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English Love Affair (Jasper Hale)

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It was the first day of college, the Cullen’s rolled up in their cars getting stared at like usual. They all decided to go straight to their classes, the boys stood outside the class for a few minutes along with some other members of the course before their teacher let them in to sit down. Jasper and Emmett sat talking quietly, when a girl entered the room and sat down on her own, no one took any notice of her but Jasper couldn’t help but to look at her - her emotions were overpowering everyone else’s - all he could feel was anxiety.

The teacher started the class with an introduction, he then went on to explain the rules of the college and the course, before telling them about the course and what it involves. All the while the girls anxiety stood stagnant, Jasper tried his best to push a feeling of calmness onto her which seemed to work when a look of confusion crossed her face; this didn’t last long though, the teacher told the class he wanted them too get to know each other for the rest of this class while he sorts out the paperwork for the next lesson. Jasper and Emmett stayed to themselves, Jasper keeping an eye on the girl while they talked about random stuff. Jasper told Emmett that he thinks that the girl is the one from Alice’s vision, Emmett is quick to suggest getting to know her which Jasper agrees is a good idea.

The lesson had ended and they were sent on break, the boys walked to the hall and found a table waiting for the girls. When Alice and Rosalie joined them they were chatting about their classes, Alice explained that she had found a few friends (no one was surprised) and Rosalie told them how much she hated the humans - “they’re so annoying, why do they have to be like that” - the boys just nodded along not having anything to input, that was until Emmett told the girls that Jasper found the girl from the vision; Alice quickly got excited looking around find her sitting at a table nearby laughing loudly with her friends, she pointed her out as Jasper sighed. It was definitely her…

Soon it was time for their next class, Rosalie and Alice had a free period so stayed at the table while the boys set off to their class. They walked in only to find that the empty seats were on the table the girl was sitting at, Emmett whispered,

“It’s destiny.” Jasper responded with a roll of his eyes. The boys walked over to the table and Jasper asked,

“Are these seats taken?” The girl looked up and a wave of anxiety hit Jasper, she shook her head and motioned for them to sit down. Smiling at her they did so, proceeding to talk to each other while she kept her head down. Jasper whispered to Emmett,

“She’s anxious, what should we do?” Emmett smiled at his adopted brother before speaking louder,

“Hey, I’m Emmett and this is Jasper its nice to meet you!” Jasper noticed her anxiety lessen as a feeling of calmness came over her, in a small voice she stuttered out,

“I’m Y/N, it’s nice to meet you too. Are you from around here?”Jasper melted at the sound of her voice, it was soft and sweet, Emmett noticed that Jasper wasn’t going to answer so answered instead,

“No, we’ve recently moved from America, our dad got a good job opportunity over here.” She nodded along to his answer,

“That must have been a big move. What does your dad do?” She was slowly coming out of her shell,

“Oh he’s a doctor.”

“Oh wow. So where do you come from in America?” This caused Emmett to pause, but before he could answer Jasper’s voice sounded,

“Emmett here is from Tennessee and I’m from Texas, ma’am.” The girl gave them a surprised look,

“We’re adopted along with our ‘siblings’” Emmett spoke, the girl nodded opening her mouth to ask another question when their teacher walked into the classroom interrupting her.

The lesson had ended which meant a free period for the boys, they walked to the table the girls were already sitting at. The girls could sense the happiness Jasper was feeling just by the look on his face. Rosalie decided to question it,

“Why are you so happy?” Jasper turned to her, smiling,

“Well we managed to talk to her and found out her name.” Alice and Rosalie smiled at this, knowing their ‘brother’ was going to finally be truly happy. The group was talking for a while before Alice perked up, this naturally caught their attention, but before any of them could ask what was wrong she had stood up and began to walk over to a table where a lone girl sat reading a book. Alice had got her attention and began to speak, Jasper noticed who it was when Alice pointed at their table for the girl to look round and see who was sitting there - it was moments like these he was happy about not being able to physically blush - it seemed as though Alice had invited the girl to their table as the pair walked over to them chatting about random things, Jasper put his head down slightly, she sat beside him while Rosalie introduced herself (she was intrigued by the human girl - sensing that she was nothing like Bella). The group began to speak again, they talked about different things ranging from how many siblings the Cullens had to how it was like for Y/N to grow up in England. After the free period the group had gotten to know each other quite well, they hadn’t even realised the time and had to quickly rush to their classes.

At the end of the lesson the teacher explains to them that there will be some group work for the first assignment, and that they will be completing it with the people they have on their tables (getting a collective groan from most of the kids), Jasper, Emmett and Y/N smile at each other - happy with how things have turned out, the teacher proceeded to hand out the paperwork for this assignment, telling them that it cannot be completed during college time unless they need help, before sending the kids home for the day. As Y/N was packing away her things into her bag Jasper walked up next to her giving her a slip of paper before saying,

“So me and Emmett were wondering if you want to come over to ours and we can start on the project?” Y/N smiled at this, taking the slip of paper out of his hands and opening it to find a phone number she presumed was his,

“Wait no Snapchat? I’ll ask my family and message you.” Jasper chuckled at the first question,

“You could say were old fashioned.” Y/N not understanding the full meaning of his statement laughed before saying a goodbye and rushing off to get the next bus home.

“Smooth brother.” Emmett’s voice came from behind, Jasper rolled his eyes before walking out of the door ready to meet up with the girls and go home.