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On The Guard (being Edited)

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(Amber pov) I've slowly got out of my comfortable bed before I completely got out of bed I've stretch and finally got my lazy ass out of my bed and finally fixed it "now it's time for my super ultimate ultra supreme omelets for everyone I hope they like it"." I've thought before I've got out of my room and shut my door and started to walk slowly to the kitchen and past the other girls rooms hearing a snore from Revy room. It wasn't loud or annoying or anything but instead  it was rather cute and soft and mostly calm and quite. Then I keep walking then as I've kept walking for a bit and all was quiet till I've heard Jade and Lia tried voices yelling across the room saying "I'M THE KING OF SALT AND NOBODY CAN FUCKING STOP ME HAHAHAHA"!  I listened in for a minute or two and with laughter back and forth to each other weird and funny I've laughed to myself as I decided to keep walking. Then finally I finally managing to getting inside the kitchen and getting my prep work done pretty impressed with myself I got my apron on and . "Okay time to make my SUPER ULTIMATE ULTRA SUPREME OMELETS"! 


I've said happily to myself as I break the eggs and gathered the cheese and finally ham and finally turning on the stove and put the eggs into the pan and started to cook them. Then a few minutes and it started to turn out as fluffy or awesome as I wanted so I was very happy.  I've got a before I walked away I've asked Sparks to look over the omelets and then got more  ingredients for the food and also decided to grabbed more stuff to make for breakfast after getting four glasses of orange juices out and fruit and shit like that impressed with myself I've smirked and fixed the table up so nicely "ah there perfect". I said this quietly to myself and started to look for the cabinets and finally after a few minutes I saw them and finally went back to what I was trying to do earlier and smiled to myself and walked towards them with the biggest smile and satisfaction on my face and start to move towards them to grab the bowl for my omelets even thought I've never cook for anyone in my life because my mom and dad had maids to do everything such as cooking and cleaning how hard could it be.


 I had this mindset in mind as as I've walked towards them and grab everything I've need and more and then I spoke quietly again "now with that all finally out of the way now back business which is to cook the food I'm about to make for everyone".  I've said before rushing to very large stove we've had in apartment like dorm room and turn the stove see the fire really low and not sure  making the omelets super fluffy was the greatest idea i might like them but everyone else might not. As I've thought about it then all of a sudden I had gotten an idea "okay I know this isn't smart but the fire really low but and not my style so what if?...."I this said  as I was using my powers the fire was this beautiful blue-ish color appeared as it kept cooking it rises up a bit without me noticing it till it hit my hand "OW MOTHERFUC...(I've notice as I've saw the fire spread a bit to what I've done) ("oh dear I'm in trouble aren't I".?)


 I've thought as I've saw the flames rises up it causes the smoke to go into the other girls rooms and set off the smoke and fire alarms "oh goddamn it I've done it now I've fuck up breakfast". I've mentally scolded myself as I saw the  other girls three rushed out and stopped the fire then after this all happened Lia grey eyes glared at me "Amber thank you for trying to make food for us but for now on you're not ever allowed near any goddamn stoves when I'm fucking here got it or do you need depths to teach to you a lesson"?  She said this stared at me coldly as she grabbed the mess and started to cook and then as she finishes. As everyone got the table ready and breakfast was finally we all sat down and finally we all start to eat Jade and Revy left for a minute or two and came back with a plastic bag "our upperclassmen started this cup tradition when we started the guardian program years ago" Both of the girls said with a smile on their face as quickly finished with breakfast and got dressed in their uniforms we only had an hour to get ready as we got our clothes on and rushed out of the dorm-room to get to the opening ceremony on time as we did we grab our pets so that way they won't get too lonely in the dorms all day and besides rules of the school to keep your guardian animal with your at all times as we did we rushed out to see what was going to happen today.