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The Forgotten Friend

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~~~~~~Annabeth’s P.O.V.~~~~~~

My eyes smashed open as I gasped. My dream…

I gasped slightly as I remembered it. The same dream I had for a few months now.

James killing my parents in front of me biting, then he killed Bella, then he bit my hand as Emmett watched. His face held so much fury that I never saw before. I sat up in my bed as I ran my hand through my hair.

I didn’t want to lose Emmett. Ever. If it means becoming like him. It’s been a few months since Emmett and I have graduated. I have decided to take a semester at the high school as a Teacher’s assistant. I huffed in annoyance, getting up.

I saw pictures of me and Emmett all over my room. I smiled at one where Emmett had snapped a picture of us kissing. I had ice cream on my lips when Emmett kissed me. I felt a little breeze as I turned around.

“Emmett…” I breathed as he pulled me to him and kissed me.

I kissed back as he snuck his tongue into my mouth. Our tongues fought for dominance, but he won. His tongue roamed the crevices of my mouth as his hands caressed my waist. My hands pulled at his hair as he moaned. I had to pull away for air.

“Good morning.” He smirked at me.

I blushed as I turned around.

“You’re early.” I said.

“I had to see you wake up, but I was too late.” He replied as I grabbed some clothes.

“You’re so cheesy.” I rolled my eyes.

“I’m only cheesy for you, Ann.” He replied as he kissed my neck.

I gasped slightly as he continues to kiss my neck.

“So are you coming for Bella’s birthday party tonight?” Emmett asked.

“Alice planned it?” I sighed, knowing the answer.

“For a while now.” Emmett laughed.

“Bella’s going to hate it.” I added.

“That’s why Alice wants you to keep quiet about it until she talks to her.” Emmett said. “Or she’s going to drag you to all the stores in Seattle.”

I rolled my eyes as I walked to the bathroom.

“Hey, Uncle Charlie.” I said as I passed him in the hall. “Did Bella like the presents?”

“At first, she didn’t.” He said. “Then she liked it.”

I laughed as I walked into the bathroom. Just as I shut the door, Bella banged on the door.

“Annabeth! Hurry up!” She asked me.

“I just got in, Bella.” I snickered. “Deal with it. Edward’s waiting anyway.”

Bella groaned as she left. I snickered as I got ready.

When I was done, Bella sighed as I kissed her cheek.

“Happy Birthday, Baby Girl.” I said as I walked out to my car.

I drove to school as I sighed in sadness. This year, I won’t have Emmett with me. But I would be able to join him at the University in Seattle.

“Wherefore are thou, Bella?” Mike asked as I got out.

I saw Bella’s truck pull up and she climbed out. We turned as Mike, Eric, Angela, and Jessica approached.

“You finish the Shakespeare assignment?” Mike asked.

“He means will you finish his assignment?” Jessica translated.

“No, I don’t — okay I do.” Mike argued as he shook his head.

“I can help you with it.” Bella told him.

“Do your homework yourself, Mike.” I laughed. “But first…”

I nodded to Bella as she pulled out her camera.

“I need a picture. My mom’s expecting a scrapbook full of memories.” Bella asked.

“I take ‘em, I don’t pose for ‘em.” Angela held her own camera up.

“You do today.” I told her as I pushed her to the others.

They arranged themselves.

“You’ll photoshop my nose if it looks big, right?” Jessica asked.

“Don’t worry, I’m in the picture; no one will be look at you guys.” Eric told her.

“I’ll take care of it.” I laughed as Jessica scoffs.

Angela points her camera at her. Mike and Eric joust as Bella aimed. The camera snapped on them, fun, delightfully carefree. When Bella lowered the camera, their playfulness has dissipated as they see someone behind Bella. She turned to see Edward climbing out of his silver Volvo.

“Oh good. Cullen’s here.” Mike said.

“Yay.” Jessica added as they moved off.

“Check ya later.” Eric said as Bella doesn’t register their tone.

She’s transfixed by Edward who approached, eyes never leaving hers. He reaches her, washing away all her concerns. I smiled at him as he nodded at me. I turned to give them some space. I walked up to the stairs as I saw my other cousin, Hope. Hope was my dad’s brother’s daughter. She’s two years younger than I am and was a junior now.

“Annabeth!” She waved over at me.

“Hope!” I waved back as I walked over to her.

“So happy to see you again!” She smiled as I hugged her. “How was your summer?”

“It was fun.” I replied. “Managed to bring Emmett down to Florida to meet Aunt Renee. How about you?”

“Let’s see; I went to Leah and Seth’s house…and guess what?” Hope asked as we walked inside.

“What?!” I asked.

“And I got a boyfriend!” She squealed.

“Really?!” I squealed. “Who?”

“Embry!” She told me.

“Really?!” I asked. “Does Uncle Peter know?”

“He knows.” Lucy replied.

As we walked, Alice came up as she hugged me.

“Today’s the big day!” She squealed as I smiled.

“At least tone it down for the party.” I reminded as Alice shook her head.

She ran up the stairs as she heard something.

“How come Jacob Black gets to give you a gift and I don’t?” Edward asked as they came up.

“He’s just a friend.” Bella told him.

“Friend’s don’t spend two weeks looking for the perfect dreamcatcher.” Edward reminded her.

“Stop reading his mind if he bothers you so much.” Bella shook her head.

“Little hard to tune out.” He added as she just laughs.

We entered the corridors as a small, wrapped gift appears in Bella’s face. Alice presents it.

“Happy-” She said.

“Shh!” Bella asked as Alice whispers in her ear as she hugs her.

“-birthday.” Alice added.

“She hates it.” Hope added as I nodded in agreement.

Over Alice’s shoulder, Bella saw Jasper, keeping his distance. He offered her a pleasant nod. She tries to hide Alice’s present, hoping no one noticed. I snickered.

“Alice, didn’t I say no gifts?” Bella asked.

“You did. I didn’t.” Alice added. “I’ve already seen you open it and guess what? You love it.”

“You had a vision about her birthday.” I said.

“And about the green dress you’ll be wearing to your party tonight. Great color on you.” Alice added.

“…My party?” Bella asked.

“Please? It’ll be fun.” Alice begged.

“I…guess I can deal-” My cousin sighed.

“Great! See ya at seven!” Alice smiled as she hugs her again and races off before she can change her mind. Which is when Bella realized something.

“Wait, Jasper, no fair with the mood control.” She asked as he offers an apologetic bow before Alice drags him away.

“Vampire. You can’t trust them.” Edward shook his head as we parted ways for the day.

Hope and I went to the Theater class for her class.