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English Love Affair (Jasper Hale)

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After the birth of Renesmee the Cullen’s had decided that a fresh start was needed - to go somewhere less in the spotlight. The family decided on England, Carlisle was hesitant at first but decided it might be nice being back in his country of birth once again. Edward and Bella were staying back in Forks, Renesmee was sad that she wouldn’t be able to see her family for a while until Carlisle reminded her that she had extra time to spend with her Grandad Charlie. After packing up their home the coven got on a flight, that very flight is where Alice had a vision, one of Jasper and a girl cuddling, Alice was quick to recognise the girl as a human but saw the love Jasper held for her. The family arrived in the airport, quickly getting through and to a car which Carlisle had previously rented before their flight, they drove to the new house and settled in choosing their rooms and began to unpack things. A few hours later Carlisle called them into the kitchen, he explained to them that they had to pick out a course to complete for the next couple of years, it only too them half an hour to pick out what they wanted to do; Alice - textiles and fashion design, Rosalie - childcare, Emmett and Jasper - engineering. After signing up for their courses the ‘kids’ went their separate ways. The family had a good feeling about this year, hopefully that feeling would stay…