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Call Me Home

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Dakota’s POV
I awake to screaming i rub my eyes trying to wake myself completely I hear screaming again causing me to jump up and run outside my tent to figure out whats going on and where the sound was coming from. Only to find the camp grounds on fire. Smoke filled the air people were screaming everywhere men were surrounding the pack grabbing us no, no killing us.

I look around frantically searching for my mother “Mom!” I yelled. someone grabs my arm from behind me its my best friend Katie. “Katie” I say half relieved “We have to go come on” she says with tears going down her checks, pulling me to the tree line. “What about the others?” I yell over the screams “What about my mother! Where’s yours?” She let another tear slip down her face “She's dead” she lets out another sob “I have to find mine” I say pulling out of her grip and turning around I push my way threw the crowd thats mixed with wolves and those who can’t shift yet “Mom!” i fall to the ground almost trampled when someone helps me up only to realize its one of the men killing his way threw the crowd.

I try too yank out of his tight grip on my wrist but I'm not strong enough I let out a cry thinking it would be my last. When to my surprise Katie jumps on his back causing him to let go of my wrist. “Katie!” I yell worried for her “Get off me you little mut” the guy is trying his best to get a grip on Katie’s small figure. I see a sharp torch handle laying on the ground I quickly go to grab it and I lunge at the tall man stabbing his stomach he groans in pain hinting the ground and rolling over on his stomach Katie jumps off his back. I grab her hand “Thank you” I cry to her “Thank you as well” She smiles the best she could considering.

“Dakota!” I hear my name being yelled by a familiar voice “Mom!” I run into my moms arms embracing her warmth taking a big deep breathe in smelling her sent. “Get as many people as you can and go find a pack that will help you like the dunley pack we’ve helped them go go!” She then kisses my forehead “Mom what no I can't leave you!” My eyebrows furrowed “I have to help the others! Go now!” She says then I cry out “No I can’t!”

My mother then turns to Katie “Take her now along with the others please go now!” My mom pushes my arm toward Katie as she grabs it and give’s my mom the okaying nod. “Mom!” I scream as Katie drags me toward a little boy “Come with me.” Katie tells him and he just cry’s out “I-I wann-ttt mommy!” She picks him up running to the woods “Come on!” Katie yells “Go I see another kid!” I lied I don't see many people left just bodies laying everywhere some ripped apart but a wolf and some with just there necks shaped by a man who hasn't shifted.

I finally see my mom she's helping a women by draging her away from her husbands dead Body. “No, no, my love no!” The women cries drawing the attention to her and my mother, my mother tells the women to run as my mother gets into wolf form getting ready to defend herself against two men also taking their wolf forms. One lunges at her she dodges the effort. she lunges to the other one landing a hit he stubbles back into attacking position. They both lunge at her at the same time she gets a bite down on one of there necks making his body go limp and lifeless. The other ones trying to get to her neck. she stands up pushing the body off her as the other one stands backing into position he looks down at the body getting visibly angrier. I

hate the fact that I can't help her at all I'm just here hiding watching as my mother is fighting for her life. She turns her head seeing me “What are you still doing here RUN!.” She says threw our mind connection wolves have. The wolf in front of her lunges and attacks her while she was distracted looking at me “No!” I yell helplessly “Ahhhhh!” She screams as the big brown wolf bites down on her pretty while fur thats getting covered in red liquid. He lets up now trying to bite at her neck she dodges it trying to get him off her until he finally lands the attack she screams then everything goes silent. I stand there in shock. She’s dead She's really dead I can't grasp that thought. My moms dead I scream in agonizing pain falling to my knees I sat there for what seems like a life time. Theres almost no one left alive at this point on either side of the fight. The big brown wolf spots me we make eye contact and I can see his grin he's now chasing me. Theres no way I can out run him not in my human form but I've never been able to shift. But I turn and run toward the tree line hoping praying someones out there who can help me maybe my wolf will finally come out.