be nice to have a team family dinner."
"So you don't mind."
"No. I was actually thinking of having one soon anyway. This is a great reason to have one. Penelope especially will be bursting at the seams for this dinner."
"The only thing I'm afraid of, is that once she finally meets Katie, I won't have any time with Katie anymore."
"You might have to fight for it. And make room for Penelope's shopping sprees. She's going to try to make up time from being the fairy godmother she sees herself as for all the BAU kids."
"We don't have room to make right now. Even with my apartment and Lin's house. The new house we might, but that won't be done until spring."
"That long?"
"I want it done right, no matter how long it takes. And when they took down the inside walls there was some rot and all the wiring had to be redone. I'd rather it take longer and be done right than rushed and things need to be fixed too early."
"Good point. How was your trip?"
"Don't ask that. There are things I don't want to know. And If I don't want to know, no one needs to know," Derek said from the doorway.
"I sense a story there."
"All I will say is the Morgan women gifted Lin and I a night away from everyone. Nothing else needs to be shared."
Dave raised his eyebrow and smiled. "OOOK. I won't ask. How does this weekend sound if we don't have a case?" he asked looking back at Spencer.
"That would be fine. Thank you."
"No problem, kid."
"What's this weekend?" Derek asked.
"Team dinner. My house," Dave answered.
"I want to officially introduce Lin and Katie to the team."
"Oh. Ok. So, you two are really serious now."
"We've been serious. I'm just finally ready to share them with the team."
"Well let's hope we don't get a case. Did you get enough rest yesterday? The only time I left the couch was to walk Clooney."
"We went shopping yesterday and then decorated the house for Christmas."
"Don't you know how to rest?"
"I know we should have, but who knows if we'll have another weekend off before Christmas and I wanted to help them. It's our first Christmas together. I want to do everything with them. I never had a real family Christmas. Mom wouldn't allow any decorations in the house for fear that we would be watched if there were."
Derek just shook his head and they went to their desks and got to work.

Just before Spencer and the team should be leaving for the day, Hotch called them into the conference room.
"We have a case, but we won't be leaving until morning. We are going back to Alaska. So due to weather and flight time we'll leave at six in the morning. Before we get into the briefing, we were all invited to Ambassador Prentiss's annual Christmas party in two weeks."
"I'm so sorry guys."
"The director knows we have been invited and has mandated that we all attend."
"I'm sorry. She's doing it to make sure I show up."
"It's ok Emily. One night won't hurt us. Anyway, after this case we will be on stand down again until after the party."
"Well, before we go into the case, I have decided to have a team dinner this Saturday if we are back from the case too."
"We haven't had one in a while. I can't wait," Penelope said practically bouncing in her chair.
"Well anything else, before we get to it," Hotch asked.
They all shook their heads and they went over the case files.
An hour later they dispersed and went home to get a little rest before they headed out so early.

Chapter Text

Tuesday morning, Spencer woke up ridiculously early and got ready to leave for his case. He was putting on his jacket about to go give Lindley and Katie each a quick kiss goodbye before he left when he felt eyes on him. He turned and Lindley was standing in her bedroom doorway. "You weren't going to leave without saying good-bye were you?" she asked with a grin.
He smiled back at her, "Never. I was just letting you sleep as long as possible. You could still get another hour before you have to get up."
"I know, but I don't sleep as well when you aren't here anymore. And we've spent the last week together every night. I'm sure, tonight I won't get much anyway."
"Sorry. I really don't want to leave."
"I know, but you need to for yourself and for us. What you do is something not many can do. You are making a better world for everyone. I would never ask you not to go."
"But I've thought about it. I miss you both so much."
"We miss you too, but we call each other and now you have a tablet to face time us with. It'll just be a few days. You'll be back and on stand down again."
"And we have a fancy party to go to."
"That I have no idea what to wear to. And what about Katie?"
"I'll see if it would be ok if she can go with us or we can see if Dave's housekeeper can stay with her. I know she's fifteen, but with what I do, I'm still not comfortable leaving her by herself overnight."
"I'm not either, but. You've got to go now. Go tell her goodbye."
He nodded at her and went to Katie's room. He opened the door, and went to crouch down by Katie's bed. He pushed a stray strand of hair from her face, "Katie, sweetheart, I'm about to head out. I'll miss you."
"Miss you too, dad. Stay safe. Love you," she mumbled sleepily.
He stood, leaned over her and kissed her forehead, "I love you too, sweetheart. I'll miss you so much. But I'll be extra safe so I make it back home to my girls."
She smiled up at him before falling back asleep.
He smiled down at her and then left her room shutting the door behind himself. He slung his messenger bag across his shoulder and took his go bag from Lindley, before wrapping his free arm around her and kissing her solidly.
When she pulled back she looked up at him and said, "You better go."
"I know. I'll call tonight."
"We'll be waiting."
"Bye," he said giving her one more quick kiss. He almost slipped and said those three little words. He felt them, but he wanted the first time he said them to her to be as perfect as their night in Chicago. He almost said it then, but he wasn't quite ready yet. He finally left and headed straight to the airstrip for the case.

The case was finally wrapped up with the unsub committing suicide by cop in the end on Thursday evening. Spencer and the team didn't get to head home until Friday morning. It wasn't until they were on the plane headed home when Spencer remembered to ask Emily about the plus one for her mother's party, but before he could ask, Dave sat beside him and asked his own question.
"So Emily, this party of your mother's, is it appropriate for a fifteen year old?"
"I guess, why?"
"I was thinking, I'm not seeing anyone important right now and I'm sure the kid here and Lindley could use a night to themselves. I was thinking if it was alright with them if Katie was my plus one and then she could stay with me after the party so her parents could have time to themselves."
"Not you too. They need a chaperone not alone time," Derek complained.
"Take it from me, Spence, I know it's only been a few months, but take the time to yourself when it's offered."
"I'm with JJ. Take it when you can," Hotch agreed.
"I'm sure it will be fine if she comes. She may not have that much fun, a lot of stuffed shirts standing around drinking champagne and talking politics, but nothing outrageous."
"I'll ask Lin, if she's ok with it."
"I can ask her myself tomorrow evening at dinner. You are bringing them aren't you."
"Yes. They are coming, you did say it was a team family dinner."
"We finally get to meet Katie!" Penelope exclaimed having been quiet so far since she was so drained after this case. She hated having to go with the team to stay up all night and make sure communication lines stayed open in these remote areas. Luckily this case wasn't as bad as the last one in Alaska, but it wasn't by much.
"Yes, she's going to be there. I'm ready to share them a little with you all."
"I can't wait!!"
"Pen calm down. You're going to work yourself up so much you'll scare the poor girl when you finally get to meet her," Emily said laughing.
The rest of the team chuckled but then got quiet some working on their reports so they could go on home when they landed. Others taking time to rest.

Spencer went home and enjoyed a quiet evening with Lindley and Katie. After dinner he and Katie played a game of chess while Lindley called her dad just a normal night for them. Later after Katie went to bed, Spencer was sitting on the couch reading while Lindley finished straightening up the kitchen.
She finished and smiled to herself. She had been waiting all evening for this. She went to the couch and pulled his book from his hands as she straddled his lap. She sat the book on the coffee table before taking his face in her hands and leaning to kiss him.
His hands immediately went to her hips pulling her closer.
She eventually pulled away from him and stood up, holding a hand out for him.
He took her hand in his, stood and followed her to the bedroom. When she let go of him, she sat on the bed and slid backwards resting against the pillows. He followed her, wrapping his arms around her and kissed her again.
Her hands pulled on his shirt trying to get it off. He pulled back long enough to pull it over his head and throw it on the floor. While he pulled his off she pulled hers off and then they were kissing each other again lost in each other.
She eventually flipped them over straddling his hips and trailing kisses down his jaw his neck across his collar bone down his chest finding his nipples and teasing them as he did hers. Her hand then slipped down into his lounge pants finding him already more than half hard. She stroked him in her hand as she kept kissing lower dipping her tongue into his belly button, something he never had thought would send a jolt of pleasure down his spine.
Before she could get much further, he pulled her hands from his pants and flipped them back and teased her as she had done him. But when he got down to her pants he pulled them down and threw them on the floor with the rest of their clothes. He nipped at her thighs, but before he could get to his ultimate goal, she pulled him back up and kissed him. She fumbled around in her nightstand with one hand and eventually slammed a condom in his hand. "Now. Been waiting all week for this."
He quickly rolled it on and aligned himself before slowly sinking in. They moaned into each other's mouth as he fully sheathed himself inside her and she wrapped her legs around him. They found their perfect rhythm and before long, they were both shaking out their release wrapped in each other's arms and muffling their cries with kisses.
Once they had calmed their bodies down and came back down from their pleasure high, Lindley got up and picked all their clothes up throwing them in the laundry basket. Then she pulled his hand and he got up and followed her to the bathroom and they took a shower before going to bed.

The next morning they all lazed around the house eating lightly before they had to get dressed and get ready to go to Dave's for dinner. Lindley and Katie eventually got up and disappeared to the bathroom to start getting ready. While they were working on their hair and little bit of makeup Spencer got up and changed his clothes for the evening, a pair of his normal dress pants opting for Black tonight, a deep purple button up, with a black cardigan and his black chucks. While he waited on Lindley and Katie he picked up a book and read. Later when Katie's bedroom door opened he looked up. She was dressed much like him, but with jeans, her favorite t-shirt with a cardigan. She had her hair with half pulled up in a bun and the rest loose and curly.
"Do I look ok, to meet the rest of your team?"
Spencer smiled at her, "You look great sweetheart."
Then Lindley's bedroom door opened and Spencer got tongue tied. She also had on chucks and jeans, but she had on a deep blue vnecked sweater and leather jacket with her hair pulled up in a pony tail and light natural make-up. He loved that about her, she didn't wear make-up often, but when she did, it was always lite and natural in a barely there way that just enhanced her natural beauty.
"Are we ready to go?"
"I think so."
"I am, when you are," Spencer said finally finding his voice.
Then they headed to the car, locking up the house on their way out.

They got to Rossi's just under an hour later. Dave met them at the door, "Hey, there are the guests of honor. Derek brought Savannah, and everyone else is in the kitchen."
"Here we go, then," Lindley said taking a deep breath and smiling before leading the way to the kitchen.
After all the introductions were made, Dave told Spencer he had put a pot of coffee on for him.
Katie looked at Lindley with pleading eyes. Lindley rolled her eyes and then said, "One. Anymore and you won't sleep tonight."
Katie practically squealed and followed Spencer to the coffee pot. Spencer handed her a mug and they both set to fixing their cups of coffee. Watching them the whole room went silent. When Spencer and Katie had their cups fixed and turned back around everyone was staring at them with mouths hanging open. Everyone except Lindley anyway.
"What?" Spencer asked.
"That was so freaking weird," Penelope said.
Lindley couldn't hold it back anymore and burst out laughing.
"What was weird?"
"You two. I'm used to it, but the first few times it is weird to see. You have the same movements and fix your coffee the same. It's like being in a time warp and watching you now side by side with a younger you making a cup of coffee."
"You were right, Reid, all we have to do is watch her. She hasn't even said anything yet, but there is no doubt, she is definitely your daughter," Hotch said grinning.
The rest of the evening was spent talking and enjoying the dinner Dave had catered. Later in the evening Emily's mothers party was brought up.
"I still have no idea what Katie and I are going to wear. We've never been to a formal party before."
Hearing this gave Spencer an Idea, "Why don't all you girls go shopping tomorrow? Emily can help you find something. If you want to that is?"
"That would be awesome," Penelope exclaimed.
"I would appreciate the help. I have no idea what to wear to something like this, but I understand if you can't."
"No, that would be perfect. And give us more time to get to know you and Katie. And Penelope never turns down a chance to shop."
"Or have girls days," JJ added.
"No I don't. I'm so excited already."
"So, Pretty boy, what are you going to do while they shop?"
"I have a few things I need to work on."

Sunday the girls did go shopping and they all found new dresses for the party and enjoyed getting to know each other better. And Spencer snuck off to check on the progress at the house. He couldn't wait to be able to bring Lindley and Katie here and make this house a real home for the three of them.

Chapter Text

The next week Spencer thoroughly enjoyed getting to work on cold cases and be home with Lindley and Katie every night. And Lindley and Katie loved having him home with them. Every evening he would concentrate on Katie until it was time for her to go to bed, just as he had done before, but once she had gone to bed Lindley had his complete focus and he had hers. They tried to make up for all the years lost and time he spent on cases.

The night of Emily's mother's party Spencer got dressed in his tux and dress shoes, opting to wear his glasses since his contracts were giving him a little trouble. He tried to tame his hair to no avail and then waited for Lindley and Katie to finish getting ready in Katie's room. There was a knock on the door and he went to answer it.
"Hey kiddo, thought I would get the four of us a car tonight. Is Katie's bag ready for my house?"
"Come on in. I'll ask," he said going to knock on Katie's bedroom door.
The door cracked open just a bit and Katie stuck her head out, "Give us just a few more minutes."
"No problem, your Uncle Dave wants to know if your bag is ready though."
"Oh, yeah, just a sec," she answered and shut the door again. Very shortly after the door was cracked open again and a bag was being handed out.
Spencer took it from her, "The bag is ready. They are not."
"Well, I'm going to go on and take this out to the car. I'll be right back."
Spencer nodded as Dave went back outside.
Just as Dave was coming back inside, Katie's door cracked open again. "Are you ready for us?" Katie asked.
"Whenever you are ready Piccola," Dave answered smiling.
Katie stepped out in a blush colored 50's inspired tea length dress. The top was lace with a satin sweetheart necked underlay and three-quarter length sleeves. The skirt was layers of sparkled tulle. It had a satin belt with a rhinestone broach just off center. Her hair was partially french braided back to a loose bun. And she had silver sparkly low healed sandals with rhinestones across the toe band.
"You look beautiful, sweetheart," Spencer said getting choked up at how grown up she looked.
"I definitely have the prettiest date, this evening," Dave added.
"Just wait until you see mom," Katie said bouncing.
They all turned to the door and Lindley stepped out. She also had her hair pulled up in an elegant loose bun. Her dress was a floor length boat necked fitted black dress with a small row of rhinestones at the cuff of her long sleeves and the neck. It had a slit up just above her knee to allow for better movement. Her shoes had a red footbed and heel but the straps across her feet were rhinestones.
Spencer had trouble forming words at the vision she created. Even Dave was at a loss. Katie giggled and then said, "Turn around, mom."
Lindley chucked with her and slowly turned allowing them to see the back of the dress. The rhinestones around the front at the neck continued all the way around the dropped back of the dress, that came up just far enough to be decent.
"Wow. Was not expecting that," Dave said.
"Is it too much? Emily and Penelope were the ones that really said I had to go with this one," Lindley asked turning back around.
Spencer finally managed to find his voice, "You look exquisite. We definitely will have the most beautiful dates tonight." He took her hand in his and leaned to give her a quick kiss.
"One thing you three should definitely do before we head out is stand over there in front of the fireplace and let me take a picture of you all dressed up."
The three of them moved over to the fireplace, Spencer stood in the middle with Lindley on his right and Katie on his left his arms wrapped around their backs, while they each wrapped an arm around him.
Dave opened the camera on his phone and snapped several pictures. Then Lindley stepped away and he took some of just Spencer and Katie. There were also some of just Spencer and Lindley and Lindley and Katie. When they tried to drag Dave into the pictures he adamantly refused.
After all of the pictures were taken Dave opened the door and they all headed out. Spencer was the last one out and he locked up behind them.

Once they got to the party, Emily met them at the door. "Woh, Reid, you cleaned up nice. What's with the glasses though? I mean in a way they make the look, but you hardly ever wear them."
"I need a new pair of contacts, they were bothering me."
"Well you look great."
"Thank you, but I think it's Lindley and Katie that make this look. They are the better looking ones."
"They look great too, but I told them that when we went shopping. And I was right, they do look amazing."
"Yes they do," Hotch said walking up behind them.
"Well, is everyone ready to be bored out of their minds?" Emily asked taking Hotch's arm and leading them all inside.

As Emily had predicted the party was long and boring. After several hours, they were finally able to start leaving. When they got to Dave's they all chuckled and started trying to wake Katie up enough to get into the house and get a shower before she went to bed. Then the driver took Spencer and Lindley home. The minute the door was shut behind Spencer, Lindley had him against the door kissing him as if her life depended on it.
His hands found her hips and pulled her to him deepening the kiss as her hands found his hair.
They eventually pulled away from the kiss and when he caught his breath enough he asked, "What was that for? Definitely not complaining, just wondering."
She laughed and pulled out of his embrace. She started letting her hair down and took a few steps back. "I've been waiting to that since I walked out of that bedroom before we left," she said pointing to Katie's bedroom door. "Emily was right. The tux with your glasses is hot. There's only one thing you could have done to make it hotter."
He raised his eyebrow at her grinned and stepped forward wrapping his arms back around her waist, "And what would that be?" he asked into her ear as he found her earlobe and gently sucked on it before teasing it with his teeth causing her to gasp and then melt into him.
"If you hadn't shaved this morning. That little bit of stubble is incredibly sexy in the mornings."
He chucked as his lips continued their assault. Before long she was untying his bow tie with one hand and pushing his jacket off with the other and his hands were trying to find some way to get her dress off of her.
She finally managed to get his jacket off of him and then pulled back laughing at his fumbled attempts to find the zipper of her dress.
She turned and lifted her arm reaching over to unzip the dress herself, as the dress loosened she strugged her shoulders and let it fall off stepping out of it on her way to the bedroom.
Spencer groaned when he saw how little she had on under the dress. She had worn a backless bra, but otherwise now all she had left on was the bra and her shoes. He quickly started pulling at the buttons of his shirt and following her to the bedroom. As soon as the last button was undone on his shirt the yanked it off and threw it out of the way.
Lindley made her way to her bed and sat. Spencer kicked his shoes off and fell to his knees at her feet. He picked up on of her feet and slowly unbuckled her shoe pulling it off and kissing her ankle. Then he took the other foot and did the same. Then he started kissing up her legs going back and forth between them.
She reached behind herself and unhooked her bra pulling it off and throwing it somewhere else in the room. The further up her legs he went the more turned on she got. She moved her hands to her breasts and started massaging and stimulating them. It wasn't long before he reached his goal. He fully intended to take his time tonight. He himself, couldn't help the moan that came from him when he finally tasted her. He didn't think he would ever get enough of her.
As she fell back laying on the bed moaning as his expert tongue worked her, he slowly slid a finger inside and then a second curling them up. Her moans and incoherent babbles got louder the closer she got to the edge. He couldn't help himself hearing her, he found his own slight relief with his free hand undoing his pants and pushing them down before taking his hard aching length in his hand.
When he added a third finger pumping inside her curling his fingers with every inside thrust making sure to hit that hidden sweet spot, it wasn't long after he added the third finger that she was screaming out his name. He slowed down his movements but didn't withdraw his fingers until her body stopped it's involuntary movements. Then he licked his fingers clean before trailing slow gentle kisses up her body. When he got to her face he kissed her lips pouring his soul into it and kicking off his remaining clothes and wrapping her in his arms.
When she came back down, she reached down to take him in her hand. He pulled her hand back, she looked at him and realized what he was saying with his eyes and kissed him back pulling him over herself.
When he finally slid inside her soaked heat, he almost lost it then. it took every ounce of self-control he had left to hold back, and slowly pumping into her. Her body matched his movements and before long they were crying out each other's names again as they fell over the edge into the abyss of pleasure.
They lay there catching their breath for a while, before Spencer pulled out and rolled them to their sides. They shared several slow lazy kisses, before Spencer stopped his eyes going wide, "Uh, Lin?"
"We forgot a condom."
She immediately got up and went to the bathroom. He got up following.
"I know it's not much. I'll just watch everything extra close."
"You'll tell me if...?"
"Of course. You'll be the first to know if anything does or doesn't happen. But for now, we don't worry too much. What happens, happens. Let's go back to bed," she said cleaning herself up before washing her hands.
"We should clean all these clothes up," he said looking around the bedroom and into the living room.
"They will be there in the morning. Come on. It's late. Let's go to bed," she said taking his hand in hers and leading him back to bed.
He didn't say anything else, just followed her and crawled into bed behind her both of them still naked, pulling each other close falling into a well satisfied sleep.

Chapter Text

Sunday morning, Spencer woke up smiling as he held Lindley close and drank in the vision in his arms. He couldn't help but think about how amazingly lucky he had been to find her again after all these years and be able to share moments like this with her. And to top it off they had Katie, the best parts both of them. Maybe someday they would be able to give Katie a sibling, but right now in this moment everything seemed perfect.
Lindley started to stir and slowly blinked her eyes open seeing him watching her. "That's kind of creepy, you know."
"Sorry, but I couldn't help myself. You're so peacefully beautiful, while you sleep. You're always beautiful, but when you're asleep, it's hard to explain, but you just look so peaceful."
"Thank you, but it's still a little creepy," she said grinning at him before reaching up and kissing him.
He smiled into her kiss and wrapped his arms around her deepening the kiss.
When his hands started to wander, she pushed him back and ended the kiss. "As much as I want this to continue, I wanted to ask you something first."
"What would that be?"
"Dave isn't bringing Katie home until late this afternoon, so I was thinking. We could get out and go do a little Christmas shopping."
"Whatever you want to do. We do need to do that before we leave next weekend. And I'll more than likely have a case this week. We hardly ever get two weeks in a row without having one."
"So. I'm just surprised you've gotten so much time off these last few months."
"I've got a lot of time built up. And Hotch may seem like a hard ass most of the time, and with unsubs he is, but when it comes to family, he really isn't. Especially after Haley was killed."
"Things like that change a person."
"Yes they do. I guess we need to get up and get dressed so we can get some shopping done."
"We don't have to go right this minute. I'd say we have at least an hour before we need to get up and get serious about getting out for the day."
"An Hour?"
"Yep, any ideas, to keep us busy for that hour?" She asked grinning and lifting her head to kiss him again.
"I can think of something," He said grinning back letting his hands start to roam again and he rolled pulling her under himself.
She laughed as he started trailing kisses down her neck. "You are a genius."

An hour and a half later they were finally leaving the house. They spent the day shopping and just enjoying each other's company. They did manage to get most of their shopping done, and every time, Lindley went to pay for something Spencer would beat her to it. They got back to the house and left most things in the car, so that Lindley could get it out and wrapped while Katie was at school.

After their normal Monday morning routine Spencer left with Katie and took her to school, before going to work. As soon as they were gone, Lindley unloaded the car and got everything wrapped and under the tree before getting to work herself. Just as she was leaving to pick up Katie from school, her phone rang.
"Hello," she answered.
"Hey sorry, I got a case. I'm heading out to Vegas in a few minutes."
"Ok. Be careful."
"I will. This case is pretty ugly. I'm hoping we'll be back by Friday so I can repack."
"If not, I'll pack what I can for you."
"I know. I'll facetime you both tonight."
"Ok. See you this evening."
"See you later."
The rest of the week for Lindley and Katie was finishing up school and getting everything clean and starting to pack up to spend most of the next two weeks away and blocking out time in the evening to Facetime with Spencer.

For Spencer the week was extremely busy and tiring. It wasn't until late Thursday before they finally caught their unsub and since it was so late, Hotch had decided to stay until Friday morning to leave. Spencer requested a slightly late fly out time so he could stop and see his mom for a little bit before they headed out. He knew he'd see her again in a few days, but with her issues he really didn't want to spring Lindley and Katie on her in the last second. Their original plan was for him to see her the day they arrived in Vegas and then for Lindley and Katie to go with him the next day, but if she was having a bad day it would be better to tell her more than twenty-four hours. He got to Bennington at eight thirty in the next morning.
Diana was in her room eating her breakfast before finishing getting ready for the day. He gently knocked on the door. She turned and smiled, "Spencer, what are you doing here?"
"I was in town for a case and wanted to see you before I left."
"But you're coming to see me next week aren't you?"
"Yes I am. That's actually why I wanted to see you before then. I have to tell you something."
"Come here. You're nervous. What could be so bad?"
"It's not bad. I'm just not sure how you're going to react."
"What is it baby?"
"Mom, do you remember the summer before you came here, when I was working on my first doctorate?"
"You were so happy that summer. But I remember more after that. You were so sad. I worried so much about you."
"I met someone that summer."
"She broke your heart after that."
"Yes, but I recently found out why she quit writing me."
"You found her again."
"What happened, baby?"
"She got home and everything was fine for a while, but then her parents found out she was pregnant."
Diana's mouth dropped open.
"Her parents were going to force her to have an abortion the next day. She ran away from home that night. Her dad burned every reminder of that summer. She spent several months on the street, trying to find her way back to California. She ended up in the hospital in February and almost lost the baby."
"I have a grandchild."
"Yes. Her name is Katie. She's fifteen. I've only just gotten to get to know her myself."
"When do I get to meet her? What about her mother?"
"Lindley and I are trying to see if we can make us work now. And I am planning on bringing them with me next week. I just wanted to give you some warning before I spring them on you."
"I can't wait to meet my granddaughter."
"What about Lindley?"
"I'm not sure. She did break your heart."
"Mom. It's not her fault. Please be nice to her."
"Do you love her?"
"I never stopped."
"Have you waited all this time for her?"
"I think part of me was. I tried to move on a few times through the years, but..."
"You can't live your life waiting for something that might not happen. I did that with your father. It's not the way to live."
"But, it is happening. We've found each other again and are working on us."
"I just want you to be happy."
"I am, mom. I've finally found a piece of myself that has been missing."
"I'll make my decision when I see you together and actually meet her. What's my granddaughter like?"
The rest of the visit was him telling her all about Katie and showing her pictures of Katie and Lindley. Their visit was all too short, and before long he had to leave and meet the team at the jet to head back.

They got back right at dinner time. Spencer got home and the three of them had a nice dinner before finishing getting packed up or repacked in his case and getting the last few things cleaned up before they left.

Chapter Text

Saturday morning they were up and headed out before day break to make their seven am flight. Their flight landed just after one and were greeted by her dad. He wrapped Lindley in a hug. "It's so good to finally see you again."
"You too. Dad, this is Katie and Spencer."
"Katie, it's so good to meet you. Spencer you too."
They both returned the sentiment.
Then he turned back to Lindley, "My sister surprised me yesterday. She really wants to meet you."
Lindley laughed, "It's ok. It'll be nice to meet more family. Are you sure you have enough room for us all? We could find a room. I don't want to make things too crowded."
"I have plenty of room. And even if I didn't, she could get a room. You don't have to."
"Are you sure?"
"Yes. I'm sure. Now, do you have any bags to pickup?"
"Unfortunately, we did have to check one bag."
"Then let's go get it and head to the house. Your aunt is getting a late lunch ready."
They all then went to the baggage claim and Spencer grabbed the bag as it came around to them. Then they all headed out to the car. Spencer and Katie opted to sit in the backseat and let Lindley sit with her dad.
They eventually pulled up to the house and Lindley turned to look at Spencer and Katie after she saw the vibrantly dressed blonde waiting on the front porch. They looked at her just as confused as she was.
Once the car was parked, They all got out of the car.
The woman on the porch started walking towards them and once she recognized them, she stopped and her jaw dropped. "OMG! Seriously!"
"Pen, this is..."
"Lindley! I know! You can't be serious!"
"Hi Penelope," Lindley, Spencer and Katie said in unison.
"Wait? What am I missing?" Preston asked.
"Pres, Spencer and I work together. We're in the same unit."
"This is too bizarre. Now we just have to find some way I have a connection to Hotch."
"I know right!" Penelope squealed.
"What does that mean?"
"Let's go inside and we can explain," Spencer said.
"Please, you said, Aunt Penny was getting lunch ready. I'm starved," Katie added causing them all to laugh.
When they sat down to eat lunch, Lindley explained her comment outside.
"That's odd."
"Just proves it really is a small world."
After lunch Preston showed Lindley and Spencer to their room and Katie her room across the hall from them.
They spent the rest of the day trying to get some rest and get to know Preston better. They spent Sunday the same way and then on Monday, Preston surprised them with a trip to DisneyLand.
Tuesday morning Penelope loaded her things up and headed back home to get back to work on Wednesday.
After she left Spencer packed up his and Lindley's things so she could spend her last little bit at her dad's with her dad. After a lite lunch, they all loaded up and Preston took them to the airport where they caught their short flight to Las Vegas.

Once they got to Las Vegas, Spencer rented a car and took them to the hotel he had made reservations at. He surprised Lindley and Katie with a huge suite with two separate bedrooms and bathrooms on either side of a decently sized living room area with a small kitchenette. He purposely did this so that, if his mother was having a good day, they could bring her back here and have a more private visit with her. They spent the afternoon resting and watching tv, calling in room service for dinner. They all decided to go to bed early and get some much needed extra sleep. The last few days had been busy and the next several would be just as busy. Wednesday morning they got up and had room service for breakfast.
"I've been thinking. Why don't I go by myself, while you ladies finishing getting ready. If she's having a good day, I could bring her back here so we can have a little more private visit with her."
"If that's what you want," Lindley replied.
"What if she's not having a good day? Will I still get to meet my grandmother?"
"If she's not having a good day, I'll come back and get you and take you to meet her. If she's not having a good day, it will be better to have her nurses handy. You will still meet her. I just want to make sure of her headspace. If it's a really bad day, I want you to be prepared. Both of you. Her bad days, can be really bad. She has been known to get slightly violent. I don't want you to see that. Those days are rare, but they have happened."
"It's fine, Spencer. You know her. We don't yet. You know what is best when it comes to her."
"Mom's right dad. I just really want to meet her. I waited all this time to have you and all of the sudden you're here and I have a grandpa and now a real grandma. I know she isn't well and Nana will still be a more traditional grandmother role, but she's my real grandma."
"I know, sweetheart. I just don't want you to be disappointed."
Katie got up and hugged him. "I know dad. Go. We'll be ready for whatever happens."
He hugged her back and then got up and went to finish getting dressed, while Lindley and Katie finished their breakfast.
After he left, Lindley got all of the breakfast dishes together and back on the cart pushing it outside to be picked up. Then she went and got herself dressed and ready. Once they were dressed and ready, Katie and Lindley looked thru the extra bag and pulled out the gifts they had brought for Diana and set them on the coffee table waiting to hear from Spencer.
Just when Lindley thought she was going to have to call and check on Spencer, the door to their suite opened, and Spencer walked in with a slightly scared looking older woman. Lindley stood and Katie followed.
"Mom, everything is fine. This is Lindley my girlfriend," he said leading her over to the couch. "And this..." he said holding a hand out towards, Katie. She took it as he pulled her in front of his mother, "is Katie, our daughter, your granddaughter."
Diana immediately brought her hands to her face, "Oh, Spencer. She's beautiful. She looks so much like you did at her age."
"Wait until you see them make their coffee next to each other. It's weird," Lindley said grinning up at Spencer.
"He drinks too much coffee," Diana said.
"What? You do. It's why your so skinny."
"I'm trying to feed him a little better than he feeds himself."
"Good. He needs it."
"Mom, would you like to sit down."
She nodded and went to sit on the couch. Spencer sat on one side of her and Katie sat on the other side. Lindley sat in a chair on the opposite side. She couldn't seem to take her eyes off of Katie. "I can't get over how much you look like my boy."
"Mom says I'm more him than I'll ever be her."
"Where are you at in school?"
Katie then proceeded to tell her everything about her school and where she wants to go when she finishes high school. They talked for hours and by the time Spencer had to take her back, Katie and Diana had bonded over just about everything and when Spencer left, with Diana they hugged and Diana was almost in tears having to leave them. "Don't worry mom. I'll bring you back tomorrow. Maybe tomorrow, you can open your presents, since we talked all day today."
"The only thing I need is to see you all."
"I'll bring you back and Katie can call you now too, when we go home."
When he was headed back from dropping his mom off, he called Lindley and had her and Katie meet him downstairs. They spent the rest of the day with Spencer showing them all his favorite places growing up from the house he grew up in, his old schools, favorite parks, and library. Then he took them out to dinner before they headed back to the hotel for the night.
Thursday morning right after breakfast, Spencer headed out and went to pick up his mother again bringing her back with a nurse this time, so she could stay out longer and have someone to administer her medicine when it was time. They spent the entire day much like the day before, calling room service up for lunch and eventually giving Diana the gifts they had brought for her. Spencer had brought her a few new books to add to her collection as well as some new clothes to replace some older things she had. Lindley started her a photo album of pictures of Katie as well as a couple framed pictures to put on her wall. Katie with Spencer's help had gotten her a necklace wtih two flat disks the smaller one in the front middle had "my grandkids" and a hear engraved on it and the second larger one had "You are my Sunshine" engraved on it. There was a third ring around the outside that held Katie's birthstone hanging from it.
"Maybe eventually, they can add more to it, when they finally decide to give me a brother or sister and you another grandchild."
"I have a feeling it won't take as long as you think it will," Diana whispered as she leaned over to her.
"I hope so," Katie whispered back giggling.
Unfortunately, a little later in their visit, Diana slipped into her professor mode as she looked at the books Spencer had given her. He and the nurse managed to talk her into getting in the car to "go to a lecture" and took her back.
It broke Lindley's heart to see Spencer and Katie's enthusiasm at getting to see her drop when she slipped into it. While Spencer was gone she went out of her way to call room service and make sure a good dinner would be waiting when he got back. Then later after Katie retired to her bedroom, Lindley slipped into a little red satin nighty she had packed just in case they found time alone on this trip. She stepped in front of him and took his hand in hers leading him to their bedroom and showed him how much she cared about him and made him forget the end of the visit with his mother at least for a little while.

Chapter Text

Friday morning Spencer and Lindley woke to pounding on their bedroom door. "Mom...Dad...We've over slept. We have to be headed to the airport in about 45 minutes. WAKE UP!"
Lindley pulled herself away from him, sitting up. "Shit. We've got to get around."
"We're getting up. Go get dressed and repacked. We'll be out once we're ready to go," Spencer answered back. He quickly got amused watching Lindley throw the covers back and start frantically searching for the clothes they had thrown around the room the night before not bothering to put anything on yet still in all her naked glory. He climbed out of bed himself and grabbed the clothes on the floor of his side of the bed and then went to Lindley taking the clothes she had gathered from her. He sat them on the dresser with what he had picked up. "Come on let's take a quick shower and then we can repack as we get dressed and make sure we have everything. It'll be fine."
"No buts. We'll make it. Come on," he said pulling her into the bathroom. They took a quick rinsing shower before getting out and as Lindley dried herself off and started putting their dirty clothes in a laundry bag and making sure they had all of the clothes that had been scattered, Spencer took their body wash bottles, shampoo and conditioner bottles and started drying them off in order to pack them once they were done and went thru his normal bathroom routine. Once Lindley had all the clothes repacked and her clothes for the day out she threw her outfit for the day on and switched places with Spencer in the bathroom throwing her hair up and quickly running thru her morning bathroom routine throwing her toiletries in her bag as she finished. While she was in the bathroom, Spencer got his clothes out and made sure he had everything packed back before throwing his clothes on. Once they were both dressed and repacked they slipped their shoes on and grabbed their bags meeting Katie in the living room.
"Do you have everything?" Spencer asked her.
"I do. I walked back thru when I thought I was done. I have everything. Did you two double check?"
"I'm about to," he said putting his bag down and going back in the bedroom. After he checked and didn't find anything, he came back out and grabbed his bag and the gift suitcase and they headed out. They first went and turned the rental car in and then went straight to the airport. Once they were on the plane and in their seats, Spencer turned to Lindley, "See I told you we'd make it."
"We barely made it. They were about to close the gate when we got here."
"But we did make it."
"Fine. We made it, but I'm setting an alarm now for Monday," she said pulling her phone out of her small purse and setting an alarm like she said she would.
He chuckled and Katie rolled her eyes. "I'm so ready to see Nana and tell her all about California and Vegas."
"I wonder if Pen has already told Derek. I would give just about anything to have seen his face."
"She was headed in to a case, she might not have had time to tell him anything yet."
"Penelope can't keep something this big to herself for very long. I love her like a sister, but she couldn't keep a secret to save her life. We've timed how long it takes her to spill before. Her record is only about six hours."
"Well we'll see when we get to the house, if she's had time to spill yet. But right now, I'm going to try to get some rest. We won't be getting much more until we get back home."
"Go on, feel free to use me as a pillow," Spencer said kissing Lindley on the forehead.
Katie shook her head watching them.
Lindley snuggled into Spencer's side and closed her eyes.

Three and a half hours later the plane was landing so Spencer started to wake Lindley and Katie, who had fallen asleep leaning against Lindley. When they were awake and were cleared to exit the plane they gathered their bags and headed inside to pickup their gift bag. They were only slightly surprised to see Fran waiting for them.
"Nana!" Katie yelled and ran to hug her.
"There's the rest of my kids. If only Derek could be here for Christmas. How was California and Vegas?"
"Interesting to say the least," Lindley answered while Spencer grabbed their bag.
"I'm surprised you haven't heard yet," came from Spencer.
"How would I have heard?"
"I think it would be better if we wait to explain when we get to the house."
"Well let's go then."
Due to the traffic it took them almost an hour to get back to the house. When they got there and were unloading the car, Fran told them they would have the same sleeping arrangements as they had at Thanksgiving.
While Spencer took his and Lindley's bags to their room, Fran pulled Lindley aside. "That thing we talked about, I called they closed early yesterday and are closed today. I went buy and picked it up for you the other day. It's in my nightstand. You can get it whenever you want."
"Thank you so much. I don't know how to thank you."
"You don't have to."
Spencer came back and they stopped their conversation. "Is there anything we need to help with?"
"No. I ordered pizza for lunch. It should be here anytime. I only get you for a couple days this time. I want to enjoy as much as I can and you all need to get some rest."
The doorbell rang then and Fran went to open it. She was surprised to find Derek on the other side holding the pizza she had ordered. "Someone ordered Pizza?" he said smiling.
"Oh. Get in here. I'm so happy you made it," she said opening the door wider to let him in and hugging him as he came in. "Look who I found," she then said leading him into the kitchen.
"Hey, Pretty Boy, sis, Princess."
"Uncle D. You made it."
"Case wrapped up a little early. I came straight from Maine. Everyone else took the jet home. I took a commercial here. How was California and Vegas?"
"You haven't heard yet?" Spencer asked.
"How would I have heard anything?"
"Aunt Penny hasn't said anything yet?"
"Why would Penelope know anything? Did you see her in California?"
"You haven't talked to her?" Lindley asked.
"Not about anything no case related."
"Well, I never have told you what my biological father's name is, have I?"
"It's Preston Garcia."
"Wait as in..."
"Yep. Penelope is my biological aunt."
"For real?!"
"Yep. Just figure out some way I might have a connection to Hotch and I'm your teams Kevin Bacon."
"This is crazy. The likely hood of that is pretty slim, I mean you were born in California and raised in New Jersey."
"Yes, but according to my dad, my mom ran away from home when she was eighteen. I haven't asked where she was originally from. I'm not sure why I haven't yet."
"You might want to before long," Fran said. "Just to see if there is someone there that might have known her so you could find out more about her."
"I know. There's just been a lot going on and I just hadn't thought of it."
They ate their pizza and then relaxed around the living room watching Christmas movies on TV.
Later that evening while everyone was getting changed and getting ready for bed, Lindley snuck into Fran's room and got the package out and took it to the room she shared with Spencer hiding it in the nightstand on her side of the bed. After she and Spencer were both showered and crawling into bed she sat on her side leaning against the headboard. "Aren't you ready to go to sleep?"
"Actually, there is something I want to give you. I know we said we were waiting until we get home to do anything for the three of us. But I want to do this part now just us."
"It's just, I don't want to pressure you into anything. This is completely up to you, but I want you to know whenever you are ready," she said before leaning over to the nightstand and pulling out a letter sized brown envelope and handed it to him.
He turned the envelope over and opened it. He pulled out a set of papers and tears immediately sprang to his eyes.
"If you don't want to, I understand."
He started vehemently shaking his head, "That's not it at all. You don't know how much I want this. Can we give this to her tomorrow? We can file it on Monday before we leave."
Lindley nodded, "Yeah. We can fill out most of it tonight, if you want to."
"Got a pen."
She smiled and reached over to get one handing it to him. The worked on it for about an hour getting most of it filled out. Then he put the pen and the papers on his nightstand, before turning back to Lindley and kissing her deeply. She wrapped her arms around his neck and laid down bringing him with her.
He eventually pulled back a little, "We can't not here," he whispered.
"Why not?"
His eyes went wide, "What if Derek or anyone else for that matter, heard us?"
"I can be quiet. Can you?"
"I can, but what if the bed squeaks?"
"So we go slow," she said grinning and kissing him again moving her hands to slowly pull his t-shirt up and over his head throwing it aside when she got it off.
He deepened the kiss and moved his hands under her shirt pulling it up to do the same, then moved to kiss down her neck to her breasts. While his mouth was busy with her breasts, his hands traveled lower and slowly slid them inside her pants pushing them down and squeezing her ass as she kicked them off and wrapped her legs around him, pushing his pants down with her feet. Then when his hand found her wet heat, she gasped and grabbed his head bringing it back up to bring their lips together and let her hands wander down to his quickly hardening length stroking him slowly to full hardness. When neither of them could wait any longer he pulled away from her and grabbed a condom out of his toiletry bag in his nightstand. He quickly rolled it on and then slowly entered her kissing her again as they swallowed each other's moans. They slowly rocked together eventually falling over the cliff into bliss, before eventually tossing the condom and then curling up in each other's arms falling asleep.

The next morning they got up and quickly cleaned all the evidence of the night before and quickly got dressed and went downstairs. Spencer put the envelope under the tree on their way to the kitchen. Fran was just putting the last of breakfast on the table and they all sat down to eat. Fran kept slyly grinning at Lindley and Spencer and Derek kept rolling his eyes every time he looked their direction. When Desiree finally asked what was going on Katie, busted out laughing.
"Nothing. Let's just finish breakfast and then finish getting lunch together before we go to the living room and see what Santa left Katie."
"Pretty boy, while the ladies are in the kitchen, we are going for a walk," Derek said before taking a bite of his eggs.
Later when the breakfast dishes were done and the girls started pulling out more dishes and things out of the refrigerator, freezer and pantry, Derek handed Spencer his coat, "Come on let's go for a walk."
Spencer rolled his eyes and took his coat following Derek, giving Lindley a quick kiss on the way out.
While Derek and Spencer took their walk, Derek waited several minutes before starting. "You know I love you like a brother right?"
"Yes. What's going on?"
"I know you were trying to be quiet, but we all heard you last night. I just want to make sure, you are really serious about her. You are my little brother, but she's my little sister."
Spencer turned so red he could have been the traffic light. "Sorry."
"Just so you know, I really am happy for you both. You both deserve the best and I couldn't pick anyone better for either of you. I just want to make sure you are both serious about making it work."
"I understand. And I am serious. We are giving Katie the paperwork to change her birth certificate today. And though it's too early, maybe this will prove how serious I am," he said pulling a small bag out of his pocket and handing it to Derek.
Derek took the bag and opened it. He stared back at Spencer with his mouth hanging open after seeing it's contents.
"I got it out of my safe deposit box in Vegas, after I dropped my mom back. I keep it in my pocket or my messenger bag so she doesn't find it yet. I bought it for her on my eighteenth birthday."
"Wait. You bought her a ring on your birthday?"
"I knew then that she was it for me. I was walking to class and saw that in a window. It was screaming her name at me, so I went and gambled to get the money for it and made sure that one day when the time was right she would have it. I know it's still to early, but I want it easier to get to when the time is right."
"I can accept that. Just promise me you won't run off and get married without a best man."
"I'll see what I can do. She has a say in it too. Probably more than I do."
Derek laughed and threw an arm around him handing the bag back. "Especially when Penelope finds out. I mean since she is Lindley's actual aunt."
"Oh God. Running off and eloping is sounding better and better. I don't know if I could take Penelope taking over planning like she does with all the team get togethers."
"Then at least please just let me know."
"Ok. Now can we go back. It's freezing out here."
Derek laughed and they turned around and headed back.
When they got back to the house, Spencer stopped and kissed Katie on the forehead and then went kissed Lindley's cheek on his way to the Living room to wait with Derek until the ladies were done in the kitchen.
Once the last of the food was in the oven the ladies went and joined them in the living room. They sat around and talked and laughed waiting for the timers to go off for lunch.
After lunch was finally ready they all sat down and ate such a big Christmas lunch that none of them would be hungry when supper time came around. Then they all returned to the living room and set in to exchange gifts. When the last gift was opened and all the trash was being gathered, Spencer stopped them all.
"There's actually one more present for Katie. I know we all agreed to wait until we get back to Virginia, but your mother and I have something we want to give you now," he said handing the envelope to her and wrapping his arm around Lindley pulling her to his side.
Katie slowly opened the envelope and pulled the papers out, silently reading over them. Tears sprang to her as she realized what it was. "REALLY! I can change my name?"
"Yes, and if you keep reading, we are adding me to your birth certificate."
She threw herself at Spencer and Lindley wrapping her arms around both of them, "Can I change my first name too? Or just my last name?"
Lindley looked at her questioningly, "Your first name?"
"I've never gone by Kathleen. Can we please just shorten it to Katie? It's all I've ever really gone by anyway."
"If that's what you really want. We have to finish filling out the papers. We left somethings blank to fill out with you. If it's what you really want, I'm fine with it," Lindley said.
"All I really want it to officially be your dad. If it's what you want, I'm fine with it."
"I really get to be Katie Reice Reid." Then she threw her arms around them again.
Later after all the trash was picked up and Sarah and Desiree left for the evening, Derek got up and went to take a shower, and Fran sat watching the news, Lindley Spencer and Katie finished filling out the papers.
Sunday Derek left and went back to Virginia while everyone else lazed around and enjoyed a quiet Sunday.

Monday morning everyone got up and they had a big family breakfast before Spencer, Lindley and Katie packed up to head back to Virginia themselves. They stopped at the courthouse and got the papers to amend Katie's birth certificate and were told they would be notified when a court date was set. Then they went on to the airport and went home.

Chapter Text

Due to weather delays they didn't get home until late Monday night. They grabbed dinner on the way home and after they threw their bags in the laundry room and ate, they each took a quick shower and fell into their beds exhausted.

Tuesday morning, Lindley was the first one up. She got the laundry started and then went to start breakfast. She had just pulled Spencer's coffee out of the cabinet to start the pot brewing when arms wrapped around her waist and kisses were rained on her neck and shoulder. "You're up early," she said smiling as she leaned back into his embrace.
"You weren't there."
"Well someone had to get up and start the laundry and breakfast," she said turning in his arms as he bent to capture her lips with his.
Before the kiss got too heated, Lindley pulled back, "I need to flip the sausage so it doesn't burn."
Spencer reluctantly let her go and started fixing the coffee pot. " I had a message on my phone this morning. You probably have one too."
"Oh, what is it? I didn't look at it when I got up."
"The team left for a case this morning, so Christmas with Dave is on hold until they get back."
"Hopefully they get home soon and safe. But, I could use a day or two to rest. It was a great trip and I loved every second, but I don’t know how you do it, I'm still exhausted."
He huffed out a laugh, "I take a lot of naps on the plane home. But even then it wasn't easy at first. Now it's hard to have a normal schedule. I'm so used to traveling."
"I don't think I could ever get used to that much travel. A little is fun every now and then, just not every week."
"I take it then that you don't see yourself joining the FBI when you finish school?"
"No. The one case was enough. That's not for me. I'll leave that to you."
He laughed again, "So have you decided what you eventually want to do?"
"No. Sometimes I think about teaching, others trying to write. Who know at this point. I'm just getting started."
"When will you get your grades from this semester?"
"I'm not sure, I haven't checked any of them while we were gone. I'll check afterwhile. It was nice to be unplugged and spend time with family."
"Do you have a schedule for next semester?"
"Yes, still doing it like last semester, mostly online. I'm taking a couple general classes and a psychology and creative writting. It's going to be hard, with work, but I think I can do it."
"I'll help you with anything you need. I'm here for you too."
"I know."
Just as she said that, Katie's door opened, "Please let me have coffee this morning. I don't know if I can do anything without it today."
Spencer and Lindley shared a smile and he pulled two mugs out of the cabinet holding one out to her.
"Thank God!"
"Don't worry, you can lay around and do nothing, except put up your laundry when it's done today. I won't even make you put on regular clothes."
"But what about Christmas with uncle Dave?"
"Postponed. They have a case. He had to leave," Spencer answered.
"Maybe later you'll be awake enough to see what we got you for Christmas?" Lindley asked with a grin as she pulled the sausage out of the pan. Then she pulled a pan of cinnamon rolls out of the oven.
They sat and ate breakfast, and once the kitchen was straightened back up and the laundry was switched out, they all collapsed on the couch or a chair and watched tv for a while.

It wasn't long before, Lindley noticed Katie sound asleep on the couch. When the laundry beeped that it was done, she got up and went to swap it out. On her way she motioned to Spencer to look at Katie. He smiled when he saw her so relaxed in sleep. He quietly and gently, with strength he didn't realize he had picked her up and took her to her bed laying her back down and covering her with a blanket.
Lindley came back into the living room with a laundry basket full. She sat on the couch where Katie had been sleeping and started folding. When she finished Spencer took his things and put them up and then took Lindley's and put those up, while Lindley put Katie's things away. Then they both returned to the couch and curled up together with a blanket and before long they were a sleeping tangle of limbs.

After a couple hours, Katie got up and found Spencer laying on his back on the couch one arm wrapped around Lindley who was tucked into his side between himself and the back of the couch. She grabbed her camera and after she snapped a quick picture she then went to upload all the pictures she had taken while they were gone to her computer and went thru them downloading most of them onto a flash drive for the final piece of Spencer's Christmas gift.
Lindley and Spencer were woken by the doorbell ringing. "I ordered pizza. I hope that 's ok."
"It's fine. What time is it?" Spencer answered.
"It's one thirty."
"Where's my wallet?"
"Don't worry, I ordered it online and used mom's account."
Katie opened the door signed the receipt and took the pizza taking it to the island when she closed the door.
Spencer and Lindley got off the couch and followed her. "I should have paid for that."
"Relax Spence, you paid for ninety percent of our Christmas Vacation. My dad paid for the other ten percent. I can afford a pizza."
After they ate their late lunch, straight out of the box not bothering with plates, they sat down and Spencer went to sit in the floor in front of the tree. Lindley and Katie shared the couch.
Lindley rolled her eyes and grinned, "Go on. I know you're dying to."
He smiled like a kid in a candy store before starting to pull boxes out from under the tree. He made piles and once he was done, he handed Katie the first box. The first few boxes were clothes. She wore uniforms to school, but needed new jeans and a couple shirts for after school and weekends and a new coat. Then he handed her a larger box and handed Lindley a matching box. They opened them together finding brand new laptops. "We talked about getting Katie one, but yours is second hand too and won't hold a charge. So I had Penelope get you both one. She upgraded the security settings and made sure they are just as secure as anything she has."
"You didn't have to do this."
"I wanted to. And it's something you need."
"Thank you," Lindley said putting it aside and leaning over to give him a kiss.
"You're welcome," he said kissing her back before handing them both another smaller box.
"Spencer, you didn't?"
"Same reasons. And it's been Penelope upgraded too."
"Holy crap. Really!?" Katie said when she opened it and found a brand new smart phone.
"Yes. And you've both been added to my plan. No more buying phone cards. There is a list of your preset speed dial numbers in the boxes too. Penelope did all of those."
"We will have to thank her when the team gets home and we get to see her again."
Then Katie went to sit in the floor and pulled out a few boxes handing them to Spencer.
The first was a nice tie. Then he opened a deep purple cardigan. The final box he was a little confused by. It looked like a picture frame, but he couldn't find a way to open it.
Katie, laughed and then took it from him. "Nana helped with this a little. I know she gave you the photo albums, but I thought of this for your desk at work," she explained putting batteries in the back and pulling a small sd card and putting it in a slot in the back also. Then she turned it on and handed it back to him.
Tears came to his eyes as the pictures began to flash in the frame. He wrapped an arm around her and they just watched the pictures.
While they watched, Katie handed Lindley the last package. Lindley opened the box and found a gold locket. When she opened it she found a picture of Katie on one side and Spencer on the other. She then went to sit in the floor with Katie and Spencer. She hugged Katie and thanked her and catching Spencer's eyes, thanked him over Katie's head.
They sat in the floor in front of the tree watching the pictures after that laughing at some and smiling at each other over others. When it finally got to the end Spencer and Lindley laughed thru asking when she had taken it.
"Right before lunch. When I woke up from my nap."
They laughed again before getting up and cleaning up all the paper and boxes. Once everything was cleaned up again, Spencer took out the trash and then ran out to pick up burgers for dinner.
After they ate dinner and were all getting ready for bed, Lindley said, "We really need to go buy groceries tomorrow. I think there might be enough cereal for breakfast in the morning, but that's about all we've got left."
"Ok. I think we'll have rested enough to do that."
When Katie finally went to bed, Lindley got up and went to change her clothes to get ready for bed. Once she changed, she opened the door and Spencer's mouth fell open.
"How about one last Christmas present?" she asked leaning on the door frame wearing a small purple nighty.
He was up and off the couch claiming her lips with his picking her up and kicking the door closed with his foot. They fell into bed both worshiping each other's bodies, bringing each other over the edge into complete bliss before eventually falling asleep wrapped in each other still naked.