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flirting on the timeline

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If you were to tell teenage George that in the future he would run a stan account on Twitter for a Minecraft Youtuber, he would’ve laughed in your face.


But now here he is, a twenty four year old computer science college graduate with a decent amount of people listening to him rant about how much he wants a green block man to rail him. 


step dream ;) @georgenotfound

dream’s minecraft character is so fucking hot like i’d let him impale me with more than just a diamond sword if you know what i mean


It’s a joke he thought of while binging Dream’s old videos the night before and then impulsively posted as soon as he woke up. Honestly it’s pretty stupid. But nevertheless, his followers seem to appreciate his humour. He posted it five minutes ago and it already has close to two hundred likes, leaving George to wonder for the thousandth time why simping for Minecraft men on Twitter gets you that much clout.


He’s lying on his side in bed mindlessly scrolling through his timeline as he does most mornings, when suddenly his phone buzzes with a message notification.


Sapnap: why u gotta be horny on the tl man was just trying to enjoy my damn hot cheetos


George snorts, clicking on the notification and quickly tapping out a reply. 


George: the other day u were literally talking about how much u wanted to hug karl jacobs after he noticed ur dono.




George: i dont see ur point


Sapnap: at least my mans has an actual face.


George: i stan dream because of sexy ass personality and ur in love with karl cause of his face? wow shallow much.


Sapnap: you are so annoying why are we friends.


George: because im incredibly handsome and funny and u love me obviously


Sapnap: not if you keep this shit up much longer.


George smiles down at his phone. Though he sometimes agrees that having a Twitter stan account for a Minecraft Youtuber is pretty pathetic, he can't help but be thankful he decided to make his. Not only does he get to scream about block men on Twitter with many who also feel the same, but through it he met one of his closest friends to this date.


The first time he and Sapnap ever interacted was a heated argument in Dream’s replies about whether orange juice or apple juice was better. The shitshow that was over a one hundred and fifty thread of cursing and graphic mom jokes that got Sapnap's account temporarily suspended, somehow morphed into them becoming good friends. Sure, Sapnap is loud, obnoxious, and extremely annoying, but he’s George’s best friend and he wouldn’t trade him for the world. Not that he'll ever tell him that. 


Just as George is just typing out a reply to Sapnap his phone buzzes with a tweet notification from Dream’s twitter.


Dream @dreamwastaken

Speedrun stream at around 12pm today :) Give me some motivation to get in the charts lol


George clicks on the notification immediately, a small smile spreading across his face. Without much thought he taps on the speech bubble icon and types out whatever impulsive thought first comes to mind, just as he always does when it comes to his Twitter account


step dream ;) @georgenotfound

Replying to @dreamwastaken

how about a kiss on the lips


After he posts the tweet his eyes flick to the time and his smile falls. He has a deadline for a coding commission tomorrow, and with a groan he realises he’s barely halfway through it. Reluctantly dragging himself out of bed he sits himself in front of his computer, rubbing his tired eyes as he powers it on. After giving his phone a mournful look, he switches it off entirely and throws it behind him onto his bed. If he wants to get paid enough to avoid his mother kicking him out for being a deadbeat, he can't handle any distractions. 


George codes mindlessly for hours, back bent painfully behind his set up as he taps away at his keyboard. He’s only taken one break since he woke up, and that was for a pee break and to heat up his breakfast/lunch of left over pizza. He falls into a trance, his world consisting of nothing but the screen in front of his eyes and the keys at his fingertips.


It's only when his cat wanders into his room and jumps into his lap that he snaps out of it. Settling a hand in his grey fur he stretches out his aching back as much as he can while sitting with a cat in his lap. With a sigh he glances at the time. For some reason the hour makes his brow furrow, feeling like he's forgotten something. Almost automatically he translates it into EST in his head. Around noon.


Dream's stream.


George scares his cat half to death as he bolts up in his chair, quickly tabbing out of his coding program to open up the Twitch homepage. Dream's channel is inactive, it seems he hasn't started yet. George slumps down in his chair in relief, at apologises to his cat with a quick scratch behind his ears. Even then he still jumps off George's lap and wanders out of the room with his tail pettily flicking back and forth.


George stands up from his chair and stretches, bones cracking and popping as he sighs. He wanders back over to his bed and flops down on the mattress, collecting his phone and powering it back on.


Immediately he is hit with an onslaught of notifications. They seem to be mostly from Twitter, but underneath those stands out a message from Sapnap in all caps.




George frowns as a subtle spike of anxiety jolts through his body. But it quickly passes, and soon George is rolling his eyes. This isn't the first time he's woken up to a dramatic text from Sapnap. It happens so often in fact George is surprised he hasn't started going prematurely grey. 


Clicking on the notification he unlocks his phone with his thumb, revealing Sapnap’s over fifty messages of illegible keyboard smash. George is too fucking tired for this.


George: i was working sapnap. why the fuck are you acting like the world is ending


George fits his thumb between his teeth as he waits for Sapnap’s reply. He expects he won’t have to wait long, as the younger is rarely far away from his phone. Sure enough, mere seconds later three grey dots appear at the bottom of the screen and George stares at them intently as he waits for Sapnap to finish typing.


Sapnap: check dream’s tweets and replies on twitter.


George lets out a sigh of frustration. Why does Sapnap have to be so overly cryptic? But still, George navigates to twitter and types “dreamwastaken” in the search bar, clicking his profile when it appears, and then on Tweets & replies.


The page loads, and he almost drops his phone in shock.


What the actual fuck.


Dream @dreamwastaken

Speedrun stream tonight! Give me some motivation to get the world record lol


step dream ;)  @georgenotfound

Replying to @dreamwastaken

how about a kiss on the lips


Dream @dreamwastaken

Replying to @georgenotfound

Bet. What’s the cut off?


It can't be real. Surely it's not actually real. But no, when George exits Dream's profile and refreshes, his reply remains.


It’s literally two sentences, but George feels like he’s about to fucking explode. He gets a Dream notice, and of all the fucking dumb shit he tweets that’s what Dream replies to? He’s going to cry. 


After staring at Dream’s reply for far too long, he goes to his mentions. A decision he immediately regrets. It's mostly a lot of “HOLY SHIT”s and “who tf even is this guy”. But apart from all the people freaking out and the jealous twelve year old girls, there’s also some funny “can y’all flirt in the dms” tweets which would normally make George crack a smile if they were in any other context than this one. 


He checks his profile. He’s gained over three thousand followers.


George: what. the fuck.


Sapnap: EXACTLY 


George flicks back to twitter to read through the three tweet thread between him and Dream, still in disbelief. 




Sapnap: He followed you as well dude. And liked your diamond sword tweet.


George heart drops.


George: you’ve got to be fucking kidding me.


But sure enough, when he goes back to Dream’s twitter profile and checks his likes, there are both his flirtatious tweets, nestled comfortably in Dream’s most recent likes. 


George: that’s it. its been a good run for me. i will now kill myself out of embarrassment.


Sapnap: yeah dude that’s lowkey mortifying 






George: what the fuck do i do. 


Sapnap: answer him obviously, you’ve left him hanging for like six hours dude




Sapnap: george everyone is freaking out you need to say SOMETHING. 


George sighs and runs a sweaty hand through his hair. Sapnap kind of has a point. Considering he’s usually pretty active, people might take his radio silence to mean that he has actually died from a fucking heart attack because of how crazy this all is. Because it is crazy, and he is currently freaking the fuck out. But although George is a certified Dream simp, he is also extremely stubborn. If Dream is going to reply to him, then George isn’t going to hold back.


step dream ;) @georgenotfound

Replying to @dreamwastaken

No lower than a top 30 time babe. Only the best get anywhere near these lips.


Shit. George is such a fucking idiot what the fuck. The babe was definitely too much. Scratch that, his entire existence is too much.


But he can’t delete the tweet, too many people have already seen it. George mouth goes dry as he sees the likes and retweets steadily rise, the embarrassment and regret making him feel sick. He shuts off his phone and throws it down on his bed, rolling off to pace around the room as he runs his hands down his face and groans. But as he contemplates hurling himself out of his bedroom window, his phone screen lights up with another notification.


Dream @dreamwastaken

Replying to @georgenotfound

Keep your chapstick close by sweetheart.


George throws his phone across the room and screams.



A mere half an hour later, Dream begins his stream. Of course, George is one of the first there. Mostly because he was obsessively refreshing the twitch homepage with Just keep your chapstick close by sweetheart playing through his head on loop. When Dream’s stream finally appears, George clicks on it so hard he almost breaks his mouse.


“Hi guys,” Dream says, his words ending in a quiet laugh. George's heart squeezes. You can literally hear the smile in his voice as he welcomes everyone to the stream and in George’s already compromised emotional state it’s absolutely devastating. 


“Let’s hope I actually get some good seeds today yeah?” Dream says as he boots up Minecraft, navigating to Singleplayer and clicking New world. George feels some of the wrought tension leave his body, the soft background noise of Minecraft and Dream’s voice coaxing him into relaxed familiarity. 


“After all,” Dream says with a laugh. “As you might have seen on twitter there’s big stakes today.”


George stops breathing.


To his horror, the chat doesn’t let the comment go. Though thousands are spamming random emotes and expressing their confusion, there are a few that know exactly what Dream is talking about. And unfortunately for George, they are a very loud minority. Variations of “KISSES” and “GEORGE” fill the chat and George wants to suffocate himself with his own pillow.


But he restrains himself, doing nothing but sitting in silence and watching as Dream’s world finally loads, and he begins his first run. 


The seed is terrible, and after about five minutes of running around aimlessly Dream leaves and boots up a new world. The second seed is better, and Dream is in the nether by five minutes, aided by a village and a ruined portal that had the two blocks of obsidian needed to complete it in its own chest. George can’t help but chew his lip nervously as Dream progresses further with a good time. What if he actually does get a top thirty worthy time? Judging by his tweets and the comment at the beginning of the stream, he’s actually fairly dedicated to this stupid bit, and George dreads what the man might do if he actually does get in the top thirty. 


But by some unfortunate luck, while Dream is speed bridging across a lava lake a Ghast rounds the corner and shoots a fireball, knocking him into the lava and burning him to death, simultaneously incinerating his inventory. George lets out the breath he'd been holding, definitely not at all disappointed. Definitely.


“NO!” Dream shouts, and loud bangs echo through his mic. Dream’s desk is taking the brunt of his rage yet again, and George can’t help the snort and fond smile that makes its way onto his face. “That stupid motherfuck- I mean uhm- That stupid Ghast. That was a good run too…” George is shamelessly grinning now, as Dream’s just continues his whining. It’s then that a thought pops into his head. A stupid, dangerous thought.


Without giving himself time to let his brain talk him out of it, he pulls up the donation page and types in an amount and a message and sends it, watching the payment go through with nervous excitement. His donation appears on the screen within seconds.


GeorgeNotFound donated $10.

Pity, I had my chapstick ready to go and everything.


The stream is silent, and George’s dread grows as his eyes flick to the chat freaking out with zero response from Dream. But then, finally, a snort and loud wheeze can be heard from Dream’s mic. 


George’s smile grows as Dream continues to choke on his own laughter. 


“Thank you for the $10 George.” Dream wheezes. “Sorry to disappoint.”


George is grinning so hard it hurts, but he can’t stop. Sure, this whole thing might be absolutely mortifying, but he got to make Dream laugh, so he calls that a win.


“But hey George?” Dream says suddenly, and George’s heart rate spikes. “Keep the chapstick handy. You’re gonna need it.”


Even though George is alone in his room, he raises a hand to cover his blush.


Dream starts up a new world and continues his speedrunning. He gets bad seed after bad seed, and even when he gets on that's decent, he still somehow manages to die before he can even get close to killing the ender dragon. After what is probably Dream’s fiftieth death of the night, the man sighs, saying he’s just going to go get a snack and a drink and he’ll be back in a moment. George almost feels bad.


But he posts the tweet anyway.


step dream ;) @georgenotfound

When he promises you top 30 but can’t even get into the end without dying. All men do is lie smh.


The giddiness he receives when he hits tweet is addicting, and he tabs out of twitter with a shit-eating grin. Seconds later Dream returns, and George is not ready for what comes out of his mouth.




Does- Does Dream have his fucking Twitter notifications on?


The chat explodes as George blinks. How the fuck did he get to a point where Dream has his Twitter notifications on?


“Okay you know what George?” Dream says, and George thinks no matter how many times he'll get to hear it, he’ll never get tired of Dream saying his name. “This is it. This is my last run.”


George laughs lightly at the whiny and defeated tone of Dream’s voice, but then, his tone abruptly changes, lowering into something deep and commanding.


“And I’m getting in the top thirty, so you better be fucking ready.” 


George swallows.


The seed starts off good. There’s a village near spawn, and Dream collects his wheat and beds in silence. The five iron from the iron golem is also a win, already enough to make a bucket and the flint and steel Dream needs. Flint is collected at four minutes, a lava pool is found at five. Dream is in the nether by five minutes and fifty seven seconds. 


And he spawns in a fucking fortress.


“Aha YES!” Dream yells, his character punching the air in excitement as he runs through the fortress searching for a blaze spawner. He finds it in no time, killing blazes until he has seven rods, and then exiting the fortress, dropping down onto the netherrack and mining some gold nuggets. George watches intensely as he crafts the nuggets into gold ingots, finds the piglins and begins trading, digging a hole for them. After what feels like way too long, and with an inventory of useless items, Dream has gathered fourteen ender pearls.


He has everything he needs, and there’s four minutes to go.


George feels like he’s about to pass out from the suspense as he watches Dream sprint in the direction of his eye of ender. Dream actually might do it.


By the time he enters the end, he has one minute left to get into the top thirty.


Dream uses a spare ender pearl to get to the middle, and there he waits, beds sitting in his hotbar, and the seconds ticking down.


“Come on.” Dream says. “Come on.”


With thirty seconds left, the dragon comes down.


Dream uses his beds to repeatedly explode the dragon and rapidly depletes its health bar. In no time the last bit of purple disappears, and the dragon roars as beams of light pour out of its chest.


“FUCK YEAH BABYYYY!" Dream screams, and George brings his hands up to cover ears, biting his lip to hold back a smile.


Dream’s mic becomes muffled suddenly and George wrinkles his eyebrows in confusion before his phone buzzes in his hand.


Dream @dreamwastaken



George grins, rolling his eyes as he clicks on the notification and types out his reply.


step dream ;) @georgenotfound

Replying to @dreamwastaken

Ugh fine. *kisses you gently*


Dream is still streaming, and a few seconds after he posted his tweet Dream fucking giggles. George can’t believe this is real.  


Dream @dreamwastaken

Replying to @georgenotfound



Dream draws to a close by thanking all the subs, donations and everyone who came to watch. After a final goodbye with his smile so evident in his voice it makes George ache, the stream ends.


George exits out of the stream tab and gets up out of his chair, stumbling over to his bed and falling into the covers. For a moment he just lays there, clutching his phone to his heart with a soft smile gracing his face.


His phone buzzes.


Sapnap: what the actual fuck happened today.


George laughs, wondering what this must have been like to watch everything unfold from Sapnap’s perspective.


George: i dont even know. im gonna go look at twitter lol.


He scrolls through twitter for a while, looking through all the replies to his and Dream’s tweets, and -unbelievably- the trending hashtags “george” and “dreamnotfound” (A combination of Dream and George's username, apparently.) Some people even fucking drew him. A lot of the artists had stalked his twitter and found his “dream tweet selfie day”. Though it doesn't actually show his face, he'd taken a screenshot of his own Minecraft skin and put it side by side with Dream's, which the artists had taken and ran with. George can’t help but gush at the cute little drawings of a brown haired boy in a blue shirt with white goggles. He likes and retweets all the drawings, even the ones of him giving Dream a little smooch in congratulations. 


After lots of scrolling, retweeting and liking, George’s eyes start to droop. He wants to stay awake, doesn’t want this unreal day to end. But distantly at the back of his mind, he registers he still has the rest of that coding to do for tomorrow, and needs a good night sleep if he wants any hope of scrounging the last few lines minutes before the deadline.


As one last desperate stab to bask in the glow of his five seconds of fame, George checks his message inbox. But the influx of message requests from random people begging to be his new best friend only exhausts him more, and so he gets out of the app and turns off his phone.


This message request sits unseen in his inbox.


Do you want to let Dream message you? They won’t know you’ve seen their message until you accept. 

Mute, block, or report  -  Delete  -  Accept


Dream @dreamwastaken

Hi :)


George falls asleep with his phone still clutched in his hand, and the ghost of Dream’s name on his lips.