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Kill Me, Heal Me

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One may say it's silly, and maybe it is, that five grown adults are meeting up solely to play mobile games. However playing within the same vicinity increases the efficiency of the gameplay as 'communication is key', thus increasing the chances at victory. That much is established if you're invested enough.


Jungkook is in a five-member squad as the game allows. He was invited by his friend Jimin from Busan, who was the roommate of Taehyung, who was a friend of Seokjin, and Seokjin of Yoongi's. The other's relationship was somehow already interwoven through their mutual friendship, Jungkook connecting to the thread only through Jimin.


Since all of them were from different universities, they had never met together in person. But over the past few months that they formed the squad and played together, they had become good friends. They even shared their kakao ids (mostly to discuss when to play) and one day Taehyung initiated a get-together.


Bangtan gc :


rawr: Hey! You guys free this Saturday?


mariojin: depends, why do you ask?


rawr: I was thinking that maybe we can all meet together and play the MCL tournament? Since we all live nearby but have never met each other, i thought it'd be nice. And i need a break too.


HoneyBuns: I'm not opposed to that idea :D


mariojin: sounds good!


rawr: Great! Let's meet at yoongi hyung's place!


agustdied: yah! when did i agree to that?


rawr: Ahh hyung you have the best wifi. Jiminie and I could host but our wifi is so shitty, my win-rate is all fucked up. Also you have a big ass apartment, hyung pleeeeassee?? :(


HoneyBuns: we can't even open our voice-chats sob sob


agustdied: are you sure both of you are still living in korea?

but fine lemme ask my roommates first 


rawr: :)


agustdied: ok


rawr: ok?


agustdied: they said ok


rawr: YAYYY! so everybody up for it??


mariojin: Count me in. i'm not cooking tho….


rawr: dw hyung we'll order in.


HoneyBuns : Kookie wbu?


Jungkook quietly watches the chat unroll when he notices Jimin mentioning his name. Now he could make up an excuse mostly because he's never been good at meeting new people and holding normal conversations. Also, this entails meeting a certain person for the first time. In-person. You see, Jungkook might or might not have developed a tiny little crush on Min Yoongi, who posts cute selfies on rare occasions. Jungkook is a simple man after all. He falls easily.


But that's beside the point.


The game tournament starts at 11:30 pm, which practically means he'll be staying over at a stranger's place past midnight. Doesn't sound so pleasant if he's being honest and definitely will not appeal to his parents, who sent him off to study but he's out here playing games instead. It rather sounds like the beginning of a bad murder story but you can't blame Jungkook for being such a game freak. The things he does for gaming. Though temporary, gaming provides great relief from all the external pressures that life gives, indulging his head inside a virtual world always sounds like a better idea.


jk97: Umm, Ok I'll be there too I guess.


rawr: Alrighty! see you guys in the evening!








Since he has only half classes on Saturdays, Jungkook returns from class and does some housework. By the time he showers, the evening has already set in. He shuffles through his closet and pulls a black hoodie over a white t-shirt, slipping his phone inside his jean pocket. He packs his charger and some snacks into his backpack. Taking one last glance at the mirror and readjusting his hair, he grabs his car keys and locks the door to his apartment, setting out to the address that Jimin had sent him.


It’s a 30-minute drive, not too far from where he lived. He parks in a public parking lot that Jimin had instructed as there was no parking space available in Yoongi's shared apartment. It took another five minutes of walking and a lift for Jungkook to find himself in front of a slab door on the third floor of a large building. There were loud noises already coming from inside which seemed to be muffled screaming. This already felt like a terrible idea to him.


He contemplates knocking when the door clicks open from the inside. A guy with blonde hair emerges out with a gruff and a plastic bag in hand, sighing as he blows a strand of his hair up. Jungkook instantly recognizes him and nearly combusts. Standing there a tad bit shorter than him was Min Yoongi, in an oversized sweater, his sleeves showing only his fingertips.


Holy heck he looks even cuter in real life, those selfies do him no justice, Jungkook thinks.


"Oh, hey. Jungkook right?" Yoongi speaks first as he notices him.


"Uh, hi, yeah," Jungkook nods with a smile.


"What are you doing standing out here? Come on in. I'm Yoongi by the way."


"Nice to meet you, Yoongi," he gives a short bow. "-hyung," he adds a second after. Good going.


"I'll be back after disposing these." Yoongi wiggles the trash bag in hand. "Get inside, but I'm warning you they're maniacs."


"I can already see that," Jungkook chuckles as the noise inside doesn't seem to die down .


He removes his shoe and enters the living room, walking through a short corridor. He is instantly greeted by the sight of a guy with a broad shoulder lying flat on his chest and his face stuffed in a cushion, who seems to be the origin of the screams. Standing on top of his back is Jimin, skillfully walking back and forth with his hands stretched out to balance himself. On the back of the sofa, he sees a pair of legs stretched out.


Jungkook sure hoped he wasn't at a crime scene.


Jimin notices him first and steps down, the person on the floor letting out another groan. He recognizes him as Seokjin.


"Kookie!" Jimin engulfs him in a tight hug. "You're here!"


"Of course, I wouldn't have missed it." Jungkook returns the hug with a smile. Tilting his head, he asks, "Uh, is everything okay?"


"Oh, yeah, I was just massaging Jin hyung's back."


Honestly, it looked quite painful and questionable, but whatever works for them. Or Seokjin.


"It's honestly hard carrying the entire beauty of the world on my back." Jin pipes up as he approaches Jungkook. He couldn't argue with that statement because Jin sure looks like it. "Seokjin, nice to meet you!"


"Jungkook, likewise."


"You work out?" Jin asks, leaning back and observing him with an impressed look.


"Ah, yeah, sometimes." he replies while scratching the back of his neck.


"Can't relate," Jin proceeds to flop back down on the floor once again.


An unfamiliar face donning a bright smile rises from the couch. "Hi! Jungkook right? We haven't met yet but I'm Hoseok, Yoongi's roommate." The guy has such a friendly aura exuding off him, that it easily drew Jungkook in. "Nice to meet you! Welcome!"


"Nice to meet you too." He replies honestly. "And thanks for having us here."


"It's no problem. We're glad to have you guys over." Hoseok gives a pat on his shoulder.





The apartment is big and spacious as Taehyung had mentioned, Jungkook learning that it was affordable with three people living in it. There were three doors down the corridor, the living room has open windows that lead to a balcony in view of the neighborhood and he could see the light traffic down the street. Inside, there were wooden pieces of furniture but not too many decorative items , save for some potted plants in the corners of the room, a bonsai tree and some books on a branched shelf, giving the room a simple but grand setting. Easy to breathe and not too overwhelming. Jungkook sees a point to why Taehyung wanted to meet here.


The kitchen is an open area attached to the living room, simple with a fridge, and an oven, an inductive stove, and wooden cabinets lined above, holding perhaps whatever belongs to the kitchen. There is a counter in the middle separating the kitchen and the living room, serving as a dining table.


Taehyung lays flipped upside down behind the sofa in some weird position when Jungkook walks around.


"Hi hyung, what are you doing?" He had already met him when Jungkook dropped Jimin at his apartment when they returned together from Busan.


"Oh, hey Jungkookie, good to see you again," he replies, his question going unanswered.


"You too. Why are you lying like that?" 


"Ah, don't mind me, I'm just de-stressing. Submitted two assignments today."


"Oh." He doesn't question any further.


Another man emerges out of a room in a tank top and shorts with round glasses on. There was nothing holy but fucking thighs.


"Oh, you must be Jungkook since you're the last to arrive. I'm Namjoon, Yoongi's roommate. Nice to meet you." He offers his hand to shake.


"Nice to meet you too," he replies before extending his own to shake, admiring the big dimples peeking out of the guy's cheeks.


"You've only just arrived but quite a bunch of powerhouses, aren't they? Like a fully stacked Aldous."


"Oh, you play too?" Jungkook perks curiously as Namjoon references a game character.


"Nah, but sometimes I watch Yoongi hyung play."


"Well, that's odd because most people I know who don't play don't even like watching nor even like me playing near them." Jungkook chuckles. "Not interested in playing?"


"Well, yeah, I'm not that much into gaming and besides, unlike Yoongi hyung, I don't know how to divide my time so better not risk it."


"Ah, I see." Jungkook can't say he's any better but oh well.


Yoongi returns after a short while, his hair tousled in different directions by the evening breeze. Jungkook strangely feels like rearranging them, not that there's anything wrong with it, but to save his fragile heart from melting right then and there. Yoongi looks too adorable, he thinks it should be illegal to appear this cute while looking so disheveled.


Upon Yoongi's return, everyone gathers in the living room without a word, having some sort of 'formal' re-introductions, which turns out to be not so formal as he realizes the guys can't carry a single conversation without striking a joke. He doesn't mind though, prefers it this way than to sit stiffly and short of breath.


For some inexplicable reason, they are all assorted to stand while the couch and the cotton bean bag lay empty. Call Jungkook dramatic but the sight looked like some group of high brand supermodels gathered for some photoshoot. He didn't feel out of place though. He knows he's got good looks too, sue him.


They discuss what to order for dinner, voting and playing a round of rock-paper-scissors, settling on fried chicken tenders and cheeseburgers. The order doesn't take long to arrive, everyone rounding up to the kitchen counter, dinner time passing swiftly with Jin's dad jokes.


"So what do you call cheese that isn't yours?" Seokjin asks as he dips his burger in the sauce.


"Here we go again." Yoongi shakes his head, munching his burger.


"Wrong answer. Nacho cheese." Jin's prominent squeaky laugh appears while Jimin nearly tips off the chair, Yoongi grumbling "I suddenly don't know this man" but keeping an amused face as well.


Namjoon holds a resigned sigh while Hoseok contrastingly clutches his stomach, unable to contain his laughter at Jin's terrible joke, which Jungkook thinks is not so terrible after all as he finds himself grinning widely too.


Though Hoseok and Namjoon are not in the gaming squad, they easily fall into the group dynamics as they contribute to the conversations here and there.


Jungkook didn't feel like they were meeting for the first time. It felt like they had known each other for a lifetime and another.


Though he doesn't add much to the conversation as the others joke away, he doesn't find himself feeling uncomfortable as he feared he would, or felt obligated to talk just to make himself known. There was an air of naturalness to it.





After everyone had their fill, with lots of protests from the members at Jin's dad jokes, Taehyung asking "Where do you even get these jokes?" with Jimin teasingly replying "Google, baby" for Seokjin to retort with a "Hey! Are you questioning my intelligence?" they all join on the couch in the living room again, all ready for what they objectively came for. The chips Jungkook brought were laid on the table along with some drinks from the fridge. Hoseok and Namjoon had earlier said that they don't play but Hoseok looks equally excited as the players while Namjoon sits by the armrest of the couch beside Jin, chatting away about some game characters.


And next to Jungkook on the couch sits Yoongi, huddled up with his chin resting on his knees looking all tiny. His cheeks puff out as he squints at his screen in concentration. His sleeves were rolled up to his arms now and he could make out a faint scent of peach wafting off him.


Jungkook suppresses a smile at that, not to appear like a creep for staring at him.





Their squad was pretty spontaneous with no designated role or position as some others did. If anything, Taehyung mostly uses assassins but other than that, they chose heroes of their liking, keeping opponents' hero combination in mind.


But Jungkook and Yoongi, No matter what hero they choose, they always seem to pick the ones that correspond well with each other. They don't even say it verbally, but it feels like they become one person, able to read each other's next moves and predict opponents' movements quite accurately. Like Carmilla and Cecilion, Johnson and Odette, they make a pretty good duo.


That's how Jungkook picks Angela while Yoongi picks Esmeralda. Together, with the right equipment, they become formidable.


He also silently hopes Moonton doesn't nerf them.


The game starts with Jimin picking a mage, Seokjin a fighter, Taehyung an assassin, Yoongi a hybrid of mage and tank while Jungkook their support.


Hoseok sits beside Jimin, totally immersed in the game as though he was playing too. He chirps happily and claps wildly when Jimin secures the first kill.


Jin is the best player among all of them, though they would all playfully deny it in order to not feed his ego more. He could use any hero and dominate the game which would make the enemies pretty mad and hence his gamer name being "stop yelling at me." He's just good like that.


Which was exactly what he was doing, dominating the game with Jawhead, a fighter when he gets ambushed by the enemy's tank and assassin.


Jungkook and Yoongi were hiding behind the bush beside the enemy's red buff, crucial for dealing extra damage. They were certain their marksman, the main damage dealer would come to claim it, so they were waiting to ambush.


Seokjin yells out in frustration "Yah! What are you two doing in the bush without helping me!?" when Jungkook should have used his ultimate and protected Jin's hero from getting killed.


That gives an opening for the opponent team to start approaching and infiltrating their main base.


"Look who's yelling," Yoongi simply comments, his eyes never leaving the screen while Jungkook hones a guilty excuse. "Sorry hyung, we were focused on ambushing the enemy's marksman."


"Both of you sticking so grossly together in-game and out-game seems kinda sus to me but sure," Jin nonchalantly calls out.


It is then that Jungkook realises they are the only ones on the couch, the others having shifted to the fluffy beanball or the floor, god knows when. And Yoongi is still stuck close to him despite having sufficient space, not that he is complaining.


"You did not just say 'sus' out loud," Jimin laughs as he taps away on his device.


Jungkook and Yoongi recall their hero back to their base to defend but his fingers get all clammy from extra heat (thanks to Seokjin) and hence delaying his skill execution as the screen doesn't respond properly to the moist touch. Yoongi had nothing to do with it at all, still pressed to his side sitting all pretty with his eyes squinted and cheeks puffed in concentration until their main tower got destroyed.


They lose the game much to Jungkook's disappointment. He second-guesses his logic and reasoning for coming here. Maybe 'communication is key' and playing in the same vicinity doesn't ensure victory especially with your crush by your side.


But the others don't blame him nor dwell on it much, just passing a determined "we'll win next time" so Jungkook lets go of it pretty easily too even though he’s the most competitive amongst them all.





Jungkook is the first one to remind everyone that it was already past midnight and that he should get back to his apartment. 


"We'll get going too," Jimin says as he and Taehyung start packing whatever things they had brought. Jungkook unplugs his charger from the socket and puts it inside his backpack.


"I got the permission so I'm sleeping here on the couch tonight. Goodnight everyone." Jin says, occupying the now abandoned couch.


They all wish each other goodnight before leaving.








"Umm, let me walk you to your car," Yoongi approaches Jungkook as they exit the apartment door.


"In case you haven't noticed, we're here too," Taehyung waves with a smug smile at Yoongi while Jimin slips on his sneakers.


"In case you haven't noticed, there's two of you." Yoongi deadpans, earning an "ouch" from Taehyung.


"C'mon Jiminie, it's only us against the world." Taehyung fake sobs as he slips on his shoe and the pair walk away to the subway as they didn't bring their car because of heavy traffic during the day.


"Don't bother, hyung," Jungkook replies while lacing up his boots. "It's late and cold outside."


"It's not a bother, I don't mind." Yoongi shrugs.


After a few minutes of delay which seemed like forever, Jungkook is still struggling to put his laces together. The temperature had steeply dropped to be the same as the hour, the chilly air numbing his fingers. Yoongi is still patiently waiting as Jungkook internally curses his boots. Damn these timberlands.


"Sorry hyung, I can't feel my hands." Jungkook laughs nervously, his fingers shivering as he tries to work on the strings.


Yoongi chuckles as he bends down. "Here, allow me."


"I'm not a child, hyung," Jungkook argues but does nothing to stop Yoongi either as he swipes away his hand. In one swift motion, Yoongi twists the string into a neat bow.


"Wow," was all Jungkook could say.


"You sure you can drive like that?" Yoongi asks as he finishes the other pair.


"There's a heater in the car so it'll be fine," Jungkook replies, blowing warm air into his cupped hands.


"Here," Yoongi extends his palm as he stands up. "Till the car."





"Huh? Oh." Once he registers what Yoongi is implying, a wave of heat engulfs him and overtakes his cold form. Holy fickity fuck. Yoongi just offered him to hold his hands.


Without much hesitation, he thanks whatever gods have led him to this moment, taking Yoongi's warm hand into his. Yoongi coils their fingers immediately and entangles their hands like some professional hand holder if that’s a thing. He also prays Yoongi doesn't notice as another wave of heat assaults him, this time on his cheeks


They take the flight of stairs down and only after they reach the ground floor does Jungkook remember using the lift to climb up, realizing they could've done the same to climb down. But he is not about to complain about taking some extra steps. Not when he's walking beside Min Yoongi, holding his firm but gentle hands.


They don't speak much as they walk their way to the parking lot, neither of them in a rush despite the cold hour. They don't make an effort to fill the silence either, only their footsteps echoing in the deserted pavement. Jungkook noticed that Yoongi doesn't talk much except when he has to reply or pass a comment, and maybe Yoongi noticed the same about him. So they just stroll along the path, hand in hand, filled with a comfortable silence.


After they reach the spot where Jungkook parked his car, Yoongi retracts his hands into his pocket. Jungkook instantly misses the warmth. "Goodnight kid."


"I'm already 24 but sure, goodnight hyung." Jungkook counters with a smile as he unlocks the car and plops in. "And thanks for having me, I had fun today."


"I had fun too. Goodnight golden boy," Yoongi replies, a small smile on his lips. "See you next time."


Something warm seeps inside Jungkook after hearing those words, 'golden boy' and 'next time' reverberating back and forth in a fine melody as he returns to his apartment, the onset cold doing nothing to simmer down the lingering warmth of Min Yoongi.