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Aether took one look at the maid dress in Moco’s hands, and said, “No.”

Moco immediately lowered the dress and cried out at him, “But why?!”

Aether brought a hand up to his face and shook his head, facepalming. “I can’t wear that.”

“Why not?” Hillie asked. She held up the accompanying garments and frowned down at him. “We even got matching accessories.”

Aether furrowed his eyebrows at the sheer stockings and heels in Hillie’s right hand, and, the other, uh, accompanying accessories in her other hand. “Why would you buy them in the first place?”

Paimon brought a hand up to her chin and floated forward to inspect the accessories further, raising an eyebrow critically. “Will they even fit Aether?”

Aether widened his eyes at her, scandalized, and immediately wanted to grab her by the cape and yank her backwards. Away from these two gossiping maids.

“Of course they will!” Moco said, stars shining in her eyes as she pressed the main uniform up to Aether’s shoulders. She eyed him up and down, and then nodded her head.

“Besides, if you don’t wear it, or at least try it on, then the money we spent on it would all go to waste!” Hillie cried. She looked so downtrodden, that Aether almost had enough sympathy to agree. Almost. He was a nice person, but this was just going too far. Maid outfit? Sure, he could do that. Stockings and heels? Okay, that’s fine. But everything else underneath? Hm.

“Please?” Moco begged, clasping her hands together. “We’re sorry that we got the wrong measurements, but maybe you could model for us, just to see how it looks. And then we’ll go back to get the proper sizes for ourselves.”

“Think of this as a prototype,” Hillie said.

“Paimon understands why the dress would go with the leggings and heels but,” Paimon trailed off, eyeing the extra pieces of clothing in Hillie’s left hand, “Paimon doesn’t understand why Aether has to wear the others.”

“For the effect!” Moco and Hillie exclaimed.

“How will we get the feel of the outfit if he’s not wearing the entire thing?” Hillie asked.

“But,” Paimon frowned, “you can’t even see it, if it’s covered by the skirt.”

“But we can sense it,” Moco said, before pouting. “Now please? For us.”

Paimon turned towards Aether, a questioning look on her face. “It’s up to you Aether.”

Aether looked at her with a relieved and grateful expression, and shook his head. He turned back towards Moco and Hillie, watching as their faces fell. “I’m sorry guys, but I’ll help you with anything else you need in the future.”

Moco sighed, letting her shoulders slump. Hillie reached out and patted her back, pressing her lips together in a thin line.

Aether turned back towards Paimon. “Come on, we still have some leftover ruins to explore.”

Paimon nodded, and Aether waved goodbye to the two maids before turning around to walk towards the door of Dawn Winery, with Paimon floating after him.

“We’ll pay you 8k mora,” Hillie suddenly said, her voice cutting through the air.

Paimon halted in midair, her eyes bugging out of her head. She turned towards Aether with stars in her eyes, and Aether grimaced, shaking his head. “No.” 8k mora was a lot, sure, but-

“Each,” Moco added.

Aether blinked, and turned towards them with an eyebrow raised. “Where do I change?”

Aether didn’t know why Moco and Hillie thought the maid costume would fit. It clearly didn’t, with the way it ended mid-thigh, and poofed up because of the extra ruffles, making it feel even shorter. Aether pulled the skirt further down his front, feeling his cheeks heat up.

“Paimon thinks this really suits you!” Paimon said, smiling as she ruffled and threw up a few wads of Aether’s loosened hair, watching as the golden strands fluffed up into the air, before falling back down. She moved to straighten the headband in his hair, humming a light tune as she went.

Aether narrowed his eyes at her in the mirror, moving to secure the ribbon wristbands into place. “Aren’t you having too much fun with this?”

Paimon wriggled in the air, giggling as she floated down beside his head. “Of course! Paimon doesn’t get to dress up for fun often, so watching you is fun for Paimon too. Besides, you look very pretty!”

Aether sighed, his cheeks flushing. He went back to trying to pull the skirt further down, but it wouldn’t budge much, since it was cinched tightly around his waist. He looked at the floor-length mirror, eyeing the sheer stockings and heels that gave him a few extra inches of height.

The length of the skirt ended about a little ways above the stockings, revealing a smooth sliver of skin, and within that smooth sliver of skin, there was a silver metal clip attached to the stockings, followed by a black elastic strap that trailed up into his skirt. His ears burned, recalling what he had put on underneath, before Paimon came floating into the room.

“Are you done?” Moco asked, her voice muffled from the other side of the door.

Aether flinched, and immediately came to the realization of what he was wearing. He suddenly felt like panicking, and was about to take everything off, when Paimon shouted a loud, ‘Ready!’, and floated to unlock the door.

Aether tensed. “Wai-!” But it was too late. The door flung open, and Moco and Hillie poured themselves into the room with hungry expressions. Their eyes quickly found him, and he shrunk back in embarrassment when they started squealing. He pulled harder at the skirt.

“You look so cute!” Hillie praised, shaking her fists in barely contained excitement as she ran over to him. She placed her hands on his shoulders and twirled him around. Moco stood off to the side, bringing a finger up to her temple as she eyed Aether with a solemn expression.

Aether brought his hands up to his face, covering it.

“Paimon thinks Aether is being too shy!” Paimon laughed, and Aether peeked at her through his fingers. She grinned at him, stomping her feet in the air before twirling around with a flourish. “You look beautiful!”

Moco nodded her head sagely. “I would have to agree with that one traveler.”

Hillie shot Moco a triumphant smile. “Then this means that your design was a success.” She turned towards Aether, and pulled out a folded envelope from one of her apron pockets. “Traveler, can we ask for one more favor? Can you take this to the tailor in Liyue Harbor? There’s also a bank statement with the down payment enclosed.”

Aether took the envelope and put it away in his inventory. “Yeah sure, I’m on my way back there anyways, give me about thre-”

“No!” Moco exclaimed, and Aether flinched. “You have to deliver it now! She’s a very busy woman, and Liyue has many, many paying customers. We can’t afford even a minute of delay.”

Aether blinked, before his face exploded in a splatter of red. “R-right now? I can’t even change back first?”

“Right now!” Moco cried urgently.


“It’s night right now,” Hillie said with a smile, placing her hand on Moco’s shoulder to calm her down, “so you’ll have the dead of night to cover you. And no one will recognize you right now as you are.”

Aether frowned, and opened his mouth to argue, but Hillie interrupted before he could even get a single word out.

“If it helps,” Hillie smiled sheepishly, “we can double our payment.”

Aether clamped his mouth shut, feeling his resolve immediately crumble. He looked over at Paimon, who looked like she was teetering off the edge of her seat with drool, even though she wasn’t sitting. 32k mora. Aether sighed. Who were these maids and why did they have so much mora on hand. Was it because they worked at Dawn Winery? Curse Diluc.

Aether nudged Paimon with his hand and sighed. “Come on, we’re warping.”

Paimon nodded in a flurry, and turned towards the two maids with the widest grin. “We’ll be back before you know it! So prepare the mora!”

Warping a safe distance away from Liyue Harbor and sneaking in successfully? Check. Keeping away from prying eyes in the least conspicuous manner? Check. Delivering the package to the tailor and leaving the shop without her questioning him too much? Semi-check. She kept him for a solid thirty minutes just to inspect him. Leaving Liyue Harbor to get back to his travel waypoint without a hitch?


Well. It went fine in the beginning. Really well in the middle too.

Until he spotted a child running out from underneath the walkway of the second floor just as someone had knocked over a bucket of water sitting on the ledge, and suddenly he was flying out of his hiding spot to wrap his arms around the child.

There was a hard thud to his shoulder, and he grimaced, followed by a splatter of water down the top of his head. The kid in his arms had wrapped his arms around his own head, and it wasn’t until Aether heard the clacking of the bucket against the pavement, did he look up.

“Aether! Are you okay?” Paimon exclaimed, floating down next to where he had gotten hit.

“Are you okay down there?” A man shouted from the second floor, his shoulders tense as he gripped the rail with a panicked expression. Aether rolled his shoulder, feeling a dull pain, and nodded his head. “Oh that’s a relief! Don’t worry! The water is clean, I was just in the process of bringing it in to boil.”

Aether dug a hand into his wet hair, slicking back one side of his bangs as he smiled up at the man. “It’s okay.” He wasn’t particularly worried. His clothing seemed mostly dry. Not much had splashed on him, and the small amount that did, was absorbed into his hair. He could still return the outfit back to Moco and Hillie unharmed.

“‘Um,” the kid in his arms spoke up, and Aether looked down at him, “thank you.”

Aether grinned, patting him once on the back. “No problem.”

The kid blushed, and intertwined his hands behind his back as he took a step back. “Well uh,” his face reddening even further, before he ran off in a flurry, “bye!”

“Well he sure was in a hurry,” Paimon remarked. She shrugged, and turned back towards Aether. “Let’s go return the dress now.”

Aether nodded, and was about to slink back into the shadows when someone called his name.


Aether tensed, feeling his heartbeat speed up. Not the worst person he expected to run into, but they were pretty high up there. Maybe if he didn’t acknowledge it then they wouldn’t know it was him.

“Mr, Zhongli!” Paimon said, waving her hand happily as she bobbed up and down in the air. “What are you doing out so late? Especially when you have no mora to spend?”

Aether mentally facepalmed. He forgot that Paimon was basically his permanent travel buddy, his guide. Wherever she was, he was bound to follow. Even if he ignored Zhongli, Paimon would’ve given him away. He grimaced. He should’ve come alone. Maybe then, he wouldn’t even have noticed him. 

Well. At least it was only Zhongli.

Aether turned around with a sheepish smile.

“Hm? Comrade?”

Aether physically facepalmed then, mentally crying on the inside.

“Eh? Childe? Why were you with Mr. Zhongli?”

Aether dragged his hand down his face, looking up at them with trepidation.

“For retribution,” Childe said with a smile, “but Mr. Zhongli refuses to battle me, even though he played me like a fool.”

“Eh?” Paimon frowned. “But we’ve told you this before, you’d be no match for Mr. Zhongli.”

Zhongli smiled sheepishly. “There is no need for such modest praise.”

“Paimon still thinks you are a bit too humble,” Paimon said, crossing her arms.

Childe didn’t look pleased though, but he plastered a smile on his face regardless. “Well we’ll never know now will we? Mortal or god, I’ll honor your strength, but only on an even playing ground.”

“Well you lost to Aether,” Paimon said, and Aether facepalmed again, mentally begging her to stop talking. “Even with-”

“Okay!” Aether interjected, smiling amicably at the two of them as he stepped in between them and Paimon. “I really think we should be getting back now. It was nice catching up.”

Zhongli tilted his head. “Are you heading back to Mondstadt? The clothes that you’re wearing seem as if they’re specialized in that region.”

“Yup!” Paimon said.

Childe raised an eyebrow, eyeing Aether’s form up and down once, before smirking. “So soon?”

Aether flushed, and subconsciously pulled down his skirt again. It was already embarrassing enough to have been seen, worst of all by the two of them. “Yes, we’re going.” He turned around, his hair twirling with him, and took a step forward.

And then promptly stumbled because of the arm circling around his waist. A gloved hand trailed up his forearm to his hand, before intertwining their fingers. In his periphery, he could see Paimon yelping and flinching back in surprise.

The fingers tightened, and a low voice said into his ear, absolutely teasing, “You’re not going to stay? You just got back.”

Aether’s mouth opened and closed like a fish, his facial temperature rising past the point of boiling. “N-no.”

Zhongli’s face popped into view on his other side, a small pout on his face as he bent forward. “We haven’t seen each other for a while. Would you really care not to stay a night?”

Aether clenched his jaw, visualizing a plume of smoke shooting out the top of his head. He didn’t even know how to refute. “P-Paimon?”

Paimon hummed in contemplation, clearly conflicted. “Mmmm, but we have a large bag of mora waiting for us when we get back…”

“We’ll take him for a few hours then,” Childe said, his voice light. Aether snapped his head in his direction, and Childe only smiled down at him.

“Eh?” Paimon asked, a frown on her face. “But that still sounds like a little bit too long...”

“I’ll pay for all your food expenses until he comes back,” Childe said.

“Eh?!” Paimon looked at him in alarm.

“Paimon!” Aether cried.

Paimon looked at him, and then back at Childe, who only hummed in contentment. With Aether still in his arms. She hummed in distress, bringing a hand up to her head.

“We promise to take care of him,” Zhongli said reassuringly. And that soothed Aether’s nerves a little. Hah! As if! With the track record that the two of them held.

“And you don’t have to pay me back,” Childe added.


“Mmm! Okay!” Paimon shouted angrily. “Paimon doesn’t know what you’re doing with him, but if you promise to keep him safe!”

Childe chuckled. “Nothing too serious, don’t worry. Just put my name down for whatever you eat, and I’ll come pay in the morning.”


“Paimon you traitor!” Aether shouted, struggling against Childe’s hold.

“But they promised you’ll be safe! So it’s okay!” Paimon argued.

Childe pressed him closer to his chest, digging his palm into Aether’s stomach.

“We’ll return him unharmed, rest assured,” Zhongli said softly, before turning back towards him with the brightest smile, “Then, shall we?”

Aether could only flush in embarrassment.

“Wow, this costume is really intricate huh?” Childe asked, running a hand up one of Aether’s thighs. Aether felt his muscles twitching, wriggling a bit in Childe’s lap. Childe tightened his other arm around his waist, bringing his back flush with his chest.

“Indeed,” Zhongli said from where he was kneeling between Aether’s legs, running his hand down his other thigh. “The tailoring looks quite familiar however. The stitching matches those of the threads of some of my shirts, and yet the design is unfamiliar.”

“Not mine,” Aether breathed out, eyeing the finger that Childe had slipped underneath his garter strap. “It’s for these two maids in Mondstadt. They were asking me to try it on.”

“So how’d you end up in Liyue Harbor then?” Childe asked. He twirled the strap once around his finger, before continuing to slide his hand up, slipping underneath the skirt.

“They were,” Aether swallowed, feeling Zhongli move his hand up to squeeze his inner thigh. “They wanted a tailor, to make their own.”

Zhongli brightened up. “Ah, so the tailor did originate from Liyue Harbor then.”

Zhongli returned to taking in the shape of the clip clasped onto Aether’s stocking, while Childe kept trailing his hand up. Until he stopped.

“Hm?” He hummed in interest, leaning forward over Aether’s shoulder. He pushed Aether’s skirt up, fast enough that Aether didn’t even have enough time to comprehend and stop him. “Oh.”

Zhongli widened his eyes, and Aether brought his hands up to his face in embarrassment.

Childe laughed, lifting the skirt up and using the arm he had wrapped around Aether’s waist to secure the dress in place. He pulled at the bow on Aether’s right side, tied to keep the black lace panties in place.

“I didn’t realize that Mondstadt was so explicit in its undergarments,” Zhongli said, before he muttered underneath his breath, “but I should’ve guessed.”

“Those maids really went all out,” Childe said, pulling one of the bows free. He let one side of the panties fall open, pushing the other side down until they hung uselessly off Aether’s left leg, held in place by the garter strap.

Aether shook his head, feeling his half hard length spring out, finally free from its confines.

“Hey,” Childe whispered into his ear, nibbling gently at the soft skin, “hold the dress up for me.”

Aether shivered, and reluctantly brought his hands up to clutch at the ruffles, holding the skirt up to his stomach. Childe let go of his waist, and Zhongli finally took his hand off Aether’s thigh.

Zhongli stood up, and Aether watched as he started removing his coat. He felt Childe place his hands on his upper thighs, kneading the skin there, before sliding his hands down.

“Spread your legs for me,” Childe whispered into his ear, and Aether’s breath hitched. He guided Aether’s legs apart, the further he slid down his thigh, over his skin, the strap, and his stockings.

Aether’s face burned by the time Childe’s hands reached his knees, giving Zhongli enough room to slot himself between Aether’s legs and lean down.

Aether looked up, watching as Zhongli’s lips quirked up for the briefest second, before he slotted their lips together. Aether moaned, feeling Zhongli slide one of his hands up into his hair, slotting another one behind his neck.

Zhongli kissed him sweetly, soft to the touch. Aether reveled in the feeling. From behind, Childe reached up to slide both of his shoulder sleeves down, granting him access to Aether’s shoulders.

Childe swirled a small circle on Aether’s shoulder with his tongue, before biting down on it gently and sucking. Aether’s breath caught, and Zhongli kissed him harder, pressing harder against him until the kiss became bruising. Zhongli parted his lips and ran his tongue across Aether’s bottom lip. He bit at it, nibbling gently, and Aether’s lips fell open.

Childe reached down again and slid his hands underneath Aether’s thighs, before he hooked Aether’s knees over his elbows, forcing Aether to slide down the slightest bit, breaking his kiss with a surprised yelp.

Zhongli was quick to pull him back, slotting his tongue into Aether’s mouth. He placed a thumb on Aether’s chin, cupping his neck, and held his mouth open. Aether let him, tilting his head so he could slot their lips together better.

Childe bit at another patch of bare skin on his shoulder, and wrapped his hand Aether’s throbbing erection, squeezing. Aether arched his back, moaning into Zhongli’s mouth. He tightened his fists into the folds of his dress, curling his toes from within his heels when he felt Childe stroke up and down his length.

Zhongli dug his fingers into Aether’s nape, and then slid his hand into Aether’s hair. He tugged lightly at Aether’s hair, tilting Aether’s head even further back.

At a particularly rough tug at his cock, Aether choked, and Zhongli pulled away, a short string of saliva disconnecting right as he did so, falling and clinging to Aether’s chin. Childe tugged again, and Aether moaned, meeting Zhongli’s half-lidded eyes.

Zhongli trailed his eyes down to Aether’s erection, and reached his hand down to stroke at the tip. Childe let go, letting Zhongli take over, and bit down on Aether’s other shoulder. Zhongli swiped his thumb over the slit, smearing a bead of precum across the tip, before trailing his thumb down the side, squeezing his hand as he stroked down to the base of Aether’s cock. He jerked his hand back up and repeated the motion, forcing more moans to tumble out of Aether’s throat, each one louder than the last.

When Aether felt a slick and cool finger press at his entrance, he gasped, and Zhongli took it as an opportunity to reconnect their lips. Childe’s finger slid into him up to the third knuckle, all in go, and Aether moaned, letting Zhongli trail the tip of his tongue up the roof of his mouth.

Childe chuckled darkly into his ear. “You’re so compliant.” And then he latched onto Aether’s neck, sliding his finger out, and immediately sliding back in with two. This time there was a little resistance, so he scissored his fingers, prying Aether’s hole open as he slid out.

Aether muffled a whine into Zhongli’s mouth, prodding at Zhongli’s tongue with his own. Zhongli complied, running the tip of his tongue along the underside of Aether’s, groaning into Aether’s throat.

Childe bit down on a spot right below his ear, burying his fingers in between Aether’s walls, and rubbed a third along his rim. Aether curled his knees closer to his chest, jerking his hips when Childe slid his third finger in. He stroked along Aether’s walls, as much as his tight heat would allow, and Aether ground his hips down. On his fifth stroke around, Aether felt a sudden spike of pleasure run down his spine, gasping out as he separated from Zhongli’s lips.

Zhongli tightened his hold on Aether's erection, his palm now completely slick from the amount of precum leaking from Aether’s slit, and buried his face into the crook of his neck. He puffed out breaths of hot air onto Aether’s collarbone, licking at his skin.

Aether cried out, feeling Childe dig and stroke the tip of his fingers along his prostate, squeezing his eyes shut until he was seeing stars and spasming, cumming into Zhongli’s fist.

“Mmm,” Zhongli hummed into his shoulder, before straightening up. Aether stared blearily up at him, watching as he studied the liquid coating his fingers. Zhongli stuck his tongue out and lapped up the liquid, and Aether felt himself shudder.

“Okay,” Childe said, letting go of Aether’s legs, “help him up.”

Zhongli moved to help Aether stand up, which he struggled to do for the first few seconds when his legs trembled. Zhongli pressed him close to his chest, wrapping his arms securely around Aether’s waist, and Aether’s eyes fluttered shut, breathing in his scent.

“Are you doing okay?” He murmured into Aether’s hair, and Aether nodded, nuzzling further into Zhongli’s chest.

Aether opened his eyes when he heard a slapping sound, and he turned around to find that Childe had scooted up the bed, patting his lap. He held his arms out to Aether and grinned. “Come here.”

Zhongli let go of his waist and nudged him forward softly. “Go on.”

Aether swallowed, and crawled onto the bed, with Zhongli kneeling down behind him.

Childe smiled softly at Aether, cupping his hands over Aether’s cheeks when Aether finally reached him, hovering over his lap. “You’re so pretty,” he murmured, before pressing their lips together.

Aether slid his eyes shut. Childe didn’t waste any time with pleasantries, slipping his tongue past Aether’s lips and immediately licking into his mouth. Aether braced his hands on the mattress, his hands on either side of Childe’s waist, and let himself be guided.

Behind him, Zhongli pushed up skirt, and palmed at his ass. Aether’s breath hitched, feeling Zhongli dig his thumb into Aether’s hole with hardly any resistance, and spread him open. Aether groaned, and Childe pressed harder against his lips, driving his tongue as far down Aether’s throat as he could.

Zhongli held him open, his hole struggling to clench down on air, until Aether could feel the hot cockhead pressing into him. Aether rolled his eyes back, moaning wantonly into Childe’s mouth as Zhongli slowly slid into him, with his thumb still prying Aether’s rim open.

Once Zhongli bottomed out, he released his thumb, and moved to dig his hands into Aether’s hips. He slowly slid out with a grunt, and Childe slid his tongue out of Aether’s mouth in tandem, letting go of his tongue. Zhongli rammed himself back in, and Aether let out a high pitched moan, falling onto his elbows.

When Zhongli began fucking in earnest, Aether eyed the erection straining against Childe’s pants with heavy breaths. He reached out, and with fumbling hands, managed to pull it out. Childe hummed from above him, and Aether stroked his hand down from tip to base, pumping a few times.

He leaned in, nosing up along the underside, before reaching the tip with his lips. He poked his tongue out, digging lightly into the slit. Through the haze, he could hear Childe’s breath stutter, and he wrapped his mouth around it, sucking on the tip.

He eased his way down, bobbing his head in turn with Zhongli’s thrusts, and occasionally hollowing his cheeks. Once Childe’s dick tapped the base of his throat, he looked up at him with tears in his eyes. He moved his hand to dig into Childe’s hips, a silent question.

Childe bit his lip, and tangled fingers into Aether’s hair. His hair band has nearly fallen off by now, so Childe pushed it off for him. Aether took a deep breath in, and Childe bucked his hips up, forcing Aether’s head down with him, driving his dick down Aether’s throat.

Aether’s throat convulsed, and he felt himself gagging, tears spilling over his cheeks. Above him, he could hear Childe moaning, and Zhongli groaning from behind him, increasing his pace so that his thighs slapped mercilessly against Aether’s ass.

He swallowed once, twice, with drool running down the corners of his mouth, before he was forced to pull off, coughing harshly into the bedsheets. In the middle of his coughing fit, he cried out, feeling the tip of Zhongli’s dick stroke across his prostate.

And once he hit it, it felt like he kept on hitting it. Shuttered grunts hit his ears, and he clenched his thighs together in pleasure.

Childe turned his body the slightest bit, so that Aether was lying partly on his side, and kissed his ear. “So pretty,” he whispered, trailing a hand down Aether’s cheek. He stopped at his mouth, and slid his finger in, pressing down on Aether’s tongue.

Aether squeezed his eyes shut, feeling Childe slip another finger into his mouth, and with one last slide of Zhongli into him, he came with a cry, his tears still not subdued. Zhongli thrust into him a few more times, off pace and stuttered, before he was spilling into him.

Childe slipped his fingers out of his mouth, pressed one last kiss to the base of his ear, and moved away. Aether was too delirious to perceive where he was going, his chest heaving as he rode out and came down from his high.

Dimly, he could feel Zhongli slipping out of him, turning him onto his back. Aether blinked up at the ceiling, residual tears still clinging to his eyelashes as two pairs of hands unclasped his heels. They slid them off his feet, and let them clatter to the floor, until he was only left in his stockings. In the back of his mind, he could hear himself think that he probably got cum all over the stockings, and they would definitely not be returnable.

But that all slipped away when Zhongli’s face popped into view, his eyes soft as he smiled down at him. Zhongli kissed his cheekbone, before moving down to nose at his neck. “You’re so good.”

Aether mewled at the praise, reaching up to wrap his arms around Zhongli’s neck and pull him close.

He could feel Childe sliding his hands up the underside of his thigh, before he pushed Aether’s legs up by his knees, pressing them up to Aether’s chest and nearly folding him in half.

“Oh good,” Childe said with pleasure, letting go of one of Aether’s knees for Zhongli to hold. “Not too much spilled out.”

Childe ran his finger up the underside of Aether’s hole and around his thighs, before shoving his finger past Aether’s sensitive rim.

Aether whined, feeling Zhongli nibble at the base of his neck, and looked up. Childe smirked down at him, and pulled his finger out, wiping the excess cum off on Aether’s thigh. And then he positioned his tip at Aether’s entrance, and slid his cock in, slipping into the stretched hole with a wet squelch.

Aether arched his back with a low groan, feeling his legs shake with the overstimulation. Childe slid in and out of him easily, pounding into his hole with the loud squelches of leftover slime secretions and Zhongli’s cum.

Zhongli nipped his way up Aether’s neck, and eventually slotted his lips over Aether’s parted ones, licking over the abused skin. Aether buried his fingers into Zhongli’s hair, bracketing his legs around Childe’s hips, the sheer material chafing over his skin.

Zhongli reached up to grasp at Aether’s wrist, his other hand cupping Aether’s neck and pressing into the bite marks he had sunken into his skin. Childe shifted his hips, dragging his length over Aether’s prostate, and Aether cried out, forcing a dry orgasm as tears spilled out of his eyes, stars dotting his vision.

Zhongli kept licking into his mouth, with Aether’s jaw having gone slack with exertion, panting out puffs of hot breath against Zhongli’s lips. His heart hammered away at his chest, blood rushing over his ears, but Childe kept thrusting into him, over and over again.

Aether arched his back, sliding his lips away from Zhongli’s as his eyes rolled to the back of his head. “N-no more,” he moaned, another round of tear droplets rolling down his cheeks.

Childe’s hips finally slowed, and he rammed in twice, before spilling his own warm seed inside, mixing himself with the slime secretions and Zhongli’s.

Aether fell flat onto his back, with Zhongli kissing his tears away, his chest heaving. He couldn’t even tell if he was properly breathing. He threw an arm over his eyes, swallowing down large gulps of air. He felt Childe pulling out of him, and felt his stomach stir, the sensation of warm cum filling him up blotting his senses.

And then he felt something cold press against him, smooth and solid. Aether’s slowing heartbeat kicked up again, and he looked down, watching as Childe eased a blue plug into him.

Childe looked up at him, and smiled posessively. “Just to keep it all inside.” He let go of Aether’s legs, finally letting him lie back down fully, and Aether gasped, feeling the plug shift inside of him.

Childe climbed up over him, occupying his other side and digging his nose into Aether’s ear. Zhongli trailed his hand down to Aether’s stomach, rubbing it gently over the corset of the dress, right above the hot space where he could feel the warm cum sitting, and Aether mewled, his eyes fluttering shut.

“Are you sure he will be okay to go out?” Zhongli asked, kneeling down in front of Aether. He grabbed one of the heels that had been discarded off to the side, tilting it from side to side for a quick inspection, before moving to grab at Aether’s ankle.

“Of course he will. This is my comrade we’re talking about.” Childe pressed a kiss behind Aether’s ear, just as Zhongli slid the heel back onto his foot and reclasped the strap. Aether let his foot fall back onto the floor, feeling the sweat that still clung to his skin cooling and shivering.

Zhongli shifted to the side to grab the other heel, and Childe raised his knee, forcibly lifting the leg that was still heelless. Aether gasped, feeling the plug shift inside of him, pressing against his still sensitive walls.

“Besides,” Childe said into Aether’s ear, his voice adopting a husky undertone, “he still has work to do.” Childe slid his hands up Aether’s thigh, fingering the metal clip that kept Aether’s stockings in place. Aether’s eyelids fluttered, his breathing shuddering the slightest bit. “You have high endurance, don’t you?”

Zhongli furrowed his eyebrows at them, and hummed. He moved to slide Aether’s other heel back onto him, using the leverage that Childe gave Aether’s leg to secure the clasp easily. “As long Aether can handle it.”

Aether tilted his head down to meet Zhongli’s eyes, and bit his lip, feeling Childe slip his fingertips into his stockings. He nodded, and Zhongli smiled at him.

Zhongli placed his hand on Aether’s knee, and trailed his hand up as he lifted himself up to his feet. His hand had slipped underneath Aether’s skirt by the time he raised himself up, bending over to slot himself into the crook of Aether’s shoulder.

“Good boy,” he said lowly, his fingers slipping underneath the re-tied string of his panties. Aether felt himself trembling, whining at the small nibbles from Childe on his earlobe.

Zhongli pulled away and pushed Aether’s bangs back. He pressed a kiss to his forehead and straightened up to smile softly down at him, his fingers slipping away. “I wish you the best of luck.”

Childe pulled away too, retracting his hands and dropping his leg to let Aether finally plant both of his feet firmly back onto the floor, even though Aether didn’t exactly have enough strength to do anything ‘firmly’. He chuckled good naturedly, “Good luck, don’t get distracted. Wouldn’t want you dying now, would we?”

Aether almost felt like sobbing, but he only nodded. He clenched his thighs together, squeezing the plug in his ass tighter. He didn’t know how long he could last.

He puffed out a breath of hot air. He was throbbing.