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one glass of wine

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Diluc wasn't one to indulge in alcohol, but one glass of his own wine certainly didn't hurt. Especially during business and diplomatic occasions like this. The new year eve's party Elzer had organized was already ending anyway.

One glass of wine was enough to make Diluc a little bit tipsy though. Perhaps that one glass was all that he needed to be bold. To ask the bard he's been keeping an eye on to stay.


"It's cold outside, stay for the night."

His hands reached out to hold Venti's hands, and Venti inched himself closer. Diluc's gaze was soft, and Venti's eyes glimmered like crystals beneath the chandelier in the main room of the winery. Diluc never anticipated to find the bard at his obligatory new year's party uninvited, requesting him for a dance, and mingling with the maids as he feasted on dandelion wine.

"Okay," Venti answered, tightening the grip between their hands. Venti doesn't experience cold the way humans do. The wind was his friend, and the snow was merely a tickle. Yet, when he thinks of the warmth they shared from the dance earlier, he wanted to feel it again, even though it felt selfish.

"Goodnight, Master Diluc."

Their hands immediately let go of each other, and their heads turn to the entrance of the winery, sighting the door closing from the outside. Elzer has taken his leave for tonight, leaving the place to the two of them. Their eyes meet again.

"Do you... want to stay in my room?" Diluc crossed his arms, slightly shrugging his shoulders to the question.

It was the first time Diluc ever had the chance to ask that question. Of course, the only times he had ever brought Venti home was if the bard had passed out drunk at the tavern, or was too sleepy to wake up after falling asleep over the bar. Tonight was different. Venti was here, conscious, and staring into his eyes.

"Oh? Is that okay?" Venti's eyes glinted playfully despite the drumming beat of his heartbeat. He placed his hands on his hips.

Diluc grumbled under his breath, "If you don't want to it's fi—"

"I want to." Venti's fingers tugged at the hem of Diluc's unbuttoned coat. His eyes averted to the side.

The sight of Venti being shy in front of him, avoiding eye contact and tugging his coat made Diluc have to swallow his own spit. "I— Uh... Should we head upstairs then?"

Just as Diluc turned his body to head upstairs, the tug on his coat stopped him.

"I... think I'm too drunk..." It was a blatant lie. Venti was barely tipsy. The Archon just wondered, maybe if he acted drunk enough he would find out how Diluc carried him from Angel's Share to the winery on those nights. Those nights where the last thing he would remember was the warm lights of the tavern, and the first thing he would feel when he woke up was the soft touch of silk bed sheets, alone in one of Diluc's guest rooms.

Diluc stared at the beret on top of Venti's head for a moment. With one swift move, the latter was already in Diluc's arms, one hand supporting Venti's back, and the other between his thighs and calves. The motion made the bard gasp and spontaneously grip onto Diluc's shoulders, flushing as his head sinks into the crook of the taller man's neck.

"Maybe I should stop serving you if you're always going to end up too drunk."

"You're so mean, Master Diluc." Venti pouted.

Venti was light in Diluc's arms. Perhaps the redhead had gotten used to carrying Venti's weight, or perhaps Venti being the God of Anemo had something to do with it. Diluc can only hope that the beating of his heartbeat wasn't loud enough for Venti to hear, snuggled up with arms around Diluc's shoulders as he carried the bard upstairs.


When they finally arrived at the room, Diluc removed the beret on top of Venti's head and hung it on the coat hanger next to the door. Venti's cape stripped from his shoulders next to join with the beret. The routine was clockwork for Diluc, but this was Venti's first time experiencing it wide awake. After removing his own boots and Venti's shoes, Diluc gently placed Venti down on his bed. One of his knees sunk in the sheets as his gloved hands unbuckled the belt holding Venti's vision to place it on the nightstand next to the bed, next doing the same for his own belt holding the pyro vision. The motion of Diluc taking Venti's garments off was enough to invite heat in the latter's stomach.

Venti's fingers manage to grip on Diluc's arm before Diluc could leave the bed. Aqua eyes were dancing, interchanging between meeting Diluc's eyes and looking away. Rose tints decorated the bard's cheek, drunken; but not from alcohol.

"You can take off some more," Venti's voice was soft and sweet.

The thoughts in Diluc's head jumble up into a knot. He would never dare to undress Venti more than this. At one point he did think of loosening the corset hugging Venti's waist to let the bard sleep more comfortably, but just the idea of it was—

"And what if I can't hold back?"

Venti giggled, sullen for a split second, "Did I get the wrong idea, then?"

Diluc didn't know how to respond. An Archon is laying in his bed, implying that Diluc had other ideas than just letting Venti take shelter for the night. Would it be acceptable? Would it be heresy? Or perhaps would it count as worship?

"You're so heartless, Master Diluc," Venti sulked, "you offer me to stay the night and let me in your room... Of course I'd get the wrong idea."

Suddenly, the slow rise and fall of Venti's chest becomes too noticeable under the dim-lit room. The hair on the back of his head ruffled meeting the sheets and the teal-tipped braids rested on his chest ever so delicately. Those half-lidded aqua eyes stared tentatively at Diluc, with pretty lips pouting begging to be touched. Venti was... breathtaking. He always has been.

Diluc wonders how many eyes had laid upon the sight in front of him. How many ears had heard the Archon offer himself like this, moping with rosy cheeks and twinkling eyes. He could feel his throat dry up, hints of rust on his cheeks.

"Do you just offer this to anyone?" Diluc removed his gloves as he tried to mask his irritation with an amused tone, only to be met with another giggle from beneath.

"You're so funny, Master Diluc. What do you take me for?"

"What do you take me for?"

The bard smirked, "Let's find out."

Smaller, slender fingers gripped onto Diluc's collar, pulling him in to meet with Venti's body. His elbows landed on each side of the bard's head to support his weight, and the next thing he knew was soft lips pressed on to his, small arms wrapping around his neck.

Venti's lips lapped on Diluc's, sweet and tender with a hint of wine. The sensation was captivating despite the winery owner's distaste of alcohol, melting him to return the motion, gentle and longing with the slightest inkling of greed. Larger hands cupped Venti's cheeks, and fingertips brushed against his earlobe as his own fingers entangled in red hair.

Their bodies became warmer, and Venti wondered if this was distinct to pyro vision holders, or was it the heat from their breaths exchanging kisses between rose-colored cheeks.

Diluc's tongue slipped between Venti's lips, and the latter opened up willingly. It was messy and hungry, and Venti loved every bit of it. Letting the man on top of him press kisses so clingy, as if the redhead wanted to clean his mouth from the idea of anyone else tasting this, claiming the cave which songs and tales would echo from.

After a while, it was getting too much for the bard to keep up. Venti slightly pushed Diluc away, separating their lips, causing strings of saliva to break off between them.

"Calm down, I can't breathe." Venti was catching his breath. The sight was enough to make Diluc's pants tight, messy braids and sultry eyes.

"You're making it hard to hold back."

Diluc finally removed his coat and vest. After tossing the items to the floor, he hurriedly entangled his fingers between Venti's and hovered over the little man again. Finally placing his whole weight on to the bed.

Starved kisses were peppered on Venti's neck, and Venti secretly wishes for Diluc to mark him instead. The redhead breaks off one of his hand from Venti's to open the buttons of Venti's blouse, he reached his hand behind the bard's back to loosen the corset, and soon enough the fabric on Venti's upper half were stripped off completely as Diluc removed his own tie while he was at it.

Diluc's free hand reached to one of Venti's nipples, the touch making Venti whine, arching his body for more and reaching his free hand to intertwine between red locks. Hot breaths travel lower to Venti's collarbones, leaving kisses that finally suckle and bite to leave marks, granting Venti's secret wishes. More whines echo from Venti's mouth as Diluc's fingers play with his nipple, circling the bud and tugging gently.

Satisfied with the marks he's given on Venti's collarbone, Diluc lifts his head to give the bard another kiss before going down lower to meet his lips with the other nipple. Their entangled hands grip tighter. Then, the soft kisses on Venti's bud turn into licking and sucking, making Venti let out sounds of suppressed moans.

"You can let out your voice, no one else is here," crimson eyes haze into Venti's, and the view reminds him of why so many maidens idolize the red-haired man. Piercing yet gentle, and in this moment: full of desire. The most eligible bachelor of Mondstadt was holding his hand, pleasing him with such benign and eager motions. This is selfish, Venti thinks. But he does not care, as he lets his own voice resonate through the corners of this room, pulling the red mane slightly with every lick and tug.

Diluc switched his mouth and hand with the other nipple, doing the same as before. The sound of Venti's moans was like a melody to Diluc's ears, subconsciously bringing a smile to his lips.

Venti's knee pressed between Diluc's thighs, nudging the hardness that was already plain in sight. The feeling of Diluc's outline was enough to make Venti blush harder, and he was starting to get impatient.

"Ngh... Master Diluc," Venti whined, stretching out the last vocal, "how much longer are you going to do that?"

Diluc immediately stopped his motions. "Do you not like it?" He lifts his head to look at Venti and- oh the sight of Diluc's concerned face made the bard feel guilty for even asking.

"N-no!" Venti quickly answered, "I love it. I just..." his eyes averted.

Diluc raised an eyebrow and brought his head up to look at Venti closer, "What is it?"

"You know..."

"I'm not a mind reader, Bard."

Diluc was fucking with him. Venti could tell. It doesn't take a genius to figure out what Venti meant. Venti didn't want to lose. He looked into Diluc straight in the eye while his hand reached down to hold the boner in Diluc's pants, the redhead winced by the touch. Aqua eyes were glistening and milky cheeks were flushing.

"I want this inside me."

Red was dyed on Diluc's face as his eyes widened slightly from the statement. His lips curved into a small smile, immediately diving in to ravish the Archon's lips again. Venti was too irresistible, tempting to ruin yet felt fragile that he must protect.

Rough hands reach down to Venti's shorts, pulling it down with the white tights in one fell swoop. Venti whined as the fabric brushed against his dick, meeting the air as he was now completely naked. Pulling from the kiss, Diluc ventured low, trailing kisses along the bard's milky skin until his head was placed between thighs.


Venti's folded legs were lifted till his knees were in the air. Diluc gave more kisses and suckles on the soft, slender thighs, eventually landing his lips on the cute hard cock, earning moans from lips above. After lapping his tongue a few times around Venti's cock, Diluc's lips travel lower to the back entrance.

Supple thighs squeezed against Diluc's fingers as he groped them. A tongue grazed against Venti's hole, swishing around and eventually entering inside. Oh the sounds that Venti was making made the tent in Diluc's pants strain. More. He wanted to hear more.

"Hn... Ma—ster Diluuuuc," Venti's hips started jerking. He placed a hand over Diluc's head, the other in his mouth, covering his own fingers with saliva as whimpers escaped his lips with every motion from Diluc's tongue around and inside his entrance. He was getting closer to the edge, but he didn't want to climax like this. Not with Diluc's tongue, no. Venti reached down with slick fingers as he was getting restless, but was stopped by Diluc's hand holding on to the wrist.

"What's this?" The voice was stern, almost enough to make Venti shiver.

"Hurry..." Venti pouted, almost wailing.

"I have fingers too," Diluc hoisted himself up, Venti's calves rested on top of his shoulders.

Diluc caressed Venti's cheek, slowly entering his fingers between kissable lips, and the latter lapped his tongue around them like a mother cat bathing it's kittens while crimson eyes watched intently. It didn't take long for Diluc's fingers to be dripping, and he reached down before Venti could complain again.

As he slowly entered in a finger, Venti's lips fell into another moan, pulling in Diluc into another kiss. Still messy, still hungry. After moving the finger in and out for a while, a second finger was added, then a third, then Venti's hips were moving on it's own, chasing the slow pace of Diluc's fingers. Diluc curled his fingers, taking time to please and open Venti up while moans and groans slipped through their intertwined tongues.

"Master Diluc," Venti pulled from the kiss, his hands were gripping on to Diluc's shirt, "Your clothes... Off."

Diluc almost chuckled, the tone of the bard's command was like a spoiled kid, ready to cry if he didn't get what he wanted. "Alright."

The fingers left Venti's hole, and he whimpered at the loss. He watched as the redhead rose, letting Venti's legs fall and finally unbutton the grey shirt on him, letting it fall onto the pile of clothes already on the floor. Toned muscles and healed scars reveal itself. Venti wanted to touch.

"Master Diluc,"

The name owner lifted his head as he was about to take off his pants. The view Venti was giving him made Diluc desperately hope only his eyes has seen this treasure. Venti was stretching out his own ass with his own hands and holding his legs in the air. His hole puckering, begging. Diluc felt his own precum leak.

"Please fuck me already."

It only took a second for Diluc to take off his pants and underwear, positioning himself closer to Venti whose knees were already placed next to his head, ankles brushing lightly against the red hair and hands caressing Diluc's torso.

Diluc finally enters him, groaning as Venti's walls clench around him, hugging him. Venti threw his arms above his head, crumpling the sheets with his grip, and a loud moan escaped his lips at the sensation of the opening.

"Does it hurt?"

At this rate, Venti could fall in love. Diluc's voice was so gentle. The crimson-eyes looking into him felt so carnal and so soft at the same time. This was truly selfish and full of indulgence, he wanted Diluc all to himself. Venti shook his head while he repositioned his legs, wrapping them around Diluc's back as his arms hung around the redhead's neck.

Diluc started to move, and sounds of pleasure escaped their lips. It was slow at first, then Diluc started picking up the pace whenever Venti's hips started to buck faster than him, trying to find the Archon's sweet spot. His hands gripped on Venti's thighs to hold him in place.

Mewls and moans of Diluc's name reverb from wanton lips, drooling onto the sheets. Red hair was starting to stick on Diluc's forehead from the sweat while lewd, unholy noises of their skins meeting filled the room.


A higher-pitched moan from Venti's lips caught Diluc's attention. And so he repeated the motion, with the same angle at the same spot. Bingo. Venti's eyes were rolling back, mewling even louder.

"There?" Diluc whispered, still thrusting into the same spot, but Venti was already a mess to even answer, covering his face with his arms.

"Ohh fuck," Venti tried to cover his face with his palms, but Diluc gently pulled them away. He held the hands against the sheets, holding them in place.

"I want to see your face." Diluc leaned in, his breaths were short and misty. Again, their fingers entwine, fitting perfectly into each other.

Their faces were close, with Venti jerking his head into every direction every once in a while, and Diluc enjoyed seeing the bard squirm beneath him. Diluc thrusted faster, and slapping noises of skin against skin became louder.

"Master Diluc," Venti whined again between moans, "touch me."

The request was desperate. Diluc looked down to see Venti's cock bouncing with the rythm of their fucking, leaking with precum. So dainty. So enticing.

One of Diluc's hand let go from Venti's, reaching down to wrap his fingers around the member, jerking it off with a pace slightly slower than the humping. Venti's face was a delight, tongue slightly lolled out and pupils reaching his temple. Not to mention the noises that echoed from those sultry lips.

"Fuck, you're so hot."


Diluc felt Venti tighten around him. Oh this was definitely what ascending to Celestia would feel like. He was close. His fingers moved faster around Venti's cock as his head dipped into the smaller man's neck. Diluc was ramming fast and shallow into Venti's prostate, collecting mewls from the bard's lips and releasing moans from his own.

"Venti, can I cum inside?"

The breathy whisper of his own name in Venti's ear made everything race inside of him. Soon, splashes of white covered Diluc's hand and his stomach while a loud, erotic whine emitted from Venti's mouth as his head jerked backwards. He didn't even realize that his nails were digging into flesh, gripping Diluc's shoulders so tightly. Venti nodded, finally answering Diluc's question and tightening his legs around Diluc.

Diluc placed both of his hands around Venti's thighs, keeping them in place as he kept chasing his own high, vigorously thrusting in and out with overstimulated mewls following after. The sight of Venti's face was enough to make Diluc release inside not long after with a deep groan falling from his lips.

The larger body fell onto the smaller, their breaths catching up to each other between necks and ears. A hand was caressing red fluffy hair, and lips were landing soft kisses on a shoulder. Their bodies were still connected, and pure bliss filled the air.

Diluc gave Venti a kiss before pulling out. Then, he left the bed for a moment. Venti's eyes followed as the redhead brought back a piece of cloth, cleaning them up with said cloth in a tender and attentive manner that made Venti feel fuzzy.

"You're quite the gentleman, Master Diluc." Venti smiled politely when Diluc was done and put the cloth away.

Diluc lifted an eyebrow. He crawled into the bed again beside Venti, pulling a blanket over them to cover the nakedness and hopefully keep them from catching a cold. "Is that so?"

Venti chuckled. He scooted closer to Diluc, giving in to his own selfishness and wrapping an arm against the larger body. "Mhm." This was nice.

Diluc was hesitant at first, but eventually his arms slung around Venti's waist, mirroring the touch Venti was doing to his. The small distance between their chests felt warm.

"You know," Venti looked at Diluc, "I... wouldn't mind doing this again." His cheeks blushed very, very subtly.

"Hm..." Diluc's other hand caressed Venti's braids, undoing them in a second, letting lush teal-tipped hair drop on Venti's shoulders. "Don't do this with anyone else, then."

Diluc was really bold tonight.

"Oh? Will I get free wine for obeying you?"

"As if I don't already give you enough lenience."

Venti pouts. Cute.

"On the contrary, the wine for you should stop altogether."

Venti's eyes widen, frozen in place. "Y-you were actually serious earlier?"

Diluc chuckled lightly, "I'm joking."

Another pout. "Meanie."

"Maybe don't lie about being too drunk next time." It was so obvious from the start. Diluc already knows how much alcohol it needs to make Venti tipsy or passed out.

Venti's face scrunched up. His nose was crinkled and his eyebrows furrowed, adding to the already adorable pouting lips. The back of Diluc's hand grazed Venti's cheek, he doesn't know when or why he started lightly pinching the soft flesh between his index and thumb.

"Such a cute God."



The tinge of pink on their cheeks were almost identical. Venti had to glance away from Diluc for a second. "You're drunk, Master Diluc," the bard whispered.

"Am I?" He wouldn't call it 'drunk', per say. He was still very aware of his surroundings. Aware of what just occurred. Aware of Venti laying in bed next to him.

Venti nods trying to convince, but it was more towards himself, "How much did you drink?"

"One glass."

Venti's eyes stared into Diluc for a moment. "Pfft," then laughter followed after, pulling the redhead closer and tighter in the embrace.

Diluc didn't understand what was so funny, but he didn't mind. He didn't mind holding Venti near like this, listening to the harmony of laughter, and falling for the soul of an Archon.