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On The Guard (being Edited)

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(Cordelia pov) All four of us were running as we rushed out of our dorms we've notice something off about the hallways of our dorm room building and that was that it was quite and empty we've just thought everyone was everyone was already there at the school's huge ass auditorium then we saw a bright ass light shining from the end of the hallway as the light came faster near us we stopped as the figure become more human like and a handsome man appeared before us "ah girls I was waiting for your arrival if you don't know who I am I'm Mr. Christopher Bright-moon but please call me Mr. Chris". Mr. Chris kept his smile and pulled out of a bunch of papers from his brief case that he had in his left hand and he started to read off of it. "Ah now where shall we begin..(he started to read off the old looking paper it had calligraphy on it ) Ah yes welcome to Lilith Academy you four ladies should be very proud of yourselves for getting this far in your school occupations and education your one step closer to becoming guardians like your parents once were now that you are here I'll only say this once so please listen closely because I'm not saying this again understand me ladies"? The brown haired man said with a questioning look across his face his light hazel eyes staring at all of us with this serious tone as we all quiet down "yes sir we all understand please go on with what you were saying sir". I said fixing my short black hair and staring up as everyone else did and he smiled softly and started to speak again with a calm yet cheerful tone in his voice as he read the paper.

"Thank you ladies and now since you four are here and were also one of the tops of your class last year and   I'll tell how you and your team will work and your roles after your exams from last year and I'm starting with the air element master herself Reva Hurricanes the leader of your group I've picked you Reva  because you lead your team during the capture the flag part of your last exam good work Ms. Hurricanes I expect good thing from you and now showing it in the actual test part of the exams last of last year next is the earth element master and brains of your team Jaden Stone with your quick thinking and quick reflexes  you've earn this role Ms. Stone".  As he as saying about what team core member we were all of us were giggling and screaming with excitement as we were he calmly spoke again interrupting  us softly  please girls you need to settle down and let me finish okay girls is that alright"? he asked with a stern look in his light brown eyes and the room went dead silent again "As I was saying the muscle of this team is the water element herself a miss Cordelia Bayou with you passing the strength part of the exams and protecting a weaker freshmen last year I think this role fits you Ms. Bayou and last but not least and the final member of your team (~"for now anyway you'll find  out eventually"~) he whispered to himself as he collected his composure and finally spoke again "the heart of the team the fire element herself a miss Amber Kai with helping her other teams keeping their spirit up on your final exam from last year I hope you do great things with this team ". he smiled at the four girl who were in shocked and then we all .

he stood in front of them with their faces and element color and the first letters of the elements on a vision board "welcome to Lilith Academy fighting force team A.E.F.W  you've earned it today is just introductions and being put into students into teams since it seems you've been putted into your teams you four may be free as you please but training start at 8:00 am sharp I've expected you all to be on time you may go back to your rooms and relax for the rest of the day I hope you do good for this academy and this world now

I must get going I have to put other students into teams you girls are excuse to go back to your dorms and have a good day". Th e brown haired man said as he walked away from the girls and they went their own way and saw a boy with brown-ish black hair who smiled and waved and the girl with black hair with that goddamn purple streak in her hair standing next to him all she did was just winked at us like she knew something then we've finally got to the dorm house and put our pjs back on and then we saw it two shadow looking at us with smiles not evil smiles warm and friendly ones.  "okay that was weird  anyway... Reva rolled her eyes a bit and continuing speaking " anyway  team let's try to get some sleep". we all groaned in agreement and went to our room and slept for the night.