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Hey guys! And welcome to my roleplay book!

My history with roleplaying: I started this year. And I have done it twice lol. But I enjoy it!

Fandoms and characters I have roleplayed: Total drama. I roleplayed Zoey, Topher, Amy, Jasmine, and two OC's.

Other info: I prefer group roleplays as that is what I'm used to. I can try one on one. If you'd like to do group roleplay, I can make a discord server for us.

Also, I am 20 turning 21. Just wanted to be completely open with my age lol.

And I am also female bi and ace:)

And, I'm in Australia.

This is just all the basic info. The next chapter will have info on what I'd roleplay, in terms of whether I'd do smut or not, and stuff like that.

Also, I'll post different chapters with different types of roleplay I want to do, like band au, high school au, stuff like that, and I'll post which fandoms I wouldn't mind doing for those au's.

Hope this makes sense!