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A kiss desperately

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Wu Xie drops to his knees in the mud next to the fallen body of his friend. Xiaoge isn’t moving and Wu Xie is almost scared to check if he’s still breathing.

Of course he’s still breathing, he reprimands himself. He’s their Xiaoge. It’s going to take a lot more than a simple fall to kill him. Even if the fall was more than 50 feet.

He places one hand on Xiaoge’s chest and brings the other to his face. He feels the soft exhale of breath at the same moment he feels the movement of his chest, and he has to bite his own lip to stop himself from crying in relief.

He can hear the others around him, but they’re still wary enough of the mysterious man in black that they hold back, not getting too close. Wu Xie is grateful that none of them can see the tears welling in his eyes.

“Xiaoge. Wake up.” His voice is low, the desperation too evident to his own ears, but he knows that Xiaoge will hear him, even from miles away. He always hears Wu Xie, always comes for him, no matter where he is. Wu Xie can only hope he is listening this time.

He leans in closer, until his face is barely a hair’s breadth away. “Please,” he whispers, his lips brushing Xiaoge’s forehead.

“Please,” he whispers again, this time letting his lips brush Xiaoge’s cheek.

“Please,” he whispers for a third time, brushing a kiss against Xiaoge’s lips. “Come back to me.”

He feels a flicker of movement as Xiaoge opens his eyes and he moves back to give him some space. He’s too far back to feel the sharp breath that Xiaoge takes, but he can see the moment when he realises that it’s Wu Xie there, and not a stranger. His expression softens and he blinks a few times before offering a rare-as-jade smile.

“Always,” he replies, his hand reaching up to grip Wu Xie’s in his own. “Always.”