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Making Money

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Making Money

“H-hey, it’s Anzu, isn’t it?”

Anzu turned around on the street, the bag full of cans clinking against her back as she did. She looked up at a very skinny guy with very thick glasses and a very patchwork beard and mustache.

“Yes?” Anzu asked. “I’m her. Who are you?”

“I’m, uh, I’m a big fan,” the man said, chuckling nervously as he looked down at the small, blonde girl. “I’ve heard about what you’ve been doing and I want some of it.”

Anzu did a lot of things to raise money. Collecting cans, scavenging old electronics, outright begging every now and then when there was nothing else. Luckily, there was always something else. Like this.

“Well, can you pay?” Anzu asked, shifting the bag from one shoulder to the other. “I’ve got to make money, you know.”

“Oh yes, I can pay,” the man said, nodding his head quickly as he looked down at Anzu. “I’d pay a lot to fuck a blonde girl like you.”

“Well…” Anzu said, looking around. “Let me go stash this so the recyclers don’t get it and then we can get together.”

Anzu couldn’t keep a smile off of her face as she hurried to a hiding spot she knew of near here. Yes, more money. And it was one of the easiest ways she knew of to earn money, too. Anzu wasn’t sure why men and the occasional woman were so interested in giving her money for this. After all, there were a lot of people out there that could do that sort of thing, right?

But Anzu was very well aware of the value of money and she could make a lot of money off of this sort of thing. Once, she had made two thousand and five hundred yen when two guys had both wanted her! Most of the time it was a lot less than that, but it was still money.

“Okay, mister!” Anzu said happily, making her reappearance and waving. “Let’s go!”

“Yeah, sure thing,” the man said, resting a hand on her shoulder, over her long, white coat. “I’m looking forward to this.”

“So am I,” Anzu said, nodding her head.

And it wasn’t just because of the money, though Anzu would obviously never do this for free. It was because she was also making people feel good. The way they smiled and laughed when they were done, it made Anzu feel good inside, knowing that she had made people happy with themselves and her. It was a nice, warm feeling that she really enjoyed.

“By the way, what’s your name, mister?” Anzu asked as she glanced up at the man.

“Um, just call me Big Bro,” the man said, smiling widely down at Anzu as he pushed his glasses back up along his nose.

“Sure thing, Big Bro,” Anzu said with a shrug. He was the third guy to want her to call him that. She didn’t mind. “There’s a good love hotel a few blocks away.”

The two of them went to the hotel and Big Bro paid for the room. Anzu chatted with Himiko, the receptionist on duty today. Her dog had gotten better and Anzu was very glad to hear it. Then they were inside the room and the man was looking around. Anzu went for the bed in the center of the room and sat down on it, looking up at him with a smile as he refocused his attention on her.

“Oh, Anzu, you look so good,” Big Bro said, getting closer to her and looming over her. Anzu was not worried in the slightest. “I can’t wait to fuck you.”

“You can do whatever you like with me, Big Bro,” Anzu said with a smile. “I’m sure that it’s going to be great fun for the two of us!”

He nodded and started to touch Anzu, running his hands underneath her coat and tugging at her clothes. Anzu helped him strip her, only using her powers a bit to get rid of some of the stuff. He hesitated for a moment when Anzu was down to just her panties but then he got rid of those as well, leaving her completely and utterly naked in front of him.

Anzu didn’t make any move to hide her body. She let her arms dangle at her sides as Big Bro ran his eyes and then his hands all over her. She moaned a bit as she was touched, his hands pressing against her body and especially focusing on her chest. Technically, they were her breasts, but when they were this small, it was kind of hard to call them that.

“Okay, you’re even hotter than those pics of you said,” Big Bro said, his voice deep and wheezy. “Man, I can’t wait to fuck you.”

“You can do that anytime,” Anzu said cheerfully. “I’m ready when you are!”

“No, first,” Big Bro said, pulling his pants down, “you’re going to touch my dick, you little loli whore.”

Anzu hadn’t understood any of that after little. But she didn’t need to understand it to know what she needed to do. She reached up and grabbed Big Bro’s dick, wrapping her hands around it and starting to pump up and down along it. Big Bro made a kind of weird sound as that happened, but Anzu ignored it and kept on working, pumping her hands along the very hard shaft.

Anzu was feeling a bit turned on from everything that was happening to her. Being naked, being told that she looked good, it was nice. And what was even nicer was that Big Bro was so happy to have her doing this to him. That sort of thing always made Anzu feel nice and satisfied with herself.

Anzu leaned forward a bit, until her face was almost pressed up against the dick. She could see everything about it. And smell everything about it, which wasn’t as nice but she wasn’t going to complain.

Nope, Anzu was just going to keep on being a good girl who made people happy and made money. That was what was really important right here and now. She looked down at the hard shaft that her hands were wrapped around and slid one hand a but further down to Big Bro’s sack. He made a happy sound at that and Anzu lightly stroked his balls, feeling his cock twitching in her grip. She nodded and smiled at that and kept on working. She didn’t plan to stop, not until everything was absolutely taken care of!

“Oh, Anzu,” Big Bro said, his voice wobbling a bit as she kept on working, pumping her hand up and down, her fingers barely able to reach around the rod, “you’re so good at this.” He chuckled wetly. “You must do this sort of thing a lot, huh?”

“Well, maybe once or twice a week,” Anzu said with a shrug, sticking her tongue out of the corner of her mouth as she concentrated on her work. “People have to come up to me and ask for it, you know?”

Big Bro nodded and Anzu wasn’t sure if he had really been listening to what she had been saying. But that didn’t really matter. All she needed to do was make him feel good and not forget to pick up her pay when they were done.

Anzu could feel the arousal rising up inside of herself as she kept on working. She shifted around on the bed, feeling the heat spreading through her body as she worked. She hoped that Big Bro would stick it inside of her later. She could really use the satisfaction that came from getting fucked. Touching herself (at night, when it was too dark to work, of course) just wasn’t the same.

Big Bro grunted and Anzu looked up at him. He was obviously about to cum. It was written all over his face. Anzu looked down at the cock in her hand and smiled. She was glad. But wasn’t she a bit-

Anzu squeaked in surprise as the cum shot out from Big Bro’s cock and landed all over her face. It was a familiar sensation, but it was still one she would have liked to have been prepared for! And Big Bro was cumming a lot. It was getting all over Anzu’s face but she didn’t pull away. Men liked this sort of thing and Anzu aimed to please. After all, she would get more money that way!

The orgasm seemed to last for a pretty long time and when it was done, Anzu could feel semen all over her face. There was just so much of it. She shook her head slightly, feeling the sticky cum sliding along her skin.

“Holy fuck,” Big Bro said, pulling his phone out of his pocket and taking plenty of photos. “This is just too good. Damn it, you look amazing, Anzu.”

“Thank you!” Anzu said, her tongue flicking out to lick at some of the cum that had gathered on her lower face. “I’m glad you like it.”

Big Bro nodded and showed her the photos he had taken of her. Anzu shook her head. Except for the blonde ponytail, she could barely recognize herself. Big Bro had really covered her with plenty of cum. That sure was a lot sticking to her face, wasn’t it?

But it was worth it, because Big Bro had obviously enjoyed doing that to her. She smiled up at him, glad that he had enjoyed himself like this.

“So what do you want to do now?” Anzu asked, leaning back on the bed and flicking her tongue out to lick up some more of the semen clinging to her skin. “I’m up for whatever it is that you want!”

“Next I want to fuck you,” Big Bro said, leering down at her crotch. “I heard you have a really tight pussy, Anzu-chan.”
“People tell me that but I can’t compare it to anything,” Anzu said with a shrug. “So how do you want to do this?”

“On your hands and knees,” Big Bro said. “That ponytail is going to work as a perfect leash for you.”

Anzu got on all fours, her feet dangling off of the bed. There was a mirror on the far wall and she could see herself and Big Bro in it. There was just so much cum on her face. She was going to have to use some of the money she got from this to pay for a shower once she was done. Or maybe she could talk Big Bro into letting her take one with him. That would probably work.

Nodding in satisfaction at a few more yen saved, Anzu felt Big Bro grab onto her butt. She could just barely see his cock over her butt in the mirror. She could feel it pressing against her, rubbing back and forth. It kind of felt good, actually, and Anzu shivered as he pushed back and forth.

“Oh, look at this tight loli cunt,” Big Bro whispered underneath his breath as he pressed his cock against her. “You look so good, Anzu.” He chuckled. “I can’t wait to fuck you.”

“Go right ahead!” Anzu said happily, pushing back against the cock. “I’m all yours until they kick us out of here!”

Big Bro chuckled wetly and grabbed onto Anzu’s hips, squeezing down on her skin. Then Anzu felt the tip of his cock resting against her pussy. She shivered and did her best to relax.

And then Big Bro was sliding inside of her. Anzu moaned as she got filled up. There was a lot of cock sliding inside of her and she was feeling really full all of a sudden. But it was a good kind of full. The kind that she really liked, that was the second-best part about all of this. The best part was making a few hundred yen off of it.

Big Bro was enjoying himself, too. He was pumping in and out of her, grunting as he slid his dick as far inside of Anzu as she could possibly take before sliding back out. And then he did it again. And again and again and again. He wasn’t stopping, he wasn’t slowing down and Anzu actually thought that he might be going a bit faster now then when he had started.

And she really didn’t mind. She shivered as her folds getting stretched out around the shaft inside of her. It was making Anzu feel good and she bit her lip, softly moaning as she felt the pleasure spreading out from her crotch to fill her up from head to toe with a lovely warm feeling.

Anzu was rocking back and forth against Big Bro as he slammed into her. It wasn’t even something that she had decided to do, it was just something that her body had decided on all on its own. And she was really enjoying it. Anzu shivered and kept on moaning and gasping and squeezing down as tightly as she possibly could to make herself feel good.

That wasn’t the point of all of this. Anzu’s own pleasure wasn’t the reason any of this was happening. But it sure did feel nice to get some of her own pleasure in while she made money and made Big Bro happy with her body.

“Oh my god, this is better than I thought it could be,” Big Bro said. “PussyLicker69 was right about you, Anzu.” He laughed and slapped her butt, making Anzu squeak and jolt forward, her eyes going wide. “You really are the perfect loli fuckwhore, aren’t you?”

“Um, yes?” Anzu replied. She wasn’t sure what all Big Bro was saying but she could at the very least tell what he wanted to hear. “I’m your… loli fuckwhore,” she continued, hoping that she wasn’t saying something stupid with that.

Big Bro seemed to like it. He chuckled and kept on fucking her, screwing Anzu and making her slender body rock and shake with the force of the dick that was pounding in and out of her, over and over again.

He reached up to grab Anzu’s ponytail. He pulled back on it, not much, but just enough to make Anzu’s head go snapping back. She gasped at that and shivered, feeling the shaft that was still moving in and out of her, over and over again. It was really making her feel good and she was really having a good time and she really hoped that Big Bro was, too. Hopefully he was having a good enough time that he would want to do this again in the future. Even with the hair pulling and the butt slapping and everything else that men could come up with, Anzu was still making a lot more money a lot more easily than any other way that she knew of.

Big Bro ran his hand over Anzu’s butt as he pulled back on her hair. He squeezed down on it and Anzu whimpered as she felt the arousal shooting through her, making her feel so full and so good. She really did think that she was going to be orgasming soon. And maybe she would get to feel more than one orgasm before Big Bro was done with her. That was a really fun thought, one that put a big smile on Anzu’s face as she rocked back and forth on top of the bed.

Anzu bit her lip as she felt the pleasure rise up inside of her with every single stroke. Big Bro’s dick felt so good inside of her, reaching so far into her pussy, stirring her up and making jolts of electricity shoot through her brain. She whimpered as she felt her folds squeezing down around him. This was it! This was it and it was going to feel amazing!

Anzu moaned as she felt the pleasure that came with a good orgasm. She shivered and panted, feeling her pussy squeezing down around Big Bro’s cock, doing her absolute best to milk an orgasm out of him. Anzu was feeling amazing as she rocked back and forth and there was a lot more that she wanted to feel before Big Bro was done.

Anzu could see lights flickering off and on in front of her as she rocked back and forth, feeling the pleasure shooting through her body. She loved this feeling. She couldn’t put into words how much she enjoyed orgasms. Especially when she was getting paid to have one and there was a dick inside of her. Those were the best sorts of orgasms.

Big Bro kept on fucking her straight through Anzu’s orgasm. She panted as she came down from the high, feeling the pleasure running all through her body. And it hadn’t died down all the way, either. Anzu was still feeling really good as Big Bro kept on pumping in and out of her, again and again. Anzu moaned, feeling the lust inside of her belly stirring up as she felt the thick shaft spearing deep inside of her, again and again.

“Thank you, Big Bro,” Anzu moaned, locking eyes with him in the mirror. “You, ah, I’m so glad you’re paying me for this!”

“You’re amazing,” Big Bro said. “Way better than my body pillows.” He chuckled as he squeezed down on Anzu’s rear again. “I should just take you home with me to have forever.”

Anzu shook her head. Some guys had said that sort of thing before, but she couldn’t leave her friends in the encampment like that! Especially not when she was bringing so much money back to help them all out with.

Luckily, he didn’t say anything more about that, so Anzu didn’t need to correct him. She just needed to enjoy what was happening to her as Big Bro slid in and out of her, again and again, making Anzu feel wonderful as she took his cock deep inside of her.

“I’m going to be cumming soon, you blonde whore,” Big Bro said. “You’re going to be a good girl and take every bit of my cum, right? Right inside your little loli cunt.”

Anzu wasn’t sure what, exactly, Big Bro was saying but she didn’t need to understand him in order to do her best to make him happy. She just nodded and went along with everything that he could want. She kept on rocking back and forth against Big Bro as he filled her up, making Anzu feel so full and so good inside as the pleasure slid through her body. She wasn’t going to cum again, Anzu realized, not if Big Bro was this close to an orgasm.

But that was alright, because she had still gotten to cum once and she was feeling really good and she was getting paid. All of those combined to make something that was just great. Anzu smiled widely as she felt the shaft pounding in and out of her, again and again.

“That’s it!” Big Bro groaned as he thrust into Anzu so hard that her arms gave out and she collapsed forward. “Take it, Anzu-chan!”

Anzu didn’t have any choice but to take it. She gasped, feeling the semen shooting inside of her, filling her up and making her feel wonderful. Anzu moaned, the hot splashes of cum covering her inner walls, painting her white. She shivered, rocking back and forth as much as she could as her hands curled up into fists, taking the sheets of the bed with her. It was such a good feeling, so deep inside of her and she was left feeling so warm from it all. Anzu shivered, so glad that she had made Big Bro here feel so good.

Really, really good from all of the cum that was filling her up. Anzu shivered and moaned, feeling the semen that was making her feel bloated from all the semen that was flowing inside of her. Her body twitched back and forth and her cheek drug against the sheets as she felt the hot, wonderful pleasure that came from so much cum splashing against her inner walls again and again. Big Bro just had so much semen inside of his sack and he was draining every last bit of it into Anzu’s wet pussy.

And she could take it all, too. Anzu loved taking it all, in fact. She shivered as the pleasure spread, as the heat pumped through her as she took the cum that was filling her up. Her feet kicked and her mouth fell open, letting a little bit of drool escape.

“Oh my god,” Big Bro was saying over and over. “Oh my god, my god, this was the best thing ever.”

“Yeah,” Anzu said, smiling widely as she rocked back and forth. She shivered from head to toe, still feeling her tight inner walls squeezing down around Big Bro and not wanting to let him slip out of her. “It’s the best, isn’t it?”

Big Bro didn’t respond and just slumped forward. Anzu squeaked a bit as she got crushed underneath his weight. She wiggled around as he snored and finally had to use her telekinesis a bit to slip out from underneath him.

Anzu smiled widely as she sat down next to the sleeping body. She could feel the cum filling her up still, clinging to every wall inside of her and making her feel wonderfully warm. She shivered, reaching down to rub at her pussy as she felt the semen inside of her. Man, creampies really did make her feel good. Sometimes Anzu wondered why more women didn’t go around getting them. Every girl had to enjoy getting their pussy flooded with thick, sticky semen, right?

Anzu flopped backwards, smiling widely. Oh, what a wonderful time this had been. And maybe Big Bro would join the other Big Bros that kept on paying Anzu for this sort of thing every so often. It was a great way to make money and by far the most enjoyable that Anzu knew of.

A shower would be a good idea, Anzu supposed. Eventually, though. Not right now. Right now, Anzu was just feeling too good to want to leave the bed or Big Bro. In fact, she snuggled up against him, pressing her body up against his sleeping body and enjoyed the feeling. Yeah, this sort of thing was great.

Anzu really wouldn’t mind if this became her prime money-making job, really.


Anzu smiled to herself as she walked back to where she had stashed her cans. Another nine hundred yen in her pocket for maybe half an hour of work and she was going to get paid again, maybe three hundred yen, when she dropped these cans off at the recyclers. The money just kept on adding up, didn’t it?

“Hey, Hina!” Anzu called out as she saw her… best friend, huge annoyance and worst rival walking down the sidewalk, looking down at something. “Fancy meeting you here!”

“Huh?” Hina said, slowly looking up and blinking. A small smile appeared on her face. “Hey, Anzu. What’s up?”

“Oh, just the usual,” Anzu said with a grin, turning down into the alley and kneeling down to grab her bag. “How about you?”

“Nitta gave me some money,” Hina said, reaching into her pocket and waving a bill around before stuffing it back inside. “I was just thinking about what new game to buy.”

“Yeah?” Anzu grunted as she swung the bag over her shoulder. “How much is it?”

“Fifty thousand yen.”