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The Devil's Playground

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It's been several years since Tine taught mathematics in high school. He loves his job, working with young minds, giving them the necessary knowledge, but there were their exceptions. The kids he knew were suffering because of complicated lives at home, depression, and many other reasons, and he always sought to help. Even so, Tine tried to stay on the sidelines, not to become attached to the young people who would pass his class.

He had known and saw everything in all the years, or so he thought until he met twin brothers Thyme and Sarawat. It had already been two months since the new semester began. The first day those two young men passed through the doorframe, entering his classroom, he couldn't explain the cold shiver running down his back when dark eyes glanced at him, two weird smirks faces that, although perfect, there was an indication that did not mark positivism. The innocence that still lived-in adolescents was not there; it was like they were were adults, old souls.

Tine has to admit that they both got his attention; after all, they were gorgeous. Faces marked by a strong jaw, striking lips, their height, the muscles that hid the tight shirts they wore; they were a sin, and Tine sometimes caught himself looking at them, but the problem is that he always got trapped, and the bastards grinned at him as if they knew all his secrets, all the demons in his closet.

It was strange, but he decided to ignore it, yet they always had him nervous because they never stopped observing, never losing track of him or what he did in class. Tine thought it was only on school, and then it happened the worst; they were in his house right now, breaking him apart.

"Open that pretty mouth wide," Thyme orders, his shirt open, pants down to his hips, and he's stroking his cock, the dirty sounds of pre-cum spreading over the delicate skin. Tine moans from a bite to his pelvic bones, followed by a playful tongue.

He didn't understand how they came to this.

All he remembered was entering his house, meeting them, one sitting at the dining room table, the other leaning against the wall. Insults came out of his mouth, demanding that they go out but then their eyes darkened utterly. They were showing that they were not human, and when he finally woke up from the hypnotizing stage he fell into, Tine was in his bed, lying down on his back, Sarawat between his legs; as Thyme pulled him by the shoulders, his head was hanging on the corner of the bed.

After another scream caused by Sarawat's tongue that had lowered a little, pulling down the edge of his boxer shorts, stroking the base of his penis, Thyme takes advantage, placing a hand on the back of Tine's neck, opening with his cock's head his lips. He begins to insert his length into his mouth slowly.

"No matter how many centuries go by, you always feel perfect." Tine closes his eyes, tears spilling, opening his mouth as wide as he can, his throat getting attacked by a massive member. He feels his throat empty for a second but again getting filled, this time so deep that his gag reflexes activated, but Thyme didn't stop, starting a soft breach. Tine felt the precum choke him, his saliva smearing the cock in his mouth.

Thyme was forgotten for a second when his dick was gripped at the base, squeezed, and Sarawat's tongue stroked its head, licking through the slit. Tine moans around the cock inside his mouth, making Thyme demand more space in his throat, still a slow movement, the thumb of the hand that held his neck caressing his Adam's apple to feel how his throat extended each time it got occupied.

"You are gorgeous, my love," Thyme murmurs, closing his eyes as he tightens Tine's hair.

And his throat was starting to hurt, so he grabs Thyme's thighs tightening his pants' fabric as Sarawat undressed his lower part, shivering for the cold that touches his hot skin.

"What is it, my pretty thing?" Tine gains a deep thrust, his eyes squinting as saliva mix with his tears.

Soon he can breathe as the invasion leaves his throat, coughing, and then Sarawat now drags him. This time by his legs until Tine's rear reaches the edge of the bed and gets flipped over, face on the bed while his knees were touching the floor.

"Don't worry. I'll make you feel like being in heaven." Sarawat whispers while his hands touch his sides until they reach his hips, pulling it back, and Tine feels his cheek getting separated. First, he feels the saliva running in between, and he almost screams as Sarawat's tongue follows, breaching him in one go, the muscle caressing around the muscle ring, making circular movements until it re-enters, opening space ever deeper.

Tine's throat got so hurt that he could hardly scream; moaning annoyed him. Still, he couldn't stop it; he was whimpering, rubbing his face on the bedsheets as he focused on suction at his hole, making him roll his eyes. The tongue in his hole was getting help, fingers to keep his muscles extended to make it easy for Sarawat to eat him, lapped, and get the farthest inside him he could.

He tightens the sheets in his hands, his hard erection between his legs throbbing, almost close to coming. Then he opens his eyes when he hears fabric falling to the ground and notices that Thyme is naked, biting his lip, enjoying the show.

Tine closes his eyes again, nails digging into each butt cheek, and the tongue kept playing inside him, but then the muscle left him, and Tine almost cries. Catching his breath, he watches as Thyme sits on the bed, his back to the wall, and Sarawat grabs him below the shoulders, lifting him to put him on four, his face close to Thyme's hip.

"Please," his wounded voice barely heard, earning a smile from Thyme.

"Please, what?" Thyme's hands grab his face, licking his lower lip. Tine shudders as he feels other big hands in his hips, a knee opening more his legs, and he grabs Thyme's shoulders not to fall.

"I want to come. Please." Tine hears his voice broken, begging, and feels dirty but complete at the same time.

"Don't worry, honey. Everything will be fine." Thyme's hand grabs his neck to start a filthy kiss, tongue, teeth, saliva; no love, just desperation, and Tine can't hold it because he's also provoked, his body crazy and responds to the kiss with the same intensity. Extra hands caress his back until reaching his hips, again being open, but this time something more slippery slides in between. When he tries to move, Thyme squeezes his hand on the back of his neck, maintaining the kiss drinking Tine's moans when something thrust inside him and knows that it is a finger. Twisting in circles, followed by a second, digging inside him and his eyes widen, groaning when his prostate gets found, and the digits push it several times, taking his breath away.

"Feels good, right?" Thyme's lips kissed his face until he reached his mouth, biting his lower lip. "It's going to feel better, beautiful."

Thyme grabs him by the neck with both hands, leaning down Tine's head on his thigh to help lift his hips higher, and Tine closes his eyes, digging his nails into Thyme's skin as Sarawat's hard cock contacts his entrance, slowly breaching. Pushing and pulling, opening more until he gets balls deep, and Tine yells, all his body trembling, that length splitting him in two. And now he feels like a whore, like he needs this, needs them.

Thyme now moves his face towards his cock, and Tine gets the memo. He gets inside his mouth the hard length, licking the head, sucking and moaning on it, pushing back while Sarawat was slowly thrusting, tightening his hips every time it got inside him, Tine clenching his muscles as he sucked hard, tearing moans from them.

It was like Tine knew this like he comprehended their bodies, and his heart was beating hard and fast.

Tine starts whimpering around Thyme's cock, the thrusts in his mouth turning deep as Sarawat starts to increase the shoves, and Thyme grabs his neck to keep him doing his job, pushing his hips up, and there were so many sensations Tine didn't know which to focus on. His hair gets pulled, his mouth open, spit and cum sliding down his chin. Thyme is stretching his neck to the side, and Sarawat's cock abandons his insides.

"I can see you're still hard. Do you want to come?" Thyme murmurs on his neck as he caresses the skin of it with his nose and Tine nods several times, his face wet with sweat and tears.

Something is thrown at Thyme, grabbing it with one hand, and when Tine looks, it's lube.

"Everything will be fine, my love" Tine felt a chill when Sarawat's voice behind him touched his ear. With an arm around his waist, he pulled him towards his chest, with his cock opens his cheeks, again entering him, this time plunging in a couple of times. Tine grabs the arm that supports him as he watches Thyme letting lube slide on his cock and leans back on the bed, settling under him, feeling Sarawat opening more his legs.

"You always love this."

Sarawat stops the movement getting out until the ring of muscles traps his member's tip. Thyme accommodates his cock to the side and slowly begins to penetrate Tine's hole, Sarawat hugging him around the waist. At the same time, Thyme grabs him by the hip; one enters first, exiting to make room for the other, opening Tine until both cocks enter.

Tine is squeezing Sarawat's arms so tightly that he's sure will leave marks, feeling full; it was too much for him. Thyme and Sarawat begin to penetrate him first slightly until Tine starts to moan, both cocks pushing his prostate so hard that he was about to come. Sarawat bit into his shoulder forcefully, breathing deep into his ear, and Thyme looked lost beneath him, his eyes squinting, his lips separated, and the thrusts began to increase, one first, the other following, always keeping him filled.

With what little voice he had left, he screams, and Tine rests his head on Sarawat's shoulder and, without touching, begins to come, his body shaking, eliciting some grunts from the brothers as their cocks got trapped in the muscles that squeezed them while the spasms of his orgasm continued.

"Fuck." Thyme is the first to leave the hot cavity, followed by Sarawat, and they lay Tine down like a rag doll since he had no strength. They grabbed his hands, putting them on their cocks, and Tine started to masturbate them with the little conscience he still had, and he feels glutton, hungry. When Thyme and Sarawat come, he opens his mouth to swallow everything he could, both moaning, Sarawat squeezing Tine's hand to prolong his climax.

Tine is trying to control his breathing; his whole body is aching, his hole raw, but he didn't care. Under the dark gazes from the twins, he felt beautiful, gorgeous, and complete. It was like he was waiting for them, and he got them.

The brothers arranged him in the middle of the bed, cleaning him and lying one on each side of him, whispering beautiful words, poems lost in time, and with their deep voices, the warmth of both that covered him, Tine falls asleep, satisfied.

Tine doesn't know if he's dreaming, but he is in a place swallow by pure darkness,  just him in the middle, alone and cold. A voice speaks, but he did not know if in his head or a rumbling in the dark.

"I see they found you again" a chilling laugh resounds, and Tine feels scared, moving his eyes everywhere, trying to find anything in the darkness.

Tine is so scared that he wants to wake up, so he starts to rub his eyes desperately and starts crying, feeling like he is dying.

The footsteps of someone walking on water drown the place and when the being appears in front of him, red eyes and a perfect, beautiful face, similar to that of the twins but different, surprise him.

"I see my brothers found you again" he begins to walk around him. "Since you fell from heaven because of them, it has been entertaining to erase your memories and move you to a different location for them to found you. Drive them crazy looking for you century after century."

Tine doesn't understand what this man is talking about and takes a step back when he brings his hand to his face, and the other laughs darkly.

"Don't be afraid of me. After all, you're still here for me," and then the man covers Tine's eyes with one hand, and behind Tine starts to see many images of Thyme and Sarawat, different times, different languages . However, they are always with him, trying to make him remember, and the man in front of him is still doing the same thing, forever disappearing him, and a whisper reaches his ear.


When the hand releases him, he falls to his knees, breathing deeply for all the memories that rush in his mind.

"This is not a dream," Tine murmurs, and the other laughs.

"No, and I'm sorry for my brothers. But they found you, so we'll start the game again."

Tine sighs, his eyes filling with tears now with all his memories from past times.

"Why don't you let me be with them?" he asks, exhausted.

Lucifer quickly lifts him off the ground, grabbing him by the neck.

"Because if I allow it, where will the fun be?"

The red eyes take over his, and little by little, everything disappears, and the cycle begins again.