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On The Guard (being Edited)

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(Nobody Pov) Everyone was there at the gym who needed to be there some people were drink juice, tea, or coffee or fucking around on their electronics or something not paying attention to what was going on then Mr. Chris finally walked into the large gym and told everyone one to put their phones and shit like that away and started to speak his voice was so crystal clear and even the people all the way in the fucking back can hear him "okay when I call you by name you all can come up".  (Amber pov) We moved from the blenchers and walked down as we've were called out to the large gym area we've saw those two again and then Mr. Chris stared at everyone "these six students are the best of their class from last year now since we're here let's introduce them now shall we."  He said this with a warm smile across his face his brown  we were standing there as we were being introduced to whole class basically  we saw them again staring at us with a  interested expression across his face as everyone stared at him as he continued speaking all of us look at our opponents looks like Jade against a boy with glasses and blackish brown hair and a brownish yellow sweater overtop of a white shirt with a black tie which was over black slacks and as we crossed eyes he smiled and gave me a wave and both yelled and wished me luck.  Then kept looking Lia and Revy were against each other and waving to me and smiling sweetly as but all waiting for the battle to begin for the class but to me to be completely  honestly I wish I could of fought one of them because at least I knew them then all of a sudden I've felt a shoved against my back a girl with black hair with strands of dyed purple spoke like she was fucking bored or something "hey you must be my  little opponent I suppose to fight but honestly I wish I would've fought someone who knows what they're doing not baby sit a newbie".   She then finished speaking and then she smirked at me as she said this this smug fucking bitch who the fuck does she thinks is acting all like she some hot shit or something as her hazel eyes stared at mine with this  arrogant look in them I wish I can just smack that smug look off her fucking face.

As was standing there at this point I was so fucking pissed and yelled at this dumbass "EXCUSE YOU DID YOU JUST INSULT MY STRENGTH LITTLE MISS... as I was struggling to find a insult to say back at her then she kept that fucking shit eating grin across her face and interrupted me to say some bullshit to say to me next "oh that's so cute you can't even come oh how precious".  The little fucking bitch kept laughing at me her black lipstick mocking me so I've finally screamed at this little bitch "THAT'S IT YOU FUCKING BITCH YOU WANNA GO WE CAN FUCKING GO RIGHT HERE RIGHT FUCKING NOW".  As Mr. Chris said to transform and fight as we all pulled out our element keys to transform then I saw it a choker with some old nick knack on it then I've thought to myself ("is she a Elemental too but what is it thought"?) as I've pulled out mine and finally transformed to my fire state my clothes burning off as a light went across my body as my red reveling dress appear and I've appeared and then the room went dark for a minute or two then I saw it her form this girl had a dark purple black short elegant ball dress with black heels and long purple black hair and red eyes with butterflies around her hair the dress reveled her chest as I've kept staring at her fixing my red dress and red hair that went to blue into purple she said in a bored tone 'come on are going to fight me or are you going to stared at me scared and walk out like the little fucking pussy you fucking are"? I've growled at the girl statement "BURN UP MY DRAGON" I've yelled as are pair of gauntlets burn to my hands and "FIRE DRAGONS DUAL CROSS" I've yelled as a blue and orange pair of dragons went towards her "yes I'm going fucking put this bitch in her fucking place" I've said smirking to the point that my face hurt all well knowing this will take her out of the practice match till the next round. As it went toward her even more the girl she calmly just spoke quietly to the scythe only where I could hear her "solemn protect me absorbs the fire and use it as your own". she was calmly smiling as as the scythe glowed a purple black and absorbed it "that was cute now here's real raw power "Shadow grave!!! the girl summoned a giant raven as she calmly  said the cast "she has a weak spot I've just got to get it...(I've fixed my gauntlets as a spark become quite large) NOW". I've said as the whole gym burn up and everyone was hot and overheat as she saw the girl un-transform and felt a smirk.

Then all of sudden she saw the girl with the black hair get up and summon her scythe and attack back Mr. Chris was rushing to us pretty quickly "MS.GWAN MS.KAI THAT'S ENOUGH" he was pissed and told everyone to get changed and go to get lunch as we did I rushed to the others and put our gym clothes into our lockers and chilled for a bit "Amber why would you almost hurt someone like that?" Reva  said her blue purple eyes staring at me disappointed Jade added another statement to what Reva was saying "yeah Reva right amber you've took it too far...." as Jade was talking Cordelia finished her state for her "YOU TOOK IT TOO FUCKING FAR". Cordelia yelled at the red haired girl to the point she felt kind of of bad for what she did and finally as they got everything put away inside of their lockers they stared at the clock in the girls locker room it reads 11:50 am nine minutes before lunch "lets get going today chocolate pie for dessert we've better going before it gone". Jade said as she started rush out of the locker room with pep in her step "JADEN I KNOW IT CHICKEN NODDLE SOUP DAYIN THE LUNCH ROOM BUT YOU NEED TO SLOW THE FUCK DOWN BEFORE FALL AND GET HURT"!  Reva and Cordelia both yelled at her as they rush to catch up with Jaden as they left the locker room leaving Amber the last one to leave the locker room thought she felt alone inside the locker room but she wasn't alone as she rushed out of the locker room to meet up with her other room mates to go to the large upscaled lunch room with someone following us.