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Storybrooke High

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“I’m really glad you did this, Regina,” Snow said with a smile. “Storybrooke High will be amazing.”

The group of adults, soon to become teachers, were crowded around the entrance to their new boarding school. It was slightly purple in decoration, everything slotted neatly into place. An arch welcomed them with warm, curling letters painted on it, giving you every impression that the staff in this school were normal. 

Truth to be told, they were not. 

First of all, there was Miss Regina Mills, the headmistress of the school, formerly known as The Evil Queen. She had an equally past evil (sorry, wicked) sister called Zelena Mills, who was her deputy headmistress and loyal friend. 

Then there were the science teachers: Mary Margaret Blanchard (also known as Snow White), taught Physics, Doctor Victor Whale (also known as Victor Frankenstein), taught Biology, and Phillip Prince (also known as Prince Phillip), taught Chemistry. 

The English teacher was an author called August Booth, who had an ancient typewriter that he insisted on using in class. The Maths teacher was nearly the opposite: a short, stubborn man called Leroy Dwarf, who loved announcing the obvious and was in charge of detentions.  

The History and Geography teachers despised each other in a rivalry beyond their subjects. Rumplestiltskin Gold taught History, and he was always exactly on time to class by some miracle. Killian Jones, on the other hand (or hook, I suppose), was the Geography teacher who all the girls were falling for. The French teacher, who was called Belle French, tried to keep the peace but mostly just stayed out of it. 

David Nolan was the Design and Technology teacher, and his classes were always a little bit hectic with the addition of saws. Ruby Lucas taught Food Tech across the hall, but she gave up telling them to be quieter with the drills instead getting payback by spending a lesson every week using the blender. 

Jefferson taught Textiles, which he began by telling them all that before they could follow the curriculum Regina had recommended, they all had to be able to make a hat. 

Emma Jones was the Drama teacher, who liked giving kids their own free reign on their performances, but had to put her foot down when they started trying to use some of the props Mr Gold had supplied out of the concern something would blow up. 

Robin Hood was the most friendly teacher. He taught P.E., otherwise known as Sport, but because he didn’t understand the rules of half of these new games people had invented so they might often end up learning how to joust instead of how to play rugby. 

Aroura Rose was the Music teacher, and she loved all the weird and wonderful instruments that the modern world had produced, open minded to any music suggestions. 

Mulan Fâ taught Art, telling the children that art wasn’t a ‘feminine subject’ and was determined to show them that the reason she taught Art wasn’t because she was a woman. 

Finally, in case parents complained about the lack of Computer Science, they had Killian Jones (who only knew how to press the ‘call Emma’ button on his phone and was next to useless at technology) do a taster class, and that put them all off signing up to it. 

A train pulled up and the first group of children clambered out, looking at the headmistress, Miss Mills, apprehensively. A few more trains and cars came in and out of the nearby railway station and sent the children up to the school, and in a short period of time all 60 students were gathered outside the entranceway. 

“Welcome,” Miss Mills began. “My name is Miss Mills, and this is my school, Storybrooke High. The members of staff are around you, and—”

“Sorry I’m late,” A man with ginger hair and round glasses came around the corner, panting. “I’m Archie, and I’m the school’s… well, I’m a therapist with some first aid training, and I’m here at the school to help you all.”

“Thank you, Dr Hopper. Now, as I was saying, you will have all been given a house, either Arrows, Swords or Sorcery. There are two representatives of each house who will talk you through their rules and regulations.” The headmistress finished. 

“Arrows, I’m Ms. Blanchard, and this is Mr Hood, please come with us!” 

“Swords, my name is Mr Nolan, and this is Miss Fâ, we’re going to her classroom, come this way.”

“That leaves Sorcery. I am Mr Gold, and this is Ms. Jones.” As the final house, he turned around and waited for them to follow. 

Ms. Blanchard smiled at the twenty students in front of her, standing up from her seat and clasping her hands together. “Hello! We’re Arrows house and we believe you will all settle in here. Before we take you up to your rooms, there are a few little rules, but following them shouldn’t be a problem.” 

Mr Hood stepped forward, clearing his throat. “As you’re in our house now, me and er, Ms. Blanchard expect you to come to us if there is a problem. Outside the teacher’s building, there are buttons that alert the head of houses. Ours is the green one with an A written on it.”

“Please respect everyone here at the school. That doesn’t just mean the staff, but each other too. It’s important that you value each other and treat everyone else how you want to be treated,” Ms. Blanchard added. 

“The staff room is out of bounds and you’re only allowed in the teacher’s building if a teacher lets you, or if you haven’t got a response from a member of staff in twenty minutes. Mr Dwarf is in charge of detentions, and Ms. Mills, the deputy headmistress, is also in that department. If you need any help or have any questions, Doctor Hopper has an office next to the staff room, so if he’s not in you can knock on the staff room door.”

“Okay, I think that brings us to the end of our assembly!” Ms. Blanchard said cheerfully. “Okay, Year 7s, Mr Prince will show you to your rooms, Year 8s, Madame French, Year 9s, you’ve got me, so stay here so we can leave together, Year 10s, Mr Gold, and Year 11s, Miss Rose will. These aren’t head of years or anything, this is just a one time thing. See you all soon!”

Meanwhile, Mr Nolan was talking to Swords house. “Don’t harm anyone unless it’s in self-defence,” He warned them. “ Miss Fâ?”

Miss Fâ rolled her eyes and stepped froward to take over the assembly. “Alright, there’s a red button labelled Sw outside the teacher’s building you press when you want us after school, or in the middle of the night. The staff room is out of bounds, but Dr Hopper’s room next to it has a permanently open door, so don’t hesitate to visit him if you don’t feel comfortable talking to one of us, or you need first aid experience. As Mr Nolan was saying, don’t harm anyone else and give each other a chance to be friends, okay?”

Mr Nolan looked relieved. “Okay, there are teacher’s out there calling year groups to take them to their rooms, so go find the teacher who’s calling your year.”

The final assembly was taking place in Mr Gold’s History classroom. 

“Me and Ms. Jones are your second go-to if anything’s wrong. There is a buzzer for Sorcery that’s purple outside the teacher’s building. Doctor Hopper has an office next to the staff room, and whilst his room is an open therapy room you are not allowed to bother the members of staff unless it is a complete emergency. Hopper is your immediate go-to, but unfortunately he does not work after five in the evenings and only begins work at nine, so between those hours you have to come to us. If you beat each other up you’ll be stuck in detention with me, which I can assure you, you don’t want to be in.” Mr Gold had his arms folded and was the exact opposite of a friendly head of house. 

“Okay, kids, you need to find the teacher calling your year and they’ll take you to your rooms,” Ms. Jones put them at ease a bit, giving them a friendly smile. 

The students piled out of their assemblies, bumping into one another and barely able to hear the teachers over the noise they were creating. 

“Year Tens,” Mr Gold called calmly, and the students looked at one another in horror. 

“You said Year 10, sir?” A tall, black haired boy with an American accent pushed through the crowd. 

“I did indeed. Ah, there’s the rest of you. Follow me,” Mr Gold started walking quickly, keen to get away from the hectic atmosphere the other teachers had invented. 

“Are we all sleeping together, sir?” A girl with bushy, brown hair and a worried face asked quietly, obviously terrified of him. 

“Why don’t you wait and see?” He responded, turning back to raise his eyebrows at her. 

“When will we get there?” Another boy said under his breath. 

“We’re here,” Mr Gold glared at the boy who had spoken, but the kid didn’t seem altogether that concerned about it. 

“This is your common room. You all have access to it, and you can put whatever you want in here because it’s your ‘space’. The bedrooms are split into three sections. Your houses. You all have your own small room, but you share a bathroom with the other three in your house. If you have any questions, Doctor Hopper’s door is always open.” With that, Mr Gold left them still processing the flood of information. 

“I barely got any of that,” A girl with dark skin and beautiful brown hair shook her head miserably. 

“Yeah, he was in a hurry,” The boy from earlier rolled his eyes. “I’m John Smith, but I prefer to be called The Doctor, or Ten, but The Doctor’s better.”

“Hi, I’m Captain Jack Harkness, nice to meet you,” The tall American grinned. 

“Wait,” A pretty blonde girl narrowed her eyes. “How are you a Captain if you’re 14?” 

Jack winked at her. “Believe me, you don’t wanna know.”