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It was always in mid-afternoon when he called for you; you had grown to understand and prepare for this. You shaved in the morning every other day to ensure your smoothness, knowing he hated anything more than stubble. You also wore minimal clothing that could easily be removed. Whether it was him striping you or your own hands, it was better this way. You could get to the main course faster if you got undressed with haste; your master didn’t like to wait.

Chisaki Kai was a complex creature. As dangerous and misguided as he was, there were a lot of layers to his insanity. You enjoyed listening to him speak, his tone heavy and lazy, as if he was utterly disinterested with the world.

“Do you know why I always ask for you at this time of day?” He had asked once, eyes calm and facial expression measured as you sat completely naked in his lap.

Your arms had been wrapped around his neck, though not in a suffocating manner. You had to keep your grip loose enough so that he could maneuver his hands if he needed to; he was still working despite having his cock inside you, after all. Your job was to keep his dick warm and erect while he read and jotted down notes on important paperwork. It wasn’t hard, considering that he felt oh so good rubbing against your tight, spasming walls, that all you wanted to do was ride him. Holding back sometimes was unbearable.

“W-why, master?” You had stammered.

You had barely been able to form words from the pleasure that had rippled through your lower half, but you knew he didn’t like to be ignored. You knew that when this intimidating man, who had likened to calling himself Overhaul these days, asked you a question, he wanted an answer. You had seen him tear people to shreds and then rebuild them; you never wanted to have that done to your body. The best thing to do, as always, was to obey him.

One of his hands had been resting on your bare hip while the other held his work. He controlled himself exceptionally well within you, only spilling his seed when he felt like it. If he granted you a good fuck, it was once in a blue moon that it happened. Most times, he would just want you to sit on his lap like a good girl for hours at a time.

“Because this time of day is when humans are the least productive, on average,” he had explained with a sigh, as if your ignorance annoyed him. “In other words, you’re like coffee to me.”

Like coffee.

You were thinking about it even now, as you made your way to his main office. You were happy to be of service to the young head. If this was the best way you could help him achieve his goals, then you had no qualms about it. You were merely a pawn - you accepted this.

You knocked three times at his door, waiting for his command to enter. When you were granted permission, you stepped inside and greeted all three men who occupied the space with a curt bow. It wasn’t unusual for him to call on you during a meeting. At first, you had been embarrassed to bare yourself to others. Soon, it became second nature to strip under the lustful gazes of other men.

Chisaki’s golden eyes lingered on you for a few moments before gesturing you forward. “Ah, (f/n). Prompt as always.”

“Yes, master,” you smiled shortly.

You removed your clothing under his sharp gaze. The other men stared directly forward, as if not daring to sneak a glimpse of their boss’s plaything. They must be new.

You strode over as sensually as you could to your target. The young Yakuza head sat on a three seat couch, arms outstretched along the back of it. He didn’t have to direct you at all; you knew what to do. You straddled his lap, hovering above him as you worked on undoing his belt buckle. You unzipped his jeans and slipped his hard cock out. Taking a deep breath, you slid yourself down on his massive girth and formidable length. Your mouth opened, but no sound came out. It wasn’t that you couldn’t moan, it was that Chisaki tended to dislike it when you made noise around others. This time, however, it seemed as though things would be different.

“That’s it, let it out,” he said softly, a gloved hand coming up so that he could rub his thumb against your lower lip. You couldn’t see his mouth under the black face mask, but you could tell he was smirking. “You can moan for me, sweetheart.”

You did as you were told, throwing your head back and groaning loudly as you took him to the hilt. The men behind you shuffled uncomfortably in their chairs, unsure of where to look or what to say. Your master looked thoroughly satisfied with both the pleasure reverberating through his dick and the situation at hand. His guests were taken aback by his status. Things were going splendidly and according to plan. You were so good, playing the part of his little cocksleeve. The control he had over everyone around him was far too intoxicating; he was getting turned on.

His cock twitched inside you, making you arch your back and hiss. One of his hands pressed against the small of your back so that you were cuddled against his chest. Your eyes widened, realizing that this was the closest you had ever been to him. Your arms hung tightly around your neck and you clamped down on his manhood. Per usual, he didn’t make a sound, though you could tell he was aroused by the small pain of his cock pushing against your walls.

“Now, what were you saying about an assassination, Mr. Fumi?” Overhaul sighed, leaning back as you did your best not to bounce on him.

“D-does she have to… er… does she have to-”

Your master chuckled shortly. “She helps with my concentration. Just pretend she’s not here.”

He brought both of his hands down to spread your cheeks, revealing how well your sweet pussy engulfed his dick to both of the men. You resisted the urge to blush. You were used to this sort of behaviour, and yet it still made you feel odd to be shown off like this. You felt the men’s burning gaze on your lower region, and you were sure their glares were filled with want - they always were.

Folding his arms behind his head, he exhaled tiredly, honey eyes locked onto his two mortified guests. He loved using the element of surprise and discomfort to gain the upper hand in a conversation. He would have to reward you after this meeting… or maybe during it, depending on how much he wanted to torment his visitors.