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Meet the Callaghans

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"Figured out our guy's got prior convictions for domestic violence. Still married, no kids in sight. The unis are escorting the wife here as we speak."

"Are we really going to stand here and ignore the fact that you proposed to my sister, Braddock-in-law?"

"Come on, Luke, not now."


"If not now, when?" Luke crosses his arms over his chest and gives her his best detective stare.

"When we’re not standing in the middle of a crime scene." Jules immediately fires back, and he remembers how it’s near impossible to intimidate her.

"Okay, I’m just gonna give you two a minute." Sam tries to slip away but one look from Jules and he freezes. The intense discomfort on his face almost makes Luke feel sorry for the guy. Almost being the key word here. As for him, Jules now looks like she’s one second away from hitting him in the face with the butt of her gun.

(He’s seventy five percent sure she won’t actually do it.)

"Well I think now is perfect considering it’s the first time I’ve been able to reach you since I got the news. Did you really think you could tell me you were getting married, over voicemail I might add, and not expect me to be curious?"

"Curious? Yes. Interrogate Sam? No."

"All I asked about was the proposal."

(Okay, now he’s maybe sixty percent sure.)

"I know you Luke. Last time you met one of my boyfriends, you made him so paranoid about his juvenile record, he dumped me and then left town."

A small snicker comes out of Sam then, which is immediately silenced when both Callaghans glare at him.

“Braddock.” Suddenly the comm links they are all wearing flare to life. It’s Ed. “I need you on the north side of the building asap. You too Jules.”

"Oh thank god." Sam exhales before rushing off without a look back.

Luke stops Jules from leaving with a firm hand on her shoulder. “This conversation isn’t over, little sister.”

"Well right now it is, big brother.” She shrugs off his hand and follows after Sam.