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The Dark Prince: Rebirth

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"Tonight, we will be holding trial of four traitorsss among the ranksss," The Dark Lord stated, looking around the Great Hall of the Headquarter eyeing everyone from where He stood on the platform, the attention of every single Death Eater in the room solely on Him. It was a significant night at the Headquarters as it was the first full-scale Knights meeting after the announcement of His return.

The group was already larger than it had been before, since there had already been a success in the recruitment. Most of the new recruits were family members of his older Knights, but there were also some who were friends, co-workers, and political allies who had been brought in last few months and all are under secrecy vow to never reveal the news of His return or anything regarding their missions or new allegiances. The new and improved marks and Knight robes are truly working wonders to work incognito. Especially against those wards where people with Dark Marks are not allowed.

"But, before that, we have sssome other troubling isssuesss I wisssh to ssshare with everyone."

At that, everyone started to shift on their feet, frightened, nervously looking around.

"I had to hear about the escapade of the traitor Pepper and then had to wait for too long to hear the newsss of capture. I wisssh to asssk why. Doesss it mean my Knightsss are all have become slothful and incompetent to let a traitor essscape from my Headquartersss and ssstay hidden for the whole better part of a week?" Lord Voldemort let the tension build for a few seconds, his voice never having to raise because of the quietness in the room. "My old Knightsss, who ssstood by me during our firsst war, assside from thossse working in DMLE, it hasss likely been more than half a decade sssince you lasst sssaw action. And thossse who joined me sssince my return, it is likely you've never ssseen real action. So I have now come to thisss horrible realization that every one of you have allowed your dueling practice to ssslip, enjoying the comfort in my absssence." He glowered across the group, making most of them flinch and bow their head under His glare.

"I will be tesssting your combat ssskillsss myssself, asss it isss likely that most of you are in desssperate need of training. Everyone will clear your schedule for next weekend and come here. While I know many of you have usesss and abilitiesss that go beyond your combat ssskillsss, I ssstill need to you to improve your combat ssskill level - both Magical and non Magical training and your aim." He said as He let His gaze travel over the people of similar fighting robes and poison green masks. While it's hidden under the excellent charm on the robes, The Dark Lord knows many of them have grown fat and lazy from the inactivity. They are not totally useless because of their political power, influences, and their seat in Wizengamot, but that's where their usefulness ends. They can't fight to save their life now. At his word about non-Magical training, a murmur rose, while the old Knights looked unsurprised, the new Knights are clearly shocked and appalled.

He continued, ignoring the horrified looks, "You never know when it is will be necessssary and you're disarmed, you'll need to fight to sssave yoursssself and your family." He said and the crowd agreed with an affirmative murmur, looking less appalled and more determined than before. "I can not let you all ssstay so incompetent and defencelessss, if you do not improve your combat ssskillsss usssing the opportunity I am presenting, you are not worthy of fighting for our cause."

Fortunately, Lord Voldemort is not planning any action or raid in near future, so they have plenty of time to shine and get back to their full potential. These Knights are his responsibility and he will make sure that in the end, everyone will be able to defend themselves one way or another.

"Which isss why, you will be expected to come to the Headquarter at a desssignated time, and according to your level, I will divide you into ssseveral smaller groupsss and you will ssstart your training...with me."

The last word earned a mix of excited and anxious murmurs around the room. Every old Knight bit back their wince, remembering their past training sessions with their Lord. While He is an absolutely brilliant teacher and excellent mentor, He is also a harsh taskmaster and very strict with little-to-no patience for slacking that had most of the grown-ups struggle to keep up with. Though they never dare to complain, not when it improves their magical skills.

"Ssso I will expect everyone to do their homework and be prepared. I am not going to accommodate everyone'ss ssschedule. You will have to make time, come up with a proper alibi." His tone had no room for argument, not that anyone would have dared.









"Now, it'sss time for the trial of the traitorsss. Oleander and Hrafnagud, I believe you two were taking a good care after them." Bella and Barty both came forward and bowed to the ground, and Lord Voldemort had a feeling both were grinning broadly under their mask.

"Yes, My Lord." Two genderless voices chorused.

"Good, now bring them in."

Lord Voldemort watched impassively as they eagerly ran to the Dungeons to bring the four bloodied tortured and battered robeless maskless figures that are floating upside down as they came.

"Hmm," Lord Voldemort examined the wrecked but still breathing traitors, their several fingers missing, and each carried different levels of physical injuries, "Have they confessssed everything?"

The Dark Lord noticed some movement out of his corner and realized the Elites are on move, though it's subtle enough for others to not realize what's happening around them. They're thinning themselves among the Knights and covering the exit points. Intriguing. They're suspecting more attempts of escapade, then?

Letting His Elites handle it, for now, Lord Voldemort focused on Barty who approached and bowed again, "My Lord, I have made sure to extract every information from them using different methods, including Veritaserum. While they did try to contact Dumbledore to warn about your return and some of your plans, your secrecy vow had successfully prevented them from saying anything useful - and not from lack of trying. And while we're at that, we discovered some more disturbing news."

"Which is?" He asked neutrally, hiding the dread feeling in His stomach.

"We have more than these four traitors, My Lord."

Just as Barty finished, there was some wild movement, battle cries, and groans of pain. Apparently, some of them thought they can outrun to save their lives before Barty could open their mouth and announce their names. Lord Voldemort didn't even glance their way, though His rage was building massively. Instead, He focused on Barty.

"Who is it, Hrafnagud?"

"Emmeline Vance from Outer Circle. She's actually an Order member, here on Dumbledore's command ever since our first war."

Lord Voldemort raised His hairless eyebrow and looked directly where He can sense Vance is standing still, fidgeting nervously, and realized whoever gave themselves away by trying to escape has not been on the knowledge of the previously captured traitors. How many traitors are there in His ranks? His rage built more as He aimed his wand at her and hissed out, "Crucio."

Apparently, Vance thought their similar outfit will stop The Dark Lord from knowing where was she. So she tried to run when she realized she's wrong, but the curse hit her right on her back, throwing her across the room, making her scream in agony. The Knights hastily retracted and cleared the space, not wanting to come on the way of their Lord's rage, though they are in awe realizing how accurate their Lord's aim is, hitting a quickly moving target right in the middle of the crowd.

"Mayura," He ordered the Elite nearest to her, "Bring her."

Lucius nodded and used a Magical leash and dragged her across the room and left her near the platform beside the other traitors they caught and kept them petrified and at the pointed Wand.

"Aconitum," Lord Voldemort nodded and Severus approached, bowing, then pour three drops of Veritaserum on both of them as Lucius made them open their mouth forcefully.

Lucius and Barty started questioning them and soon find out, aside from the captured traitors, there's no other traitors among the rank, at least not to their knowledge. Lord Voldemort let out an inaudible sigh of relief as they screamed under Bella and others' Cruciatus after the questioning was done.

"Fuck you, you monster!" Vance was yelling, frothing around her mouth in righteous outrage, "You all killed so many people, Dumbledore will be coming for -"

The Great Hall almost glowed as at least fifteen different kinds of curses hit her from different people and she literally melted into a sizzling puddle, the skin, muscles, and guts smashed across the floor, still bubbling and smoking. The sight was gruesome and revolting for the newbies, many gagged at both sight and smell and others sneered at them for being weak-hearted. And the bound traitors almost peed their robes in fear, horrified.

The Dark Lord wasn't paying much attention to His followers as He stared at the floor where Vance was lying alive just seconds before and shook His head in disappointment. The instant death was too good for her, but oh well! He can't express His disappointment at His followers, after all, they were only defending Him.

"Now," He started and everyone immediately snapped into focus, giving Him their full attention, terrified or disgusted or not, they do not fancy becoming the next puddle. "I have heard that Brugmansssia, Atlasss, and Altair had destroyed a few dummiesss beyond repair thisss week while practicing in the dueling room." The above-mentioned Knights, Antonin, and the twins blushed and shifted awkwardly on their feet. "So I will be replacing thossse dummiesss with the traitorsss, only difference being, they will be able to feel everything when hit with a curssse without dying." With that, He pointed His Yew Wand at them, and with the ruthlessness and calculated cruelty of an elder dragon, the very specific spells and curses hit them. There were cheers among His Knights, all wishing to practice new types of curses and cries of mercy and forgiveness from the traitors. The Dark Lord sneered and hit them with another round of Cruciatus.

"Forgivenessss? There'sss no forgivenessss for traitorsss under the rulesss of Lord Voldemort, and the only mercy you will receive isss death, which you are yet to earn."

He then transfigured them into dummies. "Brugmansia, Atlas, and Altair, I believe it'sss your responsibility to replace the dummiesss."

They laughed, sadistic and cruel as they bowed, before levitating the new dummies to bring them into their worthful place.




(Warning Ends Here)




Lord Voldemort turned to the rest of His subjects. "Let everyone learn the lesssson from tonight's meeting. Your Lord will look after you, sssave you from the World, but if you chossse to betray me, no one in the World will be able to sssave you from me. Yesss, Oleander?" He asked as Bella raised her hand. What does she have to say that she stopped Him from dismissing everyone?

"My Lord, what about Jim Potter?"

Many people jeered at the name, making The Dark Lord sigh, "You are forbidden from doing anything to Jim Potter, he isss not of our concern."

At the announcement, everyone looked surprised. "But My Lord, he is the reason you - "

"First of all, it wasss one of my rasssh and Gryffindoric impulssse to target a child, but we're better than that. We're better than targeting a kid. Sssecondly, Jim Potter wasss not the true Vanquisher of mine." Several people gasped collectively and incredulous murmurs rose, making Him raise His hand, "It had been me and the Potter twinsss during the night, so I believe I will know the bessst which twin I had targetted that night."

At that, everyone bar some members of Elites looked truly stunned at the proclaim. Severus had to stop himself from the urge of shouting aloud, "I knew it!"

Lord Voldemort smirked at the crowd that had been shocked into silence, before they burst into murmurs. He had thought of the pros and cons of letting them know the truth. And ultimately chose to reveal semi-truth. Harry Potter had died and Hadrianus Marvolo Slytherin had been born from his ashes, and He will respect it where it is due properly, though He is yet to understand what made the child immune to the Killing Curse. If He didn't know better, He would have thought Hadrianus had absorbed the curse in his eyes. "However, I would like it if you keep it a sssecret of the Dark side. Let the Light ssside parade the wrong child asss their sssavior not knowing they've killed their true sssavior. Don't approach Jim Potter and be indifferent or polite if you sssee him. They will expect usss to go after him, but thisss isss where our mentality ssshould be different. This isss a better distraction for us either way, thisss way we can take down Dumbledore ssslowly and sssurely and eventually kill him - and we will do it because he isss the one who isss behind the dessstruction of ssso many livesss and imprisssoning Lady Magic."

As Marvolo stopped talking, he noticed the whirl turning on everyone's mind and they're nodding at His words. Though He doubts everyone had understood the implication of His order. He looked over the new people who had been the new recruits from Azkaban and they looked surprised and half impressed. They probably read the usual propaganda and rumors and thought all the Knights do is causing destruction and killing Muggles and Muggleborns.

"Yesss, Atlasss?"

"My Lord, what about Dumbledore? With the public so against him, we can easily strip him of his position right now."

"While I like the sssound of that, I don't think it will be good for anyone if the old fool hidesss and work behind the ssscene against usss. I would rather keep him where I can sssee him so I can keep an eye on him, with his handsss so full that he doesn't have time to meddle with my plansss. With the sssupposed Boy-Who-Lived out of control of hisss favorite pawnsss and staying in Hogwartsss, his handsss are already full."

Everyone jeered and laughed, agreeing with their Lord's words.

"Asss we work behind the sscene to dessstroy Dumbledore completely, Lord Ssslytherin will take the place asss their next Leader ssso they don't fixate on Jim Potter to 'ssave them'. Together we will take over the Ministry and the other placesss, and reform our World, with Lord Ssslytherin asss your political Leader and me asss your war Leader. You will ressspect Him asss you ressspect me. Hogwarts will be oursss very sssoon, but not right now. It's necessssary to keep him where we can keep eye on him."

With that, letting His subjects process and think on what He just announced, He said, "Meeting dismissssed. The Elitesss and everyone from the North Sea zone and Beetle ssstay."

Realizing that by saying 'from North Sea', their Lord meant for those He rescued from Azkaban, they stayed while the other cleared out within two minutes.

The Dark Lord shut the door and the wards flared up. Then He addressed the journalist, "Beetle, I hope you realize that you can not directly talk about Dumbledore's missstake of choosssing the wrong twin asss the Boy-Who-Lived in your articlesss?"

"Of course not, My Lord," Rita Skeeter bowed, resisting a smirk, "I would never directly imply anything in my articles."

"Good," Lord Voldemort smirked, amused. What a Slytherin woman with devious cunning, He's grateful that He had decided to claim her as His followers. "Now, I believe we have new plansss for your next articlesss, which includesss sssome well-kept sssecretsss of the late Head of Department of International Magical Co-operation. Hrafnagud?"

Barty resisted the urge to skip around in joy and excitement, another habit he picked from his little Godson. Maintaining the impassive mask, he approached his Lord and presented a rather thick file that he had been arranging as his side project. The Dark Lord gave him a smirk, "Why don't you two discussss between yourssself and negotiate how to proceed with everything?" It is, after all, Barty's revenge as well. His schedule is rather full at the moment, and he will have the pleasure all the same by what they release and the chaos it will bring.

"Yes My Lord," Barty said gleefully, before turning to Beetle and started arrangement and meeting at a later date. After Rita Skeeter left and was safely out of Headquarters and the wards are tighter than ever, He returned to the discussion of the latest issue.

"My Lord," Severus bowed as he came forward taking the chance.

"You have sssomething to report, Aconitum?"

"Yes My Lord, Fletcher was able to do what you've ordered him to do, I have it and Obliviated him, and triple checked to make sure no one has caught on what's happening."

The Dark Lord raised His hairless eyebrows, now this is a pleasant surprise. He wasn't sure if the buffoon will be able to do it. "Let me guessss, they kept it either in their glassss shelf unlocked in the living room, or in one of the abandoned floorsss of their Manor, beyond some foolish trialsss and puzzlesss that even a determined firssst year with minimal intelligent and magical knowledge can broke into?"

"The latter, My Lord," Severus resisted the urge to laugh with the other Knights as they boomed out a peal of amused laughter, their Lord knows them too much. "During the last Order meeting, I was able to follow Fletcher to make sure he proceeded with success and was able to take it without setting off any alarm. I also made sure he was able to replace it with the fake you've provided." Thank Merlin for the Time-Turner his Lord provided him, that's how he was able to avoid detection in the Wards as his counterpart was present in front of Potter Lord.

"Perfect," He said, smirked, taking the envelope from his hand. Now Dumbledore wouldn't know it's fake until he tried to use it. And he won't let him use it as he's planning to pass an order via Fudge to make Dumbledore submit his copy to him, deeming him not reliable enough with the safety of the key, and then He will replace it with the original. He then turned to address the crowd, "Now I can sssafely produce and essstablish everyone'sss identity." Which was met with an excited cheer, "Now, have everyone decided on what identitiesss you will take?"

One by one, everyone started the discussion on who they're going to become. Most of them had visited Gringotts for their Inheritance test and to find out all the available lines from their blood. They all looked excited, after all, it's not every day you choose a name, House, and a proper background for yourself.

Lucius noted down every new identity the people discussed. Starting with Antonin Dolohov, who has chosen to become his own nephew Anthony Dolohov who supposedly will be moved in from Russia sometime next week. Anthony Dolohov is ironically also a Prewett. So he will take the Prewette Heirship as his younger brother Andrew, the 'spare' of House Dolohov who has taken the Dolohov Heirship after his 'supposed' death. It's going to earn a bit of chaos, The Dark Lord had warned him, but apparently, he is looking forward to the chaos he is going to create. After all, even after the second eldest son Charlie Weasley who had reached majority this year, he clearly had no plans to claim the Prewette Lordship.

So Antonin Dolohov will take a de-aging potion, Accent Altering potion keyed to Russia, and become Anthony Prewett who will be admitted to Hogwarts as the fifth year from this fall, as Heir of Prewett House.

Thank Merlin the Accent Altering potion is a very ancient and obscured branch of potion, and forgotten by the general body. Or else many of the people might not be able to create their new identity so perfectly.

The next topic went to Travers who supposedly is a ward of Parkinson's family before doing a blood inheritance test on reaching his majority, realized his connection with Travers family. He agreed to take the name, Thiago Travers and become Heir of Travers House after the previous Heir's 'death' and will take his OWLs with the new name in Ministry, not wanting to go through puberty a second time or return to Hogwarts.

Mulciber, accepting The Dark Lord's recommendation of being different than the cliche of a previously unknown cousin, has plans to become the son of two squibs who supposedly contacted the Mulciber family when he showed magic. Had been kept a secret spare because of his parents being squibs but now the 'previous' Mulciber Heir is 'dead', so he became the next Heir. He will take the name, Mykew Mulcibar and will be admitted to Hogwarts with 'Anthony Prewett' in the fifth year for his OWLs and NEWTs with the new name to pursue his dream of Charms mastery.

Avery had planned to present himself as an orphan muggle-born from Italy before doing an Inheritance test in Gringotts and 'realizing' he is actually a pure-blood from Avery's House-line from Britain. His father would 'blood adopt' him as his Heir as his own son had 'died.' He will admit to Hogwarts for his fifth year with others with the new name: Arturo Avery.

Both Crabbe and Goyle decided to become spares that didn't go to Hogwarts and take the Lordship after the 'death' of 'previous' Lords, they don't care for their OWLs and NEWTs, having a family business that doesn't require OWL scores.

"My Lord," Rookwood said, "My brother Augustus had to accept the Rookwood Lordship since I was imprisoned, but most people don't know that we're also direct descendants from the Shafiq family. I can claim Shafiq Lordship and take a new name, Shikoba Shafiq."

The Dark Lord agreed as Lucius kept drafting all the arrangements.

As The Dark Lord listened to them discuss their future, suddenly the previously quiet Horcrux link with His son exploded into a panic. It had been such abrupt change that almost startled Him, before gaining some control over His mask and went to analyze it and realize, Hadrianus is panicking for his life. Surprised, just when He was about to connect to His seventh Horcrux to find out what's happening, the link quietened, just as abruptly the panic had arisen.

What just happened?

The Dark Lord frowned, trying to investigate the source of panic but everything he is feeling is quiet. As if Hadrianus is sleeping. That's strange! Is he having a nightmare? Has he fallen asleep somehow?

Lord Voldemort poked around the link, trying to investigate in detail when he realized the quietness and calm are quickly fading, Hadrianus is probably starting to wake up. As soon as he woke, the link is almost again exploded with panic and pain. Both his Horcrux link and familial parental bond between them are shrieking sharply, indicating his son is in danger. That Hadrianus is in pain and having a panic attack.

Lord Voldemort stood abruptly, anxious and worried, realizing that the temporary quietness was due to losing consciousness or something like that. But how? Hadrianus was not supposed to have that, he was supposed to be studying with his History teacher. What happened? Did the teacher hit him? He is so going to kill him! The rage and worry making His magic pulsating in the room, which had His followers tensed up for their life, not understanding what made their Lord so furious and worried all of a sudden.

Just as The Dark Lord was about to apparate, a frantic Bailey popped in.

"What happened?" He demanded, quickly throwing a privacy ward around them. He doesn't want them to learn about His son, not yet.

"Master Lord, Little Master Ha - I mean, Little Master Prince been fallen through a crack and fainted, then on awaking, he's been crying for his papa, afraid of the dark."

Afraid of the dark? Why is he in a dark place? It was supposed to be sometime in the noon in Hawaii at the moment! "What crack?" The Dark Lord demanded, "And why did he wander alone? Where's the teacher? And Nagini?"

"Teacher be left for a family emergency, and Mistress Snake had sent me for you, as the place be too small for her to enter and save him and we can't expand or change the House Charm without yous permission."

Hadrianus has fallen and stuck somewhere dark and small? That explains his panic attack after waking up, he must be thinking he's back to his cupboard. Moments like this make him thankful for the day he had decided to use a parsel-translator charm on Bailey so she can understand Nagini.

He canceled the privacy charm and ordered His subjects, "Everyone continue with your plans, I will be back." He said and turned to Bailey, "Take me there, now."

Without wasting time, Bailey hooked her long fingers with His robes and popped off, appearing in some unused corridor of the Castle. The Dark Lord, absently changing into His human form quickly looked around and noticed a familiar dark blue and yellow stuffed dinosaur toy abandoned near a statue - he recognized the toy as his son's who had been carrying it everywhere except for his classes ever since Nagini brought it for him from Germany. Nagini is also nearby, her tongue flickering madly near the toy.

": Tom !:" Nagini cried out on seeing him. ": Help my hatchling, please. We were playing Hide and Seek, he was trying to hide and had fallen through that hole.: " She pointed towards a very small rift. Marvolo followed Nagini's gaze and looked near the fallen toy and found a small, almost undetectable rift on the wall beyond a statue. He realized while trying to hide from Nagini, the tiny child had probably stepped on the rift without noticing it and slipped through the fissure leading to an underground secret passageway. The rift is too small for Marvolo to enter, which made him understand wherever Hadrianus is, the place is truly not large enough for him or Nagini. He probably would have missed it if he didn't notice the toy on the ground near it or Nagini pointing it out to him.

How did his son manage to slip through the tiny hole? Of all the statues, his son had to choose the one with a rift and secret passageway behind? Marvolo sighed. It seems his son's birth-giver had consumed an unhumanly amount of unlucky potion when his son was in her uterus-if such potion exists.

"Davy," He called for the head of the House Elves as he picked up and pocketed the plush toy, "I will be changing the wards, you will expand the place where my son is stuck, at least enough for me to enter without altering the main structure of Castle, and then Bailey, I want you to take me there." He can't order Bailey to bring his son here, the child may have some head injury after falling and he needs to check the child himself before moving him.

"Yes Master Lord," Worried Elves quickly agreed and Marvolo's Yew wand slid into his hand as he started to adjust the Ward, as Davy pop off. He felt in the Ward how deep underground the child has fallen and felt his inside freezing in dread. That doesn't look good. Fall from such height is definitely...lethal.

A few seconds after, Davy popped in, and Bailey, who had kept her finger hooked with his robe, popped them off to where his son is curled up in a tight ball and whimpering. There is a miserable air about him. His familiar, Azure, having sensed his human's distress, and nudging him with its scout to no avail. It whined at Marvolo when he noticed him, the dark rounded eyes staring at him pitifully.

Marvolo quickly summoned several warm balls of faintly glowing light and made them surround them. The darkness needs to go at the earliest convenience. "Hadrianus?" He then asked softly, kneeling beside the wounded child, looking carefully for injury or visible blood, but the child doesn't seem to have any visible damage or bleeding other than a small swelling on one side and the concussion he felt through their link, probably his magic saved him from the lethal fall. Though he will be making sure to have a Healer check him thoroughly. After all, brain injuries are truly tricky ones. He can't take any risk regarding his son's health.

The aforementioned child twisted, and as soon as he caught the sight of Marvolo, burst into tears. "F-father!"

Marvolo's inside squeezed painfully at the sight. He sat near the child and wrapped his arms around the tiny body, pulling him into his lap. "It's okay, my little one. I am here, you'll be okay." He mumbled soft assurances to the almost inconsolable child.

"P-please don't send me to the cu-cupboard, father!" Hadrianus wailed in despair, "Please don't send me to th-them! I will be a good boy. I will do all the ch-chores you want me to do!"

"Hush my child," He murmured softly, ignoring the searing rage and hurt feeling on behalf of his son that made his eyes burn, seeing the child in distress, "No one is sending you anywhere. No one will make you do any chores or raise their hand at you, if I have any say in it. Calm down, Little Mamba. I am here, your father is here."

He spent several moments trying to calm down the child, murmuring soft assurances and promises as he settled and adjusted hold on his son, so his face was pressed against his neck, blocking out the darkness of the room, slightly rocking his frightened Little Mamba, swaying like a cobra. One hand supporting his head while the other hand was stroking down Hadrianus's back in his usual slow repetitive motion to the down, then remove the hand, back to the top of his back. He felt Hadrianus hiccuped, and starting to calm down. Having realized his human is now getting better, Azure gave him one last nudge and turned into a cocoon.

"How are you feeling?" He asked quietly.

"Hurts," Hadrianus whispered from his neck, making Marvolo curse inwardly for forgetting his injury.

"Bailey, bring the numbing potion." 

Taking the vial from the House Elf's hand, Marvolo rubbed Hadrianus's cheeks making him open the mouth, and gulped down the numbing potion. It will help with the pain.

"I-I don't wanna go to the c-cupboard," Hadrianus whispered again, hiccuping.

"You will never go there," Marvolo promised as he straightened, with his son still in his arms, and for the first time, he looked around the chamber they're in. It seems a small glass underground chamber. Marvolo squinted at the view beyond the dirty glass full of underwater ferns and algae. Are they somewhere underneath the river belly? Probably, as the place is too cold and damp and he hadn't explored every secret passageway of the Castle yet.

"Practice the shield, Little Mamba. I am going to take you to the Infirmary. Can you handle apparition?"

Hadrianus raised his head from his hiding place to look at his father to show his crunched button nose, "I think so - shit! Father!" Hadrianus shouted, staring wide-eyed at something behind them. Marvolo frowned and looked over his shoulder, but he can't see anything other than the underwater darkness. Mentally shrugging and turning around, he looked at his son in his arms sternly.

"Hadrianus, mind your language. I wouldn't have my son swearing like some - "

Whatever tirades he was about to have got cut off as the whole chamber shook violently. Marvolo, having ages-old battle instinct sprang on his feet, his wand already in his hand as he ushered his son behind him. He felt small hands hugging his leg seeking comfort, shaking wildly as Marvolo looked around to find the cause. To his horror, the layers of thick glass showed the sign of cracks, and there is some wild movement going on beyond the glass, in the river.

Within seconds, he realized what is it. The Kraken.

The beast wasted no time bringing his huge tentacles and banged, trying to crash the remains of the glass.

"Goddamn it!" Marvolo yelped, not noticing how hypocrite he is being, given he was just lecturing his son for using foul language a few seconds ago, "Reparo!" He quickly shot repairing the glass before it broke completely and kill both him and his son with the immense water pressure. "Imperio!" He shouted at the beast as it prepared to bang the glass one more time, before adding his firm command, "Leave!"

The beast froze in his movement, before turning and floating away. The balls of light have drawn its attention to this room, Marvolo realized, before quickly turning to his son to check on him. The child was still hugging his leg as if his life was dependent on it, shivering, his face white as a ghost. As he looked down at the child, his horror-struck eyes found his.

Without wasting time, he grabbed his son tightly and apparated them to the safety of their Castle, in his office. Sending one of the elves to fetch Nagini who he knew is still waiting at the sight of crack, he turned to his son and considered giving him a calming draught. No, if he has a head injury, then calming draught will be a bad idea. Speaking of which, he now needs to take the child to the Headquarter as soon as possible and get him checked out by a Healer. He also needs to address his subjects. Marvolo reached for his pocket and pulled the toy, handing it to his son who accepted it eagerly. "Now you understand why it is a bad idea to befriend a class XXXXX creature?"

Hadrianus's still pale face and wide eyes found him, squeezing Mr. Blue in his hand while swallowing multiple times. He was clutching his toy so tightly, that if it was not a magical toy, he would have demolished it. The Mother Castle's Magic tightened around him, hugging him, sending the sensation of regret and sorrow, expressing how sorry She is for not being able to save Her Heir. With her soothing and comforting him, Hadrianus started to recover himself, though he didn't let go of his father's legs for a second. At least with the latest collision, his anxiety of being sent to the cupboard has left his mind.

"Um, he could be just an exception?" He mumbled, not wanting to push others away just because one of them tried to eat them. At the reminder, he shivered again and pressed more firmly against his father, seeking comfort from his presence and warmth.

Marvolo inwardly rolled his eyes. Of course, why does he even bother? At least he would stop nagging him to take him to meet the Kraken. Probably. Marvolo regrets not leaving his son with a babysitter, or at least turn Nagini into her human form. He couldn't have asked Nott or Yaxley either, given they will be attending the meeting. Bella and the twins didn't have their green cards yet, though they're doing much better, than before. And Narcissa is busy with the new mission he had given her. But he can't leave the child unattended anymore. Because heaven forbid if that child can go one day without scratching or bruising himself. His son will find trouble even in the seemingly safest place he can find on Earth. Marvolo feels like wrapping the boy in bubble wraps and cushioning charm, still, he will find a way to bleed. Whom he can use to look after his son properly and make him behave?

That's when he remembered Walburga, she had offered to watch his son whenever he is busy. Maybe he will contact her next time. But he will keep a strict eye on her. If he ever finds her herping on his child as she did with her own sons, not even the possible damage of his future plans would stop him from firing an Avada Kedavra at her face.

For now, he decided to take his son with him. The present crowd is those from Azkaban - who can be sent off to their chambers and Elites, most of which consists of everyone who knew of his true identity. Plus Bella had been looking so miserable and depressed, even if she's doing much better than how she was at the beginning. Marvolo decided to reward her for behaving at the Mind Healer by letting her meet with her godson under strict observation.

"Come, let's go to the Infirmary."

"Um, can we wait for mum?" Hadrianus asked and Marvolo sighed, agreeing while rubbing the swollen head of his son soothingly. He didn't even know the existence of such a passageway for him to lock it down from having his son's access. But now he needs to find every crack and other secret passages and lock all of them off. He is now determined to tear through the whole Castle to fill and repair and block every secret passage. He will use the Time-Turner to squeeze the little project into his schedule. Until today he had been using it only to take a rest. He won't stop until everything is fine and completely secure. Thankfully, overusing the Time-Turner won't make him age anymore, as he had done rituals that stopped his body from aging beyond the early thirties. So he can use Time-Turner without consequences and aging himself. He's already planning to use the same to stop his son's aging when he reached his early twenties, just over his teenage years. He's immortal and his son soon will be. 

"Father," Marvolo hummed thoughtfully, "My eyes are green Killing Curse, your eyes are red Cruciatus Curse, and mum's eyes are yellow Imperius Curse, we're the unforgivable family aren't we?"

Marvolo blinked, and then burst out laughing before his brain caught up with him and he regained his composure. Glaring at the look of sheer delight on his son, he suspected the comment was deliberate. Probably to stop him from overthinking. "I think the injury addled with your brain, Hadrianus. Do your father a favor and shut up."

Hadrianus grinned wickedly in reply, and at the same moment, Nagini burst into the Office, slithering so quickly that Marvolo almost believed that she flew. Mothers and their protective instincts for their children!

":Hatchling!:" Nagini shouted, immediately throwing herself to her son and surrounding her with her coils, tongue flickering rapidly picking up and smell of hurt or pain, ":Are you okay? Oh no, you're hurt!:" She said, before scenting and tasting his head as if trying to kissing his pain away.

That reminds him... ":Nagini, let the child breath. I am planning to take him to the Headquarters Infirmary, we were waiting for you.:"

":Then what are we waiting for? Let's go.:"

They quickly arrived at the infirmary through Floo. Telling his son to rest on one of the beds, Marvolo threw some Floo Powder to the Floo, "Malfoy Manor, Main Office room."

"Fetch Narcissa." Marvolo barked at the Elf who appeared. "Be quick."

"What can I - My Lord?" Narcissa was surprised when she appeared to find her Lord's handsome frowned face in the Floo.

"Narcissa, I am in urgent need of your assistance, come through."

Marvolo stepped back, allowing the witch to come through. Narcissa gasped when she found her godson lying on the bed, grinning sheepishly at her, "Hey Aunt Cissa."

"Figures it would be you," Narcissa sighed resignedly before she started to wave her wand in a complicated manner, "What happened?"

"He fell through a rift in the Castle, and landed rough, though I suspect his magic may have saved him from happening something... lethal." Marvolo's voice turned icy cold, hating how his son came close to dying, again, "I have already given him some numbing potion which I don't think is enough, he's still in pain." He might as well start dying his hair, given it will soon begin to turn grey before the child is even of the age of Hogwarts. Damn it, is it his child or all of them are this trouble-prone?

Narcissa nodded, asking some questions at her little patient, and waving her wands accordingly while one of the elves fetched Severus who came hurriedly, glanced at Hadrianus lying on a bed while the adults around him fussing over him. Severus widened his eyes minutely, realizing why his Lord left in such a hurry and rushed inside removing his mask and hood. He stood beside Narcissa, noting down all the diagnoses coming out of the charms.

Soon different colored beams were produced around Hadrianus, mostly around his head. Mesmerized, the child tried to reach out, only to be smacked away by Narcissa's hand, who discussed something with Severus who left to fetch some potions. Soon, Severus arrived, on his hand a tray full of potions.

Hadrianus groaned seeing it, grumbling something about evil potions with terrible taste and horrible smell, making all the adult's lips twitch in amusement. Hadrianus hates potions, and he had let them know repeatedly over the last few months.

"How much is the probability that they smell and taste worse than old soaks and wet dogs?"

"I made sure of it," Uncle Severus smiled pleasantly and Hadrianus sighed, having no doubt that it's true. Especially when Uncle Batman smiled at him. It's never good news when he smiles at you.

"Now be a good boy and down them." Narcissa started to hand the potions one by one while explaining which one does what, like reducing the swelling inside his brain, one to make sure to heal any damaged vessels, and one to clear any residual hemorrhages and others. Hadrianus gagged and a glass of orange juice was thrust in his hand, which he downed gratefully.

"Now you must take a nap. When you wake next time, you will be more than fine to cause more trouble," Narcissa smiled fondly, giving him a less than half dose of dreamless draught that would make him sleep for at least the next couple of hours. "Though I would recommend against falling through another rift."

Hadrianus blushed, making the adults chuckle as he took the potion, his mouth full of the potion as he looked around. His father, who hadn't left his hand since he took his seat on a chair beside his bed, and his mother who was curled up near the end of the bed, watching him with hidden worry and concern. His father's beautiful and worried red eyes were the last thing he saw before he swallowed the potion and fallen contently into the arms of Morpheus.

As soon as Hadrianus fall asleep, Narcissa checked him once more and turned to Marvolo, "My Lord, I have been researching on the ritual you've asked about, and I am positive that it will work perfectly on Adrian. I would need to prepare the list of injuries you wish to keep on his medical history, everything else can be cleared off completely by the ritual." The ritual is very dark and one of the obscured branches, only accessible for those from Ministry with covert missions and Unspeakables because of requiring sacrifices. It had taken a very long time to get access to the forbidden knowledge and Narcissa is very excited to do this, never having done anything like this before. "However, there's one drawback. While an artificial medical history can be forged easily, it can not be cleaned off from someone's magical memory on its own completely. For that, I would have to trade it with someone else's. Someone of similar age group with insignificant history of injuries will be the best sacrifice, the lesser, the better."

Marvolo nodded, his eyes not leaving his sleeping son for a moment. He had ordered Narcissa to search for something that will lock anyone from having access to his full medical history through advanced diagnostic charms. He can't let Dumbledore know that his child had been abused in his early stages of life, it will complicate everything and Dumbledore might make the Wizarding Family Services come after him. While he knows he can extract a secrecy vow from the Family Services and tell them a sob story of rescuing and adopting an orphan from an abusive muggle family, he would rather not take any risk with Dumbledore. His spies had been informing him that Dumbledore is getting desperate. And Marvolo knows very well that going after children and making them suffer is not beyond Dumbledore. He knows his son is going to need the Infirmary in Hogwarts because of how trouble-prone he is, and Dumbledore will take the opportunity. He might compel the Mediwitch Poppy Pomphrey to do this and inform him of everything she found.

"Is it necessary for the sacrifice to be a Magical?" He asked.

"It would have been a best choice if it was a magical, however, a squib or muggle can achieve the same. But I fear, given Hadrianus's medical history, no muggle or squib will survive after receiving it, as they don't have enough Magic to heal them."

Marvolo nodded, I already have a perfect candidate for it - he thought as he recalled Hadrianus's pitiful heartbreaking wails he had to hear fifteen minutes ago. Let's see how they fare seeing their son receiving what they did to my son. "Hadrianus is a very playful, outgoing, and athletic type of child which I doubt will change when he goes to Hogwarts. Someone like him is bound to have a history of frequent bruises, scratched joints, and occasionally broken limbs. I suggest you clean the history of burns, whip marks, and all those injuries which clearly look like the result of severe beating and malnourishment from his physical and magical memories. Prepare a history that only make him look like the impish and athletic child that he is, make it his true medical history until the date. The recipient will be the Muggle child in Headquarters Dungeons. Prepare him as you need for the ritual and show me. It will be held in the Castle, it has strong ward to contain any possible Magical backlash."

Narcissa bowed, fighting to keep the smile off her face. It couldn't have been done to any less deserving. "It will be done, My Lord. When do you wish me to do the ritual?"

Marvolo paused to think for a moment. Earlier, he had planned to do it before Hogwarts starts. But now Hadrianus's little 'best friend' is probably going to invite Hadrianus to Hogwarts again and again from time to time. And he can't actually forbid the child from meeting with his friends and playing, even if he is planning to keep Dumbledore as Hogwarts' Headmaster for now. So there will be a change of plans. "As soon as possible."

"As My Lord commands."



Hadrianus was blissfully floating around, content and warmth when he felt a being stared at. Situational awareness, the act of knowing exactly where you are in relation to everything that surrounds you in a conflict situation. Hadrianus had developed the skill in the early stage of his small life. Urged on by the fact that one wrong move will earn him a severe beating and several missed meals. He had practiced the skill earnestly and being a Green Mamba has only sharpened the perception so much that it had become ingrained even in his subconscious mind.

So he noticed right away that even when he is blissfully floating around, he is being watched.

Hadrianus turned, looking around the warm cloudy environment when he noticed a shadowy figure with huge wings-shaped form floating like him a few meters away, watching him silently.

Who is that?

Hadrianus squinted his eyes, wishing to know more about his silent watcher. But when he tried to float towards the shadowy figure, he found himself being abruptly snatched away from the warm clouds and thrown into reality. Hadrianus bounced as he landed on the bed rather forcibly, his eyes snapped open at the impact.

":Hatchling, you're awake!:" Nagini raised her head from the same pillow his hatchling was using, tasting the air rapidly to pick up any scent of discomfort and pain, which was none, much to her relief.

Hadrianus looked around to find his mum is wrapped around him, curling around him protectively, full-on in her mama-bear mode. ":Mum.:" He rasped, his throat dry.

":Drink the juice, Hatchling. I asked for your favorite.:"

Hadrianus nodded as he sat up leaning on the headboard, reaching out towards the glass of orange juice on the bed table to quench his thirst. Orange juices are his all-time favorite, he likes it more than the pumpkin juice which he found too sweet for his taste. This was surprisingly encouraged by his father who told him the artificial sweeteners were added to pumpkin juice which is not healthy for him. He kept the glass of juice on the tray which refilled again and then focused on eating the bowl of his favorite hot chicken noodle soup that appeared on the table.

"You hungry, Mr. Blue?" Hadrianus asked his favorite dinosaur that laid beside him as he munched on his chicken, Mr. Blue soundlessly bit into the air in reply. Hadrianus took it as 'no', "Sure, suit yourself," he said and concentrated on his soup.

":Don't talk while eating, you'll choke.:" Nagini admonished, lightly smacking the back of his head by her tail as she watched him like a hawk.

Hadrianus grinned at her and nodded, used to having occasional light and playful smacks from her. He shoved his face with another spoonful of soup, when the Floo flared up and Aunt Cissa entered. Probably cast some charm to let her know when I wake up - Hadrianus mused as he watched her exiting the fireplace and brushing her beautiful robes off the ashes. On seeing him eating the food, she smiled.

"Good boy, how are you feeling now?"

Hadrianus chewed the piece of chicken he had in his mouth while nodding, signaling he is feeling okay. Aunt Cissa nodded, "Eat up, then I will check up and decide if you're good to go."

Hadrianus nodded, returning to his bowl of hot soup as Narcissa returned to the self-updating medical record on the file. Soon, he was done and kept the empty bowl on the tray which popped off. Noticing him, Narcissa smiled and pulled her wand, "Now let's see how are you faring."

Several diagnostic spells hit Hadrianus, then she made him do many mundane things like touch his nose blindly, lift his limbs one by one, wiggle his toes, etc. Soon Narcissa was nodding in satisfaction. "Good, you've healed completely. You're free to go, but I don't want to see you in Infirmary again unless for your regular health check-up, little imp." She added firmly.

"Sure, I won't tell you if I am hurt next time," Hadrianus said with an innocent face which became difficult to maintain at the comical look on Aunt Cissa, making him burst into a fit of giggles, "R-relax, I am k-kidding!" He said in between the giggles.

Narcissa sighed, "You better, or else you will be in bigger trouble, young man." She gave him a stern look before shooing him, "Now off you go, find trouble somewhere else."

Hadrianus picked up Mr. Blue in his hand and stood, still grinning, going towards the door followed by Nagini and tried to open it, but to his surprise, the door won't budge an inch.

"Uh, Aunt Cissa?" He asked, puzzled, and Narcissa looked up from arranging some parchment in his medical file.

"Oh, right," Aunt Cissa blinked in realization, "Our Lord has put the Infirmary on lockdown until you recover. I will ask him to take it down."

Narcissa tapped his wand on the door, sending a wave in the wards and signaling her Lord to lift the lockdown, and Hadrianus looked confused, "If the Infirmary is on lockdown, then how did you arrive?"

"Our Lord gave me a One Time Password that will allow me through the Floo, given I am your Healer."

"Oh, that sounds brilliant!" Hadrianus said wide eyes, and Narcissa smiled, "That he is."

Well, he can't deny that - Hadrianus thought and tried to open the door again, to no avail. Hadrianus pouted, banging on the door, and was hit with a very faint sensation of amusement from their link. As if his father is laughing at him, testing his patience by locking him in the Infirmary. Hadrianus glared at the door, wishing it was his father, and banged more, refusing to be locked up in the infirmary and was hit with more amusement. Even Narcissa was now chuckling from behind at his impatience. After a few more seconds, rich and familiar magic waved through the whole Infirmary and the lockdown was lifted.

"Bye Aunt Cissa," He shouted over his shoulder as he quickly slipped through before his father locks him again, and peeked into the hallway, looking around. The hallway was clear, no one is around. Seeing his chance, he turned and started to follow his instincts, knowing it will lead to his father.

":Where do you think everyone is?:" Hadrianus asked his mum, wondering if he can play chase with Wormtail again. Or maybe pull another prank on everyone, given it's late in the night in Britain and everyone must be sleeping. Or maybe go visit Mr. Hulk and his pack. Is it a Full Moon today?

Nopes, he thought as he glanced at the crescent Moon in the night sky as he passed a window. But maybe his friends in the wolf pack are asleep right now. And Mr. Hulk will probably scold him for being awake at late night and send him back. They don't know that at home, it's probably only noon.

":There was a meeting tonight, though I think Tom made everyone either leave or locked them in their quarter.:"

":Why would he do that?:" Hadrianus frowned at his mum.

":He doesn't want anyone other than the Elites to know your connection with Lord Voldemort. And he is Lord Voldemort here.:"

":Oh,:" Hadrianus said sheepishly. That makes more sense, his father wasn't testing his patience, he was making sure he is safe. That's why he took time before releasing the lockdown of the Infirmary. He shouldn't have gotten angry at him, thinking he is trying to keep him locked.


"My Lord," Lucius was saying, "I don't think it will be good for everyone to be admitted to Hogwarts on their OWL year from this fall, I recommend some of them to reveal themselves over the next few - " His voice trailed off when the door of the Great Hall slowly opened. To his surprise, their Lord doesn't look annoyed by the interruption, but rather looking at the door with anticipation, as if he had been waiting for it, His Lord Voldemort's persona melting away.

Among the Elites, only the Lestrange family, Barty, Severus, and Lucius had been present. Everyone turned to look as slowly, a tiny head peeked inside, the familiar bright green eyes sparkling under the Light Crystals around the room.

"Come in, Hadrianus." Marvolo beckoned the child inside and Bella, who had been sitting at the foot of her Lord's throne, immediately perked up, looking around to find the child.

Hadrianus stepped inside, on his hand clutched a plush toy, and their Lord's familiar following him closely behind. The Elites all smiled at him, all were glad that their Lord's familiar has become so protective of their Dark Prince, then again, The Dark Prince is a parselmouth. The giant serpent is bound to get bonded with the delightful child who can talk to her.

"Little Az!" Bella shouted and ran towards him, picking him up in her arms, and whirled happily, peppering his face with kisses, making the child giggle.

"Let the child breath," Marvolo admonished the daft woman, afraid that she will trigger another panic attack before looking at his son, "How are you feeling? Did Narcissa permitted you to go out of the Infirmary or did you charmed your way out?"

Hadrianus gave his father a flat look, ignoring everyone being concerned hearing he had been in the Infirmary, they both know Narcissa is indifferent to charms when she is in her Healer mode and too stern to let her patients wiggle out of her steel gasp until they've healed enough. At his look, Marvolo only looked amused.

"Good as new. She permitted me to go, father."

"Good, have a seat." Marvolo conjured a seat beside him, a small but comfortable miniature throne-like padded chair beside him, within reach of his hand.

Bella put Hadrianus down reluctantly, before smirking and conjured a beautiful golden Prince Crown worthy of the Dark Prince and put it on her Godson's head, making the child laugh as he pulled it from his hand to examine. The crown seems to fit the little head perfectly, he happily noted and put it on. He then happily bounced towards his father, pausing and start walking calmly when Nagini chided from behind, ":Walk, hatchling, like the little gentleman I know you are. We're in public.:"

Marvolo watched as Hadrianus hesitated, looking at his seat, before silently going towards the newly conjured padded chair, clearly, he wanted to snuggle with him but knew it is not the time. Marvolo asked Bailey to fetch one of his fictional books for light reading so Hadrianus can amuse himself with it while he finished his meeting. Bella sat at the foot in between the throne of her Lord and her Prince. Then proceed to scratch his head, humming a gentle lullaby. She used to sing this to her unborn children. Hadrianus snuggled deeper into his seat, enjoying being petted by his Godmummy, not minding what's happening around them anymore, losing into his favorite fiction world. Not wishing to interrupt him, Marvolo cast a Muffliato around themselves and continued with his meeting.

"Now, lastly, you three," He addressed the Lestranges, "What have you come up with?"

The twins exchanged a look with their own father, Lord Lestrange who nodded in agreement with their plan, so they started explaining their plan.

"My Lord, we are going to be secret twin sons of Bellatrix and Rodolphus who were sent to Bulgaria to stay secret and has been attending Durmstrang until our second year, but then decided to move to Britain after the news of our 'parent's death' hit the news. We were thinking of being admitted to Hogwarts next year for our third year."

"Third year?" Marvolo asked with a frown, "Are you sure you want to go through five years of Hogwarts?"

"As Lucius said, not all of us should be admitted from fifth year. Besides, we need to be there to make our Dark Prince's early Hogwarts years safe and look after him."

"I see," Marvolo nodded, pleased, idly noticing some maids had arrived to mop the pool of blood and other things on the floor which he had kept under notice-me-not keyed to his son. "Continue."

"We will take the name Raylan (Rabastan) and Reynaldo (Rodolphus) Lestrange, and this time, Raylan will be the elder twin and claim the Heirship of Lestrange."

"Why so?" Marvolo frowned.

"Because older Lestrange twin falling in love with the Black girl and marrying her will hit home too close for Dumbledore to not start putting his crooked nose where it doesn't belong." Rodolphus, now Reynaldo grinned. Bella and he will 'fall in love' and get married after Hogwarts, their child will become the Heir of Black, as he's going to be the 'spare' this time." He knows they will have children, their Lord promised that to them. He doesn't know how yet, but he trusts Him more than his life. While Raylen will become the acting Lord of Lestrange and when they can finally make Barty and Sev see how much these three are mean for each other, they will get married and have children who will become the Heir of Lestrange, Prince, and Crouch.

"Quite," Marvolo agreed, his own lips twitching. Well, if they have no problem with it, neither does he. "Have you noted it down, Lucius?" He asked when he noticed the blonde's attention was not the meeting, but towards his son.

"Erm, my apologies, I will do it now." Lucius glanced once more at the Dark Prince, shifting uneasily before focusing on the parchment in front of him. If their Lord can not see any problem with the man-eater giant serpent wrapped around his son, then who is he to point it out?

Noticing his discomfort, Marvolo glanced at his son to find Nagini had slithered towards him and had coiled around him and resting her head on his shoulder. To Hadrianus, he is only perching on his loving and concerned mother's lap who refused to let him out of her sight because of his recent injuries. But to his Knights, she is a highly venomous viper with lethal muscles and deadly instincts, enhanced with Lord Voldemort's power, His familiar. A killer machine. Not the loving mother Hadrianus views her as.

How majestic he must be looking in the eyes of his Knights!

"What about you, Bella?" He returned to the matter on his hand and Bella flashed a smirk.

"I am planning to become the granddaughter of Marius Black, my 'parents' will be squib descendants of the Black family and a muggle, and aunt Walburga will blood adopt me, washing whatever Muggle blood I 'may' have and enroll me in Hogwarts after giving me primary lessons. I will be admitted in the same year with Little Az, in my third year."

Marvolo nodded, he had already guessed that. Bella is not going to waste her time in Hogwarts by enrolling a year early when she could use the time to spend with her Godson. "What name are you going to take?" Marvolo asked as Lucius noted it down.

Bella smirked, glancing at her Godson immersed in the comic book, "I have an idea, but I need to do more research before I confirm. Given I have two years and a muggle history, its not urgent at the moment, right?"

Marvolo wondered briefly what it means, but decided he was off better not knowing. Though what surprised him most was Bellatrix Lestrange is choosing to have a Muggle background, though she will be considered a pureblood when Walburga blood adopts her! It seems to be almost impossible, though it is going to work out best if she has a muggle background, after all, who will link her with Bellatrix if she has a Muggle background, right? "Right then. Lucius, how much time you will need to arrange everything legally?

As the adults were busy in the meeting, Hadrianus had been reading his favorite comics while lounging comfortably. But some ugly mutterings and whispers started to distract him from the antics of Harley Quinn. Frowning, Hadrianus looked up to find a woman in maid costume moping the floor and muttering ugly things under her breath. 

There was something familiar about the maid. It took him a few moments, but Hadrianus tensed up when he recognized the woman. Marge Dursley. Her previously huge fat body was gone, though she's not skinny like Harry had been, not yet. And now she's muttering insults to his father.

"...No-account, good-for-nothing, freaky scroungers, murderer..."

Hadrianus clenched his teeth, his magic had started leaking out, building up in the room around them until it was swirling around creating a storm. His magic was sparking across his skin. Everyone stopped speaking, looking around as the windows of the Great hall started to rattle as his magic hammered on them.

Marvolo had felt his son's rage building fast, when he looked back at his son, he noticed Hadrianus's attention is not on the book anymore, but on the maid that is moping the floor. Wondering why he would be furious against a maid, Marvolo looked at the main and instantly recognized her and cursed inside his head for not noticing her sooner. He quickly canceled the privacy charm around them, just in time to hear her muttering, not noticing the room had gone deadly silent or the death glares she is receiving.

"...Production of a bad bitch, insolent freaks, monsters..."


Marge suddenly looked as though words had failed her. She seemed to be swelling with inexpressible anger - but the swelling didn’t stop. Her great red face started to expand, her tiny eyes bulged, and her mouth stretched too tightly for speech - next second, several buttons had just burst from her maid costume and pinged off the walls - she was inflating like a monstrous balloon, her stomach bursting free of her tweed waistband, each of her fingers blowing up. Marge's whole body began to rise off the floor toward the ceiling. She was entirely round, now, like a vast life buoy with piggy eyes, and her hands and feet stuck out weirdly as she drifted up into the air, making apoplectic popping noises.

Azure, having tasted his human's fury, started flying around the floating vermin in the air. But Nagini, even on Marvolo's urging refused to move away from her child.

":Hatchling! No!:"

"Hadrianus! Calm down!"

Bella whooped and cheered, cackling madly while others watched, astonished as the child's chaotic magic was only getting stronger and more destructive. The first window shattered, but Marvolo stopped the glass shards from flying with a wave of his hand. His own magic quickly reformed the window, but cracks were already appearing due to the sheer force of his son's Magic that is going out of control and kicking up a maelstrom.

"Hadrianus?" He called out, but no reply, again. It was obvious to The Dark Lord that Hadrianus was too far gone in his rage to be talked down, even though he is flattered that his son would become so angry on his father's behalf. He could see another window was about to shatter and Marvolo wasn't sure how much longer he would be able to hold back his chaotic magic. After all, he had never seen Hadrianus's rage before and he would rather not lose the Great Hall into pieces. And he knows his son has enough Magic to explode the whole wing.

"Hadrianus no! Everyone! Contain it!" The Dark Lord barked and the adults immediately leaped into action, their wands out and casting a shield together. But the rage behind the chaotic Magic is too great and soon, everyone seems to struggle at first to contain it, sweat forming on their forehead.

Realizing how close it is to exploding, Marvolo quickly grabbed the child and apparated themselves into one of his most durable dueling rooms. On arriving, Marvolo quickly raised his strongest shield and a sticking charm on his feet just in time for the child's Magic to explode. But to his further surprise, his effort to put his strongest shield was in vain, as Hadrianus seems to have enough subconscious control on his Magic that it didn't affect him. The walls of the dueling room shook violently, but they stayed intact. Marvolo is now thankful that he had kept most of the machines and dummies locked, only available when summoned.

Okay, anger management classes seem to be the next issue for his therapy session. Years of abuse can result in a violent temper, Marvolo's own legendary fury is proof of the fact.

After the violent explosion, Hadrianus seems to be calming down, his struggles grew weaker and weaker, his magic slowly calming and his eyes drooping shut. His arms felt heavy and his limbs could have been made out of lead instead of flesh and skins.

Marvolo pulled his son and placed him on his lap, gently rocking the child as a tired Hadrianus laid bonelessly on his father's lap, laying his head back on his father's shoulder, and yawned adorably, his missing teeth prominent.

"Time for a nap."

Marvolo picked his son up in his arms and left the dueling room. Hadrianus's legs involuntarily curled up around his waist and he laid head in his father's neck and yawned again. He went towards the nearest Floo and threw a Floo powder into it, and went to Slytherin Castle.

"Bailey, bring Nagini." He ordered as he carefully put the child on the bed of Heir's room. He waited long enough for Nagini to arrive.

"You want to transform into human form?"

":Leave it, I will not let him out of the library when he wakes up, enough playing and practice of Magic to last me a lifetime today.:" Nagini grumbled as she coiled around her trouble-prone Hatchling. To think he just woke up from a couple of hours of nap!

Marvolo's lips twitched as he nodded and left for the Headquarters. Nagini is right. They would forgo the Magical practice of the schedule for today, after all, Hadrianus had used enough Magic for at least three days. He had kept an eye on his son and knew it was true accidental magic, not cast through his wish magic. 

He appeared in the Great Hall to find everyone watching in amazement as Marge kept swelling further and further, and then bounced on the ceiling of the hall. No one made any attempt to help her but kept watching with sadistic amazement. She kept bouncing as if some helium balloons.

"Is Little Az okay, My Lord?" Bella asked seeing him enter, and Marvolo nodded.

"He's napping."

"He's so delightful and powerful, isn't he?" Bella said in awe, "My ickle little Az!"

Marvolo's lips twitched. Technically Hadrianus has a larger Magical Core than other children of his age, given being birthed from two strong Wizard and Witches, then having Black blood, added to the mixture the blood adoption of Slytherin, Peverell, and Everard line. Not anyone else but the most powerful wizard of the time. And of course, not to forget about his Horcrux! So it's not much of a shocking fact that he has a larger core than an average man already.

He looked up where Muggle is floating and bouncing in the ceiling.

"We've agreed to let her be, My Lord." Bella's lips curved into a Cheshire grin as she said enthusiastically, "I mean, is it not a good experiment to watch if she would just lose all air and become flat or would she blow up? And if she did blow up..." Bella's grin turned more sadistic as she continued, "Would she blow up like a balloon and just pop out air and skin, or would she pop out blood and guts?" while the others chuckled and agreed, each of them wondering which one it will be. They all would love to find out. No one had wanted to rescue the filthy Muggle anyway, especially not after what they heard.

Marvolo watched Marge bouncing impassively for a moment, before composing himself. "Okay, meeting dismissed. But before you go, I want to know who is the peasant that taught my son to swear?"

"What the fuck? Someone taught Little Prince to swear?" Barty exclaimed.

Everyone turned their head to stare at Barty amazed, who slowly widened his eyes in realization, "Oh, shit! I am fucked!"

Marvolo sighed, "Not quite literally, but yes you are."