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Boo Says the Ghost ( Being Rewritten! )

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Ranboo didn't remember falling asleep, he only remembered the sky falling into ash hues of black and dark grey. The fluttering of light grey curtains alarmed him until he heard shouting from downstairs, a new realization of Tommy's presence was that he was incredibly loud. The volume was new to Ranboo, the usual still silence of his own home far different. Apart from the apparent volume changes there was another thing Ranboo noticed which was the lack of accents much like his own. From what was understood the main man of the house, Phil, was british. The man had a father voice and was the first voice he heard that morning, apprehending another british voice who Ranboo could only assume was Wilbur. He supposed the argument was over something serious until Tommy came in the room minutes later clutching a disc that Ranboo remembers.

' Tommy's Serious Songs '

Which didn't appear all that serious in any form. Tommy, in the span of five minutes had given not one, but two feral grins.

" So Boob boy, how good at pranks were you? " Tommy greeted him with, the mischievous grin never leaving his face. Ranboo stared blankly before humming.

" I suppose I was good at it? I wasn't noticed much so I was quiet but I think I'd be better now cause I'm... you know. " Ranboo gestured to his transparent like body before eyeing Tommy up again, the other teen was quiet before he smiled again.

" Well we can talk later, let's get to school shall we? Big T is driving us. " Tommy grinned before grabbing his backpack and swinging it over his shoulder nearly knocking something on the wall over, at which Ranboo shuddered. To be completely honest Ranboo had no idea how Tommy still had things so prestige? Not broken? Good condition he'd say. The way Tommy moved was erratic and janky, quick movements that no doubt had to be at least a little uncomfortable. The walk, if Ranboo could call it that was quiet surprisingly until they were outside. 

The man, a person with pink hair had been leaning against an older looking car, something Ranboo was sure his midlife crisis car-loving dad would've been in love with. The brief memory of his dad blinked a moment and Ranboo grumbled quietly. At that moment Tommy turned to him with an eyebrow raised, Ranboo harshly shook his head at him. Techno, Ranboo remembered, ushered Tommy into the car before hopping in quickly and starting it. Ranboo quickly followed after Tommy and sat next to him in the back.

" Why the hell aren't we moving. I'm gonna be late. " Tommy said, his eyes glaring at mirror in front of him. Techno snorted as he readjusted the mirror.

" You are so patient Tommy. I too, wish to be as patient as you. " Techno chuckled lightly before humming to himself. " And Wilbur is coming, he wanted to talk to Tubbo. "

" Tell his pale ass to walk then, Tubbo lives close enough. " Tommy huffed, his arms quickly crossing over his chest. Ranboo had snorted lightly and Tommy looked over before laughing loudly. Techno himself huffed as well before looking off to the side as the passenger door opened.

" I'm hitchhiking boys, to Essempi High! " Wilbur cheered and Tommy cheered with him. 

The drive was relatively silent, the small conversations more between Techno and Wilbur. Ranboo had questions of course but he honestly didn't want Tommy to be fretted over because he looked crazy, not that he was actually worried because Tommy just had ' psycho ' energy written everywhere. Large buildings appeared and Tommy hurriedly pushed the door open before practically leaping out of the car. Ranboo once again followed as Tommy ran over to a small group of people, which Ranboo saw Tubbo included in. Wilbur had gotten out too, his beanie meeting up with Tubbo before striking up conversation. A few minutes passed and Ranboo suddenly heard the bell signaling for class. Wilbur bid them goodbye and Ranboo stared at the school in front of him. Something about this place felt far too familiar. 

Tommy practically dragged him into the first few classes, the lessons painfully boring yet Ranboo paid attention. Ranboo was lost in thought however, because he knew for a fact that something was familiar about this place. 

The familiarity occurred during Tubbo's class, the short brunette snatching Ranboo at lunch. ' Mr S. ' he remembers Tubbo saying, it's his dad. The man apparently taught history, not well but he taught it. Tubbo walked in and pranced to a desk and Ranboo hastily found a spot next to him from the floor. The bell rang and something struck Ranboo odd in this class. There were pictures hanging up that seemed vaguely... seen before. Ranboo had got up to get closer to them before a huff grabbed his attention, and in all his glory stood the very same man who had taught him history, Mr. Schlatt. 

Ranboo startled before realizing that this wasn't Tubbo or Tommy, the man in front of him couldn't see him. Not anymore.


The realization made Ranboo question a lot but the main question was whether or not being seen would be good for him.

The class went by far faster than Ranboo would have liked, a brief quiz was made and off to last class everyone went. Ranboo was horrified, how much had he forgotten? The halls, the walls, and the classes. Of course everything was familiar, he went here. Ranboo felt betrayed, the emotions in his mind making him fade out a bit. Tubbo noticed and before long the teen was reaching for him, until he wasn't.

His house laid in front of him, the same walls he grew up with, the creaking floorboards he grew to like, and the dusty photos. His home. He had forgotten so much. He began to feel fuzzy and briefly realized that this was probably how ghosts cried. The feeling was overwhelming, covering his entire body and making him touch against the floor. However, against the normal condition he didn't float through the boards, instead laying against them, solidly. 

It was then when he realized that the last time he cried was forever ago, in the same house, in the same spot. Instead his home was really alive, and so was he.