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We Can't Pretend Anymore

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The sexual tension between them hadn’t dissipated at all, even with nearly a year and distance between them. The moment Kiryu stepped back in Kamurocho, Majima felt that familiar buzz beneath his skin. 

Majima’s work was a little more boring now, more paperwork than before, so he could let his mind wander while he signed shit for the construction site. As he skimmed over yet another document, his mind wandered to Kiryu’s fiery gaze tracing his body as he danced on that stripper pole for him over a year ago. The way his body felt like it would combust at any second. That little ‘prank’ had him chewing his nails to the quick for hours before; it was so bad that Nishida nearly made him cancel until Kiryu had accepted the invite, giving Majima a shot of courage. 

Yeah, he did dumb shit, but Majima was a shy guy at heart. Even though he secretly wanted Kiryu to make a move after his more… sexual… ‘training’ methods, he still breathed a sigh of relief whenever Kiryu would just stomp away after he finished beating him into the pavement. He had no plan if Kiryu reciprocated his grandstanding flirtations, so it was almost a relief that nothing came of it.

Majima was embarrassed at how deep his need was. He wanted to touch him, be touched by him. Sometimes Kiryu would kneel across his chest before whaling on him, his gaze boring through Majima. Majima would get hard from the proximity, from the masculine smell that always followed Kiryu, from his deep voice ringing in his ears. The first few times he'd pretended his hardon was just from the fact he hadn't been with a guy before, despite his interest. But deep down, he knew it was Kiryu that did this to him. Made him sulk into his office, lock the door, and jerk himself off while he imagined Kiryu's kissing his neck. For a while he’d convinced himself that Kiryu was straight and had no interest in him--even after he stayed for Majima’s full pole routine-- but it was after Majima cornered him in the Champion District that Majima changed his mind.

The fight was nothing unusual; Kiryu was stronger than ever and was nearly ready to face his own demons, so Majima was really feeling the pain. But Majima had said some dumb quip, “ you oughta let me see the results of my hard work with ya! I ain’t seen a dragon’s ass yet.” Instead of growling that gravely growl of his and rubbing his face in the dirt, Kiryu had CHUCKLED. 

“Maybe we should go somewhere after this.”

As Majima signed his name on another dotted line, he could clearly remember how red Kiryu’s ears had been. On Majima’s part, he just gaped at him. Kiryu had never reciprocated his absurd flirtations, so it caught him off guard. He would’ve just thought it was a distraction method given how solidly Kiryu kicked his ass after that--he didnt even get another punch in--but as Kiryu pulled him off the ground and offered him a cigarette, his whole world was shaken.

“I was serious, you know,” Kiryu had mumbled, very clearly avoiding eye contact as he stared at a water stain on the building across from where they were resting. “Maybe we could really get some drinks sometime, nii-san.”

At that moment, Majima probably could have powered a whole city from how fast his thoughts were racing. He didn’t have any clever comebacks for that. Not even an idea for how he could play it off. So he didn’t. 

A knock on his office door made Majima blink rapidly to bring himself out of his memories. 


“Boss, Kiryu-san is ready to manage,” Nishida said. Though he was still a pretty uptight guy, working construction and fighting off thugs had done him good, so his voice was less wavering as he spoke. 

Majima sighed and grabbed his tanto. He’d get through it, just like he got through everything. 


Adrenaline was still running high after their latest victory. Everyone was cheering, and Majima found himself with one arm thrown over Kiryu’s shoulder, and the other over Nishida’s. They were cheering as one of the last guys who’d tried to steal their materials got chased out of the construction site, and Kiryu wrapped his arm around Majima’s waist. The touch was casual, like Kiryu hadn’t even thought about it, and judging by the look on his face when Majima’s gaze snapped over to him, it hadn’t been thought out. The touch made Majima shiver, arousal threatening to flare in his lower half from such an innocent, but intimate, touch.

The two quickly separated, leaving Nishida free to run off to join the celebration. He and Kiryu were now just standing a good foot apart, awkwardly trying to pretend nothing had happened. 

“Majima-no-nii-san, why don’t we find somewhere to talk?”

Talk . That couldn’t be good. Majima immediately felt more adrenaline rush into his veins. Excuses flooded his mind. He could pretend he had to lock up, or he had previous plans, or, or, or. 

He opened his mouth to give some excuse, but Kiryu’s eager gaze had him faltering. 

“C’mon, I’ve got some booze in my office,” Majima said, hooking a thumb over his shoulder to gesture to the trailer he was calling his office. 

Majima’s office was lit only by the slowly dying rays of the setting sun filtering in through the grimy windows. He opened the locker near his desk to grab the whiskey, but Kiryu grabbed his wrist to stop him.

“I want to be clear-headed, Majima-san,” Kiryu said. His ears were bright red as he let go of Majima’s wrist and sat in the chair across from Majima’s desk. 

Majima crossed his arms to hide the fact his hands were shaking and inclined his head at a tilt that seemed perfectly aloof. “What’s on yer mind?”

“Are you gay?”

The question Majima had heard so often thrown as vitriol towards him was almost laughable coming from Kiryu. He was so earnest and obviously not out to make fun of him, but he couldn’t stifle a nervous laugh. 

With the dickheads who screamed the question at him, he knew how to reply. When “well-meaning” members of other families asked, he knew what to say. The question from Kiryu?

Majima shrugged. As if he couldn’t stand to sit still, Kiryu got out of his chair and paced in front of the windows.  

“I can’t stop thinking about you,” Kiryu finally said, facing Majima directly, his hands balled into fists at his sides. He stepped closer, and Majima could smell sunshine and sawdust on his skin. His eye darted around the room, his mind racing at how he should respond. 

“That means I’m doin’ my job right,” Majima said, his throat dry as he spoke. “Can’t let ya forget yer training!”

“That’s not what I mean, Majima-san,” Kiryu said. “There’s no way you don’t feel it too. You stare at me like you want to rip my clothes off.”

Majima’s heart pounded against his ribcage, breaking out into a cold sweat. He didn’t think he’d be confronting these particular feelings today. 

“You’re a hot guy,” Majima said, shrugging. “I like hot guys, is that a crime?”

Kiryu grabbed his wrist and gazed intensely at Majima. “You get off on our fights, nii-san.”

Majima’s eye widened and darted around the room. Oh, Christ.


“I do too,” Kiryu said, his other hand shyly resting on Majima’s waist, testing the waters. “You drive me crazy, Majima-san.”

Majima was vaguely remembering some BS facts he could spout to cover his ass, but Kiryu suddenly kissed him. It was clumsy, and Majima was too startled to do more than receive.

Kiryu pulled away slightly. They were still sharing breath, their gazes locked together as their foreheads rested against one another. 

“I can’t stand it any longer,” Kiryu said. 

“The ladies where you live not doin’ it for ya?” Majima managed to say, but his voice was shaky. His snark came out more nervous than anything. It was getting harder to ignore and shove down his own desires. He wanted Kiryu, and he had him right in front of him. Why should he have to hesitate? Why did he always have to deny himself?

But still. He was inexperienced with men. Clumsy fumblings as a 20-year-old didn’t translate to anything in the real scheme of things. He didn't know the first thing about sex with a guy. Whenever he fantasized, it never involved… actions, really. Just him fantasizing about how someone looked. And lately, that ‘someone’ had been Kiryu. Even after he left Kamurocho after the explosion, his mind couldn’t stop thinking of him when he was in the shower or unable to sleep at night. He'd never even bothered to look at pornos, either, so he was at a severe disadvantage here.

“You’re who I want,” Kiryu said. “I know you want me, too.”

“Look, I ain’t got any experience with guys,” Majima said, his voice sounding shrill to his ears. He wanted to kiss Kiryu. He wanted to touch his strong muscles. He wanted Kiryu to kiss his neck and run his fingers through his hair. His breathing was shallow as everything he wanted flashed through his mind. He was almost afraid to imagine anything more with Kiryu right in front of him. Sure, he'd imagined what the guy’s dick would look like, but that had been in the privacy of his room.

“I don’t either,” Kiryu admitted, glancing away. “Just… I’m so frustrated, I can’t think straight. Nothing I do makes me feel any less horny. I need you, Majima-san.”

Majima laughed nervously, but his breath was stolen away when Kiryu began mouthing at his neck. He gasped, wrapping his arms around Kiryu’s strong torso. Even through his suit, he could feel how built he was. 

“Christ,” Majima breathed out as Kiryu’s tongue humidly laved against his tender neck. He arched his neck to give him better access, groaning when Kiryu slotted their legs together and ground against him. He managed to stumble back against his desk so he had better leverage, biting at his bottom lip as Kiryu slowly ground against his leg.

With shaky hands, Majima began undoing Kiryu’s top. He cursed as his fingers fumbled with the small buttons, and Kiryu eventually brought his hands away from caressing Majima’s sides to undo it for him.

Majima wanted to spend the whole day worshipping Kiryu’s chest, but he was too caught up to do more than grope his pecs and begin undoing his fly. 

“I, uh, dunno how this goes,” Majima mumbled.

Kiryu pulled away from his neck, looking up at him in concern. “How what goes?”

“Y’know,” Majima said, but Kiryu just stared blankly at him. “Gay sex. Who’s gettin’ fucked and who’s doin’ the fuckin’”

Kiryu blinked a few times, his face turning an even deeper shade of red. “I… I don’t either.”

There were a few beats of silence as they just stared at each other, until Majima glanced down at Kiryu’s noticeable bulge and forgot what he was worrying about. He was hard. Hard for him . It wasn’t a trick of the light after a fight, or a wishful thought. All those times during fights when he thought Kiryu had been hard… maybe he really had been. The thought made Majima’s breath catch in his throat.

Majima palmed at Kiryu’s belt, struggling to get it undone. Luckily for him, it was easier to unbuckle than his shirt had been to unbutton. He unzipped Kiryu’s fly, and Kiryu pulled his slacks down enough to get his cock out. Majima’s eye widened as he saw it. Christ, it was enormous. His cock was oozing precum, the thick, uncut head an angry red. He stroked him experimentally, his eye stuck to Kiryu’s reactions. His shaft was much thicker than the head, and as Majima stroked him, he could feel thick veins mapping across his feverish skin.

Kiryu hissed through his teeth at Majima’s touch, his hips stuttering of their own volition. Before Majima could stroke him more, Kiryu was struggling to undo Majima’s pants.

He lifted his ass up to get his leather pants far enough down to release his aching cock, still enamored with the facial expressions Kiryu was making. Kiryu could be inexpressive at times, but he was wearing his heart on his sleeve here. His eyebrows twitched with every stroke of Majima’s hand, and he worried at his bottom lip and groaned quietly as Majima swiped his thumb over Kiryu’s cockhead. Kiryu seemed just as enamored with Majima’s cock, staring at it unabashedly. While his cock was much thinner than Kiryu's, his own dick was slightly longer, and a bit crooked now that he thought about it.

“I… I don’t know how we could--” Majima was cut off as Kiryu drew closer and pressed their cocks together, making Majima gasp.

“Christ,” Majima breathed out. 

Kiryu’s brows were knit together in concentration as he used his hand to begin jerking them both off in tandem. 

“You’re so sexy, Majima-san,” Kiryu said, his voice thick with arousal. “I've been jerking off to you for months. Your voice. Your body. Everything about you gets me off.”

Majima wrapped his arm around Kiryu’s neck, pulling his face closer. They began making out sloppily, groaning into each other’s mouths as their cocks dragged against each other. Kiryu’s palms were too dry and rough, but Majima felt like he was on cloud nine. Every time Kiryu’s tongue tangled with his, Majima’s cock throbbed, his balls aching for release. Even Kiryu's clumsy touches felt leagues better than anything he'd ever done before. They were panting wildly against each other, the room full of wet noises from their mouths and Kiryu’s hand stroking them.

Before either of them knew it, they were moaning loudly against each other, their cocks throbbing in Kiryu’s palm. Majima thrust his hips a few times, feeling like he would melt at any moment. Their cocks dragging against each other was a sensation he wouldn't forget for a long, long time. Majima came first, unable to believe this was really happening. His eye squinted shut as Kiryu began jerking himself off, cumming not long after him. 

As Majima looked down, he saw that their cum mingled together on his abs, making him hungry for more.

“I… Gotta do some research,” Majima said, kissing Kiryu again.

Kiryu hummed and kissed him back, his hands stroking up and down Majima’s waist. “What?”

“I’m fuckin’ clueless, here,” Majima said, his heart rate slowing down just a bit in his post orgasm haze. 

“Well, I am, too,” Kiryu said. “I guess… We can learn together.”

Majima hissed through his teeth as Kiryu started stroking his softening cock. “Ah…”

“Can I make you cum again?” Kiryu asked, swiping his fingers through their cum on Majima’s abs, his grip squelching lewdly around Majima's cock as it hardened again easily with his slow strokes.

Majima whined, his hips twitching wildly. He threw his arms around Kiryu’s sturdy shoulders and began mouthing at his sweaty neck. 

His head still spinning from his first orgasm, Majima could barely believe what was happening. He could feel Kiryu's humid breath against him as he jerked him off, his grip not tight enough, but the wet sounds he was making made up for the difference from why usually got him off.

“K-Kiryu-Chan…” Majima mumbled, gasping as Kiryu ground his cock against his thigh.

“You smell good,” Kiryu said, his voice lower than usual. The rumbling of his voice went straight to his cock.

“Christ, man,” Majima moaned out, nearly melting as Kiryu tightened his grip and began jerking him off faster.

“Can I watch your face?” Kiryu asked, almost timid.

Majima flushed, but pulled away so Kiryu could watch him. He had a hard time keeping eye contact at first, but Kiryu began stroking the inner part of his thigh, and his embarrassment melted away. Kiryu's eyebrows were drawn together in concentration, his gaze darting down occasionally to watch Majima’s cock. 

At first, Majima tried to keep his moans under wraps, but when he was unable to stifle a long moan, Kiryu’s hungry look made him want more. As Majima let himself moan without reservation.

“Are you close?” Kiryu asked thickly.

Majima nodded wildly, groaning as Kiryu sped up his fist again. Without warning, his cock started pulsing ropes of cum onto his abs, mixing with their previous orgasms.

He felt a deep sense of satisfaction root into his belly, like he'd had his first meal in months. He felt rested at the same time as he wanted to take a nap, but with Kiryu’s erection, he couldn't rest yet.

As he began pulling off his glove to reciprocate, Kiryu grabbed his wrist. “Can you… keep it on?”

Majima blinked at him.

“I… I've fantasized about you… with your gloves on…” Kiryu was mumbling, unable to say what he really wanted, but Majima got it.

His face flushed as he began jerking Kiryu off, the leather dragging across his shaft as Kiryu moaned.

“Does it feel good?” Majima murmured, unable to tear his gaze away from Kiryu’s face, enamored with every minute expression change.

Kiryu nodded stiffly, his neck and ears flushed deeply. Majima stroked him solidly, his grip nice and tight around his thick cock. He wanted to say something clever, or tease him, but he was speechless. 

Majima’s leather-clad handjob lasted much shorter than the one he'd just received. Kiryu began cumming with a loud groan, his cum spilling in the crease of Majima’s thigh as he leaned closer and inhaled deeply at the junction of Majima’s shoulder and neck.

The two of them were silent, their panting filling the room. Kiryu eventually pulled away, glancing at the mess on Majima’s abs.

“Sorry for the mess,” he mumbled.

Majima simply shook his head, even shyer than before as Kiryu began meticulously wiping him with a pocket tissue.

“For somebody clueless, ya sure know what you’re doin’ with yer hands,” Majima teased, his voice cracking as he spoke.

Kiryu gave him a small grin. “Lots of practice on myself, I guess.”

They both chuckled at that. Majima eventually stood up, his legs shaking as he pulled Kiryu's phone from his breast pocket. He entered his number into the contacts before flipping it shut and putting it back.

“I got a meetin’ to get to,” Majima said, digging through his desk drawer for some wet wipes. “Call me, okay? If ya want, that is.”

Kiryu nodded stiffly as he finished making himself decent. “Thank you, Majima-san.”

“Tch, you're such a dork,” Majima said, but he was grateful all the same.

“I'll call you tomorrow?” 

“Yeah,” Majima said, nodding. “That sounds good. Talk to you later, Kiryu-Chan.”