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Divide The Blackened Sky

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It’s a cell, she knows it is because the only way out is with the blue hands. The cell is safe. Its quiet and it doesn’t hurt. But the blue hands always hurt. And they always come. Its no use fighting because they always get what they want. They hurt her until she doesn’t know what she is, or if she even is.

… she dreams deep. Every single time. Of the fire and flames and its so hot she can't breathe because the air burns too. And the stench… But just when she's about to wake, when it’s the sun lighting the sky… it’s a different kind of flame. White hot and cold, blinding and suffocating. And they're the most beautiful dreams… made of light and sparks and energy. But they're angry too. Wrathful and deadly… They hurt too.


That’s what they are. Its what she will be.

One more weapon…