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cruel affection

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The rhythmic slapping of skin against skin echoed in the dorm room, and yet all Izuku could hear were the whines and whimpers coming from the boy underneath him.

He could feel the sweat covering Kacchan’s thighs, the tension in the muscles, his legs draped over Izuku’s shoulders as the blond struggled to lean forward - desperate for that one bit of affection that he always seemed to crave. Part of him wanted to cave in, to press his lips against Katsuki's and give him everything he wanted.

But no, Izuku simply grinned down at him, tilting his head up just as their lips were about to meet.

The needy whine Katsuki let out nearly made him cum - delicious.

Instead of letting go, filling him up and fucking him open until he was dripping and sloppy, all he did was thrust harder, faster, hand moving over Katsuki’s side until he could grip his jaw, keep him in place while he glared down at him.

“Please, I-Izuku, please,” the words were filled with desperation, something so rarely heard in that demanding, gruff voice - it was only during these times that Kacchan's voice took on that sort of emotion, only when Izuku was thrusting into him until it hurt. A strange sort of undertone laced the plea, however.

Izuku didn’t know just what it was, but he didn’t care to find out, all that mattered was the tight, wet heat around his cock.

“Please kiss me.”

Izuku’s grip tightened on his cheeks, pushing them together and leaning closer, inches away from where Katsuki wanted him the most, "why don’t you earn it first, huh?”

“Wh-what do you want me to do?”

Those pretty red eyes suddenly filled with tears, brimming with emotion as Izuku moved his hand lower to hold onto his throat.


So beautiful.

“Look at you. You’d do anything for it, huh? Such a nasty, desperate little whore, aren’t you?”

But Katsuki did not answer, he merely stared up at him, his gaze hazy and unfocused as he dug his teeth into his bottom lip, leaving it raw and red and, fuck, Izuku wanted to push his cock between those plump lips and fuck his throat until he sobbed, until his voice was fucked up for days and everyone wondered why he couldn’t speak. Izuku didn’t think, he barely gave him a few seconds of silence before he moved.

The sound of the slap against Katsuki’s cheek seemed to ring in his ears, the sensitive skin already turning red as Katsuki gasped and blinked back the tears, staring up at him as if he couldn’t believe Izuku had just done that - the same expression he always wore whenever Izuku hit him, that cute little dazed look that drove Izuku closer and closer to the edge.

His stupid little cockslut.

And yet, despite the stinging of his skin, Katsuki still did not answer. Izuku moved once more, delivering another harsh slap before his grip tightened around his throat.

“I asked you a fucking question, you little slut. Answer me.”

The tears finally spilt down Katsuki’s cheeks, marring the pale skin with wet tracks as he gasped, trying to breathe while Izuku’s thrusts sped up. Izuku was about to pull out, turn the boy around and cover that pretty little ass with the same marks that spread across his cheeks, but the sound that came out of Katsuki stopped him in his tracks - a sob.

A desperate, fearful sound. Izuku’s hips stuttered, hand loosening around Katsuki’s throat and allowing him to breathe.

And all he could do was watch as Katsuki covered his face with trembling hands, those horrible, pain-filled noises still coming through regardless of the palms covering his mouth. Finally, he snapped out of it, stilling and wrapping his fingers around Katsuki’s wrists to try and pry them away from his face.

He wanted to see him, he needed to see his baby, to find out what the fuck was wrong.



“H-hey, baby, Kacchan?”

“I-I don’t get wh-what you want me to do!” Katsuki finally let out, words interrupted by gasps for air as he continued to cry. “I try so hard and you-you never think it’s good enough, you never like me.”


“Just tell me what I can do to make you like me! Tell me how to be good cause I-I’m trying but a-all you ever do is hit me an-and call me names and I-I just want to feel good!"

Izuku reached forward, desperate to wipe away those tears, but Kacchan flinched away.

Fuck. He looked at his baby, the handprint on Katsuki's cheek now a bitter reminder of how badly he had fucked up.

"I just want to feel p-pretty but I know you don’t think I am be-because all you ever do is call me disgusting and slap me! I don’t want you to-to hurt me anymore.”

Izuku’s vision grew blurry with tears, arms trembling as he tried to take in a deep breath.


Oh no.

"A-and you barely ever kiss me wh-when we do it, all I want is for you to kiss me but you never want to and I d-don't know what I've done wrong. Why don't you love me?!"

He shook himself out of his stupor at the words, slowly pulling out the rest of his soft cock now that he finally found the strength to move at all, nearly letting out a sob himself at the painful whine Katsuki let out. Fuck. He barely even prepped him. Instead, he assumed Kacchan was okay, he would take it, he could take it, and so he shoved two fingers inside of him, ignored his wince and barely stretched him out before he fucked him.

And now Kacchan was in pain - pain that he, apparently, didn't enjoy.

His entire body seemed to tremble while he moved, muscles shaking and breathing coming out uneven. But he couldn’t focus on that - he didn’t matter, not when he’d been so selfish so far, not when Katsuki was starting to turn around and curl in on himself as he cried.

Cried because of him.

He wrapped his arms around the blond as soon as he lay down on his side, gently pulling him in until his head was hidden in the crook of his neck and he could feel the tears dripping onto his skin. “You’re so good, baby,” his grip tightened at the sound of Katsuki’s sob, at the shaking of his head as he tried to pull away, deny the words, “no, no, always so good for me, so beautiful. I’m so sorry, baby, so sorry.”

His words didn’t seem to do anything, though, and so he simply pulled Katsuki in closer, until their bodies were pressed together and he could run his hands over Katsuki’s back as the boy continued to weep.

But he didn’t stop speaking, he couldn’t. “Every time we do anything I’m so proud of you, you’re absolutely perfect. I’m sorry for making you feel like you aren’t. I-I didn’t mean to, fuck." He inhaled, pressing a kiss to Katsuki's temple as his fingers ran down his spine. "Everything I say to you is just… it’s not serious, I don’t mean it. I-I just... I just say it during sex c-cause I thought you liked it. I would never think you’re disgusting, sweetheart. Never. I love you, I love you so much.”

It seemed as if hours had passed until Katsuki’s sobs finally turned into soft little sniffles. Even then, however, he didn't seem to be able to stop shaking, nails digging into the sheets as he burrowed closer into Izuku’s chest.

Izuku, himself, wasn’t faring any better.

Fuck, he could barely focus on anything other than the boy in his arms, but he could still feel the panic that had been pushed to the back of his mind.

He didn’t care, though. It didn’t matter. He had time to freak out later on, to go to his room and lock himself away while he tried to figure out why the fuck he thought anything he’d done so far was okay.

For now, he needed to be there for Kacchan.

“Better now?”

Katsuki nodded. It didn’t seem as if he could even speak. Izuku didn’t blame him - his throat must’ve been hoarse.

Good thing he’d placed a water bottle right beside the bed earlier. At least he’d done one thing right. Slowly, he pushed them both up until they were seated on the bed, carefully manoeuvring his boyfriend so that he was sitting sideways on his naked lap.

He forced him to drink some water, tipping his head back until Katsuki took careful sips and finally let out a sigh of relief. Straight after, he grabbed the soft towel he had previously placed on the nightstand, and carefully, with a gentle touch, he wiped down Katsuki’s body, removing all the sweat, the lube, the pre-cum, until he could lay him back down on the bed. Maybe he should take him into the shower? Wash away all the grime and change the sheets, get out that nice, soft blanket Katsuki seemed to love because it felt nice on his overly-sensitive skin. Or put him in a bath and massage his body, light a few candles. May-

No. He didn’t have time. He needed to stay with him. His own hands hadn’t stopped shaking, not since the moment Katsuki started weeping - it almost felt as if they would never stop, as if those horrible sobs and pleas would be stuck in his mind forever. Izuku was sure they would.

It was his fault, after all. His fault for not speaking to Kacchan, for assuming he was okay with what they were doing without asking him, even though he knew what Kacchan was like - desperate to please, to prove himself and make Izuku happy, as if he was still trying to erase those years of Middle School. He should’ve known better.

Despite the curses and the insults, Kacchan was delicate, fragile and sensitive to the things spoken about him.

Fuck. There was no time for regrets, his baby was already beneath the covers, hand moving across the lines on their sheets as he slowly blinked, following his own movements with tired eyes. Izuku looked at him, checking over every inch of his beautiful, bruised body, making sure there wasn’t anything else he needed - besides a better boyfriend, a boyfriend who spoke to him about this type of thing, who didn’t hurt him and make him feel ugly and unwanted an-

Fuck. He needed to calm down. He needed to stay present.

As he tucked a strand of hair behind Katsuki’s ear, he whispered, “we’ll talk about this tomorrow, okay baby? I know you’re tired and I want you to rest for a while.”

Katsuki nodded, his movements slow and filled with exhaustion, eyelids drooping already. He knew he had apologies to make, he had to make it up to him, but Katsuki was exhausted, far too out of it to focus on such an important conversation.

Izuku could wait until tomorrow - he could lay awake and make sure Katsuki was okay while he figured out what to do. He glanced down, trailing his gaze over Katsuki's face, the way he seemed to melt into Izuku's embrace.

As if he deserved it, as if he had any right to still hold him, to be anywhere near him.

But he simply couldn't let go, nor could he look away.

Katsuki's tongue darted out, wetting those plump pink lips as Izuku's eyes followed the movement - fuck, all he wanted to do was lean in, give him that small contact that he needed, that he deserved. As if reading his mind, Kacchan looked up at him, his gaze dropping down to his lips for a split second before he seemed to decide against moving forward.

As if he was worried Izuku would reject him again.

God, how badly had he fucked this up?

Treading a hand through blond strands of hair, he tilted Katsuki's head up, moving forward until they were mere inches apart, giving his boyfriend time to move away if he wished to do so - Izuku wouldn’t blame him if he did such a thing. But he didn’t. Instead, he closed his eyes shut, nearly-white eyelashes fluttering with the movement, face lax and so damn trusting.

And so Izuku pressed their lips together, languidly moving until all tension seemed to seep out of Katsuki, leaving a pliant, limp body in his arms. He stayed close to him, refusing to part, sharing shy, delicate kisses as Izuku swallowed all of those beautiful little whimpers Katsuki made - his baby was always so easily overwhelmed, taken apart by the lightest touch.

And Izuku had been denying him just that. He moved his hand down Katsuki’s back, fingertips trailing over the notches of his spine until his palm slid down the back of his leg. Finally, he gripped his thigh, pulling his leg over his waist, placing him in the position he knew Katsuki felt the most comfortable in. That’s when he felt it - Katsuki’s hard cock pressed against his side.

Kacchan flinched away at the contact, breaking the kiss and shoving his face down into the pillow, “so-sorry.”

“It’s okay, baby.”

With a glance down, Izuku could see just how pent up the boy was - the head of his dick was red, swollen and glistening with pre-cum which dripped down the length, covering the smoothly-shaven skin around it as his thighs twitched and trembled.

Poor baby.

“You want me to help you?”

Katsuki shook his head, even as his cock twitched and throbbed with need.

Izuku bit his lip - normally, Kacchan never refused his help.

But he was fragile, still vulnerable.

He needed to be careful.

“I won’t be mean, baby.”

At that, Kacchan looked up, eyes filled with hope and unsurety.

God. He would spend the rest of his life making up for this - he had to.


“Yeah, baby, I’ll make it nice.”

With a shaky inhale of breath, Katsuki nodded.

He didn’t want to rush, he didn’t want to ruin the final serenity they had reached - if Katsuki got upset or hurt again he… he didn’t know what he would do.

It would be over, he wouldn’t have the right to even look at him, let alone make him feel any sort of pleasure. And so his fingers trailed carefully along Katsuki's thigh, palm shifting against the tense muscle as he leaned forward and kissed him, over and over again until he relaxed once again, until Katsuki’s head went all fuzzy and his lips were red and swollen from the ministrations. Only then did he tilt back, meeting Katsuki’s eyes.

Luckily, they were no longer filled with tears, but the remnants of what had happened still showed - they were still puffy, his eyelashes slightly wet.


Izuku only wished he never made him cry in the first place. “How do you want me, baby boy?”

Katsuki shook his head in response, shuffling closer and subtly grinding against him as he let out a shaky breath.

“I-I don’t mind, just… just stay here.”

Izuku pressed a kiss to his temple.

“Anything you want.”

He pushed his leg to the side, placing his hand against Katsuki’s lower back at the same time and dragging him forward, allowing him to grind against him more firmly. A moan burst out of Katsuki’s throat, a shy, delicate little sound, as if he were trying to keep himself quiet. Izuku knew that wouldn’t last long, it never did.

He always made sure of it - pushing and pushing until his Kacchan lost all inhibitions and finally let go of the silly little notion that Izuku didn’t cherish every single moan he made. Katsuki’s nails dug into his forearm, the ache barely registering as Izuku moved until he could press a kiss right beneath his ear, on that sensitive little spot he’d discovered when they first started dating. It was back when they were still fumbling with each other’s bodies, touches shy and kisses rare and awkward. They were still trying to figure out what the other liked, how to make each other feel good - it seemed as if Izuku still had a long way to go.

Even though he’d spent the majority of their time together simply wondering what he had done to earn the privilege of getting to touch such a beautiful being, he never thought about what sort of touch Katsuki wanted.

He never quite got rid of that same sense of wonder. But, apparently, he never paid enough attention to the boy beside him - maybe he was far too preoccupied with his own needs, his own filthy, depraved thoughts that had been stuck in his head ever since that awkward crush on the blond had developed back in Middle School, the thoughts of breaking him apart and making him hurt and cum again and again until his body was covered in bruises and he couldn’t move.

That would change.

It had to.

Despite the screw up's he'd made so far, though, this spot, this one damn spot, it always did the trick, just like it had that very moment. He almost smirked at the shiver that ran down Katsuki’s spine, almost bit down and made it hurt, made him whimper in pain and plead for Izuku to ruin him completely. But that would've been mean, and he’d already made a promise to himself never to be that way to his baby again.

And so he simply whispered, “come on, pretty baby, tell me how you want me to make you feel good.”

With a gasp, Katsuki’s hips bucked forward, as if he couldn’t help but seek more pleasure.

Straight after, he shook his head.

“No?” Izuku hummed, fingers rubbing circles into Katsuki’s skin before he gripped his hip, urging him to keep moving, to slide his cock against his skin and focus on nothing but how good he felt. “Do you want my mouth around that cute little cock?”

He felt his dick twitch against his thigh, pre-cum smearing all over their bodies as Katsuki continued to grind, his face hidden in Izuku’s chest, hands clutching at whichever part of him they could grasp. He could practically feel the desperation, the urgency with which he was trying to bring himself to climax, but even then, Katsuki had the energy to whimper out, “n-no, want you close.”

“Okay, baby.”

Fuck, he knew how close he was, he could feel it in the trembling of his body, the hitching of his breath, the way every muscle in his body seemed to tense, his whimpers finally breaking through and filling the room with their beauty, but it wasn't enough, never good enough. Katsuki deserved more than fucking humping against his thigh.

And so Izuku tightened his grip, stilling his movements and closing his eyes shut at the painful whine Katsuki let out.

He couldn’t help the coo that escaped him, “sweet little thing, so precious, aren’t you?”

His other hand found it’s way to his cheek, tilting his head up and allowing him to press their lips together before he spoke, “I’m sorry baby, I’ll make you cum, okay? Just want to make it even better, yeah?”

Katsuki nodded, sniffling while doing so, his hands gripping Izuku's neck and pulling him in closer.


His pretty boy.

He moved the hand away from the grasp he had on Katsuki’s body, wrapping his fingers around his hard cock and swiping his thumb over the tip. Katsuki shuddered at the feeling, thighs tensing and back arching forward into the feeling.

“Fuck, baby, you’re so fucking wet.”

He barely felt Katsuki smack his chest, “do-don’t say that, you dumb fuck, it’s embarrassing.”

“Not embarrassing, it’s hot.”

Katsuki stilled, moving until he could glance up at Izuku, red eyes wide and filled with tears.

“It is?”

Izuku hummed, tightening his grip and watching as more pre-cum dribbled out of that pretty cock.

Fuck, he wanted a taste.

“Everything about you is hot,” he moved faster, arms tensing with the movement as Katsuki moaned against his lips, “your little moans,” he twisted his wrist on the upstroke, watching as Katsuki's eyes rolled back in ecstasy, tiny little sparks flying off of his reddened cheeks, “the way you try to hide your beautiful face from me when you’re feeling good,” Katsuki’s hips moved forward, hands scrambling for purchase, “the way you always take me so well, you were made for me. Made for my cock, made for me to love you. Perfect, always so perfect.”

“‘Zuku, I-please, please,” Katsuki moaned out, desperately thrusting forward into his fist as Izuku pressed wet kisses to his neck.

“What do you need, angel? Anything, I’ll do anything you want.”

“I-inside, please, ne-need so-” He cut himself off with a moan, nails digging into Izuku’s shoulders as he trembled in his arms.

Fuck. It took so little, so damn little to ruin him, to break him apart in such a lovely way.

“Need something inside, sweetheart?”

Shakily, Katsuki nodded.

“Okay, baby. You gonna tell me if it hurts, yeah?”

Katsuki hummed in response. Izuku slowed his movements, stilling his hand until he could twist to the side and grab the bottle of lube he had previously thrown to the floor, right beside the clothes he had practically ripped off of Katsuki’s body. He was sure he'd get yelled at about the rips in his T-Shirt later on.

That was okay. He'd just buy him a new one. Maybe he'd buy him a completely new wardrobe too. Some pretty jewellery as well, anything he wanted. May-

"Are you gonna make me cum or what?"

Izuku shook his head, snapping his mouth shut as he looked back at Kacchan. The blond arched a brow at the look.

"Sorry, Kacchan."


Immediately, he picked the bottle up. It was barely used, anyways, because his idiot self thought Katsuki liked the burn, the pain of the stretch.

Fucking moron.

And so he spread the gel over his fingers liberally, shifting and moving his arm over Katsuki until he could squirt some onto his sensitive hole.

The blond shivered at the feeling, whining as he clenched and shifted on the bed. Quickly, Izuku moved back to their previous position, laying on his side and allowing Katsuki to cuddle up beside him, practically on top of him as he pushed his leg between Izuku’s. Not that Izuku minded, he adored the feeling of his body pressing down on his own, the comforting smell of caramel and vanilla filling his senses whenever he inhaled or pressed his lips to the blond’s forehead.

If he could, he would've spent his whole damn life just like that.

The needy whine Katsuki let out was barely noticeable, Izuku was sure he wouldn’t have even realized the sound had been made had he not been paying such close attention to the blond.

But he knew what the noise meant, he could feel the impatience brimming inside Katsuki’s body. And so he shushed him, moving until he could press two of his fingers against that needy hole of his, sliding them over the rim until he was sure the entire area would be glistening with lube. He almost wanted to turn him over, push him onto his stomach and spread his cheeks apart just to see, to see how puffy it was, how red it was as it twitched, begging for a cock to spread it open, begging to be ruined until it gaped and Katsuki couldn't sit down for days. Fuck.

But he couldn’t.

“Shh, just relax, babe,” he whispred, and as Katsuki did as he was told, he pushed in.

"My good boy."

The moan Katsuki let out was enough to raise goosebumps on his skin.


This boy would be the death of him.

The moan quickly tapered off, though, and was replaced by a painful whimper as Katsuki clenched around the digit.

Izuku knew it must’ve ached, he knew his hole must’ve been sensitive and sore, but it would pass, it would soon be replaced by pleasure - he just had to be careful. All he could do was press featherlight kisses to his forehead, moving lower over his temple, those flushed cheeks, until he finally reached his lips. It seemed to be the best way to calm him, to get his body to go docile, and so Izuku kissed him until they both grew breathless, until Katsuki was subtly grinding against him and pushing back against the finger filling him up.

“That’s it, there we go, just take it easy, baby.”

Gently, he started to move. Small, light strokes, never too fast, never too harsh, designed to build Katsuki’s orgasm until he wept for a reason other than pain. His fingertip barely grazed against his prostate and yet Katsuki jolted, body tensing and thighs twitching as he shuddered.

“Deku, Deku, pl-please, I-”

“Shh, don’t rush it, angel, just breathe for me, okay?”

Once he finally took in a shaky breath, Izuku continued, slowly twisting his finger and stroking over those velvety insides.

He didn’t need to be stretched out, it wasn’t necessary, he was still loose from earlier, he could easily take more than he was at that moment. But Katsuki deserved to be touched with care, with delicate and sensible touches that would leave him shaking and cumming over and over again until he knew nothing but pleasure. So Izuku simply kept moving, gently pulling out before he curved his finger as he pushed back in, finally applying firm pressure on Katsuki’s prostate - the result was immediate, the blond’s back arched, jaw dropping as he moaned and rubbed his hard cock against Izuku’s thigh. “Fuck, good boy, just take what you need. Sweet little thing.”

The words only encouraged him, Katsuki’s movements quickening as his arm wrapped around Izuku’s waist, pulling him in closer and closer until he felt as if they would fucking melt together and become one.

“You like that, sweetheart? Like it when I tell you how good you’re being?”

“Ah,” Katsuki clenched, moaning and moving until he could hide his face in his chest, “sh-shut the fuck up.”

Izuku hummed, pulling out before finally pushing another finger in.

Katsuki whimpered at the stretch. “Why? Can’t I tell my baby how good he is?” He pressed up against his prostate, rubbing in circles as Katsuki convulsed, letting out little whimpers from the overstimulation. “Can’t I tell you how beautiful you are when you fall apart? How much I love seeing you feel good? Can’t I tell you how much I love this pretty, tight fucking hole? Because I do, I love how well you take me, how you’re always so needy for it.” His movements quickened, became harder as he pushed Katsuki onto his back, pulling out only for a moment so that he could push his hand between his legs, spreading them far apart as he loomed over his boyfriend. “But most of all,” he leaned in, lips right above Katsuki’s, and he watched as the tears spilt down those rosy cheeks when he pushed his fingers back in, “I love how much you love it, how badly you want it, need it. So fucking hot. You're a fucking dream, baby boy.”

He kissed him then, tongue slipping between those spit-slicken lips and moving against Katsuki’s, coaxing those melodic moans with every move of his body, every thrust, every flick of his tongue.

“Deku, I-I ca-can’t, it’s to-too much,” Katsuki whined. Izuku leaned back, brushing away the hair from his forehead as he gazed down at him, fingers pushing between those soft strands as Katsuki looked up at him.

“You can, baby, just relax and let yourself feel good, be good for me.”

The words seemed to do the trick; immediately, Katsuki relaxed into the sheets, mouth opening as he moaned and shifted his hips onto Izuku’s fingers, the pads of which were still rubbing firm circles against his prostate.

“My baby,” he whispered, lips pressing against his forehead as Katsuki’s hips bucked upwards, “look at you - those pretty lips,” he ran the pad of his thumb against the bottom one, pulling it lower until pearly white teeth were revealed.

Fuck, if he could just stick his coc-


This wasn't about him.

He sucked in a deep breath, moving until he could cup his cheek, and he continued, “those eyes, always shining, always so determined and gorgeous - could look at them all fucking day.”

At moments like these, especially, when they were filled with tears, focused on him, only him - mesmerizing.

“That cute little nose, those cheeks, that incredible fucking body, everything about you. Can’t believe I get to have such a pretty boy beside me. Gorgeous.”

Katsuki shook his head, closing his eyes shut and gasping as he chased his orgasm.

“Yes you are, baby, you’re always so good for me.”

He pressed down harder, listening as Katsuki moaned, his hands digging into the sheets as Izuku moved quicker. “Now," he licked his lips, smiling down at his baby, "be good for me, angel,” he leaned in, inches away from his ear, and he whispered, “and cum.”

He watched as Katsuki’s eyes rolled back, mouth dropping open in a silent moan as his body tensed, back arching and toes curling, every inch of him looking more gorgeous than ever. And then, the tension broke, Katsuki turned and twisted as rope after rope of cum shut out of his twitching cock, his hole spasming and clenching almost painfully around Izuku’s fingers as Katsuki ground down, riding out his orgasm, nearly sobbing from the intensity of it. “Fuck, that’s fucking it, that’s my good boy, there we go. Feels nice, doesn’t it? So beautiful.”

The moment his body went limp, his eyes closing shut as he panted on the tangled up sheets, Izuku slowly, carefully pulled out, shushing the boy when he whined at the loss. “Just a second, baby, let me clean you up and then you can take a nap, okay?”

Katsuki hummed in response. Quickly, Izuku grabbed the discarded towel again, wiping away the cum from Katsuki’s stomach and the lube from between his legs.

He would’ve carried him to the shower, washed his entire body and changed the bedding, but he could see Katsuki was seconds away from falling asleep. It was fine - this would do, he would take better care of him in the morning. Maybe draw him a bath, try to make him breakfast again and pray it doesn't get burnt.



But for now, they had to get some rest. And so he pulled the blanket over him, turning the lamp off and laid beside him, hauling him closer until he could wrap his arms around his pliant form and press a kiss to his hair.

It wasn’t only a few seconds later that he felt Katsuki shaking, his body shivering until he let out a sob.



What had he done now?

Was he still too rough? Did… did he not praise him enough? Should he have gone more slowly? Faster? Wh-what the fuck?


Fuck, he couldn't spiral nor could he overthink - all that mattered was Kacchan.

“He-Hey, Kacchan, baby, what’s wrong?”

Katsuki simply kept crying, wrapping his arms around Izuku’s waist and shuffling closer to him as tears fell down onto Izuku's shoulder. “I-It f-felt really nice, ‘Zuku, I-I really liked that.”

Izuku stilled, heart clenching tight at the words.


How could he fuck up so bad that his boyfriend cried just because Izuku was kind to him during sex?

Jesus. He shook his head, kissing Katsuki’s forehead and carding his fingers through his hair.

“I’m glad, angel, you can have that anytime you want, promise.”

“Yeah?” Katsuki sniffled, moving his head until he could look up at him with those pretty eyes, fluttering his wet eyelashes as a pout formed on his lips. Izuku almost cooed at him.

Cute little thing.

“Yeah, baby, I’ll treat you better from now on.”

Katsuki didn’t say anything, he simply hummed and lay back down, closing his eyes shut as he finally let out a content sigh.

Izuku ran his fingers down his spine, drawing circles on the sensitive skin before finally settling down. “We’ll talk more tomorrow, Kacchan, just go to sleep for now.”

He felt Katsuki nod, the blond tightening his hold around him for a moment before relaxing.

“Love you, pretty boy.”

The kiss Katsuki pressed to his chest caused his face to practically burst into flames - so sweet. He was so fucking sweet to him. His baby. He deserved the goddamn world.

“Love you too, ‘Zuku.”

He waited until his breathing deepened, until he knew he was asleep.

Only then did he allow himself to relax, to be dragged into the unconsciousness. The feeling of guilt hadn’t left him, he was sure it never would, but he already knew he would do anything to make up for all of his fuck up’s, for all those times Katsuki felt unwanted, unloved.

It would never happen again.

And so he let himself sleep.