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Ogata and Sugimoto had been fucking for a while now. Neither of them could tell when exactly this… thing had started – when Sugimoto’s insults and Ogata’s insufferable attitude became a weird sort of flirtation that eventually culminated into Sugimoto slamming Ogata into the forest floor and kissing him ferociously. It was just… their thing, fucking regularly even though they hated each other. Hell, maybe it kept going for so long because they hated each other so much. Being a deserter from the 7th division, Ogata was no stranger to the effects of mixing hatred and lust; it was a convenient way to blow off steam, and Sugimoto was always very willing to go along with whatever he wanted after some preliminary teasing.

They fucked as much as they could get away with without drawing their travel companions’ attention. Every so often Ogata would get up at night, after everyone else had gone to sleep, and walk into the forest making just enough noise to alert Sugimoto of what he was doing. Sugimoto usually followed a few minutes later, after making sure Asirpa and Shiraishi were asleep - though there was one time where Sugimoto had been sleeping just too heavily for Ogata’s discreet noises to wake him up. That night ended with Ogata spending some 30 minutes awaiting for Sugimoto to show up, and then the next morning making sure to annoy him to hell and back as punishment.

This night, however, Sugimoto broke the pattern. Ogata awoke to the sound of rustled leaves, and the full moon was bright enough for him to make out Sugimoto’s silhouette rising carefully from Asirpa’s side. Ogata watched Sugimoto look towards him for a few seconds, as if calling for him wordlessly, before turning back and disappearing behind the trees.

How unusual, Sugimoto taking the lead like that, Ogata thought, grabbing his rifle and getting up in complete silence. He followed Sugimoto to a clearing near the river they had found right before setting up camp earlier.

Sugimoto stood next to a large tree with twisted roots covered in moss, fidgeting with his scarf. In the moonlight, Ogata thought he looked equal parts anxious and excited. Interesting.

“What’s this?” Ogata muttered nonchalant, walking over to Sugimoto and immediately getting into his personal space. Sugimoto got visibly more flustered against the tree trunk, as if he hadn’t planned that far ahead in whatever his plans were. “Wanted to fuck me so bad you couldn’t wait?”

Sugimoto blushed and tipped his cap over his eyes, shielding it from the sniper’s sight. It was a sight Ogata was used to – Sugimoto always got weirdly shy in moments like this, no matter how many times they had had sex before. Ogata shrugged off his rifle, placing it carefully within arm’s reach on the tree’s roots, and casually dropped to his knees in front of Sugimoto. The best way to make Sugimoto get over himself, Ogata found, was to go straight to the point and just do it.

“A-ah, wait!—“, Sugimoto gripped Ogata’s shoulders suddenly, stopping him when he was about to reach for Sugimoto’s trousers. Ogata raised an eyebrow at him, watching with waning patience as he lowered himself to sit on the tree roots.

“OK, so, I was thinking…” Sugimoto started, his hands releasing Ogata’s shoulders to gesticulate a bit frantically while finding his words. Ogata thought he looked quite cute, if he were to be honest with himself – the Immortal Sugimoto, such a brutal, violent man, still had the heart of a bumbling virgin after all.

“Thinking? Oh, that’s new” Ogata smirked, rising a hand to slick back his hair. Sugimoto predictably frowned and rolled his eyes. Ah, there, finally stopped being a blushing maiden about this. Insults usually worked well to keep things going.

“Ugh, fuck you” Sugimoto sighed, slumping against the tree trunk. Ogata leaned over him, warm breath blowing over his face. He captured Sugimoto’s lips in a brief kiss and moved to straddle his hips, hands wandering to trace the bullet scars on his neck. Sugimoto shivered, leaning in to kiss him again. His hands slid over Ogata’s thighs, rough palms kneading the hard muscle underneath his uniform. Ogata’s hands went to Sugimoto’s unruly hair as their kiss deepened, knocking over his cap. It fell somewhere near Ogata’s rifle.

“I wanted to try doing… you know—ah”, Sugimoto hissed under his breath as Ogata ground his ass right over his dick. “—doing what you do”

“Hmm?” Ogata slowed his grinding and focused on Sugimoto’s embarrassed, yet determined expression. Oh, tonight would definitely be fun.

Ogata started to unbutton Sugimoto’s coat to reach his kimono and undershirt, while leaning forward to whisper in his ear. “Be more specific, I do a lot of things.”

Ogata liked how Sugimoto looked when he was pissed off – when annoyance buzzed under his skin like electricity, when Ogata couldn’t predict whether Sugimoto was going to punch him across the face or pull him in for a bruising kiss. It was exciting, seeing the kind of intensity Sugimoto usually only displayed when killing being directed at himself. The sex was also usually better when Sugimoto was angry at something, Ogata mused distractedly as Sugimoto weaved his fingers through Ogata’s hair, pulling it enough to hurt. Ogata tilted his head back in response, pitch-black eyes never leaving Sugimoto’s face, a silent challenge. Sugimoto pulled Ogata into a searing kiss, more teeth and tongue than lips, absent of any trace of the tenderness normally associated with the act. He kept tugging Ogata’s hair and grinding upwards into his ass. Yes.

I wanna suck you off” Sugimoto whispered gruffly into Ogata’s ear, trailing his mouth down his neck. Sugimoto released his grip on Ogata’s hair to focus on divesting him of his utility belt and uniform jacket. “Like you do to me.”

Ah, that was something that could be arranged, alright.

Ogata spread his hands over Sugimoto’s chest, feeling the firm yet soft give the muscles had under his fingertips. He took his time opening Sugimoto’s shirt, not bothering to undo his kimono belt. A myriad of scars, proof of violence, proof of survival, marred the skin underneath his layers. Ogata liked to trace them with his hands, whenever they had the time to spare during their brief trysts – how different Sugimoto was from himself, for Ogata’s skin was smooth, unblemished except for the scars Sugimoto put on his cheeks.

“Hm, I want to hear you beg for it” Ogata teased, finding a nipple and teasing it absentmindedly between his index finger and thumb. Sugimoto ground his hips upwards in search of friction, but Ogata raised his hips just out of reach. “Ask me nicely. How about, ‘please, Superior Private Ogata, would you fuck my mouth with your cock, sir?’”

Sugimoto’s face bloomed into such a pretty shade of pink at that. “Fuck you.”

“Well, you can finish your business elsewhere, then, if you won’t be polite” Ogata said, threatening to lift off Sugimoto’s lap altogether. Sugimoto surged up to grab his waist to keep Ogata in place, because he knew Ogata was the kind of asshole capable of just leaving him there to jerk off alone. He’d done that once, a few weeks before.

“W-Wait...! Ugh, you bastard,” Sugimoto sucked in a breath, eyes focusing on Ogata’s insufferable smug face, “just let me suck you off already? Please?”

Ogata’s shit-eating grin was probably the most annoying thing Sugimoto had seen this week.

“Oh, Sugimoto… That wasn’t very nice, now, was it?” Ogata said, rolling his eyes theatrically. “Come on, try again.”

Sugimoto looked like he was about to stab Ogata in the neck. He was probably considering the pros and cons in his head. His grip on Ogata’s waist was definitely painful already.

Please, fuck my mouth, Ogata,” he spat, to Ogata’s amusement. Eh, close enough. It wasn’t as if Ogata didn’t want this just as badly as he did, too.

“Well, if you want to suck my cock that much,” Ogata said, going back to slowly grind on Sugimoto’s dick, “I suppose I could do you this favour”

“God, you’re such an asshole” Sugimoto said, exasperated, having finished unbuttoning Ogata’s jacket and moving to work on his trousers. “Just… tell me how to do it”

Ogata raised his hips a bit higher to allow Sugimoto to push his pants down enough to pull his dick out from his fundoshi.

Sugimoto had seen Ogata’s dick plenty of times before, obviously, but never this up close to his face, never from this angle, with Ogata towering over him with his cock in his hand. Sugimoto expected Ogata to get up so he could get on his knees in front of him – their usual position whenever Ogata gave him head. Instead, Ogata inched his hips closer to Sugimoto’s face, now straddling his chest.

“Here, open wide” Ogata chuckled, slapping his dick lightly on Sugimoto’s right cheek, as if he were knocking on a door and asking to enter. God, he was having a lot of fun with this. To his surprise, Sugimoto didn’t protest that – just did as he was told and opened his mouth as wide as he could.

Ogata couldn’t recall having received a blowjob since his early army days – he was way more adept at giving them, whenever the opportunity arose. If he had to give a reason for this, it would probably be because it was an interesting position to be in; being responsible for someone’s unravelling while not being directly stimulated, gauging reactions, changing course accordingly, just to see his partner’s most vulnerable side while keeping his own head cool.

If it wasn’t ridiculous to do so, he’d probably compare it to sniping.

He entered Sugimoto’s mouth slowly, watching closely as his cock disappeared behind his lips. Sugimoto’s eyes were closed shut, his breathing shaky and eyebrows furrowed. Ogata felt Sugimoto’s hand slide over his thighs to grip at his waist again. It’d probably bruise later – it had happened a couple of times before, on those nights where he’d ride Sugimoto’s cock a bit too hard, a bit too fast. He hoped this time it would bruise again. Ogata felt teeth brush dangerously close to the head of his dick and gripped Sugimoto’s hair, urging him to be still.

“Cover your teeth with your lips, stupid,” he sighed, “and breathe through your nose, you’ll run out of air and die before I even start to fuck your mouth properly.”

Sugimoto hummed something that vaguely resembled a ‘shut up’ around Ogata’s cock, but did as he was told again. Ogata moaned quietly, engrossed in the wet heat surrounding him. He continued to enter slowly, carefully – after all, Sugimoto had never done this before, and Ogata had no way of knowing whether he had a strong gag reflex. He’d rather take it slow at first than risk Sugimoto puking on his dick and ruining the mood.

Ogata’s dick wasn’t even particularly big or thick, but Sugimoto still felt the unfamiliar stretch on his lips and jaw. The feeling was odd, but he could definitely see the appeal of being in this position: he could hear Ogata’s quickened breath and feel his muscles tensing up whenever Sugimoto experimentally swallowed around his dick, feel fingers tighten their grip on his hair. After Ogata had entered his mouth to the hilt a couple of times and verified Sugimoto wouldn’t gag so easily, he began to pick up the pace, guiding Sugimoto’s head by his hair while snapping his hips more and more frantically. Sugimoto still held onto his waist like a lifeline, digging his fingers into the flesh. Without stopping fucking Sugimoto’s mouth, Ogata grabbed one of Sugimoto’s hands and directed it to his right asscheek. Sugimoto immediately kneaded into the supple flesh there, and let out a strangled moan that Ogata felt echo though his whole body.

Sugimoto could feel Ogata was close as the grip on his hair got tighter, the thrusts less coordinated – not to mention the noises he was making, grunts and cut-off moans that never quite left his lips. In that clearing by the river, the wet sound of Sugimoto sucking Ogata’s cock seemed to reverb in the stillness of the night.

Like a string under tension, Ogata’s hips suddenly snapped forward, filling Sugimoto’s mouth with cum without warning. Asshole. Sugimoto gagged, bitterness invading his tongue, but Ogata’s grip on his hair was still too strong. He swallowed around Ogata, making the sniper shiver and, after a few moments, finally slip out of Sugimoto’s mouth.

Ogata sat back on Sugimoto’s lap to breathe, trying to pull himself together. Sugimoto’s dick was still hard under his ass, practically throbbing, and he grinned.

“Was—,“ Sugimoto cleared his throat, his hoarse voice another layer of satisfaction for Ogata, “—was it good?”

Ogata ran his fingers through his dishevelled hair, “Well, a hole is a hole…” he teased. Sugimoto looked disheartened for a moment, before returning to his more familiar annoyed expression. Ogata leaned over to catch his lips in his, tasting himself on Sugimoto’s tongue.

“Needs more practice, but it was good,” Ogata whispered against his lips, feeling Sugimoto grin into the kiss. Sugimoto’s hand was still on his ass, pressing Ogata’s hips down on his cock with renewed vigor.

“Fuck, Sugimoto, calm down” Ogata muttered, eyes closing. He was starting to miss the shy, submissive Sugimoto from earlier. “Or I’ll get up and leave.”

Ogata didn’t really mean what he said - he’d definitely be up for getting dicked down if Sugimoto gave him a couple of minutes to breathe -, but he liked hearing Sugimoto curse under his breath and then shove his face in the crook of his neck, his surprisingly still-clothed erection rubbing against Ogata’s thigh. Sugimoto’s warm breath under his ear was a nice contrast to the cold air surrounding them and seeping into Ogata’s skin through his open uniform.

He could definitely get used to this.